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Volume 6 Chapter 5 Bulletin Board, High-Performance Server!

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 [TV Guide] Shirogane Aqua Discussion Thread Part 2537 [AnnAnn]
 456 Anonymous
 High-Performance Server (laughs)
 458 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei looked so happy the last time, it’s a sight to behold LOL
 460 Anonymous
 I wonder what the High-Performance Server really was.
 461 Anonymous
 High-Performance Server-san, huh?
 462 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 463 Anonymous
 The bulletin board is finally back. It’s been over a day since the broadcast.
 466 Anonymous
 They prepared a reduced-size version of Heaven’s Sword for the website, it’s so funny. LOL
 It’s almost like Abe Hiroko’s small website. LMAO
 469 Anonymous
 The commander of SYUKUJYO is unexpectedly Abe Hiroko.
 471 Anonymous
 Sensei, what’s wrong?
 473 Anonymous
 No way. LMAO
 475 Anonymous
 It’s true, he’ll appear from episode 2. It was written on the website.
 Now that Aqua-kun has been released, there’s a lot of new information coming out.
 477 Anonymous
 No good… All the toys are sold out wherever I go.
 478 Anonymous
 Even the sausages and furikake disappeared in an instant.
 480 Anonymous
 The supermarket right after the broadcast was seriously crazy.
 Even though it was before the opening, there was a long line since right after the broadcast, and I was in a panic.
 485 Anonymous
 It seems the supermarket side was not informed either.
 Even though there are likely many people involved with Driver, it’s impressive how they managed to keep the information sealed until now.
 488 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 For the TV Guide→you can also pre-order it at the nearest bookstore, so you can definitely buy it that way.
 For toys and related products→there’s a lottery sale, but if you pre-order, you can definitely get it, even if it takes some time.
 Regarding the sausages and furikake→the manufacturers have plans for increased production.
 So everyone, please stay calm.
 Let’s avoid buying from resellers.
 492 Anonymous
 Thank you, Nee-san.
 493 Anonymous
 Thanks, Nee-san.
 497 Anonymous
 Yesterday at work, there were two guys who came in wearing belts without a care in the world, I burst out laughing. LOL
 I thought they would definitely get scolded, but my boss was so envious.
 501 Anonymous
 What’s that? Your company sounds awesome. LOL
 502 Anonymous
 There was a kid who wore it to school.
 Until now, they would have been considered a total geek, but it’s funny that they’re allowed to do it now.
 505 Anonymous
 The belt was so awesome… It was like hell.
 508 Anonymous
 I’ve already secured mine, so I’ll say it now.
 Actually, not only at supermarkets and toy stores, they also sell belts at the children’s clothing area of Fuji Department Store.
 It was also a bit of a battle here, but it was relatively easy to buy.
 514 Anonymous
 Oh no! I totally forgot about the department store’s toy section!!
 519 Anonymous
 Oh, that’s a good idea…
 523 Anonymous
 I wonder if it’ll be okay for next week’s AnnAnn release.
 530 Anonymous
 Many people have already pre-ordered AnnAnn, so… For those who haven’t, good luck.
 537 Anonymous
 By the way, will the ending song that was played at the end be the opening song from the next episode?
 541 Anonymous
 Yes, that’s right.
 545 Anonymous
 I’ve already watched the first episode more than ten times.
 548 Anonymous
 You’re obsessed.
 551 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I’m so happy that we’ll be able to see Aqua-kun every Sunday morning for the next year.
 Please don’t change my shift!!
 556 Anonymous
 558 Anonymous
 Thanks to Aqua-kun on Sunday mornings, I can do my best at work for the week.
 559 Anonymous
 I’m happy too. Since I have a night shift the day before, this is seriously great. Until now, it was a close call, but starting next week, I’ll dash home.
 562 Anonymous
 The last next-episode preview was great.
 Let’s continue our journey together for a year!
 It made me feel like we’re in a limited-time relationship and got me excited.
 565 Anonymous
 Not just for a year, but forever is fine.
 566 Anonymous
 I want to work permanently beside Aqua-kun.
 567 Anonymous
 Not just for a year, but until I die, I want to keep supporting him.
 569 Anonymous
 According to the agency’s announcement, Aqua-kun’s own goods will be available from October. Thinking about that, I’m still a fresh graduate, so I have to manage my salary properly.
 573 Anonymous
 I envy you being a working adult. I’m still a high school student, and my school forbids part-time jobs, so I’m managing with my New Year’s gift money.
 578 Anonymous
 Do your best. Having something is nice, but it’s also fun to carefully choose what to buy when you don’t have it.
 If you couldn’t buy something and felt frustrated, you can buy it later when you become an adult and have more money to use freely.
 Hahaha… After all, besides Aqua-sama, there’s no other man I contribute to.
 581 Anonymous
 It’s good to have decided where to contribute. By the way, I’m the same.
 583 Anonymous
 I’m also contributing money to a boy for the first time in my life. So what?
 You’re underestimating the power of true mojo!
 585 Anonymous
 For a moment, it looked like you were talking about getting married.
 587 Anonymous
 I’m happy to see so many friends here.
 590 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Damn… Working at a ramen shop is not enough!
 I need to find more part-time jobs…
 594 Anonymous
 Ramen shop? Are you kidding me? LOL
 595 Anonymous
 I can totally see you sticking your finger in the pot.
 596 Anonymous
 Which ramen shop is it? I might become a regular there LOL
 597 Anonymous
 You’re destroying Mary’s image as a young lady. It’s the first time I’ve heard of a student like you working at a ramen shop.
 You were probably lured in by the free ramen during break time.
 598 Anonymous
 Speaking of work, Aqua-kun, I often wonder why he took this job. The Driver is called the gateway for young actresses, but the shooting schedule must be hard, and the pay can’t be that good.
 604 Anonymous
 Excerpt from an interview in the TV Guide:
 Interviewer: In the late-night drama “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom,” you played the character Yuujin. Are you considering appearing in other dramas? It’s a crude question, but do you accept offers based on how good they are?
 Shirogane Aqua: “I feel sorry for President Ako and Beryl, but I’m thinking more about the works that I want to be in, the works with staff members who have tremendous enthusiasm.”
 611 Anonymous
 This! I love this!
 613 Anonymous
 Another one that I’ve fallen for.
 617 Anonymous
 I’m in the same industry, but the pay for Drivers is really low considering the amount of time they are bound. Right now, they should be getting offers like crazy, so compared to that, the pay is really meager.
 622 Anonymous
 Well, yeah, it’s because the agency is like a crazy company that does things like the free live at Summer Comic Market.
 625 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, that live was free.
 628 Anonymous
 Aa-kun is Aa-kun, and the agency is the agency.
 634 Anonymous
 By the way, I’m also in the same industry, and the producer of the program we handle tried to offer Aqua-sama a role, but he got turned down. The amount offered for a single appearance was more than the Driver’s annual appearance fee, but Beryl sent a polite refusal email. So, I think it’s true that it’s not just about the money.
 640 Anonymous
 As someone in the same industry, I’m curious, does Aqua-sama have any other appearances?
 645 Anonymous
 I’ve heard that he has one more appearance. That one is becoming a topic within the industry, so the information might leak soon. I won’t leak any more than that, though.
 650 Anonymous
 Thanks! I’m getting excited!!
 652 Anonymous
 Sigh… With Aqua-sama having so many appearances lately, it’s very fulfilling.
 655 Anonymous
 I work at a nursery, and I thought the children were playing Driver pretend, but they are actually playing “Chijou” pretend. They pretend to be Chijou and get hugged by Aqua-sama.
 658 Anonymous
 That’s clever.
 659 Anonymous
 Smart kids, I tell ya. LOL
 661 Anonymous
 Hey, there’s something on a foreign Star Wars forum about offering Beryl’s Shirogane Aqua. Is this for real?
 666 Verification Team *010meTA473
 669 Anonymous
 Star Wars, seriously? LOL
 670 Anonymous
 Can’t be true, right? LOL
 671 Anonymous
 What!? So Aqua-kun will not only be a Driver but also a knight?
 672 Anonymous
 Even now, both kids and adults are into transformation pretend play, and now sword fighting will become popular?
 675 Anonymous
 For a moment, I thought he was going to appear in Star Trek, and my heart almost stopped… I wanted to see Aqu-tan as a captain.
 681 Anonymous
 You’re like me. LOL
 683 Anonymous
 Damn… Generation-wise, I’d love to see that too!
 685 Anonymous
 Should I get a lightsaber? Anyway, it’s either blue, green, or red, right? I can’t believe someone else would use a different color, right?
 694 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I checked the Star Wars forum. This person is not just a fan, probably a staff member, so the offer is likely genuine.
 702 Anonymous
 Shumi is amazing.
 705 Anonymous
 You must be a fake. I’ve thought something was off about you since before! The Shumi I know is not as capable as you!!
 716 Anonymous
 Hahaha! LOL
 717 Anonymous
 Even though you’re in the verification team, you’re suspected of doing the verification team’s work. LOL
 728 Anonymous
 Sorry for the interruption while Star Wars is getting all the attention, but there’s a mistake in the TV program schedule. I did a double-take…
 Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword’s Letter
 To protect people and save Chijou, Kenzaki Souji continues to fight today.
 Starring: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Abe Hiroko, Kobayakawa Yuki, and others.
 734 Anonymous
 736 Anonymous
 Ahh, it’s not just him; it’s dangerous, right?
 737 Anonymous
 I like Mayuzumi-kun.
 739 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai is here!
 740 Anonymous
 Toa-kun is here!!
 741 Anonymous
 All the Beryl members are gathered!!
 742 Anonymous
 In the same industry here. This is definitely going to kill the opposing show.
 747 Anonymous
 Beryl is seriously here to kill the opposing show.
 756 Anonymous
 Looks like the number of Beryl victims is going to increase again.
 762 Anonymous
 Beryl is being Beryl again.
 774 Anonymous
 They’re using some weird slang…
 791 Anonymous
 With the news of the board’s comeback, people are coming back, and the thread is progressing rapidly due to an overload of information.
 802 Anonymous
 Hey, you all need to calm down!! Once again, the Hyper Performance Server is going to crash.
 817 Anonymous
 Speaking of the Hyper Performance Server, what happened to sensei? She appeared in >>462 and then suddenly disappeared.
 830 Anonymous
 Now that I think about it, what happened to her? Did she get caught by someone?
 843 Anonymous
 Hoshimiya Shiro Official SNS
 Appearing in the next CR Cup.
 Hoshimiya Shiro@456HOSHIMIZU
 Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei@XQshotacon
 855 Anonymous
 857 Anonymous
 859 Anonymous
 No way, that’s a lie! LOL
 861 Anonymous
 Unexpected development LMAO
 862 Anonymous
 Is it allowed for people from the board to do a collaboration, sensei? LMAO
 863 Anonymous
 Even Sensei is like, “Huh?” LOL
 865 Anonymous
 Sensei, I don’t know your name is Aiko-chan. LOL
 868 Anonymous
 Sensei is definitely a dead person. LOL
 870 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei surrounded by 16-year-old Aqua-kun and 17-year-old Eurice-chan, this is hilarious. LMAO
 874 Anonymous
 Is this just barely enough points?
 Eurice → Overseas professional gamer, 16pt−2pt Language difficulties category
 Hoshimiya Shiro → Predator rank, 12pt−2pt Minus points for male
 Hakuryuu-sensei → Gold rank, 2pt
 The total is 26pt, exceeding by 2 points, but on the usual SNS, there are images or texts posted that result in a minus 2. I wonder what will be posted this time. Even if people don’t understand the game, they can still enjoy that aspect.
 886 Anonymous
 For a moment, I was envious, but it seems pretty tough. LOL
 891 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Looking forward to it, Sensei. We’re cheering for you.
 893 Anonymous
 Is this the first time that the negative points for men, which have never been used before, will be applied?
 897 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Talking with young kids must be tough, but do your best, Sensei!
 901 Anonymous
 The thread is accelerating too fast, stop it! Hyper-something-san is going to die again!!
 912 Anonymous
 Is this for real, Sensei? LOL
 917 Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
 My, stomach… it, hurts… I, feel, like, I’m, vomit… (Onaka, Itai…. Kincho, de, vomit, hakiso….
 923 Anonymous
 An incredible bomb came at the very end.
 931 Anonymous
 Wait a minute, I don’t know the game. Can someone explain, please?
 940 Anonymous
 Sensei, you seem surprisingly calm. lol
 945 Anonymous
 Hey, is it okay to call Shiro-kun? Even though that game’s server is already dead, he’ll definitely drop out from the first match. lol
 951 Anonymous
 Aiko-chan-sensei, LMAO.
 956 Anonymous
 You seemed fine just two days ago, but now you’re suddenly not. lol
 957 Anonymous
 Sensei, do your best as the representative of the thread!!
 962 Anonymous
 I’ve been imagining the day when Aqua-kun will appear in Sensei’s work. But I never thought it would be in this form of collaboration. Haha.
 974 Anonymous
 For those who don’t know the game.
 CR Cup is a game tournament organized by the pro gaming team Cream RAW. It is a battle royale-style FPS game called APEX played in teams of three. It is one of the popular contents in the gaming community, with viewership reaching hundreds of thousands at times. The tournament itself lasts for several hours, but there is a practice period called “scrims” one week before the tournament. So, from one week before the tournament, you can hear Shiro-kun’s voice every night. Also, there are after-parties after the tournament, so even if you don’t know the game, you can still enjoy watching it.
 981 Anonymous
 Sensei is too enviable!!
 982 Anonymous
 No, something is wrong again.
 986 Anonymous
 Is this a lie!? Could it be that Hakuryuu-sensei collaborated and the server crashed? LMAO
 989 Anonymous
 Is this someone using an old computer with Hyper Performance Server stickers?
 999 Anonymous
 Hey, stop it! Hyper Performance Server-kun is… w-w-w-w-w

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