Male Idol V7c2

Volume 7 Chapter 2 Shirogane Aqua, the Red Spa Walt

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 CreamRAW Cup.

 A major gaming event hosted by the professional gaming team CreamRAW. Participants include active pro gamers, former pro gamers, popular Vtubers, YouTubers, game streamers, entertainers, musicians, manga artists, cosplayers, and more. Diverse individuals compete, with a total of 20 teams, each consisting of 3 members, totaling 60 participants. The competition determines the winner, MVP, and special awardees, who receive prizes and special items.

 Invited as Hoshimiya Shiro, I join the tournament with Euris, a current pro gamer from States, and Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei. Today involves our first meeting and participation in practice matches held daily in preparation for the main event.

 ”Phew… Is this sufficient?”

 ”Yes, and it’s almost time.”

 Euris, Toa, and I warm up our aim at the shooting range before the gathering. Aim refers to precision in shooting. Regardless of a weapon’s strength, damage occurs only when shots connect. Hence, hitting opponents, especially the high-damage ‘Head Shot’ to the head, becomes crucial for victory.

 ”Well, I’ll move to the team chat now.”

 ”Sure, and remember, if I spot you, Aqua, I’m going to hunt you down.”

 ”Although it pains Toa, we’ll come out victorious! Euris, I’ll leave it to you!”

 Toa burst into laughter upon my statement.

 ”Wait!? You’re leaving that to others!?”

 ”Haha, well then, we’re foes from now on.”

 ”Yeah, I’m looking forward to battling Aqua.”

 Exiting Toa’s chat, I search for the team chat. Let’s see, where was our team number? Is it here?

 ”Hmm… Huh!?”

 ”Wha, no way!?”


 Ah, I entered the wrong team.

 ”I apologize… I joined the wrong team.”

 To avoid simply leaving, I offer an apology.

 ”No worries, mistakes happen.”

 Kindly addressing me, it’s Vtuber senior, Sayamu Inko-san. Though gentle like this usually, she transforms during games… or more accurately, when she holds a gun. She becomes a different person, getting aggressive and often isolating herself to self-destruct. While she speaks standard language now, she switches to Kansai dialect when heated. It’s a common joke in her streams.

 ”Are you okay? Shall bis sister accompany you?”

 The voice of a big sister-like figure who spoils me slightly makes my heart race. A former pro gamer, now a successful streamer, Icebox44-san. Renowned for managing over 40,000 concurrent viewers, she’s called 4-kara-shii-chan senpai by everyone. She added another ‘4’ to her name when she surpassed the 40,000 milestone. Shii-chan is also famous as a Morinaga junkie. Notably, during streams, she’s known for showcasing snacks from her forest home and displaying them on the screen.

 ”It’s Shiro-kun. Hehe, ehehehe.”

 A girl with a cute voice and a slightly sloppy way of talking, Kato Iria from Fairies, who I took a picture with backstage during M-Stage. Iria and Ayana are the top two young female idols right now. Unlike Ayana, who rarely shows herself outside work, Iria actively engages with fans through social network service and live streams.

 ”Oh, thank you. By the way, do you know my team?”

 ”Um… I think Shiro-kun’s team is listed somewhere.”

 ”Inko-chan, I think Shiro-kun is probably in Team 15.”

 Right, I used Aiko-san’s first name, Aiko, to make it Team 15.

 ”Oh… right, I remember now. Inko-san, Shii-chan, thank you very much.”

 ”It’s fine, don’t worry about it!”

 ”Hehehe, it’s fine. Big sister and others, I’ll gladly teach Shiro-kun anything.”

 ”Yeah, anything!”

 ”Ahaha… Iria-san, thank you as well. Well then.”

 ”See you!”

 ”Good luck.”


 After leaving Inko-san’s chat, I enter my team’s chat.

 ”Nice to meet you all!”

 Since Euris-san was already in Team 15’s chat, I greeted energetically, being myself.

 ”Ahaha, nice to meet you too! Oh, Shiro-san, Shiro-san! Is it okay to start the stream now?”

 ”Ah, it’s alright, Euris-san. And speaking of this language, you can speak it quite naturally. Your fluency is astonishing.”

 When you flatten the world map and center it on this country, Stars is in the west, and States is in the east. Euris-san is a pro gamer from States. She’s good at this country’s language because she got addicted to anime, manga, and games here and learned the language on her own. I remember her saying that in one of her streams.

 ”Huh? Really? That’s great! Thank you! Oh, Shiro-san, you can call me Euris, okay?”

 I was going to tell Euris that she doesn’t need to use honorifics with me, but I recalled her mentioning in a stream that honorifics are unusual in this country and she’s into using ‘san.’ So, I decided to leave it as it is. Just in case, I wrote in our private chat that it’s fine to call me without honorifics.

 ”Oh, Shiro-san, Shiro-san, the viewers are asking you to start the stream!”

 ”Oh… right, I forgot to start the stream. Thanks, Euris.”

 I activate the streaming software.

 ”Ahaha, you’re welcome~! Shiro-san, a stream is a must for a streamer!”

 ”Exactly. Let’s add a delay… stream on. Is this alright, everyone? Are you watching?”

 ”Are all of Shiro-san’s listeners watching!”

 When I glanced at the stream, I realized Euris has a lively spirit. She’s around 16 years old, the same age as me. After a few minutes of my talk, comments began flooding in.

 ’We’ve been waiting for you, Shiro-kun!’

 ’Long time no see, Shiro-kun!’

 ’Love you, Shiro-kun!’

 ’We’re watching!’

 ’Euris’ collaboration, thank you!’

 ’I love you♡’

 ’Both Shiro-kun and Euris are adorable!’

 ’I’m already excited at this point.’

 ’What about Hakuryuu-sensei?’

 ’Is there room for Hakuryuu-sensei?’

 ’Does Hakuryuu-sensei have a chair? Did she throw it out the window?’

 Ah, come to think of it, Hakuryuu-sensei hasn’t arrived yet. I hope she’s okay.

 ”Aiko’s not here yet. Ahaha, she was so enthusiastic yesterday, but she’s late. Strange, isn’t it?”

 I heard that Euris and Hakuryuu-sensei had met a few days ago and practiced together. So, I need to make sure I don’t drag them down.

 ’Hakuryuu-sensei keeping Shiro-kun and Euris waiting’

 ’Truly the great Hakuryuu-sensei, desu~wa’

 ’Aiko-chan sensei makes kids wait’

 ’Superstars are different indeed’

 ”Cut it out, you guys! Hakuryuu-sensei’s stomach will hurt!”

 ’Absolutely stomachache-worthy, lol’

 ’Sensei, seems like you’ll be hurtin’ from day one, LOL’

 ’Euris, Shiro-kun is Shiro-san, but Hakuryuu-sensei is Aiko, lol’

 ’Only sensei gets called by name, Euris knows the treatment, lol’

 ’Euris’ language communication○, late Hakuryuu-sensei X’

 At times like this, I realized it would be troublesome if we didn’t have each other’s contact information. So, I used a voice chat app and typed my contact info on the private screen.

 ”Euris, I’ve written my phone number and address in the 3-person chat screen. Keep an eye on it and contact me there in case of need, as it’ll reach me through Shiro.”

 ”Oh, got it! I’ll write mine there too.”

 I entered Euris’s contact info from the chat into my phone’s address book.


 ’Breaking news: Euris and Hakuryuu-sensei obtained Aqua-sama’s contact info.’

 ’Euris is so lucky to have Aqua-tan’s contact info.’

 ’Euris, tell me secretly later!’

 ’Euris, if you sell that number, you won’t need to work for food anymore.’


 ’Hakuryuu-sensei, I’m pretty sure this killed her.’

 ’Hakuryuu-sensei might faint from happiness, lol.’

 ”Sensei, you lucked out. There’s nothing left for you to regret in this world, lol.”

 ”Seriously, sensei? Just participating was worth it!”

 ”For sensei, it’s even worth participating just to get his phone number.”

 Maybe I should tell Euris just to make sure she doesn’t sell the phone number? Well, I doubt she’d do something like that. While I’m pondering that, Hakuryuu-sensei’s name appears on the top left of the group chat list. Euris was the first to react.

 ”Oh, Aiko’s here!”


 Both Euris and I call out to Hakuryuu-sensei, but there’s no response. Is it lag?

 ’She finally came, LOL.’

 ’Hey, hey, you’re slow, Hakuryuu-sensei.’

 ’Sensei, are you feeling motivated?’

 ’Everyone’s already here, you know.’

 ’S-sensei, come on, lol.’

 ’Is it alright if the unmotivated people leave?’

 ’Sensei’s older, so cut her some slack!’

 ’Hurry up, AIKO!’

 Oh… I thought Hakuryuu-sensei’s name disappeared from the group chat list for a moment, but she’s back. Did her PC have issues and she had to restart?

 ”Oh, ah, sorry, both of you! My PC was acting up, and I ended up being late.”

 From Hakuryuu-sensei’s flustered voice, it’s clear she must have been quite panicked. If I were in the same situation, I’d be flustered too. Well, these things happen, especially with gaming events.

 ”Ahaha, AIKO, are you okay?”

 ”Yeah, I’m fine, Euris. Sorry!”

 ”Don’t worry about it. But you can’t keep Shiro-kun waiting, so, no, no.”

 ”Ah, yeah, you’re right. Sorry, Shiro-kun.”

 After taking a breath, I address her in a gentle tone.

 ”It’s alright, Hakuryuu-sensei. Please take care of us today. By the way, is your PC okay?”

 ”Yeah, somehow… I think. By the way, it’s our first time talking like this, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes, it is. Nice to meet you again, Hakuryuu-sensei. I’m Hoshimiya Shiro from Planet Beryl.”

 ”Calling me ‘sensei’ is a bit… You can just call me normally. Look, even Euris calls me by my first name.”

 ”Then… maybe I’ll try calling you Aiko-chan!”


 Huh? Hakuryuu-sensei disappeared from the group chat list again for a brief moment.

 ’A, I, K, O, Chwan, LOL.’

 ’Shiro-kun’s attacking, LOL.’

 ’Oh no, sensei, this killed her.’

 ’Sensei’s frozen, LOL. Are you okay?’

 ’She disconnected earlier because of a hiccup, LOL.’

 ’Hey, Sensei-chan, how does it feel to have younger folks calling you Aiko-chan?’

 ’I see, this is the way of a veteran. I’m learning.’

 ’Being flanked by two 16-year-olds, Sensei-chan, peace out, LOL.’

 ’I envy sensei! I want to be called by my first name too!!’

 ’Initial doubts, but this is a great combination.’

 ’Forming a team with these three is simply divine.’

 ’I love Shiro-kun, but I love Euris and Hakuryuu-sensei too!’

 For now, the first meeting went well. Mainly thanks to Euris. There’s something to learn from Euris’s high communication skills and how she bridges the gap, even with those our age. Besides, the initial phase is always the most nerve-wracking. If we get through this, everything will be fine.

 ’By the way, Shiro-kun, is the tipping feature active yet?’

 ’Let us offer our contribution soon.’

 ’Please, this big sister wants to support Shiro-kun.’

 ’Can I indulge in spending on Shiro-kun?’

 ’Wallets ready! Credit cards ready!”

 ’We’re prepared.’

 ’Is tipping unlocked yet?’

 Oh… come to think of it, tipping is supposed to start today.

 ”Sorry, both of you, I’ll leave the chat for a moment. I’ll be right back.”

 ”Got it!”


 I temporarily exit the group chat and clear my throat lightly.

 ”Well, you see, for this CR Cup, from the practice matches today until the actual competition, I’m planning to enable the tipping feature.”

 As I say that, the comment section starts flooding rapidly.

 ’It’s here, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here, it’s heeeere!’

 ’Alright, yesssssss!’

 ’Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!’


 ’Now, I’ve loosened my wallet’s strings.’

 ’Everyone, do you have your credit cards ready?’

 ’I’m ready to go’

 ’It seems the time for me to get serious has come.’

 I wait for the chat to settle down and then start speaking slowly.

 ”To be honest, I didn’t originally plan to enable the tipping feature… but recently, my friend Aqua, you see. As part of a school exchange program, he went to a hospital where children suffering from illnesses were receiving rehabilitation assistance.”

 Actually, after that, I’ve been visiting that hospital with Mayuzumi, Toa, and Lapis. I had some good conversations with Mayuzumi, and since it wouldn’t sit right to leave things half-done, and because I got involved once, I decided that I’ll continue visiting whenever I have the time.

 ”So there’s this girl who was the liveliest there, and according to the doctor, she’s suffering from a severe illness. But she’s the most cheerful and always cheers up the other kids. When I saw that, I thought maybe I could do something too, even if it’s just empty goodwill.”

 Mai-chan would talk brightly to Yuu-chan and the other kids, but when she’s alone, she’s suffering. Seeing her like that by chance made my heart ache. I wonder if I could have done the same if I were in Maichan’s position. Seeing a child that small trying so hard, it’s only natural to want to do something after all.

 ”So I talked to Ako-san, the president, and she suggested, what if we used the revenue we get from the tipping feature for a fund to support medical care for kids like that? So the money people throw in won’t go to me, so if you’re throwing money for that purpose, I’m sorry… But if you’re okay with that, even if it’s just a small amount, I’d be happy if you threw it.”

 This time, the streaming site isn’t charging fees since it’s for volunteering. While there will be fees from payment processing providers like credit cards, Ako-san and the streaming site’s cooperation allowed us to set up a framework to donate a significant amount. I believe many people worked hard for this. Shitori-onee-chan and Kirika-san especially put in a lot of effort, I’ve heard. I’m truly grateful to everyone.

 ”So, with that explanation, tipping is now available.”

 I switch the tipping feature from off to on. At the same time as the delay ends, many tips start pouring in.

 ’It’s just a small contribution,’ 50,000 yen by 92.

 ’I don’t have much, but please use this!’ 10,000 yen by Subaru.

 ’This is all I could save from my part-time job, sorry if it’s not much,’ 10,000 yen by Ramen Hagetoru.

 ’Hehehe, actually, I have a decent amount of money,’ 50,000 yen by Sommelier.

 The first Super Chat was thrown by someone named 92. And it’s 50,000 yen. Different tip amounts have different colors; a tip of 10,000 yen or more is called a “red super,” and 50,000 yen is the maximum for that category.

 ”92, thank you! Are you sure such a big amount is alright? Is everything okay? Thank you for the “red super,” Ramen Hagetoru and Sommelier. Everyone, please don’t push yourselves too much. Even if it’s just a gesture, that’s enough! And Subaru-chan!? Thank you for the red super, I’ll make sure to use it well!”

 A comment asking who Subaru-chan is appears, but a few people quickly clarify that Toa’s the little sister. Amazing. I wonder if their family composition is already known… Maybe Lapis, my sister, is also known.

 ’Shiro-chan, it’s okay to call me ‘Mom’, you know?’ 50,000 yen by Marin.

 ’Nii-sama’s always taking care of me,’ 10,000 yen by Lapis.

 ’Go for it, Shiro-kun!’ 50,000 yen by Shitori.

 Thank you, everyone. But getting tips from family feels a bit embarrassing. Well, I thought it was alright as long as it wasn’t discovered, but they easily found out from the comment section that they’re my family. Why does everyone know so much about our family composition!? Well, if they already know, it’s not a big deal.

 ”Thanks to the Shirogane family too. I’ll make sure to tell Aqua to provide family service later.”

 In the flow of the super chats, I find a familiar name.

 ’It’s all according to God’s will,’ 50,000 yen by Fuji Ranko.

 ’Please use this for a good cause,’ 50,000 yen by Morinaga’s Merry-san.

 Looking at the screen, I almost choked on the water I was drinking. Ranko is the chairman of the Fuji Group; I met her once when the building was relocated. And Morinaga’s image character, Merry-san, is the president of the Morinaga Group. Truly, being the top of a major company shows in the amount as well. But still, “according to God’s will”? I wonder if Chairwoman Fujiran is a very religious person? I don’t know which religion she follows, but thank you!

 ”Chairwoman Ranko, President Merry, Aqua from Beryl is always grateful. Thank you for the red super.”

 The comment section buzzes with their appearance. Honestly, it’s not common for the heads of major companies to casually throw in a red super. I’m surprised too.

 ’Shiro-kun, let’s work together sometime!’ 50,000 yen by Hongou Hiroko.

 ’hi mr shiro’ 50,000 yen by John Slimane.

 ’I’m a bit late’ 50,000 yen by Hakuryuu Aiko.

 ’Shiro-saaan!’ 50,000 yen by Euris.

 ’Just now!’ 50,000 yen by Sayamu Inko @ Holosupure.

 ’Super chat, desu~wa—ohohohoho’ 50,000 yen by December 31st Sayaka @ Great Disaster.

 ’Thank you’ 50,000 yen by icebox44_beta.

 ’Shiro-kun, you’re wonderful!’ 50,000 yen by Kato Iria @ Fairies.

 ’Please use this’ 50,000 yen by Miyuki Heliodor Yui.

 I feel happy seeing Super Chats from people I know.

 ”Hey, e-everyone, you’re throwing too much money! I appreciate it, but seriously, thank you so much, everyone. Director Hongou, John, Aiko-chan, Euris, Miyuki-san, oh, Inko-senpai and Shii-chan senpai, Iria-san, thank you. But absolutely don’t strain yourselves!! Seriously! Nice to meet you, Saya-senpai, and thank you for the maximum limit!”

 Despite my warning, for a while, a huge amount of tips keeps flowing without stopping over my head. Am, amazing. I never thought something like this would happen, but everyone seems so kind and touching.

 ”Thank you so much, everyone. I’m really happy!”

 I express my gratitude to those who gave tips. After that, the momentum doesn’t stop for a while, but gradually it settles down.

 Finally, things seem to have calmed down, right? Yes, I had a time when I thought things would be sweet like this. The next moment, an unfamiliar wave of red fills the comment section all at once.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 50,000 yen by Shumi the Maiden.

 Whoaahhhh! I, I got surprised!? What’s this!? Usually, the main reason people tip is because their comments are displayed for a long time. They use the displayed words to communicate with the streamer. However, this person, Shumi the Maiden, has been throwing in the maximum 50,000 yen tips silently, over and over again.

 ’S-seriously, really? LOL’

 ’The real deal, arrived LMAO’

 ’The way they’re tipping is too hardcore LMAO’

 ’Hey, this has to be a joke LOL’

 ’Shumi, you’re crazy!’

 ’Silently spamming red supers LOL’

 ’Did you all see? This is the true Shirogane Aqua enthusiast’

 ’You’re amazing, seriously, not only meeting but easily exceeding expectations’

 ’Uh, I don’t really know them, but who is this person?’

 ’A real rich person has come!’

 ’This is the final weapon of the bulletin board, the lethal weapon Shumi-san’

 ’I’m glad. It’s not about competing, but I was hoping one of the original four would be on top’

 ’Hey! This person just threw in a million in an instant lol’

 ’This well-practiced speed, if it weren’t me, I would have missed it.’

 ’They’re throwing around ten thousand yen bills like they’re Umaibo snacks, what idiots haha.’

 ’From the first tip, Shumi is showing a different level from others.’

 ’Even though they’re silent, am I the only one who can see the words ‘wa-ta-shi-no’ through them?’

 ’More like Shumi is completely baffling the other viewers than focusing on Shiro-kun.’

 ’It’s like violence called a bundle of bills haha.’

 ’Rather, it’s a refreshing kind of cheat.’

 ’While you’re at it, pay for Hagetoru’s too, Shumi.’

 ’While you’re at it, pay for mine too, Shumi.’

 ’Who is this Shumi the Maiden person? An oil tycoon?’

 ’Shumi’s dirty money is being purified by Shiro-kun… huh!? Oh, I see, is this the new form of money laundering!!’

 The comment section suddenly accelerates. I just stare at it blankly. Ah… I have to react. I froze in shock at the extraordinary turn of events, unable to comprehend the situation.

 ”Ah, thank you. Shumi the Maiden-san. But is it okay to receive so much? Thank you very much. I’ll make good use of it.”

 For now, I express my gratitude. I don’t know who they are, but they must be a person with a beautifully kind heart full of volunteer spirit. Yes, that must be it. They probably empathized with wanting to save sick children purely, without any malicious intentions. Thank you. I mutter my gratitude to Shumi the Maiden-san once again.

 ’Doing something again,’ 50,000 yen by Nekoyama Toa.

 ’Please use this,’ 50,000 yen by Mayushin.

 ’From hero to children,’ 50,000 yen by Mysterious Masked Driver.

 ’Everyone, throw over here today,’ 50,000 yen by Oumi Tama.

 ’From me too,’ 50,000 yen by President.

 ’One more for good measure,’ 50,000 yen by President.

 Ah, everyone… The current flow of tips brings a tear to my eye.

 ”Toa, Tama-chan, Mayushin, thank you, everyone. And President Amatori, thank you too. Tenga-senpai is cool too! Oh, wait, is it okay to call them Tenga-senpai? I’m sorry.”

 Oh no, did I mess up? Tenga-senpai will probably forgive me, but I’ll make sure to apologize later.

 ’It’s okay, everyone understands.’

 ’Don’t worry, everyone knows.’

 ’The mysterious Masked Driver, I wonder who this senpai is… gulp.’

 ’They’re probably throwing tips on behalf of God.’

 ’Casually throwing in more to compete against Shumi, smart move, Tama-chan is cute.’

 ’Toa-chan!! Tama-chan!!’

 ’Understood, Lord Toa,’ 50,000 yen by szr @ Lord Toa LOVE!

 ’Mayushin-kun and Akira-kun, join the next CR Cup!’

 ’Mayushin-kun, I’m a fan!’

 ’Mayushin-kun, you should start streaming too.’

 ’President, compete against Shumi! You should be able to do it!’

 ’Thank you, President Atori, for sending out so many wonderful kids to the world.’

 ’President Atori, anyone’s fine, just one person, please!! From a fellow industry member.’

 With the appearance of everyone from Beryl, the comment section bubbles with activity. I get swept up in it when Euris and Hakuryuu-sensei suddenly enter the chat.

 ”Shiro-san, Shiro-san! Everyone’s already gathered!”

 Ah… Euris’ words remind me of the practice match, the custom match.

 ”This is bad, I’m definitely going to be late.”

 ”Ah, w-wait, are they thinking of me as an o-old lady with the young kids?”

 When I go to the chat section on the back screen, the key to join the custom match, the practice game, had already been posted. Oh no, this is bad… I’m really late.

 ”Sorry, everyone, for involving you two.”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. Stars always show up last, right?”

 ”Don’t worry, don’t worry. At worst, I’ll fix it with a villain move!”

 ”Thank you, Euris, Aiko-chan.”

 While expressing my gratitude to the kind two, I copy and paste the key passcode and log into the custom match.

 ’Villain move, LOL. I wonder if she’s going to say, ‘shut up, little girl’?’

 ’Euris, “I get it.”‘

 ’Looking forward to Aiko-chan’s villain move.’

 ’Actually, the psychological battle of the FPS custom match has already begun at this point.’

 ’It’s fine to be a bit late. Probably, if Shiro-kun logs in early, everyone will try to log in earlier, turning it into a cat-and-mouse game.’

 ’Stars come late, heroes come late too.’

 ’Actually, the starting time hasn’t come yet, so it’s okay.’

 ’Everyone gathering so early, it’s not actually late, you know.’

 ’The CR Cup is pretty relaxed about these things, it’s fine. Even the listeners are happy because if you’re late, you get to spend more time with the streamer.’

 ’Today, the person who usually oversleeps is here since an hour ago, that’s funny haha.’

 ’And all the teams and players are here on the first day, you guys are something, LOL.’

 ’Breaking news, all you streamers worried too much, and it’s actually causing Shiro-kun to worry.’

 To cut to the conclusion, our team was the last to enter the custom match. I’m truly sorry! I kept apologizing endlessly in the global chat. But everyone was kind, telling me not to worry, saying they also gave tips, and it made me happy.

 By the way, for a while, the global chat was noisy, and when the administrators were having trouble getting things started, Hakuryuu-sensei’s “shut up, little girl” caused it to go silent instantly. Ca-Can I casually call someone so amazing as Aiko-chan? Should I still use the “-san” honorific? I secretly asked my listeners whether I should continue addressing her casually or switch to “Aiko-san,” and since everyone said that Hakuryuu-senpai deserves respect and it would be better to use “-chan” and address her kindly, I guess I’ll just leave it as it is for now.

 By the way, regarding the practice matches, the first two matches were consecutive wins thanks to Euris, but unfortunately, the remaining three matches ranked 18th, 19th, and 6th. Especially the last match was personally frustrating, so I’ll try my best to practice properly. Also, Toa’s team won the fifth match, Inko-senpai’s team the third, and Sayaka-san from the Great Disaster team won the fourth, all becoming champions.

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