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 [Exposed to the World] Thread for discussing Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 2473 [Our Idol]
 13 Anonymous
 The one who showed their boobs at the Summer Stars, LOL.
 17 Anonymous
 The people at Summer Stars are so low class. Some were even shouting things like “Come inside!” to Aqua-sama. What the hell are they saying to my Aqua-sama?!
 21 Anonymous
 I know, right? It was my first time going, and the atmosphere and enthusiasm were amazing, but it’s being ruined by a few idiots.
 24 Anonymous
 I might be imagining things, but Aa-kun was totally staring at the boobs, right? Could it be that he likes girls with big boobs?
 28 Anonymous
 No, no, no, no! The popular type among the recent herbivorous boys is short, flat-chested, and baby-faced THD. Of course, there are still people who like big boobs, but they are relatively few these days.
 30 Anonymous
 Fantasizing that Aqua-sama likes big boobs, LOL.
 32 Anonymous
 Tall, big boobs, old hags can only dream.
 35 Anonymous
 Oh come on, you’re dead.
 36 Anonymous
 You’re picking a fight with Nee-san? You’re dead.
 37 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Oh, I see. That’s interesting.
 38 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Huh? Shut up, you’re like a little girl who just stopped wearing a backpack.
 39 Anonymous
 Apologize now!!
 40 Anonymous
 Even aunty will apologize together with you, so when you do something wrong, make sure to apologize properly.
 43 Anonymous
 Quick reactions!
 44 Anonymous
 Scary LOL.
 45 Anonymous
 46 Anonymous
 Sensei, you’re already 40… which means I’m… ugh.
 49 (32) Anonymous
 I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I apologize.
 52 Anonymous
 Well, it’s impressive that you can apologize properly.
 53 Anonymous
 I like honest kids~!
 55 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Apology accepted.
 57 Shirogane *XQshotacon
 I like kids who can apologize properly.
 63 Anonymous
 Glad to be forgiven.
 66 Anonymous
 Glad no one died…
 70 Anonymous
 Well, I can understand what you really want to say. Even in the upper class, engagements are decided based on height, flat-chestedness, and baby-faced appearances. Girls with feminine figures have a hard time getting engaged.
 73 Anonymous
 In the past, the trend was for big boobs due to the mother-complex boys’ boom.
 76 Anonymous
 And now, those people have become parents and do things like “s*xual education,” “deflowering ceremony,” or even r*pe their own children, so this is the result.
 82 Anonymous
 Ohh, there was a book like that.
 The Three Treasures of that time. Everyone had a copy at home, right?
 - Mom’s breastfeeding han**ob education for raising children who love their moms.
 - First mast***ation, first s*x, why mom is the perfect practice partner for boys.
 - How to successfully clean your sweet baby, son’s foreskin pen*s with your mouth and hands.
 85 Anonymous
 Looking at it again, the title alone is insane LOL
 I can’t believe this book was allowed to be published.
 86 Anonymous
 If you think about it from the opposite perspective, well, of course, boys would lean towards lolis.
 88 Anonymous
 It was allowed because it was that time.
 Back then, many boys lost their virginity to their “mom” or older sister. Actually, more than 80% of boys were mother-complex. But now, it’s totally unacceptable.
 If it’s high school students or above and there’s consent, it’s fine, but back then, it was a time when elementary and kindergarten kids who couldn’t distinguish things were engaging in s*xual pranks.
 90 Anonymous
 There were also many cases of marrying one’s own little sister or daughter-in-law. But children can be produced separately, so it’s fine.
 93 Anonymous
 Right after that, there was a trend of “sister marriage” too.
 A magazine aimed at fourth graders at the time, I still have it at home.
 - 12 Ways for Big Brother to Use Me.
 - The Difference Between Underwear That Is Easily Stolen by Big Brother and Underwear That Is Not.
 - How to be Expertly R*ped by a Violent Big Brother While Showing Reluctance.
 - Ero Experiences and Ideal Situations with the Older Boys in the Neighborhood.
 - Winning Outfits, School Uniforms, Randoseru (Backpack), School Swimsuits, Gym Uniforms, etc., to Capture Stubborn Brother.
 Even the headlines are too much.
 This is not a magazine for elementary school kids to read.
 95 Anonymous
 R*pe is way too much, no doubt about it.
 96 Anonymous
 This is what today’s elementary school magazines look like.
 - Lovey-Dovey First Time with Big Brother.
 - When Your Period Starts, Let’s Try to Get Pregnant with Big Brother.
 - But Still, I Want to be Forcibly Taken. How to Make Your Backside Appealing to Older Boys.
 Is it better now?
 Now it’s all about innocent love moves.
 99 Anonymous
 It’s not any better LOL
 Especially the last one is terrible LOL
 101 Anonymous
 I felt like I was asked to post this.
 Headlines and Appendix of “Nakayoku.”
 - April New S*x Life, the Season of Encounters. This is Enough for Unexpected Se*ual Intercourse. Appendix: Lotion.
 - May Proper Mast***ation with Your Own Fingers or Instruments. Appendix: Pink Rotor (Vibr*tor).
 - June Practice F*llatio with a Recorder That Will Make Your Boyfriend Happy. Appendix: Recorder.
 - July It’s Summer! It’s Pool Time! It’s S*x Time! Appendix: String Swimsuit.
 - August Career Experience Special Feature, Become the Future Ej*culation Control Officer. Appendix: Onahole.
 105 Anonymous
 As usual, Nakayoku is too much.
 Last year’s one was also crazy.
 107 Anonymous
 - The Proper Way for Boys to Have a Wallet.
 - Save Your Allowance and Become Boys’ ATM.
 Appendix: ATM Toy.
 Something like that LOL it’s too crazy LOL
 111 Anonymous
 Thinking about it again, this country is too crazy, right?
 115 Anonymous
 Everyone is desperate to sell magazines, you know.
 Because if they do a regular date feature, it won’t sell much.
 Even if you buy “AnnAnn,” it just leaves you feeling empty.
 123 Anonymous
 Exactly! I mean, I don’t even have someone to go on a date with!!
 128 Anonymous
 Stop, that hits too close to home for me.
 131 Anonymous
 Is there a magazine with a boy who comes as an appendix and goes on a date with you?
 137 Anonymous
 139 Anonymous
 142 Anonymous
 Wait a minute! Something came!!
 Next issue of AnnAnn
 [Link to the image]
 146 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Aqua-sama, AnnAnn debut is hereeeee!
 147 Anonymous
 AnnAnn debut, seriously LOL
 And all four members of Beryl, too, too crazy LOL
 148 Anonymous
 A special feature on all of Beryl, really!?
 149 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I’ve never bought AnnAnn, but is this an erotic one?
 150 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Recently, AnnAnn is a bit ecchi, but are there any s*xy photos of Aqua-kun?
 157 Anonymous
 You guys…
 158 Anonymous
 The difference between Shumi who is genuinely happy and the others who are corrupted.
 160 Anonymous
 You’re a college student and you don’t know AnnAnn? That’s plain embarrassing.
 163 Anonymous
 164 Anonymous
 167 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I saved it before the website went down.
 AnnAnn October Issue
 Exclusive Special Feature on the Hottest Topic, Beryl Entertainment!
 Interview Articles + Off-Shot Photos!
 KING OR PRINCE? Approaching the Origin of Shirogane Aqua, the Strongest Idol
 Beyond Overwhelming Kawaii, Nekoyama Toa: What Lies Beyond Gender
 Life-Size Boy’s True Face, Mayuzumi Shintaro: What Was His Motivation for Entering This World?
 A Fallen Angel Descends to the Earth, Tenga Akira: I Wanted a Senior Like Her Too!
 It’s Not Too Late to Find Out, What’s So Popular About Vtubers!?
 Hoshimiya Shiro/Oumi Tama (Beryl Entertainment Vtuber Division Members)
 The Two of Them Explain in a Slow and Easy-to-Understand Manner for Beginners
 A Must-See Even for Those Who Missed It!!
 Summer Comic Market Beryl Booth, Delivering All the Behind-the-Scenes Photos!
 Numerous Secret Shots of the Four Best Friends!
 Rare, Special Event at Fuji Department Store: Off-Shot of Shirogane Aqua from the Morinaga CM Shooting!
 From That Legendary Butler Outfit to Off-Shot Photos of the Morinaga CM Scheduled for October Release!
 The Latest Behind-the-Scenes of Summer Comic Market, Exclusive Interview with Trash punks
 Ideal Date Outfits Chosen by the Two: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa
 Real After-School Life of High School Boys: Shirogane Aqua, Mayuzumi Shintaro
 Let’s Tandem with Us! Shirogane Aqua, Tenga Akira
 Feature on Corolle Homme Autumn-Winter Collection: Shirogane Aqua + John Slimane
 Exclusive Live Interview with Exclusive Music Producer, Daigo Kobayashi (MojaP)
 And Many More Unreleased Projects!!
 Every Purchaser Receives Special Supplement!
 Signed Posters of Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira (Photographed by Mr. Nobu)
 The Reverse Side Features Signed Posters of Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama (Illustrated by Toa Nekoyama)
 No Losers! Special Present Campaign!!
 Goods with Handwritten Signatures by Beryl Entertainment Talent Members and Personal Items of Each Member
 Offered by Sponsors, Fuji Department Store, Morinaga, Corolle Homme, etc.
 There are also special gifts for all magazine purchasers from Beryl Entertainment!
 Please note that the photographs published in this magazine were taken by the world-renowned male photographer, Master Nobu, who has an exclusive contract with Beryl Entertainment, Shirogane Aqua, and Corolle Homme. (Some behind-the-scenes photos taken by Shirogane Aqua, other Beryl talent, and staff are also used in the article.)
 Price: 680 yen (tax included)
 174 Anonymous
 Nee-san is capable.
 176 Anonymous
 > Price: 680 yen (tax included)
 Huh? It’s missing two digits, isn’t it?
 177 Anonymous
 AnnAnn is going all out LOL
 But seriously, this is the best deal for 680 yen!!
 179 Anonymous
 Since it’s already guaranteed that the entire nation will buy it, the city or prefecture should buy it and deliver it along with the city newsletter or something.
 181 Anonymous
 Indeed, Nee-san different from the three verification team who are just there for entertainment.
 184 Anonymous
 > Ideal Date Outfits Chosen by the Two: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa
 They are too close. It’s making me excited!
 188 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 > Real After-School Life of High School Boys: Shirogane Aqua, Mayuzumi Shintaro
 Hoge~, boys are really close, huh~?
 Those who said my work lacks realism and gave it a one-star review, take responsibility and read this page.
 196 Anonymous
 Lately, just hearing their names makes my heart race.
 Should I go to the hospital for this?
 197 Anonymous
 Sensei, you really held a grudge LOL
 201 Anonymous
 You should go to the hospital. Seriously, you might have a condition.
 I also said here once that seeing Toa-kun and Aqua-kun together made my heart race, and someone told me to go to the hospital. So I went, and it turned out I really had a condition. Thanks to this thread, I was able to detect it early, so I’m really grateful.
 206 Anonymous
 I’m interested in Aa-kun and Tenga-senpai’s project. Did they buy a tandem bike?
 213 Anonymous
 Seriously!? I’m not >>196, but I might go to the hospital too.
 I almost had a heart attack due to Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun’s interactions at Summer Comic Market.
 217 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Alright! I had 798 yen.
 I gathered all the money from around the house, and I made it.
 222 Anonymous
 Hey, really?!
 223 Anonymous
 You never fail to make me amazed, huh?
 225 Anonymous
 That’s great! With the extra money, you can buy some snacks.
 228 Anonymous
 Don’t accidentally buy canned coffee! You’ll run out of money!!
 232 Anonymous
 Are you sure about that?
 233 Anonymous
 I’m a high schooler, and even you don’t have as much money as me…
 241 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 It’s fine, it’s fine. There are still some weeds on the roadside nearby, so I can manage somehow.
 250 Anonymous
 LMAO, exactly!
 254 Anonymous
 255 Anonymous
 This is the real “LOL”
 257 Anonymous
 Because of you, St. Mary’s image is gradually declining LOL
 259 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Now I’m seriously considering transferring schools.
 Well, that aside, are you really okay with that?
 265 Anonymous
 267 Anonymous
 Hagetoru being worried about by high schoolers LOL
 271 Anonymous
 I still prefer St. Claris now, or maybe Otomezaki.
 284 Anonymous
 I’m an active Otomezaki student, and these two, along with Toa-kun, are in the same class too.
 The second term started the other day, and when the three of them came to school together, the whole school went crazy.
 297 Anonymous
 298 Anonymous
 300 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Yes, yes, Hakuryuu-sensei’s great victory!
 Those who mocked my work for lacking realism, kneel naked and apologize!!
 303 Anonymous
 Huh? Please tell me that’s a lie!!
 305 Anonymous
 It’s understandable for Tenga-kun, the university student, but having all the other three together is just ridiculous!!
 312 Anonymous
 Sensei, I know you’re happy, but please calm down.
 313 Anonymous
 Sensei… She must have been storing up all that criticism.
 317 Anonymous
 And all the other three travel by car, and security has become stricter since the second term started, so it’s better not to try to see them at a glance.
 You might get caught by the police normally, and if you’re a student, they might inform the school and your parents if it’s serious enough, leading to suspension or expulsion. The disadvantages are much greater.
 This morning, a tough-looking delinquent girl was surrounded by police cars and arrested.
 321 Anonymous
 In simple terms, it means not causing trouble for Aa-sama and the others.
 324 Anonymous
 I’d love to see those three interact, but I think it’s because they can spend their time in peace.
 Let’s all resist the temptation to see them.
 326 Anonymous
 Roger that. But, speaking of that, do you have any info to share? Hehehe.
 333 Anonymous
 If it’s something that can be shared, maybe the lunch they had at the school cafeteria today?
 Aqua-kun: Curry Rice + 2 Croquettes
 Shintaro-kun: Kakesoba (buckwheat noodles topped with tempura) + Croquette
 Toa-kun: Kitsune Udon (udon with sweetened deep-fried tofu) (Small) + Eggplant Tempura
 The information was circulating on the school’s messenger app.
 338 Anonymous
 OMGGGG, thanks so much!
 340 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is so cute! Oh well, he must have had two croquettes. Makes sense, he’s growing, so I want to feed him a lot.
 342 Anonymous
 Isn’t Toa-chan trying to imply something with this? Or maybe it’s a veiled warning to the people around.
 ”Don’t take away my Aqua-kun… just kidding!”
 343 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I’m at the convenience store right now, and I’ve decided to have croquette curry for dinner tonight.
 By the way, I just happened to pick up curry, and it turned into an instant battle to get it.
 346 Anonymous
 Today and tomorrow, the surroundings are going to smell like curry LOL
 349 Anonymous
 Wait… My heart is pounding really fast right now.
 This is bad; I’m going to quietly sleep now and go to the hospital tomorrow. Good night!
 350 Anonymous
 In that case, considering the croquette connection, Mayuzumi-kun with his udon and soba…
 355 Anonymous
 You don’t mean… well, maybe not.
 I couldn’t get croquette curry, but I’ll have katsu curry instead.
 363 Anonymous
 Sorry, something is weird with my heartbeat. This might be arrhythmia.
 I’ll go to the hospital tomorrow and skip school. Good night, everyone.
 378 Anonymous
 Take care and get some rest.
 380 Anonymous
 That’s the right choice. It’s better to go to the hospital early.
 Don’t leave the AC on all the time just because it’s hot; sleep warmly.
 385 Anonymous
 By the way, what happened to that jacket from the Star Collection?
 He left it behind and exited the stage, and the Trash Punks members also left theirs on the stage.
 392 Anonymous
 According to the staff, someone from Corolle picked it up.
 Apparently, it smelled nice.
 396 Anonymous
 I’m a staff member, and he actually left his gloves in the dressing room, and Corolle’s people picked them up too.
 But there was a continuation to this incident.
 401 Anonymous
 An incident?
 404 Anonymous
 What happened next?
 413 Anonymous
 He left behind the towel he wiped his sweat with.
 And apparently, it wasn’t collected.
 417 Anonymous
 418 Anonymous
 It’s a big incident!
 420 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Let’s buy it for a good price.
 421 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I’ll make it tonight’s “material,” so please report on the smell.
 424 Anonymous
 What happened with it? You didn’t take it home, did you?
 433 Anonymous
 436 Anonymous
 They might just show up with a blank check.
 438 Anonymous
 Unfortunately, one of the higher-ups came and took it away.
 I sniffed it a little, and it was really something.
 Apart from the pleasant scent of the perfume, Aqua-kun’s pheromones were intense.
 The refreshing fragrance, a faint sweetness, and a slightly masculine scent appeal to his masculinity, and my baby’s room starts to throb instantly. Also, sniffing it messes with me.
 Someone once said that when they see Aqua-kun up close, they become refined, but I think the scent might be a factor too, separate from their height.
 Biologically speaking, I realize that I can’t win, that I can’t easily overpower them.
 444 Anonymous
 Aa-sama’s sweat at Star Summer was intense.
 He’s just too s*xy.
 447 Anonymous
 That might be true. The sweat flowing down his neck was something.
 450 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Thanks! I think I’ve grasped it somewhat. I’ll indulge myself for a bit.
 456 Anonymous
 I get it. The sweat on his neck was incredible, and his T-shirt was quite tight too.
 458 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama is completely different from other male actors, models, and talents.
 He’s slender, yet he has noticeable muscles, and that might be the reason why he looks masculine.
 460 Verification Team *010meTA473
 461 Anonymous
 That’s just too much, man.
 463 Anonymous
 Um… we don’t need such vulgar reports.
 468 Anonymous
 I actually like Aqua-kun’s shoulder line.
 I want to hug him from behind and rub my cheek against it.
 472 Anonymous
 I understand everything now.
 His sweat, his muscles, everything was amazing.
 475 Anonymous
 He was streaming for Stars, so I think he was consciously trying to exude a wild and cool image.
 477 Anonymous
 The viewers were probably quite impressed. Though it must have been tough for those who were backstage…
 484 Anonymous
 Stars and the country probably cooperated to keep the load at a minimum.
 They even hid the viewer count to reduce the pressure.
 498 Anonymous
 Wasn’t Aqua-kun’s fan service during Star Summit a bit strange?
 513 Anonymous
 How so? I didn’t feel anything odd about it…
 527 Anonymous
 He first did fan service for the VVIP seats, then hurriedly did fan service for the general seats. It felt a bit weird. Maybe I’m overthinking it?
 534 Anonymous
 You’re not overthinking it. I think the organizers probably told him to do fan service for the VVIP seats, it’s a common story. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have blown a kiss.
 546 Anonymous
 I envy the blown kiss so much.
 559 Anonymous
 I was in the VVIP seats, and it was amazing.
 Quite a few people collapsed.
 571 Anonymous
 Ughhh! So lucky.
 593 Anonymous
 Maybe there was his girlfriend in the VVIP seats…
 604 Anonymous
 605 Anonymous
 607 Anonymous
 Stop… please stop…
 618 Anonymous
 To be honest, I think it would be better if he had a girlfriend in the VVIP seats.
 That would be more promising.
 636 Anonymous
 I yelled just now without thinking, but it’s better if the first girlfriend is a woman who can afford VVIP seats.
 There’s a possibility of getting hate from weird people, so it’s ideal if they have enough money for proper security.
 645 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, there used to be a group called “Aqua-kun’s Virginity Protection Team.”
 666 Anonymous
 Rather, I want Aqua-sama to become more s*xually liberated.
 He wsa like that in the early Yuujin too, and as a fan, I have wild fantasies.
 Moreover, if Aqua-sama were s*xually liberated, there might be a chance.
 678 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is 16, right?
 What about the Ej*culation Management Official?
 For a boy, marrying someone from their own family is a safe bet.
 692 Anonymous
 At 16, it wouldn’t be strange if they had an arranged marriage.
 It’s not uncommon for them to have one or two fiancées.
 There are probably many high-class girls who have their eyes on him.
 701 Anonymous
 In Otomezaki’s information network, I’ve never heard anything about Aqua-kun having a fiancée or going on an arranged marriage.
 714 Anonymous
 In that case, it’s probably been stopped by his mom or Ako-san.
 739 Anonymous
 I tried thinking about Aa-sama’s ideal girlfriend in this thread.
 - Someone rich enough to handle the hate.
 - Someone with enough power to protect Aqua-kun if anything happens to them.
 - Someone who’s okay with being a mistress, concubine, or lover.
 - Someone who understands this place.
 761 Anonymous
 Shumi’s qualities.
 762 Anonymous
 This is Shumi, right?
 766 Anonymous
 Looks like we’re counting on Shumi after all…
 767 Anonymous
 Everyone here is quite tolerant.
 777 Anonymous
 Well, if there’s a chance, it would be around that level.
 My mom has quite a bit of power, but she said she still can’t secure his seed.
 Aqua-kun’s seed is strictly managed.
 793 Anonymous
 Really? I was more inclined towards that option.
 Is that one more difficult?
 808 Anonymous
 Seems impossible. All we know is that they have more than the required amount and haven’t used it on anyone yet.
 821 Anonymous
 More than the required amount? Is Aqu-sama just really h*rny?
 Another step closer to the ideal boy.
 836 Anonymous
 One of my friends had s*x with a boy, but she said she wasn’t very satisfied.
 According to the Ochinchin sommelier, Aqu-tan seems to be quite well-endowed, so if he’s also s*xually strong, he’s the ultimate.
 849 Anonymous
 Honestly, when you reach a certain age, you won’t care if he has a girlfriend or a wife.
 What’s more important is whether the main wife can manage the other girls and maintain a balance of power.
 If the power dynamics aren’t clear, it can cause problems. In the past, there were cases where the main wife was commoner, and they married high-class girls as mistresses, and there were discussions about how the high-class girls acted like the main wives, causing a lot of trouble.
 856 Anonymous
 Ugh, I don’t want to hear about such messy conversations!
 863 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Phew… The thread has really grown, and now we’re arguing about Aqua-sama’s girlfriends.
 Honestly, I’d rather have s*x with Aqua-sama, who is more experienced in s*x.
 885 Anonymous
 Someone who mast***ates is talking.
 887 Anonymous
 Your language is so filthy.
 Probably typing with dirty hands.
 888 Anonymous
 Hey, did you wipe your hands properly?
 892 Anonymous
 I also prefer an experienced Aqua-kun.
 Because at first, it hurts, and for someone like me who can’t fit eggplants, an experienced Aqua-kun would be more appreciated.
 904 Verification Team *010meTA473
 917 Anonymous
 You can’t fit eggplants? Hahaha!
 926 Anonymous
 The fundamental issue, lmaoooo!
 940 Anonymous
 Uh-oh, I’m getting h*rny.
 952 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Just mast***ate without hesitation. You’ll understand!
 969 Anonymous
 As expected, the words of someone who just mast***ated are different.
 973 Anonymous
 This is so low, lmaooo!
 981 Anonymous
 I’m gonna go to the bathroom for a bit.
 982 Anonymous
 I’m gonna go pick some flowers.
 984 Verification Team
 I think I’ll go take a bath…
 995 Anonymous
 This thread is so gross, lmaooo!
 996 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Yeah! Go ahead! It’ll feel refreshing!
 1000 Anonymous
 The main cause of everything is probably this guy.
 1047 1001
 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts.
 You can’t write anymore, so please start a new thread…

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