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Volume 7 Chapter 1 Shirogane Aqua, an Undeniable Evil Feelin

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 ”I’m sorry! There was a little trouble… Could you wait for about 2 hours, no, just 1 hour?”

 ”Oh, I don’t have plans after this, so whether it’s 1 hour or 2 hours, it’s fine.”

 Troubles are commonplace on a set. During such times, I usually pass the time somewhere casually, but right now, if I were to casually go outside, it would inconvenience many people. Still, occasionally, I feel like taking a stroll outside.

 ”Hmm? What’s this…”

 It was a coincidence. A familiar costume in a corner of the shooting location. The character “Kanekichi” from the popular game for all ages “Kasege!.” Kanekichi is a character based on a raccoon and appears on “The Island of Money” within the game. While Kanekichi, the president of Kanekichi Real Estate, is generally depicted as greedy for money, there are moments where he displays warmth and emotion, which contributes to his popularity.

 ”Um… Can I borrow this?”

 Fortunately, there’s a cosplay event happening around this building today. I thought that by wearing this costume, I could blend into the surroundings and leisurely wander outside. I approached someone nearby and asked if I could borrow the costume. To my surprise, they agreed immediately.

 ”I hate to ask, but since the game’s new expansion pack is coming out, could you also hand out these flyers? Maybe that way, you could distract people more effectively.”

 ”Of course, that’s fine. Thank you.”

 Wearing the Kanekichi costume, I ventured outside alone. As expected of a popular character, children raised their voices in excitement upon seeing Kanekichi. I responded with waves and continued on my way to my destination.


 The outside was in the midst of a cosplay event. Looking around, many people were dressed as characters from “Driver.” I had heard that it was popular, but seeing it in person gave me a stronger sense of its popularity. But seriously, how did they make such lifelike Chijou figures? The anime has only recently been broadcast, but it’s impressive.

 While scanning my surroundings, I walked through the park with the oversized Kanekichi costume. With his slightly protruding belly, short limbs, and a big head, walking was a bit awkward.

 ”Ah, it’s Kanekichi!”

 ”So cute!”

 The girls who noticed Kanekichi surrounded me in the costume. I handed them flyers. On the flyer was a beautiful blue sky, an emerald green sea, a pristine white sandy beach, and Kanekichi in an aloha shirt standing there. On the back of the flyer, an idealized slow life was depicted, but it was a fake. If you fell for Kanekichi’s sweet talk and moved to a deserted island, you’d be trapped in a perpetual cycle of debt and endless, unpaid labor.

 [Hello, hello, all of you too, live on a deserted island with money! Now, for a limited time offer, you can move for just a total of 4,980 yen (34,22$)!]

 The words I spoke were played back in Kanekichi’s voice. It’s an incredible function, but I have no idea how it works.

 ”Ahahaha! It’s the real Kanekichi!”

 ”I won’t be fooled anymore!”

 ”Wow, his belly is chubby!”

 ”Kyaa, the tail is cute!”

 ”Can we touch your head?”

 The big sisters in cosplay patted Kanekichi’s back energetically. It seemed that the girls who spoke to me had experience moving to a deserted island.

 ”Well then, Kanekichi!”

 ”The costume must be hot, but do your best!”

 ”Be sure to stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke!”

 ”Don’t fool people anymore!”

 ”Kanekichi, if someone tries to stab you, run away!”

 I waved to the departing girls. Wait, the last person’s warning was too serious!

 By the way, the girls were dressed as the group “Aqua (Aqours’s)” from “Love Life Sunrise (Love Live Sunshine),” an anime. The quality was quite high, and everyone looked cute. I was quite pleased watching them. Lost in my thoughts, someone suddenly charged at Kanekichi’s belly.

 ”Ahh, it’s Kanekichi! Kanekichi is here!”

 I was taken aback by the incredibly cute voice that I recognized. I cautiously lowered my gaze towards the area where I could feel a touch. There, I saw a figure of someone precious to me.

 ”Hehe, so cute!”

 A beautiful girl clinging tightly to Kanekichi’s body. She was dressed as Saber Lily, a popular character from the game “FADE (Fate).” Her pure white outfit resembled a wedding dress, and the big ribbon swayed cutely along with her ponytail. What’s more, the person in that cosplay was none other than Kanon.


 Kanon’s cosplay is way too cute!

 No, wait! Wait a second. In the first place, isn’t it unfair for an actual foreigner with a strong fantasy feel to cosplay a character from a foreign-like setting? Clearly, the quality is different, or rather… how do I put it? It’s totally 2.5-dimensional from any angle!

 Well, at this point, I could almost say she’s come from within the 2D world. And she’s even wearing her hair in a ponytail for the cosplay today! Kanon-san! Is it okay to show your nape so freely like that? No, wait, looking closely, her back is completely exposed in that outfit! And it’s tightly fitting her body, which is quite… erotic. Her waist is still slender, and the way her chest swells… Thank you so much! Ahh! No, you can’t raise your arms so high like that! Kanon’s armpits are too naughty; you can’t just casually show them to people! Geez, this girl is just too defenseless!

 ”My, my. Clinging that closely will trouble Kanekichi-san too.”

 I shivered at the voice carrying a bewitching charm. Well, if Kanon is here, then this person should be here too.

 However, this person wasn’t wearing the familiar maid outfit but rather something like a swimsuit… or more accurately, most likely a swimsuit.

 Pegonia-san! Are you in on this too? You’re also here? Just like Kanon, Pegonia-san was also dressed in a costume from “FADE (Fate),” if I remember correctly. It was that character, Seshoin-something. Pegonia-san was wearing a swimsuit version of that character’s outfit. Wait, hold on a second. Is it okay to have that sheer, black material resembling tights from her belly to her lower body? Isn’t this too naughty? Can you really walk outside wearing such a seductive outfit?

 ”Sniff sniff… Sniff sniff… Hmmm?”

 Kanon sniffed at the scent coming from the Kanekichi costume. Ah… please endure the fact that the costume might be a bit sweaty.

 ”Kanekichi smells like Aqua…”


 Darn it, I accidentally blurted that out.


 I quickly averted my gaze from Kanon.

 ”Today, I heard you had work…”

 ”W-Well… it’s just that, there happened to be some equipment trouble…”

 I whispered in a small voice without going through the voice changer. Kanon smiled gently in response.

 ”Hehe, you can’t do that. If you’re a kanekichi, you’ve got to fool around with that.”


 Uh… it seems Kanon is a step ahead of me.

 ”By the way, speaking of which, why is Kanon here?”


 Kanon lowered her gaze to check her own outfit and her face turned red with embarrassment.

 ”Um… well… ah, Aqua might be shocked too. Doing cosplay… If Aqua doesn’t like it, I won’t do it anymore. Yeah…”

 ”I don’t mind.”

 Within that moment, within 0.001 seconds, it was more like an instant response at a tempo more negative than the beat of a popular volleyball manga.


 ”I actually want to see more. If possible, when we’re alone…!”

 ”R-Re-Really? B-But this is still a relatively modest outfit. I actually have ones with even less fabric, more like…!”

 ”Thank you!”

 ”Thank you?”

 Even though I’m an idol, I’m still a healthy young man, and I have a great interest in the exposed skin of girls. But ever since I started dating Kanon, I haven’t even requested a “milk extraction” session from Miyuki-san, and I’m even thinking about handling the monthly scheduled “milk extraction” duty myself. After all, I’m dating Kanon, and I think Kanon wouldn’t like me doing things like that with other girls. I want to treat Kanon well, so I don’t want to do anything that Kanon might dislike.

 ”My, my, in that case, how about I send you a picture of Your Highness’s cosplay from Pegonias’s collection as a night companion?”

 Pegonia-san sweetly whispered into Kanekichi’s ear. I couldn’t help but gaze from the bottom to the top of Pegonia-san’s body, which was tightly attached to the costume. Sorry, Kanon… I said that just a while ago, but this is just a natural male reaction. Rather, it’s almost impolite to not look, or, well, it’s like a matter of etiquette, you know?

 ”Shirogane-sama, how does Pegonia’s body look? It’s quite substantial once the maid outfit is taken off.”

 Indeed… her well-rounded waist, the area around her navel visible through her sheer outfit, her plump thighs, her ample chest – I thought Pegonia-san’s body was lecherous rather than just erotic. While I was lost in thought, Kanon, who had clung to the opposite side of Pegonia-san, stared at me with a sharp look.


 Ah! No, no! This is just an objective viewpoint, an opinion, you know… Cough! Um… that is, it’s not like I got distracted by other women besides Kanon or anything like that. Yeah!

 ”I wish I had brought something even more provocative… You’re free to look at mine as much as you want…”

 While Kanon muttered something, I was busy in my mind with excuses on the other side. On the opposite side, Pegonia-san slouched against my costume, pressing her body against it. I had no way of knowing, but I felt the definite pressure of two breasts through the costume against my body.

 ”If you want, you’re welcome to enjoy this body along with Your Highness body. Hehe, other gentlemen don’t show much interest in Pegonia’s body, but Aqua-sama must like it, right? Pegonia understands. You’ve probably seen my breasts more times than Your Highness, haven’t you?”

 No, this isn’t right! I have Kanon, an important woman in my life…!

 Wait! Wh-What the heck!? Can she see through my costume!? Huh, huh!? I’ve… I’ve been looking at girls’ breasts that much…? I need to be careful from now on…

 ”Hehe… You’re as stiff as ever. If you were going to be so firm, wouldn’t it be better if it were somewhere else? You know, I’m quite skilled at making something stiff become soft. Hehehe.”

 Stop with those loosely clenched fists moving up and down! Seriously, young women shouldn’t be so shameless. Grr! And, changing something stiff into something soft probably refers to massage, right? I won’t be fooled!

 ’Um, more importantly, aren’t both of you considering moving to the uninhabited island? R-Right now, if you move, there’s a campaign where you’ll get a sleeping bag and a cell phone for free!’

 I handed them the flyer in a hurried manner, and perhaps due to my haste, I ended up pressing it against both their breasts.



 N-No, it’s not intentional! I thought they might be soft or that flattened breasts might be erotic, but it’s not my fault, it’s the circumstances!!

 ’W-Well then, anyway, aren’t you planning to move, both of you?’

 I quickly left the scene. Ah, I felt like they told me to wait, but I’ll just pretend I didn’t notice. At this rate, I’m just a pervert who fondles breasts and runs away. Sorry, Kanekichi…

 ’*Huff… huff… I’m… so tired.’

 It’s still quite hot for September, and sprinting around in a costume is dangerous. As I knelt down, trying to catch my breath, I heard a sweet voice.

 ”Ah, it’s Kanekichi…”

 ”Wow, it’s really you!”

 And it was two very similar voices. When I heard that, I muttered to myself that it must be a lie.

 I turned my gaze in the direction of the voices, and there stood the twin maid sisters from the popular light novel series “Starting Over with Sex in a Parallel World. (Re-zero)” They were wearing pink and blue wigs, with one eye hidden. However, I could easily recognize the two of them cosplaying. Just like Kanon, their makeup had changed their facial features, but there was no mistaking that it was Toa and Subaru-chan.

 ’Y-You two, are you also considering moving to the uninhabited island?’

 Pretending not to notice, I handed them the familiar scam flyer.

 Then, the maid, with the blue wig, grabbed my wrist.

 ”S-So, Aqua, what are you doing here?”

 Why does everyone find out so easily! Are you guys all ESPers or something, just like Kanon?

 ’Killing time due to equipment trouble… and why are you here?’

 I raised a questioning eyebrow.

 ”I mean, why else would I be here? For cosplay, of course.”

 ’No, I mean, why are you cosplaying?’

 Toa pinched the hem of his miniskirt and spread it open. Hey, you shouldn’t do that; you’re revealing parts that shouldn’t be seen!

 ”Subaru wanted to try cosplay. So, we thought we might as well do it together. How about it? Do we look good? Look, pay attention to Subaru too!”

 ’Yeah, you both look amazing. Subaru-chan is adorable.’

 It’s a straightforward compliment, and even if I say it in a subdued manner, it’s still cute. The cuteness is overwhelming, and I can’t help but grin. But seriously, their faces really are so alike. There are some slight differences; Toa has a softer expression, and Subaru-chan’s face carries a bit more assertiveness.

 ”That’s great to hear. Subaru, you’re adorable.”

 ”Y-Yeah… Oh, thank you, Aqua-nii.”

 Subaru-chan showed a bashful expression. Well, she’s cute! Overwhelmed by her cuteness, I patted Subaru-chan’s head with Kanekichi’s hand to make sure her wig stayed in place.


 Subaru-chan blushed and touched the top of her head. Oh, I’m sorry. It must have been surprising when I touched you so suddenly. I apologized to Subaru-chan for my abruptness.

 ”With the recent incident and all, I wonder if I should seriously make Aqua take responsibility for Subaru…”

 Next to me, Toa muttered something in a low voice.

 ’Oh, right! Since you’re here, I’ll give you this flyer too!’

 For now, I handed the two of them the dubious flyer.

 ”There’s so much small writing at the edge of this flyer…”

 ”This game is known for that among experienced players; it’s truly quite devious.”

 Both of them looked at me with eyes that seemed to doubt something.

 ’Tch! These guys are already residents, I bet. If they’re residents, they’ll buy the additional content coming out next month!’

 Toa, with a pitiable expression, approached me slowly and brought his face closer to mine.

 ”Aqua, is it just me, or are you being influenced by Kanekichi?”

 ’To be honest, I might be getting a bit into it.’

 When I responded like that, Toa looked at me with an exasperated expression.

 ’A-Anyway! Please buy the additional content next month!’

 Unable to bear the pitying looks from them, I left behind a parting remark and hurriedly retreated from the scene. I fled hastily, and as I did, I coincidentally spotted a classmate. Despite appearing as Kanekichi, I naturally greeted them with a normal voice.

 ’Huh? Claire-san, what are you doing here?’

 Seeing Claire-san’s confused expression, I thought, oh no. That’s right, I currently look like Kanekichi… Surely, I don’t look like myself in this form. And revealing my true identity would be counterproductive…

 ”Huh…? That voice, A-Aqua… Shirogane-kun?”

 It seemed that Claire-san immediately recognized me. Even though I knew I couldn’t deceive her any longer, I continued to act as Kanekichi.

 ’W-What are you talking about? I’m just Kanekichi! By the way, would Sister like a flyer too?’

 I handed Claire-san the flyer while maintaining my Kanekichi act.

 Upon closer inspection, Claire-san was wearing a Sister Costume. It’s probably some kind of cosplay, but there are so many nun characters that I can’t tell who she’s cosplaying as. I’m sorry.

 ”Uh… huh? T-Thank you?”

 Claire-san looked bewildered. And upon closer inspection, she had a somewhat worn-out look. I didn’t know what had happened, but what Claire-san needed now was rest and tranquility.

 ’If you’re interested, the best deal is the all-inclusive set for 4980 yen. Claire-san, you could enjoy a slow life on the uninhabited island and refresh your tired heart!’


 But seriously, is Claire-san okay? She looks like she’s gone through what Emily-san went through, with the thinness of her appearance…

 Wait! Could it be that someone has done something to her, causing her to look this exhausted? Damn it! I can’t believe I’m making kind-hearted Claire-san worry! What a terrible guy I am! Come on out, I’ll take your place and give them a piece of my mind!

 ’Claire-san… If something’s wrong, please let me know. We’re classmates, after all. If there’s anything I can do, I’m here to help.’

 ”Huh? Uh… yes. But, I’m fine… Oh, but there’s just one thing. If possible, Shirogane-kun, please take a break too! As long as possible!”

 Ugh! Claire-san’s words made my eyes feel warm. Even though I have a tired expression myself, she’s caring about me, just a fellow classmate. She’s such a kind person. Alright! I can’t let Claire-san outdo me. I’m going to keep putting my all into my work!

 ’Take care on your way home!’

 ”Yes, well then…”

 After parting ways with Claire-san, I continued walking in the opposite direction. Then, I spotted a woman wearing a Sister’s costume similar to Claire-san’s. Huh? Could that be Vice President Rosenesta? Hmmm, nun cosplay seems to be a trend. While I was thinking about that, Vice President Rosenesta walked briskly somewhere while still wearing the nun outfit. Seriously, there are way too many acquaintances here. What’s going on?!

 As I was pondering these thoughts, I didn’t pay enough attention to my surroundings, and I ended up bumping into something soft, causing me to stumble.

 ’Uh, sorry about that. Are you okay?’

 ”Are you all right too?”

 Oh, there’s something substantial (mountain) right in front of me… And there are four of them!

 ”Are you both alright?”

 ”We’re fine. Is Kanekichi-san okay?”

 Wha-!? I hurriedly took a second, even a third look at their faces. While I was distracted by just looking at their breasts, it finally struck me. It was Kirika-san, the regular customer from the café where I used to work part-time, and… M-Miyuki-san!? Wait, why? How do these two know each other?! Well, I mean, I guess things like this happen, right?

 I took another look at the two of them. Since they both have a serious image, I never thought they would cosplay, but Kirika-san was cosplaying a character that personifies a battleship with a very large caliber gun. On the other hand, Miyuki-san was cosplaying a character who personifies a heavy cruiser named after a splendid mountain with an elevation of 924 meters. Yep, it’s definitely a heavy cruiser. I won’t comment on what exactly is similar…

 ’A-Are you both okay? Are you safe?’

 Still… Kirika-san has an amazing figure. Her waist is so well-defined, and her slender legs are so appealing. I thought of her as someone agile and serious, so her cosplay was unexpected, but it really suits her.

 ”Kirika-san… It’s still a bit embarrassing, but, uh, are you okay with this?”

 While Miyuki-san, who usually remains cool and doesn’t show much emotion, was looking embarrassed, my heart felt a twinge. Miyuki-san’s cosplay had less exposure than Kirika-san’s, but it’s so erotic. The buttons on her uniform, which is already tight due to her overly large breasts, look like they might pop any second, and I can slightly see her panties through the gap of her open front uniform. I better not comment on that.

 ”Miyuki-san. By transforming into a beloved character, we learn what it’s like to be loved. That’s our mission for today. I know that this cosplay doesn’t really suit you, but please endure it for now. Even I, at thirty, find cosplay a little embarrassing.”

 Doesn’t suit her? No way!! I leaned my head in closer to the two of them.

 ’It’s not like that at all! Both Miyuki-san and Kirika-san look fantastic! I’d even want a photo later, to be honest! Nng… It’s nothing, really.’

 Oops… I almost let my desires slip just a bit. But I should have managed to cover it up…



 ””Could it be…””

 Ah, no… I’ve really done it now.

 I accidentally called out their names and dug my own grave. But, they shouldn’t know who it is, right?



 ””Is that right?””

 Yeah, they totally figured it out. Everyone’s so perceptive, huh?

 ”I-I’m embarrassed…”

 ”Sorry for showing something unsightly…”

 ’It’s not like that at all! Both of you look absolutely amazing!! Have confidence! And, age doesn’t matter when it comes to cosplay. You can become whoever you want. What’s important is how you feel. So don’t be embarrassed! Oh, but you both look good in your costumes and, um… a bit s*xy too… Oh. Um, well, ‘s*xy’ is a nuanced word. So, it’s not like I was looking at you in a vulgar way. Yeah, that’s right, I meant it in an objective, uh, objective way…’

 Oops… I got carried away and said too much.

 ”Vulgar gaze… ‘s*xy’…”

 ”Objective… Aqua-san think it’s ‘s*xy’.”

 It would be easy to lie here. But is it okay to lie? Ako-san told me. “Be honest,” she said. As a man, I shouldn’t just try to smooth things over with fancy words.

 ’No, I really think you both look very ‘s*xy’! Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, that’s true, but uh… could you forgive me?’

 ””We forgive you.””

 I’m glad they’re both kind people. Miyuki-san is just milking me with work, and Kirika-san is like a colleague at the same company. Even though it’s just a work relationship, I think they’d both be uncomfortable if I said such things to them. But even so, they’re both so mature. They’re tolerant of someone like me, a kid, looking at them with slightly ‘s*xy’ eyes. What kind people they are. Thank you. Thanks to them, I can look at them with ‘s*xy’ eyes without hesitation… No, that’s not right. That’s not right! I have Kanon, you idiot!

 I lightly slapped my own cheek with Kanekichi’s plump hand. Of course, the thick material prevented it from hurting.

 ””Are you alright?””

 ’Oh, yes, I was just upset with myself.’

 I cleared my throat and used the voice changer to talk to the two of them.

 [Do either of you have any interest in a deserted island lifestyle? If you’re interested, Kanekichi is planning to live a slow life on a deserted island!]

 ”A deserted island… with Aqua-san”

 ”On an uninhabited island… with Shirogane-sama… ‘s*xy’…”

 A ‘s*xy’ life!? No, it must be a mishearing of ‘slow’ life. Someone like Miyuki-san wouldn’t say something like that. It seems the heat is making me a little weird. I should probably head home soon.

 [If you buy the first-time package now, it’s 4980 yen! If you’re interested, we’d like both of you to buy it too! Well then, I still have more flyers to distribute, so I’ll take my leave here. See you later!]

 I said that and parted ways with them. As I made a U-turn, I walked back along the same path.

 ”Ohoho, it’s cosplay time, desu~wa~!”

 I recognized that high-pitched voice; it’s probably my classmate, Washimiya-san. It’s scary how I’ve gotten used to not being surprised anymore. I glanced over, and there she was, cosplaying as the popular Vtuber, Sayaka, from the Great Disaster Agency. Seriously, her cosplay is too spot-on! And are those vertical twin tails? Plus, her outfit looks like a real high-quality custom-made piece. It’s incredible…

 ”Lisa-chan seems to be having fun. Let’s have fun too, Uruha-chan.”

 ”Hehe, that’s right! Kokona-chan!”

 Well, they’re a set, aren’t they? By the way, Kurumi-san was cosplaying as a character from Magical Magical Magica, and Kurogami-san was cosplaying as a mentally unstable character from a game called Flame Emblem, which was released by the same game company as my costume. And Pegonia-san, why is it that people with seductive figures like her always seem to wear full-body black tights? Is that kind of outfit in fashion among the ‘s*xy’ crowd?

 [If you’re interested, I’ll give you all some too…]

 Since I had them, I handed the remaining flyers to the three of them. Fortunately, because I managed to avoid any slip-ups this time, none of the three noticed my true identity. Phew, I’m not too shabby myself!

 Alright, time to head home! I continued on, holding Kanekichi’s heavy belly and heading back toward the building, dragging my feet.

 By the way, on the way back, there was someone dressed as Poison Chalice, standing at around 190cm, surrounded by Chijou. I decided to pretend I didn’t see them. Only Hongo-sensei and that person I know well can strike such cool poses. But I’m sure there are others who can do that too. Yeah, I’ll just assume that. Lightning Hopper, looking like they’re being reluctantly dragged along, seemed puzzled beside them, but well, do your best! And oh, right beside them, I think I saw a woman-sized Heaven’s Sword doing some impressively cool poses too, but I’ll also pretend I didn’t see that.

 After finishing work and returning home, I received slightly ‘s*xy’ images from everyone who had noticed my true identity that day. Huh? I thought I had managed to cover it up well, but did I fail to hide my intentions? Hmm, I can’t figure it out! But Pegonia-san, your sent photos are definitely out of bounds. Even though it’s your own body, please treat it with more care.

 I could see every single part that absolutely shouldn’t be seen! I checked every nook and cranny, so there’s no mistaking it. You see, mistakes are not allowed there. Of course, since I’m a gentleman, I won’t point that out or do anything crude. I properly made use of them, though. Yeah, thank you very much!!

 Speaking of which, I thought only the last three classmates hadn’t figured out my identity, but only Kurogami-san sent images, for some reason. And she even sent them for all three of them. Huh? Why did Kurogami-san figure it out? Yeah… let’s not dwell on it. That’s right, it’s better not to peer into the abyss, as Ako-san said!

 For the time being, I replied to Tenga-senpai, who had sent me Poison Chalice’s images, with “Looking cool!”


 Here are the references for the cosplays:

 Aqua -> Tom Nook from Animal Crossing

 Kanon (Shumi) -> Saber Lily from Fate/Grand Order

 Pegonia -> Kiara Sesshōin’s swimsuit form from Fate/Grand Order

 Subaru and Toa -> Rem and Ram from Re:Zero

 Miyuki -> Atago from Kantai Collection

 Kirika (92-san) -> Nagato from Kantai Collection

 Washimiya Lisa -> Hyakumantenbara Salome from NIJISANJI

 Kurumi Kokona -> Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

 Kurogami Uruha -> Rhajat from Fire Emblem

 By the way, as for Miyuki-san’s reference or rather the image the author had in mind, it’s like the head nurse… If you don’t know, you can search for “Halloween Head Nurse” and you’ll understand. With such a perverted outfit, I might actually be okay with being subjected to semen extraction tasks.

 This time, I apologize for this being purely a break for the author. I hope you enjoy it in a relaxed manner.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.
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