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Volume 5 Chapter 15 Shirogane Aqua, A Step to Change the World

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 At the same time as the intro, I emerged from the wings and appeared on the stage. In that moment, the audience’s gaze was fixed on me.

 ”A summer vampire baring its fangs, dressed provocatively to stimulate you. I’m the vampire who will seduce you when you show you nape and expose your vulnerability (Kiba wo nozokaseta manatsu no vanpaia, wazatorashii usugi ga kimi o shigeki suru. Unaji o nozokase sukima o misetara, gaburi to kamitsuku ore wa kyuuketsuki.)”

 This song, composed by Toa, portrayed me as a vampire captivating young girls. When I requested Mayuzumi, who wrote the lyrics, to make them bold and provocative to match the summer vibe, he looked at me as if I were serious.

 At first, Mayuzumi seemed unsure, but as we worked on the lyrics together, we got carried away, and the expressions became even more daring. When Moja-san listened to the finished song, he laughed so hard that he thought I was insane. And when John heard it, he joined in on the madness. As a result, Ako-san only found out what we had created when it was already finished.

 In other words, even the producer, Moja-san, got swept up in the madness. Not to mention that Tenga-senpai joined in on the lyrics midway, adding to the craziness, but that was a secret.

 I can’t forget the look of disbelief on Ako-san’s face as she listened to the song next to me. I am really sorry for the seriousness…

 ”Swaying with confident exposure and provocative fashion, try to resist my momentary pheromones that make you aware of your vulnerability (Kakushin-teki na roshutsu to chōhatsu-teki na fasshon ni yureugokasarete mite yo. Setsuna no feromon de mubōna anata o ishikisaseru.)”

 Glancing back at the audience, I noticed that they were all still fixated on me, not moving an inch.

 ”I reveal everything during our secret rendezvous, and you get drawn in by my intense gaze. (2-ri dake no hisoka na aimichi, naka made abaku ore no atsui shisen no manazashi ni anata mo otosarete mite yo.)”

 I flipped the cape I was wearing as the wind blew from below.

 ”Kyuketsuki-tachi no natsu no saiten, kiba o miseru manatsu no vanpaia (A summer festival of vampires, a midsummer vampire showing its fangs.)”

 As my cape soared into the air, my figure underneath was exposed to the audience.

 Thinking it was the right moment, I used gestures to stir up the audience!

 After all, this upbeat song was created to liven up the hot summer.

 Wanting to see more excitement from the audience, I looked at everyone in the venue.

 When a few people responded to my actions, I sent them a wink or signaled with my hands, trying to spread that energy to the rest of the crowd through my performance of song and dance.

 Before I knew it, the scattered audience members had gathered around the stage, swaying and waving their hands along with the music.

 The song reached its climax, and I put on a final burst of energy.

 ”Burn yourself in a one-night mistake, that’s all right! (Ichiya no ayamachi ni mi o kogasu no wa zattsu ōru raito!)”

 I approached the camera, which projected my image on the backdrop, and gave a thumbs-up and a wink to the side of my eye.

 In response to my performance, a wave of yellow cheers erupted from the audience. Good, they might have been surprised at first, but it seemed like most of them were getting into the groove.

 ”YOU, BITE, tonight, do you want to be bitten by me? Under the same roof, spend the morning together! Shall we spend a night more sultry than the summer heat? (YOU, BITE konya wa, ore ni kamaretai? Hitotsu yane no shita de, spend the morning together! Natsu no atsusa yori modaru you na, futari no yoru o sugoshimasen ka?)”

 I sang the entire song, and then I tossed my cape into the audience as the lights dimmed.

 The person who happened to catch the cape was frozen in shock.

 Amidst the screams of excitement, the lights illuminating the stage went off.

 With the help of the people who came out from the wings, I put on my jacket in preparation for the next song.

 In the meantime, the intro for the next song started playing. The next song would be “Glass Teenager,” composed by Tenga-senpai.

 ”When I noticed these feelings, you belonged to someone else, and I pretended not to notice you, watching from a distance (Kono kimochi ni ki ga tsuita toki, anata wa dareka no mono de, tōme ni mitsumeru ore ni ki ga tsukanai furi o shita.)”

 This song depicts an illicit love, a teenage boy’s innocent feelings for a woman he must never love. By the way, coincidentally, my mother was at the agency when she heard this song, and for some reason, she said something absurd like, “If you’re going to get involved with a married woman, you should do it with Mom.”

 Perhaps mother was worried that her own son might get involved in an affair. But there’s no need to worry; I would never do anything that would make someone unhappy…

 ”Tatta ichimai no kamikire, sore ga anata to ore no aida o hedateru (A single sheet of paper separates you and me.)”

 Contrary to the earlier high-energy performance, the women in the audience were now gripping their handkerchiefs with anxious expressions, staring at me. On the other hand, there was also an older woman who had a dreamy expression while looking at me. The dance choreography caused my jacket to flip up, revealing the outfit I had on underneath, several times.

 Each time, the female audience members reacted, and although it was a little embarrassing, as an idol, my priority was to respond to their excitement and focus on my performance.

 ”Hibiwareta garasu no mukou ni manazashi o muketara anata no ushirogami ga mieru (When I looked beyond the cracked glass, I could see your back.)”

 As the song neared its end, I jumped off the stage with great momentum. This elicited screams from the audience. However, there was space between the stage and the audience area, and there were barriers in front of the audience, so there was no safety issue. As I walked slowly towards the audience, their voices grew louder.

 ”Come together over me.”

 I deliberately directed my gaze towards a woman who was nearby. I usually tried to look at people towards the back while on stage.

 ”Garasu no teenager, wareta kakera ga ore no kokoro o kiri-kizamu. Itsuka wa kono kimochi ni kugiri o tsukeru koto ga dekiru no darou ka? Zutto anata dake o miteita (A glass teenager, shards cut my heart. Will I ever be able to put an end to these feelings? I’ve only been watching you.)”

 I sang the final lines softly, and the women in the front row extended their hands, and one by one, we touched hands. The front row erupted in joy, while the back expressed disappointment. I climbed the stairs at the side of the stage and took a brief moment to catch my breath.

 ”Hello, everyone. I’m Shirogane Aqua from Beryl Entertainment.”


 I looked at the audience and saw that the sparse audience was filled up as if it were a lie.

 Ako-san, are you watching me? I whispered in my mind.

 This may be a sub-stage, but I’m not going to lose to the main stage.

 ”By the way, are you okay with me as today’s secret guest?”

 I point my Microphone at the audience.

 ”We’re okay!”

 ”Thank you for coming today, Aqua-kun!”

 ”We were hoping you’d show up!”

 ”I love you, marry me!”

 ”Show us more of your outfit!”

 ”Look over here!”


 ”I love you!”

 ”I love you the most!”

 Many voices echoed from the audience. I couldn’t catch everything, but I was glad to see that they were generally welcoming.

 ”Thank you! I love all of you too!!”

 I waved my hand towards the audience.


 ”I love you! Ah, I just said it!”

 ”Oh no, oh no, oh no!”

 ”I love you even more!”


 ”I’ve loved you from the very beginning!”

 ”A boy said he loves me for the first time!”

 ”I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!”

 The responses from the audience were like screams of joy. Normally, I might have felt a bit embarrassed, but after performing two songs, I was feeling exhilarated and remained composed.

 ”Isn’t this outfit amazing? It’s John’s design, but I have to admit I felt a little embarrassed wearing it.”

 I opened my jacket to reveal the outfit underneath to the audience.


 ”The outfit is amazing!”

 ”Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

 ”Such a lewd outfit, not allowed!”

 ”Bite me!”

 ”Show us more!”

 ”No, Aqua-sama, don’t reveal your skin so easily!”

 ”Suck my blood, please!”


 ”Corolle is the best!”

 ”Show us moreeeee!”

 I might have gone a bit overboard. But considering the upcoming main song, I felt I had to give it my all from the beginning.

 ”Alright, this is the last song, but please listen to it if you’d like.”

 The song was originally written in the language of this country. However, John proposed reconstructing the lyrics to make it work in Stars and other countries as well, so it became a multilingual song. Mayuzumi, who wrote the lyrics, must have had a tough time with it. Thank you, I muttered in my mind.


 ”I want you to stay here more!”


 ”Please, extend the performance!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua! Aqua!”

 ”I don’t want it to end!”

 ”Do your best!”

 ”Let us hear more!”

 ”I’m listening attentively!”


 I stood in front of the synthesizer, placing my hands on the keys. The sound of ticking from the clock resonated slowly throughout the venue. With a beautiful and flowing touch, I lightly played the keys. The long intro descended from the world we created to this world.

 ”Last number! Beautiful right?”

 I announced the song’s title into the microphone. The song maintained its beauty but gradually became more up-tempo. I removed my hands from the keys and picked up the microphone, stepping forward again.

 ”I know what you’re agony (Ore wa kimi ga kurushinde iru koto o shitte iru).”

 ”Trying to finish everything now (Ima, kono shunkan ni mo subete o owaraseyou to shite iru yo ne.)”

 ”But I noticed (Demo ore wa ki ga tsuite shimatta.)”

 ”So I have to stop (Dakara kimi o tomenakya ikenai).”

 ”Because I notice the mistakes of the beautiful world (Kono sekai no ayamachi ni ki ga tsuite shimatta kara).”

 ”So I have to stop (Dakara kimi o tomenakya ikenai.)”

 ”Change the world (Sekai o kaeyou.)”

 ”We’re world is beautiful (Oretachi no ikiru kono sekai wa utsukushii.)”

 ”We’re world so beautiful (Oretachi no ikiru kono sekai wa totemo utsukushii.)”

 ”We’re alive is really beautiful world? (Demo oretachi ga ikiteiru kono sekai no utsukushisa wa honmono na no darou ka?)”

 The song composed by Toa was incredibly beautiful. The unnaturally perfect melody line sent shivers down my spine. When I listened to this song, I felt the distortions within this world. At the same time, a certain feeling began to grow inside me.

 Is it really okay to leave things as they are?

 Before meeting me, Mayuzumi had already felt a sense of discomfort with the imbalances between men and women in this world. Through meeting me, Toa, he wanted to take a step forward from his confined world. Unfortunately, I don’t think one person’s efforts alone can make everyone smile. The ones who provided hints to me were Toa, Mayuzumi, Tenga-senpai, Moja-san, Nobu-san, John, and others.

 If one person alone can’t do it, then they should rely on the power of everyone together.

 This song is my declaration, as a man, to change the world. I want all the women in this world to take notice. I don’t want them to give up and accept the current situation.

 Even men can change.

 To achieve that, first, I wanted the girls to lift their heads and live with confidence. I wanted them to have caring relationships, not just treating men differently. I needed to convey this message to them.

 You are attractive and wonderful women.

 So, stand tall, be confident, and look ahead. They didn’t need to lament their current situation. I wanted to tell them that they didn’t have to live that way.

 ”Let’s be beautiful (Issho ni utsukushiku shiyou.)”

 It’s not just men, and it’s not just women. Everyone needs to change. I believe that’s the path that can bring smiles to more people. Maybe what I, or what we, are trying to do is wrong. But if we stay as we are, nothing will change.

 Life only happens once. I don’t want to reach the end in that way.

 If that’s the case, I want to try and have no regrets. Even if it turns out to be a mistake, I won’t know until I try. Taking that first step might be scary. But Toa gave me the courage to take that step. When Toa confided in me about his secret, he mustered the courage to take that step. Seeing him being so cool, how could I stand frozen in fear and do nothing? The best defense is a strong offense. As the world’s first male idol, Shirogane Aqua, I can’t just sit back and protect.

 I made a promise with Ako-san to become the world’s greatest idol. If I’m the best idol in the world, I should be able to change at least one world. So, from the best seat in the house, I want Ako-san to witness how Idol Shirogane Aqua will change the world! It’s my way of repaying her for everything she’s done for me.


 I spoke those last words as if asking a question.

 Haa… haa… haa… haa…

 I tried to control my ragged breaths. I thought I had given everything I had on that stage. While I was singing, the newly completed MV was playing in the background, so I believe the true meaning of this song reached the audience.

 It’s not just a beautiful song; it holds a deeper interpretation. I wonder how many people in the audience truly understood that. My heart was pounding so loudly that I couldn’t hear anything, but gradually, the sounds returned to my ears.

 It was a mix of roars and cries, difficult to put into words. As I looked across the audience, many women were shedding tears. Among them were familiar faces.

 ”Thank you!!”

 I shouted with all my might. At that moment, the spotlight illuminating me went out, and the stage turned dark.

 Having finished the last song, I quickly made my way to the backstage.



 I embraced Moja-san, who was in tears and covered in mucus.

 ”You’re amazing! You fulfilled my dream! Thank you!”

 ”What are you saying, Moja-san? Isn’t your dream to be the top male artist in the world? It’s just the beginning for you. Come on, tell me where I need to improve.”

 ”Really? There were quite a few places you messed up. Especially at the end, getting carried away by emotions and faking it!”

 ”Oh, really? You noticed?”

 ”Of course, you idiot! I’ll make you train even harder when you get back!”

 Moja-san grinned and showed his teeth.


 As I turned towards the weak voice, I saw Ako-san, who was even more of a mess than Moja-san, with tears and mucus covering her.

 I approached Ako-san and embraced her, holding her close.

 ”Ako-san, thank you.”

 ”Aqua-kun, I should be the one saying thank you.”

 ”How was the stage?”

 ”It was amazing, of course. But still, you went a bit overboard with that outfit.”


 ”Hey, Aqua-kun.”


 ”I’ll create the best stage for you. A stage befitting the world’s greatest idol. So… will you sing on that stage?”

 ”Of course. From now on and forever, I’ll sing on the stage you create. Actually, I need to make sure I don’t get left behind by you.”

 ”Hehe, then let’s both work hard so neither of us loses.”

 I let go of Ako-san and shook her hand firmly. This way, the first solo stage of Idol Shirogane Aqua came to an end in the best way possible. I… no, we, still had no idea how much this song would change everything in the future.

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