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Volume 7 Chapter 22 Bulletin board, this is our Shirogane Aqua

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [Void] Thread about Shirogane Aqua Part 2942 [And then everyone disappeared…]
 4 Anonymous
 Lately, I just don’t feel like working much
 7 Anonymous
 I know, right? I feel the same
 8 Anonymous
 Maybe you’re overworking yourself?
 10 Anonymous
 Not only work, but even when I get home, I find myself just zoning out more
 12 Anonymous
 A lot happened from spring to summer, maybe it’s exhaustion?
 15 Anonymous
 Late summer fatigue, perhaps?
 19 Anonymous
 Probably, it started around the time Aqua-sama and the others went to Stars
 23 Anonymous
 24 Anonymous
 26 Anonymous
 Yeah, that’s right. Even the air doesn’t taste good anymore. Before, when I breathed the air, I could feel Aqua-kun, but recently, I feel nothing… It’s like endlessly chewing tasteless gum
 30 Anonymous
 Exactly this
 31 Anonymous
 Air, I think it’s here
 33 Anonymous
 Breaking news: The air in this country stagnates without Aqua-sama
 35 Anonymous
 Did Aa-sama even purify the air of this country?
 37 Anonymous
 You guys should join the Holy Aqua Religion too. They’re giving out bags of Aqua-sama’s air for free. It really revitalizes you
 42 Anonymous
 Hey, are you kidding? LOL
 44 Anonymous
 You don’t even need to join, I prayed last time and they gave it to me for free. That stuff is amazing, you become so happy while inhaling it that you lose your memory
 46 Anonymous
 The Holy Aqua Religion is still doing crazy stuff, as usual..
 48 Anonymous
 The amazing thing about it is how accurately it reproduces the smell. The moment you inhale it through your nose, you go “whoooaa…” It’s best for those who are going to inhale it next to wear a napkin or better yet, a diaper
 51 Anonymous
 I’m going to get some. There’s probably someone near the station anyway
 53 Anonymous
 And thus, the number of believers increases..
 56 Anonymous
 By the way, when are Aqua-sama and the others coming back?
 60 Anonymous
 On October 10th, they’re going to have an event in the theater starting from 8 o’clock, coinciding with the start of the 9PM monday drama broadcast. It might just be Kohina Yukari and Tsukimachi Ayana participating, but somehow I have a feeling that Aqua-sama will make it in time. After all, it’s organized by Beryl. As a bonus, I’ll post the schedule for the day in place of Nee-san
 Location: Shinjuku Baker Theater
 Organizer: Beryl Entertainment
 Sponsored by: Commercial Broadcasters Association, National Broadcasting, Morinaga, Fuji group
 All screens reserved from 1 to 9
 07:00 Entry to the theater begins (morning session, for winners only)
 08:00 Masked Driver Episode 1
 08:30 Masked Driver Episode 2
 09:00 Masked Driver Episode 3
 09:30 Masked Driver Episode 4
 10:00 Masked Driver Episode 5
 10:30 Masked Driver Episode 6
 11:00 Hongou Hiroko Talk Show
 12:00 Sales of goods on the 3rd floor start
 13:00 Entry for the afternoon session begins
 14:00 Viewing of past live footage in a 1-hour special edit on the big screen
 15:00 Exchange of theater audience
 16:00 Special live footage (same as 14.00.)
 17:00 Start of customer exit within the venue
 18:00 Entry for the evening session begins
 20:00 Goods booth closes
 20:30 1st Talk Show (Theater 1 only)
 21:00 Real-time simultaneous viewing, first-hour special
 22:00 2nd Talk Show (Theater 1 only)
 Customers in Theater 2 to 9 start leaving
 22:30 Farewell by performers (Theater 1 only)
 23:00 Estimated closing time
 Scheduled participants for the talk show: Kohina Yukari, Tsukimachi Ayana, and more
 67 Anonymous
 Even though it’s a different broadcaster, this is really well done
 69 Anonymous
 Very capable
 72 Anonymous
 I’m someone involved, but the way this was done was clever. Though Fuji is in the background, it was Beryl, the organizer, that negotiated with the Commercial Broadcasters Association. It was unexpected for the National Broadcasting to sponsor it, but there’s talk that there might have been some sort of deal between Beryl and them. In the industry, it’s said that Aqua-kun might be appearing on some program by the National Broadcasting
 78 Anonymous
 This kind of information is helpful. Looking forward to what they’ll do on the national broadcasting. Was there some sort of deal with the Commercial Broadcasters Association?
 83 Anonymous
 Nope. A little while back, when they played the PV at the same time and hijacked it, there was an unspoken agreement among the commercial broadcasters that they should cooperate when it comes to Beryl-related stuff. The person from Beryl who did it made it into a proper contract, which is why things like this can happen this time
 86 Anonymous
 Probably Nee-san, right?
 87 Anonymous
 I sense Nee-san’s aura
 89 Anonymous
 As expected of Nee-san
 91 Anonymous
 Your trust in Nee-san, lol
 92 Anonymous
 Seriously, it does seem like Nee-san is behind all of this
 95 Anonymous
 They’re also doing a collaboration drink menu with Morinaga
 Morinaga Hot or Iced Caramel Latte (Aqua-kun and Merry-san cups)
 Morinaga Hot Milk Cocoa (Toa-chan and Aqua-kun cups)
 Morinaga Hot Chocolate Drink (Mayuzumi-kun and Tenga-senpai cups)
 Morinaga Cool Lemon or Grape Squash (Shiro-kun and Tama-chan cups)
 Additionally, customers who order drinks will receive 2 bags of biscuits as a gift. These are event-limited items, and it seems that each bag will have prints of a group of 4 people and a pair of Vtubers
 99 Anonymous
 Morinaga might start appearing in Beryl commercials soon
 101 Anonymous
 I can’t forget the one-page spread of Toa-chan and Aa-sama from that magazine, even now
 104 Anonymous
 Exactly. I’d like Toa-chan and Aqua-kun to do another Morinaga
 106 Anonymous
 Just to make it clear, the goods are normal, but make sure you get the pamphlet. Especially the Heaven’s Sword pamphlet, it might be the first and last time
 110 Anonymous
 What’s that?
 113 Anonymous
 It’s written in the corner of the Heaven’s Sword official website’s announcement. To commemorate the large-screen broadcast in theaters, they made a special pamphlet
 117 Anonymous
 This is news to me
 118 Anonymous
 It’s true..
 121 Anonymous
 Many people might have missed this… And yes, that was me
 122 Anonymous
 You can buy goods other than pamphlets later at the regular pop-up shop. The Morinaga collaboration drink menu and the Heaven’s Sword pamphlet are the top priorities
 125 Anonymous
 Since there might be people who haven’t been there, I’ll add this too
 For those who were fortunate enough to win the Platinum Room or Platinum Seats:
 - Upon entry, since it’s a dedicated floor, you don’t need to wait in line
 - You’ll receive one of the collaboration drinks as a welcome drink for free
 - Additional drink and food menus can be ordered in the exclusive lounge
 - Furthermore, in the Platinum-exclusive waiting room, they apparently exhibit items actually used in the story
 - In addition to that, there seems to be some sort of service exclusively for the Platinum Room
 By the way, I won a seat. It’s for the morning session, though. Has anyone else won one of the two limited Platinum Rooms?
 129 Anonymous
 I’m jealous
 131 Anonymous
 As someone from the countryside, this is a lifesaver. Also, I won a morning room. They say they’re giving me a staff T-shirt with the director and all the main cast members’ autographs on it. Additionally, it said I can touch Aqua-san’s used beetle and a belt in the actual filming. I can even wear the belt over my clothes, and apparently I can take photos in the room’s exclusive waiting room
 136 Anonymous
 137 Anonymous
 Unbelievably lucky! Whirl is coming!!
 138 Anonymous
 So jealous! So jealous!
 140 Anonymous
 Isn’t it crazy that you can wear the belt and touch the beetle?
 142 Anonymous
 I wonder if there are doctors and nurses waiting in the exclusive waiting room? In case someone passes out
 144 Anonymous
 I might be too nervous to touch it. I’d definitely drop something like that
 145 Anonymous
 It’s too crazy that people can actually touch the beetle that Aqua-kun held
 146 Anonymous
 It’s a relief that Hagetoru or Chinposuki didn’t win. Those guys would definitely lick it up
 147 Anonymous
 Since you’ve won, you might as well smell it
 152 Anonymous
 That’s right! They’ve mentioned in the corner that medical staff will be present, so please rest assured
 By the way, I plan to go with my mom to the theater. It’s nice to be able to show filial piety to my parents!
 155 Anonymous
 I’d definitely drop it too
 157 Anonymous
 It’s good that such a pure-looking person won. If it were the residents here, there’s no doubt they’d lick it all over. I’d probably lick it too
 161 Anonymous
 There are Platinum Rooms for morning, afternoon, and evening, two each. I’m curious about the afternoon and evening ones
 164 Anonymous
 It’s for the afternoon Platinum Seat, but the exhibits in the waiting room have changed to the costumes and instruments used in the live performance
 168 Anonymous
 Same for the Platinum Seat, evening session. The exhibits in the waiting room have changed to costumes from Morinaga commercials and the Fuji event
 173 Anonymous
 Lucky you
 175 Anonymous
 I want to sniff them!
 179 Anonymous
 Regarding the information about the afternoon Platinum Room, it was on SNS, and it’s amazing. They let the winner touches musical instruments that everyone uses, and apparently can touch Aqua-sama’s microphone. And since they got permission, the winners can even play the guitar or bass a little. However, drum playing is a bit embarrassing as you have to go to the common waiting room. Also, the souvenirs are Beryl staff T-shirts with the signatures of the 4 members and 2 Vtubers
 182 Anonymous
 184 Anonymous
 Being able to play Tenga-senpai’s guitar is too exciting
 186 Anonymous
 Heaven’s Sword staff T-shirt was great, but the Beryl staff T-shirt is nice too. These kinds of things are definitely not for sale
 188 Anonymous
 The person who won this is a Tenga-senpai fan, so they were seriously shaken. Moreover, they posted a comment saying it’s too presumptuous to play it, and Tenga-senpai himself replied, saying they should play as much as they want. Senpai is too kind..
 191 Anonymous
 Beryl is the only way to go after all
 193 Anonymous
 Senpai is everyone’s senpai now! Though, I’m apparently older than him..
 197 Anonymous
 Hey, cut it out!!
 200 Anonymous
 Our hearts are forever 16 years old!!
 202 Anonymous
 Seeing the slowdown in comments, it looks like others got hooked on this as well
 205 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun’s microphone… it’s kind of meaningful and makes my heart beat faster
 208 Anonymous
 Oh, come on, lol
 210 Anonymous
 In two ways, I want to “lick” and “stroke” Aqua-kun’s microphone
 214 Anonymous
 Good thing this person didn’t win
 215 Anonymous
 So many “lickers,” lol
 218 Anonymous
 The fact that >>210 didn’t win and >>188 did is everything, isn’t it
 222 Anonymous
 I doubt anyone won the Platinum Room for the evening session
 226 Anonymous
 It would have been possible if Shumi were there, but unfortunately, Shumi is absent when we need her the most
 229 Anonymous
 Nee-san who won the shirt isn’t here either
 233 Anonymous
 The Verification Team, well, it can’t be helped with Nee-san, but now we can’t get in touch with Chinposuki either. Are they okay?
 237 Anonymous
 I’m checking the local SBC just for Chinposuki. I think there might have been some Japanese person who caused trouble locally
 240 Anonymous
 SBC, Aqua-kun’s interview was good, but during the runway and staff festival, they cut out all of Aqua-kun’s scenes. I hate that
 244 Anonymous
 It was supposed to be a friendly event. Whether they broadcast it or not is up to the country, but still..
 248 Anonymous
 It seems they properly used diplomatic channels to send a letter of inquiry, but the Stars’ internal censorship issue is such that they couldn’t respond other than with, “Due to issues related to domestic censorship in Stars, we cannot provide an answer.” SBC is probably a victim too
 251 Anonymous
 Stars’ censorship is intense. While we can see their content from here, they can’t see ours unless it’s from approved sites. I wanted to interact with the Stars’ bulletin board, though
 255 Anonymous
 When I see the kids on the Stars bulletin board, it’s heartwarming as if I’m looking at our younger selves. Ah, we’ve been through times like that too. Now, we’re not easily surprised by minor things!!
 257 Anonymous
 It means we’ve developed proper resistance
 260 Anonymous
 Hey, cut it out! Don’t set weird flags!! This is how Beryl lets its guard down and then gets hit with something outrageous
 263 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Oh yeah, I know that feeling
 266 Anonymous
 267 Anonymous
 Editor-san, she is here!
 268 Anonymous
 Is the new issue out?
 271 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Too bad! I finished work a while ago
 274 Anonymous
 275 Anonymous
 I believed that if it were Sensei, you could do it!
 278 Anonymous
 I’m glad Hakuryuu-sensei is back
 280 Anonymous
 Hey, in this flow, it’d be nice if Hagetoru and Shumi also came back!
 281 Anonymous
 I’m watching the live coverage of Her Highness Kanon’s wedding, but isn’t it intense? Trash Punks are performing, and I was hoping Aqua-kun might sing..
 286 Anonymous
 I came from Stars as a foreign exchange student. This time, there hasn’t been an announcement about the marriage partner, and moreover, the partner is Kanon-sama, the leading candidate to be the next Queen, and she’s extremely popular among Citizens. There’s growing skepticism among the Citizens as well
 288 Anonymous
 I turned on the channel, but they’re just clashing with the protest groups. It’s way worse than “intense.”
 289 Anonymous
 I hope Her Highness Kanon, who generously donated to disaster-stricken areas, finds happiness. I hope she doesn’t become the wife of some scumbag
 290 774 *Hi-P3erver
 In 10 minutes, access to the Stars’ bulletin board will be open
 293 Anonymous
 Some weird stuff came in!
 294 Anonymous
 High-Performance Server, lol. Going to extremes!
 295 Anonymous
 The number of perverts increases when it gets cooler, right?
 299 774 *Hi-P3erver
 Right now, Stars is trying to change. There are people trying to make a change
 So please, even just a little, share your power with everyone on the bulletin board for Aqua-sama’s sake!
 302 Anonymous
 I don’t really get it, but if it’s for Aqua-sama, then I guess it’s okay. Hagetoru would probably say something like that. So I’ll help out!
 303 Anonymous
 Ouch, ouch, ouch! You seem to think you’re really a high performance server. Well, if they’re a crybaby, I’m used to that with Shumi, so I guess I’ll go along with it
 305 Anonymous
 Can’t be helped, I’ll be the entertainer in place of Chinposuki!
 307 Anonymous
 It’s worrying with just you guys, so in Nee-san’s place, I’ll be there..
 310 Anonymous
 311 Anonymous
 312 Anonymous
 314 Anonymous
 317 Anonymous
 It’s Beryl again!
 318 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Beryl is Beryling even in Stars
 320 Anonymous
 Breaking news, I was dead until a while ago, but now I’m super excited!
 322 Anonymous
 You can actually post now! Let’s support Tama-chan!
 325 Anonymous
 Let’s go! Cultural exchange!!
 327 Anonymous
 I thought you guys would behave quietly after going to Stars
 328 Anonymous
 It was the calm before the storm, I guess
 329 Anonymous
 The movements of the arguing guys have stopped, lol
 331 Anonymous
 Stars, this is Beryl
 333 Anonymous
 Tama-chan, what are you doing, LMAO
 335 Anonymous
 Wait, hold on, isn’t this a new song!!
 336 Anonymous
 Unexpected new song reveal, lol
 337 Anonymous
 Stars’ folks are too lucky!!
 338 Anonymous
 I luckily recorded it, I’m a winner
 340 Anonymous
 This new song, it’s not Tama-chan, but Toa-chan, right?
 343 Anonymous
 I doubt it, but it’s not a Heaven’s Sword song, is it?
 346 Anonymous
 Hey, this SBC’s camera work is totally Hongo!
 347 Anonymous
 The camera person from SBC, are they a fan of Hongo the director? I thought, but this is definitely Hongo. Only Hongo can do this camera work
 349 Anonymous
 So this is Hongo’s circus
 350 Anonymous
 This is a must-go!
 352 Anonymous
 >>290 See you on there
 353 Anonymous
 >>290 On the way
 354 Anonymous
 Alright, shall we go show them?
 360 Anonymous
 Has everyone gone already?
 362 Anonymous
 I’m actually still here
 363 Anonymous
 Me too
 366 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei is on the Stars’ bulletin board, sneaky
 367 Anonymous
 368 Anonymous
 371 Anonymous
 You guys are something, LMAO
 372 Anonymous
 Yeah, yeah, those who record in hopes of panty shots. I’ll enjoy it later!
 374 Anonymous
 We need a frame-by-frame confirmation team
 377 Anonymous
 The Queen of Love Romances, Aiko Hakuryuu, LMAO
 379 Anonymous
 380 Anonymous
 Aiko-chan-sensei, might as well move to Stars now, lol
 381 Anonymous
 The residents here might seem indifferent, but Hakuryuu-sensei is still a big shot, after all!
 383 Anonymous
 Can’t be helped, it’s Hakuryuu-sensei, after all
 384 Anonymous
 I know, but it’s because she’s the Queen of Love Romances
 385 Anonymous
 The Queen of Love Romances, heh, she’s going to be teased again, lol
 388 Anonymous
 Sensei, she seems embarrassed in a normal way, lol
 390 Anonymous
 Editor, going all the way with Aiko-sensei to the Stars’ bulletin board, that’s sly, lol
 392 Anonymous
 Well, in a way, Sensei and the editor are quite close
 394 Anonymous
 Everyone’s having casual conversations, but the automatic translation for posts is way too good. After writing, if you click the checkbox, it translates and posts it instantly. Super convenient
 397 Anonymous
 Toa-chan’s singing ability is evolving even more. You can’t help but cheer for someone who’s working hard toward a goal
 398 Anonymous
 There are a lot of people in Stars confused about Toa-chan’s gender, it’s funny, lol
 400 Anonymous
 Toa-chan’s gender is Toa-chan. I’ve realized this is the best answer
 402 Anonymous
 Looks like Bike has arrived!
 403 Anonymous
 The sound of Bike, I have a bad feeling about this!
 404 Anonymous
 I mean, why the camera work is so cool, lol
 405 Anonymous
 Hongo, calm down! (No, go even further!!)
 406 Anonymous
 Director Hongo, let’s try to hide the fact that you’re Director Hongo, shall we, lol
 408 Anonymous
 Oh nooooooooo!
 409 Anonymous
 Poison Chalice, lol
 410 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Poison Chalice is taking flight to Stars
 412 Anonymous
 Hey, it’s the real Poison Chalice!
 413 Anonymous
 Is this for real?
 417 Anonymous
 Other than Tenga-senpai, there’s no one else who can seriously do something like this
 418 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun looking embarrassed in the back is a confirmation in itself
 421 Anonymous
 The impact of Poison Chalice is so strong that I just noticed Mayuzumi-kun’s presence, lol
 422 Anonymous
 Hang in there, Mayushin-kun, your big sister can somewhat understand your feelings
 425 Anonymous
 No way, Tenga-senpai. Are you seriously trying to do a real-life Heaven’s Sword?
 426 Anonymous
 Hold on, Tenga-senpai, seriously!?
 428 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Tenpa-senpai is finally succumbing to Aqu-tan’s influence
 429 Anonymous
 430 Anonymous
 433 Anonymous
 This is actually Heaven’s Sword in real life..
 435 Anonymous
 Why are these guys so cool like this?
 437 Anonymous
 Not satisfied with the current state, always continuing to update. That’s Beryl Entertainment
 439 Anonymous
 I’m so jealous of the locals. Being able to watch Tama-chan (Toa-chan)’s free live and Tenga-senpai’s live actions, it’s just too amazing
 442 Anonymous
 You guys immediately start calculating the price of stained glass, lol
 444 Anonymous
 Could you guys stop launching crowdfunding sites for stained glass repairs within seconds?
 447 Anonymous
 They reached the goal in seconds. What’s up with you guys, lol
 450 Anonymous
 Pure white Aqua-sama..
 451 Anonymous
 Ah… ah… ah..
 453 Anonymous
 The other thread is probably filled up by now. Everyone’s coming back!
 455 Anonymous
 457 Anonymous
 458 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei broke!
 460 Anonymous
 The other thread is over!
 462 Anonymous
 Hey hey hey!
 465 Anonymous
 Wasn’t Aqua-sama calling Her Highness Kanon by her first name?
 467 Anonymous
 Abduct you…?
 469 Anonymous
 Wait, wait, wait! I can’t keep up with this at all!
 470 Anonymous
 This… I have a bad feeling about it. A really bad one
 471 Anonymous
 Someone you love…?
 472 Anonymous
 Now, Aqua-sama, didn’t he just say “someone you love”?
 474 Anonymous
 475 Anonymous
 476 Anonymous
 477 Anonymous
 Hold on, my head can’t catch up
 479 Anonymous
 What on earth is happening..
 480 Anonymous
 I can’t understand the words in Stars, I’m totally left behind, lol
 482 Anonymous
 If someone you love was crying?
 483 Anonymous
 Someone you love
 484 Anonymous
 485 Anonymous
 488 Anonymous
 What’s going on?
 491 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Aqua-sama was dating Her Highness Kanon
 493 Anonymous
 Even if I have to become an enemy of the entire world, I will go to Her Highness Kanon
 496 Anonymous
 Hold on, so Aqua-sama and Her Highness Kanon were dating?
 497 Anonymous
 The thread’s momentum is getting weird. It paused for a moment, lol
 500 Anonymous
 Quick summary
 Her Highness Kanon is marrying someone against her will?
 Aqua-kun was dating Her Highness Kanon
 Even if it means going against the world, Aqua-kun will be with Her Highness Kanon?
 504 Anonymous
 505 Anonymous
 I can’t understand Stars’ words, so this is a relief
 506 Anonymous
 Working at Fuji Department Store, now everything makes sense. I’m supporting both of them
 507 Anonymous
 Truly Aqua-sama, easily blowing away conventional male concepts
 508 Anonymous
 Everyone might not remember, but I’m the one who posted Aqua-sama’s information first in the SNS. Thanks to meeting Aqua-sama, these past few months have been the most enjoyable in my entire life. That’s why… that’s why, I want Aqua-sama to be happier than anyone else! I don’t want to see the sad faces of the person who made us happy!!
 513 Anonymous
 That’s way too cool!
 514 Anonymous
 Thank you. Thanks to you, my eyes are open
 515 Anonymous
 This development here is so intense
 516 Anonymous
 The answer is always simple. Aqua-sama’s happiness… that’s right. We might not be able to give anything back, but we can support!
 518 Anonymous
 To be honest, I still feel a bit complex… I think I just haven’t sorted my feelings yet. Aqua-sama being happy, that’s really true, I think
 520 Anonymous
 Thanks to Aqua-sama and Beryl, right now is the most enjoyable for me. That’s why I don’t want Aqua-sama to have a sad face
 523 Anonymous
 I’m ready to go against the world too! I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone still hesitate after reading >>508’s words? While Nee-san isn’t here, what are we going to do if we don’t give it our all!
 526 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 After knowing Aqua-sama, for the first time in my life, I felt like reality was unbeatable
 Even so… there’s no way Aqua-sama won’t have a happy ending in the real world, right? I know. Aqua-sama always easily surpasses our expectations. I promise. Someday, I will surpass you, Shirogane Aqua! So show me! Show me that Shirogane Aqua is the coolest boy in the world!!
 529 Anonymous
 531 Anonymous
 You guys are too fired up since earlier!
 533 Anonymous
 This declaration is passionate. I also believe that someday, Sensei will surpass Aqua-sama
 534 Anonymous
 Sensei… as an editor, I’ll follow you to the end!
 536 Anonymous
 Yep, this thread is the best!
 538 Anonymous
 I want Aqua-sama to be happy
 539 Anonymous
 Even if he marries someone, it’s fine. The words I said that day, that moment, about following along, they’re not lies
 540 Anonymous
 For all the happiness Aqua-sama gave us until now, now it’s our turn to give back!!
 543 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun, be happy!! When you’re happy, we’re happy too!!
 545 Anonymous
 There’s Aqua-sama’s monologue..
 546 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama said, “I’m the one who will make Kanon happy!”
 I want to hear it toooo!
 548 Anonymous
 Can he stop updating my ideal proposal scene in real time?
 549 Anonymous
 Just once, I’d like someone to say something like that to me..
 550 Anonymous
 No girl’s heart can remain unmoved at this point
 551 Anonymous
 Aaaah! I want to be proposed to like this tooooo!
 553 Anonymous
 Geez, lol
 554 Anonymous
 I know, right, lol
 556 Anonymous
 Hold on, lol
 557 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon, lmao
 562 Anonymous
 Thank goodness, I thought it was that “no,” lol
 563 Anonymous
 My heart just skipped a beat from that. I thought she was going to reject him
 565 Anonymous
 Did Her Highness Kanon also decide?
 568 Anonymous
 Dangerous, my heart’s pounding so much
 570 Anonymous
 This isn’t a relationship I’m familiar with..
 572 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 577 Anonymous
 Hey, lol
 578 Anonymous
 The cool sensei from earlier is back!
 580 Anonymous
 This is an instant fall in two panels
 581 Anonymous
 I like this about sensei, lol
 585 Anonymous
 I’ve finally settled down within myself. Go for it, Aqua-sama!
 592 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon’s declaration of separation is here!
 594 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon has made up her mind
 596 Anonymous
 If a guy does this to you, anyone would make up their mind
 599 Anonymous
 That’s right! I’m supporting both of them
 603 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon should just return home with Aqua-sama
 605 Anonymous
 That’s good. Her Highness also responded to Aqua-sama’s feelings
 612 Anonymous
 The thread’s momentum is coming back. The one who was frozen has stood up again with the words of the original person and Hakuryuu-sensei
 616 Anonymous
 Her Majesty the Queen, please
 627 Anonymous
 628 Anonymous
 630 Anonymous
 A family matter?
 633 Anonymous
 Even if Aqua-kun’s actions were unexpected, this is not okay
 635 Anonymous
 Even if she’s the queen, she shouldn’t use her own daughter as bait
 641 Anonymous
 Stars is leaning towards the worse side than I thought
 646 Anonymous
 I’m an exchange student from Stars, but I think this extremist group or something rapidly gained power, making it difficult. For Her Majesty the Queen Furia, it was unexpected that they gained power beyond her control
 652 Anonymous
 Even if that’s the case, well… I mean, running a country is incredibly difficult
 657 Anonymous
 Stars was originally formed by several countries coming together. When dealing with multiple ethnicities, the first thing they did was acknowledge diversity. So while it was good that people with various thoughts coexisted, it also became a breeding ground for these extreme ideologies, I think
 663 Anonymous
 Exactly. And when they suddenly started censoring due to thinking it’s dangerous, they faced resistance from the citizens. They ended up trying to eliminate the particularly dangerous ones and reached this point
 670 Anonymous
 I think freedom of thought should be recognized, but when operating as a nation, it seems difficult to allow unchecked extremist activities. Developed countries everywhere, including States and this country, are struggling. It’s not just a distant problem; it’s good to keep in mind that it could happen anytime
 679 Anonymous
 At the very least, Stars messed up big time with this incident. I think it caused them to lose a lot of ground
 684 Anonymous
 Honestly, this country was in a bad state too. And now, that boy Shirogane Aqua has twisted it all by himself. I’m lucky to have a boy in my class at school who is a fan of Aqua-sama. He even came up to me and started a conversation the other day. He want to talk to girls normally just like everyone in Beryl… On that day, the whole class cried
 695 Anonymous
 Getting emotional at this timing, huh
 697 Anonymous
 Good for you… deeply moved
 698 Anonymous
 Thinking about it, Aqua-sama is amazing
 706 Anonymous
 And right now, he’s even trying to change Stars
 711 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama getting angry..
 713 Anonymous
 I like that Aqua-sama can get angry for someone he loves
 715 Anonymous
 How can I become the girlfriend of such a wonderful boy?
 724 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon, I really want you to publish a book. How I made Shirogane Aqua fall for me could become a bestseller on the first day
 732 Anonymous
 734 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon, is she no longer a candidate for the next queen?
 737 Anonymous
 This is a blow to Stars. It was almost certain that Her Highness Kanon would become the next queen
 741 Anonymous
 Does this mean she’s leaving the royal family? Normally, Aqua-sama would marry into Stars, but I have a feeling it won’t be like that
 750 Anonymous
 I’m an exchange student from Stars. There’s one exception. If she’s given the currently vacant Archduke position, she won’t need to leave the royal family. It’s a system created when a popular royal family member tried to leave in the past, so I think it’s still applicable
 While she can’t meddle in politics and such, she can behave as a royal family member within Stars’ borders. Actually, Her Highness’s grandmother, former Queen Mary, was supposed to ascend to the Archduke position after retiring as queen. She said she was keeping it vacant just in case something happened, which is why the position remains vacant
 758 Anonymous
 It seems like she has even thought about the possibility of her own grandchild using this
 766 Anonymous
 Stars was at its peak under Lady Mary’s reign. Lady Mary would have probably predicted the current situation. She was that amazing. She was even called the Queen of Starry Prophecy, so she must have had an incredible ability to foresee the future
 774 Anonymous
 Lady Mary’s only mistake might have been choosing Lady Furia next, right?
 782 Anonymous
 After Lady Mary, anyone would have a hard time, I think. If it was someone else, it might have been even worse
 785 Anonymous
 I was fortunate to serve during good times, but I think it’s going to be tough for the next person, so everyone should support them. It’s not because they were amazing, but because of luck and the people around them. But clearly, Lady Mary’s skill was amazing. During the World Congress, she even took leadership on the revision of the Male Protection Act when she was the youngest. Although, maybe she retired from the front lines a little too soon
 788 Anonymous
 Anyway, is this incident resolved now?
 790 Anonymous
 It feels a bit unresolved… but I have a feeling Aqua-sama won’t let it end here
 793 Anonymous
 795 Anonymous
 796 Anonymous
 800 Anonymous
 The way he touches her cheek is unfair
 802 Anonymous
 I want a boy to gently touch my cheek like that too..
 805 Anonymous
 The camera work is amazing..
 807 Anonymous
 Director Hongo is evolving here
 808 Anonymous
 Director Hongo, I thought she could only do cool camera work. Zooming in from the opposite side like this is cheating. It’s like Aqua-sama is touching my cheek
 810 Anonymous
 Makeup, lol
 812 Anonymous
 Even though she’s a princess, does that mean she’s just like us girls?
 815 Anonymous
 She looks more mature than usual, but is it because of makeup?
 822 Anonymous
 823 Anonymous
 It’s okay, Kanon always looks beautiful
 824 Anonymous
 She always looks beautiful. Thank you
 829 Anonymous
 Huh? I thought boys only said mean things to girls
 833 Anonymous
 Her Highness’ face is so red, lol
 835 Anonymous
 This would make anyone blush
 840 Anonymous
 842 Anonymous
 Can I hug you?
 843 Anonymous
 May I hug you? Thank you!
 846 Anonymous
 Wowwww, that’s so nice!
 849 Anonymous
 I wonder what it feels like to be hugged by Aqua-sama
 851 Anonymous
 The camera work is incredible
 853 Anonymous
 For now, I’m hugging a nearby body pillow
 857 Anonymous
 Well, I’m relieved
 860 Anonymous
 It settled nicely
 861 Anonymous
 Sorry. Since I’m sure I’m going to win, I’m going to take a bath!!
 862 Anonymous
 863 Anonymous
 864 Anonymous
 870 Anonymous
 Did he just kneel?
 871 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Beryl Alert! Beryl Alert!!
 873 Anonymous
 Aqu-tan, are you up to something again!?
 875 Anonymous
 Something’s definitely happening again
 878 Anonymous
 Buzz… buzz..
 882 Anonymous
 The thread’s accelerating like crazy
 885 Anonymous
 Breaking news: The proposal is far from over
 887 Anonymous
 Hurry back!!
 889 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama took something out of his pocket
 890 Anonymous
 Didn’t he just take something out now?
 893 Anonymous
 898 Anonymous
 Sensei-chan, lol
 900 Anonymous
 I like this aspect of Hakuryuu-sensei, she has a minor vibe, lol
 901 Anonymous
 Give us back the real cool Hakuryuu-sensei from earlier!
 905 Anonymous
 Stop it, our brains are going to explode!
 908 Anonymous
 Please marry me
 910 Anonymous
 912 Anonymous
 Marry me..
 913 Anonymous
 Marry Aqua-sama..
 916 Anonymous
 917 Anonymous
 Oh no, my heart is throbbing deep inside!
 920 Anonymous
 Huh… huh!? Can boys propose like this?
 923 Anonymous
 A situation that Shumi would like, lol
 925 Anonymous
 Even though Shumi isn’t here, if Shumi were here, she would totally be melting from this, lol
 926 Anonymous
 The proposal Shumi would have wanted just happened, woohoo!
 938 Anonymous
 You guys usually tell Shumi to die, but somehow, you really like Shumi, huh, lol
 941 Anonymous
 This is way too cool
 943 Anonymous
 Oh no, oh no, oh no. My face is so hot I can’t look at the screen
 946 Anonymous
 Right now, we’re all in the cafeteria, but no one is eating. Everyone is staring. The noodles are stretching!!
 949 Anonymous
 Oh no, it’s like Aqua-sama is kneeling in front of us, proposing..
 951 Anonymous
 Director Hongo is expertly operating the drone even in this situation. Such a professional
 955 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon is frozen
 957 Anonymous
 Even Her Highness is freezing in this situation
 960 Anonymous
 Be happy!!
 962 Anonymous
 Be happy!
 965 Anonymous
 Clap clap clap clap!
 967 Anonymous
 In the midst of being happy, her voice got all squeaky, lol. She’s kind of panicking like Shumi, and it warms the heart. Come back, Shumi
 970 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun, the ring! The ring!
 971 Anonymous
 Aa-sama, your ring!
 972 Anonymous
 Aqu-tan, he forgot about the ring while lifting her up, LOL
 975 Anonymous
 Uwaaaaaaah! I want to be spun around toooo!
 979 Anonymous
 I’m in trouble, I wouldn’t know what to do if I were proposed to like this one after another
 983 Anonymous
 985 Anonymous
 Did the video stop?
 986 Anonymous
 Hold on a second!
 987 Anonymous
 Hey! Are you kidding me!?
 988 Anonymous
 There was a red light on the top right earlier, so is it out of battery?
 990 Anonymous
 992 Anonymous
 It died right at the crucial moment!!
 994 Anonymous
 SBC-kun, you see!!
 995 Anonymous
 SBC is no good after all
 996 Anonymous
 No matter how good the person behind the camera is, SBC is no good
 997 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Huh? Wait a minute… Do I have to create something that surpasses this? Impossible… It’s absolutely impossible! Please, forgive me..
 998 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei is probably dying after that proposal, lol
 999 Anonymous
 Can Hakuryuu-sensei surpass that proposal? Good luck, lol!
 1000 774 *Hi-P3erver
 Thank you, everyone! Gratitude to all the users on the bulletin boards!

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