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Volume 7 Chapter 5 Bulletin Board, Quiet Anomal

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 [Conclusion Structure] Thread about Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 2929 [I am a cannon!]
 7 Anonymous
 Bad news, Shiro-kun messed up
 10 Anonymous
 I’m sorry, but if someone messes up, I thought it would be Aiko-chan sensei
 12 Anonymous
 It was custom match, so it was okay, but the mouse’s battery died in the final phase, lol
 15 Anonymous
 Euris, she was seriously laughing out loud, LOL
 18 Anonymous
 Toa-chan, who saw the edited clip, was also laughing hard
 Aqua, saying “that’s not right~” and then the cute dai-pan (note: be excite and hit the table/rage quit?). Thank you
 21 Anonymous
 I feel bad for Shiro-kun who was panicking, but from the viewer’s perspective, it was really cute
 Seeing Toa-chan laughing so much that his voice became hoarse made my heart race
 23 Anonymous
 It’s better to watch the compilation videos of the reactions of various teams uploaded on Youtube
 How about that? Our kids are so cute, right? Heh-heh, I can’t stop
 25 Anonymous
 As it says in the thread title, Shiro-kun is too sharp in composition
 And the tempo of attaching accessories to the weapon sounds like a pen*s, and because of that, every time Shiro-kun picks up the tempo, idiots in the chat keep saying “pen*s” and getting banned. And the line “I am a cannon” from a Banga phrase only sounds like something lewd now
 27 Anonymous
 Euris bursts into laughter every time, lol. Aiko-chan sensei’s face turns completely red, and it’s just too harsh, LMAO
 29 Anonymous
 Lately, I’ve been looking at Beryl from a mom’s perspective
 I’m thinking this way of enjoying it is also fine
 33 Anonymous
 I understand
 36 Anonymous
 I want to become Aqu-tan’s mom and help him with his first time..
 40 Anonymous
 Then, I’m up for breastfeeding HH!
 42 Anonymous
 This place is still insane, lol
 45 Anonymous
 Everyone seems to have forgotten, but there’s an 18+ thread for Shirogane Aqua too
 47 Anonymous
 For some reason, that one seems more refined, LOL
 48 Anonymous
 Main Thread Chijou
 18+ Thread SYUKUJYO
 51 Anonymous
 Got it!
 52 Anonymous
 Chijou winning is a given!
 53 Anonymous
 If it’s Chijou, does that mean getting embraced by Aqua-kun?
 57 Anonymous
 By the time Chijou rejoices, the main thread is already over, LOL
 59 Anonymous
 Even the 18+ thread folks are throwing in the towel, desu~wa
 61 Anonymous
 But among the 18+ threads, this is one of the worst
 225 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 Ohoho, last night, I got too engrossed with Aqua-sama and before I knew it, it was morning
 Huh? Strange. I wonder why it turned out like this..
 Well, I have no choice but to head to the office, desu~wa〜. It’s tough when you don’t have any paid leave…
 376 Verification Team*07218KADO6
 Aqua-sama was great today too! When I went crazy five times in a row, I was so happy…
 But due to an unexpected occurrence, the squ*rt went in a different direction, and the tatami got soaking wet
 Cleaning up afterwards was tough. Of course, Eggplant-sama is being enjoyed thoroughly!
 64 Anonymous
 The main thread has been polluted by these guys!
 65 Anonymous
 This is too harsh, LOL
 66 Anonymous
 I was impressed that Shumi wasn’t in the 18+ thread
 She’s following the rules properly
 67 Anonymous
 These guys are really everywhere, lol
 68 Anonymous
 Mary’s disgrace
 70 Anonymous
 If you look closely, Hagetoru is posting while eating eggplant, lol. This is too harsh, LOL
 72 Anonymous
 Hagetoru’s Ultimate Guide to Using Eggplants
 Fap → Soak in seawater → Eat
 The ultimate SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
 77 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, more dedicated to SDGs than major companies or politicians
 Truly a graduate of Mary. Mary’s pride
 78 Anonymous
 Sustainable Eggplants, LOL
 80 Anonymous
 That spinning in the palm of the hand is not necessary, LMAO
 81 Anonymous
 It’s not pride, it’s a mistake, LOL
 83 Anonymous
 Is what I’m doing a good thing… or rather, is it really a good thing?
 But, have I ever seen such a terrible SDGs, lol
 85 Anonymous
 At least there, I want to say, imagine it with him, but I wonder if Aqu-tan is already dating someone
 88 Anonymous
 Honestly, I want him to be dating someone. If possible, not just one person, but two or three
 90 Anonymous
 94 Anonymous
 Hint 1: Aqua-kun has an income
 Hint 2: Marrying for money is basically impossible
 96 Anonymous
 A boy with income dating multiple girls = basically for se*ual desire
 97 Anonymous
 If Aa-sama had such a strong s*xual desire, it wouldn’t be the current commotion anymore…!
 99 Anonymous
 Do boys with strong s*xual desires really exist? Certainly, there are people who are married to multiple women, but even among young people these days, there are many who go beyond herbivores and are practically fasting
 100 Anonymous
 Honestly, as someone who was in the front row of Aqua-sama’s live on Music Stage and smelled his pheromones, if he’s not strong in se*ual desire after that, it’s a fraud. If you’ve smelled it, you’ll definitely know. Just to clarify, it’s not just about the smell! But he smells really good!!
 105 Anonymous
 I’ve luckily crossed paths with Beryl’s members, but Aqua-kun’s pheromones are intense. Your ut*rus naturally descends. The person next to me at that time was someone who had retired and then been rehired as a contracted employee after retirement age. She said her period started even though she had gone through menopause. I thought this was dangerous
 108 Anonymous
 Are you serious? LOL
 111 Anonymous
 A guy who can wake up even a sleeping girl, LOL
 114 Anonymous
 I wondered why he doesn’t get attacked a lot
 117 Anonymous
 Actually, if you meet him in person, you’ll realize he’s big and has muscles, so even if you try to push him down, you’ll end up being pushed down instead. Because clearly, Aqua-kun has more power
 The moment I realized that, “Ah, I’m actually a girl,” was the first time I truly felt it
 120 Anonymous
 Exactly, a guy who can turn any girl into the heroine of a Hakuryuu-sensei’s drawn shoujo manga, that’s Aqua-sama
 122 Anonymous
 Heroine of a shoujo manga drawn by Hakuryuu-sensei, LMAO
 126 Anonymous
 Even if he acts shy, he’s the type of guy who comes forward assertively. It makes you want to say, “That’s impossible.”
 128 Anonymous
 With this flow, I can confess!
 When Aqua-sama greeted me with “Good morning” once, I was thinking, “Ah, I wish he would just push me down and have his way with me.” I’m sorry!!
 131 Anonymous
 That’s just too low, lol
 132 Anonymous
 Come on, seriously…
 134 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Huh? Is that not okay? When I used to go to cafes, I thought that every time…
 137 Anonymous
 Come on, that’s the kind of person you are!
 139 Anonymous
 It’s really ending simply
 141 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Aqua-sama’s super chat total just surpassed 2 billion, LMAO
 145 Anonymous
 146 Anonymous
 Are you kidding, LOL
 148 Anonymous
 You got one digit wrong!
 153 Anonymous
 Certainly, the highest amount was 200 million per day, right?
 Huh!? Not 200 million?
 155 Anonymous
 Aqu-sama, congrats on completing the 24-hour TV all by yourself
 However, the highest record for the 24-hour TV is 1.9 billion
 158 Anonymous
 There were six days of practice matches and already four days consumed, plus one day for the main event
 It’s going to be over 3 billion
 160 Anonymous
 One person’s 24-hour TV, LMAO
 162 Anonymous
 It feels like he’s stepping into a realm where no one can catch up anymore
 165 Anonymous
 Speaking of super chats, Shumi’s comment on this made me laugh, lol
 456 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Huh? When I threw 1 million in super chat, the credit card company stopped me?
 Note: This is the last message I’ve seen on the bulletin board
 167 Anonymous
 Speaking of super chats, Shumi, what happened?
 I thought she was there until the second day, but it feels like she was gone from the third day
 169 Anonymous
 I think the credit card company stopped it on their own because the usage seemed too suspicious, lol. You kept silently sending super chats without limits, LOL
 170 Anonymous
 She’s not on the bulletin board, but we’re calling out for her on the threads where everyone seems to gather since yesterday
 I think the other Verification Teams couldn’t reach her either, right? Is everything okay?
 173 Anonymous
 This is Shumi quality
 174 Anonymous
 She’s being reckless! Well, she’ll probably pop up eventually
 176 Anonymous
 Hagetoru was here a while ago, but are the other Verification Team members present?
 Is Hakuryuu-sensei also busy with nighttime streaming?
 178 Anonymous
 Nee-san said she’s going to check on Shumi’s condition
 Also, she checks Tama-chan’s stream at night, so she’s probably not here
 180 Anonymous
 Speaking of which, where’s Chinposuki?
 184 Anonymous
 I haven’t seen that guy much
 I saw her sending super chats during the stream yesterday, but I don’t think I’ve seen her on the bulletin board
 187 Anonymous
 It’s lonely without the Verification Team
 190 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 I’m busy right now..
 195 Anonymous
 Good luck!
 197 Anonymous
 Did you finally mess something up?
 199 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I’ll be in Stars for a while for work, so I may not be able to come here much. Damn, I’d love to post on the forum since I’m going to be on the web every day!
 202 Anonymous
 Can such a guy go to Stars?
 203 Anonymous
 Please don’t make it an international issue!
 204 Anonymous
 Be careful of lewd remarks or se*ual harassment
 206 Anonymous
 You weren’t supposed to do something like that..
 207 Anonymous
 Yeah, I can’t really imagine it
 213 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Aren’t you guys mean? You’re making me cry!
 Stop making comments for when I get caught first!!
 216 Anonymous
 Gently put your hand on your chest and reflect on your past words and actions
 217 Anonymous
 It’s harder to trust people who make statements like in >>61
 220 Anonymous
 >>217 That’s right
 223 Anonymous
 Honestly, I think only Hagetoru and Chinposuki are people who shouldn’t be sent abroad
 Undoubtedly, they are the shame of this bulletin board, no, our country
 226 Anonymous
 It’s getting bigger in scale, lol
 228 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Help, I’m being monitored during the day due to editing. Right now, I’m secretly browsing from the restroom
 232 Anonymous
 Sensei, LOL
 233 Anonymous
 Hurry up with the continuation of “No-Rin (Nourin series 2014),” sensei
 237 Anonymous
 What’s “No-Rin”?
 239 Anonymous
 If you take over the family farm
 next door is the universe’s coolest boy
 who turned out to be a kind guy
 abbreviated as “No-Rin.”
 244 Anonymous
 245 Anonymous
 Oh, that’s still ongoing? The story where she reluctantly took over her family’s farm and the neighbor turned out to be an incredibly handsome and kind guy, right? The one where the young girls who started idolizing him and went into farming got mad because only young girls showed up
 248 Anonymous
 After seeing the scene of the neighbor boy in “No-Rin” doing farm work in a short-sleeved T-shirt with a towel around his neck, I c*me multiple times. I still keep it as my Holy Book
 251 Anonymous
 Any girl who reacted to Aqua-tan on stage with Trash Punks at STACOLE is definitely a “No-Rin” fan
 253 Anonymous
 Sensei, I thought you weren’t coming back for a while, what are you doing in a place like this? Let’s get back to work soon, okay?
 255 Anonymous
 256 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 257 Anonymous
 Sensei, you’re being monitored, LOL
 260 Anonymous
 Sensei, do your best, LOL
 261 Anonymous
 263 Anonymous
 Sensei, the national broadcaster’s Fuji’s talk show is about to start, isn’t it pitiful, LOL
 265 Anonymous
 After the talk show is over, there’s Shiro-kun’s stream, and haah, even with consecutive streams, today is just too blissful!
 268 Anonymous
 The talk show’s MC is Morikawa… It’s her third time co-starring with Aqua-kun
 She’s so lucky
 270 Anonymous
 Aside from within Beryl, she’s the woman who’s closest to Aqua-sama at the moment. That’s Morikawa Kaede
 273 Anonymous
 Is Morikawa okay? Didn’t she mess something up last time, lol?
 277 Anonymous
 She almost tripped and ended up flashing her underwear to the entire nation, lol
 And during dinnertime, too. That was hilarious, LOL
 280 Anonymous
 We apologize for the disturbance in some of the visuals
 281 Anonymous
 The studio was laughing too, but it was funny how the most veteran announcer had a pale face like a ghost
 284 Anonymous
 That person is Morikawa’s mentor, after all. I’m sure she got scolded later for sure
 287 Anonymous
 Morikawa is like Chinposuki in some ways. She lacks composure overall
 289 Anonymous
 Poor Morikawa-san
 291 Anonymous
 Morikawa is also a Mary graduate. Mary, Hagetoru, and Shumi too, basically, they all lack composure
 295 Anonymous
 Mary’s image is deteriorating more and more
 297 Anonymous
 Still, it’s a prestigious school
 300 Anonymous
 If Otomezaki doesn’t work out for the current 9th graders, it would be Mary and Claris
 They’re referred to as the Three Major School for Girls, but now these three are like the new Three Major School for Girls
 304 Anonymous
 This trend was there even before Aqua-kun appeared
 If you look at the educational backgrounds of politicians, many of them are from these schools
 Especially Mary has many politicians, Claris has many in major companies, and among those under 40 who are presidents or politicians, Otomezaki is overwhelmingly common
 307 Anonymous
 Stop talking about educational backgrounds! The thread will get chaotic!!
 309 Anonymous
 Hey, the talk show is starting!
 311 Anonymous
 Is the talk show coming?
 313 Anonymous
 Please, Morikawa
 315 Anonymous
 Oooh, the talk show has begun!!
 318 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, what happened to Nee-san’s talk show ticket?
 323 Anonymous
 She said it was treated as a cancellation, so someone probably won an additional ticket
 Even though it’s fine to give it to a relative, she said that would be against the rules and returned it properly. It shows the fans’ integrity and Nee-san’s straightforward personality
 326 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, Shumi also got a ticket, so maybe she’s somewhere in the venue?
 She probably got so emotional and ended up with a fever
 328 Anonymous
 It would be nice if that’s the case
 333 Anonymous
 Aqu-tan is already wearing a coat!
 334 Anonymous
 It’s still a little warm, so he might feel hot
 337 Anonymous
 Do you feel reassured when Morikawa is around?
 339 Anonymous
 Hey, wait a minute! Is this a public proposal!?
 340 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun, stop at that woman! She’s in the same rate category as Chinposuki!!
 341 Anonymous
 If someone like Morikawa can date him, it’s actually quite hopeful for me
 345 Anonymous
 346 Anonymous
 347 Anonymous
 350 Anonymous
 Way to go, Morikawa, lol
 352 Anonymous
 Well, when you think about it, that’s how it should be
 353 Anonymous
 Who the hell said something about a public proposal, lol?
 355 Anonymous
 Morikawa being teased by Aqua-sama, he probably enjoys it too, huh
 357 Anonymous
 Reliable senpai, huh, lol
 358 Anonymous
 Reliable senpai, lol
 359 Anonymous
 Is Morikawa a reliable senpai?
 364 Anonymous
 365 Anonymous
 367 Anonymous
 Taking the conversation to Tenga-senpai from there was skillful
 368 Anonymous
 Morikawa is doing great!!
 370 Anonymous
 Morikawa is good
 372 Anonymous
 Morikawa-san is someone who can accomplish things
 381 Anonymous
 382 Anonymous
 384 Anonymous
 I envy that tour!!
 388 Anonymous
 I have a bike, so I’m seriously fantasizing about it
 390 Anonymous
 Thanks to Aqu-tan, there’s an unprecedented bike boom
 However, it’s a 4-year wait for the same bike as Tenga-senpai’s. For the same bike as Aqu-tan’s, reservations are closed, LOL
 395 Anonymous
 Carrying “Tora Shinatarou” on the back..
 396 Anonymous
 Isn’t it Toa-chan instead of Tora Shinatarou? For Aqua-tan, I mean
 398 Anonymous
 One thing I can say with certainty is this
 Aqua-kun, and Toa-kun
 Tenga-kun, Mayushin-kun
 I definitely think this combination is it
 401 Anonymous
 The katsudon episode is here, lol
 403 Anonymous
 Ah, the katsudon episode is precious
 404 Anonymous
 I’m in charge of fried foods, but is tomorrow going to be tough?
 405 Anonymous
 Great job, proprietress!
 409 Anonymous
 Morikawa, LMAO
 410 Anonymous
 She casually asked, and Morikawa came up with a crazy story, LOL
 411 Anonymous
 Morikawa has it
 413 Anonymous
 Is Morikawa the real deal?
 415 Anonymous
 Prepare yourself
 418 Anonymous
 Join the “Let’s Feed Toa-chan Lots of Katsudon” Squad
 420 Anonymous
 These guys are way too close
 421 Anonymous
 It’s insane how close they are even in private. It’s relatable
 427 Anonymous
 I got an email from the part-time leader immediately, telling me not to take off tomorrow..
 430 Anonymous
 Morikawa was letting out her true feelings left and right, that was funny, lol
 437 Anonymous
 438 Anonymous
 439 Anonymous
 445 Anonymous
 Did someone just make a weird noise right now, LOL?
 447 Anonymous
 Yeah, I guess this guy is in the same rate category as Chinposuki, LOL
 450 Anonymous
 Seat order is a relief
 451 Anonymous
 I appreciate the seat order
 453 Anonymous
 Thank you for the seat order
 455 Anonymous
 Seat order is progressing
 460 Anonymous
 Hey, what’s the progress with the seating order LMAO
 464 Anonymous
 465 Anonymous
 Pancakes, you say!?
 466 Anonymous
 Aa-sama’s homemade pancakes..
 467 Anonymous
 Thank you for the pancakes
 468 Anonymous
 471 Anonymous
 Here we come
 472 Anonymous
 Here we come
 473 Anonymous
 Hey, Morikawa! Your drool was hanging out just now, LOL
 475 Anonymous
 Are there any other national broadcasters’ announcers who drool besides Morikawa?
 477 Anonymous
 We shouldn’t let this guy out, after all!
 478 Anonymous
 But this is a good episode. Morikawa is great!
 480 Anonymous
 Morikawa, the woman whose evaluations swing dramatically, LOL
 481 Anonymous
 Hey, are you guys going to change your minds or not?
 483 Anonymous
 She’s been rolling her wrist the whole time
 485 Anonymous
 Morikawa is confusing the thread’s residents, LOL
 488 Anonymous
 Good thing I bought frozen pancakes
 490 Anonymous
 Pancake mix, nice!
 492 Anonymous
 I work at a supermarket near Fuji, and I’m trembling now that I know the reason why pancake mix and frozen pancakes were flying off the shelves and sold out on those days. Oh, and tonkatsu and katsudon were sold out too. In that case, maybe those things are also..
 497 Anonymous
 Here comes the cooking!
 498 Anonymous
 Aqu-tan’s homemade cooking
 500 Anonymous
 A cafe, seriously?
 502 Anonymous
 Then does that mean the napoleon I ate that day too!?
 504 Anonymous
 And the omurice I had that day too!?
 506 Anonymous
 Omurice for Imouto-san?
 507 Anonymous
 Aaaah, I want to be Aqu-tan’s sister!
 509 Anonymous
 Is there such a kind big brother?
 511 Anonymous
 For middle school girls going through puberty, one of the black histories they expose on social media, my ideal big brother is just like that
 515 Anonymous
 Ways to become Aqua-sama’s sister in search results
 517 Anonymous
 Being Aqua-sama’s sister means you can call him Onii-chan, Onii-san, or Nii-sama
 Isn’t that just the best?
 520 Anonymous
 I want to be Aa-kun’s mom..
 523 Anonymous
 Cooking curry together with Mom, I mean, Aa-sama, is just..
 526 Anonymous
 Cooking side by side in the kitchen, I wonder if Aqua-kun’s mom is okay?
 I have the confidence to cross that line. I would definitely go to Aqua-kun’s room in light clothing at night
 529 Anonymous
 So the reason why ingredients and ready-made items related to omurice and curry were selling was because of that clink..
 536 Anonymous
 LOL, that’s hilarious
 540 Anonymous
 Looks like things are going to get crazy again. Come on, guys, restrain yourselves
 541 Anonymous
 As someone connected to the supermarket, I’m already getting used to it
 545 Anonymous
 Even supermarkets are becoming accustomed to this, it’s seriously funny, LOL
 They’re even setting up special sections
 548 Anonymous
 549 Anonymous
 Hang in there, Mayuzumi-kun
 551 Anonymous
 Mayushin-kun, do your best
 556 Anonymous
 The master of art, lol. Morikawa is leaking out, LOL
 557 Anonymous
 Morikawa, shh!
 560 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, still standing
 565 Anonymous
 It’s impressive how the conversation has been lively all this time without sitting down
 568 Anonymous
 Morikawa is doing well
 570 Anonymous
 Morikawa is sometimes like that, but for now, she’s seriously good. Normally, when talking to a guy, you’d be careful and considerate, but diving in boldly is amazing
 574 Anonymous
 The “Take Off Outer Garment” crew!?
 575 Anonymous
 Taking off the outer garment… you say?
 577 Anonymous
 Morikawa, are you a genius!
 580 Anonymous
 582 Anonymous
 Best, nice!
 585 Anonymous
 The vest coming down is nice. Sexy
 587 Anonymous
 The gesture of taking off the coat is seriously tantalizing!
 591 Anonymous
 593 Anonymous
 Scent, lol
 595 Anonymous
 Nice scent, LOL
 597 Anonymous
 I like this side of Morikawa, lol
 598 Anonymous
 Her true feelings are totally coming out!
 600 Anonymous
 Well, it’s normal for that to happen
 601 Anonymous
 At this point, it’s better to endure as much as you can. In the case of my Hagetoru or Chinposuki, they would definitely attack
 603 Anonymous
 Morikawa’s representation of all the citizens’ feelings: “Phew… nice scent…”
 605 Anonymous
 Saying “I didn’t say anything and didn’t smell anything” isn’t going to work, LOL
 607 Anonymous
 This guy is definitely the type who can’t lie, LOL
 608 Anonymous
 She’s definitely smelling it a lot!
 619 Anonymous
 Raise your hands, one after another
 620 Anonymous
 I want it to be filled up. Preferably from behind
 628 Anonymous
 This is how they quickly steer the conversation to something erotic. That’s why they call it “Chijou” (bringing it down to earth), LOL
 630 Anonymous
 A beautiful woman
 636 Anonymous
 Even with just one word from Aqua-kun, that woman’s face is already flustered. Is she okay?
 638 Anonymous
 This is Aqu-tan’s fault. If someone calls you a beautiful woman, you might misunderstand and think they’re inviting you to a hotel
 640 Anonymous
 643 Anonymous
 Locking eyes is cheating
 645 Anonymous
 Aaaahhh, I want this to happen to me too!
 648 Anonymous
 And his face is close, isn’t it?
 652 Anonymous
 I like it
 654 Anonymous
 Yeah, I like it
 655 Anonymous
 I like it, LOL
 657 Anonymous
 The real feelings of the woman are coming out!
 661 Anonymous
 It can’t be helped if her true feelings come out here
 666 Anonymous
 667 Anonymous
 668 Anonymous
 674 Anonymous
 For a moment, the thread came to a halt, LOL
 676 Anonymous
 Saying “I like you” is bad
 679 Anonymous
 For a moment, I thought I was being confessed to by Aqua-sama from the other side of the screen
 682 Anonymous
 Understood, you love the fans
 683 Anonymous
 You love the fans, huh?
 687 Anonymous
 Well, that’s how it is with Aqua-kun, right?
 690 Anonymous
 Morikawa, LOL
 692 Anonymous
 Phew, I let my guard down a bit, by Morikawa
 694 Anonymous
 Morikawa, get back in the game, LOL
 696 Anonymous
 Counting on you, Morikawa
 701 Anonymous
 Cute big sister
 704 Anonymous
 Yeah, cute
 706 Anonymous
 On the day a boy calls you cute, it’s like..
 709 Anonymous
 I like how Aqua-kun says things so casually. Beautiful and cute, I’ve heard two of the words that girls want to hear from boys at least once in these few minutes
 712 Anonymous
 Truly, he’s a man with over 2 billion superchats. He’s on a different level
 718 Anonymous
 Matching outfits, huh
 720 Anonymous
 Matching outfits, you say!?
 723 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama, I have a Corolle outfit too! Matching outfits, huh!!
 726 Anonymous
 I’m glad I even went out of my way to buy a Corolle outfit
 727 Anonymous
 I’m going to change into a Corolle outfit real quick
 730 Anonymous
 You guys, LOL. Well, I’m going to change too
 738 Anonymous
 A girl who’s working hard… That’s me!
 740 Anonymous
 A kind girl… That’s me!?
 743 Anonymous
 An interesting person… That’s me!
 745 Anonymous
 Someone who can make me smile… That’s me!
 747 Anonymous
 Being together makes my heart beat! Yes! Yes! Yes!!
 750 Anonymous
 I have confidence in making him excited
 753 Anonymous
 I have the confidence to be cute too if it’s not just about appearance!
 756 Anonymous
 Is it me he’s talking about when he says a girl he want to protect?
 759 Anonymous
 If it’s about leading, leave it to me!
 762 Anonymous
 With this many posts, something will definitely catch on, LOL
 770 Anonymous
 The thread started accelerating even more after the previous post, LOL. Don’t misunderstand, you guys!!
 778 Anonymous
 Morikawa, LOL
 781 Anonymous
 Morikawa is gradually starting to misunderstand from the one saying it
 783 Anonymous
 Morikawa, you are only right if you are funny
 786 Anonymous
 If it makes her heart race in a different way, then it’s not entirely wrong
 790 Anonymous
 Morikawa is really positive. I wish I could be like that too
 793 Anonymous
 I want to ask Morikawa-san how she managed to connect what and where to think that it’s about me, LOL
 802 Anonymous
 Morikawa, LOL
 803 Anonymous
 The mental strength to raise your hand here, LOL
 805 Anonymous
 She’s already kind of a dangerous guy, but I can’t hate Morikawa
 808 Anonymous
 It’s clearly mixing private and public matters, but with Morikawa, there’s a feeling she might do something like that
 814 Anonymous
 Morikawa-san with a lovely smile
 816 Anonymous
 A lovely smile, huh, LOL
 819 Anonymous
 Morikawa froze for a moment, LOL
 821 Anonymous
 Morikawa, LOL
 827 Anonymous
 828 Anonymous
 830 Anonymous
 832 Anonymous
 833 Anonymous
 Morikawa! Morikawa! Morikawa!
 834 Anonymous
 Indeed, it’s Morikawa! Doing things we can’t do so casually! It’s thrilling! Admirable!
 836 Anonymous
 Morikawa, I’ll be with you for life
 839 Anonymous
 I always thought you were a capable girl, Morikawa
 840 Anonymous
 Regarding the matter of potentially getting tenosynovitis from spinning my wrist too much because of Morikawa, LOL
 845 Anonymous
 Morikawa… you understand, right?
 848 Anonymous
 Sorry for saying “mixing private and public matters” earlier, Morikawa
 851 Anonymous
 852 Anonymous
 853 Anonymous
 856 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama’s message hits home
 858 Anonymous
 I love you
 860 Anonymous
 I love you
 864 Anonymous
 I love you
 875 Anonymous
 I love you
 883 Anonymous
 I love you
 902 Anonymous
 I love you
 934 Anonymous
 I love you
 967 Anonymous
 Wow, amazing, LOL
 972 Anonymous
 Just with the words “I love you,” the thread almost got filled within an instant, LOL
 978 Anonymous
 For a moment, I thought the thread got filled instantly, LOL
 981 Anonymous
 Huh? I felt it got quiet, then Hagetoru isn’t here either?
 985 Anonymous
 And now everyone’s gone
 992 Anonymous
 It’s too ominous
 994 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, not even in the live thread
 996 Anonymous
 Shumi → Missing
 Chinposuki → On a business trip to Stars
 Nee-san → Working
 Hagetoru → Suddenly gone
 Sensei → Canned food
 999 Anonymous
 Sensei, LOL
 1000 Anonymous
 For the 1000th post, I hope everyone returns safely! And Sensei, you don’t have to come out until No-Rin is finished

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