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Volume 6 Chapter 11 Bulletin Board, Serious Corporate Effort

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[Still in Stock!!] Thread Discussing Shirogane Aqua Part 2858 [The Determination of Corporations]
3 Anonymous
Finally, the companies are putting in serious efforts
6 Anonymous
I sensed a strong intention from publishing companies and printing companies to ensure that the magazines are sold out
8 Anonymous
Although some places were sold out by early afternoon, there were still places where you could buy them in the evening. Even though I was feeling despair from work today, thank you so much for the companies
10 Anonymous
According to AnnAnn’s official SNS, they considered the possibility of one person buying multiple copies both online and in physical stores, so they printed the same number as the population. To prevent resale, they also implemented a one-copy limit per person in physical stores, and for convenience stores, bookstores, and markets, you need to register personal information with a free point card to make a purchase. That was a good move
12 Anonymous
It seems they predicted the number of magazine reservations based on the previous magazine’s sales
13 Anonymous
*Sigh*… I’ve been staring at AnnAnn..
17 Anonymous
I feel you..
20 Anonymous
I didn’t expect AnnAnn’s Aqua-sama to have so many pages in this kind of spread. The pictures taken while sweating and practicing self-training in the dance studio are too amazing. Despite being slender, his body is clearly well-toned, different from the typical female body, and it makes me so excited. Without this magazine, I might never have been able to see such a boyish body up close in such a close-up shot
24 Anonymous
I totally get you
25 Anonymous
Aqua-kun looks so cute with the bangs pinned back. He’s usually cool, so it’s troublesome when he occasionally shows these cute scenes..
29 Anonymous
I wonder if that cat’s hairband is his own? Or maybe he borrowed it from his big sister or little sister… or there’s the possibility of his mom’s involvement
33 Anonymous
There are photos of him using the same one in Toa-kun’s special feature page. These two are hinting way too much. What on earth do they want to do with us big sisters? Lately, when I see these two, my heart races intensively
37 Anonymous
Aqua-tan might be natural, but Toa-chan seems to be aiming for something. Is it a threat not to approach my Aqua with weird intentions?
41 Anonymous
What’s that, tee~tee~
42 Anonymous
It’s like a kitten’s threatening pose, it’s cute
44 Anonymous
Go to the hospital, there are people who was saved because of that
49 Anonymous
Last time, someone said that here and I went to the hospital. Turns out, I really was sick. Thanks to that, I got help. Unnatural palpitations and shortness of breath, it’s better to go to the hospital
55 Anonymous
Glad to hear that
56 Anonymous
I’m going to the hospital the day after tomorrow. Thank you!!
60 Anonymous
While watching AnnAnn, I also think other boys besides Aqua-kun are nice. There’s no doubt that Aqua-kun is the best, but I was really moved by the interviews of the three
63 Anonymous
So Toa-kun was a hikikomori. I didn’t realize because he never showed that side. The interview didn’t go into details, but I think it’s a very courageous move. I want to thank him for coming out of his room. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet… well, looking at the game information, it’s confirmed he’s a boy, right? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore
68 Anonymous
This thread’s residents definitely give off that vibe. There are a lot of people who have a feeling like “it’s okay, small things don’t matter.”
72 Anonymous
Sounds like something Hagetoru would say
77 Anonymous
People who worry about the small stuff probably wouldn’t eat a weed that a dog might have peed on
78 Anonymous
LOL, grass
80 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s interview made me think about a lot of things. “I want to interact with girls normally, but I feel like I don’t know what to do.” I felt like I understood the real thoughts of boys who don’t know how to deal with girls, reading his interview. Among the Beryl members, I think Mayuzumi-kun is the one closest to a real boy
83 Anonymous
Exactly. It made me think that maybe we didn’t really understand boys in the true sense
85 Anonymous
Reading Mayushin-kun’s interview, I felt like we’re also drawing a line towards boys. It was nice to read that part where it said, regardless of gender, let’s talk more and get to know each other slowly as individuals
89 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s composing episode was great too. He mentioned how good it felt to play together with everyone at the Summer Comic Market. I hope his wish of someday performing his own composed songs live comes true
94 Anonymous
He apparently considered quitting due to past hardships, but… I think it’s incredible that he persevered without letting gender, whether he’s a boy or girl, be a factor
97 Anonymous
I wonder what those hardships were. Heartbreak, maybe?
102 Anonymous
Sure, for us, heartbreak might be tough, but for someone like Akira-kun, heartbreak is probably a rarity
106 Anonymous
That’s true when you think about it normally. Sorry, I just wondered if boys also go through that kind of thing
108 Anonymous
*Sigh*… actually, I recently went through heartbreak. I’ve just started working at the company, and there was a kind supervisor in his 50s… but he only saw me as a subordinate. Oh well, the supervisor was a fan of Aqua-kun, so I could easily talk about him
111 Anonymous
It’s a common experience for girls, like with company bosses or school teachers. It’s not something that happens often, but when men over 40 work and are surrounded by women’s society for about 20 years, they tend to treat girls kindly, so misunderstandings happen
112 Anonymous
Oh, Aqua-kun has male fans too
117 Anonymous
Exactly that pattern
My supervisor said that a lot of working men are supporting Aqua-kun. Even during a company meeting, he brought handmade uchiwa (fans) and such. He confessed with a sparkling look and a very happy expression while watching the live. Oh… remembering that makes me feel sad..
123 Anonymous
That must’ve been tough… Anyway, let’s read AnnAnn and watch Music Station together. By the way, in my workplace, there’s someone who really likes their job. They’re usually very blunt, but I saw them with a Morinaga’s acrylic keychain on their locker. I asked, “Are you a fan of Aa-kun?” and they replied, “Yeah,” all shy and cute. I was almost mistaken too
129 Anonymous
Hey, what’s up with your workplace, it sounds awesome!
130 Anonymous
I’m seriously jealous..
131 Anonymous
Lucky you
135 Anonymous
I’ve been rereading AnnAnn from morning, multiple times. This should be made into a textbook. There’s just too much useful stuff
138 Anonymous
I was actually thinking the same thing. Toa-kun and Aqua-sama’s dating special feature was really helpful
– Consider what would make the other person enjoy themselves. Girls don’t just talk one-sidedly. Boys, communicate properly with girls
– Dress in a way that won’t embarrass the other person. Girls, avoid dressing provocatively. Boys, at least take care of your appearance
Well, I haven’t been in a relationship with anyone yet..
142 Anonymous
The daily scenes of Mayuzumi-kun and Aqua-kun were great. I went to an all-girls’ school, so this was the first time I learned what it’s like when boys are in class. And it was done in cooperation with Otomezaki… my classmate delusions went wild
144 Anonymous
In the magazine, the tandem of Akira-kun and Aqua-kun made my heart flutter. “Which one do you ride behind?” If real guys of that level asked you that, most girls would faint from being overwhelmed. Even as a fan of Aqua-kun, I’d go “Uweeeee.”
147 Anonymous
The special sections in AnnAnn were seriously amazing. Behind-the-scenes shots from the Summer Comic Market, they really seemed close and it made me happy
149 Anonymous
I get it. I was worried if they only looked close on the surface but were different behind the scenes, but reading the magazine, it’s clear they’re way too close
150 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hey everyone, it’s about to start!
153 Anonymous
Thanks for the Shumi Time Report, turning on the TV
154 Anonymous
I thought it was a bit quiet. Where did the Verification Team go?
159 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Phew… I’ve been here the whole time. Let’s all calm down a bit
160 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m watching the live broadcast, unlike you guys. So, I’m already calm. Phew..
164 Anonymous
Geez, giving off such filthy breaths, lol
165 Anonymous
I don’t want wisdom from the sage-mode fap monkey, LOL
166 Anonymous
Learn from Nee-san and Shumi
169 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shut up! Even Shumi is pretending to be composed, but she’s definitely mast***ating afterward! And she’s even imagining it in a slightly taboo situation
173 Verification Team *010meTA473
Don’t write specific stuff, you idiots! W-Well, I-I’m not having such weird delusions!!
176 Anonymous
Ah, it’s so peaceful here
177 Anonymous
Still the same, huh?
179 Anonymous
We need Nee-san after all
180 Anonymous
Shumi, you’re basically saying you’re doing that
181 Anonymous
Oh, it’s starting!
182 Anonymous
Here comes Music Station!
183 Anonymous
Beryl! Beryl! Beryl!
184 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua is the best, Shirogane Aqua is the best, Shirogane Aqua is the best!
185 Anonymous
Come to think of it, there was a recording yesterday, but no spoilers. Even Hagetoru and Hakuryu-sensei are quiet… Speaking of which, what happened to Hakuryu-sensei?
198 Anonymous
If it’s Aiko-chan-sensei, she got a fever from overthinking and ended up bedridden. It seems it was really shocking
201 Anonymous
The thread’s picking up speed!
222 Anonymous
Beryl’s hereeeee!
227 Anonymous
The four of them holding hands, LOL
228 Anonymous
Left←Tenga, Aqua, Toa, Mayuzumi→Right
233 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
235 Anonymous
238 Anonymous
241 Anonymous
246 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s in danger!
247 Anonymous
Toa-kun slipped on the stairs
250 Anonymous
Aqu-tan and Mayu-tan pulled Toa-tan, and Toa-tan up
252 Anonymous
Nice move, Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun on either side
253 Anonymous
He said something just now
254 Anonymous
Yes, he said something
257 Lip Reading Expert
Toa: “Sorry, both of you.”
Aqua: “It’s okay.”
Mayushin: “Glad you’re not hurt.”
258 Anonymous
Ah, I don’t know what they’re saying, but it’s precious
260 Anonymous
263 Anonymous
Finally arrived somehow
265 Anonymous
Didn’t expect to be so nervous on the stairs of Music Station
266 Anonymous
Didn’t expect to be so thrilled..
269 Anonymous
Something’s happening
270 Anonymous
Thanks for the lip reading, LOL
273 Anonymous
Hagetoru’s usual meaningless conversation with Tamoko-san
275 Anonymous
Ah, I see, they’re actually doing the action scenes themselves
276 Anonymous
Happy about the action scenes, but I’m a bit anxious about him getting hurt
278 Anonymous
Be careful with the action scenes, don’t get injured!
280 Anonymous
Special version is here
281 Anonymous
282 Anonymous
You really get it!
284 Anonymous
Somehow, all four of them have slightly different hairstyles, and it’s thrilling. Maybe because it’s a band format, Tenga-senpai has his hair tied up, and Mayuzumi-kun looks pretty cool when he takes off his glasses. Toa-kun is looking more like a boy today, and Aqua-sama, what’s this hairstyle? Braided on one side only?
288 Anonymous
Aqua-sama seems a little mischievous today, kind of a bit delinquent-like. If the usual is the White Prince, then today is more like a Black Prince..
290 Verification Team *010meTA473
Aqua-sama seems a bit naughty today, it’s making me really excited..
293 Anonymous
Aqua-sama keeps surprising us with something new. He’s got too many tricks up his sleeve
302 Anonymous
At first, I thought he had cornrows, but he’s probably using a loose braid with pins. The hairstylist has good taste
308 Anonymous
Fairies’s Kato Iria and Mimorin-senpai posted a two-shot photo with Aqua-tan on social media!!
326 Anonymous
329 Anonymous
Other artists are also posting pictures with Toa-kun, Mayuzumi-kun, Akira-kun, of course, Aqua-sama too
331 Anonymous
So jealous
335 Anonymous
These artists are too involved
340 Anonymous
Ah, our Beryl got caught up in the female monkeys’ claws..
358 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Serves you right, bitch!!
[Link to image]
I don’t know if she’s a female idol or whatever, but I got a picture of Aqua-sama sleeping from this photos. Hehehe!
370 Anonymous
Here comes the sloppy editing!
372 Anonymous
Hagetoru, you were a genius after all
373 Anonymous
Indeed, it’s Hagetoru. I never thought of that
374 Anonymous
Overlaying their images onto the female monkeys’ images… Well done, Verification Team, your caliber is different
375 Anonymous
Even though there’s a thorough mosaic, the fact that you’re showing your own face is amazing, LOL
377 Anonymous
Despite the mosaic, at least have some crisis awareness, LOL
404 Anonymous
It’s only been five minutes, and since this comment, there have been tons of images of Beryl members being stolen and posted on SNS. People in the comments of the artists’ SNS are saying things like, “Thanks for the material for stealing” – those guys are definitely residents of this board. They’re asking for a fight, this is too much, LMAO
426 Anonymous
That means a lot of people are lurking here. Hagetoru’s influence is insane; you should just show your face on YouTube at this point
429 Anonymous
This thread is seriously the best, LOL
430 Anonymous
Honestly, Hagetoru is skinny. I thought she’d be fatter since she’s lazy. The idol’s original image is actually protruding from the overlaid Hagetoru’s body – it’s seriously hilarious, LOL
434 Anonymous
And Hagetoru’s face is smaller than the idol’s face, LOL
442 Anonymous
Damn it, they keep showing us the backstage of Beryl during the Commercial Breaks, I can’t change the channel!!
450 Anonymous
Hey! Let’s head over to the live commentary thread soon!
452 Anonymous
Come to think of it, didn’t the High-Performance Server get upgraded?
453 Anonymous
High-Performance Server, you’re a lifesaver!!
456 Anonymous
This time, please, High-Performance Server!!
458 Anonymous
Our High-Performance Server should be able to handle it!!
459 Anonymous
Don’t crash! Don’t crash! Please don’t crash this time!!

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