Male Idol V5c11

Volume 5 Chapter 11 Bulletin Board, After Party

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 [Board Collapse] Talking About Shirogane Aqua Part 1984 [Beryl Overpowered]
 6 Anonymous
 Finally, the board server is back up.
 Took a whole day to recover, lol.
 7 Anonymous
 Who would’ve thought that after that, more people would flood in, causing a sudden load that crashed the server?
 And then, with everyone using the internet at once, the connection itself became unstable. It’s just too much.
 8 Anonymous
 As the server is restored, we’ve started a new thread here too.
 Beryl Entertainment Part 1
 [Virtual Angel]*Hoshimiya Shiro*[Virtual Shota] First Bottle of Holy Water
 [Boy?] ^ー^ Nekoyama Toa ^ー^ [Girl?] First Kitty
 [Mayuzumi] ー○-○ー Mayuzumi Shintaro ー○-○ー [Glasses] First Lens
 [Fleeting Destiny] +++ Tenga Akira +++ [Descending Fallen Angel] First Punishment
 11 Anonymous
 >>8 What about Tama-chan?
 13 Anonymous
 Tama-chan already has a thread.
 [Former Solo Artists] ^ー^ Oumi Tama ^ー^ [Current Beryl] 92 Meow
 15 Anonymous
 I still feel like I’m dreaming. I was there in person, and it was that amazing.
 18 Anonymous
 The live streaming site managed to withstand it until the end.
 20 Anonymous
 The fact that both official streaming sites showed good judgment not to monopolize it was a big deal.
 Some of them still went down because of the overwhelming traffic, but thanks to that, the two official sites survived.
 20 Anonymous
 Beryl Entertainment is just around 4 months old, and it’s already dominating the industry!
 23 Anonymous
 28 Anonymous
 Beryl is truly something. I wonder if it’s because of the president’s business acumen or if everyone is drawn in by the shining star that is Aqua-kun.
 31 Anonymous
 I don’t know if it’s because of the president that people are gathering, but I wonder how it would have been with other agencies.
 Maybe all the boys have such great smiles because they’re allowed to do what they want?
 35 Anonymous
 That’s possible. The final image of the four of them was really nice.
 39 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Just in case, here’s a summary of what happened during the downtime.
 Beryl Official Yourtube Channel Officially Opened
 Beryl Official Website Renewed
 Hoshimiya Shiro, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira’s Official SNS Launched
 The official fan club can only be registered from terminals set up at offline events to reduce server load. There were terminals set up at Beryl’s booth at Comic Market. By the way, you can register up to one friend. I confirmed that Chinposuki-san registered Shumi-san’s address, and it’s good to go.
 Registration terminals are also set up at all Fuji department stores and Morinaga’s pop-up shops. Registration corners will also be set up at upcoming large offline events like Idol Fest and Staff Fest.
 They mentioned that within at least three months, regular online registration will be possible, but for now, please register at offline events to help reduce server load.
 47 Anonymous
 Thanks, Nee-san.
 Offline only, huh? I’m on a remote island…
 50 Anonymous
 Thanks, Nee-san. It’s good that there’s a Fuji department store locally. In times like this, I really appreciate the presence of them.
 53 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Thanks, Nee-san…
 Damn it, I really want to go to the liveeee!!
 Is there any way to increase my paid leave?
 56 Anonymous
 Submit your resignation letter.
 Enjoy unlimited paid leave.
 58 Anonymous
 Hagetoru is waiting for you!!
 59 Anonymous
 Just become unemployed like Hagetoru.
 61 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Don’t treat people like they’re free all day!!
 Being unemployed is still busy, you know!
 Besides, I’m a college student, so being unemployed is only natural!
 65 Anonymous
 You’re not busy; you’re just jerking off and sleeping!
 67 Anonymous
 Wait, are you serious!? Hagetoru is a female college student in this country!?
 70 Anonymous
 Hagetoru being a college student is a complete victory for compulsory education.
 75 Anonymous
 Actually, it’s a total defeat for compulsory education because even Hagetoru managed to become a college student.
 77 Anonymous
 Hey, even Hagetoru is in college, and here I am taking a gap year….
 82 Anonymous
 So, you’re saying you’re below Hagetoru, condolences.
 83 Anonymous
 Hagetoru could have taken a gap year too, like, 10 years ago.
 85 Anonymous
 If you’re taking a gap year, does that mean you’re aiming for high-ranking universities? If that’s the case, it’s not a big deal. Since a few years ago when universities became free and selective, most universities (except for some) don’t even have exams; you can just get in normally. It wouldn’t be strange for Hagetoru to be in college.
 93 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 You all are talking nonsense!!
 I’ve been at Mary since kindergarten!!
 95 Anonymous
 You must be kidding, right? Mary, one of the three major girls’ schools, on par with St. Claris?
 98 Anonymous
 I had the impression that Mary’s kindergarten elite class was full of rich kids, but why is Hagetoru always broke? They said her savings account fluctuates between five and four digits between the beginning and the end of the month.
 104 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Wait, are you my senior, Hagetoru? Maybe I should transfer….
 105 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Breaking news, Hagetoru is my junior.
 111 Anonymous
 LOL, this is hilarious!
 113 Anonymous
 You two are really close, huh? LOL
 115 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey, junior, go buy some Yakisoba bread for me!
 Hehehe, hey, senior, I’m actually short on money right now, and I was thinking about having some meat soon.
 117 Anonymous
 Isn’t it amazing how Mary brought together Hagetoru, Shumi, and Chinposuki?
 118 Anonymous
 I look at Mary in a different light now.
 120 Anonymous
 Whoever added Hagetoru, Shumi, and Chinposuki to Mary’s wiki as famous people, LOL!
 123 Anonymous
 That’s just mean.
 125 Anonymous
 I’m currently in Mary’s high school, but if there’s a senior like Hagetoru, maybe I should change my university.
 126 Anonymous
 Hey! I’m in the middle of job hunting, and you want me to write that I graduated from Mary? LOL
 129 Anonymous
 I think I remember that Princess Stars attended Mary’s high school. You guys better not cause any trouble.
 132 Anonymous
 It might be better to transfer her. It could harm our country’s image.
 137 Anonymous
 I should have gone to St. Claris….
 143 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama’s sister is from St. Claris, right? She was my sister’s classmate, and she was so excited when she found out. Also, there’s a girl named Nekoyama in the middle school of St. Claris, who looks just like Toa-kun except for the eyes. It became a hot topic among the classmates when her photos were published in a magazine.
 147 Anonymous
 I agree, if I’m going to enroll in a school, it should be St. Claris. Mary is a no-go. It’s over.
 149 Anonymous
 My little sister was aiming for Mary, but maybe I should persuade my sister to change her plans and go to St. Claris instead. I might have a chance if my sister get close to her, right?
 153 Anonymous
 That’s not right. Don’t cause trouble for your family. Let your sister choose the school she wants, and don’t view her friends with such prejudice. Let her make friends without any judgment.
 157 Anonymous
 Aa-sama is attending Otomezaki, right? It’s already tough to get in, and now it’s going to be even crazier.
 161 Anonymous
 I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard that Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan are also attending Otomezaki, and they are in the same class.
 165 Anonymous
 Aaaaaaaah!! That’s so unfair! Those girls get to be in the same class together!
 167 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 It’s not good to disclose private information about celebrities. Let them have a peaceful high school life. Also, it’s best not to talk about their families.
 169 Anonymous
 I’m already in my late 20s, but maybe I should take the exams again. I can still wear a school uniform, right?
 172 Anonymous
 Chinposuki is right, but I won’t forgive those girls who are in the same class as them!
 175 Anonymous
 Impossible! Your skin’s elasticity is different. Look in the mirror.
 178 Anonymous
 I don’t have the confidence to stay sane with Aa-sama, Mayuzumi-kun, and Toa-chan surrounding me.
 181 Anonymous
 Having the right to receive a daily “Good morning” from Aqua-kun for three years is worth a fortune.
 186 Anonymous
 It’s impossible for normal boys, but I feel like Aqua-sama would say “Good morning” to anyone normally. Even Mayuzumi-kun would probably return the greeting.
 194 Anonymous
 I agree. I bet Aqua-kun would say “Good morning” not only in the morning but also when they part ways.
 196 Anonymous
 I was part of the staff during the Fuji event, and every passing person, he looked them in the eye and said “Thank you for today.” Many girls were in tears just from that. On the other hand, I feel sorry for the girls in their class; after three years together, their perception of life must be numb, and their future might be hell.
 201 Anonymous
 That’s good to hear. If they had acted nicely in public but were rude behind the scenes, it would have been a real disappointment.
 205 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 By the way, they thanked the volunteer staff without any discrimination. Even Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan said “Thank you,” though Toa-chan was a bit shy, and Tenga-kun had a really small voice.
 210 Anonymous
 I never thought the day would come when Hagetoru would provide decent information…
 212 Anonymous
 I’ve always wondered why Hagetoru is part of the verification team.
 218 Anonymous
 Breaking news: Hagetoru is part of the verification team.
 223 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 If you guys keep saying that, I won’t share any information from when I volunteered!
 224 Anonymous
 Sorry about that.
 225 Anonymous
 I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have said Hagetoru was in Mary.
 229 Anonymous
 Apologies came too fast lol.
 231 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Well, I guess it can’t be helped. Let me share some exclusive information.
 235 Anonymous
 236 Anonymous
 251 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 The total number of the messy items we cleaned up at the venue.
 Used diapers: 456
 Used underwear: 108
 Used vibrators: 72
 Used rotors: 69
 Used eggplants: 1
 Also, whoever made the toilet sticky with lotion, I won’t forgive you! I was the one who cleaned that up!! And don’t disrespect vegetables! I, too, eat the vegetables after using them for my personal needs!
 256 Anonymous
 D*mn, that’s irrelevant information lol.
 258 Anonymous
 Eating the vegetables after using them is impressive. Lately, I’ve been into pickles-like taste.
 261 Anonymous
 As a fan of Aqua-sama, this isn’t good. Having a Fan Club is fine, but whether it’s official or unofficial, there should be a framework to control the fans’ actions. What happened to Aqua-sama’s Praetorian Guard? Hagetoru did well, congratulations on the work.
 265 Anonymous
 The Aqua-sama Praetorian Guard is now part of the Holy Aqua Church.
 273 Anonymous
 The members of the Holy Aqua Church were also providing security and guiding people who felt unwell around the venue. They were wearing the same sister uniforms, so they were easy to spot.
 277 Anonymous
 The members of the Holy Aqua Church were even giving out instant cooling packs and sports drinks for free to people waiting in line during the day. I wonder where their funding comes from, there are no offerings or donations.
 280 Anonymous
 The Holy Aqua Church’s headquarters address suddenly changed to a location within the city?
 282 Anonymous
 The Holy Aqua Church has overseas branches too, lol. Stars’ branch, that’s a lie, right? LOL
 285 Anonymous
 In Stars’ home country, they are considered dangerous by other religions and are labeled as a cult. I don’t know how it spread, but maybe it’s because of Stacole (Paris Collection).
 288 Anonymous
 I’m getting a bit scared. I hope nothing bad happens…
 290 Anonymous
 That cult leader? Haven’t seen them around anymore. They stand out with both eyes covered by cloth compared to other sisters.
 294 Anonymous
 In any case, the conversation got off track, but it’s better to follow proper etiquette.
 299 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Let’s use this opportunity to raise awareness about it here.
 301 Anonymous
 Nee-san, I wish you would become the Fan Club president. I’ll give up the top spot for her.
 303 Anonymous
 Nee-san also won Aqua-sama’s used shirt. I’m really glad… If it were Hagetoru, Shumi, or Chinposuki, I wonder what they would have done with it…
 305 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 By the way, in the end, Aqua-sama wanted to go and send off the audience at the stage, but the staff asked him not to because it was too dangerous this time. However, it was impressive that he suggested finding ways to greet them, even if it meant leaving some space or just waving. He truly cares about his fans, as expected of someone I love.
 311 Anonymous
 Hey, why didn’t you share that information earlier! We don’t need the number of used diapers and all that!!
 313 Anonymous
 Exactly! You should have started with that. We wanted to hear that kind of information!
 314 Anonymous
 Aa-sama is still Aa-sama. It’s nice to see him consider his fans.
 316 Anonymous
 With the state he was in, wanting to send off the audience… Are Beryl and Aqua-kun trying to kill us?
 318 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey! Isn’t the way you treat me too harsh!? Fine, I’m going to sleep after my personal time!! Was there anyone who left an eggplant at the live venue? I’m going to use that eggplant right now, so be prepared!!
 320 Anonymous
 Don’t sleep with your stomach exposed. You’ll get a stomachache.
 321 Anonymous
 Good night. The last piece of information was useful.
 323 Anonymous
 Hey! You’re not planning to eat that, right?!
 325 Anonymous
 I knew it, Mary is crazy, lol.
 327 Anonymous
 I’m watching the live footage again, and it’s incredible. Even knowing what happens, I still tear up at the same scenes…
 329 Anonymous
 The live was amazing. I can’t wait to see what other songs they’ll perform in the future.
 331 Anonymous
 Listening to all the songs again, they are all great. “Stay here” was a collaboration with Toa-chan, but I’d love to hear a solo composition by Tenga-senpai too.
 333 Anonymous
 The best part was the backstage footage released on the official channel after the event. They were all just having fun. I could probably have a meal while watching that “Kya Kya Ufu” moment forever.
 335 Anonymous
 I was there in person, and Mayuzumi-kun’s hug was incredible. I felt something I’ve never felt before. Toa-chan’s high-five was adorable, and Tenga-senpai’s fist bump was passionate too.
 339 Anonymous
 Same here, I was there too. I completely agree. Although Tenga-senpai’s fist bump got me the most. It’s like… it feels like love, but also not quite like love, a completely new feeling.
 342 Anonymous
 By the way, what happened with Beryl’s recruitment?
 345 Anonymous
 They received so many applications during the document screening that they were overwhelmed. It’s just two employees, after all. Even just managing the work request emails is a challenge.
 347 Anonymous
 I heard that they’re recruiting again for their office, but this time they’re prioritizing those with industry experience.
 351 Anonymous
 I’m thinking of quitting my current talent agency and transferring. After seeing Beryl’s recruitment, it feels silly to take care of my own selfish male talents. I’m going for it!!
 355 Anonymous
 Hey! They’re holding a drawing contest for Hoshimiya Shiro and Oumi Tama on the official SNS.
 #ShiroArt #tamart
 Header Prize: 1 winner for each character, limited-time header usage
 A thank-you message and live voice message from the artist, mutual SNS follow
 Goods with the artist’s autograph, limited edition plush toy with a serial number
 Icon Prize: 1 winner for each character, limited-time icon usage
 A thank-you message and live voice message from the artist, mutual SNS follow
 Goods with the artist’s autograph, limited edition plush toy with a serial number
 Streaming Image Prize: 10 winners for each character, limited-time usage
 A thank-you message from the artist, retweet the image on SNS
 Goods with the artist’s autograph
 Applying for the main illustrator position might be rude, but I might have a chance with this…
 367 Anonymous
 Guaaaa, maybe I can do this.
 374 Anonymous
 I may not have much artistic talent, but I’ll give it my all. I’ll bet on Aqua-kun being one of the judges.
 380 Anonymous
 Beryl knows what they’re doing.
 394 Anonymous
 It feels heavy again.
 396 Anonymous
 I keep getting “Couldn’t post your message” errors.
 399 Anonymous
 Just when it was restored, it’s down again.
 404 Anonymous
 Is it going to crash again?

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