Male Idol V7c18

Volume 7 Chapter 18 Stars Bulletin Board, Arrival of the Black Ship

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Discussing Beryl Entertainment Thread Part 1
 1 Anonymous
 Alright, everyone, let’s discuss Beryl Entertainment
 2 Anonymous
 >>1 Otsu
 3 Anonymous
 >>1 Otsu
 6 Anonymous
 >>2-3 What does “Otsu” mean?
 9 Anonymous
 So, it finally started..
 12 Anonymous
 Stop, we might get censored!!
 13 Anonymous
 It’s like a common greeting that expresses gratitude
 15 Anonymous
 Unfortunately, the censorship function is no longer active
 It’s Her Highness Kanon’s wedding day today, but is it really okay in this state?
 17 Anonymous
 Since a couple of days ago, I can browse Beryl’s website normally as well
 22 Anonymous
 I happened to overhear something from someone related, but it seems some country completely took control of Stars’ network and lifted the block on the general public’s heavy rain network. At first, they tried to do something about it, but now they’re busy with defense against infiltrations into military networks, and they can’t spare resources for anything else. Apparently, they had their artificial satellite that was monitoring Her Highness Kanon hijacked, and the infiltration happened from there… With such a massive hacking, everyone is speculating that the States might be deeply involved
 26 Anonymous
 Wait, isn’t this a bit bad?
 30 Anonymous
 Definitely bad
 31 Anonymous
 By the way, this bulletin board seems to have been taken over already
 The former admin mentioned it on social media
 Moreover, the new admin seems to not comply with Stars Orthodox’s censorship
 33 Anonymous
 I’m feeling uneasy. Hope things don’t get weird
 37 Anonymous
 Even though it’s Her Highness Kanon’s wedding day, they still haven’t announced who her partner is, right?
 Isn’t that a bit problematic?
 42 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon is apparently in house arrest within the palace
 Since visits are denied, people who have grown suspicious have been demonstrating all over for the past few days
 45 Anonymous
 There was a demonstration near my workplace yesterday too
 48 Anonymous
 I hope things don’t get too dangerous..
 53 Anonymous
 In times like these, let’s talk about Beryl together
 58 Anonymous
 I’ve seen everything that’s on the internet, but Aqua Shirogane still stands out, no doubt
 60 Anonymous
 While the other kids are amazing too, Aqua-kun is in a league of his own
 64 Anonymous
 After watching everything, I’m still a fan of Yuujin-sama
 69 Anonymous
 I’m also a Yuujin-sama fan, but I think Heaven’s Sword is more polished as a work. The incorporation of social issues as a theme, the passionate script, and the efforts of the other boys really resonate with us, making our hearts pound
 72 Anonymous
 Stars girls can’t resist the prince charming type like Yuujin-sama, so it’s inevitable
 77 Anonymous
 I wonder if Aqua-sama will study abroad at Stars at this time
 81 Anonymous
 That would cause quite a commotion, I’m sure
 83 Anonymous
 If Aqua-kun were to study abroad, I imagine it would be at a prestigious school with a solid security system
 Considering how many aristocratic kids attend prestigious schools, it’s probably best to avoid that
 88 Anonymous
 Why should he avoid prestigious schools with aristocratic kids?
 94 Anonymous
 Well, I’m actually still a student, and in their terms, there are only the hardcore fans there
 Aristocratic kids tend to be a bit dreamy, like they have princess syndrome
 As far as I know, for these types of kids in Stars, Yuujin-sama is the ideal prince charming
 They’re what you’d call “princess killers.”
 97 Anonymous
 Princess killers, LOL
 While you’re at it, save our pitiable Her Highness Kanon too
 102 Anonymous
 It would have been great if Aqua-sama was Her Highness Kanon’s groom
 106 Anonymous
 If there’s anyone who can match Her Highness Kanon, it’s probably Aqua-kun
 110 Anonymous
 If Her Highness Kanon’s partner is Aqua-kun, it can probably keep the aristocratic girls in check
 113 Anonymous
 But coming back to Her Highness Kanon’s topic
 You guys actually like Her Highness Kanon more than Aqua-sama, right? LOL
 118 Anonymous
 Honestly, is there anyone who doesn’t like her in this country?
 119 Anonymous
 When Her Highness was 9 years old, we stomped grapes together
 She wasn’t pretentious, she was friendly, and there was a childlike innocence about her. But even more than that, I vividly remember the dignity of a queen she had even at that age
 124 Anonymous
 As an extremist, I’m quite interested in the wine Her Highness stomped
 130 Anonymous
 She did many things for the citizens
 Many people have been helped by Her Highness Kanon’s donations, investments in education, and research development. The research results from those investments and the talent cultivated through education circulate back and contribute to the well-being of all citizens and the country. Her Highness Kanon considers the present, tomorrow, a year from now, ten years from now, a hundred years into the future, and everything in between. She’s surely very skilled in romance too! I bet even if she were dating Aqua-sama, she would be leading the way quite assertively
 135 Anonymous
 Ladies and gentlemen of the police, this is the one
 136 Anonymous
 Stars Orthodox should definitely be abolished
 138 Anonymous
 I felt like Stars Orthodox was more like a cult compared to Holy Aqua Religion
 141 Anonymous
 Just when we were having a good conversation, one idiot steers it in a weird direction, LMAO
 144 Anonymous
 But seriously, why are extremists even here..
 148 Anonymous
 Even the extremists’ hijackers converted, so it’s understandable
 150 Anonymous
 Eggplants have completely disappeared from the nearby supermarket
 Confess, it’s probably you guys!
 153 Anonymous
 You also go there to buy, don’t you?
 155 Anonymous
 I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy zucchinis as a substitute for eggplants just because they’re not available
 By the way, both eggplants and zucchinis are sold out in the supermarket near my place!
 158 Anonymous
 While eggplants and zucchinis are one thing, let’s all refrain from hoarding wheat flour to make udon
 If it becomes scarce, it could affect our daily lives, so please exercise self-restraint
 162 Anonymous
 I saw a crowd on the street earlier and thought people were gathering to see Her Highness, but it turned out to be Beryl’s kids having tea at a terrace café. It’s confusing to a fault..
 166 Anonymous
 Well, that can’t be helped
 167 Anonymous
 People who go into the store and actually place an order are still okay
 But those who gather on the terrace just to take photos for social media are annoying
 170 Anonymous
 I came to the boulevard to see Her Highness Kanon too, and she’s truly drawing a huge crowd
 175 Anonymous
 Me too, me too!
 179 Anonymous
 What’s the boulevard like?
 Have the Trash Punks arrived yet?
 183 Anonymous
 The Trash Punks haven’t arrived yet
 However, there’s a massive protest by the demonstrators
 187 Anonymous
 The TV coverage has already started. Aren’t you about to get there?
 And by the way, Her Highness Kanon seemed a bit worn out… how pitiful
 194 Anonymous
 Her Highness’s car has arrived on the boulevard, but it’s been halted due to clashes between the demonstrators and security forces
 The car seems to be moving slowly, but the situation on-site seems a bit precarious
 196 Anonymous
 It feels like the end of the century already
 198 Anonymous
 I tried to leave this place, but there are too many people to escape from
 201 Anonymous
 Are you okay?
 204 Anonymous
 Even the security team seems to have their own thoughts about Her Highness Kanon’s wedding, and they’re handling the demonstrators quite calmly. But the demonstrators are still the demonstrators, and even if they back off here, it’s just Her Highness’s wedding happening, so they can’t really back down
 207 Anonymous
 Looks like some idiot started something
 There’s a fight breaking out nearby
 This could be bad
 209 Anonymous
 If things get violent, the security team will have no choice but to use force to control the situation. So, let’s hope the people in the demonstration remain calm
 211 Anonymous
 There are a lot of civilians around, and children are starting to cry. Somebody stop this!
 216 Anonymous
 217 Anonymous
 I was surprised
 218 Anonymous
 Something’s happening on the boulevard
 219 Anonymous
 There’s a large display of Tama-chan from the ocean!
 223 Anonymous
 Look at the display!!
 225 Anonymous
 Why is Tama-chan here? Could it be that she came to see her sister?
 226 Anonymous
 The intro has started
 228 Anonymous
 Wait a second, it seems like a live performance has started!!
 230 Anonymous
 Everyone is looking at the display
 233 Anonymous
 The lyrics translated into our language are appearing on the display
 235 Anonymous
 They know their camera work
 237 Anonymous
 Just as we were about to watch the wedding, a live performance began
 239 Anonymous
 The camera work is really good. They’re showing the display properly
 341 Anonymous
 343 Anonymous
 Amazing! The display on the nearby screen switched to Tama-chan’s video!!
 346 Anonymous
 What’s with this production?
 348 Anonymous
 SBC suddenly switched to drone footage, but what’s happening!?
 350 Anonymous
 Who is this person shooting the drone footage for SBC? Their camera work is like that of Heaven’s Sword
 352 Anonymous
 SBC is crazy, LOL. Suddenly, the studio audio disappeared, and they switched to drone footage. The cinematography is incredibly cool, unnecessarily so
 355 Anonymous
 SBC seriously only has people who are bad at filming. I can’t even count how many complaints I’ve made. Even Aqua-kun’s blowing a kiss scene last time was shaky. Apparently, they received so much criticism that their phone lines got jammed. That’s why they should formally hire the person doing this drone footage
 358 Anonymous
 This song by Tama-chan, it’s an unreleased one, right? And the voice in this song, it’s more boyish than usual, making my heart pound
 361 Anonymous
 Tama-chan can sing this kind of song too? But the voice is different from usual… could it be, Toa-kun is singing too?
 364 Anonymous
 I don’t know… something warm is spreading through my heart..
 365 Anonymous
 Initially, I thought it was cramps in my uterus, but that’s not it
 Tama-chan’s singing is making my heart tremble
 365 Anonymous
 See that, Stars? This is Beryl Entertainment!!
 366 Anonymous
 I came from the island nation in the east. Is this the place?
 368 Anonymous
 Now, let’s all enjoy together, ladies of Stars!
 370 Anonymous
 Hey, you guys are coming in all at once!!
 373 Anonymous
 Since I can’t be there in person, I’ll support from here!!
 375 Anonymous
 What’s happening, what’s happening!?
 378 Anonymous
 The thread suddenly got faster!!
 381 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 I’m here!
 They said we can use the same tripcode here, is that true?
 384 Anonymous
 Wow, it’s actually automatically translating into the local language
 Self-proclaimed High-Performance Server-chan is seriously amazing
 386 Anonymous
 Hello, “our” Beryl Entertainment is here to intrude
 389 Anonymous
 Sorry, but this is Beryl’s time from here on
 390 Anonymous
 Oh… what’s going on?
 394 Anonymous
 Is the new song real…?
 400 Anonymous
 If you can’t see the video, check out SBC
 It’s a worldwide simultaneous free broadcast, so anyone can watch it on the internet or TV
 However, this drone footage seems to be influenced by Director Hongou’s style, unnecessarily cool, LMAO
 402 Anonymous
 Aaah, Toa-chan, are you really a boy after all? Or are you still a girl?
 Don’t confuse me, please… *blushes*!
 405 Anonymous
 Tama-chan is so cute!
 But in today’s video, Tama-chan is moving a lot. The slit in her shorts is fluttering, and I’m worried about accidental exposure
 409 Anonymous
 I’ve been watching the slit on Tama-chan’s shorts, just in case there’s a wardrobe malfunction
 I’ll take charge of monitoring that part
 412 Anonymous
 Oh, lots of people are coming
 W… welcome to the Stars bulletin board?
 416 Anonymous
 We’re invading!
 418 Anonymous
 Hey hey!
 419 Anonymous
 Thanks thanks!
 422 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 I’m intruding. If something happens, please let me know. Since 92 isn’t here right now, I’ll take over immediately..
 423 Anonymous
 It might just be my imagination, but I feel like the Queen of Romance, Aiko Hakuryuu, is here?
 428 Anonymous
 That person is the real deal
 429 Anonymous
 She’s a genuine figure from a level above
 431 Anonymous
 Sensei, this is a restricted area on Stars, so it’s not good!
 434 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Ugh… after being cooped up in a can, Tama-chan’s singing feels so heartfelt
 That’s right, it’s important for us all to help each other
 And yet, you, the editor!! That guy locked me up in a can and went to buy goods alone, grrr!
 437 Anonymous
 Aiko-chan-sensei, LOL
 439 Anonymous
 Huh? Didn’t I say I also bought sensei’s goods?
 442 Anonymous
 443 Anonymous
 Editor, LOL
 445 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 I’m really sorry for that!!
 448 Anonymous
 To everyone from Stars
 Sorry for our Sensei making a mess
 449 Anonymous
 The Queen of Romance?
 450 Anonymous
 Even when Hakuryuu-sensei comes to Stars, she apologizes, LOL
 453 Anonymous
 Hey, you guys, don’t be too noisy
 The ladies of Stars might get uncomfortable!
 455 Anonymous
 What will this song of Tama-chan’s be used for?
 It’s not going to be Heaven’s Sword, right?
 456 Anonymous
 I looked at the past threads, and here, Yuujin-sama is more popular than Heaven’s Sword!
 That’s good, I like Yuujin-sama more too, but the unprecedented Heaven’s Sword boom made it hard to say
 461 Anonymous
 Me too! I hope we can have that kind of conversation with the people from Stars sometime!
 463 Anonymous
 The automatic translation function is too good. I can’t even say “Self-proclaimed High-Performance Server-chan” anymore
 465 Anonymous
 Something about Tama-chan, or rather Toa-kun, seems to have become really good at singing
 470 Anonymous
 I thought the same. She has seriously improved
 472 Anonymous
 When I remember how she couldn’t keep up during the duet with Aqua-kun, it makes me tear up
 She must have put in a lot of effort
 475 Anonymous
 Are you watching, Stars Orthodox?
 Boys are not as weak as you think
 477 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is hyper at the supermarket, but the other boys from Beryl are amazing
 They can work hard properly. It’s not just because they’re boys, it’s because they’re respectable individuals
 482 Anonymous
 I envy people from Stars… being able to hear Tama-chan’s new song live
 486 Anonymous
 By the way, Holy Aqua Religion is recognized as a shady religion even on this board, so rest assured
 What they do is normal, but it gives off a certain vibe. It’s like they have the same vibe as the intense ones on the board
 493 Anonymous
 I was absorbed in Tama-chan’s song
 497 Anonymous
 The thread has suddenly progressed while I was looking at the screen!
 501 Anonymous
 I’m on-site, and the minor skirmish has calmed down
 502 Anonymous
 I’m on-site, but I ended up crying for some reason
 I don’t understand why, but the song really touched my heart
 506 Anonymous
 Hey, Sister! People from the distant Eastern island nation of Whirl are also being moved by it, so rest assured
 509 Anonymous
 Haaaah, at this point, it’s fine to just call Toa-chan “Toa.” There’s a charm that can’t be separated by gender anymore
 517 Anonymous
 518 Anonymous
 In the first place, trying to view the existence of Toa-chan within the framework of something as small as gender is a mistake. That’s what a professor from our country’s most difficult university was saying in a lecture just recently
 For a moment, I thought our country might be in trouble, but both I and other students were seriously debating opinions, and I realized this is normal!
 523 Anonymous
 Aren’t you two birds of a feather? LOL
 526 Anonymous
 It seems like our country was peaceful today too..
 530 Anonymous
 Something like a Bike has arrived on-site
 531 Anonymous
 Hey, something’s coming!
 533 Anonymous
 Poison Chalice has arrived!
 534 Anonymous
 Our Tenga-senpai has arrived!
 535 Anonymous
 The world’s TENGA-senpai has arrived!
 538 Anonymous
 542 Anonymous
 Truly, Tenga-senpai. There’s a limit to not betraying expectations
 545 Anonymous
 You can’t do this with normal sensibilities. Even if you tried, embarrassment would overpower you
 But Tenga-senpai isn’t like that. It’s exhilarating and admirable!!
 549 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai really is the real deal
 555 Anonymous
 Bike’s driving is amazing, LOL
 557 Anonymous
 Wait a minute, Tenga-senpai, are you suddenly more muscular?
 563 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, your physique seems a bit more masculine
 570 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun in the back seat, please step away, he’s saying it properly, LOL
 574 Anonymous
 With Mayushin-kun here, we’re safe. Only Mayushin-kun can stop the runaway express Beryl train
 586 Anonymous
 Is this for the filming of Heaven’s Sword?
 592 Anonymous
 Could this possibly be, like, the filming for Heaven’s Sword?
 605 Anonymous
 Seriously, SBC’s drone filming is too good, LOL
 609 Anonymous
 The content of SBC’s drone, it must be Director Hongou, LOL
 The angle of the footage is completely like Heaven’s Sword, LOL
 612 Anonymous
 A drone with an excessively cool appearance, to the point where its contents are transparent
 620 Anonymous
 Weaving through the crowd on a Bike, it’s like a heartbeat
 628 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, Bike’s driving is great..
 633 Anonymous
 Something else is coming
 637 Anonymous
 Sister’s outfit? Is it the Stars Orthodox?
 638 Anonymous
 Sister’s outfit? Is it the Saint Aqua Religion?
 Though I thought that, they wouldn’t obstruct Tenga-senpai
 645 Anonymous
 Hey, is this a lie?
 647 Anonymous
 I’m on-site, and the person riding the Bike, he was just looking in the direction of the monument a while ago
 653 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, is it for real!?
 659 Anonymous
 662 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, are you about to do something crazy?
 667 Anonymous
 If there’s a slope there, you have no choice but to jump! – by Hongou Hiroko
 I hope Tenga-senpai’s thinking is not the same as Director Hongou’s
 671 Anonymous
 Hey hey, are you planning to do that, Senpai?
 674 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun, LOL
 676 Anonymous
 Earlier, I caught a glimpse, but Mayuzumi-kun’s face turned pale!
 678 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun: “Ah… (I understand)”
 680 Anonymous
 Akira-kun, think about Mayuzumi-kun (probably being forced) riding behind (probably forced) LOL
 682 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun, do your best, LMAO
 686 Anonymous
 But, there’s no choice but to go now
 687 Anonymous
 When we think calmly, that’s the only option, isn’t it?
 688 Anonymous
 That’s why Beryl Entertainment exists here
 690 Anonymous
 Show us Beryl Entertainment
 694 Anonymous
 ※For Beryl Entertainment, this is a kind of greeting. If you have a weak heart, please refrain from watching
 701 Anonymous
 702 Anonymous
 What the heck, hey! What the heck!?
 705 Anonymous
 Maybe we were only seeing the images and thought we knew Beryl
 707 Anonymous
 What the heck is this..
 708 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, go for it!
 709 Anonymous
 Fly, Tenga Akira! Higher than anyone else!!
 711 Anonymous
 Show us the coolest Tenga-senpai!
 713 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 As usual, break common sense!
 715 Anonymous
 I don’t really get it, but let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!
 718 Anonymous
 720 Anonymous
 721 Anonymous
 723 Anonymous
 So nerve-wrackingggggg
 725 Anonymous
 726 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 This is Beryl Entertainment
 728 Anonymous
 742 Anonymous
 Until the moment of landing, my heartbeat raced, LOL
 745 Anonymous
 I was getting all confident about this being Beryl, but truthfully, I was quite anxious
 746 Anonymous
 The camerawork was divine..
 753 Anonymous
 It’s over. There’s too much happening, and my head is in a muddle
 759 Anonymous
 Is it just me who can’t catch up with the incredible, and my head can’t comprehend it?
 761 Anonymous
 But, why is Beryl here in the first place?
 764 Anonymous
 Is the drone keeping up!?
 766 Anonymous
 They’ve come inside the church!!
 768 Anonymous
 769 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama at the edge of the screen!
 770 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama has come!
 775 Anonymous
 Everyone’s in shock, LOL
 778 Anonymous
 Is this stained glass alright? Doesn’t it have cultural value?
 780 Anonymous
 This stained glass was recently installed, so it doesn’t have historical value. If it’s repaired, it should be fine
 786 Anonymous
 789 Anonymous
 In a pure white suit!?
 792 Anonymous
 Wait, Aqua-sama is wearing a pure white suit!!
 794 Anonymous
 Who put Aqua-sama in a pure white suit? Thank you!!
 799 Anonymous
 The lines of this outfit… it’s John’s design
 801 Anonymous
 Dangerous… my heart is racing for Aqua-sama in the pure white suit
 804 Anonymous
 Honestly, my crotch is a little damp
 808 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 A pure white suit, seriously. This is unbearable. My fantasies are running wild
 813 Anonymous
 Senpai: “Go ahead!”
 815 Anonymous
 Senpai is just too cool
 822 Anonymous
 Senpai: “Leave it to Tachibana and me, go ahead!!”
 Mayuzumi-kun: “Huh? Tachibana? Huh?”
 LOL, that’s hilarious
 Mayuzumi-kun, I can relate the most to you, LOL
 829 Anonymous
 Calling him “Tachibana,” senpai’s in that zone, huh
 833 Anonymous
 I like this aspect of the four of Beryl, LOL
 837 Anonymous
 Everyone, it’s not boring to watch
 841 Anonymous
 Huh? That’s strange?
 I was supposed to be watching the live broadcast of Her Highness Kanon’s wedding, but Heaven’s Sword has started?
 843 Anonymous
 Maybe it’s Sunday morning. Someone who checked the calendar. ←
 849 Anonymous
 Me, me!
 852 Anonymous
 Are you me?
 858 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, Tachibana: leave this to us!
 863 Anonymous
 869 Anonymous
 Everyone starts playing Heaven’s Sword without even realizing it, it’s annoying
 874 Anonymous
 There’s a girl in our class who was bullied by boys, and I’ve been pretending not to see it until now, but after seeing Beryl’s everyone, I realized that’s not okay. So, I put on the transformation belt, gathered my courage, talked to the boys, and then lots of girls with belts on came out and helped me. It was touching. So I want everyone to stay like this
 882 Anonymous
 You did the right thing by having the courage
 885 Anonymous
 Anyone can become a Driver. In other words, that’s the point
 891 Anonymous
 The security team is clearing the way
 898 Anonymous
 Could Aqua Shirogane being here mean he’s trying to stop Her Highness Kanon’s wedding?
 906 Anonymous
 Please, Aqua-sama, stop Her Highness Kanon’s wedding
 913 Anonymous
 ※By the way, we also don’t know why Aqua-sama is here
 922 Anonymous
 Well, Aqu-tan’s actions being incomprehensible is nothing new
 927 Anonymous
 In the first place, trying to predict Beryl’s actions is a mistake
 935 Anonymous
 Honestly, if we could understand Beryl, or rather his actions, a situation like this wouldn’t have happened
 944 Anonymous
 Because he said “Follow me,” I intend to accompany him until the very end
 950 Anonymous
 What the!?
 951 Anonymous
 953 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama: “Kanon!”
 955 Anonymous
 Huh? Huh? Calling her Kanon?
 958 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Addressing the princess so informally…? This makes me uneasy. Could it be that another development where only my brain gets destroyed is happening?
 962 Anonymous
 I’ve come to get you!
 966 Anonymous
 967 Anonymous
 I want you to come get me too!!
 970 Anonymous
 You’ve come to get me… I want to hear that line at least once!!
 973 Anonymous
 The granny next to me is saying she wants me to come get her too. Wait a minute, granny, that gag might be funny, but it’s not laughable, LOL
 975 Anonymous
 Just for now, let me abduct you
 977 Anonymous
 Abduct me tooooo, aaaaahhhhhh!
 979 Anonymous
 981 Anonymous
 Abduct me toooo, eeeeeeh!
 983 Anonymous
 To be abducted by Aqua-sama!?
 985 Anonymous
 How much do I have to pay to be abducted by Aqua-sama!?
 988 Anonymous
 990 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Ah… (the sound of my brain being destroyed)
 992 Anonymous
 This is Hakuryuu-sensei, the guy getting gang-r*ped by his brain!
 994 Anonymous
 Stars people, are you okay? Are you breathing?
 995 Anonymous
 996 Anonymous
 Oh no… what is this?
 997 Anonymous
 This is Beryl Entertainment… This is Aqua Shirogane..
 999 Anonymous
 We might have obtained the forbidden fruit that we’re not supposed to eat
 1000 Anonymous
 We, the Stars, might have opened the box that is Beryl Entertainment, that is Shirogane Aqua, that should not have been opened
 Yay! Can’t post any more!!

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