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Volume 6 Chapter 2 Guardians of Otomezaki

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 Beep… Beep… Beep!
 I reached out and turned off the alarm clock placed near my bed, hitting the stop button.
 It’s the first day of the second semester… I woke up a little earlier than usual and while lying in bed, I opened the messenger app’s group chat for 1st Year Class A.
 [Exclusive for current students – 1st Year Class A Information Exchange (2525)]
 ”Excited for the new semester!”
 ”Looking forward to seeing Aqua-sama again!”
 ”For us, this is the real summer vacation starting!”
 ”I wonder what time they’ll come today? Maybe I should pretend to be near the shoe lockers and talk to them?”
 ”After the summer break, Mayuzumi-kun will likely become popular, so we need to be careful.”
 ”Let’s check for any suspicious individuals while going to school!”
 ”Speaking of which, remember that incident when I was mistaken for a suspicious person even though I was wearing the Otomezaki uniform?”
 ”For real?”
 ”Yeah, it happens.”
 ”Can’t help it, there are people who wore Otomezaki uniforms even though they’re not a student here.”
 ”I heard they’re going up in price on auction sites. Even if they want money, they shouldn’t put it on the auction site.”
 ”There was someone who almost intruded into the school, but they were caught by theStudent Disciplinary Committee’s Saionji-san and Tsubaki-san.”
 ”Saionji-san looks like a delinquent and is scary, but Tsubaki-san is cool and quiet. In times like this, they are really reliable.”
 ”That might be the incident at the school gate. Someone who tried to enter from the back gate was caught by the head of the Student Disciplinary Committee, Asumi-senpai.”
 ”Asumi-senpai, that small person, right? I always thought she was just sleeping… But she is doing her job properly.”
 ”In any case, even if someone trespasses into the school building, the student council president will handle it.”
 ”Our president is truly capable, honestly more reliable than the teachers.”
 ”I think the teachers are doing their best as well. However, it’s the president who truly protects Otomezaki’s peace.”
 ”The president has been at Otomezaki since kindergarten, and she has been protecting it since then.”
 ”President… I hope she doesn’t leave the school until Aqua-kun graduates…”
 ”Stop that! If you say that, she might seriously consider repeating a year. Even though she is already staying here by refusing to skip grades!”
 ”The president plans to attend Otomezaki’s university, so she might stay as a university student too.”
 ”The president is perfect if you subtract the fact that she’s a bit of a cringy person who call herself Summer King (Natsukingu).”
 ”Hey, stop that!”
 ”Asumi-senpai’s alias hasn’t changed since elementary school, right?”
 ”Well, she was like a little kid, or rather, she grew up while still being a 3-year-old. Asumi-senpai, the other day, I saw her with a bug net in the schoolyard.”
 ”Asumi-senpai, during the summer break, I accidentally bumped into her playing by the river in the mountains…”
 ”I’m a first-year student, but is Asumi-senpai the foreign-looking person?”
 ”That’s probably Vice President Rosenesta-san. If you are in the 1st year, you have Claire-san in the general affairs department of Class A.”
 ”After President Natsuki, the next president will be Rosenesta-san, right? Then, it might be Claire-chan after that. Does the student council president have to be beautiful?”
 ”Can’t help it. Being both academically and physically beautiful is part of Otomezaki’s history for the student council president.”
 ”Like to rival Mary’s princess, you need a certain level of beauty… but isn’t Rosenesta-san related to the princess? So, her beauty is understandable.”
 ”To be honest, at our school, those three, Runa, plus our classmate Tsukimachi-san are the only ones who have a chance with Aqua-kun, I guess.”
 ”But you can’t always assume that he likes beautiful girls, right? What do you think?”
 ”Well, one thing for sure is that Aqua-kun likes girls with big breasts.”
 ”I was surprised that Aqua-kun likes girls with big breasts.”
 ”At first, I didn’t notice, but he often sneaks glances at girls with big breasts, so it’s quite noticeable, right?”
 ”Even though I don’t have big breasts, I felt happy when I wore a slightly tight swimsuit and was seen during class.”
 ”But you know, don’t overdo it. If it becomes too obvious, there might be regulations again.”
 ”Before the summer break, during that time when everyone wore revealing outfits, all of us had our bras visible. It was too much.”
 ”Aqua-sama’s face turned so red, and he looked adorable.”
 ”Then we had an assembly with only female students, while the principal and the student council president were scold us.”
 ”Because even the teachers deliberately wore white shirts to show their bras, it was dangerous.”
 ”Well, Sugita-sensei was an exception; she was considerate.”
 ”But even Sugita-sensei had an extra button open.”
 ”Cut her some slack. It was the first time for all the boys to be looked at like that, so it’s natural to get excited.”
 ”I heard that some boys are like that, but I thought it was just a rumor.”
 ”I thought it was only within the works of Hakuryuu-sensei…”
 ”By the way, do you think Nekoyama Toa from 1st Year Class A will come to Otomezaki?”
 ”After the summer break, there’s a chance Toa-kun might come to school, right?”
 ”I don’t think so. If he comes to school, it might cause some trouble.”
 ”All the boys of our age seem to be under our control, it’s like we’ve captured all the boys, and I feel bad for other high school girls from different schools.”
 ”Actually, because of this harem life, I even feel bad for women all over the world.”
 ”Next year, Otomezaki’s entrance exam will be extremely competitive. I’m glad I’m already enrolled.”
 ”I taunted my younger sister who will take the exam next year, and now she won’t talk to me.”
 ”Well, that’s your fault.”
 ”Anyway, let’s make sure all the boys from Otomezaki can safely attend school after the summer break. It’s our duty to protect them.”
 Inside the app’s open chat, as expected, they were enthusiastically discussing Aqua-sama. It’s only natural, given that they haven’t had any interaction with Aqua-sama for almost a month. Not just Aqua-sama, but Mayuzumi-sama and Nekoyama-sama, I too, as someone responsible for protecting them, can’t afford to slack off. I quietly closed the open chat and opened the app’s group chat.
 [Otomezaki Academy Guardian Committee (8)]
 Summer King
 ”The second semester starts today. Let’s all brace ourselves and get to work.”
 Summer King
 ”Runa, you’re sleeping!!”
 ”Runa-chan, it’s not good for the head of Student Disciplinary Committee to be late at the beginning of a new semester. Wake up.”
 ”Good morning, President Natsuki! I’m already at school. Chairman, wake up too!!”
 ”Botan-chan, you’re too early! I can’t believe it, lol.”
 ”Wait, is that a lie? Huh? Huh?”
 ”Y-You’re at school now? When did you arrive?”
 ”I’ve been at school since 5 AM, Suzu, when will you come? Please tell me.”
 ”Botan-chan, LMAO…”
 ”Botako… Are you crazy or something?”
 ”Shut up, Reona! If you’re also on the Student Disciplinary Committee, then come here quickly!!”
 ”As usual, Botako-chan is serious… Zzz…”
 ”President Asumi, wake up and come to school too!!”
 Chihiro Claire
 ”Good morning, everyone.”
 Summer King
 ”Ah, good morning!”
 ”Good morning, Claire-chan. Botan-chan, good job since early morning.”
 ”Claire-chan, your username is still your full name. Fix it quickly!”
 Chihiro Claire
 ”I’m sorry. I’m not familiar with the system, so I don’t know how to change it…”
 ”Well, this has the same smell as Natalia-chan…”
 It seems I’m being called. I typed away and pressed the send button.
 Natalia Rosenesta
 ”Suzu, did you call me?”
 ”As usual, using the full name… I’m worried that both of you might attract some bad people.”
 ”Natalia, you’re still not here? The dorm is nearby, right?”
 Natalia Rosenesta
 ”As I just woke up a little while ago, it’s impossible.”
 ”Well, that’s normal, right?”
 ”Hey, Runa, you shouldn’t sleep…”
 Summer King
 ”No, don’t be fooled, Uicha. This one is completely awake!!”
 ”Sana-chan (Student Council president), with the second semester starting, do you think Aqua-kun will come to school?”
 Summer King
 ”Yeah, I heard that starting today, he’ll be coming to school by car, but I heard from Sugita-sensei that he will attend.”
 ”Going to school by car is so uuuunfair. I used to be on the same train as Aa-kun! I even bought black s*xy underwear just for him, but now I won’t get a chance to show them off!!”
 ”Suzu-chan, as a member of the student council, you shouldn’t intentionally show those off.”
 Summer King
 ”Uicha is right. Don’t bother the male students, including Aqua-sama, Suzu!!”
 ”I see… Then, though it’s troublesome, I guess I’ll go to school. I want to recharge with Aa-kun’s scent since I couldn’t smell it until now.”
 Summer King
 ”Runa, don’t forget you’re the head of the Student Disciplinary Committee.”
 ”There are no abnormalities inside the school building! No suspicious individuals!”
 ”Well, the suspicious person is you at school at this hour…”
 ”Leona-chan with the righteous punch, LMAO.”
 Natalia Rosenesta
 ”Sigh… Since Botan is all alone, I’ll start preparing a little earlier too.”
 Chihiro Claire
 ”I’ll start preparing soon as well.”
 I rubbed my sleepy eyes and put my feet down from the bed, raising a small clenched fist to the ceiling and stretching my body to forcibly wake myself up.
 Yesterday was a little hot, so maybe I sweated while sleeping. I felt a strange discomfort with the slightly sticky camisole clinging to my chest.
 ”Sigh… It’s so sticky and uncomfortable. It’s almost September, can’t it be a little cooler?”
 I took off the camisole and the shorts I was wearing underneath, including my underwear. I’ll take them to the dorm’s coin laundry later. I stripped down completely and headed to the shower room in my room, using it to both wash off the sweat and wake myself up.
 In the shower room, I turned the valve handle for the ceiling shower fixed on the wall.
 Swoosh… Swoosh! Shhh…
 ”Ah… Feels good.”
 I surrendered to the pleasant feeling of the shower pouring down from above. I picked up my favorite honey-scented body soap and carefully washed the areas where sweat tends to accumulate, like my underarms, cleavage, and below.
 I don’t want to be thought of as that sweaty girl if I happen to pass Aqua-sama at school. If Aqua-sama doesn’t mind the smell of sweat, that would be nice, but I highly doubt that. Moreover, it’s not good to have a guy who gets excited by the smell of sweat. Oh well, I guess sweaty animal-like s*x is just a girl’s wishful thinking. There’s nothing more exciting than wild, instinctive reproductive acts to release se*ual desires, especially if it’s with a man.
 If only Aqua-sama had such a strong libido. I’d be more than willing to be his outlet…
 No, thinking about something naughty with Aqua-sama is making me a little aroused. In my case, I feel the most in the morning, so I try to wake up a bit earlier to satisfy my desires. To give you an idea of how h*rny I get, if I had a lover and spent the night together in the same bed, I’d definitely attack him in the morning. Even if I couldn’t have s*x, I’d at least want to give him a blowjob.
 Ideally, I’d love for him to come on my face or in my mouth, but I won’t set my hopes too high. Just letting me lick a bit would be enough.
 ”But… no guy would like a girl like that.”
 To be honest, I think even Aqua-sama, whom I admire, would dislike a shameless girl who begs for naughty things in the morning. If I understand that, then I should know that I shouldn’t do such things…
 ”I’m sorry, Aqua-sama.”
 As I murmur those words, I use my own fingers to console myself while whispering my beloved person’s name. Doing such explicit acts from the morning, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to find a lover. I look at my reflection in the mirror and sigh. Lifting one leg up high, assuming a posture as if being taken from behind… even from a woman’s perspective, I’m disgusted with such an aggressive woman.
 But just imagining Aqua-sama doing it forcefully from behind, I reach “it” easily.
 Pshh! Shhh…
 The lewd sounds emanating from my body were drowned out by the noise of the shower. With one hand against the wall, I shivered and let myself be carried away by the afterglow of pleasure. The vulgar and impure secretions leaked from the most precious part of a girl were being washed away by the shower.
 Having calmed down, I looked at my reflection in the mirror again. Then, I gently lifted up my large breasts with both hands. It was rumored in the open chat just now, but does Aqua-sama really like these mere lumps of fat?
 I mean, in middle school, I came to Otomezaki from Stars on a scholarship, and during that time, I was into track and field. I was doing well, even winning some competitions, and was considered promising for the future. However, as my breasts grew larger, it became harder for me to run, and I reluctantly had to quit track and field.
 I considered having breast reduction surgery, but I was advised against doing it during my growth period, and I was also scared of surgery, so I gave up on track and field. So, this lump of mere flesh remained. I’m still somewhat skeptical and can’t believe it will be useful in any way.
 ”No way… right.”
 After leaving the shower booth, I changed into a new set of underwear that I had prepared for this day. It’s not like I don’t have any expectations, even though I’m not Suzu.
 ”Well, the fabric area seems a bit insufficient.”
 The light blue underwear I went shopping with the others in the summer. The day when we picked our respective underwear, wondering which one Aqua-sama would like for our first night, has become an irreplaceable and precious memory for me.
 ”Oh… Ah… If it slips down a bit, the important part might show.”
 The low-rise thong made me feel like it might slip off at any moment. Moreover, I wonder about this bra that further accentuates my already large breasts. If Aqua-sama dislikes big breasts, I won’t be able to show my face. Suzu suggested I go for something even more daring, but this was the best I could do.
 ”Ugh… If Aqua-sama thinks I’m a shameless girl, I might never be able to go to school again.”
 To cover my embarrassment, I changed into the Otomezaki school uniform. In the early days of high school, when I was wondering what to do after quitting the track and field team, Ui-senpai, who had taken care of me since middle school, approached me. At that time, she was a library committee member, and now she serves as the library committee chairman. Ui-senpai introduced me to someone.
 ”Rosenesta-kun! How about it? Do you have any interest in joining the Student Council with me?”
 The person Ui-senpai introduced me to was the current student council president, Natsuki Sana. She had been the student council president even back then. Since I didn’t have much to do at that time, I decided to accept her offer.
 ”If you’re okay with me.”
 ”Great! Thanks, Rosenesta-kun. By the way, can I call you Natalia from now on, affectionately?”
 My days in the Student Council were filled with a sense of fulfillment, and before I knew it, I had become the vice president of the Student Council. And if no other candidates appear, I will end up becoming the next Student Council President of Otomezaki.
 It’s not something people would normally see at a regular school for a foreign student like me to become the Student Council President, but Otomezaki’s atmosphere is open enough to not care about that, or it could be say it’s laid-back. But I like this school, including those aspects. So, in that sense, maybe the Student Council, which upholds the school’s culture, is a good fit for me.
 Actually, Mikomae Suzu, also known as Suzu, who serves as the Secretary and Accountant of the Student Council and is in the same year as me, would be more suitable for the Student Council President. But Suzu doesn’t like that kind of role…
 By the way, the members of the Student Council are the President, Suzu, me, and another student named Chihiro Claire, who serves as the General Affairs Officer. Claire, in contrast to me, studied abroad at Stars during middle school. She returned to Japan this year and is now in the same Class A as Aqua-sama, slightly behind due to joining after the entrance ceremony. I am currently a little troubled by Chihiro Claire.
 ”Chihiro Claire, who attends Natalia-sama’s school, is someone close to the Saint of Aqua Religion, and at the very least, she has a high potential of becoming a core member. The Aqua Religion is expanding its influence even in its home country, so please be cautious, Natalia-sama.”
 When this information was conveyed to me by my family, I was at a loss.
 But… but… I was actually thinking of joining the Aqua Religion…
 I mean? Isn’t that a benevolent and noble religious group with a righteous purpose? On the bulletin board I looked at before, the contributions of the Aqua Religion to society were praised…
 On social media, there were posts saying that joining the Aqua Religion was the best decision they ever made, and after joining, their work improved, their business succeeded, they made friends, they felt Aqua-sama became aware of them, they started dreaming of Aqua-sama every night, and if they became more devout, Aqua-sama would do erotic things to them in their dreams. I can’t possibly think all of this is a lie.
 In fact, when I participated in the worship service, the Aqua Religion’s service was more mystical than the religions in my home country, and after I put the good dream-granting plant given to me by the kind members of the religion in my room, Aqua-sama came to pick me up in my dream.
 So, last night, in my dream, Aqua-sama was passionately seeking me… Ah, no. If I think about it further, my brand-new underwear, which I bought with such excitement, will become just as sticky as the underwear I discarded in the laundry basket last night. I suppressed the excitement of my throbbing heart and let out a deep cough.
 ”Cough! Well, for now, I haven’t joined yet, so I’ll just watch the situation… Ah, yes, let’s continue to get along with Claire-san from now on. Yes, it will definitely be good for Stars too… Ah, and if possible, maybe I can become a core member too…”
 I opened the drawer and took out a special and rare white powder distributed during the third worship service. This white powder supposedly contained Aqua-sama’s holy essence, and the members of the religion told me that if I ever felt unbearable sadness, licking this powder would calm my heart.
 I was deeply moved by the fact that such a precious item was given to me for free, and I thought about how compassionate and wonderful the religion was.
 Nowadays, in my home country, there are upper-class individuals like Kanon with a wonderful spirit of volunteerism, but there are also many who enrich themselves at the expense of others, which is a matter of concern. These people are deeply connected to the state religion, the Stars Orthodox Church. Compared to the Stars Orthodox Church, Aqua Religion is wonderful!
 ”I see… that’s how it is!”
 Each point that was previously separate in my mind now connected like a single ray of light. My coming to this country, and meeting the Aqua Religion, everything was guided by Aqua-sama.
 ”Please watch over me, Aqua-sama. I will certainly awaken my clouded family’s eyes and spread the greatness of the Aqua Religion to women all over the world!”
 I put the white powder and a box of brand new-looking rubber inside my bag for any potential need, and headed to school with a cheerful mood. A few days later, I officially joined the Aqua Religion.

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