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Volume 5 Chapter 12 Hoshimiya Shiro, Take It Easy!

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 Two days after the end of Summer Comic Market, I started streaming as Hoshimiya Shiro. I set up a soundproof room at home so I can stream from there freely.

 ’Good evening!’

 ’Shiro-kun, I went to Summer Comic Market!’

 ’I’m so happy that you’re streaming!’


 ’Shiro-kun is so cute!’

 ’Thanks for your hard work at Summer Comic Market!’

 ’Welcome back, Shiro-kun!’

 With the stream on, I wait for people to gather. Suddenly, the viewer count shoots past ten thousand.


 I intentionally lower my energy and mutter a single word.


 ’I can die with just one ‘yes.”

 ’Thank youuuu!’

 ’Yes! Yes! Yes!’

 ’Streaming is proceeding!’


 ’Your energy is kinda low, lol.’

 ’That voice just now, Shiro-kun, it’s a bit like Aqua-kun’s.’

 After taking a breath, I start speaking again.

 ”So, that’s how it is.”

 The charm of streaming lies in its liveliness. Judging from the initial atmosphere, it seems like the viewers are an enthusiastic bunch, so I decide to play around a bit.

 ’Shiro-kun, that explanation didn’t explain anything, lol.’

 ’What’s the deal with that? Explain properly!’

 ’You’re really not giving enough context here.’

 ’I see, so you like teasing the girls. Interesting.’

 ’You used to be much more straightforward and obedient… Mama is sad.’

 ’Oh, I see. Well, if you put it that way, maybe I’ll subscribe to your channel.’

 ’I like that you’re curt. It makes things go smoother.’

 ’How do I donate?’

 As expected, the responses come in quickly. By the way, is that “smooth” thing a trend?

 ”Just kidding! So, let’s start the stream. Hello, everyone! It might be a short time, but take it easy! Oh, and to the person who said they were going to die, don’t die, okay?”

 I raise my energy in Hoshimiya Shiro’s voice.

 ’Aaaawww, Shiro-kun is so adorable!’

 ’Take it easy!!’

 ’Been waiting for this stream!’

 ’Just got here!’

 ’Streaming going smoothly!’

 ’No notice stream, that’s why Beryl’s talents are the best!’

 ’Oh no, Shiro-kun told me not to die, now what?’

 ’With just that one sentence, you saved quite a few people who were thinking of committing suicide.’

 ’Huh? Wait, streaming is this close?’

 After seeing some comments flow in, I put today’s topic on the screen.

 ”Today, it’s a test stream from home. If you want, let’s chat, okay?”

 Before I knew it, the viewer counter had surpassed 100,000. It’s incredible how so many people gathered even though I’ve only just greeted them.

 ’Here for the chat!’

 ’Streaming from home… gulp.’

 ’Streaming from home is proceeding!’

 ’If it’s from home, does that mean you’re in your room right now?’

 ’Shiro-kun, it’s getting hot, but don’t show your belly, okay? Mama is worried.’

 ’Ah… Ah… Ah…’


 As mentioned in the comments, due to the home setup, Hoshimiya Shiro is not wearing his usual outfit but is dressed in roomwear. He’s wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt with a rounded collar and a pocket and half pants at the bottom. Since only his upper body is visible, viewers can’t see what he’s wearing below.

 ”That’s right! I’m in my roomwear now. Oh, and did everyone see the announcement on SNS? If you’re good at drawing, consider applying. I tried drawing myself, but the president and Tama-chan said it’s a no-go.”

 By the way, Mayuzumi and Tenga-senpai also advised against it. I thought I drew it cutely, though…

 ’Wow, now I’m curious about what the picture was!’

 ’I want to see it out of curiosity!’

 ’Thumbs up for the president and Tama-chan!’

 ’They probably desperately tried to stop it too.’

 ’I’m not good at drawing, but I gave it a shot.’

 ’I’m an illustrator. I turned down all my other work to draw this.’

 ’Shiro-kun’s art is proceeding!’

 ’Ah… well, can’t be helped.’

 ’Shiro-kun, you know, people have their strengths and weaknesses?’

 ’Mama thinks you should avoid drawing, Shiro-kun.’

 For some reason, it seems like my art didn’t receive favorable comments in the chat.

 ”Ehh, aren’t you all being a bit mean? I drew it seriously, you know. Also… Don’t turn down work. Work properly, okay? Onee-chans.”

 I pout slightly and turn my face away.



 ’Calling big sister with such impact!’

 ’I feel energized for work tomorrow.’

 ’All big sisters died!!’

 ’Maybe we can leave work on time because of this.’

 ’Shiro-kun proceeding with his frowning face!’

 ’Shiro, cheer up, and mama will apologize.’

 After returning to a normal expression, I face forward again. At that moment, I feel a slight lag.

 ”Huh… is it just me, or does it feel heavy?”

 Although there’s a delay in the stream, it seems like the movement is a bit sluggish and heavy. By the way, the comment section of the stream is partially moderated by software to prevent inappropriate comments and bans. However, anything not covered by the software is manually handled by Shitori-onee-chan.

 ’If you mention it, it does feel a bit heavy.’

 ’I wonder what it is?’

 ’Viewer count surpassed 1 million, lol!’

 ’This is bad!’

 ’Hang in there, Server!’

 ’Server, you better not die, right?’

 ’Breaking news: Server lost again.’

 ’Hey, it hasn’t even been 10 minutes since the stream started! At least hold on to two digits!’

 ’I wanted to donate before Server dies, but I can’t! Let us donate already!’

 Seeing the comments, I check the viewer counter again and notice it has surpassed 1.4 million. Wait, wait, this is way beyond expectations. I hurriedly switch to the announcement.

 ”Um, I can’t reveal all the details yet, but in early September, Hoshimiya Shiro will participate in his first online event! If you’re interested, please come and watch!! It’s going to be my first game commentary… oops, I said ‘game’!!”

 Oh no, I let a bit of information slip in my rush. I’ll have to apologize to the organizers later. I’m really sorry!


 ’Online event!’

 ’You let something slip, lol.’


 ’A game commentary event, it’s probably the ○○ Cup or ○○ Festival, right?’

 ’Will there be a second round or something?’

 ’This might have custom sessions!’

 ’Will Tama-chan and Mayuzumi-kun participate too?’

 ’I want to see Shiro-kun interacting with people other than Beryl members!’

 ’The Beryl trio is Predator, Predator, and Diamond, so it might be impossible, right?’

 ’The Beryl trio is impossible. I wonder who Shiro-kun will team up with?’

 ’Looks like Shiro-kun will play against an active pro gamer!!’

 The comment section is rapidly accelerating. I messed up, but there’s no use regretting it now. I try to express my gratitude before the stream crashes. Before I know it, the viewer count is nearing 10 million. Wait a minute! Wasn’t it just 1.4 million a moment ago? It’s suddenly shooting up too much!

 ”So, so that’s it! Thank you, everyone! Thanks for coming today! I’m sorry I could only stream for about 10 minutes! Oh, and later on, we’ll be collecting questions through the official SNS, so if you’re interested, please apply!”

 I’m not sure if I managed to say it all the way or if it was cut off somewhere, but when I look at the monitor for the stream confirmation, it’s completely crashed. I quickly close the stream properly and report to Ako-san about my mistake. Although I didn’t specify which event I’ll be participating in, I apologize to the organizers and the people I’ll be partnering with via email, just in case.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.
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