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Volume 7 Chapter 30 Shirogane Aqua, C, C, C, Coming!

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 I’m relieved that both the wedding and reception went well.

 At first, Kanon seemed a bit nervous, but as the ceremony progressed, seeing her so happy made me even happier.

 And on top of that, seeing everyone who attended the wedding with smiles on their faces was wonderful.

 ”But to think something like that would happen.”

 I recall what happened earlier and let out a chuckle.

 The reception seemed to be broadcast on TV until halfway through, but there were actually more events afterward.

 For instance, Kanon and I played a piano duet, there was a wedding congratulations video made by Nobu-san, Moja-san, and Director Hongou, a bingo game hosted by Shintaro, a rock-paper-scissors competition between Tenga-senpai and the kids, Sister-san performing blindfolded eggplant acrobatics, Kirika-san flawlessly executing a perfect party trick with a blank expression, a quiz about me hosted by Lapis and Shitori-onee-chan, a mishap caused by Morikawa-san that inadvertently involved Ako-san – the memories are all filled with a cheerful and enjoyable atmosphere.

 By the way, Mother had a drinking contest against Her Majesty the Queen Furia and won by a landslide. She shouted, “I’ve avenged my son!” but hey, I’m not dead! Incidentally, Her Majesty the Queen Furia turned out to be a crybaby too, and she was crying to the former Queen Mary saying she didn’t want to be a queen anymore. Being a queen seems to have its own set of difficulties…

 Anyway, despite successfully completing the reception, my real challenge, my true battle, starts now.

 ”Well then… I guess it’s time.”

 The wedding night with Kanon… the day has finally come to lose my virginity, something I’ve protected so dearly since my past life.

 Pegonia-san passed by earlier and said, “Since it’s her first time, please be gentle,” but hey, it’s my first time too. Do I even have the composure for that? Moreover, I’m so nervous that I’m worried I won’t be able to perform. While I’m lost in these thoughts, she offered to help, but I really wish she wouldn’t tease me about being a cherry boy. Besides, I have Kanon with me, so there’s no way I’d do anything like that!

 ”Here we are…”

 Truth be told, this is the third time I’ve stood in front of this room’s door today.

 In other words, I’ve been pacing back and forth in front of the door to this room three times now. That’s how nervous I am. But I have to gather my courage soon.

 Kanon must have finished getting ready after her bath, and it wouldn’t be fair to keep her waiting.

 Get yourself together, Shirogane Aqua!

 I psych myself up.

 ”Let’s do this.”

 With my determination in place, I knock on the door to Kanon’s room.

 ”Kanon, I’m coming in.”

 ”U-uhh, yeah…”

 I slowly open the door and enter the room, putting on a composed façade, just as I always do.


 I freeze as I catch sight of Kanon in her underwear.

 The captivating allure of a woman’s elegance combined with the fragile cuteness of a young girl – her beauty embodies both elements to an unreal degree, overwhelming me. Her face has a touch of immaturity with no makeup, and her body emits a feminine softness that contrasts with that immaturity. Inevitably, my lower half reacts intensely.

 ”Is it okay if I get a closer look?”

 I approach Kanon slowly.

 Even from this close, her white, translucent skin is flawless, and the subtle scent of soap mixed with Kanon’s gentle fragrance gently envelops my mind. Her white lace lingerie with frills both on top and below is adorned with a cute pink ribbon. And the surprise at the bottom – string panties! Moreover, she’s wearing lace knee-high socks with a whirl belt. The divine beauty of it all almost makes me want to bow and say, “Thank you, thank you,” but I manage to restrain myself.

 ”Uh, looking at me like this… it’s, uh… embarrassing.”

 Kanon’s cheeks turn a faint shade of pink, and she slightly turns her face away from me. That gesture only further stimulates the masculine part of me that’s already riled up.

 ”Why? I want to see more of you, Kanon.”

 Taking Kanon’s hand, I plant a light kiss on the back of her hand.

 Just that alone causes Kanon to give a small shudder. How adorable… which is exactly why I’m tempted to be a little mischievous.

 I see, I’ve heard that even as men grow older, they’re not much different from elementary school boys who tease the girls they like. It seems I’m just like everyone else.


 I pull Kanon closer and gently stroke her head, which rests against my chest. Her freshly washed, fluffy hair feels so incredibly soft that I’d like to keep touching it forever if it’s allowed. To ease Kanon’s nervousness, I gently sway our bodies like a cradle and slowly remove her anxieties one by one.

 ”Kanon, can you hear my heartbeat?”


 I let Kanon hear my heartbeat and convey that I’m just as nervous as she is. As my heartbeats synchronize, I gradually bring my heart rates back to their normal rhythm.

 ”You’re beautiful, Kanon.”

 I press a slightly longer kiss on Kanon’s forehead compared to the kiss on the back of her hand from earlier. I want to calm her, but I don’t want her to be completely calm either. It’s a signal from me that I want her to stay conscious.

 ”Aqua… mmm.”

 Kanon’s vulnerable expression as she looks up at me is so cute that I can’t resist capturing her lips immediately. It’s a different kiss from the one at the wedding, passionate and intense. I release Kanon’s lips just slightly.

 ”Kanon, come on, open your mouth. Yes, that’s it, good girl.”

 To ease Kanon’s slight tension, I slowly insert the tip of my tongue into her soft, pink lips, guiding her to open up. I use my own tongue to gently stimulate and entwine with hers, ensuring as much contact as possible.

 ”Mmm… fuu, mmm…”

 At first, Kanon seemed to be just going along, but now she’s responding to my tongue’s stimulation by intertwining hers with mine. As she does, I purposefully withdraw my tongue and let her extend hers, gently parting our lips.


 Kanon gazes at me with dazed eyes. Maybe she realized she was the one requesting the kiss, as her cheeks turn so red that her entire face seems to blend with the color.

 ”Should we head to the bed soon?”


 I carry Kanon in a princess carry and gently lay her down on the bed with a canopy, creating the image of a sleeping princess. Seeing this, I can’t help but think that Kanon truly is a princess. Of course, at this point, I casually undo the hooks on her bra.

 ”I’m going to touch your body. If you don’t like it, tell me.”


 I position myself on all fours, hovering over Kanon, and begin by gently stroking her head as usual. I then lightly touch her soft cheek and slowly trace the outline of her ear before trailing my fingertips down her neck. In response, Kanon’s body trembles slightly. I give her neck a slightly firmer kiss.


 Seeing Kanon with the mark of my kiss on her neck, I feel a surge of dominance, but I manage to restrain myself. I then reach for her shoulders and slide the straps of her bra to the side, noticing her bra being removed. On the spur of the moment, she crosses her arms to cover her chest. Her cheeks puff out adorably, and she looks at me with a cute pout. It’s almost as if she’s a wary stray cat, and I can’t help but smile. While comparing a former princess to a stray cat might be irreverent, Kanon’s adorable reaction can’t be helped.

 ”No, Kanon, show me more properly.”

 I take Kanon’s hand and gently kiss her wedding ring. I want to assure her that she’s my wife, causing her to gaze at me with teary eyes in a flushed face.

 ”Go ahead, you can touch my body too.”

 I unbutton my shirt and place Kanon’s hands on my chest. Initially, she tentatively touches me, but soon she begins to explore various parts of my body more confidently.

 ”Am… amazing… a man’s body is so… firm…”

 While Kanon becomes absorbed in touching my body, I slide my hand through the gap created by her loosened bra. I slowly and gently start to massage Kanon’s chest.

 The size, just enough to fit in my palm, had a proper weight to it, and the elastic, supple skin pushed back against my touch. I wanted to bury my face in the pleasant softness, but that felt a little embarrassing, so I held back.

 ”Ah… mmm, haah… haah…”

 I slide Kanon’s bra down, and in the process, lightly pinch the strings of the panties she’s wearing.

 ”Ah! No…!”

 The butterfly knot on the side comes undone. Kanon’s beautifully delicate area is revealed.

 ”Kanon, try untying the other side yourself.”

 ”I-it’s impossible, it’s too embarrassing…”

 I touch Kanon’s smooth thigh, then slip my fingertips between the frilly whirl belt.

 ”If you don’t hurry, Kanon will get even more embarrassed. Is that okay?”

 ”H-huh? M-more embarassing…”

 Kanon’s flustered reaction is too cute. While part of me wants to be gentle and pamper her, another part of me wants to tease her just a little.

 ”For example, lifting one of Kanon’s legs and removing one sock…”

 ”O-okay, I’ll do it myself!”

 Kanon hastily unties the strings of her panties. Given how she shifted her body, her panties spread on the bed, revealing an intimate part of her.

 ”It’s beautiful…”

 The voice escapes me involuntarily as I gaze upon the exquisite delicacy, where not a single hair or pore can be seen. Kanon’s neat vertical line, tight and closed. It’s not just her; the other me under my pants also reacts vigorously. I discard my shirt on the floor and bring my fingertips closer to Kanon’s delicate area.


 I gently trace Kanon’s vertical line with my fingertips. It feels slippery to the touch. When I pull my fingers away lightly, a translucent, slightly sticky substance bridges the gap between me and Kanon. Upon closer inspection, I notice a stain on the crotch of her panties where they had shifted. Kanon must be quite sensitive; she seems well-prepared without much foreplay.

 ”Do you dislike it? Even though it seems like Kanon is ready?”

 In front of Kanon, I rub my thumb against the fluid collected on my index finger, then slowly spread my thumb and index finger apart, deliberately showing her what’s coming from my body.

 ”You’re really wet. Was Kanon looking forward to doing this with me?”

 ”U-uhh, y-yeah…”

 I’m slightly surprised by Kanon’s response. I thought she might say something like “It’s not like that,” but she’s being sincere…

 ”I see… I’ve been wanting to be with you like this for a while too.”

 I step off the bed briefly and pull down my pants along with my underwear.


 Kanon’s gaze fixates on a certain part of my body. As I look where she’s gazing, I realize my own pen*s has become fully erect, pulsating with each heartbeat. Well, what can I say? It’s only natural. Even if I’m in high school, it wouldn’t be weird to do it every day, but I haven’t done it since before coming to Stars…

 ”Th-this is so different from what I saw in the textbook’s illustration… It’s not as cute as an eggplant…”

 Textbook? Eggplant? Ah, could it be that in this world’s s*x education books, they substitute eggplants for male genitalia in illustrations? Well, back in high school, during health class, the boys were sent to a separate room for self-study, so I don’t even know what the textbooks look like.

 ”Sorry, did I scare you?”

 I approach Kanon again and slowly cover her with my body, sharing a gentle kiss. To alleviate Kanon’s tension, I drop kisses on her cheeks, earlobes, and collarbone, gradually moving to the more rigid parts.

 ”Kanon, tell me if it hurts.”

 I gradually insert my fingertip into Kanon’s intimate area.


 Kanon’s petite body jerks. With just a slight movement of my fingertip, Kanon lifts her hips and trembles slightly. Simultaneously, her scent intensifies. Mixing with the soap’s aroma, the soft and gentle scent that used to be Kanon’s changes into a rich, alluring, and lascivious fragrance that entices the male.

 ”I love you, Kanon.”

 My whisper alone causes the lubrication secreted from Kanon’s passage to drip from my fingertip to the base, creating a stain on the sheets that continues to spread.

 I feel like I can insert it now… No, actually, I don’t think I can hold back any longer. I tear open the condom packet I prepared, quickly put it on my pen*s, and get ready. Since Kanon and I are still high school students, and if we were to have a baby, I believe it’s better to do it properly when we’re more prepared. Unwanted pregnancies can harm not only women but also the child, so I absolutely want to avoid that. But if we do end up having a child, of course, I’ll take responsibility and raise them properly.

 ”Can I insert it, Kanon?”

 I lift Kanon’s thighs slightly and align my pen*s with her entrance, adjusting my hips so that it’s poised at the entrance.

 ”Ah… ah…”

 To ensure Kanon doesn’t feel too much pain, I start a slow piston-like motion, gradually inserting my pen*s deeper.


 A sensation as if something tore accompanies Kanon raising her hips, arching her body further.


 Is this… her hymen? A few drops of blood fall onto the sheets. I’m about to pull out, but Kanon grabs my arm.

 ”I-it’s okay… so, let’s continue like this…”

 ”Are you really okay? It doesn’t hurt?”

 I ask deliberately because I don’t want to force Kanon into anything she’s not comfortable with. It might break the mood, and honestly, I want to continue like this, but Kanon’s well-being is more important to me right now. I think I can endure not doing it at this moment… probably.

 ”It, it’s a bit painful… b-but it feels good too.”

 The folds of Kanon’s inner walls embrace the tip of my pen*s. I gently brush Kanon’s bangs, which are slightly damp from sweat, away from her forehead and kiss it.

 ”If it gets too painful and you want to stop, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 ”Yeah, th-thank you.”

 I slowly piston in and out again, trying to insert my pen*s as deeply into Kanon as possible. Once more, I hit something with the tip. A different sensation from before… could this be her cervix?


 Kanon winces a bit, so I gently pull back my pen*s to just before that point. While it hasn’t gone all the way in, it’s still more than halfway… maybe about 70% is inside, so it should be okay. I press my body against Kanon, encircling her with my arms around her back, holding her tightly. In this position, with the movement restricted, Kanon seems to have gotten used to the pain. She whispers my name with an affectionate voice.

 ”Ah… Aqua… I love you, love you.”

 Perhaps Kanon is really fond of being pampered. Similarly, her inner walls seem to cling and fit perfectly to the shape of my pen*s, just as she clings to me. The spiral folds snugly wrap around my pen*s, reluctant to let go.

 ”Kanon, I’m going to move.”

 ”Yeah, you can move however you like. With my body… make it feel good.”

 I slowly start thrusting in and out again. Honestly, it’s already pleasurable enough for me. So, I try to figure out where Kanon’s pleasure points are. I want her to enjoy it as much as possible since it’s someone I like.


 Kanon lets out a slightly louder moan. I press against the same spot with my pen*s again.

 ”Stop, please… don’t stimulate me there… it’s embarrassing, I’ll go crazy.”

 She shows signs of resistance, but her expression is immersed in pleasure like I’ve never seen before, a lascivious mess of desire.

 ”Don’t lie, Kanon. We’re husband and wife, so let’s tell each other the truth, okay?”

 I stimulate the same spot over and over.

 ”Ah! Ah! Ah! It tickles there! It feels too good, it’s driving me crazy, don’t… don’t do that!”

 Kanon tries to hide her face, but I won’t let her.

 ”Ah, Aqua’s teasing… n-no, I don’t dislike it… ah, ah, ah, no, it’s a lie, I love it, I love it so much!”

 Kanon wraps her arms around my neck and passionately kisses me.

 ”Kanon really likes kissing, huh?”

 ”Yeah, I love it so much. So, let’s kiss a lot more, Aqua. Let’s kiss each other a lot.”

 With childlike gestures, we engage in passionate kisses like adults. That kind of contrast is almost cheating, and if I keep getting teased like this, I might not be able to stay gentle anymore.

 That being said, I don’t want Kanon to dislike me after our first time together, and though it’s a bit early, maybe it’s time to finish. I’ve been holding back for nearly two weeks, so I can release if I want to.

 ”Kanon, I’m going to come inside soon. Can I be a bit more intense?”

 ”Yeah… it’s okay. Be intense! Aqua, release all your baby-making essence inside Kanon!”

 I shake Kanon’s body slightly more forcefully, matching the rhythm as I piston harder. Despite Kanon’s legs twitching, her vag*nal walls tighten around my pen*s even more intensely than before, urging me to climax. The slightly rough texture of her vag*nal walls stimulates the most sensitive part of my pen*s, as if coaxing my semen to be released.

 ”Ah, ah, ah! I’m coming, I’m coming!! Ah, aaahhhhhhh!”

 My pen*s throbs within Kanon, expelling the thick, milky fluid that had accumulated inside me. Unfortunately, since I was wearing a condom, the 0.01mm thin film blocked my penetration into Kanon. Honestly, I want to do it without a condom too, but pills are a huge burden on girls. Besides, even Kato Taka-san, the legendary expert in my world and a master of intimacy also an AV actor, said that a man who doesn’t wear a condom is like a man who can’t greet properly.


 I lightly kiss Kanon’s lips.

 ”Thank you. It felt really good.”

 ”Haa… haa… yeah, I’m really happy too. Aqua…”

 To be honest, one time won’t be enough, but seeing Kanon panting and tired for her first time, I think I’ll stop here for today. Moreover, we’re married now, and there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, so there’s no need to rush. I remove the condom, tie it, and toss it into the trash.

 ”Kanon, you did great today.”

 I lie down beside Kanon, gently holding her and stroking her hair.

 ”So, just rest slowly today.”

 ”U-uhh, yeah…”

 After a while, it seems Kanon was indeed tired, as she starts to make cute, soft sleeping sounds. Reflecting on marrying Kanon, my chest tightens with a sweet and sour feeling.

 ”Ah… damn, she’s too cute.”

 I look down at my lower body again. Well, that’s only natural. It’s not getting better; in fact, it’s even more engorged than before. This guy probably wanted more too… But I’m sorry. Maybe I should have said let’s go another round without pretending. But looking at Kanon’s sleeping face, which looks so content, I’m sure my decision was right.

 ”I’m sorry, Kanon…”

 I gently get off the bed and cover Kanon with the blanket. Then, I pick up the underwear she discarded and take care of things in the bathroom. I also used the laundry basket that was there, but I didn’t make it too dirty, so I hope she forgives me. By the way, after doing mas***bating, I was very empty, but when I came back to the bed, Kanon was sleeping with a happy face, so I felt like it was all worth it. Then, I slip into the bed where Kanon is sleeping.

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