Male Idol V7c31

Volume 7 Chapter 31 Kanon, Shumi-chan’s Great Victory

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 ”I-I-I-Is there anything, um, strange?”

 After being thoroughly cleaned by everyone in the bath, I stand in front of the mirror, checking over and over again. Even though Pegonia reassured me earlier, saying, “Don’t worry, Miss, you’re always beautiful,” I still can’t help but feel anxious.

 ”Oh… right, I should apply this too…”

 I sprinkle the mysterious liquid perfume that Hagetoru gave me as a wedding gift near the bed. It’s supposedly made from natural ingredients to help me relax and not be nervous during, you know, the intimate moments. But does it really work? Well, it does smell kind of nice, better than doing nothing, I guess. Hagetoru also gave me a powder to boost my mood just in case, but I’m sure that’s something I absolutely shouldn’t use… But let’s just pretend I didn’t see it… In that sense, Chinposuki gave me practical things like pain relief and lubricant gel for those times when, you know, things don’t quite fit. By the way, the cute and girly underwear I’m wearing is a wedding gift from Nee-san. She really knows what suits me. Speaking of which, Nee-san… I didn’t know she liked this kind of cute underwear. Next time, I’ll get her something super cute as a gift.

 ”A-Alright, everything’s ready! Come on, make a boom whenever you want to!”

 Yeah, I’m starting to feel like it’ll be okay. The textbooks say that, um, guys’… you know, aren’t actually that big, and Aqua’s eggplant probably not as well-endowed as rumors suggest. Yeah… that must be it! Lost in these thoughts, a knock on the door echoes through the room.

 ”Kanon, I’m coming in.”

 Wh-what do I do? No, no, no, calm down, Kanon! First, act cool and composed, like a refined, sophisticated lady, a true gentlewoman, to greet Aqua!

 ”U-uhh, yeah…”

 Oh no… my voice trembled. Wait, let’s try that again, one more time!


 As Aqua enters the room, he freezes upon seeing me. Was it weird after all? Or does he think I’m going overboard with my excitement for this, like, oh my god, we’re doing it moment? What should I do? If Aqua looks at me with that contemptuous “you’re such a h*rny beast” look… Or oh, maybe it’s because I didn’t do my makeup, so I look even more childish. Unlike other guys, who might be into mature, busty types, Aqua might be dissatisfied with my body. Speaking of which, I feel like Aqua looks at busty girls like Nee-san differently, more like an older sister type. He has probably seen Nee-san’s and Hagetoru’s busts more than my own…

 ”Is it okay if I get a closer look?”

 Oh… I was overthinking things. Now that Aqua is right in front of me, he carefully examines me from head to toe. I can tell from being on the receiving end that Aqua is staring at parts of me that are covered by my chest and panties with heated eyes. I’m happy… I’m properly exciting Aqua. Looking at Aqua again, he’s really cool… Of course, Aqua’s inner self is cool too, but his appearance is just so handsome. I almost wanted to bow and say, “Thank you, thank you for your divine appearance,” but I manage to restrain myself.

 ”Uh, looking at me like this… it’s, uh… embarrassing.”

 I start to feel a little embarrassed, so I turn my face away from Aqua. Wh-why!? Even though I actually want him to look more, I get super shy when Aqua’s watching. Why is that? Hey, someone tell me… textbooks never covered this.

 ”Why? I want to see more of you, Kanon.”

 Aqua takes my hand and places a kiss on the back of my hand. My body reacts with a shiver. Why, why am I so easily aroused like this!? Aqua’s going to think I’m a shameless girl! Nooo… The spot where Aqua kissed starts to heat up and spread throughout my body. Oh no, I might be getting too excited, I feel like I’m sweating… Please, no nosebleeds!!


 As I try to gently pull away, Aqua holds me tightly in his arms.

 Whoaaaaa! Chest! Aqua’s chest!

 Unlike my soft boobs, Aqua’s chest feels so firm and exciting with a clack sound. And it’s so close! Ahh! I love Aqua’s scent so much, it’s amazing. While holding me, Aqua sways my body gently, like in a cradle. It feels incredibly comfortable, making my head go all fuzzy.

 ”Kanon, can you hear my heartbeat?”


 Listening to Aqua’s heartbeat is so calming… Umm, hey, can I record this? If I had my wallet right now, I’d definitely pay for it.

 ”You’re beautiful, Kanon.”

 Aqua gently kisses my forehead, taking me off guard. Is this okay? Getting so many kisses… I’ve heard that guys rarely kiss, so it feels like I’m getting a lifetime’s worth of kisses from Aqua today alone. Oh… is this a flag? In anime, girls who develop a good relationship with a guy usually die… I might just kick the bucket tomorrow or something. Sorry, everyone, this is undoubtedly a death flag.

 ”Aqua… mmm”

 When I look up at Aqua to say goodbye, he steals my lips in that moment. Aww! Geez, Aqua, do you really know yourself? Boys shouldn’t just kiss this easily! Especially considering how rare and special (SSR) Aqua’s kisses are, you should treasure your own lips more! But well, I’m happy he’s giving me lots of kisses, so please keep going at this pace just for me!

 ”Kanon, come on, open your mouth. Yes, that’s it, good girl.”

 Oh, oh, oh… what should I do? Aqua’s tongue has entered my mouth… w-wait, this isn’t the kind of kiss I know! Isn’t a kiss just a little accident where lips lightly touch? Even at the wedding, Aqua’s kisses were too steamy. I mean, I had to change my panties after that and before the reception!

 ”Mmm… fuu, mmm…”

 Oh… but it feels really nice…

 This kiss, unlike the ones before, is so incredibly pleasant. It’s like becoming one, and it’s making me really excited.


 When I notice, Aqua’s face has pulled away from mine.

 Oh no, no, no! I initiated the kiss, so Aqua might think I’m a naughty girl. I’ve heard that guys dislike girls who are too forward, so I have to hold back! Not that I have that luxury, but I’ll just close my eyes for now.

 ”Should we head to the bed soon?”


 Aqua lifts me up as if I’m weightless and gently lays me down on my bed.

 Ah, ah, ah, are we going to… do it now…?

 ”I’m going to touch your body. If you don’t like it, tell me.”


 Aqua gets on all fours, hovering over me, and gently strokes my head.

 Wait, wait, I don’t know this position! Pegonia mentioned it, but isn’t s*x when the woman straddles the man and does things herself? Aqua’s touch is on my cheek, her fingers tracing my earlobes. Then he moves to my neck, giving me a slightly forceful kiss there.


 My body reacts with a shiver.

 Aqua’s touch reaches my shoulder, and almost instinctively, he unclips my bra strap. H-huh? Why is it coming off so easily? Oh no, the back clasp is undone. Wait, when did that happen!?


 Wait, this is embarrassing!!

 I unconsciously cross my arms to hide my breasts. Geez, seriously! Aqua’s too skilled at this! Ugh, I glare at Aqua with teary eyes.

 ”No, Kanon, show me more properly.”

 Aqua takes my hand and places a kiss on my wedding ring.

 Huh? What’s this? Does it sound like, “You’re mine now”? Um, I might be happy. I like the gentle Aqua, but the selfish Aqua might be really nice too.

 ”Go ahead, you can touch my body too.”


 Aqua unbuttons his shirt in front of me and strips it off like in a striptease show. He is not a boy like in the manga, and not muscular like a female bodybuilder, but I can see that he has muscles. Especially the six-pack abs, the muscles around his waist, and his shoulders – they’re completely different from my soft body.

 ”Am… amazing… a man’s body is so… firm…”

 Aqua slowly reaches between my bra and breasts and gently massages my breasts. Yep, yep, as I thought, Aqua likes girls’ breasts. Instead of gently massaging them with that longing look, he could be more assertive, squeeze them harder, or maybe even suck on my nipples like a baby. It’s not like these breasts aren’t already Aqua’s, so he could do whatever he wants.

 ”Ah… mmm, haah… haah…”

 As I twist my body, Aqua hooks his finger into the side of my panties.

 ”Ah! No…!”

 The bow tie on the side comes undone, revealing my pubic area.

 ”Kanon, try untying the other side yourself.”

 ”I-it’s impossible, it’s too embarrassing…”

 Aqua touches my thighs with a provocative touch and slips his fingers between the whirl belt.

 ”If you don’t hurry, Kanon will get even more embarrassed. Is that okay?”

 ”H-huh? M-more embarassing…”

 Wait, wait a moment, what else could happen? My life is already at zero!

 ”For example, lifting one of Kanon’s legs and removing one sock…”

 ”O-okay, I’ll do it myself!”

 I can’t possibly do something so embarrassing in front of the person I love! When I hurry to untie my panties, the fabric covering my private parts flips open.

 ”It’s beautiful…”

 Huh? Huh!? Is he seriously looking at my… down there? Stop it, it’s embarrassing! Besides, with no hair down there, Aqua might just laugh at me… But what can I do? I haven’t developed anything, not even when I got my period!

 After Aqua finishes observing my private area, he tosses away his shirt and extends his fingers towards my intimate part.


 Aqua’s fingers trace my vertical line. My body trembles slightly in response. Yeah, it’s definitely really wet. Pegonia mentioned it, but apparently I’m quite sensitive in that area. Thanks to that, I’ve sent so many panties to the afterlife since meeting Aqua…

 ”Do you dislike it? Even though it seems like Kanon is ready?”

 Aqua spreads his index finger and thumb in front of me, showing the s*xy fluid that had come out from between my legs.

 ”You’re really wet. Was Kanon looking forward to doing this with me?”

 ”U-uhh, y-yeah…”

 It’s not like that! I wanted to say that, but there’s no use. It’s already so obvious, so I might as well just own up to it. Whatever, it’s fine. I’m only thinking about naughty things anyway.

 ”I see… I’ve been wanting to be with you like this for a while too.”

 Aqua gets off the bed and swiftly takes off whatever he had on below.


 W-wait just a second!! What’s that? Huh…? Is that…? Is that his p*nis? Oh no, now I’m briefly turning into Chijou…

 ”Th-this is so different from what I saw in the textbook’s illustration… It’s not as cute as an eggplant…”

 Ugh, if it had come to this, I should have taken the Ochinchin Sommelier certification instead of making fun of Chinposuki!! Because what I know is this, it’s supposed to be a cute thing shaped with a purse-like tip… Oh no, wait, maybe that was toned down in the illustration? Uh, well, the shape is definitely different…

 But seriously, who said that Aqua’s p*nis is like an eggplant!? That’s not cute at all!! I’ll definitely write on the bulletin board later that the person who said it looked like an eggplant is a fool!!

 ”Sorry, did I scare you?”

 Aqua approaches me and gently kisses me, gradually covering my tense body. He places kisses on my cheeks, earlobes, collarbone, trying to relax my stiff muscles.

 ”Kanon, tell me if it hurts.”

 Aqua’s fingers slowly enter my intimate area.


 A sensation unlike anything I’ve felt before makes my body tremble and react involuntarily. Ah, ah, this is different… I’ve only ever touched the surface out of fear, but playing with it like this feels so good. Even when I tried with an eggplant before, I ended up just touching the surface…

 ”I love you, Kanon.”

 With Aqua whispering love into my ear, I let drops of love’s nectar escape from between my legs. Aqua takes a condom out of his fallen pants, tears open the wrapper, and retrieves the contents. Huh? Huh? Huh? Why a condom…? Didn’t we talk about wanting a baby on the carriage? Or did he decide that he can’t make a baby with a girl who’s this naughty?

 ”Can I insert it, Kanon?”

 Ugh… Aqua lifts my thighs and presses his p*nis against my intimate area, lifting his hips. Forget about the condom, this is…!

 ”Ah… ah…”

 It’s… it’s entering… Aqua’s p*nis is going inside me!! It’s… it’s making my head spin from happiness.


 It tore! Did it tear!? Ah… is this… my hymen? Seeing me wince in pain, Aqua tries to pull away. I instinctively grab his arm.

 ”I-it’s okay… so, let’s continue like this…”

 ”Are you really okay? It doesn’t hurt?”

 ”It, it’s a bit painful… b-but it feels good too.”

 To be honest, it’s not just a little painful; it’s excruciating. But the pleasure is even stronger… It might sound weird, but the pain being so pleasurable feels like Aqua is making me his in an amazing way.

 ”If it gets too painful and you want to stop, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 ”Yeah, th-thank you.”

 Aqua continues to enter deeper inside me. The mixture of intense pleasure and overwhelming happiness flooding from deep within my body is making me lose control.


 Ah, ah… now, Aqua’s p*nis touched something inside me with a little bump. It hurt, and I let out a sound unintentionally. Aqua noticed and retracts his p*nis slightly, holding me while staying in place. This is what it means to become one…

 ”Ah… Aqua… I love you, I love you.”

 Is Aqua enjoying this too? That’s what worries me the most. I wish he was feeling as good as I am.

 ”Kanon, I’m going to move.”

 ”Yeah, you can move however you like. With my body… make it feel good.”

 Aqua slowly pistons his p*nis up and down inside my private area.


 M-meowhat!? Right now, Aqua’s p*nis hit a spot that felt good, and a strange sound escaped me. Aqua repeatedly targets that spot with his p*nis, like he’s confirming it.

 ”Stop, please… don’t stimulate me there… it’s embarrassing, I’ll go crazy.”

 ”Don’t lie, Kanon. We’re husband and wife, so let’s tell each other the truth, okay?”

 T-there’s no use in saying that! It’s so pleasurable that my head’s spinning!

 ”Ah! Ah! Ah! It tickles there! It feels too good, it’s driving me crazy, don’t… don’t do that!”

 As I try to hide my face, Aqua grabs my wrists. I can’t win… In front of Aqua, I become such a helpless girl. Ah, ah, ah… and in this situation, it feels like I’m being forcibly assaulted by the person I love, and I’m getting too excited, my head is spinning.

 ”Ah, Aqua’s teasing… n-no, I don’t dislike it… ah, ah, ah, no, it’s a lie, I love it, I love it so much!”

 The moment Aqua loosens his grip on my wrists, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him.

 ”Kanon really likes kissing, huh?”

 ”Yeah, I love it so much. So, let’s kiss a lot more, Aqua. Let’s kiss each other a lot.”

 I want Aqua to take control of me like this… I want him to dominate my mind, body, and heart. I want every part of me to be engraved with the fact that I belong to Aqua.

 ”Kanon, I’m going to come inside soon. Can I be a bit more intense?”

 ”Yeah… it’s okay. Be intense! Aqua, release all your baby-making essence inside Kanon!”

 Aqua’s movements become more intense. I like it…! I love the gentle Aqua, but maybe I actually prefer the slightly forceful Aqua!!

 ”Ah, ah, ah! I’m coming, I’m coming!! Ah, aaahhhhhhh!”

 Ah… it’s happening. I can feel something being expelled inside me. Aqua’s baby-making essence is forcefully hitting the spot that was touched earlier. But… since he’s wearing a condom, I think the sensation of his s*men being expelled is being collected in the condom. Ahhhhh! I really wanted it inside me!! To be honest, I wanted Aqua to fill the place I cherished the most with all of him!


 Aqua lightly kisses my lips.

 ”Thank you. It felt really good.”

 ”Haa… haa… yeah, I’m really happy too. Aqua…”

 Aqua removes the condom from his p*nis, ties it up, and tosses it into the trash bin. Ahhhhh… the baby-making essence of Aqua and me…

 ”Kanon, you did great today.”

 Aqua lies down next to me, gently embraces me, and strokes my hair.

 ”So, just rest slowly today.”

 ”U-uhh, yeah…”

 Ugh… I’m happy, but I also feel a bit uneasy. But I shouldn’t complain about this luxury. Aqua might dislike me for it, and even though he married me and made love to me so soon, wanting more might be unfair to the other girls… I pretend to be asleep intentionally next to Aqua.

 ”Ahh, damn, she’s just too cute. Sorry, Kanon…”

 Saying that, Aqua covers me with the blanket and with my underwear in hand, heads to the bathroom. I seize the moment and get out of the bed, collecting the condom Aqua threw away in the trash.


 I press down on the condom, swollen with Aqua’s released baby-making essence, with my finger. Boys release this much s*men… The textbook said it’s like water, but it’s completely different. That textbook was really useless. Mary academy should consider changing the materials.

 ”I’ll sew a little pouch later and keep it as a charm…”

 I wipe the surface of the condom, put it in a plastic bag from the drawer, and then place it in an accessory box.

 ”By the way… I wonder why Aqua took my underwear with him?”

 I wanted to head to the bathroom to check, but due to the pain in my waist and hips, I can’t get out of bed. Above all, an intense drowsiness overwhelms me, and I quickly fall asleep in the bed.


 My consciousness gradually awakens…! I wake up suddenly due to the pain in my waist and groin.

 ”Are you alright, Kanon?”


 Seeing Aqua’s face in front of me, my face quickly heats up. W-wait, it’s just waking up! It’s because I just woke up!! I instinctively turn my face away from Aqua. I try to turn over, but the pain in my waist prevents me.

 ”D-don’t look…!”

 ”Why not?”

 Aqua kisses my sweaty forehead.

 ”B-because, I just woke up, so I might look weird… and I haven’t taken a bath…”

 ”I see, then do you want to take a bath together?”

 Huh? I don’t understand what Aqua means, and I freeze for a moment. Aqua gets off the bed and removes the blanket covering me, then gently lifts me up.

 ”W-wait, I can bathe by myself!”

 ”Hm? Really? Can you walk to the bathroom by yourself?”

 Ugh… to be honest, I think I could force myself to walk, but I don’t want Aqua to see me in such an awkward state…

 ”W-well, maybe I can’t do it alone…”

 ”Then, shall we take a bath together?”

 N-no way, Aqua is carrying me and heading to the bathroom. And that way of carrying, it’s… don’t overdo it because it’s so close, but… still, maybe I want him to do it regularly. Aqua sits me on a chair and starts filling the bathtub with water.

 W-wait, something feels off… but I don’t know what it is… But this is definitely leading up to something bad.

 ”Kanon, I’ll start gently, so if you want it stronger, let me know.”

 Huh? M-meowhat? Aqua starts gently pouring the shower over my hair.

 Ughhhh!? Wait a moment! Could it be that Aqua is washing my hair for me? Huh? Is this some kind of paid service… Ugh. Aqua, with hands bigger than mine, gently washes my hair. It feels completely different from when Pegonia washes it… Well, if I were to compare, Pegonia is better at it, but that’s not the point. That’s not it at all!!

 ”Do you have any itchy spots?”

 ”N-no… none…”

 Aqua not only shampoos my hair, but also carefully applies conditioner and treatment. Phew… Is it really okay for me to be this happy? I might just die from happiness if I’m this happy.

 ”Alright, let’s wash your body next.”

 ”Uhh, sure.”

 I’m just letting it happen. I managed to stop him from washing the front because it was too embarrassing, and I washed it myself, but when I see Aqua washing my legs so carefully, I almost feel like I’m dirtying the parts he washed. After washing my face last, Aqua lifts me up and gently places me into the bathtub.

 Phew… Let’s calm down. That’s right, stay calm, Kanon!!

 Huh? Wait, if we’re married, does this continue every day? Starting the morning with so much affection, and ending the day with intimacy? It’s impossible… It’s definitely impossible. I’m so happy that I might explode. Maybe I should hurry up and let Aqua marry other wives. I can’t handle this happiness alone. Without someone to share this happiness and talk about it with… Actually, is it really okay for me to be this happy? I start feeling sorry for women all over the world, wondering if it’s right for me to feel like this, and even I, who’s always so confident, feels a pang of sadness. This isn’t the time to be joking about Shumi-chan’s great victory. Even after the bath, Aqua is gentle, carefully drying my hair and even braiding it for me. Wait, can Aqua really do all of this!?

 ”Oh, actually, I used to do this with my little sister Lapis after she got out of the bath. And then I did it for Shitori-onee-chan and my mother sometimes, following the same pattern, so I might not be as good as Pegonia-san, but rest assured!”

 Huh? Wait, Lapis-chan, did you two do this every day!? Isn’t the Shirogane family incredible? Or rather, Lapis-chan is amazing for enduring it… Maybe from now on, I should call her Lapis-senpai instead of Lapis-chan.

 ”Oh… but lately, I guess she’s been feeling embarrassed or something because she won’t let me do it.”

 Well, of course!! I retort at Aqua in my mind.

 ”Haah… I-I’m saved…”

 Seizing the chance while Aqua is away doing something, Hagetoru and the others come into the room.

 ”So, how was it…?”

 Looking at Hagetoru grinning with an undignified face, I’m on the verge of being disgusted, but I understand their feelings and can’t say anything, since not too long ago, I was in the same boat.

 ”W-Well, there’s no way I can say, right! B-But… it was amazing.”


 Cheers of admiration leak out from everyone. My first experience is an important memory for me. Since I don’t want to say anything further, I steer the conversation in a different direction.

 ”Anyway, more importantly! Hagetoru, what on earth are you doing…”

 Everyone stares at Hagetoru in a Sister outfit with a deadpan expression. Actually, isn’t this more of a problem than me?

 ”Oh… well, you see…”

 Hagetoru explains the sequence of events to us. And we all facepalm.

 ”Wait a moment, why did it turn out like that?”

 ”Well… it’s probably thanks to my overflowing talent and charm, right? Teehee!”

 Th-this person hasn’t learned her lesson at all…

 By the way, Hagetoru isn’t just avoiding Nee-san, but even me and Chinposuki. And then, all of sudden, I hear the sound of something popping.


 ”—I’m, I’m so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

 That’s a perfect sliding bow. If she’s just going to apologize from the start, why do something strange… But hearing the story, it wasn’t really a bad thing since she was to help someone.

 ”Well, I’m not really angry.”


 Nee-san is not angry? Chinposuki and I exchange glances and then look towards Nee-san.

 ”Rather, since you helped a woman in need, Hagetoru-san’s actions should be commended. However… when you bring a pet home, you should take care of it until the end.”

 ”I see… I think you’re right.”

 Pet… For Nee-san, that strange group is also considered like pets… Well, Pancake-chan might indeed be like a pet.

 ”I also agree with what Nee-san is saying. I think it’s better if Hagetoru manages it properly. Maybe, if you leave it alone, things could get out of control.”

 ”W-well, that’s, true…”

 Don’t speak in fragments. When Hagetoru speaks like that, it’s hard not to see her as Chijou. Holy Aqua Religion is practically Chijou… But those people probably think they’re on the SYUKUJYO side. Well, they’re doing good things, not bad things, but hmm, heroes of justice? It feels different somehow.

 Thinking about it, this situation is like Stars being dropped one step before… Hey, isn’t it dangerous when I think about it calmly? But talking to my mother wouldn’t be helpful… Maybe it’s better to talk to Grandmother after all?

 As I’m pondering this, Hagetoru peers into my face.

 ”Hey… Shumi, you have a mosquito bite on your neck.”

 ”Huh? Hagetoru, where? Where?”

 Using the handheld mirror Chinposuki lent me, I check where I was bitten by the mosquito. And there’s a red mark on my neck.

 Oh… This is…

 ”T-This is… a mark from Aqua’s kiss.”


 Hagetoru almost jumps at me, but Nee-san holds her back in an instant.

 ”Wait, wait a moment, Nee-san. I won’t do anything to Kanon.”

 No way, that’s definitely a lie! Just now, you jumped at me like in a gag manga!

 ”It’s not a lie! Wait, please just let me kiss that spot a little bit! Or even just one lick, let me lick it a bit! Then, I’ll indirectly kiss Aqua-sama too! Hehehe!”

 ”See, she’s really thinking of some idiotic stuff again!”

 Hagetoru… Even though Nee-san didn’t scold her earlier, but… as a friend, Chinposuki and I look sadly at our friend who is too faithful to her instincts and she ended up being scolded.

 By the way, when I told her it’s meaningless because I’ve already taken a bath, she dramatically collapsed right then and there.

 The used items went back to Kanon. By the way, Aqua’s Mas***bating act was being recorded by a ninja, but there’s a behind-the-scenes story that she couldn’t start recording because she pressed the REC button twice.

 Hagetoru… well, she’s that kind of person, right? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she put on a kiss mark for the sake of this story.

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