Male Idol V7c29

Volume 7 Chapter 29 Bulletin Board, Return

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[We’re just getting started] Reception Hall Here, Part 2 [Venue 7]
8 Anonymous
Are you guys alive?
10 Anonymous
More or less
12 Anonymous
Was dead, but came back to life
13 Anonymous
When I was about to cross the Sanzu River, my deceased grandma appeared and gave me a round-trip slap, saying I’d be wasting my life if I died here. Thanks, grandma!!
15 Anonymous
Since I promised to follow Aqua-kun, I’ll cling on until the end of the reception
17 Anonymous
Managed to finish all my tasks, like eating, during the time between the wedding and the reception broadcast
18 Anonymous
Just made it home, in time for the reception broadcast at 9 PM!
20 Anonymous
I usually end up taking a bath at the crucial moments
But today, I actually took a bath!!
23 Anonymous
Seriously? LOL
25 Anonymous
That’s a relief..
26 Anonymous
Don’t miss this moment! – Kenzaki Souji
29 Anonymous
Speaking of which, there was a Heaven’s Sword takeover at Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing
Sometime later, the four title billboards were replaced with Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun’s before and after transformation billboards. The remaining two title billboards are super suspicious..
33 Anonymous
There’s a discussion about it in the Heaven’s Sword thread
Probably Toa-chan, I hope
35 Anonymous
All channels are dominated by this topic, LOL
Even that station that only broadcasts anime even in disasters is talking about Aqua-sama
37 Anonymous
The broadcast is about to switch
42 Anonymous
Here comes Morikawa!!
43 Anonymous
Hogekawa-san is here!!
44 Anonymous
It almost looked like it was going to go wrong on the big stage, was it Hogekawa-san?
46 Anonymous
Come on, Morikawa!!
48 Anonymous
Is the reception okay with Morikawa?
51 Anonymous
Morikawa as the Emcee for the reception, seriously?
52 Anonymous
Morikawa as the Emcee for the reception, LOL
Aqua-kun and Her Highness Kanon should reconsider, LOL
54 Anonymous
There’s still time. Let’s change the Emcee to Nee-san!!
56 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa, you’re looking to the side again..
58 Anonymous
Morikawa, who’s over there?
60 Anonymous
61 Anonymous
Tenga-kun is here!!
62 Anonymous
Akira-kun is here!!
63 Anonymous
Is it Tenga-senpai!?
65 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, awesome..
67 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is here!!
68 Anonymous
Even Mayuzumi-kun?
70 Anonymous
Morikawa sandwiched between Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun
72 Anonymous
Hey! Hogekawa, change your position! No, please change!!
74 Anonymous
Dangerous… Today’s Mayuzumi-kun is hitting me too hard
The vest he’s wearing, his hairstyle… Can he stop suddenly becoming so mature?
75 Anonymous
It’s the same with Toa-chan, just seeing everyone stylishly dressed makes my heart flutter!
77 Anonymous
Toa-chan is here too!
78 Anonymous
Speaking of which, what about Toa-kun?
80 Anonymous
81 Anonymous
83 Anonymous
Toa-chan was learning about cameras from Nobu-san, LOL
85 Anonymous
Director Hongo and the camera crew are too luxurious, LOL
It’s probably for private use, but I want them to release some of those videos and photos
88 Anonymous
Oh my, the photos Toa-chan is taking are so cute. This big sister want him to take some his naughty photos!!
90 Anonymous
Morikawa, aaaaaa!!
91 Anonymous
Morikawa is the strongest! Morikawa is the strongest! Morikawa is the strongest!
93 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Tenga Akira-san, if you were to get married, what kind of wedding would you want?”
Senpai: “Let’s see… I think I’d want something quiet, just the two of us, maybe at a serene church.”
95 Anonymous
Sigh… That’s why Morikawa is the best. She’s amazing after all!!
96 Anonymous
Morikawa is really dependable and capable when it comes to Beryl
98 Anonymous
The personnel department of the national broadcasting company that hired Morikawa has probably been criticized to no end until now, but they’re most likely secretly celebrating now. If it were me, I’d say something like “Take that!” and keep insisting that I didn’t make a mistake, LOL
100 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s situation is nice too!!
Rather than being blessed by everyone at the wedding, doing it just the two people feels more mysterious
101 Anonymous
Sigh, it seems I’m just falling more in love with Akira-kun
103 Anonymous
Morikawa, aaaaaaa!
105 Anonymous
What’s with Morikawa, seriously, LOL
107 Anonymous
Isn’t it mostly Morikawa already!!
110 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Mayuzumi Shintaro, what would you do if the girl you’re going to marry asked you to kiss her?”
Mayushin-kun: “Um, it’s embarrassing, but, I’ll do my best…”
112 Anonymous
That was quite a grindy question now, LOL
114 Anonymous
Morikawa, you should just stick to being Beryl’s interviewer for life. Don’t do other jobs!!
116 Anonymous
Enough, enough! Mayuzumi-kun is so cute it’s painful!!
117 Anonymous
He dressed a bit more maturely today and surprised me. But then he suddenly gives me a cute high schooler’s face. What’s with you, Mayushin-kun? What do you want to do with this big sister!?
119 Anonymous
Can I just keep supporting Mayuzumi-kun for life?
121 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is becoming popular here too. Except for Aa-sama, Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, and Mayuzumi-kun are all ace-level. They are sufficient to be recognized in the world. In fact, they could surpass the world!!
124 Anonymous
Nah, seriously, isn’t Morikawa only really competent when it’s related to Beryl? Take Tenga-kun, for instance. This answer is unexpected from his usual demeanor, and it’s the same with Mayuzumi-kun’s gap. She bring out sides they don’t usually show. Only Morikawa can do this. Normal people would hesitate, or they would go too far and make it uncomfortable, but no one loses out
126 Anonymous
Changing outfits?
127 Anonymous
Changing clothes, you mean?
129 Anonymous
I see, so that’s why Morikawa was talking with them to buy time
130 Anonymous
I wonder what kind of clothes Aqua-tan will change into
132 Anonymous
The white tuxedo was nice, I wish I could’ve seen more of it
135 Anonymous
Here comes Aqua-tan, are you guys ready?
138 Anonymous
139 Anonymous
140 Anonymous
142 Anonymous
Wait, what?
145 Anonymous
Yuujin-sama is here!!
147 Anonymous
This is cheating, seriously!
149 Anonymous
This is too unexpected, LOL
151 Anonymous
Now, some of the young ladies are swooning, LOL
153 Anonymous
Come to think of it, isn’t Yuujin-sama really popular over there, LOL
156 Anonymous
Selecting Yuujin-sama here!!
158 Anonymous
Her Highness Kanon is so elegant… like a fairy
159 Anonymous
Speaking of which, the heroine of the drama was wearing a violet dress when she met Yuujin-sama. I wonder if Her Highness Kanon-kawa is also a fan of the original work?
160 Anonymous
Her Highness Kanon, blushing, LOL
161 Anonymous
Is Kanon-sama okay? Even I would collapse if I were next to Yuujin-sama. If she’s a fan of the original work, I can understand her feelings..
164 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I see. So this is a wedding, I’m learning!
167 Anonymous
Sensei-chan is alive!!
168 Anonymous
170 Anonymous
I believe in you, sensei. I’m sure you’ll overcome even this reality!
172 Anonymous
As expected of Shirogane Aqua! He’s diving in full throttle from the start!!
175 Anonymous
This isn’t what I know as a wedding..
177 Anonymous
I thought weddings were something women do on their own..
178 Anonymous
Following the wedding, Aa-sama is changing the norms of the reception
181 Anonymous
Who’s giving the congratulatory speech? Toa-kun? Akira-kun? Mayushin-kun?
182 Anonymous
184 Anonymous
The congratulatory speech will be given by Kirika Kotono-san
185 Anonymous
Nee-san for the congratulatory speech!?
187 Anonymous
Breaking news, Nee-san’s full name revealed on national broadcast, LOL
189 Anonymous
192 Anonymous
Nee-san is simply amazing, LOL
193 Anonymous
As expected of bulletin board’s representative. Thanks to Nee-san, I feel like I’m participating in the wedding too
198 Anonymous
200 Anonymous
Nee-san is acquainted with Her Highness Kanon too. So that’s why she was sitting on the bride’s side
203 Anonymous
“Thanks for leading me from the Prince Charming of the Town to here,” I’m crying during Nee-san’s congratulatory speech! Thank you so much!
204 Anonymous
I feel nostalgic about just a few months ago
205 Anonymous
The ones looking forward to Nee-san’s speech are probably the residents from Town Prince
207 Anonymous
Hagetoru, Shumi, Chinposuki, Nee-san, and the legendary >>616, everything started from them
210 Anonymous
I’ll only say this once, listen carefully!! Chinposuki, Hagetoru, Shumi, come back soon!!
211 Anonymous
Shumi, Hagetoru, and also Chinposuki, are you guys watching?
You guys, are you okay not being here at this moment?
212 Anonymous
Can Chinposuki, Hagetoru, and Shumi, let Nee-san be the only one? Can you guys just let her be the big sister?
This place is the only one that accepts perverts like you guys. Come back soon!
213 Anonymous
Given this atmosphere, I can say it
Nee-san, including all of them, come back soon because I’m lonely!
214 Anonymous
Nee-san, Chinposuki, Shumi, Hagetoru… The bulletin board without you guys is like flavorless gum. Even though I’ve said it so many times, isn’t this the place where you should be?
215 Anonymous
Hagetoru, Shumi, Chinposuki… Let’s all support Aqua-sama’s wedding!
217 Anonymous
What’s with this passionate atmosphere, LOL
219 Anonymous
Everyone says one thing but deep down, they like those guys
225 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Thank you, everyone. By the way, I’ve confirmed the safety of the other three who caused the commotion, so please rest assured
230 Anonymous
Nee-san is hereeeeeeeee!
232 Anonymous
Nee-san is the best!!
233 Anonymous
The congratulatory speech really touched me!!
234 Anonymous
I’m glad everyone is safe!
236 Anonymous
Damn, I’m nervous replying now that Nee-san has become so famous
238 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You guys, seriously. You like me too much. You tsundere people!
241 Anonymous
You, seriously!!
243 Anonymous
There’s someone who just casually came back like a cat, LMAO
245 Anonymous
You’re kidding!! If you’re safe, just say you’re safe!!
246 Anonymous
Well, maybe Hagetoru alone is fine
248 Anonymous
I’m getting the Hagetoru vibe just from these replies, LOL
250 Anonymous
Damn it, LOL. It’s Aqua-sama’s wedding, but my concentration is ruined because of Hagetoru. Thanks to that, I missed leading the toast
251 Anonymous
We were all worried!!
252 Verification Team *07218KADO6
By the way, the power went out, and I couldn’t charge. Sorry
257 Anonymous
It’s just as everyone predicted, LOL
258 Anonymous
This is classic Hagetoru quality
259 Anonymous
I kind of suspected that
261 Anonymous
Cake n*pples?
262 Anonymous
Cake n*pples!?
263 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Cake n*pples!?
265 Anonymous
265 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Cake n*pples…?
266 Anonymous
267 Anonymous
So, are cake n*pples when you stick n*pples into a cake? When I thought about it, it was different; Oh, it’s cutting into the cake, LOL
270 Anonymous
You guys, seriously, LOL
272 Anonymous
This is the quality of the bulletin board
274 Anonymous
Why does it turn into something crude the moment Hagetoru comes back, LOL
276 Anonymous
It’s annoying how the dignity and intelligence quotient of the bulletin board suddenly drop when Hagetoru returns, LOL
279 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa, LOL!
280 Anonymous
Morikawa, LMAO
281 Anonymous
Morikawa messed up just now!
283 Anonymous
Did she perhaps read the bulletin board? LOL
284 Anonymous
She definitely said it about the cake n*pples, LOL
286 Anonymous
This is out of line, LOL!
290 Anonymous
Oh noooooo!
292 Anonymous
Can everyone at the venue eat the cake? I’m envious!!
293 Anonymous
Didn’t they say this cake was handmade by Beryl’s boys?
Oh, lucky them!
295 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and Toa-chan seem to be good at cooking. I wish they’d do a cooking show on Beryl
297 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Cake n*pples are too explicit, I thought Aqua-kun was going to stick his n*pples in the cake
304 Anonymous
306 Anonymous
Chinposuki-san who went missing in Stars!
308 Anonymous
Are you alive!!?
309 Anonymous
You weren’t caught or anything, right? If it’s thanks to Aqua-kun’s wedding, and you’re released on parole, that would be hilarious, LMAO
310 Anonymous
Nee-san! Hagetoru! Chinposuki!
Only Shumi left now!!
313 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Embarrassingly, I have returned!
By the way, just because it’s deep in the mountains, don’t go throwing pee around the place!
317 Anonymous
Oh my, LOL
320 Anonymous
You must have done something again, right? LOL
321 Anonymous
Hey, you didn’t accidentally shower a ruin with pee, did you?
322 Anonymous
Please spare us from an international incident!!
324 Anonymous
Oh, this is definitely something you did. The atmosphere of someone who peed in the field is apparent
325 Anonymous
I want to praise myself a few hours ago when I bought the cake from the department store basement!
Now I can feel the wedding atmosphere
327 Anonymous
Can’t be helped. Since there’s no cake, I’ll eat Morinaga’s biscuits!
329 Anonymous
Can’t be helped, I guess I’ll nibble on a eggplant then!
333 Anonymous
334 Anonymous
335 Anonymous
337 Anonymous
Live is coming!
338 Anonymous
It’s actually a live show!?
339 Anonymous
I knew Beryl would do it!!
340 Anonymous
Live is hereeeeeeeeeeeee!
343 Anonymous
Toa-chan is the opening act!
344 Anonymous
Go, Toa-kun!
345 Anonymous
Trash punk arrangement!?
347 Anonymous
349 Anonymous
Someone please translate!!
351 Anonymous
[No matter how difficult the night, morning will surely come.]
This phrase is too powerful
363 Anonymous
>’No matter how difficult the night, morning will surely come.’
Even just from the beginning of the song, it’s amazing. If you take it in a straightforward way, it overlaps with the part where Princess Kanon, who suffered in the previous unwanted wedding, is saved by Aqua-sama. But if you know Toa-chan, it also sounds like gratitude to Aqua-sama for saving the hikikomori Toa-chan. And with Aqua-sama getting married, it sounds like lyrics directed at girls who feel things are tough
378 Anonymous
I was about to say how amazing Toa-chan is, but didn’t Mayuzumi-kun write this? I might become a fan of Mayuzumi-kun..
389 Anonymous
Thx, this is amazing
402 Anonymous
But this was originally Aqua-kun’s words, so I want to believe that Aqua-kun is truly thinking about us… or rather, I do believe it!
Of course, Mayuzumi-kun, who put this into lyrics, is amazing too
416 Anonymous
Aaaaaaaah, the bulletin board is the best after all
The fact that we quickly notice things like this is incredible
428 Anonymous
What great lyrics..
On slightly reluctant Monday mornings, I thought I didn’t want to be away from you. On Tuesday afternoons, even when apart, I’m always thinking of you. On Wednesday nights, I want to go to the aquarium together. On Thursday afternoons, how about sneaking out together? On Friday nights, let’s have a delicious dinner just the two of us. Saturday, I want to spend the whole day at home with you. On Sunday mornings, when I wake up, you’re right in front of me in bed. Hey, don’t you think these are all such happy things?
432 Anonymous
If he sings this, I’ll only be able to think about married life anymore
435 Anonymous
Ohhhhh, I want to live this kind of married life!
440 Anonymous
Thank you, Aqua-kun, Mayuzumi-kun, and also Toa-chan, Tenga-kun..
441 Anonymous
I’m crying from the first song, what should I do?
465 Anonymous
>’I love you. Just that alone makes ordinary days happy.’
This is the truth, right? Put this in the template for next time
479 Anonymous
480 Anonymous
I love Aqua-sama, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and even Tenga-senpai
Since I started liking Beryl, every day has become happier!!
481 Anonymous
Thank you, thank you!
482 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
When my mother passed away and I was alone, I think it was everyone on the message board who saved me
Those ordinary days gave me the will to live for tomorrow
So, let me say thank you. Oh, I might be done for
498 Anonymous
Nee-san, that’s not fair… that’s not fair!
499 Anonymous
Thank you from me too! If everyone on the message board weren’t here, I don’t think I would have met Aqua-sama or everyone from Beryl
501 Anonymous
On TV, when I saw you, Nee-san, I thought you were frozen for a long time, then your shoulders shook, and you cried, and I cried..
503 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is singing!?
505 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun for real!?
517 Anonymous
It’s funny when everyone closes their eyes at the same time, LOL
518 Anonymous
Even with my eyes closed, I can still type on the keyboard. I’m addicted to the message board
530 Anonymous
532 Anonymous
What’s up with Mayuzumi-kun today!?
544 Anonymous
Mayuzumi Shintaro awakened!
555 Anonymous
Dangerous… I’ve been supporting Mayuzumi-kun all along, but even with my eyes open, I can’t see the screen through my tears!!
557 Anonymous
564 Anonymous
When I saw the live at Summer Comic Market, I thought amazing kids came out
When I saw them on Music Station, I was surprised that they had grown even more, and that boys were working so hard
And now, they’re trying to surpass even that themselves
Is there a girl whose soul doesn’t tremble from this?
578 Anonymous
When I see Mayuzumi-kun, who used to be the most ordinary, working so hard, I feel like we have to work hard too
Since the boys are working hard, maybe us girls should support the boys better
586 Anonymous
The lyrics are sweet and wonderful, but more than that, Mayuzumi-kun’s growth is amazing. As a big sister, I’m more interested in that
592 Anonymous
I was surprised even by the light dance steps he was taking
Because that’s the same Robo-Zumi, right? I really realized that he’s working hard..
605 Anonymous
It’s unfair that boys show up working hard. I’ll instantly fall in love with that
612 Anonymous
If it were me before, I would have fainted. But I’m fully conscious now
My instinct is telling me to watch this through to the end
617 Anonymous
It’s hereeeee!
618 Anonymous
619 Anonymous
It’s Tenga-senpai’s time, oooh!
620 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is on fire from this development!
632 Anonymous
During Toa-chan’s song, I thought the camera work was good. Turns out, Director Hongou is stealing the national broadcast’s cameras for filming, LOL
646 Anonymous
I see through you, Director Hongou!!
659 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s song is amaaaazing!
660 Anonymous
Hey, seriously? Tenga-senpai, LOL!
662 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai seems more suited for band-style songs after all
675 Anonymous
He mentioned that his main role is composing in an interview before, but I want him to sing more too!
678 Anonymous
Wait, I thought the guitar was cool, but Aqua-kun plays the guitar!?
681 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, a new arrangement is here, LOL
682 Anonymous
At this point, they’re bringing in new techniques or new things, it’s amazing, LOL
694 Anonymous
Beryl isn’t afraid of evolving. Even now, they’re already amazing, but they keep incorporating new things to aim for the future
696 Anonymous
These self-assured lyrics by Tenga-senpai are crazy!
698 Anonymous
I want to meet this kind of self-assured guy in real life, even just once
705 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, GJ once again
713 Anonymous
Here it comes!
715 Anonymous
At this point, there’s only one person left, right?
717 Anonymous
Please, the final act!
722 Anonymous
725 Anonymous
The lyrics are sweet from the beginning!
727 Anonymous
Everyone is completely absorbed in listening
730 Anonymous
It’s like watching the ending of a movie
734 Anonymous
Oh no, I’m crying at the chorus
736 Anonymous
Everyone in the audience is crying..
738 Anonymous
Of course, it’s Shirogane Aqua. Taking everything in the end..
741 Anonymous
The song ended, but there are hardly any new comments… does that happen?
743 Anonymous
I was completely absorbed
745 Anonymous
Encore is hereee!
747 Anonymous
It’s an encore!?
749 Anonymous
The STARS guys, they get it, don’t they!!
752 Anonymous
Here comes the encoreeee!
753 Anonymous
If it’s Beryl, if it’s our Shirogane Aqua, they’ll respond, right!!
756 Anonymous
Singing with all four?
757 Anonymous
Singing with all four, really!?
758 Anonymous
Hey! These guys are trying something new again!!
760 Anonymous
Are they going to show us more than this?
762 Anonymous
Toa-chan is coming next!
765 Anonymous
Toa-chan is so cute!!
768 Anonymous
Wow, so manly, Toa-kun..
772 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is also joining!
776 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is greaaat!
779 Anonymous
Today, Mayuzumi-kun is completely awakened
781 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is also coming!
784 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, a refreshing song is good too!!
788 Anonymous
Akira-kun is the best!!
792 Anonymous
And finally, Aa-sama!
794 Anonymous
Aa-sama looks really happy
798 Anonymous
799 Anonymous
800 Anonymous
What did he say?
802 Anonymous
Oh noooo!
804 Anonymous
Wait, that’s dangerous!!
805 Anonymous
MojaP’s “It can’t be helped!” really got to me. I want to fall in love with such a nice older guy..
809 Anonymous
I want to go to this live..
813 Anonymous
Wow, eight boys singing to the girls..
815 Anonymous
I never thought I’d see such a scene
819 Anonymous
These lyrics are amazing..
Toa-chan: “Hey, why do you look so anxious?”
Mayuzumi-kun: “If you keep walking with your head down, we might miss seeing you.”
Tenga-senpai: “Let’s walk forward with our heads held high. Show us your wonderful smile.”
Aqua-sama: “We want to convey that to you through this song.”
Everyone together in chorus:
“Everyone knows how wonderful you are. And yet, you’re the only one who hasn’t realized it.”
“Come on, lift your head high without looking down!”
“If anyone says you’re not beautiful, we’ll knock them out!”
“So come on, be brave, and show us your wonderful smile.”
824 Anonymous
This is a support song for all the girls, isn’t it?
826 Anonymous
I didn’t understand the lyrics at all, I thought the boys were just having fun singing. Then, it turned out to be something on a whole other level
828 Anonymous
This is amazing
830 Anonymous
Everyone at the company is hugging and crying while listening. They’re really happy
837 Anonymous
I’m glad I met Shirogane Aqua through Beryl Entertainment
842 Anonymous
I hope they’ll have more songs for everyone to sing together!
849 Anonymous
Stars audience are standing strong as well
850 Anonymous
From when Her Highness Kanon came down and Aqua-kun started singing, I’ve been crying non-stop. For some reason, Morikawa, Nee-san, and the Sister are comforting each other
853 Anonymous
Wait, another song!?
855 Anonymous
They’re hitting us with more at this point. Everyone from Stars, this is Beryl
861 Anonymous
Are they going to sing together as a group?
864 Anonymous
For the last song, everyone is going to sing together, seriously?
869 Anonymous
Once again, Beryl is taking it to the next level!
872 Anonymous
The lyrics are being displayed below on national broadcasting. Seriously, are you kidding?
875 Anonymous
Everything is just amazing..
878 Anonymous
Everyone has started singing together!!
880 Anonymous
I’m going to sing along from home too!!
887 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has joined Her Highness Kanon!
892 Anonymous
I love how the boys are spreading out and involving people from other seats while singing
896 Anonymous
I want to go to this live so bad!
901 Anonymous
Everyone looks so happy
903 Verification Team *010meTA473
Is everyone here?
912 Anonymous
Get lost!
913 Anonymous
Shut up!
915 Anonymous
The wedding, is it going to end?
917 Anonymous
Of all times, seriously you!
920 Anonymous
Shumi-san… welcome back
921 Verification Team *010meTA473
It’s a bit different from the plan, but I’m fulfilling the promise from back then*****
929 Anonymous
930 Anonymous
932 Anonymous
The video from the wedding venue came up?
934 Anonymous
Hey, you’re joking, right? LMAO
935 Anonymous
Actually, I realized your identity during the incident with Fuji. Congratulations!!
938 Anonymous
Hey! Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!
939 Anonymous
Isn’t Aqua-sama’s face appearing in the video? Am I imagining things?
942 Anonymous
The image turned
944 Anonymous
945 Anonymous
This guy really did it!!
946 Anonymous
Hey, this can’t be true, right!?
947 Anonymous
Huh, huh? Does this mean Shumi = Her Highness Kanon?
949 Anonymous
Is this guy for real, LMAO
950 Anonymous
I thought she was rich, but… this is on a whole different level, LOL
951 Anonymous
Run, Aqua-sama!! The one inside that is Shumi!!
952 Anonymous
This is bad, LOL
953 Anonymous
954 Anonymous
955 Anonymous
957 Anonymous
What, what’s happening? Please explain to me, I don’t understand the situation!!
958 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s face is close..
959 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Can I turn this into a novel? (Throwing away my pride)
960 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s message has come!!
961 Anonymous
Hey, what amazing things are you doing for us!
963 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Um… what’s this? Should I talk about what is written on this?”
964 Anonymous
What are you planning to make him do, LOL?
965 Anonymous
Shumi is streaming according to the promise. This will reveal Shumi = Her Highness Kanon. She is trying to make something happen. ← Here and now
966 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “I love you all… I love you. So, shall we get married?”
967 Anonymous
Yes, with pleasureeeee!
968 Anonymous
969 Anonymous
What kind of nonsense are you saying!!
970 Anonymous
This guy is something else!!
971 Anonymous
I’m already… satisfied with just this..
972 Anonymous
The number of simultaneous connections is crazy, LMAO
973 Anonymous
You’re seriously the best!
974 Anonymous
At the very end, this guy did something outrageous, LOL
975 Anonymous
Even though you’re in a position, you have confirmed your identity and still did this, it’s amazing, LOL
976 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you all again! Because of meeting everyone here, life in this country has been incredibly enjoyable. I never thought I’d get married because of this, but now it’s my turn to repay everyone. While I can’t directly support you all, I will make sure that Aqua will get many wives, so please expect that at least!!
977 Anonymous
Of course, Nee-san is going to give a congratulatory speech, LOL
978 Anonymous
Huh? What’s this… I feel like I’m missing something important..
979 Anonymous
It was amazing. Thank you
980 Anonymous
Did anyone expect this turn of events?
981 Anonymous
Sensei, LOL
982 Anonymous
Are you serious?
983 Anonymous
I’ll be back in a moment
984 Anonymous
Shumi… you’re the best!
985 Anonymous
986 Anonymous
Thank you! Thank you!
987 Anonymous
Are you okay?
988 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Thanks!! Leave the thre*some to me!! I’m fine being the butt-licking member!
989 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
If it’s about p*nis, you can ask this big sis!
990 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Um… Can I also do my best, even though I’m like this?
991 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Please! I don’t need things like dating or marriage, but can I at least observe intimate scenes? Not in a dirty way, it’s more like research
992 Anonymous
Social Media is restored, and at the same time, it’s trending at No.1, LOL
No.1 Maiden’s Shumi-related keywords, Princess Kanon
993 Anonymous
You actually accept a harem… Well then, I’ll do my best too!
994 Anonymous
Just the thought that there’s a chance with Aqua-kun makes me able to live for tomorrow!
995 Anonymous
I’m glad it was you who got married first
996 Anonymous
No good, even though I know you’re Her Highness the Princess, I can’t help but reply you just like usual, LOL
997 Anonymous
Yourtube is down, LMAO
998 Anonymous
Even after all this, Hyper-performance Server-chan still has it. Impressive
999 Verification Team *010meTA473
Shumi-chan’s great victory at 1000!!
1000 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Guhuhuhu! Your 1000th post, I stole it away! Look forward to Hagetoru-chan’s great victory next time!

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