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Volume 5 Chapter 8 92, Beryl’s Determination

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The audience buzzed with excitement at Shiro-kun’s words.


 ”What else could there possibly be?”

 ”I have a bad feeling about this…”

 ”Stop! We’ve already exhausted all our Life!”

 Amidst the commotion, several figures slowly emerged from the wings of the stage. As the crowd caught sight of these individuals, the murmurings intensified. I immediately recognized the three people who stepped onto the stage.

 ”Hey… Isn’t that the child at the front…?”

 ”The one who appeared in the magazine with Aa-sama?”

 ”Who’s the child with glasses?”

 ”And the last person, aren’t they kinda tall?”

 The three people on stage were the ones I had seen at Aqua-san’s last day of work at the café. However, most of the audience didn’t know this, leading to even more excitement. Among them, the person who was rumored to be Tama-chan’s voice actor picked up the microphone.

 ”Um, nice to meet you all. I’m Nekoyama Toa, a composer from Beryl Entertainment. Until recently, I never imagined that my compositions would be played in front of such a large audience. I’m still a bit embarrassed, but more than anything, I’m happy to receive your applause. From now on, I’ll be working on compositions for Beryl’s artists, including Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama, and Shirogane Aqua. I hope you’ll continue to support us.”

 The audience responded with applause and cheers. Although it started somewhat sparse, as the crowd realized the situation, the applause swelled throughout the venue. Of course, I joined in, clapping my hands and cheering.

 ”Is that Toa-chan? His voice sounds a bit different, but the vocal quality is the same. I’m pretty sure it’s confirmed.”

 ”But, isn’t Tama-chan moving? Isn’t that different?”

 ”Well, I think those movements are preprogrammed and he’s just repeating them. That’s why Tama-chan hasn’t said a word since earlier.”

 ”By the way, don’t you think this child looks quite convincing as a boy? His voice is a bit different from a boy. As an Ochinchin sommelier, I still think his voice comes from ‘down’ there.”

 ”Oh no… With that appearance, is there a chance he might get kidnapped?”

 ”Maybe that’s why he’s cross-dressing? I’ve heard those kinds of stories before.”

 ”Huh? He cross-dressed and took date-like photos with Aqua-kun? That’s kind of exciting…”

 ”I don’t know… This feeling is so strange. It’s the first time I’ve felt like this…”

 ”I know… Is it okay for two boys to do that?”

 Haha, if they found out that Toa-chan had been dressed as a waitress at the café, I wonder how they’d react. After Toa-chan, the glasses-wearing boy who also worked at the café took the microphone.

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Mayuzumi Shintaro, a lyricist from Beryl Entertainment. I mainly work on lyrics for Hoshimiya Shiro and Shirogane Aqua’s songs. I’m still new to writing lyrics, but I hope I can convey the charm of the singers through my words. Thank you for your support.”

 The audience warmly applauded Mayuzumi-kun’s introduction. He had been moving robotically since his entrance, but maybe he was nervous.

 ”Oh my gosh, Mayuzumi-kun looks so sleek and cool!”

 ”I could root for him just because he gives off a gentle vibe.”

 ”Hey… That voice, isn’t it Mayuzumi-kun?”

 ”Yeah, Mayuzumi-kun seemed friendly with Aa-sama, Tama-chan, and that other person during their livestream. Are they friends?”

 ”Could they be classmates at the same school? Maybe in the same grade?”

 ”I bet these three are up to something sneaky together, like influencing the national budget or something!”

 ”No way! Especially not classmates. All the girls in this entire country would be jealous of the girls that class!”

 ”This is practically like a dating simulation game… How much do you have to spend to play a game that interesting? In my life as a gaming console player, no such fascinating game has been released!”

 Indeed, I also dreamt of attending such a fantastical school. Even if it were all just in my imagination, I’d be satisfied with being the heroine in my daydreams for three years. But well, someone like me wearing a school uniform would be quite a sight… I can’t help but feel uneasy, remembering my school days.

 Finally, the person to take the microphone was a male colleague who also worked at the café.

 ”Tenga Akira… in charge of arrangement. Nice to meet you all.”

 Huh? I thought I heard him muttering something, but we in the audience couldn’t catch what he said.

 ”Wait, Tenga-senpai, is your microphone turned off?”

 ”Shiro-kun, I think the microphone is on, but Tenga-senpai’s voice is just too soft.”

 Indeed, the microphone seemed to pick up his voice, but it was barely audible due to its low volume.

 ”Come to think of it, I remember his voice being really tiny when we first met…”

 ”Yeah, that might be true.”

 ”Tenga-senpai, you can do it! Don’t worry; everyone in the audience is very supportive.”

 ”Tenga-senpai, just relax. If I could handle it, I’m sure you’ll be fine too.”

 ”No need to be nervous, Tenga-senpai. Show everyone the Tenga-senpai we know!”

 That’s true. Thanks to Aqua-san, my senses were almost numb, but with so many girls around, it’s natural for boys to feel nervous. Following the support from Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Shiro-kun, the audience also starts cheering.

 ”Fuhahaha! Take heed! I am Tenga Akira! A member of Beryl Entertainment, much like them. I have descended from the heavens as a fallen angel, to claim dominion over this world! Today, I have come here for my juniors’ sake! By the way, though I was in charge of arrangement this time, my specialty lies in composition! Not only for Shiro, but also for my other adorable junior, Shirogane Aqua, I am responsible for composing their music. So rely on me, you mere mortals!”

 Descending from the heavens to claim dominion? That sounds a bit contradictory, but I suppose it’s best not to question it. I offer Tenga-kun a warm round of applause.

 ”Tenga-kun is so adorable acting all stubborn at his age.”

 ”Plus, he seems genuinely considerate of his juniors. The contrast is intriguing; he’s definitely interesting.”

 ”I know, right? Normally, guys with that type of personality tend to be aggressive, but Tenga-kun seems okay.”

 ”He came out to show off for his juniors, and now the juniors are cheering him on. It’s so amusing!”

 ”I don’t get what ‘acting stubborn’ means, but Tenga-kun is tall and handsome. The way his bangs cover one eye is really cool!”

 ”Wait, wait, wait! Aa-sama is already too much, and now we have Toa-chan and Tenga-kun? Not to mention Shintaro-kun and Akira-kun? Hold on, my head can’t keep up with all this information…”

 ”Huh? Isn’t Beryl Entertainment just amazing? Why are they all gathering so many handsome boys?”

 ”Aa-sama is undoubtedly extraordinary, but if Toa-chan is ‘Toa-kun,’ then all three of them are definitely ace-level.”

 The murmurs in the audience grow louder and louder. I can still maintain my composure since I saw these four at the café, but I can tell this situation is incredibly mind-blowing. Are the streaming sites okay with this? Has the forum gone wild? I’m starting to get scared to check later. Also, I hope Hakuryuu-sensei is doing well; I will never forget you and the works you created. I’m paying my respects to the companions who scattered into the night sky, following Chinposuki-san. After the three self-introductions, Shiro-kun takes the microphone once more.

 ”So, with that said, today we have the three new members who joined Beryl Entertainment, and together with the four of us, we’d like to play a game now. Tama-chan, count on your support!”

 Large letters appear on the screen behind them, displaying “Situation Game.” What on earth is about to begin?

 ”I want everyone in the stage to answer with what they would say in the given situation displayed on the screen. Please write down your answers on the tablets provided by the staff. You’ll have a limit of three minutes per question. Alright, here’s the first one!”

 Following Shiro-kun’s call, the screen displays the situation.

 [To the tired big sister who came home late from work today, what would you want say to cheer her up?]

 What would they do… I mean, this first question really hits close to home. Actually, I think it resonates with more than half of the people here. The people sitting near me seem to be getting a bit restless, holding onto a faint hope while feeling anxious.

 ”My friend has a younger brother, and he only says mean things to her.”

 ”I heard that when it’s payday, they take all the money out of the envelope.”

 ”I also heard my friend brother’s so paranoid that he changes the water in the bath after every use, so no one comes before or after her.”

 ”That’s still better. He’ll usually beat me up.”

 ”Stop, stop, I didn’t want to know such a harsh reality…”

 Unlike the bloody and dreamless stories in the audience, the four boys are cheerfully chatting, seemingly like close friends.

 ”Uh, what should I do? Is it okay to say something like I usually tell my sister?”

 ”Oh, well, I don’t have a big sister, but maybe I can imagine how they feel.”

 ”We need to consider their occupation and the age gap too. It’s quite challenging.”

 ”Fuhahaha, it seems my juniors are struggling. Fear not, for I shall solve this problem with ease!”

 The four of them engage in a lively conversation like good friends for a while until we write down our answers. What is this? The audience is intrigued by their interactions.

 ”Wait, is this part of the optional service? Will there be additional charges?”

 ”When I tried to eavesdrop on boys’ conversations in school, they gave me looks like I was seeing something filthy. Never thought I’d get to see it for free at this age.”

 ”Beryl is going all out with this Event, right? Other agencies wouldn’t stand a chance.”

 ”The things they’re doing are unprecedented. I don’t even know how to react anymore. It feels like I’m in a dream.”

 ”I just want to engrave this moment in my brain forever.”

 ”Normally, this would be incredible, but I’m surprisingly holding up. Maybe I’ve gone crazy.”

 The three minutes pass by in a flash. Shiro-kun takes the microphone again.

 ”Well then, I’m going to ask you to read out your written text. Who wants to go first? Any confident volunteers?”

 Silence fills the room. The boys don’t raise their hand, and they avoid eye contact with Shiro-kun. This elicits laughter from the audience.

 ”Come on, Tenga-senpai, you seemed so confident earlier! Come on, raise your hand for your juniors!”

 ”What are you saying, my young one? In times like these, as the elder, it’s only natural to let the adorable juniors go first, right?”

 ”You’re just scared, aren’t you, Tenga-senpai?”


 I cover my mouth with both hands, trying not to burst into laughter on the spot. The amount of testosterone overflowing here is unbelievable. And it’s not just me; everyone around seems to feel the same way. Who knew that boys would have this kind of interaction in the real world?

 ”Enough! If you’re going to say that much, then behold!! Tremble before my gallant figure, juniors!! This is the answer I have chosen!”

 On the large display behind them, a close-up of Tenga-kun’s face appeared. He borrowed a towel from a nearby staff member and draped it over his shoulder. What could he be planning to do? Tenga-kun then lifted the edge of the towel and made a gesture as if wiping his head.

 ”You’ve had a long day. Why don’t you take a bath to relax first? Meanwhile, I’ll prepare our dinner.”

 After-bath time~~~!! Aaaaah, I really want to pat, I really want to pat, but there’s nothing to pat.

 ”Hey… you’re lying… right?”

 ”Auaaah, I want to smell the scent of someone coming out of the bath!”

 ”Moreover, this means he not only bathed me but is also going to prepare dinner? Isn’t he too good?”

 ”So nice, imagining having dinner together in pajamas after a bath.”

 ”Even though we’re siblings, such a naughty situation. If I were his sister, we’d definitely cross the line.”

 ”Sorry, Tenga-kun, I’ve been teasing you a bit until now.”

 ”To be honest, I also thought Akira-kun was a disappointing guy. I apologize.”

 ”As expected of Tenga-senpai, he’s truly everyone’s senpai, desu~wa.”

 The audience, including the older women, was on the verge of being knocked down. The slightly erotic atmosphere was indeed worthy of a senior. Tenga-senpai had shown a situation that the other three boys couldn’t pull off.

 ”Oh, Tenga-senpai is truly exceptional. The towel adds a lot to the scene.”

 ”Yeah, the anticipation of what comes after is great.”

 ”I’ve learned something from Tenga-senpai.”

 After hearing Tenga-kun’s answer, the other three praised him highly. It was unbelievable that they had such high-quality responses right from the start, and there were still three more answers to go.

 ”Now, next is Toa-chan.”


 Toa-chan’s face appeared on the screen next. Wow, those eyelashes are so long! His big eyes are so adorable. I don’t look nearly as feminine as him… Honestly, the only part that might be more feminine than Toa-chan is probably my chest.

 ”Welcome back, onee-chan. You must be tired from working late as always.”

 Ah, this is great. It’s simple yet so touching. And that upward gaze, it surely resonates with taller ladies.

 ”Oh my…”

 ”If it were me, I’d just hug him tightly and head straight to the bedroom.”

 ”Haah, haah… Toa-chan, how about doing something nice with your big sister?”

 ”Stop it, you guys! We’re still in the middle of the event, behave!”

 ”How can I become Toa-chan’s big sister?”

 ”I don’t mind if he’s a girl; can I trade him with my real brother?”

 ”A little assertiveness is nice!”

 The audience responded well to this as well. Some people made risky comments, so I used my gaze to warn them. It’s times like these that I’m grateful my eyes can look sharp.

 ”Yeah, that’s great. Even if it’s not your big sister, it hits the spot.”

 ”True, I felt my heart skip a beat for just a moment.”

 ”I see, it’s important to intentionally keep it simple… Nekoyama, I learned something.”

 The three of them gave positive feedback. When it was time for the last answer, Mayuzumi-kun raised his hand. Now, the display showed a close-up of Mayuzumi-kun’s face. Looking at him like this, he has a considerably… no, an exceptionally well-proportioned face.

 ”Nee-san, you must have had a tough day again today. Welcome home.”

 I see, I see… This was expected. To finish with a casual “welcome home” as if he remembered it at the last moment, it adds a nice touch. Perhaps he noticed that he missed saying “welcome home” earlier and added it later, but the coincidence worked out nicely.

 ”Wow, it’s a bit unfair for him to be so shy at the end.”

 ”That serene smile at the beginning was priceless…”

 ”Moreover, his reaction of taking care of the bags when they return. I love these small acts of kindness.”

 ”Calling us ‘姉さん’ (nee-san) is nice, but ‘お姉ちゃん’ (onee-chan) is also good. Honestly, it’s hard to choose between the two.”

 ”Aaaaahhh, why do all of them not only have great personalities but also handsome faces?”

 ”I’m trembling once again at how can Beryl be so incredible, even more than other entertainment agencies?”

 ”The incredible talent and good looks of these guys are making me question whether they are real or 3D CG characters.”

 Mayuzumi-kun’s response was also highly praised. The audience has endured numerous attacks from Beryl, or rather, Aqua-sama, so they seem to have developed some resistance. Under normal circumstances, they would have fainted multiple times, but somehow, they managed to withstand it.

 ”Alright, I’ll go last.”

 Finally, it’s Shiro-kun’s turn.

 Shiro-kun’s face appears on the display. He seems to have gained confidence from the others’ performances. The audience looks at him with a sense of expectation, but they also appear more composed. It seems they’ve developed some resistance after enduring the previous rounds of attacks from Beryl.

 ”Welcome home, Onee-chan!”

 Shiro-kun starts with a surprise attack, lunging towards the camera. His sudden jump has a powerful impact, and many women in the audience are brought down. I, too, can’t resist and find myself arching back and squirming on the ground.

 ”Great job with your work today too.”

 Shiro-kun raises his hand and, with a gentle smile, makes a gesture as if stroking the head of the person he’s addressing, right in front of the camera. A powerful uppercut named “Overwhelming Empathy” takes away the remaining half of the female audience. How can he be so sweet to his big sisters despite being younger?!

 ”Thank you for working late every day for our family.”

 Now, a powerful right straight called “Gratitude Words” makes almost all of the defenseless audience members collapse to their knees. My entire body feels a rush of excitement, and I find myself twisting and turning on the ground.

 ”Oh, Onee-chan, I’m sorry for calling you when you’re tired. You haven’t had dinner yet, right? Let’s go.”

 Shiro-kun proceeds to pull the audience in, as if he’s leading them somewhere. His warm smile while saying “いこっ (iko),” a casual way of saying “let’s go,” is enough to bring down the remaining half of the female audience. Even the cameraman who’s filming Shiro-kun can’t resist and reaches out towards the screen. The power of this performance is so overwhelming that most of the audience collapses.

 ”…I knew the real thing was different from the others…”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was all confident just a while ago, so sorry.”

 ”Is Shiro-kun trying to kill all the big sisters in the country?”

 ”I wonder how much I need to earn to support Shiro-kun?”

 ”I have the confidence to work for 72 hours straight if it means supporting Shiro-kun.”

 ”I want one Shiro-kun in my family.”

 ”I unconsciously took out my wallet when I saw him online. Now I understand the meaning of what those people said.”

 After the shocking performance from Shiro-kun, I manage to regain my senses. I firmly hold onto the armrests of my chair and struggle to stand up. I realize that I underestimated the impact of Beryl’s attacks. Most of the audience also looks like they’ve survived a storm and are trying to recover.

 ”Alright, let’s have the audience decide who was the best this time. Everyone has glowstick, right? If you think Tenga-senpai was the best, wave a red glowstick. For Toa-chan, wave a purple one. For Mayuzumi-kun, wave a green one, and for Shiro, wave a light blue glowstick. By the way, this will become everyone’s image color from now on, so don’t forget! Ah, and for those who can’t decide, it’s okay to wave multiple colors!”

 I understand the voting process now, so I prepare the other glowstick and get ready for the audience’s decision.

 ”Is everyone ready? Okay, then, wave your glow sticks that you’re holding!”

 Everyone starts waving their glow sticks simultaneously. As expected, the water-blue ones are overwhelmingly dominant. However, there are also a few people waving different colored glow sticks. But the most common sight is people waving glow sticks of all colors. I, too, have a water-blue glow stick in my left hand, but in my right hand, I hold three others in purple, red, and green. The reason for waving Shiro-kun’s water-blue glow stick alone is simply because he’s my favorite.

 ”Oh, wow! Many people are waving all four glow sticks. Maybe we should consider this as everyone’s victory?”

 Even though the water-blue color is the most numerous, Shiro-kun notices that many people are waving all four glow sticks and decides to consider it a victory for everyone. That’s so like Shiro-kun… or rather, it gives me a sense of Aqua-san’s influence, and I find myself liking him even more.

 ”Shiro-kun… doesn’t this make the competition meaningless?”

 ”Perhaps we didn’t need to compete in the first place?”

 ”Well, but isn’t it fine? The result is our victory, after all!”

 Ah… it’s lovely. I don’t know why, but I feel like I could listen to these four conversing forever. The atmosphere becomes calm and serene. After a few more questions, the audience catches on and waves all four glow sticks together, so there isn’t a single instance of a clear victory.

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