Male Idol V5c4

Volume 5 Chapter 4 Kanon, Sometimes Shumi

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 Ah, how could I have let this happen?

 ”Hey, hey… Pegonia, are we really going?”

 Standing in front of Aqua-sama’s house, I grasp Pegonia’s sleeve.

 ”What are you saying? If there’s no response, we just have to take action.”

 ”T-then let’s call first…”

 ”Sighing at the lack of calls from Shirogane-sama on the screen, what’s a maiden like you, who can’t even send an email, saying?”


 After our reunion at the Fuji Department Store, Aqua-sama and I promised to go on a date again. However, since then, Aqua-sama’s work became busier, and our contact grew distant.

 ”Your Highness, I’m worried. I never expected you to be so timid in matters of love… I thought you would confidently create a few realities, a child or two, even without any effort. But well…”

 ”I-I would never do something so indecent! W-we’re not even officially dating. Besides, I’ve decided the first time will be on our wedding night! Oops, I said too much…”

 Pegonia sighs heavily at my reaction. I feel like she’s becoming less reserved, or maybe it’s just my imagination.

 ”Alright, alright, I understand. So, I’ll press it now.”


 Ignoring my attempt to stop her, Pegonia presses the intercom at Aqua-sama’s house.


 A sweet, girlish voice responds from inside. Is that Aqua-sama’s little sister? I can’t imagine anyone else being with him… No, it’s alright, Kanon. Even if someone else is in there with him, even if I’m the second or third person, my feelings for Aqua-sama won’t waver. Besides, a wonderful person like Aqua-sama would never be tied to just one woman. If I ever become his legal wife one day, I’ll have to build good relationships with such people. It would be easier if they were as simple as Hagetoru.

 ”Pardon me for contacting you in advance. This is Pegonia from Stars nation. Is Shirogane Aqua-sama available?”

 Contacting in advance? What does that mean…

 ”Eh? U-um… please wait a moment.”

 The voice on the other side of the intercom sounds flustered and hangs up. After a while, the door opens, and a cute girl peeks out. Upon closer inspection, I can see a resemblance to Aqua-sama around her eyes. She must be Aqua-sama’s little sister.

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Pegonia from Stars. And this is Her Royal Highness, Kanon Stars Goshenite.”

 ”Huh!? Kanon-sama? Uh, um… I-I’m Shirogane Lapis, Aqua-sama’s younger sister. Please come in.”

 Huh? Is it okay to enter so easily? Is it really safe? While I’m thinking that, Pegonia whispers softly to me.

 ”Look around. For example, the grandma next door, even though she seems to be doing gardening, her occasional glances are undoubtedly that of a skilled warrior. And the woman across the street, peering at us through the slightly open curtain of her second-floor window, is definitely genuine. She’s probably doing something indecent on her own.

 And, the house diagonally in front of us, although it says it’s vacant, I can feel the presence of about ten people inside. They’re probably locals. The houses around this area are mostly like this. That’s why I think this house should be safe. Just a while ago when we entered this area, we passed three undercover police cars. They were probably disguising it, but there were clearly disguised self-defense force members too, so there might be tanks deployed.”

 Oops, I didn’t notice at all. Grandma next door looked kind, and isn’t the house diagonally in front of us vacant? And the woman across the street, is she really that dangerous?

 ”That reminds me…”

 Pegonia looks up at the sky and raises a peace sign.

 ”Is it like this?”

 What on earth is she trying to convey? Wait a second, what’s up there in the sky above this house? Come on, Pegonia, explain properly, even to those who don’t understand!

 ”Uh, um…?”

 Lapis-san looks at us with a puzzled expression. Well, no wonder. Raising a peace sign towards the sky definitely looks suspicious.

 ”Excuse us for intruding.”

 ”Excuse us.”

 Pegonia casually walks into Aqua-sama’s house, as if nothing happened. Is this okay? I hope we won’t be charged with trespassing or something. Suppressing the excitement in my pounding heart, I step inside Aqua-sama’s house.


 The smell! The fragrance! Faintly, I can smell Aqua-sama’s scent from this house. If I were allowed, I’d want to stuff this scent into a plastic bag and take it home… Huh? Not allowed? Pegonia seems to understand what I’m thinking, giving me an exasperated look. I take off my mules at the entrance and place them next to what I presume are Aqua-sama’s shoes. Ah… it looks like a newlywed setup. Can I take a photo of these lined up shoes? While pondering about that, Pegonia pulls my sleeve, urging me to move on.

 ”This way, please.”

 As we’re led into the living room, the scent of Aqua-sama becomes even stronger. How can his family members stay sane in such an environment? As expected of Aqua-sama’s family. I wonder if they have some kind of mental resistance. I’m so excited that I want to get naked and dance to express my joy…

 ”By the way, what brings you here today?”

 Lapis-san places some drinks in front of us and takes a seat in front of us.

 Aww… she’s so cute. If I marry Aqua-sama, I wonder if she’ll call me big sister. Yeah, that would be nice. I’ve seen his big sister, Shitori-san, before, but I feel Lapis-san’s aura is closer to Aqua-sama’s.

 ”First of all, We’d like to express our gratitude for Shirogane Aqua-sama’s continued cooperation in various friendly events between our countries.”

 ”T-thank you…”

 Aqua-sama has been involved in several events related to Stars, such as runway modeling, introducing an art salon at Fuji Department Store, and guest appearances at upcoming festivals. It’s only natural to thank him.

 ”As for the matter at hand, Her Majesty the Queen has extended an offer to award Shirogane Aqua-sama with a medal of honor. We came to your home today to humbly request that you accept the award in person.”

 Oh, really… Wait a minute! I’m a princess, but I haven’t heard anything about this!? Surely, someone, like mother or father, or maybe aunts, must have made a move. Our country’s embassy jumped the gun before and caused trouble for Aqua-sama. I told them to be discreet… I’ll have to question Pegonia later to find out who’s behind all this.

 ”I-I see. But… I’m sorry, my brother (Ani) has caught a cold and is currently resting in his room.”

 What? No way… Aqua-sama caught a cold? I hope he’s okay. If only I had brought a court physician with me… Or maybe through the Foreign Ministry, we could arrange for the best doctors in this country? While I’m thinking about this, Pegonia squints her eyes and puts on an exaggerated reaction.

 ”Oh my! That’s terrible. Please, let us visit him to offer my sympathies!!”

 ”Uh, but…”

 ”Shirogane Aqua-sama is a great benefactor to our country. If anything were to happen to him, it would be our responsibility!!”

 ”Ahh… uhh…”

 ”We’ll just check to make sure he’s okay and then leave immediately, just a quick visit, okay?”

 ”Ahh… ahh…”

 Oh, come on, Pegonia! You really don’t know how to handle kids. But this is getting pitiful for Lapis-san. So, I gently come to Lapis-san’s rescue, as she’s supposed to be my future sister-in-law.

 ”Pegonia, you shouldn’t push too hard.”

 In response to my help, Pegonia looks at me with a face that says “Don’t butt in.” Ugh! Your master is me, okay! Besides, the beauty of Lapis-sama’s eyes is so similar to Aqua-sama’s, and when I see her being bullied, it makes me feel sorry for her. Can’t be helped.

 ”Your Highness…”

 As I exchange smiles with Lapis-san, I respond with a smile of my own.

 ”Um… Your Highness, if you don’t mind, could you go and visit my brother? He has told me a little about you…”

 ”Hehe, in that case, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

 I act composed. But inside, my heart was not at peace. Wait, Aqua-sama talks about me with his family? Does that mean… Wait, wait, wait, could it be that he wants to marry me? No way… We haven’t even started dating yet, and he’s already talking about marriage introductions…

 No, wait, maybe it’s just me who thought we weren’t dating, and in reality, Aqua-sama and I were dating all this time without my knowledge… Well, maybe we really were mutually attracted to each other. While I’m thinking about this, Pegonia adds in an unnecessary comment.

 ”I’m sure they just exchanged contact information, maybe occasionally talk through emails and stuff like that.”

 Ugh! I get it already!! Can’t you let me have my fantasies for a bit!

 ”This is my brother’s room.”

 Lapis-san slowly opens Aqua-sama’s room door. In that moment, the rich scent of Aqua-sama rushes through my whole body. Ah, no… right now, Aqua-sama is hugging me tightly… If only I could savor this moment as my true self!! But that’s not allowed. To suppress my desires, I strengthen my resolve and endure the pain.

 It’s fine, Kanon. You can do it. Yes, I can do it. I repeat this mantra like a spell, trying to convince myself.

 ”Nii-sama… seems to still be sleeping.”

 Ahhhhh! Aqua-sama! Aqua-shahma! The real Aqua-sama is sleeping right in front of me. Ah, I can’t… I’m being embraced by Aqua-sama… If I were to sleep next to him like this in bed, would the stork bring us babies from the cabbage patch? I might be able to do my best for that.


 As I imagined so, the sound of a distant phone ringing can be heard.

 ”Sorry, I’ll answer the phone. Please take your time.”

 Lapis-san goes back to the living room to answer the call.

 ”She’s Shirogane Aqua-sama’s little sister, isn’t she? I didn’t expect it to go so well, and more importantly, to leave us in the room. I understand now that the neighbors have set up a blockade. Also, Shirogane Aqua-sama’s lack of caution might be an inherited trait from the family.”

 I nod in agreement. Lapis-chan is so cute. If she becomes my sister-in-law, I’d love to pat her and pamper her while she sits on my lap…

 ”Now, let’s forget about that… Wait, Your Highness? Why are you holding the trash bin?”


 Unconsciously, I was peeking into Aqua-sama’s room’s trash bin.

 ”Your Highness… Even though you’re a princess of Stars, it’s not appropriate to rummage through a boy’s belongings, even if it’s in the trash bin.”

 ”T-That’s not it! I-I just happened to see some trash lying around, so I threw it away.”

 P-Phew! I might look suspicious to Pegonia, but at least I haven’t really rummaged through anything yet! I place the trash bin back as if nothing happened.

 ”Your Highness… What were you doing with Aqua-sama’s clothes in your hand?”


 Well, doesn’t leaving them strewn about here practically mean, ‘please smell them’? I mean, they looked like perfume samples I’d find in stores…

 ”Your Highness, Aqua-sama’s clothes aren’t perfume samples, you know.”

 ”I-I know that! They were just scattered, so I thought I’d fold them up.”

 I fold Aqua-sama’s tracksuit and stack it neatly. Ah… Uh-oh, I might be acting too much like a bride now…

 ”Your Highness, you really have a vivid imagination. Sometimes I envy you for that.”

 ”I don’t really feel like you’re praising me.”

 ”Oh, no, not at all.”

 Somehow, it feels like Pegonia and I have become much closer since that first meeting with Aqua-sama. Maybe it’s thanks to Aqua-sama’s guidance back then? It might be disrespectful, but I don’t feel bad about it.

 ”By the way, Your Highness, what were you doing opening the closet drawer?”

 ”Huh? Of course I’m looking at his underwear… Ah…”

 I quickly close Aqua-sama’s underwear drawer as if nothing had happened.

 ”Your Highness, if you’re going that far, why not just sneak your own underwear in or trade underwear with him?”

 ”A-a proper lady can’t possibly do such indecent things!”

 ”No, but isn’t it a statement coming from someone who’s checking underwear while the person she likes is sleeping right beside her?”


 But… I wanted to see his underwear… If I could see his underwear, maybe I’d know the size of his… you know… and if his thing is as long as an eggplant, it definitely won’t fit inside me. If it doesn’t fit, I won’t be able to have a baby, so I’m desperate too!

 ”So, Your Highness, what are you doing taking out your phone?”

 ”It’s obvious, isn’t it? I wanted to make his sleeping face my wallpaper and record his sleeping breath so that I could use it later… N-No, it’s not like that! It’s not!”

 ”No, I haven’t said anything yet…”


 Ugh! I can’t take it anymore. I’m still a girl, you know. I’m a girl going through puberty, and it’s only natural for me to do things like this once in a while.

 ”Rather than doing all that, you could just have s*x with him now. If Shirogane-sama were to break your maidenhood with his long eggplant, you could handle the rest. Don’t worry, once there’s an established fact, everything will be fine.”

 ”What? No… I don’t want to lose my virginity like that.”

 ”Complaining all the time won’t get you a good man. If you want a guy, you have to seize the opportunity. Okay, let’s do it, a threesome. It’s alright; I’ll join in too.”

 ”Wait, I definitely don’t want my first time to be a threesome!”

 We were speaking in hushed tones until a while ago, but somehow, our voices started getting louder without us realizing it. Aqua-sama tosses and turns, letting out a small sound.


 Oh no! We might have woken him up. Panicking, we cover our mouths with both hands. But it’s too late; Aqua-sama’s eyes start slowly opening as he lies in bed. We quickly rush to sit around the table near the bed and wait for the right moment to speak.

 ”Aqua-sama, have you woken up?”

 I put on a serene smile, pretending as if nothing happened, and address Aqua-sama politely.

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