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Volume 7 Chapter 25 Shirogane Aqua, Getting Married

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 Right after that, it was decided that my family and government officials would come to Stars. My mother, Shitori-onee-chan, and Lapis will be attending the wedding and the meeting of both families. The government officials are here to discuss future agreements between the two countries.

 On the day of the meeting of both families, I was a bit nervous, but I was surprised at how composed mother was. She’s always been strong, and it’s true.

 ”Nooooooo, no way, I don’t want you to get marriedddd!”

 Even though I thought that, seeing mother clinging to me in tears before the wedding makes me reconsider my previous thoughts.

 ”*Sniff*, *sniff*… Mama wants to marry Aqua-chan too…”

 I thought about telling mother that’s just impossible, but come to think of it, in this world, can’t family members get married? But mother isn’t seriously saying that, I think she’s just feeling sad because her child is getting married. I’ve heard that’s how parents are, and I believe that time will resolve things like this. So I just brushed off mother’s nonsense as usual.

 ”Aa-chan… How about marrying your big sister too?”

 Shitori-onee-chan teases me like that again… Come on, I’m not falling for that busty trick again! I told her that surely a wonderful person will appear for her too. Then Shitori-onee-chan muttered in a small voice, with a shadowed expression, “Hmm, saying things like that… I’ll have to make sure he understands.” Huh? Wha-what in the world am I supposed to understand?

 ”Nii-sama, how about taking Lapis as well?”

 Hey, Lapis. Don’t cheapen yourself like that, it’s not good. There might be fewer men in this world, so Lapis might be in a hurry too, but even if Lapis doesn’t get married, big brother will take care of you, so you don’t have to think about that yet. Yeah, Lapis getting married is still too early. Besides, Lapis’ marriage partner will have to be approved by me, her big brother.

 ”Everyone, calm down. While it’s true that I might get married, it doesn’t mean I’ll sever my ties with the family, so please don’t worry.”

 I hugged Lapis, then Shitori-onee-chan, and finally mother in order. Thanks to meeting Kanon, I was able to reflect on what family means. So from now on, I want to cherish my family even more.

 ’Shirogane-sama, it’s time.’

 ’Ah, yes!’

 It seems like the time has come. I called out to my family to head out. Leaving the waiting room in the royal palace, we walked slowly down the hallway. Then Kanon, escorted by her parents, slowly approached us from ahead.

 ’Shirogane Aqua… Take care of my daughter, Kanon.’

 ’Yes, I will.’

 After this, Kanon and I will head towards the venue. We plan to take a longer route to be seen by many people. Meanwhile, the procession of family cars leaving the royal palace will take a different route and arrive at the venue ahead of us. When considering getting married this time, I heard various things from everyone.

 In this world, it’s basically a simple ceremony where vows are exchanged in front of the god, and there’s no reception or anything like that. Actually, weddings themselves are not so common, and even for royalty, the formality is just signing a marriage contract in the church. But, well… that somehow feels really dull. So, I consulted Kanon’s parents to see if we could make the wedding more enjoyable.

 ’Ah… You can do it however you like…’

 When I explained the detailed plans to Her Majesty the Queen, she ended up grimacing in a strange smile.

 By the way, when Ako-san and Shintaro were told about that plan, they seemed frozen, and Toa and Tenga-senpai looked at me with an amazed expression, or at least that’s what I felt. John, my family, and Nobu-san, and Director Hongou seemed excited. Moja-san even said, “As expected, you’re the best.” So, I guess there’s no problem.

 Before consulting Kanon, I also talked to Pegonia-san about it, but she advised me to keep it a secret from Kanon, saying she would surely be happy. I wonder if it was really a good idea? I gaze at Kanon’s face, covered by an ultra-thin veil. Her expression seems a bit tense, probably more than usual.

 To help ease her nervousness, I speak to her in a soft voice.

 ”Kanon, you look beautiful today too. And that dress suits you incredibly well. My heart’s racing.”


 Huh? It feels like my words made her even more nervous. I talk to Kanon again.

 ”Don’t worry, I’m right here next to you, so relax.”

 Kanon nods slightly at my words. While I was quite nervous until a while ago, seeing Kanon being so nervous made me calmer. It might be unfair to her, but I find her nervousness cute and heartwarming.

 ”Well then, shall we go?”

 ”Yes, please take care of me.”

 I extend my hand towards Kanon. She gently places her hand on top of mine. Perhaps due to wearing white gloves, Kanon’s already slender arms looked even more delicate. It might be presumptuous, but as a man, I find myself wanting to protect her.

 ’The gates are opening!’

 The palace doors opened, revealing a carriage waiting in front of us. While we’ve been using cars as a means of transportation to the venue for the ceremony recently, if you trace back through history just a few decades, it seems they used carriages for transportation. There doesn’t appear to be an issue with either mode of transport according to the ceremony’s rules. Based on information from Pegonia-san, it seems Kanon quite likes things with a fairy-tale vibe. So, I thought this might be a better choice.

 I got into the carriage first and helped Kanon up. Seated next to me in the carriage, Kanon sat daintily like a borrowed cat, looking adorable.

 ”I-It’s like a dream…”

 ”Kanon, the ceremony’s just begun. Come on, let’s enjoy it even more.”

 I held Kanon’s hand tightly to help her feel more at ease. I really want to pat her head, but that would mess up her hair, and she’s wearing a veil, so I’ll have to hold back.


 As we were seen off by the people working in the palace, we stepped outside, and there were many people on the street.



 ’Her Highness Kanon, she looks so happy!’

 ’Her Highness Kanon looks beautiful!’

 ’Huh, huhhh… Is this, is this how a wedding is supposed to feel, so happy?’

 ’Hauaa… Aqua-sama is so cool…’

 ’May both of you be happy!’

 ’I thought Her Highness Kanon would have a more dignified presence.’

 ’I agree. They both have such gentle expressions.’

 ’Rather, they both look a bit careless… Maybe it’s just my imagination.’

 ’Wait, aren’t they not holding hands!?’

 ’Seriously, this doesn’t look like the weddings I know…’

 ’Wha-what on earth are we being shown!?’

 We wave to the people on the sidewalk. At first, I was worried if the people of this country would accept us, but it seems there isn’t much resistance, and they’re offering their blessings instead.

 ”Oh… Kanon, look over there.”


 I direct Kanon’s attention towards a little girl I was waving at with all my might. Thinking that even such a small child can bless our marriage, I feel happy.

 ”Hehe, so cute.”

 ”Yeah, kids are adorable after all.”

 As we both waved to the little girl, something in my words seemed to cause Kanon to freeze.

 ”Eh, eh, eh, does that mean…”

 ”Hm? Is something wrong?”

 Kanon mumbled in a soft voice, “N-No, it’s nothing.” Hmm, her voice was trembling; she might still be nervous.


 Our eyes met with a boy about elementary school age on the sidewalk. He was pushed forward by the crowd and stumbled. I quickly asked the driver of the carriage to stop, then jumped off the back seat and rushed to the boy.

 ’Hey, are you okay?’

 ’Ah… ah… ah…’

 The boy stared at me, frozen in place.

 I help the boy to his feet and check if he’s injured. It seems he only scraped his knee a little. His head wasn’t hit, so he should be fine.

 ’Um… uh, I’m Benjamin, the son of the nearby florist. So… this is for you.’

 Benjamin hands me a small flower corsage. He made it himself, he said. Even though he’s just an elementary school kid, that’s really impressive.

 ’Um, well… big brothers, you all were really cool. So, I watched videos of you a lot, and I… I also want to become a florist in the future and make everyone smile like you guys do… um, can I become like you, big brother?’

 Oh no, I’m getting teary-eyed. In reality, I’ve often questioned whether what I’m doing in this world is truly good. I’ve wondered if I’m just being overly meddlesome. That’s why Benjamin’s words meant so much to me.

 ’Of course you can. So, let’s all together, well, let’s make the world smile. For that purpose, Benjamin, will you cooperate with us, with your big brothers?’


 I hug Benjamin and pat his head, thanking him. Cheers naturally erupt from the people around, witnessing this.

 ’So, this is Shirogane Aqua, huh! I was worried he’d come to me when you jumped off the carriage…’

 ’What a coincidence. I got flustered and adjusted my clothes too.’

 ’Oh, there’s Benjamin, the florist from the rumors.’

 ’Maybe, just maybe, the future of this country isn’t so bleak after all.’

 ’I feel like I’m witnessing a moment when history is changing.’

 I can’t keep the carriage stopped any longer, and I’m starting to feel a bit embarrassed. I wave to Benjamin and the people around and then return to the carriage where Kanon is waiting.

 ”Sorry! Leaving the bride behind on her wedding day isn’t good, but Kanon, you have the right to be angry.”

 ”N-No, it’s okay. I thought Aqua would go, and I imagined that if we had a child, Aqua would probably become like that too, all child-loving and…”

 Kanon blushes through her veil, making it apparent even without seeing her face. That makes my face turn red too. Even though I’ve been trying my best not to think about what’s going to happen later, seeing Kanon’s cute reaction is making me increasingly conscious of it.

 ”Oh… right, the corsage from earlier.”

 Looking at the flower corsage Benjamin gave me, I notice that two corsages, a matching pair, are intertwined.

 ”Shall I put it on?”

 ”Sure, thanks.”

 Kanon leans in against my chest, carefully attaching the flower corsage to the lapel of my tuxedo. It feels like I’m getting my tie fixed by a newlywed bride; it’s embarrassing.

 ”Should I put one on you too?”

 ”Yeah, please.”

 I take the other corsage in my hand and gently attach it to Kanon’s chest. In that moment, my hand slightly brushes against her breasts, and we both turn red from embarrassment. I’m pretty sure I won’t forget that subtle sensation forever.

 ”Um, anyway, shall we wave our hands for now?”

 ”Yeah, okay.”

 Trying to divert my thoughts, I wave my hand absentmindedly. But our shoulders touching feel warm, and I find myself not being able to distract myself enough before arriving at the entrance of the venue.

 The part of the church that Tenga-senpai destroyed has already been repaired, and the monument he used as a stepping stool will apparently be replaced by a statue of Poison Chalice later. I don’t know why that happened, but I’m still impressed by how incredible Tenga-senpai is.

 ’Congratulations, Your Highness Kanon!’

 ’May you be happy, Your Highness Kanon!’

 ’Long live Your Highness Kanon!’

 ’Your Highness Kanon, may you be happy!!’

 Kanon is incredibly popular, huh? I feel happy that the person becoming my wife is loved and blessed by the people of Stars. I try to respond to the cheers of the crowd as much as possible.

 ”Kanon, shall we head in soon?”


 We hold hands again and slowly enter the church. The solemn and silent atmosphere inside the church is a complete contrast to the cheers just moments ago. As we pass through the grand doors, there stands an unfamiliar old woman.


 ”Grandmother…? Wait, if I remember correctly, that’s Kanon’s grandmother, former Queen Mary, right? I thought she wasn’t coming because she said she retired, and she missed the family meeting. Kanon was really disappointed about it. So, why is Her Majesty the Queen Mary here in the wedding venue, especially on the stage?”

 We slowly make our way to where Her Majesty the Queen Mary is waiting. As we arrive on the stage, she gazes around slowly, observing the surroundings.

 ’Before the wedding ceremony, we shall hold a ceremony of great significance to our nation. Under the name of Mary Stars Goshenite, former Queen of Stars, I, in the presence of Stars’ Bishop Kythera, will bestow upon Shirogane Aqua the highest honor, the Stars Medal, for upholding the order of Stars. Though I never had the opportunity to bestow this medal during my reign, even after abdicating as queen, the Nobility Council has recognized my right to do so. Therefore, at this very moment, I, as the representative of Stars Orthodox, Bishop Kythera, shall exercise this right.’

 Huh? A medal for me? I vaguely remember someone mentioning a medal before, but I didn’t think it would be such a big deal… I glance at Kanon. It seems she didn’t know either and is equally surprised.

 ’I… acknowledge.’

 For a moment, I feel like Kythera-san gave Her Majesty the Queen Mary a stern look. In response, she smiles with a meaningful expression.

 ’With this, my granddaughter Kanon has fulfilled the conditions. As a member of the royal family, under the name Kanon Stars Goshenite, I shall recommend to our reigning Queen Furia Stars Goshenite that she bestow upon her the title of Duchess, which became vacant due to the marriage. Luckily, this venue is attended by a sufficient number of nobles with voting rights, so an emergency session shall be convened to make a decision. If you all agree with my proposal, I kindly ask for you to stand up and applaud.’

 In response to Her Majesty the Queen Mary’s words, the attendees stand up and applaud in unison. Wait, what on earth is happening? Everyone, including me, my family, and everyone from Beryl’s side, looks surprised. Her Majesty the Queen Furia, with a somewhat troubled expression, steps forward as prompted by Her Majesty the Queen Mary.

 ’Under the name of Queen Furia Stars Goshenite, I grant the Stars Medal to Shirogane Aqua and approve the bestowal of the title of Duchess upon Kanon Stars Goshenite.’

 The hall fills with excitement at Queen Furia’s words. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but if everyone’s happy about it, I guess it’s fine for now. Her Majesty the Queen Mary descends from the stage and approaches us.

 ’I’m sorry to intrude on such an important ceremony for you both. But this was the only timing available. Please forgive me… and Kanon, you look so beautiful. May you be happy.’

 ’Grandmother… thank you.’

 Her Majesty the Queen Mary turns to me and smiles gently.

 ”Aqua-sama, please make sure to keep Kanon happy.”

 ”Ah… yes!”

 I never expected to be addressed in the language of my country, so I’m surprised. However, the level of politeness in her speech is too high, and being addressed with such respect by the former queen is overwhelming. If possible, I’d like to ask for a lighter tone, but I don’t know how to say it. So, I just smile to cover it up.

 ’Shirogane Aqua and Kanon Stars Goshenite, come forward.’

 When I realize it, the Sister with the blindfold is standing on the stage. I follow the Sister’s instructions and step forward with Kanon. As we do, a person comes from the side and places a sash-adorned medal over my jacket. It seems this is the Stars Medal. Kanon and I are handed sheet music.

 ’To celebrate this auspicious day, we shall sing a hymn together.’

 The song we sing is “lily,” the one Emily-san sang at Mary’s combined music festival. I thought using an anime song might be strange, but apparently it’s a well-known song even here. Above all, Kanon seems happy, so it’s fine.

 ’As a symbol of your pledge, you two shall now exchange rings.’

 The venue buzzes for a moment. Apparently, that scene where I knelt down and handed over the ring was quite rare in this world. Typically, it’s the woman who kneels and presents the ring. Yet, I ended up doing the opposite.

 Moreover, it seems that exchanging rings is usually done only once, and doing it twice like this is quite uncommon. Kanon and I exchange the rings we chose together.

 ’Next is the, um… oath kiss!? Ugh, excuse me… N-No, it’s nothing.’

 The blindfolded Sister seems flustered. By the way, there’s no such thing as an oath kiss in this world. But when I said I wanted to do it, no one stopped me, so I guess it should be fine. Still, that Sister’s voice… It feels like I’ve heard it somewhere. Well, Stars’ acquaintances are only John, Chris, and Trash Punks, so it’s probably just my imagination.

 I slowly lift Kanon’s veil as we face each other. Her expression seemed a bit frozen, so I gently place my hand on her cheek.

 ”Kanon… are you worried that I’m unsure?”

 ”N-No, not at all. But, um, I was just thinking, is it really okay to be this happy…? I-I’m sorry. In the middle of the ceremony, and at such an important moment, I was thinking about something like that…”

 Ah, I see. Is this related to that Marriage blues? I don’t know much about it, but I think it’s something like that.

 ”It’s okay. From now on, I’ll always be by your side, Kanon. If you ever feel anxious, please tell me right away. I’ll listen carefully. Let’s walk together.”

 As I smile gently, Kanon looks at me with a dazed expression. If Kanon feels uneasy, I want to make her so happy that it dispels any unease she might have. That’s what I thought.

 ”Yes, thank you…”

 Kanon’s face turns red, and a smile appears. I brush Kanon’s bangs aside with my hand, revealing her cute forehead. As planned, I bring my lips closer to her forehead to give her a kiss. Hm, but is this really okay? I considered incorporating the opinions of those around me, thinking that something less intense might be better. However, if I’m going to do this, I want it to be somewhere more significant! After all, the oath kiss is a once-in-a-lifetime thing! With that thought, I change my approach.

 ”Sorry, Kanon, can we do it this way after all?”


 Without waiting for a response, I press my lips against Kanon’s. It’s a slightly more passionate kiss than the one we shared at the fireworks festival. The attendees who had somehow maintained their composure until now let out something close to screams. Maybe I went a bit too far? But a wedding kiss should be this lively, right? I gently separate my lips from Kanon’s.

 ”Hehe, ehehe…”

 Huh? Did Kanon’s face just look a little disheveled? Hmm, maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ’Mmm! If there are no objections to this marriage, please sign the oath document.’

 Kanon and I sign the oath document placed on the table in front of us. Kanon seems quite exhausted, unable to stand by herself, so I support her while she writes. Is she okay? Did she get a bit tired after all?

 ’The 12 witnesses, please come forward.’

 The number 12 comes from the fact that there were 12 founding countries of Stars. Among these 12 witnesses, 10 are Her Majesty the Queen Furia Stars Goshenite, His Royal Highness Hercules Stars Goshenite, Her Majesty the Queen Mary, my mother, Ako-san, Tenga-senpai, Toa, Shintaro, Kirika-san, and Morikawa-san. The remaining two are Kythera, who serves as the bishop of the Stars Orthodox, and the blindfolded Sister. All 12 sign in succession. Huh, but that blindfolded Sister… she reminds me of someone from somewhere. As I was thinking about that, Morikawa-san nearly drops the pen, but Kirika-san, who was beside her, reflexively catches it in mid-air. Impressive…

 ’At this moment, under the names of both nations, we acknowledge the marriage of these two.’

 Applause erupts again from the attendees. Alright, next is the reception! To make this the best wedding for Kanon, I’ll work even harder than before!

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