Male Idol V5c7

Volume 5 Chapter 7 92, Beyond the Screen

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 The food booth was incredibly crowded, but I managed to have my meal. Of course, I ordered Shirogane Aqua’s hand-made udon with eggplant tempura on top. I wanted to try Tama-chan’s paw-shaped parfait too, but I’ll save that for later. After finishing my meal, I joined the line to enter the stage area.

 ”Thank you for presenting your tickets. Here you go.”

 As I entered the audience seating area, a staff member handed me a glowstick. There were six colors: light blue, yellow, white, purple, green, and red. It’s clear that they’ll be used during the live, but I wondered why there were six colors. By the way, the staff asked me to use yellow first.

 ”I have a bad feeling about this.”

 ”Beryl… What are you planning this time?”

 ”If Aqua-sama is Aqua-sama, then the agency is the agency.”

 ”Maybe I should write my will just in case.”

 ”I said my goodbyes to my family before leaving home this morning. My instincts were right.”

 ”Aahhh! I should’ve deleted the precious data on my hard disk!”

 I think it’s a good thing I came alone at times like this. I glanced at the other women from the corner of my eye and settled into my seat.

 ”I’m so excited, onee-chan!!”

 ”Yeah, me too.”

 The sight of the two affectionate sisters next to me made me smile. It’s quite lucky for them to win tickets as sisters. Hagetoru-san tried various tricks but couldn’t get tickets, and yet here they are, but she used the “get away from home” technique to come to the venue of the concert… Oh, there’s Hagetoru-san in the audience, looking at me. Hey, stop looking at me and focus on your work. By the way, Chinposuki-san used up all her paid leave, so she couldn’t come even at a time like this. Compared to them, Shumi-san is quite diligent. We shouldn’t turn into such hopeless adults.

 As I was lost in thought, the lights in the venue suddenly went out.



 Cheers erupted from the audience, but the venue remained dark and motionless. The buzz in the air slowly quieted down, as if everyone was reading the situation. The next moment, Tama-chan’s face appeared on the large display in front of us.

 ”Let’s go!”

 Tama-chan raised her fist and let out an unusually loud and forceful shout. In response, we all raised our yellow glowsticks.

 ”Yureru minamo, kaze ga fuku, fureatta kata ga piripiri suru (Swirling waters, the wind blows, our shoulders touch and tingle.)”

 Tama-chan has many original songs she composed herself. Among them, who would have imagined that “Starting from the Starry Galaxy (Hoshizora Ginga Kara Sutato)” would surpass 2 million views? Even I was surprised when she first performed it.

 ”Mitsumeatta sono shunkan ni, hitori no sekai wa owaru (In that moment of locking eyes, one person’s world comes to an end.)”

 ”Starting from the Starry Galaxy” is a song that could be described as capturing the emotions of falling in love for the first time. With its poppy, cute, and gentle melody, Tama-chan swayed her body left and right. The rest of us moved our yellow glowsticks to the relaxed rhythm. Ah, it feels so good. The satisfaction is already high, and it’s only been a few minutes since the performance began.

 ”Kono koi ga kanawanakutemo ii. Sore kurai anata no koto ga suki! (I don’t need this love to come true. I just love you this much!)”

 The Tama-chan on the screen wore a yellow outfit and used a yellow glowstick as a microphone. The combination of shorts and exposed legs is charming, but exposed legs with tights are also irresistible.

 ”Kiraboshi! (Twinkling stars!)”


 The cutest part of this song is definitely the pose. I also put my thumb, index finger, and middle finger against my eye just like Tama-chan. What? You’re saying it’s too much for an older person to do? Well, it doesn’t matter. Nobody can see in the dark anyway!

 As I thought that, I made eye contact with Hagetoru-san again. Hey, focus on your work! Stop smirking!! After Tama-chan flawlessly finished the song, the audience erupted into applause.

 ”Wow, I came for Shiro-kun, but Tama-chan’s song is amazing too!”

 ”This song really makes me conscious of stars and galaxies.”

 ”Yeah, it’ll definitely resonate with anyone who’s fallen in love with Aqua-sama.”

 ”Way to go, Tama-chan!”

 The high voltage that filled the venue before the stage opening seemed to have settled down now. Instead of starting with a high-energy song, Tama-chan deliberately chose a different path, it seemed.

 ”Uh, um… I-I’m, ah… O-Oumi Tama, one of the 1st gen Vtuber Division members of Beryl Entertainment, starting today. P-Please take care of me.”

 From the confident singer earlier, Tama-chan now appeared nervous as she stumbled over her words. It was charming and brought smiles to our faces.

 ”Go, Tama-chan, you can do it!”

 ”Don’t be nervous, we’re here for you!”

 ”Nice to meet you!”

 ”Your cute gap is amazing!”

 ”I always watch your streams!”

 ”I came today just to meet Tama-chan!”

 The audience members were so supportive and kind.

 ”Th-thank you, everyone. Since you’re all here today, I’ll do my best… Then, can I come to you and sing again?”


 Of course, I replied as well. Then, the lights on the stage dimmed again. The Tama-chan on the screen seemed to concentrate, taking deep breaths. As the audience fell silent, Tama-chan slowly opened her eyes and began to sing.

 ”Nagareta hoshi wa, umi ni ochiru. Yozora ni te o nobaseba… (Flowing stars fall into the sea. If you reach your hand to the night sky…)”

 This is another one of Tama-chan’s popular songs, “Black White World,” with over a million views. What’s more, it’s an acapella! Everyone in the audience was captivated by Tama-chan’s powerful singing with no instrumental accompaniment. It’s hard to believe this is the same person who was nervous just moments ago. As someone else mentioned, this gap is also part of Tama-chan’s charm.

 ”Boku wa ima, shirokuro no sekai no naka… (I’m now in a black white world…)”

 As the acapella ended, the screen display went black again. For a moment, I worried there might be a technical issue, but soon after, the stage lit up, and an orchestra began to play live. An unexpected orchestra version?!

 The magnificent arrangement and outstanding performance sent shivers down my spine. The entire audience was drawn into Tama-chan’s world through her music. The spotlight, which had previously illuminated the orchestra, now converged at the center of the stage.

 ”Koboreochita namida no shizuku, tsutaerarenakatta boku no uso (The teardrop that fell, the lies I couldn’t convey.)”

 Everyone in the audience opened their eyes wide in surprise. Unbelievably, incredibly! The Tama-chan that was inside the display earlier was now standing in the center of the stage!! The surprise 3D debut made me, a Tama-chan fan, tremble with joy.

 While some people in the audience are here because they like Tama-chan, many others are here only for Shiro-kun. In spite of that, with her overwhelming vocal talent, live orchestra arrangement, and fantastic performance, Tama-chan managed to captivate the hearts of those people as well.

 ”Everyoneeee, I came to see you all!!”


 Between the first and second interludes, Tama-chan called out to the audience. In response, the crowd erupted with loud cheers, and I waved my hands and shook my yellow glowstick along with them.

 Tama-chan continued with her second verse, showcasing her overwhelming vocal prowess in this cool and stylish arrangement of “Black White World.”

 ”Tama-chan is so cute!”

 ”Yay, she did it!”

 ”Wait, hold on… she’s really here to see us!”

 ”No way, is this really happening?”

 ”This is insane! I’m getting hooked!”

 The audience’s voltage shot up to max again. Seeing this, Tama-chan took out a cyan glowstick-shaped microphone from her pocket and raised it up to the sky. I quickly took out my own same color glowstick, ready to join in.

 ”Everyoneee! The next song is my first duet, and I’m sure you all know who I’m singing with, right?!”

 I was the first to respond, thrusting my cyan glowstick toward the sky.



 ”Shiro-kun came to see us!”

 ”Show your face already!”

 ”We’re all waiting for you!”

 The sound of a beautiful piano filled the venue, and the orchestra continued to play. And finally, finally!! Right before our eyes, Shiro-kun appeared! Not only that, but he jumped over the display and stood in the center of the stage, back to back with Tama-chan. The thunderous applause made the venue momentarily tremble.

 ”Hoshi o matata sete, sekai o terase! Shiroi iki o hakeba, dokoka de minamo ga yureru (Make the stars twinkle, illuminate the world! As I exhale white breath, the water’s surface ripples somewhere.)”

 Aaah, aaaaaaaaaah! Shiro-kun’s singing almost made me lose consciousness in an instant. What is this? No, really, what is this? With just one voice, he’s commanding everyone to pay attention and look at him. He possesses an overwhelming presence. His voice is different from the mature Aqua-san’s, more like a slightly ambitious young boy, and it tugs at my heartstrings.

 Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! I can’t collapse here! If I do, I’ll feel guilty to everyone who couldn’t make it to this stage! Chinposuki-san’s face, scattered in the night sky, flashed in my mind. That’s right… for Chinposuki-san’s sake, I can’t collapse here.

 Looking around, it seemed that everyone else had also fallen under Shiro-kun’s spell during his first turn. Some were going wild in ecstasy, while others were staring at the stage without even blinking. I even saw someone who couldn’t handle it and had collapsed onto their chair. P-please don’t be dead…

 ”Kimi ga tataita doa no tobira, demo boku wa soko ni inai (The door of the door you knocked on, but I’m not there)”

 After Shiro-kun’s turn, it was Tama-chan’s turn again. Tama-chan’s singing prowess is high, and her voice is undoubtedly charming. If the rumors are true, that she’s a male, then without a doubt, she’s the number one, and even if she’s a girl, she’d be among the top.

 But… but, what’s going on here!? The person singing back to back with you is absolutely ridiculous!! Even now, during Tama-chan’s part, he hasn’t sung a word, yet everyone’s attention in the venue is drawn to her, to Shiro-kun. Tama-chan must be aware of it as well. At this point, she’s determined to elevate her performance even further.

 ”Keep going, Tama-chan!”

 ”It’s still the early part of the duet, so it’s tough to be left behind here.”

 People around me whispered in hushed voices. I tightly gripped my yellow glowstick in my other hand and sent Tama-chan my support from within my heart. And when Tama-chan’s solo part ended, their voices blended together.

 ”Kizu o otta kedamono-tachi wa mata tachiagaru! (When beasts wounded by you rise up again!)”

 The duet part began, and their voices initially harmonized beautifully. However, gradually, Tama-chan slowed down, gradually giving way to Shiro-kun’s main melody in the duet. Perhaps, at this moment, Tama-chan feels the most regret. Feeling that her own abilities still fall short, she now provides support during the duet. Shiro-kun must have noticed it too, as he signaled to Tama-chan with eye contact, saying, “I’ll handle the rest.”

 From then on, it’s Shiro-kun’s solo spotlight. His overwhelming vocal prowess, performance, and above all, his presence make it impossible for anyone to look away. I, and everyone else, were watching the stage with tears streaming down our faces.

 ”Ai shiteru kimi ni, kono kimochi o tsutaeru made akiramenai!! (Until I convey these feelings to you, I won’t give up!!)”

 At the moment they finished singing to the end, loud cheers erupted not just from the venue, but even from outside and further beyond. Come to think of it, this performance is being streamed on YouTube and Twitch as well, so the people watching from outside the venue might be reacting to it too.

 ”Ugh, ugh, ugh… I’m so glad I came, really glad.”

 ”Yeah, you’re right, really…”

 ”Tama-chan did a great job too.”

 ”Shiro-kun is amazing… I thought he’d be like an option for Aqua-sama, but I can totally stan this!”

 ”Shiro-kun is the best! Tama-chan was great too, thank you!!”

 A long round of applause was directed from the audience towards the stage. Perhaps, if Shiro-kun had held back a bit, the harmony between them might have been even better.

 Nevertheless, they chose to give their best, not just their better, during the performance. We all felt moved and shed tears because of that. Many in the audience were deeply moved by Tama-chan’s soulful singing, ensuring Shiro-kun wasn’t left alone.

 Once the venue settled down, Shiro-kun, who had been waving to the audience just a while ago, started speaking towards the crowd.

 ”Nice to meet you! I’m Hoshimiya Shiro, a 1st generation member of Beryl Entertainment’s Vtuber Division. Actually, this song was created by our fellow members. Can I introduce it to everyone?”

 At that moment, we… no, we still had no idea what we were about to face. The unfathomable fear of Beryl Entertainment would soon shake us to the core.


 As a note, the original songs mentioned (“Seikan Hikou (Macross F),” “Monochrome – Version de l’apprivoiser (Star Driver),” “Lion (Macross F)”) are parodies of songs from a well-known Japanese singer.

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