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Volume 7 Chapter 19 Shirogane Aqua, Kanon is My Brid

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 Kanon, dressed in a pure white wedding gown, looked incredibly beautiful. Well, it might be more accurate to say that she looked beautifully presented. At first glance, I wouldn’t notice, but I felt that she looked a bit worn out compared to the last time I saw her. She was masking it with skillful makeup, but my eyes couldn’t be deceived.


 When Kanon saw me, after a brief smile, her expression showed signs of exhaustion. I wanted to embrace her as soon as possible, to reassure her. With that thought in mind, I started walking slowly towards Kanon. The guests seated on the chairs on either side of the aisle probably didn’t understand what was happening. Their eyes were wide open, mouths agape, staring at me.

 ’Hold on!’

 Two women dressed like guards, resembling security personnel more than just guards, blocked my way.

 ’Sorry, but I can’t follow those orders.’


 I gently placed my hand on the hilt of the spears the two women held, near the base of the blade.

 ’When someone you love has a face that’s about to cry right in front of you, wanting to hold them and reassure them is only natural for a lover, isn’t it?’


 My words caused murmurs in the hall, and the guardswomen had surprised expressions. After seeing Kanon’s expression earlier, my determination grew stronger. Even if it means conflicting with Kanon’s parents, even if it means challenging the Stars themselves, I can’t leave Kanon here in that state.

 ’Shirogane Aqua… Are you planning to oppose the Stars?’

 ’It’s not just the Stars. Even if I have to become an enemy of the entire world, I will go to Kanon.’

 I averted my gaze from the guards and directed a strong gaze towards Queen Furia Stars Goshnite, Kanon’s mother. The current queen of Stars, overseeing an era of peace and change, is known as the “Balancing Queen.” This name has a dual meaning: on one hand, it implies she skillfully balances things like a scale, and on the other hand, it could mockingly mean she’s too indecisive and balanced. The Stars Orthodox Religion’s ideologies align with conservative beliefs, and even within that, Queen Furia leans more towards the conservative side of the social spectrum. However, she also receives support from the radical faction.

 According to John and Chris, the reason the radical faction supports her is largely due to Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s looks. Looking at Her Majesty the Queen Furia, who’s in front of me now, she’s about the same height as me or slightly taller, exuding an aura of elegance in her posture. Moreover, being Kanon’s mother, she’s undeniably beautiful, though it’s like she took Kanon’s softer charm and added a touch of masculinity, at least that’s how I’d describe it. Even from a guy’s perspective, I think she’s cool. Prince Consort, in other words, Kanon’s father, His Royal Highness Hercules, is also handsome. He has a softer atmosphere, and Kanon’s basic facial structure resembles her mother’s, but she seems to have inherited her father’s gentle atmosphere.

 ’If you want to stop me, then go ahead. However, if you intend to stop me, you better be ready to do so with a proper resolve.’

 I warned them with a hint of intimidation that I won’t back down easily. I don’t really want to resort to violence, but if they won’t listen to reason, I’m willing to make some compromises to get to Kanon. I’m prepared for that.

 Her Majesty the Queen Furia, after meeting my gaze, let out a faint sigh.

 ’The commotion behind you is quite bothersome. Could you close the door, please?’

 The guards hastily closed the door at Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s words. Once the doors to the venue were fully shut, the noise from outside completely disappeared.

 ’Why… Why are you so insistent on my daughter?’

 Her Majesty the Queen Furia addressed me calmly, as if asking a question.

 ’Shirogane Aqua, as a man of your stature, aren’t you pursued by many women other than Kanon? Certainly, my daughter may be beautiful and talented, but she has her troublesome sides, and there are plenty of women in the world. Is it worth causing such a commotion and sacrificing what you’ve built up just to cling to her?’

 I let out a slow breath and clenched my fist tightly.

 ’I… I, was afraid of loving someone.’

 In my previous life, being without a family, I was passed around among relatives and ended up in an orphanage. It’s not like I hold any resentment towards that. However, because of such experiences, in my previous life, I grew up without experiencing parental love or the warmth of a family. Thus, in this life, meeting my mother for the first time and gaining a sister-like presence was significant. I was initially bewildered, not knowing how to act or what to do, and I think I acted distant at times.

 Even with my first part-time job, looking back now, I unconsciously distanced myself, not knowing how to interact as part of a family. But, against all odds, my mother and everyone in the family gave me unconditional love. They supported me a lot during my work, and even now, they gently watch over me, even when I’m being stubborn.

 It was Kanon who made me realize this.

 [Aqua-sama… Maybe, just maybe, are you avoiding deep relationships with someone?]

 Kanon’s words when she visited me while I had a fever struck me. As Kanon said, unconsciously, I was afraid of forming a deep relationship, or more precisely, becoming family or lovers with someone. So, even if someone showed interest in me, I’d naturally think that it wasn’t about me. I started to believe that, even if I liked someone, if I lost them, I’d end up alone like back then. My head remembers that loneliness, so I kept myself from falling for someone.

 ’I was really timid when it came to loving someone. Even when I was with Kanon, I thought this relationship would end eventually due to our differences in status.’

 On that summer festival day, I drew a line by myself, thinking that Kanon and I might not be together due to our different statuses. I contemplated losing Kanon from the start. That way, even if I couldn’t be with Kanon, I thought I could resign myself to the situation, setting up a defense mechanism to prevent my heart from getting hurt.

 ’I tried my best, thinking I could give up if it was impossible.’

 I thought like that.

 ’But it was impossible. I was lying to myself, and it was seen through.’

 Placing my hand over my chest, I could feel my heart beating vigorously, just as it did when Tenga-senpai shook me that time.

 ’Mayuzumi’s words struck me, saying not to run away from facing myself.’

 Mayuzumi’s words gave me the strength to stand up.

 ’He asked me about the wishes of Shirogane Aqua as a person, not as an idol.’

 They lifted me up when I fell. No… not just them!

 Until I got here, many people guided me. So, I won’t run away from these feelings anymore.

 ’I love Kanon from the bottom of my heart! I won’t give her to anyone else, and I’m the one who will make Kanon happy!’

 At that time, only Kanon realized it. Well, even when I was weak due to illness, I should have noticed it when I let her glimpse into the depths of my heart. Looking back, from the moment we first met, the only person I could expose a small portion of my pitiful true self was Kanon.

 ’Kanon, just a single word is enough… I want to hear your feelings.’

 I shifted my gaze from Her Majesty the Queen Furia back to Kanon. Kanon covered her mouth with both hands and tears fell in large drops.


 Huh? No!? She doesn’t want to…? The surrounding guests, the guards, everyone is like, huh? Seriously? I might lose my composure if I let my guard down even a bit.

 ’I don’t want to marry anyone other than Aqua!’

 Ah, that kind of dislike, huh!? I’m relieved… At first, when she said she disliked it, I thought she hated me. I was almost about to fall into despair…

 ’Dear mother…’

 Wiping her tears, Kanon turned her gaze towards Her Majesty the Queen Furia.

 ’I have also made up my mind. Even if it means parting with my beloved mother and father, even if it means bidding farewell to this beloved country and its citizens, I will be with the person I love!!’

 Kanon’s determination caused a bigger commotion in the hall than ever before.

 ’Her Highness Kanon leaving the royal family? And not just that, breaking ties with the Stars as well?’

 ’What will happen to the future Queen after Her Highness Kanon is gone?’

 ’This is…!’

 ”Where is Mees? This is different from what I heard!’

 ’I signed hoping for Her Highness Kanon’s happiness!’

 The murmuring guests began talking to those nearby. The guards seemed bewildered, not knowing what to do. Taking advantage of the opening, I slowly stepped forward and stood beside Kanon. I wanted to embrace her right away, but I turned my gaze back to Queen Furia first.

 ’Be quiet! You are in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen!’

 A woman in a Sister clothes stood up slowly. Bishop Kythera… she’s considered the leader of the Stars Orthodox Religion.

 ’Bishop Kythera… now that this has happened, don’t you have to explain everything?’

 ’Leave it to me, Your Majesty the Queen.’

 Kythera turned to us and then scanned the entire hall.

 ’In recent times, as we encourage men’s advancement in society in our country, the Stars Orthodox Religion’s censorship has become stricter. The conservative faction I lead has always supported men’s protection while also supporting men’s societal advancement with the social faction. Protecting men, that has been the doctrine of the Stars Orthodox Religion. However, recently, an extremist group advocating women-first ideology has emerged within us.’

 Extremists… come to think of it, they were on the news. People referred to as extremists had hijacked a plane recently. Thankfully, there were no fatalities, even though there were no small number of severe injuries.

 ’The leader of this extremist group was one of the bishop of the Stars Orthodox Religion, Meese. Haven’t politicians and nobles who were invited here been told something like this by Bishop Meese? Many men in that island nation to the east are prone to violence against women. She asked, ‘Is it okay for our beloved Her Highness Kanon to be toyed with by such men?”

 Kythera’s words caused a reaction among many invited guests.

 ’That’s right! Even I don’t want Her Highness Kanon to be unhappy.’

 ’Although I signed hoping for Her Highness Kanon’s happiness, agreeing with Bishop Meese’s words!’

 ’Wait, are you planning to betray us?’

 ’Forget betraying, we thought of Her Highness Kanon’s well-being and went along with the extremist’s proposal.’

 ’If Her Highness Kanon marries a woman, she won’t need to marry a defiled man to fulfill her duty as queen!’

 ’Defiled man? Wasn’t it about preventing an unwanted marriage?’

 ’Because Her Highness Kanon is still a child, wasn’t the talk about securing an engagement for the royal family before she becomes unhappy?’

 ’Wait, please, what you said at first is different!!’

 Looking at the guests, there were even those who had started physical fights.

 ’As you know, as planned by the extremists, petitions regarding Her Highness Kanon’s marriage have been submitted to Her Majesty the Queen Furia by both the House of Nobles and the General Assembly, meaning both nobles and politicians. Her Majesty the Queen Furia was planning to use her royal authority to reject them, but I put a stop to that.’

 Some people gazed at Kythera with pale faces. Some even tried to run away, but the guards quickly detained them.

 ’Just the other day, the extremists caused a hijacking incident involving completely unrelated civilians to spread their ideology. If we allow them to become more emboldened, it’s clear that it will bring further calamity to this country and others. So, I pleaded with Her Majesty the Queen Furia to see if we could use Her Highness’ wedding as an opportunity. The plan was to carry out everything secretly, to flush out those involved with the extremists and settle everything before the wedding. However, many unexpected things happened, leading to delays until now… And I apologize here for using Her Highness Kanon to maintain the secrecy of the plan and not telling her anything.”

 Naturally, my clenched fist tightened. I could understand what Kythera was saying, and even what Her Majesty the Queen Furia tried to do. When someone is at the helm of a large organization or about to become a queen, there might be instances where they have to use their family for a greater purpose. But I felt angry thinking about how Kanon, who was so important, had been used for this purpose, and I thought about Kirika-san and Morikawa-san, who were worried about Kanon. I don’t think I’m someone who has the right to criticize others, but at this moment, I’m the only one who can be angry in Kanon’s place.

 ’Don’t mess around! Because of things like this… does Kanon understand… does she realize she made such a face!!’

 As I raised my voice, Her Majesty the Queen Furia descended towards where I was, disregarding the guards’ attempts to stop her.

 ’Well… you’re right. But because I am the Queen of this country, when it comes to emergencies, I must prioritize this country over my beloved daughter and husband.’

 Her Majesty the Queen Furia turned her gaze towards Kanon. Her gaze, different from before, was incredibly gentle and filled with compassion.

 ’Hey… Kanon. Are you able to prioritize this country over Aqua-kun?’

 In response to Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s question, Kanon’s eyes widened. Then, slowly, she shook her head.

 ’I see… I understand. I’m sorry, Kanon.’

 I wondered what Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s apology meant. Before I could ponder it further, Her Majesty the Queen Furia returned to her dignified expression and looked around.

 ’I’ve heard enough. The most important quality expected of a queen is to prioritize the country and its citizens over family or anyone else. In this regard, Kanon has been deemed inadequate. At this moment, under the name of Furia Stars Goshnite, I declare the removal of Kanon Stars Goshnite from the list of future queen candidates. This decision has been made using the royal authority and will not be overturned in the future.’

 Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s words caused the surrounding area to become even more noisy. Kanon must have been desired as the future queen of this country by many.


 Her Majesty the Queen Furia gently placed her hand on Kanon’s shoulder.

 ’Kanon, you’re free now.’

 Seeing Kanon shedding tears, I had the urge to reach out with my hand. In reality, it might be Her Majesty the Queen Furia, who is Kanon’s mother, who wants to embrace Kanon the most in this situation. But even before becoming mother, Queen Furia was already Queen. So, putting the role of Queen before that of a family member, she used her authority as a queen to free Kanon from the constraints of royalty. Seeing that, I somehow remembered my own mother. She might be strong, but would she say something like this? Compared to her, I realize I still have a lot of growing up to do. As Her Majesty the Queen Furia passed by me, she whispered in a low voice.

 ’Thank you for getting angry on behalf of my daughter earlier. By the way… was what you said about wanting to hug and comfort Kanon a lie?’

 When our gazes met, she smiled provocatively. Seeing that, I realized that she might have been the one who actually wanted Kanon to become the future queen. She was willing to let go for her daughter’s happiness, and I felt like she was telling me, “Make sure you make her happy.”

 ’Stars Orthodox Church, Bishop Kythera! In the name of Furia Stars Goshnite, I command you. Detain the remaining extremists!!’

 Upon Her Majesty the Queen Furia’s words, Kythera led the royal guards and headed out of the hall. I approached Kanon and gently placed my hand on her cheek.

 ”A-ah… don’t look, my makeup is ruined now.”

 ”It’s okay, Kanon. You’re always beautiful. Look, turn this way.”

 I placed both hands on Kanon’s cheeks and gently wiped away her tears with my fingertips.

 ”I’m sorry for arriving late.”

 ”No… I should be the one apologizing. You got involved in the matters of this country.”

 Hmm, maybe there’s no helping it. Kanon didn’t know, and I also share some responsibility for things having come to this point. It’s not about blaming anyone; it’s about the results of each of us acting according to our beliefs. So, even if I get arrested later, I won’t complain. I took that action fully aware of the consequences. I feel sorry for involving everyone from Beryl and John to others, but if I said that, I’m sure everyone would scold me. So, the only thing I can do is hope that if everyone bears some guilt, I can somehow transfer that burden onto myself. I’m willing to do that.

 ”Kanon… can I hug you?”

 ”Uh, yeah…”

 I wrapped my arms around Kanon’s back and pulled her close to me. Then, I patted her back gently to calm her down.

 ”Are you feeling a bit better?”

 ”Yes, thank you.”

 I slowly let go of Kanon’s body and knelt down on the spot. Kanon looked bewildered and flustered at my action.


 I won’t let go of her again. For that purpose, there’s something I need to tell Kanon. I took a small box from my pocket, opened the lid, and took out what was inside.

 ”Kanon, will you marry me?”

 Both Kanon and I are still students. It might be too early to think about marriage. But, I couldn’t deceive myself anymore about these feelings. Looking up at Kanon’s face, she turned bright red and froze in place. The people around us seemed surprised, and even Her Majesty the Queen Furia probably didn’t expect a proposal here, as everyone was equally frozen. Wait… did I go too far? But at this point, there’s no turning back.


 Feeling that things won’t work out like this, I gently called her name again.


 ”Don’t you like me?”

 ”I-I like you!”

 Maybe that was a sneaky way to ask. But I’m just as desperate.

 ”Then, let’s get married.”

 ”Yes, I’d love to!”

 I stood up, holding her in my arms, and spun around right there.

 ”Thank you, Kanon!”


 With Kanon still in my arms, I headed towards everyone. From behind, I heard the sound of applause. When I turned around, there was Toa, Shintaro, and… Tenga-senpai, not Poison Chalice… there.


 ”Congratulations, Aqua! Be happy!”

 ”Aqua, that’s more like the Shirogane Aqua I know!”

 ”You were really cool, junior! No, Kenzaki!!”

 While still holding Kanon, I headed over to where everyone was. By the way, I won’t make fun of Tenga-senpai. So, I’m counting on you, Shintaro.

 ”Kanon~ It’s great, it’s great!”

 Morikawa-san was looking at Kanon and crying.

 ”Kanon, I’m glad you’re safe. Be happy.”

 Kirika-san had tears in her eyes too. When I put Kanon down, the three of them embraced and shed tears of joy. I also joined in, hugging everyone and sharing in the happiness. In the background, I felt like a Sister, with her blindfold on, wanted to join the circle with Kanon and the others, but that’s probably just my imagination.

 A few days later, Kanon and I were to have our wedding.

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