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Volume 6 Chapter 3 Masked Driver – Heaven’s Sword

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 It was an unchanging morning, just like any other day.

 I woke up early as usual and prepared breakfast for my precious daughter, Shii.

 ”Mom (Okaa-san), good morning!”

 ”Good morning. Shii, Mom is a bit busy. Can you wait and watch TV alone?”

 ”Yes! It’s okay, Mom!”

 Shii, my daughter, is a very sweet girl, if I do say so myself.

 The other day, she got lost for a moment when I looked away, but two kind girls helped her find her way back.

 The smaller girl was adorable, but the taller one was breathtakingly beautiful even from my perspective as a woman. She didn’t seem to notice me much, but all the girls around her were also looking at her.

 I attended an all-girls school, and even compared to those princely girls that can be found in all-girls schools, she was incredibly cool. I remember my heart pounding uncontrollably despite being a mother already. What am I doing? I already have a daughter….

 But well, I’m still in my late twenties. It’s okay to feel fluttery about things once in a while, right?


 Hehe, I can hear Shii’s excited voice from watching TV.

 An ordinary day, the same as always, a peaceful happiness to cherish.

 Yes, having a daughter is already a blessing, I shouldn’t desire any more than that….

 While I was thinking such things, I heard a particularly loud voice from the living room.

 ”Papa! Mom, Papa is on TV!”


 Papa? What does she mean by “Papa”?

 My daughter Shii was born using frozen sperm from an anonymous donor. Under the condition of not revealing the donor’s identity, I was chosen as the recipient due to good compatibility with the donor’s sperm. So, of course, I have no idea about the donor’s identity or name.

 That’s why when she mentioned “Papa,” the first person that came to my mind was that tall girl. Since that day, Shii often talks about that lady, and every time she refers to her as “Papa,” it has made me a little uncomfortable. Is she feeling lonely because she doesn’t have a father figure? I’m sorry, Shii….

 ”Mom, hurry!”

 At this time, Shii usually watches Masked Driver, but I think the new series starts today, right? Could it be that the lady from that day is appearing on the show? With her beauty, she might have been chosen as the lead in Masked Driver.

 Every time, the lady chosen as the lead in Masked Driver is cool, so it makes sense if it’s her. Moreover, she somewhat resembles Aqua-sama. If she’s cast, it will definitely create a buzz.

 ”Mom, look, it’s Papa! Papa, you know!!”

 ”Yes, yes, just a moment.”

 I turned off the stove and paused cooking, heading towards the living room where Shii was.

 Even now, I haven’t forgotten that moment. After Shii was born, I was happy. But raising a child was incredibly busy, and day by day, I had less time to be a woman. A life with little excitement, living not as a woman but as a mother. I knew it was a luxury… But I was still young enough not to abandon my womanhood, and there were nights when I would vent my complaints alone.

 But now, excitement! Moisture! They rushed towards me from the other side.

 Probably, all the moms had the same reaction. I dropped the fly flipper I had in my hand due to the shock on the TV in front of me.

 [Run away! It’s dangerous here!!]

 The female member on the TV struggled to raise her voice, buried under debris, to save the man she had to protect. However, the man shown on TV ignored her voice and kept moving forward, one step, and then another step.

 His manly stance, his majestic walk, and the overwhelming aura he exuded. Just by walking, many women would show enraptured expressions. Until now, the men we knew, no, the men who passed us by without even looking at us girls. Like overwriting such memories from the core, he was the only man who straightly, resolutely directed his powerful gaze at us.

 The face of that man, if it were any woman in this country, probably almost everyone knew.


 I murmured his name, suppressing overflowing emotions. Why is he in Masked Driver? The first question that came to mind. All the previous protagonists in Masked Driver were women. Even so, if it’s a guest appearance, it might be possible. Normally, there wouldn’t be any other answer one could reach. Frankly, that alone is already enough to make me happy.

 Moreover, if it’s Aqua-sama who appeared, no one would complain. But surely, at this moment, at this very time, every woman watching this show must have thought the same thing.

 If it’s Beryl Entertainment… if it’s Shirogane Aqua, he will do it for sure!

 Probably no one ever imagined a man being a Driver. Because men are supposed to be protected by girls, it’s natural for women to be the ones as Drivers. That common sense is now being overturned by a single hero.

 [Capture, him!!]

 The boss of the monsters gave instructions to the underlings.

 In response, the underling monsters ran towards Aqua-sama.

 Without realizing it, I found myself praying, clasping my hands tightly together.

 [My mom said to me.]

 Aqua-sama held the familiar transformation item in her hand.

 Ah… at the sight of him, the feeling I had turned into conviction.

 In that moment, I used both hands to cover my mouth, trying to suppress the emotions welling up, but they spilled out as tears.

 [Even men have a time when they have to fight.]

 Aqua-sama… aren’t you already overwriting our girls’ past and making us happy in the present? That alone is more than enough…! But now, the person on TV is trying to change even our world’s future. What I’m saying might be exaggerated, but… but, no one can stop this excitement deep in my heart anymore!


 I murmured softly.

 As Aqua-sama swung his hand widely, the familiar belt from Masked Driver attached to Aqua-sama’s pants at the waist. My heart raced, and emotions that had been forgotten as I grew up heated up.


 I shouted loudly, not to be outdone by Shii, towards the screen. In response to our voices, Aqua-sama pressed the beetle-shaped device she held against her belt.

 Ah… Ahh! As I thought, this person!! He won’t disappoint me… no, all our girls’ expectations!!

 The times are changing. That moment is drawing near.

 All the viewers watching this TV must have been shouting the same thing.

 So, I also shout it in my heart. Reverting to my childlike self, even if I may have aged, my heart is still young!

 Go! Shirogane Aqua!! Break our world’s common sense!!

 [Hen… shin…!]

 Aqua-sama’s figure slowly and smoothly transformed, rotating 360 degrees to engrave that moment in the viewers’ minds.

 I high-fived Shii who was next to me.

 The world has just changed. Yet, I find myself harboring a slightly improper feeling towards Aqua-sama on the screen. Ah… such a firm backside… oh, no, I shouldn’t be getting distracted by strange things. I need to focus on the show!

 [A mannn! A mannn!]

 The monsters attack, and in the lower right corner, small text appears.

 ※As requested by Aqua-sama himself, all action scenes are performed by Shirogane Aqua in person.


 Huh? Wait a minute, just the fact that a man is a Driver was enough to make me feel like the world is changing and saying embarrassing things, but huh… huh! Boys doing action scenes, isn’t that dangerous? Even in s*x, it’s said that boys lack stamina and shouldn’t do such intense movements…

 Action? Action? My head became even more confused.

 [Ughh! Even though, you are, just a man!]

 In front of my bewildered eyes, Aqua-sama mowed down enemies with intense action scenes. The tremendous power was incomparable to any previous Driver. Just the other day, I remembered the night when I secretly watched some Summer Festival footage after Shii had fallen asleep.

 Perhaps this intense action scene is made possible precisely because of those well-defined muscles. Compared to men I knew, Aqua-sama had well-developed muscles, and despite being a mother of one, I couldn’t help but feel a throbbing sensation in my “baby room” when I watched the late-night footage.

 After Shii was born, I hadn’t done such things for a while, but on that day, due to the leftover eggplant in the fridge, I ended up doing it quite intensely, I recall.

 [Look, this is, my!]

 The boss of the enemy monsters opened a trench coat-like outerwear and fired a beam-like thing from inside. It’s like some sort of exhibitionist concept, perhaps.

 ”Ah, dangerous!”

 ”Papa, dodge it!”

 Shii and I were glued to the TV. Aqua-sama elegantly evaded the enemy’s attack by rolling on the floor and grabbed the horn of the beetle attached to the belt. As someone who had been watching Driver, I knew this was the finishing move scene. Aqua-sama muttered the name of the finishing move, hesitating slightly.

 [Driver… Kick!]

 Aqua-sama soared into the air with incredible leaping power and pointed his long leg towards the screen. Ah… how beautiful. A sweet sigh of a woman escaped me at the sight of Aqua-sama’s leg muscles, visible through the clinging fabric. I wouldn’t mind being kicked by such legs. I think many women must have thought the same.


 The boss of the enemy monsters who took the Driver Kick screamed in agony as they fell on their back to the ground.


 ”Papa, you’re strong!”

 I joined in Shii’s excitement without acting my age. But there’s no way Aqua-sama would end it here. Unlike us, who were rejoicing, Aqua-sama on the screen headed towards the enemy with a slow and sorrowful back view.


 ”Papa? It’s dangerous, you know? Because that guy is an enemy, right?”

 Aqua-sama gently and slowly raised the body of the enemy monster as if embracing a lover. Seeing that appearance, like holding a lover, I felt my heart skip a beat at the grand back view.

 What is this? What is this feeling? Am I weird for getting excited by a man’s back? Even Shii, who was noisy until a moment ago, was staring at Aqua-sama’s back with a girlish expression. Hehe, even though she’s small, Shii is still a girl, isn’t she?

 [I… here, in this place…]

 Flashbacks of the memories of the monster held in Aqua-sama’s arms come back to me.

 This monster’s name is Ro-Schutz-Marr.

 She was also like me. No, it was us, the girls.

 Passing by men, no one paid attention to her, to us. So she wanted someone to notice her. In reality, she just wanted someone to make eye contact with her. If someone, anyone, had looked at her and engaged in a conversation, not as an opposite s*x but just as a person, she could have been saved. But in the end, without anyone to save her, she reached a tragic conclusion.

 Shii, who was standing next to me, may not understand it yet, but the feelings of the monster resonate with our generation. Will she never be saved…? Everyone must have thought that. But we must not forget. Who do we think the person in front of us, this Driver, is? It is our Shirogane Aqua to kick the logic out through force.

 So, please save the woman in front of you, Aqua-sama! Not as Moshi, Taro, or Reba, it’s not about that. Because you are the one we chose, I’m sure you will save her!

 [Henshin… release…]

 Aqua-sama returns from being a Driver to an ordinary human being.

 My heart leaps with joy. He’s not a hero and an evil being. He is facing Ro-Schutz-Marr as just a man, as a human being.

 [Ah… aah…]

 Ro-Schutz-Marr stretches her hand towards Aqua-sama as if being drawn to him. Aqua-sama responds by firmly and gently holding her hand with his warm hand. In that moment, Ro-Schutz-Marr’s eyes, which had never been seen by anyone before, meet Aqua-sama’s gaze.

 [Aa… I know, I’ll remember that you were here… so…]

 In response to Aqua-sama’s words, Ro-Schutz-Marr, who was a monster, gradually returns to her human form from the past. She shows a peaceful expression towards Aqua-sama. There is no trace of the sadness and anger from the time she was a monster on her face.

 [Thank… you…]

 Ro-Schutz-Marr slowly disappears. I believe she was ultimately saved. However, Aqua-sama’s back trembles as if embracing the vanished Ro-Schutz-Marr. Aqua-sama conveyed her regret for not being able to save Ro-Schutz-Marr through her back, not with words. It seemed to say that this wasn’t a salvation for Aqua-sama.

 Before she turned into a monster, if someone had saved her… no, I think I’m feeling an overwhelming emotion about not being able to save her.


 I mutter that towards the TV screen.

 The staff credits roll on the TV, accompanied by Aqua-sama’s theme song. The song was created with Beryl’s full force, composed by Tenga Akira, written by Mayuzumi Shintaro, and arranged by Nekoyama Toa. I just blankly stare at it. But my heart is filled with passion, and my emotions can’t catch up.

 ”Mom… Papa, he was so cool.”

 Shii, who was next to me, murmurs like that.

 Hehe… that lady from that time, she had a somewhat Aqua-sama-like aura. It’s not surprising that Shii mistook her for both an older sister and Aqua-sama. It’s easy to deny it, but I deliberately didn’t say anything because I wanted Shii to have good memories.

 ”Yes. Papa is so cool.”

 ”Yeah! That’s why, Mom, Shii, and Papa will get married!!”


 ”Right now, I’m still a kid, but in another 10 years, I think I’ll be a beautiful girl. After all, Mom is super pretty!!”

 ”Mom is pretty?”

 ”Yeah! Mom is the most beautiful in the world!! That’s why I’m sure Shii will also be a beautiful lady in the future!”

 ”Well… thank you, Shii.”

 I wipe away my teary eyes.

 Even if I’m not called beautiful by men, just being called beautiful by my daughter makes me so happy. Thank you, Aqua-sama, no that girl for that time.

 ”So, always stay beautiful, Mom.”

 ”Yes! I promise! I’ll make an effort to be beautiful from today on. I want Shii to always think of me as a beautiful Mom.”

 It’s only natural to review my diet, and from today on, I might as well start running and exercising properly. I should take care of my skin too… Yes, I’m still in my late twenties, the prime of my womanhood!! While I was thinking about that, Shii mumbles beside me.

 ”In order to do that, I have to conquer that lady next to him, Princess-sama. I’ll do my best, and then Mom will properly get together with Papa too…”

 At that time, I didn’t know. That 10+ years later, my daughter Shii would be involved in a sensational age-gap marriage with that Aqua-sama…

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