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Volume 5 Chapter 13 The Neighbor Across Shirogane’s Residence

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 My name is Kagari Rinon. By the way, I don’t know if this is my real name or not. Currently, I’m residing in the house right in front of my lord (omo), all because of the given mission.

 I observe the Shirogane family through the gap in the curtains while casually listening to the voices through my headphones.

 ”…This is the mission you’ve been given today. Good luck.”

 ”Yes, ma’am.”

 I replied without meaning it.

 Formerly part of the Stars’ foreign mercenary force, I’m now an independent operative, accepting missions from the Stars’ homeland. The request mainly involves safeguarding my lord’s safety while monitoring and reporting. I took this mission because I suddenly wanted to see the homeland of my unknown mother. My parents’ faces and names are unknown to me, but I heard that my mother was from this country, and my father was a member of the Stars nation.

 ”Rinon… Be cautious around men’s c*ck.”

 Akiko-san… the captain at the time of the foreign mercenary unit often said that. Rumor has it that Akiko-san once failed a mission due to being deceived by a man.

 To prevent such incidents within the foreign unit, team members often insert v*brators or d*ldos into their own genitals. I may seem unfazed, but I currently have one of these things inside me. Lost in these thoughts, I receive a new message.

 ”Captain Rinon, the preparations on-site are ready.”

 ”Alright… I think I’ll be heading out soon too.”

 The next message came from the place where my other lord resides.

 I have two lords. One of them is Shirogane Aqua, an idol belonging to Beryl Entertainment, causing a stir in this country and even gaining fame in the Stars. The other lord is Saint Emily, who introduced me to the magnificence of Shirogane Aqua. Saint Emily serves as the holy maiden of the Holy Aqua religion, truly a remarkable person. She may not talk much, but every word spoken by Saint Emily must be heeded.

 ”Rinon… Please, I need you to buy a water purifier… I can only ask this of you, I’m sorry.”

 At a sudden moment, Emily-sama uttered these words. At first, I didn’t understand her meaning, but when I visited a company that sold water purifiers, I discovered it was a hotbed of scam businesses, deceiving people by impersonating Aqua-sama. Listening intently to Emily-sama’s words, I must not miss a single syllable.

 ”Why did you do it…”

 Emily-sama gazed at the mountain of destroyed water purifiers, a single teardrop rolling down her cheek. I thought perhaps she felt sorry for the victims and shed tears out of concern, but it was different. Saint Emily shed tears even for the scam artists.

 ”But I understand… You were suffering too…”

 The words of empathy from Saint Emily caused the scam artists to fall to their knees, shedding tears. It was a truly beautiful sight. Witnessing this, even the saint apprentices knelt on the spot. Of course, I knelt as well. The reformed scammers apologized and refunded the victims. They promised to work diligently to repay the debt and had already turned themselves into the police to atone for their sins.

 ”Someday… someday, let’s create a real water purifier. Yes, for all the women…”

 These were the words spoken by Emily-sama during her visit to the incarcerated women. Moved by her, they vowed to create a proper water purifier once released.


 Saint Emily is a truly beautiful person. She usually covers her eyes, thinking they are impure, but her true face is so stunning that even I, a woman, find myself captivated. Among the few women who possessed such beauty, only Princess Kanon, the princess of Stars, and Emily-sama can be compared. If Kanon is a beautiful girl, then Saint Emily is a beautiful woman. Both of them share not just beauty but also an indescribable aura of awe. They aren’t just virtuous; they might also carry some profound darkness.

 ”I’m off.”

 Anyway, after bidding farewell in the darkened room, I shouldered the case containing my tools and left the house. I got into the car that Stars had prepared for me and followed the Shirogane family’s car through a different route.

 I believe the locals in this country are protecting them, so it should be safe. However, I maintained a distance that allowed me to assist them immediately if needed. Fortunately, there were no suspicious vehicles, and the Shirogane family arrived safely at their destination.

 ”Wow, Nii-sama, this inn is beautiful.”

 ”That’s right, Lapis. Let’s take a leisurely stroll later.”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama!”

 In the lobby of the inn, my lord was chatting with Lapis-sama. My lord is truly adorable… even eating soft serve at the service area without a care in the world. I can’t even take my time to observe his face. But I must be there to protect him. He is really an incorrigible person.

 ”I have the reservation. Can you show me the way?”

 I checked into the room that Stars had arranged for me. When I opened the window, I couldn’t see the room that the Shirogane family reserved, but from here, I could jump and infiltrate the distant room perfectly.

 As I scanned the surroundings, I spotted the figures of the Holy Aqua religion’s followers who were stationed here. This inn belongs to the Fuji Zaibatsu, but some of the staff working here are members of the Holy Aqua religion. As I pondered this, I heard voices through the headphones around my neck.

 ”Hey, take a look, Aa-chan. Shitori-onee-chan looks good in a yukata, right?”

 ”Shitori-onee-chan, I think you should tie the obi tighter.”

 ”Hmm, why?”

 Outside of my lord’s room, there are hidden listening devices. It’s too risky to bug the room itself, but it’s safe to do so outside. When I’m on the veranda, and even when the windows are open, I can hear their conversations.

 ”Aqua-chan, Mom is tired from driving, you know. I want you to pat my head. Just a little. ~Stare…~”

 ”Yes, yes. Thank you, Mother, as always.”


 Unaware that I can hear them, my lord is chatting happily with the family.


 I chuckle inwardly. I’m the only one who knows everything about this place and the situation. The arrangements of the Stars, the Holy Aqua religion, and even the people of this country, I’m aware of it all.

 After all, even the chairman of the Fuji Zaibatsu, who manages this inn, is merely one of Saint Emily’s followers. Saint Emily is truly magnificent. The thought that this situation is all within her control gives me a thrilling shiver down my spine.

 ”Ah, good work. Yes, yes… ah, you’re talking about Fuji’s talk show, right? Understood.”

 My lord is on a call with Atori Ako, the president of Beryl Entertainment. Unfortunately, President Ako is not a follower of the Holy Aqua religion. But thinking about my innocent lord, unaware of the hidden agenda, my loins throb.

 Oh no… this is bad.

 I return to my room and head to the bathroom for my “daily” ritual. In the mirror of the changing room, my always drowsy-looking half-closed eyes are reflected. Standing over 190cm tall, I’m shy, so I usually cover myself below the eyes with a scarf. But it’s August now, and even a thin stole feels too hot. I drop the stole and slide off my shorts along with my underwear.

 Lord, please forgive me.

 I couldn’t resist in the presence of such a defenseless lord. In the bathroom, enveloped by the sound of the shower, I found solace and reached edge again and again.

 If only this was not a v*brator but a large d*ldo, like a big eggplant…

 Oh, no! Stop it, Rinon! You mustn’t entertain such thoughts! You can’t loosen your genital any further, as it would cause even greater pain for your first time.


 No, no! Imagining being penetrated deeply without any foreplay only fuels my arousal.

 ”Haa… haa… haa… haa…”

 I forgot all about my mission and indulged four times. However, thanks to the ritual, my mind has cleared, and my senses are sharpened, like a keen blade.

 ”Now then… it seems like it’s time for work.”

 I dressed in a yukata and stepped outside with my tools. I am used to getting my hands dirty since my mercenary days. There’s no hesitation now. After all, my hands are already this dirty, and they can’t get any dirtier…. But, of course, I’ve never killed anyone. My hands are dirty because of my daily self-pleasure… the rituals.

 ”How was it, Lapis? Did you have fun?”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama. I never imagined taking a bath with you!”

 ”Uuh, Aqua-chan is so stingy. It’s fine to bathe with mom.”

 ”Aa-chan, next time let’s bathe together with big sister.”

 The next morning, the peaceful voices of the Shirogane family could be heard in the lobby. By the way, I properly tied up and handed over yesterday’s miscreants.

 ”Well then, time for me to leave.”

 On the way back, I checked out first and rested at the service area, waiting for the Shirogane family to pass by before following behind them. In this way, the tranquility of the Shirogane family is secretly protected by many, including me.


 This is the structure of the Holy Aqua religion.

 Saint → Emily

 Executives → Kagari Rinon

 Saint apprentices → Execution team

 Followers → General members

 Note: Pegonia is an acquaintance of Rinon, but she doesn’t realize that Rinon is monitoring her despite sensing her gaze. Both of them are powerful; they can escape unharmed, each with their respective masters, even in the most difficult situations. Their strengths are comparable, with Pegonia having the advantage in close combat, and Rinon excelling as a sniper.

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