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Volume 5 Chapter 18 Shirogane Aqua, the Two’s Signal

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 [I’ve arrived at the venue now. Do your best at the live!]

 I grinned as I looked at the screen of my phone. Of course, the one who sent this message was Kanon. After the message, there was an attached image of Kanon’s wrist with a wristband that served as an entrance pass.

 Both Kanon and I are busy, so we don’t have many days to see each other, and it will be tough to have more dates in the future.It would be a lie to say that it doesn’t hurt, but the accumulation of days we can’t meet only strengthens my feelings for Kanon.

 [I like you, but what should I do about it?]

 [I like you even more, so I’m troubled.]

 [No, no, I like you more.]

 [Then I like you even more, even more!]

 Last night, I exchanged meaningless messages like this for an hour before going to bed. I really think I’m losing it. Well, it’s not really because of Kanon that I’m losing sleep; it’s mostly because of Pegonia-san.

 Pegonia-san somehow managed to get my email address, and after finishing the conversation with Kanon, she sent me a message.

 Sender: Pegonia
 Recipient: Shirogane Aqua
 Subject: Tonight’s Lady
 Body: You can use it.
 Attachment: xxxx.jpg

 And what she sent was a slightly erotic image of Kanon before going to bed. By the way, Pegonia-san has a history of sending me photos like this. She did it before, sending me a picture of Kanon changing her clothes. So I told her that she shouldn’t send pictures without the person’s permission. And this is the result. Kanon in the picture is blushing, showing her cleavage as she bends over.

 I did tell her she should ask for permission, but that means saying it in a gentle way, not asking her to get permission and send me slightly erotic pictures! Kanon should value herself more!! And to make it worse, she’s wearing matching roomwear with me. Seriously, give me a break! By the way, I ended up going to bed a little later that day. Well, I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. Thanks to that, I felt refreshed, but… I really worry if that person is okay being Kanon’s lady-in-waiting. Well, I did lock the pictures of her changing clothes, so I was grateful for being able to use them, but still!!

 ”Aqua-kun, is something wrong?”

 As I was thinking such wicked thoughts, Ako-san, who was sitting next to me, turned her gaze towards me.

 ”Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

 I quickly turned off my phone’s screen and put it in my pocket. I should probably tell Ako-san that I’m dating Kanon, but I’ve both been busy preparing for Summer Star, so I haven’t had a chance to talk about it yet. I did tell Ako-san that there’s something I want to talk about after Summer Star, but in September, we also have the office relocation, so I might have to wait a little longer to tell her about Kanon.

 Well, we won’t be able to go on a date next month, so it should be fine even if the report is a bit delayed. Besides, Beryl doesn’t forbid romance.

 ”Then, let’s go.”


 Once we arrived at the venue, we passed through the back alley and entered the waiting room. By the way, even though it’s called the waiting room, unlike the proper building rooms in idol festivals, Summer Star is held in temporary tents.

 Because of that, I couldn’t change on-site like usual, so I changed into the costume that Corolle prepared for me in another place that the organizers had arranged before coming here.

 ”Please take care of me today.”

 Inside the waiting room, the two members of Trash Punks who arrived earlier were waiting. Both of them were wearing full-face helmets, so I couldn’t see their faces, but from the feeling of rehearsing together for the past few days, I got the impression that they were very friendly and kind people.

 I did study the language to communicate with them, but it seemed that Trash Punks liked the subculture of this country, so we managed to understand each other despite the broken language. However, it might be using a translation app or something since their voices sounded mechanical.

 ”Good luck, Aqua!”

 ”Aqua, today, three songs, okay?”

 ”Of course!”

 I’m scheduled to sing a total of three songs today. It’s the new song with Trash Punks, the solo remix of “stay here,” and “beautiful right?”

 The last two songs are a bit shorter than the usual length due to Trash Punks’ arrangements, but I didn’t expect to be able to sing three songs, so I’m very happy.


 ”See, you, later!”

 The time has come, so Trash Punks raised their hands and left the waiting room before me. After a while, cheers erupted from the stage along with the intro to their song. It’s been a few years since the world-class artists performed live in this country, so many people were looking forward to today’s festival.

 That’s probably why the tickets that were resold were sold out within seconds. Thinking that I’ll be standing on the same stage after them, I got really excited.

 ”I’m going!”

 I sent a message back to Kanon with a selfie of myself in the waiting room. By the way, today’s costume, which is a preview of Corolle’s fall-winter collection, is incredibly hot… The simple short-sleeved T-shirt underneath is fine, but the leather jacket and gloves I’m wearing on top are causing me to sweat. Also, the fact that everything is unified in black makes me look even more hot.

 Well, I can take off the jacket halfway through, so I’ll get rid of it before singing the third song.

 ”Aqua-kun, do your best!”


 I high-fived Ako-san and moved to the backstage area. Then, I relaxedly waited for my turn. The voices of the audience singing along to Trash Punks’ song could be heard from the venue.

 Without a doubt, the tension on the stage was at its max. I sang along while lightly swaying my body to the rhythm of their song. The staff around me stared at me. Oh? Was I not supposed to sing? I smiled and casually high-fived the nearby staff to play it off. With such high tension, I hope they’ll forgive some odd behavior.

 After a few tens of seconds, a familiar intro could be heard from the stage. My inner voltage was at its maximum, and from the audience seats, a deafening cheer erupted as if magma was erupting.

 ”Come on! Aqua!”

 I ascended the steps of the backstage and stepped forward in front of the stage. In front of a massive LCD display, there was a large triangular structure, and at the DJ booth created there, the two members of Trash Punks were waving their hands. The sky was already dark, and in the audience seats, this country’s flags and Stars’ flags were being waved. This was also common at festivals featuring overseas artists.

 When I turned my gaze toward the audience, I was surprised by the enormous number of people, much more than at Summer Comic Market or an idol festival, and the multitude of cameras pointed at the stage for recording. Wait, isn’t this also being streamed overseas? Feeling once again that I ended up on an incredible stage, excitement overwhelmed me.

 ”Let’s go, stay here!”

 The first song was my solo version of “stay here,” which I sang at Summer Comic Market. Thanks to the arrangement that shortened it to about two minutes, it became even more pop and lively than the original. The audience was really fired up.



 ”I love you!”

 ”I love you! I love you! I love you!!”

 ”Why are you so cool!?”

 ”Look over here, Aqua-kun!”

 The next song was “beautiful right?” The intro ramped up the audience’s enthusiasm even more. I tried aiming the microphone at the audience during the song, and it turned out they knew the lyrics and sang along.

 Actually, this song has quite a lot of chorus parts, so I continued to ask the audience for their participation by pointing the microphone at them. This is also one of the charms of festivals.


 ”Aqua-kun, date meeee!”

 ”I don’t mind being second or third!”

 ”Marry meee! I’ll do anything, please!!”

 ”Hug meeeee! Just once, pleaseee!!”

 ”I love youuuu! I loooove youuuu! I really love youuuuu!!”

 One person in the audience held up a placard with a number written on it. She then unexpectedly lifted her tube top and exposed her ample bosom.

 Huh!? I almost did a double-take but held back. After all, Kanon was here in this venue. If she finds out later, it will be a big problem.

 By the way, that woman was quickly restrained by the surrounding security guards and taken away somewhere.

 Wow, Summer Star is amazing…

 Let’s focus. Next is the final song, “stars boy,” which Trash Punks made for me. I walked up to the giant ring that was set up in front of Trash Punks’ stage, and in the center of it was a piano. I took off the leather jacket I was wearing and casually tossed it on the floor. Unlike last time when I threw the cape into the audience during the performance, this time I just left it on the floor.




 ”Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!”

 With most of the lights down, the stage became dim. I placed my hands on the piano keys and started playing the piano with a gentle touch.

 Gradually, my piano sound merged with Trash Punks’ music. When I stood up, I stopped playing the piano and slowly moved forward with the microphone in hand. The bright spotlight illuminated only me.


 Using my high vocal range, I played with my voice, even in parts without lyrics.

 ”Here we go!”

 It seems the leather jacket I was wearing until a moment ago was hot. My arms, now exposed from the short-sleeve T-shirt, were slightly sweaty. Perhaps the leather gloves also contributed to it. I lightly wiped the sweat from my neck and tilted the microphone.


 By the way, the word “STARSBOY,” which became the title of this song, is used as slang in Stars’ home country, meaning cool, stylish, or handsome. Actually, this song I’m singing has a lot of slang, and it’s safe to say that the lyrics are not particularly elegant, but it seems that this kind of song is well-received by the young people in Stars.


 ”What!? What!!”




 Performers hanging from strings lifted by cranes perform circus-like acts in mid-air above the audience. The images on the huge display in the back change and flashy lighting effects illuminate the stage and audience seats, all synchronized with the song’s excitement.

 ”The blueprint!”

 The song enters its final sprint, and many fireworks are launched into the sky above the stage. Seeing those fireworks, I’m reminded of my date with Kanon. Even though she’s in disguise, if she’s come to watch today’s stage, she must be in the VVIP seats.

 I deliberately turned around and waved my hand, then spun back to face the VVIP seats. Of course, I don’t know where Kanon is sitting, but I still send a signal to her through this stage.



 ”Aaaaahhhh Aqua-kun! Mmm!”

 ”Kiss! Kiss! Did you throw a kiss just now!?”

 ”Wait, no way, I can’t take it anymore.

 ”Huh? VVIP seats are too enviable!”

 Page 5:

 ”Hey, wait, today’s Aqua-tan performance is too lewd!”


 ”Aqua-samaaaa! Do something for us too!”

 ”Kissssss! I want to kiss youuu!”

 Trash Punks and Ako-san had told me beforehand that I could perform some alluring acts for the VVIP seats, so I thought it would be fine to do this much, but the screams from the audience were beyond what I had anticipated. I redirected my gaze towards the audience again and waved and winked.

 ”More! I love you, love you, love you!”

 ”Marry me! I don’t care if it’s just my wallet!”

 ”Just once, I want to embrace you! I want you to release inside me!!”

 ”Next time, I’ll definitely get VVIP seats! Even if it puts me in debt!!”

 ”Aaah! It’s too much, I can’t handle this love!!”

 ”Hey! How can I go out with Aqua-tan?”

 ”Please, take me too!! Even if you just use me and throw me away!!”

 ”No, I can’t take it anymore. I love you too much. It’s unbearable!”

 The venue got too heated, and some people from the audience tried to climb over the barriers, but they were taken away by the security guards. By the way, there were plenty of security personnel in the backstage area too, and new guards would replace those who had to deal with such situations, so the number of security personnel never decreased.

 ’Aqua-kun, Summer Star can easily become overheated, so save the audience performance for the end and come down from the stage right away when it gets heated.’

 As Ako-san had instructed beforehand, I said my thanks at the end and retreated to the backstage area. As I stepped back, I heard exceptionally loud voices from the audience. I touched hands with the welcoming staff and headed to Ako-san’s dressing room.

 ”I’m sorry. Did I go too far?”

 ”Good job. Summer Star is fine with that level of performance, so don’t worry about it.”

 I accepted a towel from Ako-san and wiped the sweat from my neck and body. While I was at it, I thought I should take off these gloves too. I placed the used towel and gloves on the table beside me. After a while, a staff member hurriedly approached the tent.

 ”The preparations to leave are done. We can go anytime!!”

 ”Understood. Aqua-kun, we’re leaving now!”

 ”Ah, yes!”

 Ako-san and I got into the car prepared by the staff and escaped from the Summer Star venue. I took out my phone from my pocket, and the light indicating a new message was blinking brightly. I opened the messaging app and checked the messages.

 [I received the blown kiss properly ❤️]

 The heart emoji attached at the end was so cute that I almost swooned. Moreover, my face turned red when I saw the added kissing face from Kanon. Dating such a cute girl… huh? Dating? Come to think of it, I don’t remember telling Kanon properly that we are dating. My face, which had been red until now, suddenly turned pale.

 I felt like Kanon accepting the kiss meant we were dating, but I guess it’s better to say it and confirm, right? Damn, I got too carried away and just realized I forgot to convey the most important thing. When will our next date be? I want to tell her properly when we meet. Damn, should I go to school? But that would be risky if it gets found out. I hope there’s a good solution…

 ”Aqua-kun, are you okay? If you’re not feeling well, should we go to the hospital?”

 ”Ah, no… I’m fine. I might just be a little tired.”

 ”Is that so? Well, if that’s the case… I’ll give you tomorrow off, so rest up. School starts the day after tomorrow, so it might be tough, but do your best.”


 Tomorrow, huh? Kanon has plans for tomorrow. Well, it’s true that I’m feeling tired, so I’ll take tomorrow to rest. In the meantime, I should think of a good plan.

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