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Volume 5 Chapter 10 Bulletin Board, Attack of Beryl

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 [Summer Comic Market] Discussion about Shirogane Aqua Part 1982 [Overrun]
 4 Anonymous
 Summer Comic Market is practically all about Aqua-sama!
 6 Anonymous
 I’m a volunteer staff at ComiBa, and I heard from a friend in the organizing committee that Beryl might not participate in the next event. Beryl’s team felt bad about having exclusive use of the exhibition space, so this might be their first and last official appearance.
 9 Anonymous
 Now I envy those who could attend this time even more.
 11 Anonymous
 Today, there are still tickets being resold for 1.2 million. I don’t know if they are genuine, but don’t buy them. Beryl’s official statement said no reselling allowed. It’s such a generous opportunity for free admission, but some idiots are tarnishing this goodwill. Goods will be available online if you just wait, so don’t panic.
 15 Anonymous
 We all joined together to report them repeatedly, and it seems the person who was reselling for 8.6 million got caught. Serves them right!
 17 Anonymous
 The Beryl booth is awesome, Shiro-kun’s signboard is the best.
 20 Anonymous
 There’s information that Aqua-kun’s panel has been brought inside. Can someone verify?
 23 Anonymous
 By the way, what’s up with the 7 AM Aqua-sama call?
 28 Anonymous
 Someone saw a vehicle surrounded by police cars entering the venue, and they were convinced that Aqua-sama was inside.
 35 Anonymous
 The police cars are probably fake, though.
 42 Anonymous
 It’s almost time for the opening. Are you all okay?
 47 Anonymous
 The Beryl booth is insane! I can’t move forward because Shiro-kun and Tama-chan at the entrance are too cute!
 51 Anonymous
 The Beryl booth is amazing.
 53 Anonymous
 Aaaah, I wish I could have gone there in person…
 59 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Waiting line sign: [link]
 Exhibition hall entrance: [link]
 Inside the exhibition hall: [link]
 63 Anonymous
 As expected of Nee-san. Uu, uu, udon!
 65 Anonymous
 Only Nee-san is the real deal, the rest are just hype men. Uu, uu, udon!
 66 Anonymous
 Damn, seeing those pictures makes me want to go even more!! But seriously, is the official account getting too carried away with the udon stuff?
 68 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Hey! Who used my paid leave? Come out now!!
 72 Anonymous
 >>68 Lol
 75 Anonymous
 >>68 No Mirror
 76 Anonymous
 >>68 Damn, that looks delicious! www
 77 Anonymous
 >>68 Thank you! Thanks to Chinposuki, I feel like a winner for getting a spot to watch the stream.
 79 Verification Team *010meTA473
 >>68 I and a friend each bought two sets of Goods, so I’ll give you one later. Also, as announced, there were only these two items.
 Collaboration with Morinaga, Merry-san mascot version Aqua-sama acrylic keyholder.
 Collaboration with Fuji Department Store, Butler version Aqua-sama clear file.
 [links to images]
 According to the staff, it seems there’s still plenty of stock for both, so don’t rush and hurt yourselves! Also, the booths are next to each other, so Merry-san is wearing the butler outfit. It’s cute here too, so I ended up buying both.
 [links to images]
 85 Anonymous
 >>79 The butler Merry-san is so cuteee! Wait, huh? Isn’t this the Beryl booth?
 86 Anonymous
 >>79 I was about to tell Shumi to die, but I’ll spare them in honor of Merry-san.
 87 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 >>79 Uwaaaaan, thank you, Shumi-san, I mean, Shumi-sama!
 89 Anonymous
 What about Hagetoru?
 91 Anonymous
 >>89 I heard Hagetoru failed to get in and then managed to get a volunteer job for stage security through an acquaintance.
 93 Anonymous
 >>91 Hey, are they really okay with putting someone so dangerous in security? Is the management sane?
 95 Anonymous
 The Beryl booth seems calm for now. Regardless of the security situation, everyone seems intimidated by Nee-san (Chinposuki).
 97 Anonymous
 Nee-san is big, so she stands out. I noticed her right away too.
 100 Anonymous
 I can’t believe it, but are most of the people at the Beryl booth from this thread?
 105 Anonymous
 >>100 I had a feeling. And it seems there are quite a few long-time fans.
 109 Anonymous
 Hey! Stop making obscene noises in the restroom!!
 111 Anonymous
 >>109 The runway outfits are too much. Just the smell makes me wet.
 113 Anonymous
 Toilet queue madness. You all hold it in until you get home!!
 114 Anonymous
 I’m just waiting in line for the restroom, but because of the line, I’m getting weird looks too.
 116 Anonymous
 Serves those who skipped Tama-chan’s Goods right. [link to image]
 122 Anonymous
 >>116 What’s this!!
 123 Anonymous
 >>116 As expected of Beryl, even their shopping bags are off the charts…
 125 Anonymous
 >>116 Aaaargh, I want that so badly!!
 130 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 >>116 Tama-chan’s Goods are plentiful, so I think you can still get them after the live performance.
 135 Anonymous
 >>130 Indeed, Nee-san is amazing.
 140 Verification Team *010meTA473
 The eggplant tempura and udon had a huge line…
 143 Anonymous
 >>140 How did you manage to buy them? I tried to line up just now, but they said they’re sold out to the people waiting.
 144 Anonymous
 How much do you all love eggplant tempura and udon, seriously? lol.
 147 Anonymous
 I remember Aqua-sama’s official policy is against R-18 content.
 151 Anonymous
 >>147 That’s right. That’s why most of the booths here are overrun by Yuujin’s works. All the wall scrolls are of that nature.
 155 Anonymous
 My top 3 so far:
 - Aqua-san’s AI speaker. Crazy and weird.
 - Merry-san and Aqua-kun. Heartwarming.
 - A book with Aqua-sama wearing various outfits. Elegant.
 157 Verification Team *010meTA473
 >>155 I didn’t check the AI speaker. Thank you. Both the outfits and Merry-san are genuinely good choices. The latter, if it follows the author’s usual pattern, will probably make us cry at the end. As for the former, just one look and you can tell the quality is off the charts, probably not even making a profit.
 Personally, I also recommend Aqua-sama and 365 Days Biscuit and Butler Aqua’s Glamorous Day. The former is a good accompaniment for the biscuit, while the latter is a well-written short mystery.
 160 Anonymous
 >>157 Shumi is a true hardcore fan, it seems.
 161 Anonymous
 >>155>>157 The outfit’ book is already sold out. I’m going for something else.
 163 Anonymous
 >>157 Damn, Shumi has such good taste. That’s why I can’t hate you. I still have some biscuits left, so I’ll buy the biscuit book.
 165 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I’m going to the stage after lunch, so this might be my last post.
 The last image is a warning.
 Hoshimiya Shiro’s outfit [link to image]
 Oumi Tama’s outfit [link to image]
 Hoshimiya Shiro’s handwritten message [link to image]
 Oumi Tama’s handwritten message [link to image]
 Shirogane Aqua’s handwritten message [link to image]
 168 Anonymous
 >>165 Thank you, Nee-san. By the way, the flow of the thread stopped for a few minutes just now. I think everyone was moved by the last messages.
 169 Anonymous
 >>165 I love how they express gratitude in all directions.
 170 Anonymous
 >>165 Those who attended in person must have endured a lot.
 171 Anonymous
 >>165 To those indecent people masturbating in the bathroom, be purified by seeing this!!
 173 Anonymous
 Aaargh! I really wish I could have been there on-siteeee!
 180 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Excuse me, will Shirogane-kun appear in the live broadcast?
 185 Anonymous
 >>180 The official schedule says it’s only Hoshimiya Shiro and Oumi Tama, but it also says “and more,” so maybe he will appear? Otherwise, it might be Mayushin’s Vtuber debut.
 187 Anonymous
 >>180, You better prepare your apology, sensei.
 190 Anonymous
 >>180 Goodbye, I’ve always loved your work!
 193 Anonymous
 >>190 “I loved” is in the past tense, it’s harsh!
 195 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 The people in this thread have way too much animosity towards me… Also, “I loved” is in the past tense, but I still love you!! >>185 thx.
 198 Anonymous
 Aqua’s handmade udon with eggplant tempura on top is being targeted too much.
 203 Anonymous
 >>198 Aqua-sama stepped on the udon… does that mean we indirectly received his footprints?
 207 Anonymous
 Stop it, now I’m getting really excited about my udon.
 210 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 You guys, it’s about time you entered. I want to listen to the live too.
 213 Anonymous
 >>210 Do your job properly!!
 215 Anonymous
 >>210 Stop listening! Do your job!!
 218 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 >>213>>215 Shut up! I did my job properly. I kicked out all those who were moaning in the bathroom! Serves them right!!
 221 Anonymous
 >>218 Well done!
 222 Anonymous
 >>218 Impressive!
 223 Anonymous
 >>218 You’re a capable one, as I knew.
 227 Anonymous
 The live countdown has begun!
 230 Anonymous
 Streaming sites:
 YourTube [link]
 Twitch [link]
 Semi-official (special measures for viewer distribution):
 Niyoniyo [link]
 Bunrek [link]
 Mirtam [link]
 Niyatib [link]
 234 Anonymous
 >>230 Nice, well done.
 238 Anonymous
 It’s hereeeee!
 240 Anonymous
 It starts with Tama-chan!!
 243 Anonymous
 Tama-chan’s song is so good. It makes me feel like I can become a cute version of myself.
 246 Anonymous
 >>243 I know, and it’s amazing to start with such a great song!
 250 Anonymous
 Everyone seems to be focused on the streaming sites or commenting on the official page, so there are fewer people here than I expected.
 255 Anonymous
 256 Anonymous
 The true twinkling star (Kiraboshi)!
 259 Anonymous
 >>255-256 What’s with the twinkling star nonsense, it’s ridiculous…
 263 Anonymous
 >>255-256>>259 You guys are too hyped up!
 270 Anonymous
 Ah, Tama-chan was even better than I expected.
 274 Anonymous
 The second song is also nice and soothing.
 276 Anonymous
 Seriously, the singing is too good, it’s not at an amateur level.
 277 Anonymous
 Being good at acapella means she’s the real deal.
 280 Anonymous
 On top of that, she or rather he can write lyrics, compose, and play instruments. High-spec indeed.
 281 Anonymous
 She looks cool while singing, but when she talks, she’s too cute and nervous.
 286 Anonymous
 Wow, the 3D technology is amazing!!
 289 Anonymous
 The fans must be ecstatic. Even though I didn’t know this at all, Vtubers have come a long way. No wonder people get hooked. It’s practically real.
 297 Anonymous
 It was amazing.
 302 Anonymous
 Shiro-kun is adorableeeeee!!
 303 Anonymous
 Shiro-kun’s sudden 3D debut!
 305 Anonymous
 I want to take him home….
 310 Anonymous
 Oh my… Shiro-kun’s aura is so strong even though he’s an avatar.
 311 Anonymous
 Tama-chan must be frustrated. Aqua-sama sang as if he owns the song even if it’s a cover song, as he did in “Otome-iro no Kokoro (Maiden’s Heart)”.
 316 Anonymous
 Tama-chan might be good at singing, but I think she’s somewhere in the upper-mid range among professionals. Still impressive… But Shiro-kun, he’s on the same level as top-tier professionals. It’s like he’s singing on a whole different dimension.
 320 Anonymous
 It’s apparent in this song that Shiro-kun not only has a powerful voice but also incredible pitch stability and rhythm sense. With such abilities, he can effortlessly make a cover song like “Otome-iro no Kokoro” completely his own. In other words, he has the flexibility and skills to handle songs that most skilled singers wouldn’t be able to.
 327 Anonymous
 The latter part of the song felt exactly like that. Tama-chan stepped back, and Shiro-kun went all out without holding back. The orchestra in the background also perfectly synced.
 333 Anonymous
 Wow, that was amazing. All I can say is “wow”…
 337 Anonymous
 Is anyone from the live audience still alive? The comments on the streaming site are just filled with “gyaa” and “guaa” (sound of excitement).
 341 Anonymous
 342 Anonymous
 Wait, is this for real?
 343 Anonymous
 Lots of boys showed up.
 344 Anonymous
 These are the boys who were at the café on Aqua-sama’s last day at work!!
 345 Anonymous
 The magazine kid showed up too. Looks like the Tama-chan’s real person theory is confirmed.
 350 Anonymous
 Ah… I could tell from the voice. They changed it a bit, but this confirms it’s the real person. By the way, is it okay to reveal the person behind the Vtuber?
 354 Anonymous
 There are Vtubers who show their real faces, so I don’t think it’s a problem. Besides, if the person themselves doesn’t mention it, there’s no need to bring it up. This is this, and that is that.
 357 Anonymous
 The un la filette mix of ladies and men is cute.
 361 Anonymous
 The real Mayushin-kun is here!!
 362 Anonymous
 Mayushi-kun looks really cool!
 365 Anonymous
 Mayushin-kun is just as I imagined.
 368 Anonymous
 Glasses guy… Nice!
 371 Anonymous
 The last guy is huge!
 374 Anonymous
 Ah, isn’t he bigger than me?
 376 Anonymous
 His right hand is definitely twitching.
 380 Anonymous
 It’s amazing how each guy has a different type. With this, if Toa-chan becomes Toa-kun, it’s complete.
 389 Anonymous
 Who is Beryl’s president? It’s unbelievable how they managed to gather so many boys.
 392 Anonymous
 This is Beryl’s era. I can’t keep up with everything anymore. If it were a while ago, I’d be foaming at the mouth and having convulsions in front of the screen.
 395 Anonymous
 I know, I feel like my brain still hasn’t comprehended reality.
 400 Anonymous
 Wait… They are trying to start a game instead of saying hello.
 403 Anonymous
 Seriously? Is it really okay to do such a thing for a free event?
 407 Anonymous
 Damn… I envy the winners.
 411 Anonymous
 Awww, the boys seem to be having fun together.
 419 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai’s answers are spot on…
 423 Anonymous
 Tenga-kun… I think you’ve already crossed the line between siblings.
 425 Anonymous
 The boy probably doesn’t mean it like that, but yeah, big sisters might misunderstand.
 432 Anonymous
 Toa-kun’s answers are great too…
 436 Anonymous
 It doesn’t matter if Toa-chan is a girl or not. I’d easily lick Toa-chan’s… you know.
 437 Anonymous
 As an Ochinchin sommelier, let me give my opinion. Yes, I’ve come to the conclusion that Toa-chan is Toa-kun. Look at this face, this is what I call the “handjob face,” a typical shota-type boy’s expression. Come on, everyone, take a good look at his face. You can’t help but want to give him a handjob, right?
 440 Anonymous
 Yeah, right, but no way. He’s underage. I heard that Ochinchin sommelier qualification holders are all crazy perverts, and it seems like it’s true. They can tell if someone is getting a boner from the sound of fabric rubbing against their pants. It’s too abnormal.
 444 Anonymous
 Don’t make fun of Chinposuki-san, the Ochinchin sommelier qualification holder, okay?
 452 Anonymous
 Chinposuki, lol.
 459 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun’s answers are nice too. It’s so soothing.
 460 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 To everyone who has read my works until now, thank you!!
 464 Anonymous
 Sensei, don’t die!!
 465 Anonymous
 Sensei, lolol
 466 Anonymous
 Hey! Sensei did a naked dogeza, lol.
 [link to image]
 471 Anonymous
 Her account has been suspended, lol.
 473 Anonymous
 475 Anonymous
 It seems that the stream on the unofficial mirror has dropped.
 480 Anonymous
 483 Anonymous
 Shiro-kun, that’s cheating.
 485 Anonymous
 Shiro-kun is showing off his popularity again, not fair!
 487 Anonymous
 I want to take him home in a pure white van. Come to this big sis’s place.
 489 Anonymous
 This could be problematic. Aqua-sama might attract some weird fans again.
 490 Anonymous
 Aa-sama is great as Aa-sama, and Shiro-kun is great as Shiro-kun.
 492 Anonymous
 And the last trolling, lol.
 494 Anonymous
 This indecisiveness is getting out of hand, lol.
 497 Anonymous
 Wait, do boys always have such cute conversations? Girls always end up talking about genitals when they meet.
 500 Anonymous
 That’s just you, don’t lump us together!
 502 Anonymous
 Stop, I don’t want to be seen as the same kind of girl…
 685 Anonymous
 I’m so satisfied….
 I could watch this forever.
 690 Anonymous
 I thought it was the end, but there’s more? And Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, and Mayushin-kun are going to perform.
 693 Anonymous
 Wait, is it okay for there to be a band with only boys in this world? I thought that was only in manga.
 695 Anonymous
 Shiro-kun’s solo song?
 701 Anonymous
 Wow… the lyrics hit home…
 702 Anonymous
 These lyrics hit differently.
 705 Anonymous
 Wow, it’s like the boys are changing, asking us not to abandon them. Of course, we won’t.
 707 Anonymous
 I feel like… something… like… the boys are finally paying attention to us.
 709 Anonymous
 To be honest… Some of them have already given up and lost interest. I guess that’s been slowly increasing?
 711 Anonymous
 There are girls who like other girls too. Some were like that from the beginning, while others became that way later on. Is this Mayushin-kun’s lyrics? He’s talented.
 725 Anonymous
 726 Anonymous
 727 Anonymous
 Here it cooommeeeesss!
 728 Anonymous
 I was expecting it.
 729 Anonymous
 I had a feeling, but still, I squealed when it happened.
 730 Anonymous
 Ah, Shiro-kun is great, but the original is still the best, desu~wa.
 735 Anonymous
 Those who can hear this song live are lucky. I didn’t win the lottery for this. Hagetoru’s use of the backdoor with volunteer staff is impressive.
 737 Anonymous
 The comments stopped while Aa-sama was singing, didn’t they?
 739 Anonymous
 Yeah, it’s normal for that to happen.
 740 Anonymous
 I don’t know what to say… “Yeah,” I guess.
 741 Anonymous
 Waiting and picking us up is unfair.
 742 Anonymous
 Can I send my address to the agency’s email so he can pick me up?
 743 Anonymous
 No, don’t cause any trouble.
 745 Anonymous
 Seriously, they’re all so cool.
 751 Anonymous
 An encore, I can’t believe it!!
 753 Anonymous
 What is this? They’re doing everything we want them to!!
 754 Anonymous
 Please, President Ako, let’s have an encore because we’ll be with Beryl forever!!
 755 Anonymous
 Is Aqua-kun an angel with an encore like this?
 761 Anonymous
 Having Angel Aqua and Fallen Angel Akira on the same stage is insane.
 762 Anonymous
 Fallen lol Angel lol Tenga-senpai is definitely on our side, so we can support him.
 764 Anonymous
 Senpai is amazing… probably as popular as Aqua-kun.
 765 Anonymous
 When Senpai had a quiet voice at first, I felt a connection right away.
 774 Anonymous
 Another encore!!
 775 Anonymous
 President Ako can read the atmosphere, thank you! Also, thanks to the staff!
 777 Anonymous
 I just noticed, but is the verification team not here because the live started? One of them is working, though…
 788 Anonymous
 Chinposuki, pray!
 790 Anonymous
 The encore song is “Maiden’s Heart”!!
 791 Anonymous
 Wait, it overlaps with Yuujin-sama’s song.
 796 Anonymous
 Was the live singing of this song always this amazing?
 801 Anonymous
 I can’t… this atmosphere is precious. I wanted to breathe the same air.
 810 Anonymous
 Doesn’t it feel like there’s more s*xiness now? My heart is pounding.
 816 Anonymous
 There’s a chance it could be a sickness, better get checked at the hospital.
 823 Anonymous
 It felt like the finale was breathtaking.
 835 Anonymous
 Even though Aqua-sama alone is dominating Beryl, where is Beryl heading?
 838 Anonymous
 I work at a major talent agency. I surrender with both hands up, can you forgive us? Honestly, if this becomes the expected quality for men from now on, the company is in big trouble. The only hope is that they stick to things like songwriting and composing and don’t accidentally debut as actors, even if it’s a small role.
 845 Anonymous
 Too bad. Beryl is surpassing our expectations.
 853 Anonymous
 I have a bad feeling. Beryl is going to do something again.
 858 Anonymous
 There was someone named Hakuryuu-sensei who said something similar before… Yeah.
 863 Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
 I’ll be waiting for you on the other side!
 877 Anonymous
 Sensei is way too lively, lol!
 879 Anonymous
 Sensei, you’re alive! That’s great.
 884 Anonymous
 The final stage commemorative photos are too cute!!
 888 Anonymous
 You guys are too close!!
 896 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 I see, so this is what real boys are like. Well, that’s a reference! I’m really realizing now that my works lacked realism. No wonder they got criticized and caused an uproar, and my account got frozen.
 911 Anonymous
 Sensei, you’re totally embracing it, lol!
 913 Anonymous
 Sensei, lol!
 923 Anonymous
 Local team here. The venue is amazing. The entire area is completely blocked off, like a closed country. There are so many people outside trying to hear the music that the police alone can’t handle it, and it looks like even the Self-Defense Forces have been called in. I wonder if we can even get back home. Everyone, be careful of heatstroke.
 937 Anonymous
 For those from the local team, you can’t use the roads anymore, so if you’re not feeling well, they’re arranging for transport by boat.
 949 Anonymous
 Local team, take care on your way back. Verification team, come back safely too!
 953 Anonymous
 The official website has new information!!
 963 Anonymous
 Hey, all the news on the top page of Yahoo are about Beryl, lol. Was there ever a time when all of them were related to one thing?
 - The talk of Beryl Entertainment: Three new members join.
 - A area completely sealed off, government requests Self-Defense Forces to mobilize.
 - The Prince of Biscuits, Shirogane Aqua, ignites the nation.
 - Heatstroke warning, highest temperature of the year recorded in A area.
 - Beryl official statement avoids mentioning Nekoyama Toa’s gender.
 - Nationwide internet outage, Beryl’s live stream suspected to be the cause.
 - Beryl Entertainment tops the worldwide trends.
 - Attack of Beryl, considering worldwide expansion?
 974 Anonymous
 The SNS trend rankings are crazy.
 1st: Unbeatable Beryl Entertainment-related words, Beryl Overpowering All, Have You Seen the World?
 2nd: Shirogane Aqua-related words, Shirogane Aqua the Strongest, You are the Best, Hoshimiya Shiro
 3rd: Tenga Akira-related words, Tenga-senpai Chuunibyou
 4th: Nekoyama Toa-related words, Boy or Girl, Oumi Tama, Ochinchin Sommelier
 5th: Mayuzumi Shintaro-related words, Mayuzumi-kun, lyrics
 6th: Atori Ako-related words, Who is She? The President
 7th: ‘stay here’-related words, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Best Lyrics, First All-Male Band?
 8th: Simultaneous Connection Worldwide Record-related words, YouTube, Twitch
 9th: Yuujin-related words, When’s the Sequel? Spin-off
 10th: Udon-related words, Udon, Eggplant Tempura, Udon Factory
 986 Anonymous
 This time, the SNS trend rankings are relatively normal. I laughed at 10th place, udon, lol.
 999 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Stop messing around with work during the live!!
 1000 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey! The person who threw their panties in the trash or any other garbage, come out! I’m the one in charge of collecting and sorting them! And I’ll never forgive the person who threw diapers around the bushes!
 1081 1001
 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts.
 You can no longer write here, so please start a new thread…

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