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Volume 6 Chapter 4 Bulletin Board, Ore, Sanjou (I’m here)

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 [Special Work] Heaven’s Sword Live Commentary Thread Part 1 [First Broadcast]
 5 Anonymous
 Today’s the day… Well, the broadcast is about to start in a little while, but in the end, not a single detailed information was revealed.
 6 Anonymous
 So far, the only things revealed are the synopsis and the standing posture in the suit, right? The names of the characters and the main cast are still unknown.
 Although it’s uncertain if it’s true, there’s information that because it’s a commemorative work, they offered the role of Driver to many male actors, but they all declined.
 7 Anonymous
 Honestly, they don’t need to be fixated on male actors anymore. All the Drivers have been cool, and it’s great to see a cool girl as the Driver like before.
 8 Anonymous
 Indeed, the girls who played the Driver were all cool, so I have high expectations for this one too.
 9 Anonymous
 Personally, I think the next Driver might be Ayana-chan from Colon. She crossdressed on the runway, so it’s possible, right?
 10 Anonymous
 Yeah, Ayana on the runway was cool, and she’s still young, so it’s very possible.
 11 Anonymous
 The official website hasn’t changed much.
 Just the words “Driver pointing to the heavens” and “Witness the moment the world changes.” And then some staff information, synopsis, and the page for the scheduled toy releases.
 12 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I have high hopes for the quality of the work, so I’m going to watch it after a long time.
 I already pre-ordered some of the toys they were selling.
 13 Anonymous
 Seriously, Nee-san? LOL.
 14 Anonymous
 Nee-san has always been famous in this community.
 15 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 What a coincidence, I was also thinking of watching it after a long time.
 If it’s good, I might buy the toys too.
 16 Anonymous
 Even sensei is thinking of it, LOL.
 17 Anonymous
 Sensei, instead of slacking off, write the next one quickly!
 18 Anonymous
 Editor, sensei is here.
 19 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 20 Anonymous
 I believed in that cover of the TV guide.
 Maybe, just maybe, Aqua-sama might appear!
 21 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, someone in the main thread was saying the same thing.
 22 Anonymous
 Didn’t happen, lol.
 23 Anonymous
 No way, right?
 Even though it’s a special work, they probably don’t have the budget to pay Aqua-sama’s appearance fee.
 24 Anonymous
 Don’t say that!!
 Let us dream a little….
 25 Anonymous
 I wonder how much is Aqua-kun’s appearance fee now. It must be a huge amount.
 26 Anonymous
 Being realistic, it’s probably impossible unless it’s a movie with an abundant budget or an overseas production.
 27 Anonymous
 I can’t argue against that.
 As much as I thought it might happen, thinking about it normally, you’re right.
 Maybe I shouldn’t have had any hopes.
 28 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I’ve checked all the works scheduled for September and October, and only this one and the Monday at 9pm slot haven’t been announced yet.
 Believe in your intuition that I trust.
 29 Anonymous
 Are you serious? LMAO
 30 Anonymous
 Wow, you’re from the Verification Team! Wait, you were the Verification Team all along, LMFAO!
 31 Anonymous
 I can’t believe that you’re here, and it’s the first time I realized it was Shumi from the Verification Team…
 32 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 33 Anonymous
 Even Nee-san is surprised.
 34 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 I was planning to watch it casually…
 35 Anonymous
 36 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hmm? Isn’t there a lot of off-topic stuff?
 37 Anonymous
 Hagetoru is here too. LOL.
 38 Anonymous
 Hagetoru is often in the Driver live commentary threads.
 39 Anonymous
 Why does Hagetoru always hang out in the Driver live commentary thread?
 40 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I stay up all night, then when I come back home, it’s just the time for breakfast TV. That’s how it became part of my daily routine.
 41 Anonymous
 The worst reason, LOL.
 42 Anonymous
 Wait, you had money to drink?
 43 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 When I run out of money, I can usually manage with a part-time job at a pub or something. As a college girl, I can’t skip drinking parties… though it’s troublesome at times. And sometimes, I just want to get drunk!
 44 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I’m here too. My reasons are different though. You see, I work night shifts on Saturdays, so I get back around this time, and I just happen to be watching Driver.
 45 Anonymous
 Can I expect anything from this?
 46 Anonymous
 What is going on now, exactly?
 47 Anonymous
 For a moment, I thought I got lost in Aqua-kun’s thread.
 48 Anonymous
 One chance, Aqu-tan crew?
 49 Anonymous
 It feels like there’s a chance.
 50 Anonymous
 Beryl would probably do it.
 51 Anonymous
 At least as a guest appearance, in the realm of reality, maybe just singing.
 52 Anonymous
 Indeed, like with Yuujin-sama, there might be a guest appearance and singing set of him!
 53 Anonymous
 Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m feeling!!
 54 Anonymous
 If Aa-kun appears as Driver, the bulletin board might crash again.
 55 Anonymous
 No worries, they apparently upgraded to a High-Performance Server to counter Aqua-kun.
 56 Anonymous
 High-Performance Server, nice! We’ll win with that!
 57 Anonymous
 Finally, they’ve strengthened the server.
 Then it should be okay.
 58 Anonymous
 It’s about to start!
 59 Anonymous
 60 Anonymous
 Can’t wait!
 61 Anonymous
 Come on! Come on! Come on!!
 62 Anonymous
 It’s here!
 63 Anonymous
 It’s hereee!
 64 Anonymous
 It started…
 65 Anonymous
 A girl appeared.
 66 Anonymous
 Oh… Is the next protagonist the child of a team member?
 67 Anonymous
 Ah, the next protagonist is Kobayakawa-san?
 68 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san has been playing male roles since she was a child actor, so it feels like she has been waiting for this moment.
 69 Anonymous
 In the previous work, there were many voices hoping for Kobayakawa-san too.
 70 Anonymous
 I wanted to see Ayana-chan too, but I’m satisfied with Kobayakawa-san. She’s a good actress, and I think it will be a great work.
 138 Anonymous
 I thought the camera work was remarkably cool, and it turns out it’s Hongo as the director. There’s a reason they’re called a woman who pursues useless coolness.
 163 Anonymous
 Thanks to that, sometimes she becomes stylish and becomes a meme, but for her fans, that’s also good.
 183 Anonymous
 It’s looking good so far.
 231 Anonymous
 Ah, I see, this is the setting for this episode’s monster. The script is not too child-oriented, it’s a bit more mature, isn’t it?
 252 Anonymous
 This time it’s the team of Hongo as the director and Akiko-san as the scriptwriter, so there’s no helping it. On top of that, the guest writers are Masako-san, Noriko-san, Yasuko-san, and Toshiko-san. The script is undoubtedly top-notch and luxurious.
 287 Anonymous
 Ah, I see.
 313 Anonymous
 My child is quite absorbed in it. Maybe as a child, they’re feeling something as a girl.
 345 Anonymous
 My child is the same. I thought it might be fun for kids to watch, but it seems my worries were unfounded.
 374 Anonymous
 My daughter is saying Ro-Schutz-Marr is cool. Is it okay…?
 391 Anonymous
 392 Anonymous
 Talented, huh.
 395 Anonymous
 Welcome to the world
 Welcome to our world of perverts.
 The bulletin board welcomes your daughter.
 412 Anonymous
 I’m not happy, LOL.
 435 Anonymous
 At this point, it already looks like a good work.
 456 Anonymous
 Ah… commercials…
 459 Anonymous
 Commercial break.
 460 Anonymous
 I was so engrossed, I couldn’t comment much.
 462 Anonymous
 It’s good… it’s good, but I feel like if it had a male cast, it would be better. I can understand why the staff insisted on having male cast members.
 463 Anonymous
 It’s good… it’s just that, doesn’t this make hiding the previous information meaningless?
 464 Anonymous
 Compared to previous Driver series, at this point, it’s already in the category of good works. But considering it’s a commemorative piece… maybe because the expectations were higher, it feels a bit lacking.
 467 Anonymous
 The cast’s acting skills vary, but the girl who seems to be the protagonist, Kobayakawa-san, and other key actors have good performances, and there are no bad actors among the rest, which is nice.
 468 Anonymous
 The introduction is easy to understand, and the story feels good. The camera work is also really good, so action scenes can be expected.
 470 Anonymous
 There are bits of humor from the Driver generation sprinkled throughout, making it more interesting for adults than kids.
 471 Verification Team *010meTA473
 In the scene at the coffee shop earlier, wasn’t there an Aqua-sama magazine on the shelf in the right corner?
 476 Anonymous
 It turns out it wasn’t just my imagination.
 479 Anonymous
 Something is different about Shumi today.
 481 Anonymous
 Are you really Shumi?
 486 Anonymous
 Speaking of the coffee shop scene, the person next to the protagonist was eating Eggplant Arrabiata.
 487 Anonymous
 There were Morinaga’s cookies in the team members’ break room.
 495 Anonymous
 You guys, LOL.
 499 Anonymous
 That’s why the residents of the Aqua-tan thread are so LOL.
 500 Anonymous
 The conversation scene before the commercial break. On the team member’s computer screen, it said “Hoshimiya Shiro” and “Oumi Tama.”
 505 Anonymous
 You guys have incredible reflexes, LOL.
 510 Anonymous
 I hope it’s not just a easter egg or something.
 512 Anonymous
 If this is a prelude, the staff is playing with us all out.
 515 Anonymous
 Go ahead and play with us, just keep twirling the palm of your hand.
 518 Anonymous
 Here it comes!
 521 Anonymous
 The second half begins.
 524 Anonymous
 Huh? A Bike?
 525 Anonymous
 Bike is here!
 527 Anonymous
 In previous Driver series, it was a car, but this time a Bike?
 528 Anonymous
 What was that Bike scene earlier? LOL.
 530 Anonymous
 Huh? That Bike, that’s not Kobayakawa-san, is it? What’s going on?
 534 Anonymous
 Could it be that Kobayakawa-san is not the protagonist?
 537 Anonymous
 At this point, it’s a theory that the protagonist might be someone else. Could it really be a boy?
 540 Anonymous
 Could it be Aa-sama?
 543 Anonymous
 Come… come! Come!!
 555 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 May everyone watching be as happy as laundry all over the world, turning pure white!!
 563 Anonymous
 Ro-Schutz-Marr is here!
 571 Anonymous
 I’m worried about my daughter cheering for Ro-Schutz-Marr… Did something happen at kindergarten?
 578 Anonymous
 I burst out laughing at the perfect flow, hLOL. Not that one!!
 586 Anonymous
 To be honest, I kinda understand how your daughter feels.
 592 Anonymous
 For tonight’s dinner, let your daughter have her favorite food!!
 608 Anonymous
 It’s getting exciting.
 612 Anonymous
 The action scenes are great!
 615 Anonymous
 As expected from the action director Hongo!
 618 Anonymous
 SYUKUJYO is holding on quite well.
 623 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san’s action scenes are impressive.
 636 Anonymous
 Kabuto Beetle is hereeee!!
 642 Anonymous
 643 Anonymous
 644 Anonymous
 652 Anonymous
 Kabuto Beetle went somewhere…
 654 Anonymous
 655 Anonymous
 Come, come, come, come, come!
 656 Anonymous
 Please, come!
 657 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 100 Beril for it to come!
 658 Anonymous
 659 Anonymous
 660 Anonymous
 661 Anonymous
 Something’s coming!
 662 Anonymous
 It’s coming!
 663 Anonymous
 Such a dramatic camera work!
 664 Anonymous
 Director Hongo is holding on tight!!
 665 Anonymous
 666 Anonymous
 Definitely a boy is coming!
 667 Anonymous
 I trust the staff!!
 668 Anonymous
 We can trust, right?
 670 Anonymous
 Please, Driver, show us the dream!!
 673 Anonymous
 Please, show the dream to all moms across the country!!
 678 Anonymous
 Let us return to the innocent feeling when we watched Driver as children!!
 680 Anonymous
 681 Anonymous
 682 Anonymous
 683 Anonymous
 684 Anonymous
 It’s cwominnggg!!
 685 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Aqua-sama is here, Shumi-chan’s great victory!!
 686 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama is really here!!
 687 Anonymous
 Aa-kun is here!!
 688 Anonymous
 I believed in the staff.
 689 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Yes, now, I’m dead! Sunday mornings are gone! My condolences to the broadcasters of the same time slot!!
 690 Anonymous
 I’m glad I believed.
 691 Anonymous
 Hey, is this a lie?
 692 Anonymous
 Huh? Could this be a dream world…?
 693 Anonymous
 Unbelievable, it’s Aqua-sama…
 694 Anonymous
 I thought he would come.
 695 Anonymous
 It really wasn’t about the money, huh?
 696 Anonymous
 Breaking news: Aqua-sama is finally coming to destroy Sunday mornings.
 715 Anonymous
 When Aqua-kun appeared, the posts stopped for a moment, it was hilarious.
 723 Anonymous
 Sensei, looks like you have new companions, you seem happy, LOL. Also, >>685 Shumi can go die.
 724 Anonymous
 Sensei, aren’t you often told you’re unpopular? Also, >>685 Shumi can go die.
 736 Anonymous
 I know the transformation scene.
 739 Anonymous
 The transformation scene is a lifesaver.
 745 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Transformation scene: Hagetoru. Aqua-sama’s butt line is amazing. I want to touch it.
 748 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 The lower half is so close and s*xy. I can even see the size of the p*nis through the suit. By the way, did sensei die? Also, Nee-san is not responding.
 753 Anonymous
 Can they really broadcast this in the morning? The fabric of the suit clings to the body too much in the gaps of the parts, it’s risky.
 760 Anonymous
 Surely, it’s not Aqua-sama inside the suit, right?
 774 Anonymous
 You guys are really the worst.
 779 Anonymous
 This is why the verification team…
 783 Anonymous
 *As requested by the person involved, all action scenes are performed by Shirogane Aqua himself.
 785 Anonymous
 *As requested by the person involved, all action scenes are performed by Shirogane Aqua himself.
 788 Anonymous
 Action scenes are done by the person himself, LMFAO.
 795 Anonymous
 Hey! Is this a lie!?
 798 Anonymous
 Huh? Wait a minute, are action scenes supposed to be this cool?
 801 Anonymous
 This isn’t the kind of action scene I know, LMAO.
 805 Anonymous
 Sad news, even with his face hidden, Aqua-sama is cool.
 811 Anonymous
 Cool. Well, not just cool, his face is cool. But also, his voice is cool. And his movements and gestures are cool. Even his personality is cool. What I’m trying to say is that Aqua-sama is cool even in a suit.
 823 Anonymous
 Hey, it feels heavy!
 831 Anonymous
 I have a bad feeling about this. Hang in there, High-Performance Server.
 840 Anonymous
 Even so, if it’s a High-Performance Server…! A High-Performance Server will surely manage somehow…!
 857 Anonymous
 Damn it, even with a High-Performance Server, is it still impossible!?
 866 Anonymous
 Hey!! This is the good part, so give it your all!!
 871 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 High-Performance Server (laughs)

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