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Volume 6 Chapter 10 Bulletin Board, Will That Person Be Gone?

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 [Celebrating M Ste] Shirogane Aqua Thread part 2856 [First Appearance]
 8 Anonymous
 Is the audience at M Stage mostly composed of those who applied through the Fan Club and such?
 Was there such an announcement?
 10 Anonymous
 The Fan Club itself hasn’t officially started yet.
 12 Anonymous
 Beryl individually contacted those who applied for Fan Club membership and asked, “Will you come to M Stage?”
 Since information about the stage was kept secret until the end, that contact came just one week ago.
 I had some paid leave remaining, so I could participate, but people without remaining leave or those who couldn’t take a break probably had to sadly cancel, right?
 15 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Did they call you? But in the first place, I didn’t win. I knew I wouldn’t. Well, make the most of it for me!!
 17 Anonymous
 18 Anonymous
 I wonder if anyone from the verification team won?
 21 Verification Team *010meTA473
 This time, I didn’t win either.
 I’ll watch it on TV quietly. Those who won, enjoy it!
 24 Anonymous
 Seriously… I thought Shumi would be winning normally by now.
 25 Anonymous
 Those who won must have really good luck.
 29 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I’m not participating this time, so those who won, enjoy!
 33 Anonymous
 Even Nee-san couldn’t…?
 34 Anonymous
 Is it a big deal if someone actually won this?
 36 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I won…
 40 Anonymous
 Hey! Of all people, why only this guy!!
 41 Anonymous
 Hey, hey, not only Nee-san, but even Shumi and Chinposuki aren’t here, and Hagetoru alone participated? Who’s going to stop this guy if she goes wild?
 42 Anonymous
 I’ll participate too, but if there’s anyone suspicious like Hagetoru, I’ll stop them with all my might.
 47 Anonymous
 48 Anonymous
 Count on you!!
 49 Anonymous
 I’ll leave it to you!!
 53 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Breaking news, Hagetoru is not trusted by the residents of the board!!
 55 Anonymous
 Well, yeah…
 56 Anonymous
 Let’s reflect on our actions so far and put our hands on our chests.
 57 Anonymous
 There’s not a single action that’s trustworthy.
 60 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Shut up, idiots, idiots!
 Now that I’ve won, I’ll have a good time. Hehehe!
 64 Anonymous
 That’s Hagetoru for you.
 65 Anonymous
 The vocabulary of insults is at the same level as an elementary schooler.
 66 Anonymous
 It’s amusing that she’s trying to gain trust with this.
 68 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 First live performance, I’ll enjoy it.
 72 Anonymous
 Seriously, congrats, Sensei!
 73 Anonymous
 Sensei, it’s your first live, so enjoy it!!
 74 Anonymous
 I saw the image of the email notification for winning on Sensei’s SNS, thx. Hmhm, that’s how it was, huh?
 77 Anonymous
 There’s a chance it’s in the spam folder, so be careful!
 I almost missed it because of that. Damn you, *ton-sensei!!
 81 Anonymous
 I thought that might be the case and checked, but it wasn’t there after all.
 Whatever, I knew it!!
 82 Anonymous
 Anyway, it’s too late to check it now. It’s less than an hour until the doors open.
 88 Anonymous
 There was a person who had to cancel reluctantly; I got a message in the morning.
 My hands were shaking when I replied.
 91 Anonymous
 No way!! That means there might have been a chance on the actual day.
 Enjoy the live performance!!
 94 Anonymous
 AnnAnn notification is here!
 96 Anonymous
 AnnAnn notification.
 99 Anonymous
 AnnAnn comes at this timing.
 100 Anonymous
 I’m a part-timer at a certain convenience store.
 Basically, the headquarters has issued a notice saying to start lining up after 7 AM tomorrow, but depending on the store, some might start selling at 0:00 today. In that sense, there might be places that start selling at 4 or 5 AM, so those waiting in line should be cautious. Relatively, rural areas might be more lenient, but for those with cars, they might be targeting rural areas, and anyway, rural areas have fewer supplies, so be careful.
 103 Anonymous
 Those who were able to reserve through bookstores and online orders were the winners.
 104 Anonymous
 For physical stores, convenience stores are good, but I recommend supermarket magazine corners.
 Most bookstores are probably sold out with just reserved copies as announced, so if you can buy by waiting in line, it would be around this area.
 However, be cautious because AnnAnn might not be available at many places normally!
 107 Anonymous
 Today, Friday recording.
 Tomorrow, Saturday AnnAnn release day, with M Stage pre-festival at night.
 The day after tomorrow, Sunday Heaven’s Sword Episode 2.
 The weekend is too happy. For those working, hang in there….
 111 Anonymous
 Wait, come to think of it, isn’t M Stage on Fridays?
 And AnnAnn is unexpectedly released on Saturdays. I thought magazines avoid weekends and holidays.
 115 Anonymous
 There’s a special program next Sunday.
 So, they’re doing the pre-festival on Saturday this week.
 Since we knew that the Beryl team would be appearing, there’s a theory that they moved it to Saturday. Probably, they’ll sing on the next round?
 116 Anonymous
 AnnAnn was said to have been considered by the publishing industry.
 119 Anonymous
 If that’s the case, why have a pre-festival?
 They should just make this week special or have the Beryl team for next week’s special.
 124 Anonymous
 Maybe it’s Beryl’s circumstances? Also, because it’s a live broadcast?
 126 Anonymous
 Isn’t it because the next day is the broadcast of Heaven’s Sword?
 130 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, Heaven’s Sword and M Stage are on the same network.
 Sly move. I wonder if it was the station’s suggestion?
 137 Anonymous
 I’m personnel at the station… Well, I’m just a small fry, but apparently, this time, luck was really on my side. For Driver’s new work, no one was willing to take it seriously, and even the higher-ups said they weren’t expecting much. From there, it was an unexpected turn of events to have Aqua-sama appear. After being rejected by the substitutes’ substitutes’ substitutes’ substitutes’ substitutes, Aqua-sama comes? Can you believe that kind of hero-like development? The department head who received the call from Director Hongo was so surprised that she fell out of her chair and had to call an ambulance.
 142 Anonymous
 143 Anonymous
 Is there more to it?
 144 Anonymous
 Well, the manager will also fall over.
 148 Anonymous
 Once it was known that Aqua-sama would appear, the station set up an exclusive team to support the production team in order to smoothly proceed with the program’s production. Toy production, schedule management, media expansion, and clearly, the program was expected to be larger in scale, so it seemed like the original production team alone wouldn’t be enough, which I think was a good decision.
 Also, Aqua-sama is technically a guy, so it was important for the station not to interfere with the production team and upset him. By the way, there was an employee who seriously tried to cause trouble, but regarding this, our department head left the hospital and had a physical fight to stop it, saying to let Hongo do as she pleased.
 Afterward, it turned out that the department head’s escape from the hospital was discovered, and she was scolded by the doctors and had to go back for additional treatment. LOL.
 153 Anonymous
 I cried the whole time. Your department’s head is so cool.
 155 Anonymous
 Change my company’s head too, please!!
 156 Anonymous
 It’s like those with warm hearts are around those with warm hearts after all.
 I think the department head and Director Hongo must be friends.
 158 Anonymous
 I’m curious about the content of the unnecessary trouble…
 162 Anonymous
 In more straightforward terms, trying to intervene in the script. Also, personally wanting to get close, like insisting on being put into the production team.
 165 Anonymous
 Yes, guilty.
 166 Anonymous
 Thank you for real, department’s head….
 168 Verification Team *010meTA473
 After hearing the whole story, I thought Heaven’s Sword is really amazing. Just the fact that Aqua-sama is in it is incredible, but there’s also Director Hongo, who loved Driver since childhood and worked her way up to becoming a director. Having someone like that who works behind the scenes to make this great work, even though it doesn’t show, made me feel moved that such a good work has been created.
 173 Anonymous
 174 Anonymous
 Shumi is saying sensible things, and I think that’s exactly right.
 176 Anonymous
 Still, only one episode has been aired and this enthusiasm LOL
 180 Anonymous
 I’m getting a bit anxious.
 There won’t be a drop in quality from the second episode, right?
 185 Anonymous
 I don’t think there will be, but there might be an increase in expectations that could be too high.
 Everyone, let’s stay a bit calm and not raise the bar too much. What we have at this point is already pretty amazing.
 189 Anonymous
 Because I’ve been disappointed many times after having high hopes, that’s why I’ll bet with all my heart on the next one!
 Our Shirogane Aqua will surpass even those expectations, I believe.
 194 Anonymous
 Both are good, I think. Ultimately, we’re just excited for the broadcast of the second episode.
 197 Anonymous
 I seriously couldn’t wait for this week.
 From the airing of the first episode until today, every day has felt like the night before a school excursion.
 202 Anonymous
 I understand that. I wonder if many couldn’t sleep on Sunday, given that everyone had dark circles under their eyes on Monday LOL
 Ah, I can’t wait for tomorrow!
 203 Anonymous
 208 Anonymous
 What happened? Did you hit the keyboard?
 216 Anonymous
 When I got home, I had received a notification of acceptance from Beryl….
 222 Anonymous
 Hey, are you serious!!
 223 Anonymous
 Woo-hoo, congratulations!!
 I wonder in which position you were accepted.
 229 Anonymous
 I can’t tell you that since it’s a small hiring pool, but I’m looking forward to working at Beryl now.
 232 Anonymous
 Lucky, getting a notification at this time means you’re a comrade who applied for the same position, but I was rejected before the final selection.
 234 Anonymous
 I made it to the final candidate stage for Toa-kun’s exclusive manager position, but it didn’t work out.
 241 Anonymous
 Wait, Toa-kun? Even being a final candidate is already amazing!
 246 Anonymous
 Seriously, there were five finalists left in the end for the final exam, but probably, the tall, scary-looking big sister got hired.
 253 Anonymous
 Hey, wait a minute!! You casually said something outrageous just now.
 254 Anonymous
 Tall, scary-looking big sister… oh my.
 255 Anonymous
 I know someone who fits that description, but is it just me?
 262 Anonymous
 What a coincidence. I know her too!!
 265 Anonymous
 Well, I won’t say who or where, but I feel relieved if it’s Nee-san as Toa-kun’s manager.
 266 Anonymous
 I get it, you wouldn’t participate then.
 271 Anonymous
 She’s practically giving away the answers LOL
 274 Anonymous
 Nee-san originally managed Tama-chan’s streams and supported events, so it’s only natural. But because Nee-san is so sincere, she probably applied while hiding her identity LOL
 278 Anonymous
 Wait a minute, if Nee-san gets hired, won’t she not be able to come here anymore? That’s sad… or rather, if Nee-san is gone, it’s like the zoo losing its caretaker. Hagetoru, Chinposuki, and Shumi will be left to roam free.
 282 Anonymous
 It’s not a complete match yet, so it’s okay.
 It’s proper lady’s etiquette to pretend you didn’t know about it here.
 286 Anonymous
 Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s broadcast.
 293 Anonymous
 Hey… I found something unbelievable….
 301 Anonymous
 What happened exactly?
 302 Anonymous
 I won’t be surprised no matter what comes next, so go ahead and tell us.
 307 Anonymous
 From the Homepage Office’s website.
 Trademark Sample
 Your ♡ Idol♪
 Class of Goods and Services, and Designated Goods or Services
 Class 9 Commercial Video Game Consoles, Electronic Circuits with Memory for Game Programs of Commercial Video Game Consoles, Electric Communication Apparatus and Instruments, Straps and Neckpieces for Mobile Phones, Electronic Apparatus and Parts Thereof, Recordable Media with Computer Game Programs Stored, Mouse Pads, Home Video Game Toys, Electronic Circuits and CD-ROMs with Programs for Portable LCD Screen Game Toys, Recordable Media with Game Programs for Home Video Game Toys, Records, Metronomes, Electronic Circuits and CD-ROMs with Automated Play Programs for Electronic Instruments, Music Files That Can Be Received and Stored Using the Internet, Pre-recorded Magnetic or Optical Recordable Media, Film for Projection, Slide Films, Mounts for Slide Films, Image Files That Can Be Received and Stored Using the Internet, Pre-recorded Video Discs and Videotapes, Pre-recorded Optical or Magnetic Recordable Media, Electronic Publications
 Applicant, Right Holder, Registered Name
 Beryl Entertainment
 313 Anonymous
 314 Anonymous
 What’s this, a game?
 315 Anonymous
 I feel like that company Beryl is going to do something crazy again.
 319 Anonymous
 So, when I searched, this is what came up LOL
 Your ♡ Idol♪
 Are you now an employee of the admired Beryl Entertainment from today!?
 You have joined the admired Beryl Entertainment. Support the work of the talent you belong to as their manager. Who’s your favorite? If you increase intimacy individually, a wonderful happy ending awaits you! Will you be the one to capture the highest difficulty prince, or is it another you? If you clear all routes, a special END route will be unlocked!
 Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira
 Guest Appearances (Supporting Characters)
 Kobayashi Daigo (MojaP), Nobu, Atori Ako
 Original Concept/Script, Composition
 Shirogane Aqua/Hakuryuu Aiko←
 The main characters are fully voiced. Live scenes other than the legendary Summer Comic Market are all newly recorded. Many off-shots of them that can only be seen in this game.
 For those with weak hearts, we recommend playing after consulting with a doctor in advance.
 Purchase benefits available.
 Special bundled version with the game console also available.
 Release date and price undecided.
 326 Anonymous
 Hey! Sensei, you’re kidding, right? LOL
 327 Verification Team *010meTA473
 This is a must-buy, no doubt.
 328 Anonymous
 This is why this office is just… LOL
 Teacher, I envy you working with Aa-tan.
 330 Anonymous
 I, who failed the Beryl hiring exam, have decided to purchase it.
 332 Anonymous
 As expected, this office is insane (compliment).
 335 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 What’s this? Is it a risqué game? Please, tell me more!!
 336 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Uh… Is this an erotic game?
 348 Anonymous
 You guys, seriously….
 351 Anonymous
 Contrasting Shumi’s pure joy with the corrupted adults.
 354 Anonymous
 It’s a normal game, well, not exactly normal. But if Aqua-kun is the original concept, then it makes sense.
 362 Anonymous
 What could this special route be…?
 378 Anonymous
 I wonder? Is there an intimate END…?
 387 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Huh? Intimate? (Hearing impaired)
 390 Anonymous
 Is this a god-tier game?
 401 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey, hey, it’s special, isn’t it? Special, like with adult scenes?
 413 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, I get that you’re excited, but haven’t you forgotten that the other kids are underage?
 Common sense dictates that wouldn’t be the case.
 419 Verification Team *010meTA473
 If Hakuryuu-sensei is the scriptwriter, I don’t think that’s something to consider.
 Moreover, increasing intimacy individually for a happy ending suggests it’s not the regular END.
 A special END leading to marriage? But I feel like it’s not that… marrying all of them… is that even possible?
 432 Anonymous
 Shumi’s analysis, who loves Hakuryuu-sensei, is really helpful. While the idea of marrying all four members of Beryl and having a relationship END with all of them might be a fantasy that’s usually impossible, with Aiko-chan sensei and Aqua-kun, the duo with the screws loose in their heads as the original creators, there’s a chance they might pull it off.
 437 Anonymous
 If it’s sensei! Even so, if it’s sensei, she’ll definitely do it!!!
 444 Anonymous
 Speaking of which, if Aa-tan is the original concept, she will definitely stir things up.
 456 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is definitely out to get us, thanks to him.
 478 Anonymous
 Beryl Entertainment always comes up with such interesting things.
 493 Anonymous
 Did the main Beryl thread go down?
 515 Anonymous
 Beryl Entertainment Victims Association
 Search for this, it looks like an anti-thread at first glance, but it became the main thread.
 527 Anonymous
 The name of the main thread is too much LOL
 529 Anonymous
 It’s not exactly wrong in what it’s saying, so I can’t say anything….
 545 Anonymous
 It was originally an anti-thread, but the content was so laid-back that it didn’t differ much from the main thread in atmosphere. In that sense, the Shirogane Aqua Victim Association thread also has nothing but joking around and basically no anti-posts.
 564 Anonymous
 I haven’t looked at the anti-thread because I hate it, but how about you? Doesn’t it put you in a bad mood or something?
 582 Anonymous
 Even if it’s called an anti-thread, it’s like this LOL
 Because of Shirogane Aqua, I can’t eat properly. Thanks to that, I’ve lost weight and become beautiful, so please look at me as compensation.
 At night when I go to sleep, I put Aqua-kun’s picture under my pillow. It’s been a while, but he still hasn’t appeared in my dreams. When will you come to my dreams at night? I’m waiting with my legs spread open. At least impr**nate me with your baby in my dreams.
 In the morning, when I wake up, I make eye contact with the self-made poster of Aqua-kun that I put on the wall. Even though I have school, because of that, I get excited every morning and mas***bate while looking at Aqua-kun’s poster.
 Are there any middle school or high school students with the same symptoms as her?
 597 Anonymous
 Maybe Hagetoru and Chinposuki should move to this side already?
 603 Anonymous
 That’s what the anti-thread is like, thx. I’m glad… I was worried that they might write something unpleasant, but it’s the same as usual with Chinposuki, Hagetoru, and Shumi.
 604 Anonymous
 Truly, Aa-tan, even the anti-thread is properly insane.
 621 Anonymous
 You shouldn’t push things onto others that they don’t need, as mama always says!
 636 Anonymous
 Things they don’t need LMAO
 645 Anonymous
 These guys are already here, right?
 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Every night in my dreams, Aqua-kun approaches me…
 Since my underwear often gets ruined when I wake up in the morning, I’ve started wearing diapers while sleeping recently.
 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Last night, I was rap*d by Aqua-sama in my dreams.
 I can’t forget the sensation of that time, so please take care of me tonight as well! And if possible, I’d like a new position tonight.
 666 Anonymous
 Thank goodness it’s the usual.
 672 Anonymous
 These guys are the scum of the earth. LOL
 673 Anonymous
 These guys are still terrible no matter where they go, huh LOL
 680 Anonymous
 Looks like we still need Nee-san.
 694 Anonymous
 Lately, it feels like supply is finally catching up to demand. Official goods sales are also starting soon, and once that happens, the Fan Club will officially begin. Haa, I’m excited for all of them.
 709 Anonymous
 As for Shiro-kun, I’m over the moon thinking about the Scrim streams. Being able to listen to his voice and fall asleep every night is just amazing.
 718 Anonymous
 Wasn’t it Creme RAW Cup? I don’t really understand the game, but I’m looking forward to the stream!
 734 Anonymous
 Tama-chan is also appearing in a separate team, I wonder if they’ll interact somewhere.
 752 Anonymous
 Tama-chan, in a separate team, seriously?
 773 Anonymous
 SZR@TOASAMALOVE←European Champion Team STARZ Pro
 Oumi Tama@TAMA_o
 Captain’s a@cpt_NOA←Professional in other games.
 Also a candidate for victory.
 788 Anonymous
 It’s exciting that Aqua-kun’s team and Toa-kun’s team are fighting in separate teams.
 797 Anonymous
 Suzu-chan, you did well. For overseas fans of Toa-kun, this must be irresistible.
 811 Anonymous
 We have that too, you know! Aiko-chan sensei, who’s a fan of Aqua-kun!
 825 Anonymous
 Are you guys trying to compete there? LOL
 836 Anonymous
 In the audience, Director Hongo@OntheSpot
 844 Anonymous
 Is Director Hongo here to watch?
 857 Anonymous
 There’s someone in the venue using crutches, isn’t this the previous department’s head in question?
 869 Anonymous
 Still using crutches LOL
 870 Anonymous
 Department’s head LOL
 881 Anonymous
 Well, she was cured, but she stumbled for a different reason.
 892 Anonymous
 906 Anonymous
 Official SNS posted a picture from inside the car!
 913 Anonymous
 Seating arrangement progress.
 Tenga-senpai is in the far back corner.
 The seat next to Aqua-kun in the front row is for Toa-kun.
 Mayutann in the middle has a serious expression, but is he discussing something with Ako-san next to him?
 920 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun is working diligently, good for him. In contrast, Aa-sama and Toa-kun, what’s this? Aren’t the two of them playing around?
 939 Anonymous
 I just noticed, but these two are each wearing one earbud, listening to the same music together. Aren’t they too close?
 945 Verification Team *010meTA473
 A bit jealous. I also want to do that with Aqua-sama!!
 956 Anonymous
 Shumi-san, huh LOL
 958 Anonymous
 Even though you’re not dating Aqua-sama, what are you saying LOL
 962 Anonymous
 Thinking about it, Akira-kun at the back, listening to music alone, seems to have a somewhat melancholic expression.
 974 Anonymous
 Hey! Stop it! Your jabs at Tenga-sama hit me too hard…
 983 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun and Toa-kun are just too close, no matter how you look at it. Lately, when I see those two, I get worried and my heart races. It’s something that big sister is concerned about.
 999 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 While I was away, there seemed to be a trend of me leaving the thread, but I’m not graduating or anything!! Also, I’m definitely going to buy >>319!!
 1028 Anonymous
 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts. You can’t write anymore, so please create a new thread…

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