Male Idol V6c12

Volume 6 Chapter 12 Bulletin Board, We Are Beryl Entertainment!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Beryl Entertainment] Music Stage Eve Party, Live Commentary Thread Part Impossible to Measure [Heaven’s Sword]
100 Anonymous
Come on, High-Performance Server, it’s almost showtime
121 Anonymous
Backstage at Beryl, here we go!
138 Anonymous
Circle formation, yeahhhhhhh!
142 Anonymous
Circle formation, seriously? LOL
151 Anonymous
These guys are too passionate!
153 Anonymous
Damn, the performance hasn’t even started yet, and it’s already intense
155 Anonymous
I’m with you
156 Anonymous
I’m with you
157 Verification Team *010meTA473
I will follow you wherever you go!
158 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m with you too!
159 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Please let me follow you!
160 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Please let me come along!
161 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “I want you to come with me.”
Is there any other response besides “I’ll follow you”?
182 Anonymous
Further ahead
183 Anonymous
185 Anonymous
Do you want to go further ahead?
186 Anonymous
Is there more beyond this…?
189 Anonymous
Bad news, this is still a passing point
190 Anonymous
Good news, there’s more to come
235 Anonymous
Sending prayers for success
238 Anonymous
I hope for success
242 Anonymous
Damn, I’m getting nervous even though I’m not the one performing
243 Anonymous
The Body Sensation is intense
268 Anonymous
270 Anonymous
271 Anonymous
273 Verification Team *010meTA473
275 Verification Team *07218KADO6
276 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh yeah!!
277 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
301 Anonymous
It’s like I’ve become one of Beryl’s members
302 Anonymous
Beryl, or rather Shirogane Aqua, isn’t just cool
303 Anonymous
It’s a bit late to say, but I think this is Aqua-sama’s secret to popularity
305 Anonymous
Don’t stop…!
306 Anonymous
For those of us on-site, after this behind-the-scenes thing, are they going to broadcast the real thing? People might die
307 Anonymous
It’s getting hot, so I’ll turn on the air conditioner and lower the room temperature
309 Anonymous
Follow me
A phrase I’ve always wanted to hear at least once in my life; it’s too surprising..
310 Anonymous
Honestly, at this point, even if a meteor falls and kills me, I won’t regret it
330 Anonymous
Will the live performance come without any commercials?
332 Anonymous
Are you serious, LOL? No commercials?
333 Anonymous
Suddenly, the TV station is being so considerate, LOL
335 Anonymous
This consideration… Could it be the department’s Head Crutch, the one we talked about!?
337 Anonymous
338 Anonymous
339 Anonymous
Before commercials, right, oh yes, right
341 Anonymous
Before… Heaven’s Sword is here!
343 Anonymous
It’s Heaven’s Sword, whoa!
344 Anonymous
It’s footage of Heaven’s Sword!?
345 Anonymous
Unbelievable, it’s Heaven’s Sword footage
346 Anonymous
This development is intense
348 Anonymous
※Edited by Director Hongo
349 Anonymous
Director Hongo is here!
350 Anonymous
Definitely, it’s department’s head too!!
351 Anonymous
The TV station not only read the atmosphere but went beyond that…?
353 Anonymous
Hey, hey, hey, this can’t be true, right?
354 Anonymous
In the past, has a TV station ever been this considerate?
361 Anonymous
363 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s entrance scene is hot!!
364 Anonymous
Damn, damn it!
365 Anonymous
As expected, Shirogane Aqua is cool
366 Anonymous
He has the right to be called a man who can make everything about the men he’s met in the past history
368 Anonymous
That’s right, that’s right!
369 Anonymous
371 Anonymous
372 Anonymous
373 Anonymous
374 Anonymous
Screen transition is here!
375 Anonymous
Incredible staging! Incredible staging! Incredible staging!!
376 Anonymous
The transition staging is too cool, this has to be Director Hongo’s work!!
378 Anonymous
What’s “parin”? “Parin” is way too cool
379 Anonymous
Girls who obsess over needlessly cool staging, Hongo, she’s a terrifying one…!
380 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s cool guitar solo is amaziiiiiiing!!
381 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s guitar is soooo cool! I might just fall for this!
382 Anonymous
Akira-kun today, his face is more visible than usual!
383 Anonymous
Tenga-kun’s guitar made me wet
384 Anonymous
Senpai, you look really happy! I’m happy too!!
385 Anonymous
Oh no, oh no, this is bad! As a Tenga fan, my tear glands are collapsing at this point
387 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s drums are amazing! That small body with such power creates a cute contrast
389 Anonymous
Toa-kun is already a boy, right? Is there a girl this cool?
390 Anonymous
Where does that small body get so much power from?
391 Anonymous
I’m nervous about Mayuzumi-kun not making any mistakes
392 Anonymous
As a Mayu-shin-kun fan, I’m so nervous that I can’t calm down in front of the screen
393 Anonymous
Do your best, do your best! Shin-chan, you’re doing great, no mistakes so far!!
394 Anonymous
395 Anonymous
396 Anonymous
397 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun almost messed up, but Tenga-senpai and Toa-chan’s amazing cover!
398 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai making his junior’s mistake disappear is way too cool!!
400 Anonymous
Toa-chan is watching closely!
405 Anonymous
406 Anonymous
407 Anonymous
408 Anonymous
409 Anonymous
410 Anonymous
411 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is hereeeeee!
412 Anonymous
Aqu-tan has arr-ived!
413 Anonymous
Aqua Summer!
414 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is hereee!
415 Anonymous
Bad news, Aqua-sama’s voice instantly captures my consciousness
416 Anonymous
Good news, my body responds only to Aqua-kun’s voice
417 Anonymous
Wait a minute, don’t we have the Server?
418 Anonymous
Huh? It’s not heavy at all?
420 Verification Team *010meTA473
Dangerous, I’m almost crying..
Sorry, I can’t type anymore
423 Anonymous
Driver’s footage in the background, here it comessssss!
424 Anonymous
Hey hey, isn’t this being too considerate!!
425 Anonymous
My brain feels like it’s frying due to information overload
426 Anonymous
Does something like this happen? It feels like I’m having an incredibly gentle dream
428 Anonymous
It’s intense, it’s too intense!
430 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s shout is great!
432 Anonymous
The shout is way too cool
433 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s straining voice, Tenga-sama’s chaotic guitar sound
Mayuzumi-kun’s serious playing with sweat on his forehead, and Toa-chan’s drumming that strikes at the heart
Ah, ah… these people are serious
It’s not about being a man or a woman… it’s not like that
I can feel that these people are serious even from the other side of the screen
435 Anonymous
Damn, I can’t see because of the tears anymore!!
436 Anonymous
I don’t know why, but I’m crying while laughing
437 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, hey, I saw it live yesterday, but the tears won’t stop now!
I’m sorry, guys, it seems I’m at my limit too..
439 Anonymous
Hey, isn’t this a lie? It just ended, didn’t it!
440 Anonymous
Something’s cominggggg!
441 Anonymous
442 Anonymous
443 Anonymous
445 Anonymous
Chijou came, LOL
446 Anonymous
Chijou, it’s you, Chijou, isn’t it!!
447 Anonymous
Chijou attack, is it!?
450 Anonymous
Hey, hey, what’s up, TV station!! What do you expect us to do after showing us such a hot music program!!!!
451 Anonymous
Aqua-sama in action!
452 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s live action!?
453 Anonymous
You’ve got to be kidding, LOL
454 Anonymous
Ah, those who saw it live won’t react to this
455 Anonymous
Bad news, it’s only been 1 minute and 30 seconds since the performance started, LMAO
456 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is cool after all
457 Anonymous
What’s with everyone saying Aqua-sama? Isn’t this Kenzaki!
458 Anonymous
Go, Kenjaki!!
459 Anonymous
It’s Kenzaki, the real Kenzaki is here
460 Anonymous
I don’t care if it’s Kenzaki or Aqua-sama anymore. Both are cool
461 Anonymous
And Aqua-sama, after stylishly blocking Chijou’s attack, hugs and collapses on the spot, LOL
462 Anonymous
Avoiding the opponent’s right-hand punch, then grabbing their wrist and pulling them close to hug is cheating
Is there an action scene that combines both being cool and gentle like this!?
463 Anonymous
Ah, that’s a relief, it’s good that Aqua-sama is the Driver
481 Anonymous
It’s not because he’s a boy, it’s because he’s Shirogane Aqua. Of course, I knew Aqua-sama was cool, but the fact that he’s a boy was somewhere in my mind. But that’s not it. This is because he’s Shirogane Aqua, that’s why Kenzaki Souji is cool
485 Anonymous
No, I can’t breathe anymore. My head is pounding
496 Anonymous
※Only the first episode has been appeared
497 Anonymous
Even with just the first episode, the excitement is at its climax from the beginning!
508 Anonymous
As someone who watched from the first generation of Driver, I can’t see or hear anything anymore due to my old eyes and tears
I never thought that a child like this would be the protagonist of Driver across time
519 Anonymous
Don’t miss this moment. This line says it all
522 Anonymous
Alright, alright, finally the second verse is ending. I’m still alive, I’m still alive!!
523 Anonymous
Here we go!
524 Anonymous
Here we go-tsuu
525 Anonymous
My mom said!
526 Anonymous
Wait! Our life is already at 0!
528 Anonymous
Should I stop? I can’t take it anymore!
530 Anonymous
It’s a stag beetleeeeee!
531 Anonymous
It’s a stag beetle!!
532 Anonymous
It’s a stag beetle, you’re at the live venue too!
533 Anonymous
A stag beetle that can read the atmosphere
536 Anonymous
537 Anonymous
538 Anonymous
540 Anonymous
Now, the words of oath
541 Anonymous
Akutan’s words of oath
542 Anonymous
Wait, words of oath and such
543 Anonymous
A bell rang within me
545 Anonymous
A smile
546 Anonymous
Mooore, even though I’m told not to cry
547 Anonymous
Yes, I cried. I cried with all my heart
563 Anonymous
While crying, I make a smile for Aqua-sama
564 Anonymous
Now, I’m laughing while crying
565 Anonymous
My whole family is laughing while crying
566 Anonymous
He’s truly a sinful man. Aqua-sama!!
568 Anonymous
Transformation crew!?
569 Anonymous
Hyahhoi, henshin time!
570 Anonymous
Henshin, it’s a lifesaver!!
573 Anonymous
574 Anonymous
575 Anonymous
576 Anonymous
Henshin time!!
577 Anonymous
Let’s transform!!
578 Anonymous
Huh? This is strange. Isn’t this a music program?
Did we accidentally switch to Heaven’s Sword…?
580 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh no, the words of oath are impossible, Nee-san, I’m counting on you
582 Anonymous
The final sprint is heeere!
583 Anonymous
The laaaaast spuurt!
584 Anonymous
Go, go!
585 Anonymous
Keep going until the end!!
586 Anonymous
Toa-kun looks intense and in pain, hang in there! Hang in there!!
587 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, you’re doing great, no mistakes at all! Just keep going, keep going!!
589 Anonymous
590 Anonymous
592 Anonymous
593 Anonymous
Is this a lie!?
594 Anonymous
612 Anonymous
Akira-kun, the string broke!!
615 Anonymous
616 Anonymous
No time to change it
617 Anonymous
618 Anonymous
And now, an unexpected last, guitar solo
619 Anonymous
Damn, damn it, Tenga-senpai
620 Anonymous
Playing with a broken string out of sheer determination
621 Anonymous
This is a performance of the soul..
622 Anonymous
A trial at the very end
623 Anonymous
This can’t be… right?
625 Anonymous
I can’t take my eyes off even at the very end!!
626 Anonymous
Aqua-kun hasn’t noticed?
627 Anonymous
Everyone is looking at Aqua-kun’s back
628 Anonymous
The gaze just now was intense
629 Anonymous
This is when everyone’s hearts become one
631 Anonymous
What is this? I don’t know such a thing!!
632 Anonymous
They’re absolutely trying to connect with Aqua-kun until the end
633 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah
635 Anonymous
No way!
636 Anonymous
Hey, the guitar!!
637 Anonymous
The second string snapped
638 Anonymous
Here comes the cover by Toa-kun and Mayuzumi-kun!
639 Anonymous
Aqua-kun noticed too!!
640 Anonymous
These guys are the best!!
642 Anonymous
643 Anonymous
Go, gooo!!
645 Anonymous
Keep singing it through!!
646 Anonymous
Show us the best moment!!
647 Anonymous
648 Anonymous
Our hearts are one too!!
650 Anonymous
This is Beryl Entertainment!!
651 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
It’s not just Aqua-san!
It’s you guys! All of you are Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword!!
764 Anonymous
766 Anonymous
767 Anonymous
770 Anonymous
It’s over
771 Anonymous
The greatest moment was..
772 Anonymous
781 Anonymous
782 Anonymous
Something incredible happened at the very end
783 Anonymous
It seemed like it ended, but it didn’t
784 Anonymous
The wink at the end was too much
786 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah, Aqua-sama, did you wink at me!?
789 Anonymous
Haah, all the girls will misunderstand
791 Anonymous
The wink was so shocking, it made my tears recede
793 Anonymous
I definitely had a heart attack from that wink just now
795 Anonymous
Going from a serious expression to a wink is cheating
797 Anonymous
To sing so coolly and then show that mischievous side at the end
801 Anonymous
Aa-sama, that’s cheating. Take responsibility!
803 Anonymous
He’s making all the girls fall for him
811 Anonymous
That’s why Shirogane Aqua is the best
815 Anonymous
It’s a miracle I’m able to type even during that wink
818 Anonymous
Typing sometimes gets interrupted, but the Server’s body isn’t heavy and is moving normally
820 Anonymous
Being able to withstand Aqua-sama’s wink, you’re actually a fake! > Hyper-performance Server
834 Anonymous
The Server held on until the very end…?
845 Anonymous
The Server hasn’t crashed
876 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
It was amazing. Everything was packed into these 4, 5 minutes
Especially the last scene, where the previous Drivers were shown in the background, was great
With that long history, to arrive here… ah, I can’t take it anymore. It seems I’m also at my limit
Finally, let me just say thank you
881 Anonymous
ED credits
882 Anonymous
883 Anonymous
884 Anonymous
Good news, it’s not over yet!?
885 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, a roar of the soul is coming, aaahhh!
889 Anonymous
He’s screaming in the sky, LMAO
901 Anonymous
Good, good job, Tenga-kun…!
This big sister is already filled with tears
910 Anonymous
Toa-kun’s words are incredible. They remind me of AnnAnn’s hikikomori story
912 Anonymous
“Thank you for taking me out of that room.” These words weigh heavily after reading AnnAnn
921 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun looks happy
923 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun, you really did your best
924 Anonymous
Reconfirming, Shirogane Aqua was amazing
924 Anonymous
As expected, he didn’t disappoint our expectations. In fact, he surpassed them
925 Anonymous
This is it, this is Beryl Entertainment
975 Anonymous
976 Anonymous
He jumped?
978 Anonymous
Director Hongo
979 Anonymous
Renowned Director Hongo
980 Anonymous
Hongo-san has arrived!
981 Anonymous
Director Hongo is seriously crying
982 Anonymous
Well, even the director is crying
993 Anonymous
It’s okay, I recorded this. That’s a relief
994 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, I like this side of you too, lol
995 Anonymous
Oh, Aqua-kun, you’re something else, haha
996 Anonymous
Thank you, Aqua-kun
997 Anonymous
Truly a man who vowed to make girls smile
998 Anonymous
This even brings a smile to my face
999 Anonymous
Thank you for Aqua-kun’s smile
1000 Anonymous
1000 for Shirogane Aqua is the best!
1000 for Tenga Akira is the best!
1000 for Nekoyama Toa is the best!
1000 for Mayuzumi Shintaro is the best!
1000 for Beryl Entertainment is the best!
1000 for Director Hongo is the best!
1000 for Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword is the best!!
1000 for the music stage is the best! And thanks to department’s head with the crutch and all the fans!

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