Male Idol V7c28

Volume 7 Chapter 28 Bulletin Board, Congratulations Aqua-sama on Your Marriage

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[National Broadcasting System] Shirogane Aqua Wedding Part 1 [Venue 7]
17 Anonymous
Anyone remember me, the one who worked at Fuji Department Store?
20 Anonymous
Of course, how could we forget
21 Anonymous
What’s up? Wanna talk?
23 Anonymous
Yesterday, a man came to buy a ring, and the department store shook
25 Anonymous
26 Anonymous
No way, right?
27 Anonymous
Is it Aa-sama’s doing?
30 Anonymous
Seems like it. Her Highness Kanon was delighted, and I guess seeing that made him want to buy it. The store clerks on our side were all going “kyun kyun” unconsciously too
31 Anonymous
LOL. Like Aqua-kun is doing something bad
33 Anonymous
Wow, that’s nice. Did they identify the ring Aa-sama bought?
35 Anonymous
Thanks. There’s a lot of speculation going on
Can’t completely deny it!
38 Anonymous
It’s identified. Aqua-sama’s ring was expensive, around a million, but for the same brand, there are cheaper ones starting from around 300,000. Still pricey though
41 Anonymous
Oh wow… If someone gave me something like that, I’d faint
42 Anonymous
When it comes to being the partner of a princess, you have to give your best, right? I wonder if Aqua-kun went all out too. I have all sorts of wild ideas
44 Anonymous
Considering I know Aqua-kun, who usually enjoys those big croquettes at the school cafeteria for 100 yen, a 1 million yen ring is quite something
47 Anonymous
Otomezaki’s student here!
48 Anonymous
What’s that? Details!
50 Anonymous
Unfortunately, I’m the cafeteria lady
Sometimes when he gets hungry, outside of lunch break, he secretly comes alone to eat just the croquettes. Aqua-kun does that too, and the three boys come to the cafeteria about half the week, so it gets really crowded when other students from different classes and upperclassmen and underclassmen who don’t usually interact show up
52 Anonymous
I want to fill Aqua-kun’s belly with my homemade dishes..
53 Anonymous
Wow, that’s nice. I like the sneaky Aa-tan who comes for croquettes
55 Anonymous
Huh? Using Aqua-sama’s sp*rm to fill his belly? (hard of hearing)
58 Anonymous
This thread is going to the wrong place
59 Anonymous
Why are you saying stuff like that!
61 Anonymous
Just when there are no impure people (except Nee-san), this thread has gone downhill, LOL
64 Anonymous
When Aqua-sama entered the venue, I caught a glimpse of Nee-san for a moment. Truly representative of this thread’s inhabitants, as expected
66 Anonymous
At that time, for some reason, Morikawa was in the corner and I burst out laughing. I wonder if Morikawa was there for an interview or live coverage? Even someone like Morikawa, if she helped Aqua-kun, then it’s fine
68 Anonymous
Hogekawa is pretty capable when it comes to Aqua-sama. Her interviews on the runway and the recent talk show were good. Since it’s technically national broadcasting, she could become Aqua-sama’s exclusive interviewer as is
71 Anonymous
The national broadcast is about to start
72 Anonymous
National broadcast yet?
74 Anonymous
Finally, the wedding, huh?
75 Anonymous
Here we go
77 Anonymous
The curtain rises, Hogekawa, LOL
78 Anonymous
Isn’t that our Hogekawa-san!!
80 Anonymous
Morikawa… so she’s gotten a promotion, being able to cover Aqua-sama’s wedding
82 Anonymous
Why Morikawa, I wonder. As >>66 said, was she already at Stars for some other coverage?
83 Anonymous
Hasn’t Morikawa been sneakily glancing to the side quite a bit?
85 Anonymous
Suspicious behavior, Hogekawa, LMAO
86 Anonymous
Morikawa being suspicious is normal, but is there someone next to her, LOL?
87 Anonymous
88 Anonymous
89 Anonymous
91 Anonymous
92 Anonymous
93 Anonymous
Could it be Toa-chan!?
94 Anonymous
Toa-kun appeared on the national broadcast!
96 Anonymous
Suddenly Toa-chan joins, LOL
97 Anonymous
Good news, Beryl is involved, Morikawa is actually competent
99 Anonymous
Toa-chan, a ribbon blouse with a jacket is too cute
100 Anonymous
Ugh… I thought this outfit would confirm Toa-chan’s gender!!
102 Anonymous
Toa-chan: “Eh, did you big sisters think my wedding attire would reveal my gender? Poof poof. Too bad!”
105 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah!
106 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s rolling us in the palm of his hand
107 Anonymous
Stop it! My new fetish is awakening again!!
110 Anonymous
By the way, thanks to Beryl, the subscription rate for the national broadcast has apparently hit the 90% mark. You guys, LMAO
113 Anonymous
Subscribing to the national broadcast = Paying for Beryl. Staff members reading this thread? You understand, right?
116 Anonymous
Morikawa: “By the way, Nekoyama Toa-san, what kind of person would you like to marry?”
Toa-kun: “Hmm… someone who can pull me along firmly.”
119 Anonymous
Sorry for calling her Hogekawa. From tomorrow, I’ll call her Morikawa-senpai!
120 Anonymous
Damn it, that Morikawa guy really does good work when Beryl’s involved
121 Anonymous
The job that Morikawa is least suited for → national broadcast announcer
The job that Morikawa is most suited for → Jobs involving Beryl
122 Anonymous
As expected of Morikawa-senpai. Sorry for the embarrassment, Mary OG!!
124 Anonymous
At this rate, Morikawa’s stock is going through the roof, LMAO
125 Anonymous
>”Someone who can pull me along firmly.”
This, isn’t it about Aqua-kun..
127 Anonymous
Morikawa should just work for Beryl like Nee-san. And during PR times, she should conveniently become Hogekawa and leak information
128 Anonymous
You guys are spinning on your palms too much, LOL
129 Anonymous
The unexpected theory that Hogekawa is capable is out. I thought from the start that she could handle it
130 Anonymous
The moment I read this post, I almost hyperventilated
By the way, using a paper bag to cope with hyperventilation is considered incorrect these days, so be careful
131 Anonymous
Huh? Does that mean..
132 Anonymous
I think Aqua-kun should be responsible only for Toa-kun and this big sister
134 Anonymous
Aaahhhh, thinking about it more, my head gets all fuzzy and my brain feels like it’s rotting
136 Anonymous
Understood, pull firmly. I’m going to practice the c*wgirl position!
137 Anonymous
Your brain is rotting, LOL
138 Anonymous
Brain rotting, LMAO
139 Anonymous
There are plenty of people with melted brains on this thread
140 Anonymous
141 Anonymous
145 Anonymous
Here it comes!?
149 Anonymous
It’s coming!
152 Anonymous
Here it is!
156 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here!
157 Anonymous
Seriously, the white suit suits him too much!!
160 Anonymous
Her Highness Kanon is so beautiful..
162 Anonymous
Hm? A carriage!?
164 Anonymous
Normally it’s a car, right? Last time it was a car too
166 Anonymous
Stars’ weddings have used carriages before, so isn’t it a return to the original?
168 Anonymous
I don’t quite understand, but Aqua-sama in a carriage is so charming..
169 Anonymous
I don’t really understand, but Aqua-sama looks like a prince from some country
170 Anonymous
Aaaahhhh, Her Highness Kanon gets on the carriage first and reaches out to help Aqua-sama board!! Aqua-sama is too kind, it’s making me feel weird in the head
171 Anonymous
This isn’t the wedding I know!!
172 Anonymous
Breaking news, a new ritual under the name “wedding” has begun!!
173 Anonymous
Coincidentally, I also think that if there were princes like those in fairy tales in real life, they might look like this
175 Anonymous
Actually, I’m already married. When I think of moving, I only remember getting into a taxi with an uneasy feeling..
176 Anonymous
Calm down! We’re just moving, nothing has started yet!
178 Anonymous
Is Her Highness Kanon a bit nervous?
Her face seems stiffer than usual
179 Anonymous
Beside Her Highness Kanon, Aqua-kun is holding her hand the whole time. It’s so amazing..
180 Anonymous
I like how he keeps talking to Her Highness Kanon to keep her from getting nervous
182 Anonymous
On the contrary, he seems nervous. Actually, it’s harder for Aqua-kun not to be nervous when he’s beside her
185 Anonymous
188 Anonymous
If it were me, there’s even a possibility I might die during the journey..
191 Anonymous
Seriously, LOL
192 Anonymous
Just when I thought the wedding had started, a funeral began
195 Anonymous
196 Anonymous
Wait a sec, LOL
197 Anonymous
You guys, it’s inappropriate to be irreverent on such a happy day, LOL!
200 Anonymous
I was thinking there were fewer people, but it seems there are so many people that around 10 threads are active simultaneously
This is abnormal. Just how many people are here, LOL?
202 Anonymous
204 Anonymous
206 Anonymous
A boy!
207 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
A shota from Stars!?
211 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei is here!?
212 Anonymous
216 Anonymous
What, what are they talking about?
218 Anonymous
Looks like it’s my time to shine as a lip reading pro!!
I want to say that, but I’m only at level 2 (out of 5, max) in the Stars’ language and high school evaluation
222 Anonymous
I was about to say “Here it comes,” but LOL
224 Anonymous
Tough luck, LOL
226 Anonymous
I got the parts I understood, though
Boy: “When I grow up, I want to become a florist. I want to make girls smile like big brothers do. But can I?”
Aqua-sama: “Of course! Benjamin-kun, let’s fill the world with smiles together.”
230 Anonymous
To put it mildly, it’s awesome
231 Anonymous
Lip-reading expert Neki should just get a tripcode. You’re definitely more capable than Chinposuki and Hagetoru
232 Anonymous
The Four Emperors of the Bulletin Board will now be Nee-san, Lip-reading Neki, Fuji’s human, and the self-proclaimed High-Performance Server-chan
233 Anonymous
I wonder if Benjamin-kun isn’t interested in big foreign sisters? If he came to this country, this big sister would let you observe a lot of “petals” which are very precious for girls
234 Anonymous
It’s touching that what Beryl’s kids did has reached Stars properly..
236 Anonymous
Both Benjamin-kun who gathered his courage and responded and Aqua-sama who answered are cool and I like it
238 Anonymous
Huh? What about Hakuryuu-sensei…?
239 Anonymous
What about Aiko-chan sensei? I was about to ask, but the sensei is in the same rating range as Hagetoru, Shumi, and Chinposuki…
241 Anonymous
The difference between >>233, >>234, and >>236 is so severe it’s making me cry
242 Anonymous
This place is really not short on abnormal talents, huh, LOL?
You’re probably Mary too, after all!!
243 Anonymous
I envy them for putting corsages on each other!
245 Anonymous
I want to put a corsage on Aqua-kun too
246 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
It’s not time to panic yet
248 Anonymous
Are you okay? Sensei didn’t die in that scene just now?
250 Anonymous
You’re putting on a brave face, LOL
251 Anonymous
Hang in there, sensei, LOL
252 Anonymous
Didn’t Aqua-sama blush a bit just now?
256 Anonymous
It’s probably because he accidentally pressed his hand against her breast
It’s been thoroughly investigated, but Aa-kun really does like breasts
257 Anonymous
Even though I work at a clothing store, there were quite a few girls with big breasts who used to try to hide them. But now, clothes that can showcase the chest are selling really well
258 Anonymous
Thanks to Aqua-kun, the demand for bras has increased. Especially cute ones in larger sizes are really precious, they sell out as soon as they’re released
260 Anonymous
Hearing that Aa-kun likes breasts, as a 16-year-old high school girl with K-cup breasts, it gives me hope to live…
Someday, even if it’s just over my clothes, I want Aqua-kun to see these breasts of mine. That’s my current life goal
264 Anonymous
Hang in there. I have K-cup breasts too and I almost became a shut-in in high school, so I understand how you feel
267 Anonymous
They’ve arrived at the wedding venue
268 Anonymous
Morikawa is nonchalantly inside!!
269 Anonymous
I just saw the inside on the screen, and Morikawa is in the front row. Is that alright with her being there!?
271 Anonymous
Morikawa, don’t mess up! Listen? I’ll say it once more. Absolutely don’t mess up!!
273 Anonymous
The thread residents are more worried about Morikawa than Aqua-kun, LOL
276 Anonymous
Confirmed, Nee-san in the front row
278 Anonymous
From left to right
Left-side groom’s party?
Tenga-senpai, Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-kun, President, his little sister, his big sister, his mother
Director Hongou, Trash Punks’ two members, Chris-san, John-san, Nob-san, Moja-san
Right-side bride’s party?
Her Majesty the Queen Furia, His Royal Highness Hercules, Her Highness Victoria, Her Highness Hermie, Nee-san, Morikawa, and an unfamiliar person
282 Anonymous
Are you a genius just for that moment, LOL?
285 Anonymous
The male ratio on the groom’s side is too extreme, LOL
286 Anonymous
I’m relieved that Nee-san is next to Morikawa
Even if Morikawa messes up something, I feel like Nee-san will somehow handle it
288 Anonymous
Huh? Morikawa is likely here for work, and since she graduated from Mary, it’s not surprising that she’s on the right side, but why is Nee-san on the right? Why not the left?
289 Anonymous
By the way, I’ll add that in the center of the stage is the former queen, Her Majesty the Queen Mary
290 Anonymous
I wondered why Her Majesty the Queen Mary was in such a place and then something began
292 Anonymous
Her Majesty the Queen Mary, I met her when she visited this country before, and she was incredibly kind, dignified, and admirable. Mutual exchange with Stars, and even the starting point for Star festival and the Runway Event, all of that was thanks to her. As an Aqua-sama thread resident, I have to express my gratitude
295 Anonymous
296 Anonymous
297 Anonymous
299 Anonymous
300 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, congrats on the Stars Medal!
302 Anonymous
Breaking news banner is here!
305 Anonymous
Even in the behind-the-scenes program of the national broadcast, the studio is buzzing
307 Anonymous
The Stars Medal is usually only given to royal families from countries other than Stars
Even in States, no one has been awarded one, yet this country has two. Isn’t that incredible?
309 Anonymous
While the Stars Medal now symbolizes friendship, originally, it was something that the Queen would bestow upon her one and only knight in her lifetime. I really admired that as a child
311 Anonymous
It’s really an honor, but it’s so detached from reality that I’m just blankly staring
312 Anonymous
Her Highness Kanon has become a Grand Duchess!
314 Anonymous
I thought Grand Duchess was the second highest rank after royalty
315 Anonymous
I’m an exchange student from Stars
Her Majesty the Queen Mary has pulled off a great feat
It’s hard to believe she predicted this much..
319 Anonymous
Honestly, I’m at a level where I don’t really get what’s so amazing. Can you explain it to me in a way even an idiot like me can understand?
320 Anonymous
Please explain it so even someone at the same rating as Chinposuki can understand
325 Anonymous
You guys, LOL
326 Anonymous
Somehow Hagetoru and Chinposuki are getting caught up in this, LOL
328 Anonymous
Firstly, Aqua-sama is a citizen of this country, but he also needs to be treated as a guest of Stars
Similarly, Her Highness Kanon, who was awarded the Grand Duchess title by Stars, will be treated as a guest of this country
In other words, not only other countries, but even the government of this country, where the two of them reside, can’t easily touch them
Furthermore, Her Highness Kanon, who has become a Grand Duchess, will continue to have a certain influence on Stars
And here’s the point, even if Stars tries to provoke Aqua-sama, the fact that the former Queen retired from active duty and bestowed the medal means that Stars won’t be able to politically exploit them anymore. Moreover, seeing how efficiently she handled this, it’s evident that even in her retirement, Her Majesty the Queen Mary still holds influence over many nobles and parliament members. Most importantly, with this move, Her Majesty the Queen Mary has effectively shielded both Her Highness Kanon and Aqua-sama from all directions. It’s like she’s saying to the entire world and her own country, “Don’t try anything unnecessary from now on.” Our true Queen of Stars has truly shown her exceptional status
333 Anonymous
Thanks for the detailed explanation
334 Anonymous
Sorry, even for me with a mind like Hagetoru’s, that was too difficult. Can you summarize it in three lines?
336 Anonymous
This is insightful. Hagetoru, Shumi, Chinposuki, you better not be gone too long or you’ll lose your seats, you know?
339 Anonymous
Don’t mess with Aqua-sama, you idiots!
Don’t mess with Kanon, my granddaughter!
I’ll protect these two. – Grandmother Mary
340 Anonymous
The true ruler of Stars is Her Majesty the Queen Mary
Aqua-sama is my (Her Majesty the Queen Mary’s) knight, so don’t cause any trouble!
No one would dare to pick a fight with the Grand Duchess (Her Highness Kanon), right?
343 Anonymous
Thank you!
344 Anonymous
Even a head like Chinposuki’s understands it now. Thanks
346 Anonymous
I’d like Her Majesty the Queen Mary to become an honorary member of the Aqua thread
348 Anonymous
350 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
351 Anonymous
352 Anonymous
For some reason, there’s a blindfolded Sister nonchalantly here!
355 Anonymous
Hey, there’s a cult group called the Holy Aqua Religion!!
356 Anonymous
Security personnel, that person looks suspicious!
358 Anonymous
So it finally came to this, the Holy Aqua Religion..
359 Anonymous
Somehow, I feel like I’ve seen this body type somewhere before
361 Anonymous
Hymn singing!
362 Anonymous
Naturally, Aqua-sama participates in the hymn singing
364 Anonymous
I did this at a wedding too, but I remember it feeling empty, singing with only the attendees and myself
368 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
369 Anonymous
Wait a minute!
370 Anonymous
Out of all songs, that one, LOL?
372 Anonymous
No way, LMAO
374 Anonymous
I liked the anime for this song, so I have mixed feelings, LMAO
375 Anonymous
Definitely not a suitable song for a wedding, LOL
378 Anonymous
I don’t know if it’s because the real people sing it, there’s a sense of atmosphere, LOL
383 Anonymous
Blindfolded Sister is surprisingly skilled
384 Anonymous
Well, there are many boys here, giving it a profound feel
389 Anonymous
390 Anonymous
Thanks to the excessively skilled quartet of Sister, Kanon-sama, and the Beryl kids, the quality has turned into something that doesn’t feel like an anime song, LOL
413 Anonymous
Ah, that song was like my heart getting cleansed
418 Anonymous
I wanted to play it for the likes of those corrupted hearts like Hagetoru and Chinposuki
422 Anonymous
423 Anonymous
Their deeply ingrained dirt probably won’t come off even if you scrub with a mop
426 Anonymous
Ring exchange has come!!!
427 Anonymous
Huh? Ring exchange, again!?
428 Anonymous
Not the ones he gave recently?
431 Anonymous
The design is different from the previous one..
435 Anonymous
Did the two of them choose the rings together?
437 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Matching rings…?
439 Anonymous
Somehow, from the moment they appeared in the carriage, they both look so happy
440 Anonymous
Just looking at Kanon-sama’s face makes me feel warm too. It’s nice… I want to have a happy marriage like this too..
442 Anonymous
It just gives off the feeling of being loved
443 Anonymous
I wonder how much I need to pay to marry Aqua-sama. Oh, I’m not aiming too high. Just the ceremony is fine
If he let me have the ceremony, I’ll give him all my possessions
445 Anonymous
The engagement ring was nice, but this wedding ring is nice too..
It’s really simple, and above all, they’re matching
447 Anonymous
Matching rings are too good
448 Anonymous
These, being in the 100,000 yen range, they’re likely to sell like hotcakes
Please visit Fuji Department Store for your purchase. We’re currently offering installment payment campaigns, so it’s a good deal!
451 Anonymous
If you buy the same ring, you might feel like you’ve married Aqua-sama, huh?
456 Anonymous
There was a genius here!!
457 Anonymous
You’re today’s MVP!!
458 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
That’s it!!
459 Anonymous
Ah… this is why this thread is the best!!
460 Anonymous
There’s no day I’m happier to be on this bulletin board than today. Thank you!!
462 Anonymous
Tomorrow’s Fuji Department Store is likely to be incredibly crowded, LOL
463 Anonymous
Sensei, you’re not planning to buy it, right, LOL?
464 Anonymous
Sensei, are you turning into Chijou, LOL?
466 Anonymous
Is it true that if I buy this ring, I can feel like I’m married?
467 Anonymous
Tomorrow at Fuji is going to be tough. I don’t know who’s in charge of that section, but do your best
468 Anonymous
470 Anonymous
471 Anonymous
473 Anonymous
475 Anonymous
The oath kiss?
478 Anonymous
Which kiss? Is it the band’s kiss?
482 Anonymous
485 Anonymous
Wait, did I just hear the word “kiss,” which has se*ual connotations?
488 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Huh? Could it be that I’ve been working too much… I feel like I heard something unsettling, but it’s just a hallucination, right?
491 Anonymous
Was the Sister trying to say, “Don’t mess around,” just now? LOL
496 Anonymous
Ai-chan-sensei… that’s not a hallucination
497 Anonymous
Sensei! Don’t avert your gaze from reality!
500 Anonymous
I’m expecting a fantasy that surpasses this!
502 Anonymous
The favorability rating for the blindfolded Sister within me just skyrocketed
504 Anonymous
Even a Saint might unintentionally let their true thoughts slip out, LOL
508 Anonymous
Audience seats, LMAO
510 Anonymous
Tou-kun was wide-eyed, LOL
511 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s mouth is wide open, right?
513 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai isn’t moving… wait, is he dead!?
515 Anonymous
Hey, the casters on the alternative program have all frozen, LMAO
517 Anonymous
The alternative program is turning into a string of broadcast accidents, LOL
520 Anonymous
※This is not a broadcast accident. Your TVs are working normally
523 Anonymous
Hey, LOL, Hogekawa, LMAO
524 Anonymous
It’s fine that a caption appeared on the national broadcast, but don’t overlap it with Hogekawa’s face, LOL
525 Anonymous
The national broadcast know what they;re doing, LOL
527 Anonymous
The national broadcast is starting to understand how to utilize Hogekawa!!
530 Anonymous
This can’t be helped. When I looked in the mirror, I realized I had the same face as Hoge-kawa-san
534 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
538 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s face!!
541 Anonymous
547 Anonymous
553 Anonymous
558 Anonymous
562 Anonymous
566 Anonymous
569 Anonymous
572 Anonymous
580 Anonymous
Time has stopped..
593 Anonymous
627 Anonymous
The server is heavy!!
687 Anonymous
The thread is full of screams, and the thread number is flying all over the place, LMAO
712 Anonymous
Hang in there, High-Performance Server!!
745 Anonymous
Confirmed Twitter’s death!!
774 Anonymous
All SNS is down!!
801 Anonymous
The forum is slow, but we’re enduring, LOL. High-Performance Server-senpai is amazing, LOL
817 Anonymous
There are definitely a few people who died just now, LOL
823 Anonymous
LOL, all the programs on the alternative channel are displaying captions. “Please wait for a while,” LOL
831 Anonymous
Wait, didn’t he intend to kiss the forehead? But he shifted midway and went for the lips, right?
839 Anonymous
Huh? Huh? Isn’t it usually the girl who takes the lead in situations like this?
842 Anonymous
Her Highness Kanon, it’s amazing how she’s enduring this. I couldn’t handle it..
847 Anonymous
I’m sorry for casually saying I want to marry Aqu-tan. I absolutely couldn’t handle that kiss just now. I might make a face that I can’t show, or I might end up puking from nerves..
853 Anonymous
All programs except for the national broadcast have gone down
All non-forum social media has gone down
858 Anonymous
My residents in the apartments on both sides have started mas***bating
860 Anonymous
Isn’t that scene from earlier, somehow against some kind of broadcasting ethics code?
864 Anonymous
I’m glad I’m an old lady…
If teenage and twenties girls saw a kiss scene like that, their lives would be ruined
869 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is quite different from other boys. He takes the lead a lot
Could it be that even during intimate moments, he’ll be the one leading?
872 Anonymous
Not in a perverted sense, but I genuinely want to see Aqua-sama’s intimate scenes
If it’s Aqua-sama, he might come up with new positions other than c*wgirl
880 Anonymous
My middle school daughter got a fever, LOL. Guess it was a bit too stimulating…
888 Anonymous
Even the super perverted Chijou of the forum is totally captivated by Aqua-sama, who could instantly turn her into a pure maiden. He’s really something
891 Anonymous
Wow, all the Stars attendees are enduring it, LOL
900 Anonymous
Her Highness Victoria’s face was bright red, LOL
907 Anonymous
Oh, Nee-san!!
908 Anonymous
There’s Nee-san among the 12 witnesses!!
910 Anonymous
Nee-san is amazing, LOL
913 Anonymous
Nee-san’s history
– City Preliminary Verification Team
– Aqua Thread Forum Resident
– Assisting Tama-chan’s Streams
– Manager for Beryl Entertainment, Nekoyama Toa, and Oumi Tama
– Witness at Aqua-kun’s Wedding ←new!
921 Anonymous
Nee-san is basically the protagonist now…
922 Anonymous
Nee-san is like an unrealistically virtuous shoujo manga protagonist, LOL
924 Anonymous
It’s great that Nee-san is representing the thread
It’s a good thing it’s not Shumi, Hagetoru, or Chinposuki!
929 Anonymous
Huh? Why is Morikawa among the witnesses?
930 Anonymous
Hey! There’s an unrelated person (Hogekawa) mixed in!!
932 Anonymous
Hogekawa, wait! That’s not your job!!
934 Anonymous
Is Hogekawa confused?
937 Anonymous
Bad news, Hogekawa-san messed up at the last moment
940 Anonymous
943 Anonymous
948 Anonymous
※ Announcer Morikawa is an alumna of Mary Women’s Academy, has a personal connection with Her Highness Kanon, and has been officially selected as one of the 12 witnesses
950 Anonymous
Guys, that’s..
952 Anonymous
Bad news, Morikawa knew Her Highness Kanon, LOL
955 Anonymous
Wait a second, what’s with Morikawa’s mysterious connections, LOL
957 Anonymous
Morikawa, are you kidding me, LOL
960 Anonymous
Thread residents are being toyed with by Morikawa, LOL
963 Anonymous
964 Anonymous
965 Anonymous
968 Anonymous
972 Anonymous
Ah…(the sound of Hoge-kawa messing up)
975 Anonymous
Close call!
978 Anonymous
Too close!!
980 Anonymous
Morikawa, hey!!
982 Anonymous
Nee-san’s catch was too good, LOL
985 Anonymous
Indeed, Nee-san is the true representative of the forum
987 Anonymous
Nice one, Nee-san, Hoge-kawa-san!!
990 Anonymous
By the way, it feels like Hakuryuu-sensei’s spirit disappeared, did she die?
992 Anonymous
If there’s an editor, go confirm Ai-chan-sensei’s survival. She might be dead
995 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, congratulations on your wedding
996 Anonymous
D*mn it, even though it’s such a joyous scene, Hogekawa messed it up, LOL
997 Anonymous
May Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama be happy!
998 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s happiness is the most important. I’ll always support you!!
999 Anonymous
Aa-sama, it’s fine if you’re getting married, but you won’t quit being an idol, right?
1000 Anonymous
Congratulations on your wedding, Aqua-sama!!

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