Male Idol V7c21

Volume 7 Chapter 21 Yukishiro Emily, Bad News – I can’t Escape from Holy Aqua Religion

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Inhales… exhales… mmmh!

 Oops… oh no, yesterday I got so caught up with mas***bating that I almost fell asleep. I wipe away the drool threatening to spill from my mouth with my sleeve and glance out the window. Outside, it seems like there’s a clash between a group resembling protesters and the security forces.

 Oh, something’s going on! I wonder if now’s my chance to secretly help Shumi…? I slowly open the storage room door and cautiously peek outside, checking the surroundings with furtive glances.

 ”All clear!”

 I step out of the storage room carefully, moving with ninja-like steps, and inching forward while keeping an eye out for my surroundings… wait! I’m wearing one of the sisters’ uniforms from here, so I don’t need to do all this sneaking around, do I?

 Geez, that ninja who was all about popcorn totally got me worked up, and I ended up being the suspicious one.

 I calmly try to blend in like a regular staff member, moving naturally and not rushing, even though I’m not running.

 Oh… come to think of it, where’s Shumi?

 Well, the security seems to be pretty tight… but hey, Shumi and I share the same joke, so maybe we can meet each other!

 As I ponder that, I hear voices arguing from around the corner.

 ”Shut up! I’ll stick an eggplant up your crotch!!”

 Oh, ohh!! That voice is so familiar! The conversation sounds so stupid, as if the participants have low IQs!

 It’s my Mary’s senpai, Chinposuki-san, also known as Hogekawa-san!

 I discreetly poke my head out from around the corner, trying to gauge the situation where the voices are coming from.

 ”No one’s getting past here!”

 Nee-san stands in front of the crowd of sisters.

 Damn, Nee-san is cool after all. She looks incredibly imposing. Totally different from the slouching Hogekawa-senpai.

 ”Hurry up, junior. Your role is to protect girls’ smiles, right!?”

 Huh… huh? Why is Poison Chalice here in this situation?

 Moreover, that voice, no doubt about it, the person inside is none other than Tenga Akira. Wow, wowwww, wowwwww, live Poison Chalice is so cool.

 Darn it, I don’t have any autograph boards, but can I get a signature later? Hehe.

 ’Everyone, hold on. We’re just here to talk. Just for a little bit. Give my friend some time!!’

 What? Mayushin-kun is here too?

 And unlike the other three, he’s actually using the right words, trying to persuade the confronting sisters.

 Indeed, wearing glasses really suits him. He seems to be the calmest among them. Nee-san is in full destroy mode already, Hogekawa can’t be relied on, and Poison Chalice is Poison Chalice. Come on, Mayushin-kun, you can surely handle this! I’m sure even Aqua-sama is thinking the same from behind the scenes!

 ’You mustn’t listen to their words!’

 Huh? Who’s that shorty sister?

 When a guy is talking, you should keep quiet!! It’s basic manners as a woman, you know?

 ’Hurry and restrain them!’

 This isn’t good. They’re heavily outnumbered by a superior force. At this rate, they’ll be restrained in no time.

 Can’t be helped, I guess. I’ll lend a hand too! Shumi is likely up ahead somewhere, and relying solely on Morikawa, Nee-san, Mayushin-kun, and Tenga-senpai isn’t enough. It’d be a disgrace to us women! Come what may, I’m going in too!


 My voice echoes through the hall.

 ’Who are you!’

 The shorty’s gaze turns towards me, and she raises her voice.

 I slowly appear in the hallway, then cast my eyes around the area.

 ’Is this acceptable to all of you?’

 The shorty glares at me with angry eyes and raises her voice.

 ’What are you saying? Even though women can give birth without men now, are you still clinging to men? We don’t need men who make girls cry!’

 I see… she must have been hurt by a man in the past too.

 I place my hand on my chest and start speaking slowly.

 ’It’s true that women can bear children on their own now. But are you really okay with that?’

 Procreation s*x, also known as insemination s*x.

 Among the approaches leading to pregnancy between men and women, there is this wonderful act.

 However, in reality, only a handful of people get to experience the happiness of pregnancy from actual intercourse.

 Sure, it might be irrelevant to most women, but is this girl really willing to give up even that possibility?

 So, listen up! If it’s me, I’ll never give up. Even if it’s impossible or seems unrealistic, as long as there’s a non-zero chance, I’ll keep betting on that possibility!! That’s what pride as a woman is all about!

 ’And you… Do you truly believe that men can only make women cry?’

 That might indeed be the case. Well, at least it was until now.

 But Beryl… no, Aqua-sama changed everything.

 He reaches out with kindness to all of us women, healing our wounded hearts with his sincere smile. He treats us as individuals, filling us with his overflowing love and care.

 True, Aqua-sama can make us cry too.

 But those tears are never tears of sorrow! They’re warm, joyful tears, tears that overflow from the heart with emotions!

 ’You see, that man’s dignified appearance while nibbling on Morinaga biscuits is simply precious. Yuuji-san has set our hearts racing. And in Heaven’s Sword, he make our hearts burn. Above all, that live performance…’

 Aqua-sama during the live performance was different.

 Being such an amazing singer, dancer, actor, and model, and still aiming to improve further. My heart trembles at his determination, not because he’s a man or a woman, but because of something much greater!

 ’Even when you saw Aqua-sama sing, did you feel nothing?’

 If it’s Aqua-sama, if it’s Shirogane Aqua, he can change even this hopeless world. I can’t be the only one who thinks so!

 The president of the agency, Toa-kun, Mayushin-kun, Tenga-senpai, didn’t they all think that they wanted to support Aqua-sama? They believed that he could change things, and that’s why they’re so dedicated to his cause. Kanon, Morikawa, Kirika-san… even the people on the message boards are desperately hanging on to what Aqua-sama does.

 ’More than anything, while men are taking action to change the world, do you think it’s alright for you to remain unchanged?’

 Oh, darn it, I’m getting annoyed. The guys are making an effort to look cool, you know? Responding to that would be the right thing for a good woman to do!

 ’If men are changing, we women should change too!’

 Before I knew it, everyone in that hall was looking at me.

 It’s a little embarrassing, but if I’ve come this far, I can’t back down! I spread my arms wide and speak with a loud voice.

 ’Now is the time to rise, all you women! With Aqua-sama, let’s change the world together!!’

 Huff, huff… I said it. I said it!!

 I’ll probably get caught soon, but I have no regrets. I feel so refreshed, and most importantly, I’ve bought some time. Toa-chan’s singing can be heard from outside, and with Tenga-senpai and Mayushin-kun here, it probably means that Aqua-sama is going to help Kanon. I don’t know why Aqua-sama is helping Kanon, but he’s that kind of person, so I don’t really need a detailed explanation.

 ’That woman is dangerous… restrain her immediately!’

 Under the orders of the shorty, a few armed sisters start moving towards me.

 So this is it… just as I thought. But in an instant, the armed sisters turn their backs to me and face the opposite direction.

 ’All is for the sake of our Saint’s will.’

 Huh? Saint? Wait a second, I have a bad feeling about this.

 ’What are you doing? Could it be that you’re betraying us!?’

 The shorty raises her voice in anger.

 ’Betraying? Not at all… our God is but one from the very beginning.’

 ’Among us, only two have the authority to give orders in this world, the Lord God Aqua-sama and the Saint.’

 ’All is guided by the will of Aubergine…!’

 ’We are the Holy Aqua Religion, the Saint’s Guard. We have long awaited their arrival to the Promised Land.’

 ’All is for this moment… we believe in God and have rebelled against our own will, continuing our activities in STARS.’

 Saint’s Guard? What is these people talking about? Is their head okay? And what’s this other person talking about, something like Stars Wars? What’s this guidance of the eggplant?”

 ’Why are such people here under the name of the Holy Aqua Religion, and that too, among extremists? And a Saint…? Are you saying that this woman is the infamous Saint of the Holy Aqua Religion?’

 Shorty seemed to have succumbed to the pressure from the Saint’s Guard, taking a step back. In tandem, I heard two sets of footsteps approaching from behind me. The footsteps passed by me and positioned themselves on either side of me. I felt a strong sense of familiarity when I looked at the two figures.

 ’Hold your ground! Can’t you see this enormous eggplant?’

 Whoa, that eggplant is really huge… I want it… No, wait, why are these guys here!? I was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Rinon and Claire. Well, if the Holy Aqua Religion is here, it wouldn’t be strange for these two to be here…

 ’The one standing here is our Holy Aqua Religion’s leader, the Saint Emily-sama! Hold your ground!!’

 She did it… This guy, she did it. Claire, you casually shifted all the responsibility onto me instead of taking any responsibility yourself… Dammit, I guess there’s no choice but to do this now! I have to ride this big wave!!

 ’Stars Orthodox! Once again, remember your origins, the heart of standing by men. Claire-san! Rinon-san! Give her a little lesson!! Oh, but don’t hurt her. Just restrain her.’


 It happened in an instant. Although it was quite impactful when the three who were present during the hijacking joined, the Saint’s Guard was even more amazing… Huh? What’s with these people, seriously? Isn’t the Holy Aqua Religion in big trouble if they’re like this? Maybe, just maybe, they could actually destroy Stars with just them. It’s probably just my imagination, right? Yeah… let’s just say it’s my imagination. I don’t know. Yes, I don’t know anything! If I don’t know, I’m innocent, safe and sound!

 ’Well done, desu~wa.’

 A voice so sweet it seemed to wrap around my body, sending shivers down my spine. When I turned to the source of the voice, the woman I had passed in the hallway earlier was standing there.

 ’Meese, and against the extremists, an order of restraint has been issued from Her Majesty the Queen Furia Stars Goshenite. Security team, secure them immediately.’

 The woman efficiently gave orders and the forces that had been in conflict with us were restrained and taken outside.

 ’Now, Shirogane-sama and Her Highness Kanon are waiting inside. Friends, please come in.’

 Mayushin-kun and Tenga-senpai exchanged looks and headed towards the ceremony area. And Morikawa and Nee-san followed suit. But Nee-san looked at me, opened her mouth, and then closed it with a snap when our eyes met.

 Explanation later.

 Ah… this person totally saw through me, huh? Just to be safe, maybe I should prepare a farewell letter later. I averted my gaze from Nee-san as if avoiding her. In my line of sight, the Holy Aqua Religion members were gazing up at me with sparkling eyes, kneeling as if in reverence.

 ’We were moved by the Saint’s words.’

 ’As expected of our Saint, it means we need to change ourselves.’

 ’Saint, please guide us.’

 Hey, stop looking at me with those innocent eyes, like little children! If I stay here any longer, things will get worse. Thinking that, I quickly headed towards the ceremony area. I’m worried about Kanon, and as soon as I make sure she’s safe, I’ll escape. Inside, Kanon and the others were hugging Nee-san and rejoicing, but I can’t join that circle… For now, they seem to be okay, so I’ll quietly slip away while I can. However, my shallow hope was mercilessly shattered by Nee-san, who sensed my attempt to escape and grabbed my shoulder.



 Unbeknownst to others, I was dragged into the darkness by Nee-san.

 For the continuation of what happened with Nee-san and Hagetoru, please use your imagination.

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