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Volume 5 Chapter 16 Bulletin Board, Best Summer Vacation

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 [Vampire?]Thread to Discuss Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 2434 [Idol?]
 7 Anonymous
 Congratulations on your account being unfrozen, Hakuryuu-sensei. Thanks to everyone who participated in the signature campaign for your return.
 9 Anonymous
 What’s the Full Naked Prostration Challenge?
 10 Anonymous
 It’s like a distant relative of the Cold Water Challenge.
 13 Anonymous
 Even though what they’re doing is terrible, it somehow looks like they’re doing some kind of social contribution activity.
 15 Anonymous
 There used to be a Salt Water Challenge, you know? They had a relay event where they splashed seawater at photos of their favorite boys.
 18 Anonymous
 That’s so awful, lol.
 19 Anonymous
 LOL, that’s nuts.
 20 Anonymous
 We have to protect Aqua-kun (sense of duty)
 23 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 25 Anonymous
 No need to react.
 27 Anonymous
 If you have time to j*rk off, study instead!
 30 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Shut up, I can’t concentrate on studying anymore.
 33 Anonymous
 I understand that feeling… Idol Fest was amazing.
 37 Anonymous
 The video views have already surpassed 1 billion. Some people probably just leave it playing in the background.
 40 Anonymous
 In the lunchtime special program earlier, they talked about the sudden boom in nape-revealing fashion.
 42 Anonymous
 I work part-time at a clothing store, and it’s actually selling well. Usually, by mid-August, people would be buying autumn and winter clothes, but suddenly, the demand for nape-revealing fashion increased. It’s hilarious.
 43 Anonymous
 List of producers, companies, and individuals affected unknowingly by Aqua-kun.
 Udon restaurant.
 Udon noodle factory.
 Eggplant farmer.
 Clothing store staff. ←new
 45 Anonymous
 LOL, stop it.
 46 Anonymous
 Calling out Hakuryuu-sensei specifically, lol.
 49 Anonymous
 What about the wheat flour shortage due to the supply and demand of biscuits?
 50 Anonymous
 That’s probably Morinaga’s fault. It’s the same with anything related to Fuji, but company-based promotion is the manufacturer’s responsibility.
 51 Anonymous
 Probably due to the nape-revealing fashion, hairstyles like ponytails and chignons are also popular now.
 53 Anonymous
 Speaking of which, Aa-tan was amazing in person. I happened to notice during the break and went to see him, and I thought, “Is he really the same human as me?”
 55 Anonymous
 Everyone says that. Can’t we just see him in magazines or on TV?
 57 Anonymous
 Seeing him in raw is just something else.
 59 Anonymous
 There’s a different aura in raw.
 61 Verification Team *010meTA473
 In raw, he’s a hundred times more charming.
 62 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 His raw scent is amazing.
 68 Anonymous
 Guys, he’s still a minor.
 69 Anonymous
 Stop repeating “in raw.” It sounds really sketchy.
 73 Anonymous
 Speaking of scents, Aqua-kun’s scent was amazing. I was working as a backstage staff member that day, and as he passed by, a nice fragrance wafted through the air.
 76 Anonymous
 It was the same with Fuji. Be careful, guys, he can turn you on with just his scent.
 77 Anonymous
 I was luckily at the front row, and even during the high-five, he smelled so good, it surprised me.
 80 Anonymous
 Speaking of sketchy things, those sketchy outfits will be exhibited at Corolle in September for a limited month.
 84 Anonymous
 Getting turned on just by the scent, lol.
 I’m jealous of the high-five!
 85 Anonymous
 Getting turned on just by the scent.
 Penetrat*ng with just the voice.
 Getting pregnant just by the gaze.
 The baby boom is coming, desu~wa.
 Tell us about the high-five sensation, please!
 88 Anonymous
 I’m also in the high-five group. I won’t wash this hand anymore.
 91 Anonymous
 It’s like a completely different experience. I’ve never touched a guy’s hand before, so I didn’t know, but it’s big and firm…I realized that a guy’s body is completely different.
 I understand. I debated whether to mas***bate with that hand.
 92 Anonymous
 Corolle really knows what fans want. But it’s going to be crowded again.
 93 Anonymous
 During Summer Comic Market, they had life-sized mannequins, and the height difference alone was exciting.
 96 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Go for it without hesitation. You’ll know once you do. By the way, I did it a while ago. Heaven is waiting for you. Also, when I first touched Aqua-sama’s hand, it was the same hand I used after touching myself in the bathroom. It was an unavoidable circumstance, so I don’t regret it.
 100 Anonymous
 Hagetoru-san, you know…
 101 Anonymous
 As expected of you, senpai.
 105 Anonymous
 Hey, this guy has crossed the line that should never be crossed. What kind of unavoidable circumstance led to that?
 107 Anonymous
 At this point, your existence itself is a crime. Or are you caught up in some kind of criminal charge? Either way, wash your hands properly!!
 111 Anonymous
 Speaking of costumes, what happened to that cape? Did it cause a fight?
 113 Anonymous
 I happened to be nearby, and the person who caught it looked stunned. Nobody expected that cape to be thrown. Instead of reaching out for it, people just stood there dumbfounded, like, “Huh?” They said they would ask the staff later if they should return it. After the live, they mentioned the incident to a nearby staff member, but I don’t know what happened after that. One thing I can confirm is that the cape had an amazing scent.
 117 Anonymous
 118 Anonymous
 This Aa-tan thread has way too many scent fetishists.
 123 Anonymous
 The live was incredible. I was there, and my mouth was half open the whole time.
 126 Anonymous
 The second song was amazing. There was a girl screaming, “Don’t be that married granny, but me!” lol
 131 Anonymous
 That song is too much of a “mother-killer.” I mean, it’s great to be married and have a boy like Aqua-kun thinking of you.
 135 Anonymous
 I get it. My mom has been showing her nape recently, acting all young. Well, as her daughter, I’m just glad she’s having fun.
 137 Anonymous
 I was watching in the company break room, and all the single older women were standing up and showing their napes. It was so well received. I wanted to say, “That’s not something you dream about!” but then I realized I’m also on the side that shows napes.
 142 Anonymous
 You also showed your nape, lol.
 143 Anonymous
 Don’t force yourself, granny.
 145 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Shut up. In ten years, you’ll be on this side too!!
 thx, I’m grateful to everyone who signed here too.
 146 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 150 Anonymous
 Oh, this guy is dead.
 Sensei is alive!!
 Nee-san is scary.
 151 Anonymous
 Is this your first time on this thread? You ended up making the one person you shouldn’t have as an enemy.
 153 Anonymous
 Ah well, that guy >>143 is dead.
 155 Anonymous
 If it’s Nee-san, she can make a person ○ just by uploading.
 158 Anonymous
 Sensei, please stop being reckless. You might get permanently banned next time.
 164 Anonymous
 Anyway, the most amazing part was the third song. The MV was too shocking.
 167 Anonymous
 Everyone who was there in person says the same thing. You can’t really understand the MV from the online stream.
 171 Anonymous
 I think they’ll probably release it eventually.
 174 Anonymous
 Honestly, after knowing Aqua-kun, I can’t be satisfied with ordinary guys anymore. I want someone at least at the level of Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-kun, or Tenga-senpai.
 177 Anonymous
 I get it, but your hope is too high. It’s better to think separately from reality.
 182 Anonymous
 Honestly, I’m starting to think that I don’t need to force myself into marriage anymore. It’s not out of frustration or anything; it’s just that I can have kids without marrying some mediocre guy.
 Honestly, I’d rather spend my wallet on Aqua-kun or Beryl’s child than to be a wallet of a violent man.
 188 Anonymous
 I understand. It just feels so pointless. If the guy is kind to me, that’s great, but I don’t see the point in supporting someone who’s not. I had a chance encounter with Aqua-sama at work once, and he greeted me while looking me in the eyes. It made me feel like he recognized me as an individual, and that made me happy.
 191 Anonymous
 Honestly, paying a guy for s*x wasn’t all that great. It’s way better to do it myself while looking at Aqua-kun’s smile.
 195 Anonymous
 We were having a serious discussion, and you suddenly went to the lowest level, lol.
 198 Anonymous
 That’s the quality of this thread, indeed.
 204 Anonymous
 Looking at it like this, there were quite a lot of people who attended the live in person. Did they predict Aqua-kun’s appearance?
 209 Anonymous
 Some people probably went to register for the Fan Club offline. They announced that there would be dedicated terminals for Idol Fest registration, so some people might have accidentally attended the secret live while using those terminals.
 211 Anonymous
 Some people predicted that he would appear as a secret guest. I saw 92-san, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all the verification team members attended.
 220 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I couldn’t go again because of work. Dammit!! I even thought about quitting my current job and posting a job listing for Beryl’s PR representative, but my boss found out and scolded me.
 225 Anonymous
 Haha, lol.
 227 Anonymous
 Well, it’s only natural that you got scolded.
 228 Anonymous
 If it were 92-san, it would be one thing, but Chinposuki becoming Beryl’s PR would be a disaster.
 232 Anonymous
 The job application says, “Please wait for a while on the official website.” They received so many applications that they haven’t finished the screening process yet. I wonder how many applications they got.
 235 Anonymous
 I work at a public job placement agency, and even high-profile people who don’t usually come here showed up. I was really surprised to see CEOs of well-known companies coming in.
 238 Anonymous
 Even after the document screening, there will be interviews and background checks. Is this going to be finished by the end of this year?
 241 Anonymous
 They’ll somehow manage to finish it. It seems that Beryl’s headquarters will move to the inside of ○ from September. I was surprised when Ako-san from Beryl came to greet us the other day.
 247 Anonymous
 Beryl’s headquarters moving is good news. I was worried about the security at the current location.
 253 Anonymous
 Seriously? The headquarters of the Holy Aqua Church is also moving within ○. Is that going to be alright?
 258 Anonymous
 It would be hilarious if it turns out to be the same building, lol.
 262 Anonymous
 Actually, that might be even safer.
 267 Anonymous
 Wait, what is this?
 TRASH PUNKS / Aqua Shirogane
 268 Anonymous
 Breaking news! Aqua-sama to appear at Summer Stars!
 273 Anonymous
 What the heck is this?
 275 Anonymous
 They announced it after the tickets sold out! That’s crazy!!
 283 Anonymous
 Of all things, Trash punks. Fans were speculating that they might come this year, and if they do, collaborating with Aqua-kun would be insane.
 291 Anonymous
 Even with tickets sold out in seconds, half of the people who bought them were probably there for Trash punks. Isn’t it crazy how the tickets are being resold at such high prices?
 303 Anonymous
 Every year, there’s a music festival held in summer to commemorate the friendship of the Stars. They always invite guest performers, but this time it’s special, so there were rumors that Trash punks might come. They release new songs in a 5-year cycle, and whenever they do, they dominate the world charts, guaranteed. The vocalist is always a guest, but I never expected a collaboration with Aqua-kun…
 309 Anonymous
 Trash punks have only released songs with female artists so far, right? This might be their first time collaborating with a male artist.
 321 Anonymous
 That’s right. That’s why the thread is heating up. I wonder what kind of song it’ll be.
 333 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Apologies to the fans of Trash punks, but it seems that resold tickets will be invalidated, and they’ll be resold at the regular price. So there might be a chance to get tickets again. I checked their official SNS, and they just posted the notice.
 338 Anonymous
 Really? It’s tough having more competition, but it’s good that they’re countermeasure against ticket reselling. Otherwise, regular tickets might go for over 10 million.
 340 Anonymous
 This seems quite challenging even for the residents of this thread.
 343 Anonymous
 Regular tickets cost 30,000 yen? That’s insane.
 359 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I had the VVIP ticket. Where’s my seat?
 368 Anonymous
 You’re amazing, after all.
 371 Anonymous
 For those who don’t know, regular festival tickets are for standing room only, but VVIP tickets include box seats. I think it was 3 million yen… I heard a glass of orange juice there costs 10,000 yen or something.
 380 Anonymous
 It’s beyond the level of wealth I imagined for Shumi. I’m trembling.
 383 Anonymous
 Once you secure a box seat, up to 6 people, including the person who reserved it, can enter for free. This might lead to another scene where Hagetoru prostrates herself in gratitude.
 405 Anonymous
 It’s a relief that Summer Stars will be streamed. The operators of the streaming site must be working hard, but I hope they do their best.
 414 Anonymous
 Ever since the announcement of Summer Stars’ appearance, the thread has been accelerating. We had just settled down…
 417 Anonymous
 Speaking of which, what happened to Hoshimiya Shiro’s event?
 425 Anonymous
 It’s still unknown. There are too many events in September, and I can’t predict who Shiro-kun will collaborate with. Also, please discuss Shiro-kun’s matters in the Shiro Thread.
 444 Anonymous
 Thanks, got it.
 460 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun’s been showing up more lately, and I’m happy about it. Thanks to that, it’s been the best summer vacation. By the way, is he not going to be in any more dramas?
 478 Anonymous
 He might appear in one.
 I just checked, and he casually appeared on the cover of the September TV guide.
 485 Anonymous
 491 Anonymous
 Wait a minute! Even without looking closely, it’s not a lemon he’s holding, it’s an eggplant! LOL. How did they even get permission for this?
 505 Anonymous
 Good news, it’s officially certified as an eggplant.
 506 Anonymous
 Sad news, it’s a certified eggplant, LOL.
 523 Anonymous
 Damn, he looks so cool.
 527 Anonymous
 Wait, he looks so cute with his bangs up, showing his forehead!
 535 Anonymous
 By the way, why does Aqua-kun look so cool while holding an eggplant? LOL.
 541 Anonymous
 It’s gotta be Tenga-paisen who proposed this way of holding the eggplant, LOL.
 555 Anonymous
 The way he’s holding the eggplant looks like Driver…
 573 Anonymous
 You’re imagining things. There’s no way he’s imitating Driver. Besides, I’ve never heard of boys doing action scenes or anything like that.
 584 Anonymous
 But Aqua-sama is tall, so there might be a chance.
 591 Anonymous
 Doesn’t Aqua-kun have a height of 180 cm? He’s quite tall. When we passed each other backstage, he was a whole head taller than me, and it really startled me.
 603 Anonymous
 Perhaps that’s why when girls see Aqua-sama up close, they suddenly become all ladylike, like a shy cat.
 617 Anonymous
 I understand that feeling. Even in a confined space, there’s an aura that makes you feel like you shouldn’t get any closer.
 623 Anonymous
 I had an experience where Aqua-sama helped me at a pedestrian crossing, and I got really excited by his powerful presence. Boys are so strong. Or maybe Aqua-sama is just special?
 638 Anonymous
 What? I’m jealous.
 640 Anonymous
 Seriously, you still have experiences like that.
 653 Anonymous
 Well, in reality, the probability of larger boys becoming victims of crime is significantly lower. On the other hand, it’s a smart decision for Toa-chan to crossdress since petite individuals are at higher risk of kidnapping or harassment, no matter their age.
 671 Anonymous
 Somehow, especially lately, every day has been fun since I got to know Aqua-sama. I’m always looking forward to what he’ll do next.
 689 Anonymous
 I totally understand that feeling. Until recently, I used to wonder why I even bothered working, but now, coming back here and checking this thread is really enjoyable. I’m glad I’m alive.
 703 Anonymous
 It feels like our lives have become more enriched.
 714 Anonymous
 I started dressing up every day. There might be a chance that Aqua-sama will notice me, after all.
 726 Anonymous
 You’re just like me… Even if you think there’s no chance, you still dress up.
 738 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I’ve started trying to look cute even when I sleep. After all, I might meet Aqua-sama in my dreams…
 751 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I’ve started wearing slightly s*xy underwear just in case something happens. At first, I wore nothing, but Nee-san told me it’s not a good idea.
 768 Anonymous
 Oh… I get it. I get it, but LOL.
 777 Anonymous
 Nice, Nee-san. But just to let you know, if your private parts are visible when wearing nothing, it’s considered indecent exposure!
 789 Anonymous
 Quite a contrast there.
 794 Anonymous
 Honestly, I’d even settle for Aqua-sama coming to me in my dreams and… Well, you know…
 801 Anonymous
 The other day, I dreamt that I was g*ng-r*ped by four boys from Beryl. It was bliss.
 815 Anonymous
 Gross dream LOL. So, how much does that cost?
 830 Anonymous
 Stop it! Those scam groups claiming Aqua-sama will appear in their dreams will pop up again. By the way, the Saint Aqua Church also shut down pillow sellers, mattress sellers, and companies selling mysterious sleeping pills.
 846 Anonymous
 The Saint Aqua Church is so competent. In a way, it feels like they work harder than the police.
 855 Anonymous
 True, I thought they were just a sketchy religious group, but now I think differently. If they’re moving their office to the same place as here, it might be reassuring.
 867 Anonymous
 Going off-topic, but if Aqua-sama is appearing on the cover of the TV guide, does that mean he has a drama role confirmed? I wonder what he’ll be in…
 881 Anonymous
 Thanks to Aqua-kun’s evening appearances, other male actors no longer taste like anything, like chewed-out gum.
 893 Anonymous
 Chewed-out gum, LOL. Relatable.
 903 Anonymous
 And here we go again with the Idol Fest’s third song and the Summer Comic Market song. I’ve been looping this conversation, but if other people don’t change with the times, they’ll be left behind, even as boys.
 922 Anonymous
 Exactly. Some people mentioned it before, but we should stop spending money just because they’re boys. If we’re going to spend, it should be on Beryl.
 938 Anonymous
 Hurry up and release the goods! I want to spend money! And we need the tipping feature for the live stream too!
 946 Anonymous
 Hey!! Results for the Fuji Talk Show lottery are out!
 959 Anonymous
 Seriously?! I hope I win!
 964 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Ah… I won. I don’t usually have luck with these things.
 971 Anonymous
 Wow, nice, Nee-san. You have good luck with shirts too.
 975 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Dammit, aaaaah!
 976 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 977 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Oh, I won too. Shumi-chan’s great victory!
 982 Anonymous
 The difference in karma is showing.
 But Shumi can go die.
 987 Anonymous
 Looking forward to the talk show!
 But Shumi can go die.
 995 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Yes! I curse all the winners!
 999 Anonymous
 You’re pathetic. Give up, LOL.
 1000 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 If it’s 1000, it’s a machine malfunction, and the win is invalid! Redraw!
 1038 1001
 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts. You can’t write anymore, so please create a new thread…

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