Male Idol V6c22

Volume 6 Chapter 22 Bulletin Board, Unchanging U

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [Declaration of War] Thread Discussing Shirogane Aqua Part 2901 [Expression of Determination]
 8 Anonymous
 Everything was extraordinary by now..
 10 Anonymous
 Current social media services Trend Ranking
 1st Place Beryl Unrivaled, Only Beryl Can Win!
 2nd Place Yukishiro Mikuni – Rarely Appears, Still Beautiful, Mishu-sama Revival?
 3rd Place Aqua Shirogane – Overseas Reactions, a Global Talking Point
 4th Place St. Claris Women’s University Hospital – Heaven’s Sword, The Real Deal
 5th Place Music Stage – Amazing Debut Performances, Beryl’s Appearance is Last
 6th Place Kuga Reira – When Did She Return? Already Back in the Country
 7th Place Baritone – A Historic Achievement for the Nation, Mary, Joint Music Event
 8th Place Hyper-Performance Server – The Board is Godlike, Never Crashes
 9th Place Yuujin-sama – Waiting for the Drama Sequel, Am I the Only One?
 10th Place Ramen Takeko – Mysterious Beautiful Clerk, La Maine Sold Out
 13 Anonymous
 The top idols on Music Stage were incredible
 I used to think lightly of idols, but seeing them perform with tears in their eyes right after that commercial, smiling while wiping their red eyes, that was amazing. I thought, “Ah, they’re professionals.” I secretly decided to support them from now on
 15 Anonymous
 I’m still under the spell of the commercial
 17 Anonymous
 I wonder what other guys thought after watching that
 19 Anonymous
 Honestly, I didn’t want to see the four of them play such unpleasant roles. But… I understood that they really want to change. So they deliberately acted on their own. Also, Kohina Yukari, who attacked Toa-chan, is absolutely unforgivable!
 22 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun’s acting growth was impressive. He must have progressed a lot in Driver, but after seeing the commercial, I’m looking forward to it even more. And that kind of role surprisingly suits him well. Some might find it distasteful, but Mayuzumi-kun seems like he could shine as a villain. But, can someone effectively use a male character as a heal and still get more offers? I like Hongou as a director, but I don’t think he’s the right fit here
 26 Anonymous
 Social media services seems to have been restored. The response this time was quick
 On the other hand, Hyper-Performance Server-senpai has really become stable. I wonder what’s going on there. Lol
 28 Anonymous
 Personally, I like Kohina Yukari, who would even willingly take on dirty roles. Even though she knew she would be criticized by society for sure, she did it anyway. Most actresses wouldn’t dare
 29 Anonymous
 Kohina Yukari, if she cares, she loses. She throws money from the top of men’s heads, saying she’ll cover their fees, and if they’re not motivated, she tells them to leave. There are only incredible stories like that. I’m liking her in a twisted way. So, there are limited directors and producers who use her, and those who don’t, won’t use her in dramas or movies for sure
 30 Anonymous
 Kuga Reira and Mishu-sama appearing was more surprising than Kohina Yukari. Kobayakawa-san is among the top young talents, but being sandwiched between them must have made her nervous. She’s sensible, after all
 33 Anonymous
 I pictured Kobayakawa-san like a borrowed cat and burst out laughing. Wait, wasn’t she this pitiful?
 35 Anonymous
 I think Reira-san is mainly here for Mishu-sama. If Mishu-sama is appearing, I think she’d do it even without a fee
 36 Anonymous
 I’m amazed that Kuga Reira and Yukishiro Mikuni, who are active worldwide, managed to return to Japan without the media noticing. They must have chartered a private jet, but really, how much money did they spend to shoot just one commercial?
 37 Anonymous
 Mishu-sama never accepts interviews for magazines, and of course not for variety shows. Not to mention anything other than dramas and movies; she’s never done a stage greeting either. No other actress is as mysterious as she is
 39 Anonymous
 Isn’t it Yukishiro Mikuni? Why “Mishu-sama”?
 44 Anonymous
 When she debuted, there were no furigana, so I didn’t think “Mikuni (美洲)” was pronounced as “mi-kuni (みくに).” I think someone said “Mishu-sama” for the first time. After that, she quickly became popular in “Stars” and “States,” so people there also misunderstood and started calling her “Mishu-sama,” and it became a global thing
 47 Anonymous
 That Mishu-sama playing Mayuzumi-kun’s mother role, a regular mother role, surprised me. Even though she’s so beautiful, letting viewers watch without feeling weird is seriously impressive. I feel like I witnessed the earnestness of an actress who stands out in the world of top-notch professionals
 50 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, that part-time worker at Ramen Takeko, the pretty one, kind of looks like a younger version of Mishu-sama
 51 Anonymous
 The line in the front of the Ramen Takeko was insane. I think La Maine was sold out in the morning and the others by around 2 PM
 53 Anonymous
 I don’t feel like going to Takeko anymore… As a struggling student, Takeko’s been helping my wallet all this time, but I thought there’s no way around this. But when I was walking near the shop, that beautiful clerk noticed me. She said they always reserve a table for regulars like me at Takeko’s, so I can come anytime. She’s so kind that tears welled up. Almost like a saint. Sorry for joking earlier about shabby shops..
 58 Anonymous
 There were autographs from all of Beryl at Takeko
 Also, I saw a photo of Takeko-san taking a commemorative picture with all of Beryl. They were making a double peace sign with big smiles, and it was so heartwarming
 60 Anonymous
 La Maine, supervised by Takeko-san, was actually created by Aqua-tan. Even though he’s a boy, he’s surprisingly good at cooking, they said. By the way, Aqua-sama apparently made enough for all the staff, including Takeko-san’s share. Moreover, the boys even cleaned up and tidied everything in the TV studio afterward. It seems Director Hongo was a regular at Takeko when she was broke, and that’s why they used the shop
 62 Anonymous
 I, a regular at Takeko, shed tears
 66 Anonymous
 Nice stories
 But I love how Takeko-san can still let loose, LOL
 68 Anonymous
 I also went to Takeko, but you guys, stop bringing back air in plastic bags!!
 There’s no scent of males left anymore!!
 What you brought back is just the damp air and a muddled smell of a sweaty young female with the remnants of male, no more
 71 Anonymous
 Damn funny, LOL
 73 Anonymous
 It’s just straight to the point, LOL
 74 Anonymous
 Dude, LMFAO
 77 Anonymous
 After the commercial break, it was so shocking that the thread felt heavy, but gradually, it’s returning to normal
 80 Anonymous
 I still have time until Beryl’s appearance on Music Stage, so I’m watching Mary’s music event video. Damn
 The Ninth’s completion with the baritone added is something else. Not the Ninth I knew
 83 Anonymous
 I envy Mary’s students so much
 86 Anonymous
 Was the Ninth the only one Aqua-sama sang?
 Is Shumi around?
 89 Anonymous
 Aa-sama, I thought your specialty was gentle and s*xy high notes, but you can also do low notes like this. It was really surprising
 Occasionally showing a new side or duality like that feels like cheating
 92 Verification Team * 010meTA473
 Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2, First Movement, Aqua-sama played the piano
 Next Round’s Orchestra version, Aqua-sama played the piano
 Laputa Castle in the Sky’s theme, Aqua-sama played the piano
 Dreaming of Spira’s Piano Duet, Aqua-sama played the piano
 Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement, Aqua-sama sings baritone
 Originally, only Rachmaninoff, the rest were really just extra freebies
 95 Anonymous
 Aaaah, I shouldn’t have asked, aaah, so jealous!
 97 Anonymous
 Aa-sama, your ability to sing and play the piano raises your specs!
 101 Anonymous
 Rachmaninoff’s Second is too s*xy…
 103 Anonymous
 Aa-sama, could you possibly be into anime, games, and stuff?
 106 Anonymous
 Shumi, you really played Mary…
 107 Anonymous
 I’m also starring in Driver, which is being watched by a lot of big sister friends
 114 Anonymous
 If it’s Aa-sama, would he even accept cosplay otaku like me?
 The other day, a male classmate saw my secret cosplay images and said it’s cringey. Well, I can’t really blame him, it was a character with little fabric, a mini skirt, exposed thighs, and mostly uncovered breasts, so it’s not surprising he said that
 119 Anonymous
 Poor thing… But there’s no guy who likes cosplay, so give up
 123 Anonymous
 I’m participating in tomorrow’s cosplay event…
 130 Anonymous
 What a coincidence. I’m participating too, so don’t worry!
 This time it’s all about Driver and Chijou-related stuff. There might even be a mascot festival
 135 Anonymous
 Speaking of Driver, is that St. Claris thing serious?
 Today there was that CM, and I heard there’s a live appearance on Music Stage, is it true…?
 141 Anonymous
 It’s true. Images are flooding in. I don’t know the details, though
 148 Anonymous
 For real
 There’s a nurse posting details on social media services
 154 Anonymous
 thx, going to check it out
 157 Anonymous
 This is so touching
 159 Anonymous
 I might fall for Mayuzumi-kun
 162 Anonymous
 Even in this video, Aa-sama looks so cool
 166 Anonymous
 It’s still Aqua-sama after all
 167 Anonymous
 Oh, this is not good. I’m finally getting palpitations too
 I’m going to the hospital tomorrow
 169 Anonymous
 People with existing conditions shouldn’t watch. Palpitations get really intense..
 170 Anonymous
 Aa-sama’s coolness is reaching new heights. And Mayuzumi-kun answering to that is also nice
 173 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Well, this is helpful
 178 Anonymous
 Sensei-chan, lol
 179 Anonymous
 Go for it, Sensei. Beat the real boys!
 180 Anonymous
 You’re pretending like it’s unrelated, but the deadline is getting close, Sensei
 183 Anonymous
 Seeing Sensei makes me feel at ease
 Today, Shumi’s quiet too, but neither Nee-san nor Hagetoru reacted to that CM
 Or maybe I’m just missing something?
 186 Anonymous
 Actually, Nee-san and Hagetoru haven’t commented at all since the morning Driver
 187 Anonymous
 Shumi’s probably feeling down after seeing the bad side of Aqua-sama
 189 Anonymous
 Nee-san is on Beryl’s side, so maybe she purposely didn’t come this time?
 Hagetoru’s probably dead from overwork during the unprecedented La Maine boom, LOL
 190 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Anyone, please mention me at least a little bit
 194 Anonymous
 197 Anonymous
 I was healed
 198 Anonymous
 Haha, that’s funny
 202 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Um, is it okay to cry for myself?
 205 Anonymous
 206 Anonymous
 It’s soothing
 209 Anonymous
 Chinposuki always seems energetic. That’s the good thing about it
 213 Anonymous
 Well, that’s because she’s a useless employee who uses up all her paid leave for mas***bation
 It’s impossible unless you’re that kind of person
 217 Anonymous
 I want to hear it, tell us. Did you feel bad after watching the CM?
 223 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Huh? Why?
 Actually, if I pay money, can’t I have coffee at a café terrace with Aqua-kun? And he’d even meet me there, that’s just too kind. That’s pretty much a date, isn’t it? I’m confident I could just hand over my entire paycheck on payday
 228 Anonymous
 I underestimated you
 230 Anonymous
 Sorry, I underestimated Chinposuki-san a bit
 231 Anonymous
 Actually, I was thinking the same thing, but I couldn’t say it..
 Because everyone’s feeling down. So, thanks, Chinposuki
 234 Anonymous
 When I think that the money in that envelope becomes Aa-kun’s meal and nourishes him, it’s quite moving. If it were me, I’d proudly boast that I’m supporting such a cool boy without crying
 235 Anonymous
 Oh, good, there are people who think similar things to me
 Actually, during that scene where Akira-kun pressed the highschool girl into the wall, I got wet. I thought I was the only one and couldn’t confess while my heart was racing
 237 Anonymous
 That’s good, I knew there were a lot of perverts here
 240 Anonymous
 Wow, I did the same thing during that scene, replacing Aqua-sama
 241 Anonymous
 Hey, you guys, seriously… But I thought Toa-chan’s scene was hot
 246 Anonymous
 Probably everyone thought that
 247 Anonymous
 The afterglow was intense, right?
 Searches for “afters*x” skyrocketed, you guys are really loyal to your desires
 252 Anonymous
 You guys, LOL
 255 Anonymous
 You’re the worst, LOL
 258 Anonymous
 For me, I replaced Toa-chan with myself and Kohina Yukari with Aqua-sama in that scene
 Imagine that… it’s wild
 261 Anonymous
 263 Anonymous
 264 Anonymous
 268 Anonymous
 Well, obviously. Is there a girl who wouldn’t be happy if Aqua-sama did that to her?
 272 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Aqua-sama would never do something like that!
 But… getting pushed down makes my heart race
 276 Anonymous
 Shumi-chan is so pure..
 277 Anonymous
 Your favorite Hakuryuu-sensei writes erotic doujinshi under a different pen name… Nnn…!
 No, never mind. It’s best if you stay pure, Shumi
 280 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Ahem! Ahem, ahem!
 284 Anonymous
 Sensei is panicking too much, lol
 285 Anonymous
 You probably don’t want your pure self’s fans to see your dirty side, lol
 289 Verification Team *010meTA473
 291 Anonymous
 Oh well, I got caught, lol
 293 Anonymous
 Shumi, it’s too early for you. Someday, you’ll understand
 295 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 298 Anonymous
 Honestly, the ironclad maiden who protected her virginity until she was as old as Aiko-chan sensei and me, we don’t have any hope left for our first time anymore. So, we’re thinking, just attack us anywhere, even in a back alley or a field
 303 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 I-I’m not a virgin!!
 306 Anonymous
 Sensei, your voice is trembling, lol
 307 Anonymous
 How can Sensei be a non-virgin! There’s no way a non-virgin could write those whimsical Atmosphere stories even in their late twenties
 309 Anonymous
 Probably, if Shumi stays a virgin for a few more years, she’ll end up like Hakuryuu-sensei. I mean Atmosphere-wise, not looks
 314 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Shut up, you guys are probably virgins too! Your future is me, be quiet!!
 318 Anonymous
 Calm down
 320 Anonymous
 I’m happy to hear that Aiko-chan sensei is a virgin
 321 Anonymous
 Don’t tease Sensei too much. We’re going to stream with Shiro-kun next time, so there might be a chance
 325 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is kind, but he’s not that generous to old ladies. Oh, I’m the same age as Hakuryuu-sensei, so forgive me for calling you an old lady
 326 Anonymous
 I’m the same generation as Hakuryuu-sensei, and I’m a big supporter of her. Because if something happens to Sensei, maybe something will happen to me too. Also, delusions and mas***bation
 333 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Actually, I’m wondering too if there’s something for me! (Click—
 337 Anonymous
 338 Anonymous
 Sensei, it’s a crime
 339 Anonymous
 I sent an email to Beryl advising against collaborating with Hakuryuu-sensei
 342 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 345 Anonymous
 Thank you, Sensei. Thanks to you, I feel better
 347 Anonymous
 Thanks to that, the thread has calmed down quite a bit
 348 Anonymous
 This is also thanks to Hakuryuu-sensei and Chinposuki, who set the mood in the beginning
 350 Anonymous
 Is Yakumo-sensei the one who wrote the script for this CM?
 I found out just now. So that’s why Yuujin-sama was featured
 353 Anonymous
 I wonder if there will be a spin-off for Yuujin
 Seeing them work together this time raises my expectations
 359 Anonymous
 Even if they do it, there isn’t enough source material yet, so it will be a while. But I’m looking forward to it too
 362 Anonymous
 I’m glad I’m not the only one waiting for the sequel
 371 Anonymous
 It’s about time for the appearance!
 374 Anonymous
 376 Anonymous
 Fully naked standby, ready to go!
 379 Anonymous
 What will they do for the live show?
 380 Anonymous
 Here it comes, here it comes!
 382 Anonymous
 383 Anonymous
 384 Anonymous
 386 Anonymous
 387 Anonymous
 Unbelievably, they started aerial footage, LOL
 389 Anonymous
 Here comes the bikeeee!
 390 Anonymous
 No way, a bike, LOL
 392 Anonymous
 Who’s riding the bike?
 398 Anonymous
 Isn’t this the bike that AnnAnn was on with Aqua-kun?
 401 Anonymous
 Aaaah! The back seat is empty!
 403 Anonymous
 How can I get on the back seat of Aqua-kun’s bike?
 405 Anonymous
 Where is this?
 407 Anonymous
 It’s the TV station
 409 Anonymous
 Helmet offff!
 411 Anonymous
 Did they just arrive?
 412 Anonymous
 This is staged, right?
 414 Anonymous
 Microphone in hand
 416 Anonymous
 Everyone, thank you for watching the CM
 417 Anonymous
 Words of gratitude
 422 Anonymous
 Some people might have been puzzled by the visuals
 423 Anonymous
 Some people might have been confused by the footage
 427 Anonymous
 But for now, enjoy this festival from the bottom of your heart
 430 Anonymous
 Let’s enjoy!
 432 Anonymous
 Enjoy. Enjoy
 433 Anonymous
 Maiden’s Heart (Otome-iro no Kokoro), a cappella version!
 435 Anonymous
 I love the Maiden’s Heart!
 436 Anonymous
 Hanata’s (flower) song is amazing!
 441 Anonymous
 I can’t believe they are doing Yuujin-sama’s music here!
 443 Anonymous
 I really like this kind of thing… I like it so much it hurts..
 445 Anonymous
 Since he came on the bike at the beginning and he did Heaven’s Sword today too, I was expecting this surprise
 446 Anonymous
 I always thought Aqua-sama was capable of this kind of thing
 448 Anonymous
 Social media services and bulletin board Yuujin-sama fans must be pleased with this too
 450 Anonymous
 I love it!
 452 Anonymous
 The TV station’s hall is so crowded, LOL
 454 Anonymous
 Are these TV station employees, lol?
 456 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I’m seriously jealous of these employees..
 458 Anonymous
 459 Anonymous
 I like the gesture of switching microphones
 462 Anonymous
 Aa-sama walking through the TV station’s corridor
 465 Anonymous
 467 Anonymous
 Toa-chan is joining in!
 468 Anonymous
 Meeting up with Toa-chan in the elevator
 470 Anonymous
 A light high-five with Toa-chan
 472 Anonymous
 Doing a high-five towards the screen ←
 476 Anonymous
 Mayushin-kun is here!
 477 Anonymous
 479 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun in the corridor after getting off the elevator
 480 Anonymous
 A touch with Mayuzumi-kun is nice
 483 Anonymous
 Tenga-kun is alone again?
 485 Anonymous
 Everyone, hurry up, Akira-kun might die of loneliness
 489 Anonymous
 The stage is coming into view
 490 Anonymous
 Someone’s here, lol
 492 Anonymous
 Aaaah, here comes Tenga-senpai striking a pose on top of the stairs, trying to look cool!
 495 Anonymous
 Everyone, gather!
 497 Anonymous
 Beryl has arrived!!
 501 Anonymous
 Everyone, touch
 502 Anonymous
 And then everyone goes down the stairs
 503 Anonymous
 Watch your step, Toa-chan!
 505 Anonymous
 Toa-chan, be careful
 506 Anonymous
 Watch your step, Toa-kun!
 508 Anonymous
 It’s good, today should be fine
 510 Anonymous
 Safe, safe!
 512 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun was nervously standing next to Toa-chan, lol
 513 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun is kind
 515 Anonymous
 And now, to the final chorus
 516 Anonymous
 517 Anonymous
 Unexpectedly, everyone is singing the final chorus together
 518 Anonymous
 Ah, it’s the best!
 523 Anonymous
 Thank goodness..
 525 Anonymous
 The first song is over
 527 Anonymous
 Everyone bows together!
 528 Anonymous
 Cute bows!
 530 Anonymous
 Everyone heads to their instrument positions!
 532 Anonymous
 What’s next?
 533 Anonymous
 What are they going to do!?
 535 Anonymous
 Huh, isn’t Mayuzumi-kun’s position strange?
 537 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun is next to Aqua-kun?
 540 Anonymous
 Glass Teenager!?
 542 Anonymous
 Glass Teenager is hereeeee!
 547 Anonymous
 548 Anonymous
 550 Anonymous
 552 Anonymous
 Hey, is this a joke, lol?
 555 Anonymous
 A duet with Mayuzumi-kun, of all people!
 557 Anonymous
 Can Mayuzumi-kun sing!?
 558 Anonymous
 G-Give it your best, Mayushin!!
 560 Anonymous
 561 Anonymous
 And there’s even a dance!
 563 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun isn’t great, but he’s not bad either. But hang in there, you’re doing great!
 565 Anonymous
 The dance moves are a bit stiff, but remembering the choreography is impressive!
 568 Anonymous
 A man you want to cheer for, Mayuzumi Shintaro
 569 Anonymous
 I like how you can feel that Mayuzumi-kun is trying his best
 570 Anonymous
 It’s okay, it’s okay!
 573 Anonymous
 There were no mistakes, subtly!
 578 Anonymous
 Haah, modestly speaking, it’s the best
 581 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 You know, this might be my favorite song
 584 Anonymous
 It’s good
 588 Anonymous
 Yeah, this song really makes my heart beat
 592 Anonymous
 Funny coincidence, Sensei, this might be my favorite song too!
 595 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I also like this song, Sensei
 599 Anonymous
 That’s good
 601 Anonymous
 Good, good!
 603 Anonymous
 It was amazing!
 606 Anonymous
 The unexpected elder sister!!
 608 Anonymous
 Nice job, Shintaro!
 609 Anonymous
 NICE! Shintaro, thank you!
 611 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun said “Nice” just now, right? Lol
 612 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Microphone’s performance is so good that covert conversations are getting caught, lol
 613 Anonymous
 The covert conversation just now was a lifesaver
 615 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun calling him Shintaro is cute
 617 Anonymous
 Their relationship is really good, lol
 620 Anonymous
 Is the next song going to change the arrangement again?
 621 Anonymous
 Tenga-kun came forward!
 622 Anonymous
 625 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai had a slightly lonely look earlier, lol
 628 Anonymous
 There’s no other song for Tenga-senpai now, right?
 629 Anonymous
 Come… come!
 630 Anonymous
 Murmur… murmur..
 633 Anonymous
 634 Anonymous
 636 Anonymous
 637 Anonymous
 It really is FULL SPEED!
 639 Anonymous
 I’m well aware it’s FULL SPEED right here!
 641 Anonymous
 Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword!
 643 Anonymous
 Speaking of Heaven’s Sword, it’s abbreviated as “Hebunsu,” but does it make anyone else think of Tenga and Kenzaki and make your hearts thump just a bit?
 647 Anonymous
 Aaaaah! The morning excitement is coming back!
 650 Anonymous
 The beetle and bee, LMAO
 652 Anonymous
 Why are both of them in the pockets? Well, I have them in my pocket too!
 653 Anonymous
 People with bulging suit pockets, this is usually it
 655 Anonymous
 656 Anonymous
 658 Anonymous
 Chijou is back, undeterred!!
 659 Anonymous
 Kunka Kunker! Ro-Schutz-Marr! Deka-onna!
 671 Anonymous
 You guys are still alive, LOL
 673 Anonymous
 They are residual thoughts, LOL
 675 Anonymous
 Residual thoughts, again, kind of forced, LOL
 677 Anonymous
 The audience is going wild
 678 Anonymous
 680 Anonymous
 683 Anonymous
 Unexpected quick change!?
 686 Anonymous
 While Chijou is acting, everyone has finished changing clothes!!
 690 Anonymous
 Toa-kun is in the SYUKUJYO uniform, while the other three are in suits except for their faces!!
 693 Anonymous
 This production is hot!!
 696 Anonymous
 As expected of a broadcasting station, they’re making use of their strengths!
 701 Anonymous
 Director Hongo and Department’s Head are also delighted about this!
 704 Anonymous
 It’s already mid-September, but I turned on the air conditioning
 707 Anonymous
 The duet is nice!
 709 Anonymous
 Tenga-kun isn’t as good as Aqua-kun, but he has unique qualities and charm; he could definitely do a solo song
 713 Anonymous
 FULL SPEED is great too
 716 Anonymous
 There’s a chance for an upset with NEXT ROUND taking first place!!
 733 Anonymous
 It’s too amazing
 740 Anonymous
 That’s good!
 742 Anonymous
 Of course, Toa-chan is coming next, right?
 745 Anonymous
 Toa-chan is up front!
 747 Anonymous
 Tou-kun is good
 750 Anonymous
 751 Anonymous
 752 Anonymous
 They removed the Driver suits in an instant
 755 Anonymous
 Someone’s going to slow-motion replay that earlier scene, aren’t they? Naked? As if that would ever happen, lol
 757 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Is there a slow-motion gif of that scene from earlier?
 761 Anonymous
 Nobody’s that foolish, surely
 762 Anonymous
 Ah, there was someone foolish
 765 Anonymous
 Even if there was, there’s no way there’d be nudity, lol
 768 Anonymous
 Love the instant crash two-panel feel, I like it
 769 Anonymous
 772 Anonymous
 Oh, Hagetoru has finally arrived
 775 Anonymous
 The beast has come!
 776 Anonymous
 The beast here!!
 777 Anonymous
 This song, Shiro-kun and Tama-chan sang it at Summer Comic Market!!
 778 Anonymous
 Good! Good!!
 780 Anonymous
 This is Toa-chan’s revenge
 782 Anonymous
 Do your best, Toa-chan!
 785 Anonymous
 Back then, Tama-chan relinquished the main melody because she couldn’t keep up with Shiro-kun’s skill
 788 Anonymous
 It’s hot!!
 790 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Do your best…!
 792 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I actually really like this song. Just recently, Shumi and I sang it at karaoke!
 795 Anonymous
 Good job!
 798 Anonymous
 There’s Shiro-kun and Tama-chan in the background visuals!
 801 Anonymous
 Both Shiro-kun and Tama-chan are too cute!!
 802 Anonymous
 I just noticed, both of them have thigh slits. Oh no. Thigh-flashing progres!!
 806 Anonymous
 Climax mode from the beginning, woohoo!
 809 Anonymous
 You’re amazing, Toa-chan!
 811 Anonymous
 Not just the singing skill, but more than that, his vocal power has greatly increased
 815 Anonymous
 Did he practice this a lot?
 817 Anonymous
 To come this far in a month since the last time..
 820 Anonymous
 These people are really serious..
 821 Anonymous
 It’s only now that I’m having flashbacks about that commercial
 825 Anonymous
 I can feel that these guys are serious from all of the songs
 827 Anonymous
 Toa-chan, how can such a small body produce such a voice from within!
 828 Anonymous
 It’s too amazing
 831 Anonymous
 835 Anonymous
 Go, Toa-chan!
 842 Anonymous
 Run through until the final sprint!
 843 Anonymous
 This song hardly has any breaks, it’s tough!!
 847 Anonymous
 Back then, he couldn’t keep up midway
 852 Anonymous
 But today, he can sing with Aqua-kun until the very end!
 855 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 858 Anonymous
 Run through until the end, Toa-kun!!
 860 Anonymous
 Come on!
 861 Anonymous
 Complete it!!
 862 Anonymous
 He made it to the end!!
 863 Anonymous
 Oh well, these guys are too close, gathering every time a song ends!
 870 Anonymous
 Until now, I thought the boys of Beryl were special in some way. Because Aqua-kun and others were already in a different league from the start… But that’s not the case
 872 Anonymous
 Everyone is putting in effort. The boys are working hard just like us
 873 Anonymous
 Until now, I used to think that it was okay for boys to be bad at singing or not good at dancing, but that’s not true. I learned for the first time that boys who put effort in are even more sparkling and cool
 876 Anonymous
 It’s not that they’re giving up because Aqua-kun is dazzling, but rather that they’re all working hard so they don’t leave anyone behind, right? It’s amazing. Even though I, as a girl, say I like Aqua-kun, deep down in my heart, I think we’ll never be together, but these kids never give up
 880 Anonymous
 Boys have pride too
 883 Anonymous
 Don’t they have a reason to not want to lose except for pride?
 887 Anonymous
 Last number!
 890 Anonymous
 And today’s last number!
 893 Anonymous
 Next will be the last!!
 901 Anonymous
 Is it “Stay here”!?
 903 Anonymous
 Huh? Isn’t it “beautiful right”?
 905 Anonymous
 I thought the last song would be NEXT ROUND
 908 Anonymous
 I understood the song selection after hearing it live
 910 Anonymous
 911 Anonymous
 912 Anonymous
 915 Anonymous
 At the Summer Comic Market before, after “stay here,” it was “beautiful right?” So I didn’t notice, but this song is like an answer song to “beautiful right?” with that footage from earlier
 918 Anonymous
 So that’s why it starts from the part with the clink after “I gave you a harsh clink.”
 920 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun is a genius..
 923 Anonymous
 925 Anonymous
 I’m having flashbacks to the commercial
 927 Anonymous
 The boys have realized their mistakes..
 930 Anonymous
 This is… too amazing..
 934 Anonymous
 Does this mean we can change…?
 936 Anonymous
 Can we believe in it?
 937 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama is amazing, but if we can witness the growth of other boys… well. We have no choice but to believe
 939 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Aqua-sama won’t betray us. My answer hasn’t changed since that time, I’ll keep supporting!
 940 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Since the day I was saved by Aqua-san, my answer has been decided. We’ll support Beryl to the fullest from now on!
 941 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I won’t give up until the day I can worship Aqua-sama’s eggplant! I’ll do my best too!!!
 942 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Only Aqua-sama can change the world, I knew that from the start! So we’ll do our best too!
 946 Anonymous
 The Verification Team, without me realizing, everyone’s back!
 948 Anonymous
 Verification Team, it’s hot!
 950 Anonymous
 Hey! Even Hagetoru is saying reasonable things, and there’s just one awful person here!!
 952 Anonymous
 Indeed, having the qualification of Ochinchin sommelier comes in handy
 955 Verification Team *010meTA473
 958 Anonymous
 Shumi, I understand how you feel
 960 Anonymous
 But I like this kind of Chinposuki. Thanks to her, it didn’t get gloomy
 962 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 I’ll do my best too. I won’t lose to real boys!
 967 Anonymous
 You’re coming in hot today
 968 Anonymous
 After teasing so much, I’m actually a fan
 970 Anonymous
 Ah, it’s ending
 972 Anonymous
 The ending credits, the song, and the thread are ending
 975 Anonymous
 It was amazing
 979 Anonymous
 I’m somehow looking forward to tomorrow
 981 Anonymous
 I feel like I can change. Or rather, when kids like these appear, I felt like I have to change
 982 Anonymous
 There are decent boys too. That’s why, for the sake of those boys, I felt like I should tell the boys who do unpleasant things that it’s unpleasant
 985 Anonymous
 Even I, if I’m going to support someone, it’s the boys of Beryl I want to support. Or boys who are working hard
 988 Anonymous
 There’s a troublesome boy in my class, but I’ve decided to ignore him. I have the right to choose too
 989 Anonymous
 In our school, there are two boys, one is a bully, but the other is quiet. From now on, I’ll only deal with the bully with a cold attitude
 992 Anonymous
 Right, we should also speak up when we dislike something
 994 Anonymous
 To be honest, if we’re going to spend money, I’d rather support Beryl. So, let us start promoting them quickly!!
 998 Anonymous
 If the boys can change, then we should change too
 999 Anonymous
 We’ll leave behind the us from before here. Starting from the next thread, we’ll become a new us!
 1000 Anonymous
 Talking about changing, but in the first post of the next thread, I’ll probably be making dirty jokes non-stop. In a way, there’s a charm in not changing anything here, huh?

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