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Volume 6 Chapter 1 Aqua Shirogane, the New Semester Begins!

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 Summer vacation is over, and today is the first day back to school.

 ”I’m off!”

 I get into the back seat of the black sedan that came to pick me up at my home. Before the summer vacation ended, I had a discussion with Ako-san, my family, and the school, and as a result, starting from the second term, I will be commuting to school by the car arranged by Otomezaki.

 As I am an idol and gradually increasing my public appearances, for the sake of my safety, it has been decided to commute by car for the time being and see how things go.

 ”Thank you for coming early in the morning. Please take care of me.”

 ”Ah… sure!”

 I express my gratitude to the driver and the security personnel and then take out the materials for my next job from my bag and look through them. This is something I couldn’t do when I commuted by train or bike, so having this time while commuting by car is nice.

 By the way, what I’m looking at now is a special drama from the national broadcasting company. It’s a work based on a story about an ancient onmyoji who becomes a model. I play the role of the main character, Abe no Seimei, and guess who was cast as the rival, Ashiya Doman? It’s none other than Tenga-senpai.

 ’Please, Shirogane! For the sake of me, the King of Lonely, will you take this job with me?’

 After discussing it with Ako-san, we were originally planning not to do the drama for a while, but I couldn’t turn down Tenga-senpai’s request to play the onmyoji. So…

 ’Alright, I understand. Senpai, let’s take on this job together.’

 ’I’m deeply moved!’

 As you probably know, it’s not cool to say that Tenga-senpai should do this job alone. As the self-proclaimed “King of Lonely,” it makes me very anxious to send Tenga-senpai alone to a place where nobody knows.

 That’s why Tenga-senpai and I ended up appearing in the special drama to be broadcast on New Year’s. By the way, the reason I saved the drama job is mainly because school is starting, so I won’t be able to take on too many jobs. However, there is another big job waiting for me.

 ’Hey, everyone, how about trying voice acting?’

 Space Knight Zandam, a well-known national robot anime. They asked the four male members of Beryl for their new series. I remember Toa was really happy when he got the offer, probably because he’s a fan of this work. Whether it’s during the filming of Driver or his appearance in ComiBa, Toa seems to have gotten used to it, and his expressions have become much brighter. Whatever he does, I think it’s a positive trend.

 In the new story of Zandam, the four of us are set as opposing pilots of the Zandam. Each Zandam pilot has a proper reason to fight; for me, it’s to save my unconscious lover who keeps sleeping. Toa seeks revenge for his mother, Mayuzumi wants to rescue his hostage sister, and Tenga-senpai aims to fund his sister’s medical treatment.

 ’This will be an amazing work. So please, accept the job!’

 The director who came to the office immediately went down on his knees, and it was shocking. According to the director, the new Zandam series will be very different from the traditional good versus evil story, and it will be quite dark. For instance, to operate the Zandam, there is a price to pay. In my case, I exchange my memories, Toa trades his remaining lifespan, Mayuzumi sacrifices his age, and Tenga-senpai gives up his physical freedom. Seeing the part of the script I was handed, I understood what the director meant; it’s not a very bright content.


 I close the script and look out of the car window. Just then, Otomezaki Academy comes into view. The car I’m in passes through the school gate and stops in front of the building.

 ”Thank you very much. See you again on the way back.”

 ”Yes! Of course!!”

 After getting out of the car, I head towards where the shoe lockers are. There, I see three of my classmates and greet them.

 ”Kurumi-san, Washimiya-san, Kurogami-san, good morning.”

 When I call out to them, the three turn around. I also noticed during the summer festival that the three of them are good friends, and it warms my heart.

 ”Aqua-kun, long time no see! Are you doing well?”

 Kurumi-san looks at me and wraps her arms around me as if giving me a hug. I was wondering how to untangle from her usual skinship when Washimiya-san helps by pulling Kurumi-san away.

 ”Good morning. Shirogane-sama.”

 Seeing Washimiya-san’s elegant bow, I straighten my back as well. She really has good manners; her posture is graceful. I should learn from her.

 ”Good morning, Shirogane-kun. I was lonely during the time we couldn’t meet.”

 Kurogami-san leans on me with her usual mature charm. Of course, Washimiya-san peels her away with a flick. Thank you, Washimiya-san.

 ”Kokona-san, Uruha-san, you shouldn’t act so indecently in a place like this, desu~wa! Show some restraint!”

 ”Oh my, well… hehehe.”

 ”Lisa-chan is so strict!”

 Seeing these three, I feel like I’m really back at school. As I calmly look at the three of them, someone pats my shoulder from behind.

 ”Good morning.”

 When I turn around, there’s Ayana.

 We exchanged a brief nod when we passed each other at the idol festival, but I couldn’t talk much because there were other people around.

 ”Oh, good morning, Ayana.”

 ”School starts again today. Take care.”


 ”I saw the Summer Star Festival. I think it was great. But compared to your usual self, the dance moves lacked sharpness, don’t you think?”

 ”Huh… really? I’ll check it later.”

 I thought I was doing fine, but in situations like that, I should be even more cautious. Ako-san even suspected that I wasn’t feeling well, and since I started dating Kanon, maybe I unknowingly got a bit too carefree.

 Now that I think about it, when I heard that Kanon was coming to watch, I might have been less focused on the stage compared to usual. As an idol, I should always concentrate on my performance.

 ”Aqua-kun and Ayana-san, are you getting along well?”

 ”I feel like Shirogane-sama and Tsukimachi-san have gotten closer than before.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 As we chat by the shoe lockers, another familiar face comes over.

 ”Good morning, Shirogane.”

 ”Good morning, Mayuzumi. It’s the start of a new semester today!”

 Mayuzumi pushes his new glasses up. The reason his glasses are new is that during the filming of Driver, we had a BBQ on the dark sandy beach, and Mayuzumi accidentally dropped his glasses. Coincidentally, I stepped on them. Mayuzumi told me not to worry about it, but since he always takes care of me, I thought I’d splurge a bit and get him a nice pair.

 Of course, I didn’t want to pick something weird, so I asked Toa and Tenga-senpai to help choose the design, and we made sure Mayuzumi tried them on before purchasing. Seeing Mayuzumi happily wearing them made me feel really happy too.

 ”Summer vacation went by so quickly.”

 ”Thanks to you, Shirogane, it was a really enjoyable summer vacation. It might have been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.”

 ”You’re exaggerating, Mayuzumi. We’ll have summer vacation again next year, so let’s all go to the pool or the beach!”

 ”P-pool… I-is that… Is that okay?”

 ”Huh? Why?”

 ”N-nothing, it’s fine if you don’t understand. I just hope it won’t turn into a sea of blood…”

 Since we’re in the way in front of the shoe lockers, Mayuzumi and I start moving towards the classroom. The girls, who were listening to our conversation, head off ahead of us.

 ”Is Mayuzumi going to the agency today?”

 ”No, I have some errands to run today, so I’ll skip it.”

 ”I see. Then maybe I’ll just take a regular day off today too.”

 ”That’s probably a good idea. President Atori asked me to make sure that Shirogane takes proper days off.”

 ”Ugh… Alright, I’ll rest quietly today.”

 ”That would be helpful.”

 As we chatted about trivial things, we entered the classroom and took our seats. Today’s schedule was just the opening ceremony and homeroom seat rearrangement. Otomezaki didn’t have long opening or closing ceremonies, which was personally a good thing for me. While I was lost in my thoughts, suddenly someone’s hand covered my field of vision.

 ”Guess who?”

 The voice was higher and more girly than usual. No matter how much this guy tried to change their voice, I couldn’t mistake the owner of that voice.



 I turned around slowly to face the voice. There was Toa with a beaming smile.

 ”I came to school because I wanted to study with you two! Surprised?”

 ”Of course! I didn’t hear anything about you coming. I’m glad you’re here with us, Toa.”

 I glanced at Mayuzumi, who seemed to have known that Toa was coming today and smiled wryly. They got me with this surprise, but I was actually happy about it. I wanted the three of us to come to school together from the beginning. On that day, at that time, I thought going to Toa’s house, as Sugita-sensei suggested, was the right decision.

 ”By the way, how do I look in the uniform?”

 ”Oh, it suits you, it suits… Huh!?”

 In front of my eyes, Toa spun around, wearing not the boys’ uniform like us but the girls’ uniform. Indeed, Toa often wore girl’ clothes, but I thought he would come to school in the boys’ uniform.

 ”It’s not uncommon for safety. People like you and Mayuzumi, with big bodies, should be fine, but small boys like me could easily get kidnapped. It’s just self-defense for precaution.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 ”That was a lie, though. I just thought Otomezaki’s girls’ uniform looked cute and wanted to wear it.”


 ”Haha, Aqua, you’re always entertaining. By the way, when I thought I was a girl, I was conscious of it too. Hey, do you want to test if I’m really a boy or a girl?”

 Huh… Wh-what do you mean by “try”? For a moment, the girls’ high-pitched voices, “Kyaaaa!” were heard, and then we heard someone coughing from the front of the classroom.

 ”Ahem, could you both stop that?”


 Sugita-sensei had somehow appeared in the classroom and was looking at us with a slightly red face. Then she quickly averted her gaze. I followed her gaze and looked in the same direction.

 ”My heart is pounding suddenly…”

 ”I feel a little breathless…”

 ”I should go to the doctor for my palpitations.”

 ”Sugita-sensei, my heart is pounding so much. May I leave early to get it checked?”

 ”Oh, it’s too bright for me. I feel dizzy…”

 The girls were clutching their chests and slumping to the floor. Are they all okay? It’s a change of seasons, so I hope they take good care of their health. As I was thinking about that, I heard a loud sound like someone hitting their head on a desk coming from next to me.


 Ayana in the next seat had her face bright red as she prostrated herself on the desk. “He-hey, are you okay?”

 As I was about to ask Ayana if she was okay, Toa patted my shoulder.

 ”Girls have their own circumstances too, so let’s be considerate and leave her alone for now.”

 ”Y-yeah, you’re right.”

 Well, yeah, that makes sense. Girls might not want to be touched too much. Our bodies are different from guys after all. She doesn’t look like she’s in serious trouble, so I guess she’ll be fine.

 And so, our second term began.

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