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Volume 4 Chapter 11 Bulletin Board, Gathering at the Fuji Department Store

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 [Let’s Gather] Thread for Discussing Shirogane Aqua-sama, Part 1359 [Fuji Department Store]
 3 Anonymous
 Next is Sakidori (morning news program) in the morning, huh? Aqua-tan must be busy.
 5 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is here on Asadori!
 7 Anonymous
 I want to do morning Hamedori (Morning Sex) with Aqua-kun.
 8 Anonymous
 Wait a moment, Aqua-sama’s jacket style is too cool.
 10 Anonymous
 Is this a full Corolle Homme outfit?
 13 Anonymous
 Camera position, oh, they’re sitting next to Aa-kun. They know it well.
 15 Anonymous
 I want this to be sold as VR data just like this…
 16 Anonymous
 He hasn’t had breakfast yet? Poor thing. Let this Big Sis feed you something.
 19 Anonymous
 Ahhhhh, I want to make breakfast for him…
 And then, please say, “Thank you, Mom.”
 21 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I want Aqua-sama to eat the “salted” (Shio/潮/Squirt) rice ball that I poured my heart into.
 35 Anonymous
 >>21, Wait, isn’t the kanji for salt (Shio/塩) wrong?
 37 Anonymous
 >>21, You’re a genius after all.
 39 Anonymous
 >>21, Don’t feed strange things to Aa-sama!!
 40 Anonymous
 This chef is properly using disposable vinyl gloves.
 In a low-class shop, there might be chef who do vulgar things like Hagetoru, but as expected from a high-class store, their consideration is remarkable.
 Well, if I were the chef, I would squirt on top of the rice when making the sushi.
 42 Anonymous
 If it were me, I would definitely make sushi with hands that “touched” myself.
 45 Anonymous
 Hey, guys, the other person is underage, you know. What are you trying to feed him? LOL
 46 Anonymous
 Aku-tan eats sushi with such a delighted face…
 It’s probably really delicious, but I like boys who eat rice with such a happy expression, even if it’s not about liking cooking.
 48 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun eats with such a happy expression. And he even says thank you for it, which gives motivation to someone like me who cooks out of obligation rather than liking it.
 50 Anonymous
 Sigh, I want to fill up Aa-kun’s belly.
 55 Anonymous
 Sigh, I want my belly to be filled with Ah-kun’s semen.
 58 Anonymous
 Aa-kun is good at reporting on the dishes.
 Now I’m getting hungry.
 60 Anonymous
 Watching TV while eating breakfast makes me feel like we’re having a meal date together, and it makes me excited.
 63 Anonymous
 The announcer and the host were drooling earlier. LOL
 65 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Here, say “Aaahn.”
 66 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 67 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 69 Anonymous
 Here, say “Aaahn.” Its power is insane.
 71 Anonymous
 Oh no, he’s is definitely try to seduce us.
 73 Anonymous
 75 Anonymous
 That “Aaahn” from Aqua-kun’s mouth was ero…
 77 Anonymous
 Aa-kun’s teeth are incredibly clean. And they’re nicely aligned too.
 79 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 How can I become Aqua-sama’s toothbrush?
 81 Anonymous
 Half of me died from that “Aaahn” just now.
 For a moment, the thread and SNS stopped. I thought someone used the special ability of time stop.
 85 Anonymous
 I used to make fun of being fed with an “Aaahn” by a boy, thinking it only happens in manga. Sorry about that.
 88 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Even though he’s a real boy, can’t we do something about him surpassing the ideal boy image in novels?
 91 Anonymous
 Who are you?
 93 Anonymous
 95 Anonymous
 What are you doing here, sensei?
 Hakuryuu-sensei, a famous novelist who is known for their style of writing in which women’s desires are boiled down to the essence.
 97 Anonymous
 The latest hashtag list on Sensei’s official SNS is terrible.
 Defeated by reality.
 Can’t win against reality.
 Can’t catch up to reality.
 Reality surpasses imagination.
 Shirogane Aqua is an existentially young boy.
 100 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 From now on, I’ll aim for the Yanagawa Award and the Uemura Award as a non-fiction writer!
 103 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Sensei! The hand-holding date in your latest volume was so heart-fluttering!!
 105 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Thanks to Sensei, I learned about the greatness of facial cum-shot. Thank you very much!!
 106 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Because of Sensei, I have developed perverse feelings for younger boys. Please take responsibility.
 114 Anonymous
 Verification Team, you guys, LOL.
 117 Anonymous
 Shumi-chan is still a child, isn’t she? LOL
 119 Anonymous
 The contrast between Shumi, who shows her cuteness in situations like this, and the dirty adults is too severe.
 121 Anonymous
 123 Anonymous
 125 Anonymous
 Breaking news: Shirogane Aqua is single.
 126 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Yes, Shumi-chan’s great victory.
 128 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Huh? Are there places to go on a date other than a hotel?
 Also, with that statement just now, 9n2-neesan died.
 132 Anonymous
 Oh no, there’s too much information overload. My brain can’t keep up.
 141 Anonymous
 I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown from fantasizing about the first date.
 147 Anonymous
 If a high-spec guy like Aa-sama doesn’t have a girlfriend, then it’s not strange for me to not have a boyfriend!!
 153 Anonymous
 Hey, you! Come back!!
 There’s no one else besides 9n2-neesan who can stop Shumi and Hagetoru!!
 167 Anonymous
 I live in a share house, and all eight residents are watching TV while sobbing.
 171 Anonymous
 The thread accelerated all at once, but I guess more people died from that just now.
 174 Anonymous
 I’m on a train, and all the girls in the train car are crying while looking at their smartphone screens.
 182 Anonymous
 LOL, I’m on a school bus, and it’s the exact same situation here.
 191 Anonymous
 All the girls in the waiting line following to the Fuji Department Store are crying. It’s abnormal at this point. LOL
 Security guards and police officers who don’t know the situation are worried, LOL.
 205 Anonymous
 Here in the waiting line, girls who don’t know each other are comforting and consoling one another.
 And it’s the same everywhere I look. Even the police officers and security personnel who learned about the situation are in the same state.
 They were glaring at each other like enemies just a moment ago, but in an instant, they became friendly and close. I don’t understand. LOL
 210 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Stop it already! The lives of manga artists, novelists, and scriptwriters are all in the negative!!
 I admit defeat completely, so please don’t allow any more of this!!
 217 Anonymous
 I foresee a future where if a war breaks out, and Aqua-kun descends into the heart of the battlefield, the war will end.
 226 Anonymous
 Sensei, LOL.
 229 Anonymous
 I checked Sensei’s SNS just now, and someone replied that the boys in Sensei’s works are too unrealistic. They said that real boys are much kinder. It’s hilarious. LOL.
 235 Anonymous
 Breaking news on Shirogane Aqua’s official SNS: Aqua-kun taking off his jacket in the elevator.
 The staff is definitely trying to kill us with this.
 242 Verification Team *010meTA473
 My heart is pounding so much, it feels like it’s going to burst.
 244 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I’m getting too aroused, it feels like I’m about to squirt…
 I’m sorry if I made a stain on these borrowed clothes.
 268 Anonymous
 That’s just awful. LOL.
 270 Anonymous
 You’ll definitely be killed later if you are wearing it.
 286 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Don’t worry, the blouse is Neesan’s, but the skirt is Shumi’s, so it’s all good.
 297 Anonymous
 You’re already leaking!? LOL.
 301 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Hey!! Well, it’s fine. Anyway, the size was too big and it was mediocre, so I’ll give the skirt away…
 305 Anonymous
 Shumi, you’re a good person.
 Hagetoru… It’s probably an expensive one.
 308 Anonymous
 This is the embarrassing adult situation where younger people take care of them. LOL.
 321 Anonymous
 The Sisters of the Holy Aqua Church are making a circle and praying in the plaza in front of the station. LOL.
 337 Anonymous
 >>321 What in the world is about to begin?
 340 Anonymous
 Is the next skit coming up? Sato may not read the atmosphere, but she might dive into it more deeply.
 348 Anonymous
 >>340 That’s possible. We’re counting on you, Sato!!
 350 Anonymous
 With this flow, Sato’s arrival is like a perfect batting order!
 352 Anonymous
 The skit has started!
 367 Anonymous
 Taking a break in the bedding department. LOL
 368 Anonymous
 She’s attacking too aggressively from the beginning. LOL
 370 Anonymous
 Streaming Aqua-kun’s sleeping face would definitely result in amazing viewer ratings…
 382 Anonymous
 Ah, ah, ah, it’s too cute how he has cream on his cheek.
 383 Anonymous
 I want to become the cream…
 385 Anonymous
 Having cream on his cheek makes him look like a child who can’t breastfeed properly, and it’s cute…
 386 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Wait… even though I’m not a mother, I feel like doing a breastfeeding play.
 398 Anonymous
 Stop, you’re opening up a whole new door…
 401 Anonymous
 I shouldn’t have watched while breastfeeding; now I feel strange and apologetic to my daughter who is breastfeeding.
 413 Anonymous
 Buy something for mom, huh… he is too kind.
 414 Anonymous
 The moment when mothers all over the country became happy.
 417 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun has a big sister?
 If I were his big sister, I would definitely guide him during his “special time.”
 418 Anonymous
 Both Aqua-kun’s untouched big sister and mom are too mentally strong.
 If it were me, I would definitely go crazy. I would use his unwashed underwear thrown into the laundry basket every day.
 420 Anonymous
 How much virtue did she accumulate in my past life to become Aqua’s little sister?
 421 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama’s little sister would definitely be adored. I wish I were born into such a princess-like position.
 425 Anonymous
 With mother, big sister, and little sister all together, my delusions are flourishing.
 429 Anonymous
 Hey! Sato just made the final blow!
 431 Anonymous
 Don’t dig into the fact that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s clearly feeling down. LOL
 Poor thing… If being his big sister would help, I would become his girlfriend unconditionally.
 432 Anonymous
 Breaking news! Shirogane Aqua has never been in a relationship with anyone before. We got a confirmation!
 434 Anonymous
 Shirogane Aqua is a virgin…
 435 Anonymous
 436 Anonymous
 437 Anonymous
 Is Aqua-kun really a virgin?
 So, the first girlfriend to date him would have the right to take his virginity.
 438 Anonymous
 439 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Wait… so if Aqua-kun and I start dating, he would lose his virginity to me?
 Wait… what should I do? It’s already completely like a shoujo manga…
 441 Anonymous
 Everyone is in shock from Aqua-sama’s virginity comment.
 Even the staff distributing numbered tickets have frozen in place. LOL
 464 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Both Shumi and Nee-san are completely frozen… hey, come back already.
 473 Anonymous
 I was about to say “Shumi, die”… LOL
 474 Anonymous
 Shumi, die… Hey, is she really dead!?
 478 Anonymous
 Hey, there are too many quitters! LOL
 480 Anonymous
 Morning Time is starting, but is this okay?
 482 Anonymous
 Will we be able to watch until the end?
 485 Anonymous
 The existence of Aqua-sama… no, perhaps we are being tested by the world.
 489 Anonymous
 Isn’t this turning into a battle royale type of death game?
 490 Anonymous
 Of all the times during Morning Time, he had to bring up the topic of date outfits. LOL
 493 Anonymous
 He is definitely here to seduce us.
 494 Anonymous
 I can’t afford a dress that costs nearly 700,000 yen.
 Shumi might buy it, but that Shumi is…
 501 Anonymous
 We lost someone valuable…
 502 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Yup, yup
 513 Anonymous
 Hey! Don’t kill her without permission!! She’s your comrades, right!?
 514 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, you’re the worst.
 519 Anonymous
 Ah… if Aqua-kun chose it, I might be able to buy it.
 523 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun and Flower Festival (Sunflower), huh?
 526 Anonymous
 This might become the next trend.
 527 Anonymous
 The bulletin board seems to be acting up.
 Sometimes, even when I enter and press Enter, my posts get rejected.
 534 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, the trending ranking is also going crazy.
 And earlier, SNS went down for a moment too.
 - 1st place: Virgin
 - 2nd place: Breastfeeding play
 - 3rd place: Baby play
 - 4th place: Sushi
 - 5th place: Babumi (baby-like behavior)
 - 6th place: How to become a girlfriend
 - 7th place: Want to become a girlfriend
 - 8th place: Jackknife Sato
 - 9th place: No girlfriend
 - 10th place: Sleeping face special feature
 541 Anonymous
 I’m delusional about Aqua-kun choosing a date outfit for me.
 547 Anonymous
 Wearing the clothes chosen by Aqua-sama, I want to become a girl that Aqua-sama would like even a little…
 550 Anonymous
 I might be able to buy it somehow… but my credit card limit is already on the edge!
 554 Anonymous
 You have me, don’t you? LOL
 Let’s do our best to eat grass of the back mountain together.
 555 Anonymous
 The content is too extreme. LOL
 In the related topics of Jackknife Sato, there’s something like “Jackknife has returned.” It’s quite funny.
 557 Anonymous
 There are forces trying to make a whole show based on sleeping faces. LOL
 And I request a late-night program for that.
 561 Anonymous
 It seems that some people can’t make posts.
 Maybe the declaration of virginity caused a heavy load, as the Internet seems strange everywhere.
 Sometimes when updating the trending ranking, the information backs up.
 567 Anonymous
 We have a history test coming up, so make sure to remember.
 Stars Peace Treaty, Sanjiel Protocol, Shirogane Aqua’s Virgin Declaration.
 573 Anonymous
 The national broadcast is starting… hey, wait?
 575 Anonymous
 Hey!! Morikawa, you’re wearing the clothes chosen by Aqua-tan!!
 576 Anonymous
 Is this a deliberate controversial incident?
 578 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 What? Don’t mess with us!!
 580 Anonymous
 No, this must be a coincidence. Looking at Morikawa’s expression, it really seems like just a coincidence.
 And Aqua-sama said he doesn’t have a girlfriend, so I believe Aqua-sama.
 Besides, if you look closely, Morikawa’s forehead is all sweaty. LOL
 588 Anonymous
 >>578 Hagetoru is getting angry. LOL
 590 Anonymous
 I also believe in Aqua-kun. Maybe this is truly an unfortunate coincidence.
 594 Anonymous
 If it is just a coincidence, Morikawa’s mental strength to continue announcing normally in this situation is impressive.
 602 Anonymous
 It takes a real professional or someone with a relaxed and unflappable personality to handle this.
 609 Anonymous
 >>602 Probably the latter. Morikawa often acts silly in other shows too. Haha.
 615 Anonymous
 Hoge-kawa. LOL Her script just flies out of her head, and she makes a “Hoge” face. (Note: Hoge: confusion)
 Look, she’s doing it now. LOL
 623 Anonymous
 How did she get accepted to the national broadcast with that?…
 637 Anonymous
 They say Morikawa was hired by mistake.
 But still, it’s hard to hate her.
 Like that solo interview with Aqua-kun on the runway, she knows how to do it when it matters.
 642 Anonymous
 Morikawa doesn’t seem like the typical national broadcaster, which is why I think she was the talent they wanted.
 In a conservative national morning program, there wouldn’t be anyone but Morikawa wearing a bold pastel yellow dress. The other new hires and colleagues all seem stiff, so Morikawa stands out even more. Frankly, if Morikawa had gone to Fuji and became a regular variety show announcer, she would have been consumed and forgotten.
 645 Anonymous
 Well, to begin with, Morikawa only joined the national broadcast by mistakenly sending in her application.
 When she mentioned it during the introduction of new hires, the boss next to her got upset, and it was hilarious. LOL
 651 Anonymous
 What kind of blunder leads to something like that…?
 653 Anonymous
 I see, so if she wasn’t that kind of talent, she couldn’t stand next to Aqua-kun and do a normal job.
 661 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Guh… Guh… Guh… Guhhhhh!!
 678 Anonymous
 Oh well… if it really is a coincidence, I’ll forgive her.
 681 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 No, I won’t forgive her!!
 689 Anonymous
 >>681 Hagetoru, what’s wrong? LOL
 692 Anonymous
 Everyone else is going with the forgiving flow, and Hagetoru is the only one getting angry. LOL
 705 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 This guy is definitely smirking in her heart!!
 Because I got annoyed, I canceled the reservation for the Chinposuki pajamas that Shumi booked earlier.
 719 Anonymous
 Hey! Chinposuki has nothing to do with this!!
 723 Anonymous
 Chinposuki is involved in the accident. LOL
 727 Anonymous
 Just forgive her with a smirk! If it were me, I would hug her right away.
 731 Anonymous
 I support Morikawa because it’s funny when Hagetoru gets angry! Hang in there!!
 745 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 760 Anonymous
 By the way, did the national broadcast request this segment because they knew Aqua-kun’s aesthetic sense from his previous livestream? If so, is it intentional, or did they do enough research… Probably the latter.
 774 Anonymous
 It’s over…
 777 Anonymous
 To Aqua-kun, thank you for your hard work for about two hours and a little bit.
 778 Anonymous
 Even Aqua-sama seemed a bit sweaty towards the end, huh?
 780 Anonymous
 Thank you for watching the program on the official SNS. We appreciate it!
 793 Anonymous
 Apologies for the difficulty in connecting to the internet. LOL
 815 Anonymous
 Seems like there are fewer people around, not just because of the deaths. It’s still unstable.
 827 Anonymous
 Ahhhh! The distribution of the tickets ended right in front of me…
 By the way, the person before me got a reservation for three days later.
 854 Anonymous
 Three days later? Seriously? By that time, they’re probably sold out. I wonder if there will be any additional stock.
 873 Anonymous
 875 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun unexpectedly appeared in front of the store, and there was a huge cheer!
 879 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama: “We will open soon, so please wait a little longer. Thank you for lining up early this morning.”
 901 Anonymous
 It might be part of the job, but because it’s Aqua-kun, I believe he genuinely means it.
 905 Anonymous
 I couldn’t get a ticket, but that one statement made it all worth it.
 911 Anonymous
 People who went to the store… You guys are so lucky to see Aqua-kun live. He’s 100 times more handsome than on TV.
 937 Anonymous
 I might be an old woman, but just seeing a face more handsome than that would make me ecstatic.
 945 Anonymous
 Hey… as soon as I arrived at school, there were so few people that the class got closed down…
 951 Anonymous
 Wait a minute, there are too many people taking the day off today, and the company is not functioning!! You idiots reading this thread, get to work now! Are you trying to ruin the company?!
 970 Anonymous
 I was surprised by the crowd in front of the Fuji Department Store during Aqua-kun’s last appearance. So cute!
 989 Anonymous
 >>970 Aqua-sama should realize it soon.
 Please don’t die, grandma.
 999 Anonymous
 Great job, Aqua-kun! Rest well!
 1000 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun, well done!
 1001 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Hey, you! Hagetoru, don’t mess around!! Hand over what you bought, or I’ll rob you!!
 1047 1001
 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts.
 You can no longer write here, so please start a new thread…

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