Male Idol V7c6

Volume 7 Chapter 6 Shirogane Aqua, Hoshimiya Shiro’s Spontaneous Pla

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Only one day left until the CR Cup, and after today’s custom match, tomorrow will finally be the main event. However, the game server has been unstable since yesterday, and the management team is scrambling to address the issue. Although matches are barely being held, several players have been affected by server errors and forcibly disconnected during the game. Finally, I too fell victim to this ordeal.


 The game screen froze, and there was no response no matter how much I moved the mouse or pressed keys. After a while, I was forced to log out, and the game returned to the main menu.



 I could hear Euris and Hakuryuu-sensei’s voices through the voice chat. They probably noticed something was wrong with my character, which had likely frozen.

 ”Sorry, I’m stuck…”

 I restarted the game, but I was rejected multiple times when trying to log into the custom match. Once rejected, it seemed impossible to rejoin the match.


 ’Poor Shiro-kun’

 ’This game is a piece of ****’

 ’They updated just two days ago!!’

 ’Fix one bug and another one pops up’

 ’Epic gamer moment’

 ’Isn’t this excessive disconnecting?’

 ’Eight people dropped within five minutes of starting the match lol’

 ’If you disconnect in the beginning, you’re stuck in duos for the rest of the match, that’s tough’

 Although there were initially some angry comments, most people seemed to be in a state of exasperation. Well, there’s no point in getting angry at this anymore.

 ”Sorry, it seems it’s not working for both of you either. Also, everyone, I’ll be back after a quick restroom break.”

 I unplugged my earphones and switched the screen before leaving the session.

 ’Huh? Shiro-kun’s restroom break…?’


 ’Come on, guys, quiet down! You can’t hear Shiro-kun’s pee sounds, right?’

 ’If you listen closely’

 ’Time to record!’

 ’Should mommy support you from behind so you can pee comfortably?’

 ’Are you okay on your own? If you want, big sister can help’

 ’Let’s send a super chat for now’ – 10,000 yen by Sommelier’

 ’A guy who gets bits just for peeing lol’

 ’Peeing is a lifesaver’

 ’Even big sis feels like peeing now… Shiro-kun, wanna go together?’

 ’Peeing is in progress’

 Entering the restroom, I let out a sigh. The truth is, Euris and Hakuryuu-sensei have also been disconnected since yesterday, and they haven’t been able to play properly today or yesterday. Considering the people watching the stream and those giving bits, it felt regretful that the three of us couldn’t showcase a proper game.

 ”What should I do…”

 Returning from the restroom, I checked the secondary monitor for notifications. There, I saw a message from the game’s administrators, apologizing and providing updates for the CR Cup.

 [Announcement and Apology]

 Regarding the CR Cup scheduled for September 25th (Sunday), due to the ongoing issues with crashing during practice custom matches and the lack of improvement prospects, we are considering postponing the main event to a holiday in October. If possible, please provide us with your availability for rescheduling. Additionally, due to the current situation making proper matches impossible, we plan to cancel the remaining custom matches. We sincerely apologize for this situation despite your participation during busy times.

 CreamRAW Management

 Well, given the current circumstances, that seems like a better response. Scrolling down, I noticed that Ako-san had already responded about my availability on those dates. Administering 60 people’s schedules from here onwards must be quite a task. Things don’t always go smoothly, and such situations are bound to occur. I thought I’d help wherever I could.

 ”I’m back, everyone.”

 Plugging in my earphones, I switched the screen to check Euris’s stream.

 ”Welcome back!”

 ”Welcome hooome!”

 Unlike the composed Euris, Hakuryuu-sensei seemed flustered, even evident from her voice. Euris was already defeated on the screen, and the character Hakuryuu-sensei was controlling was running around the map frantically.

 It seems Hakuryuu-sensei is being chased by another team.

 ”Aiko, jump there!!”


 Dodging attacks as best as possible, Hakuryuu-sensei hides behind a cliff. Looking at the health gauge, it’s just a little bit left; it must feel like hanging by a thread after all that grinding.

 ”Go for it, Aiko-chan!”

 ”Go for it, Aiko!”

 Hakuryuu-sensei squats, muffling footsteps, and cautiously moves along the cliff’s edge in a counterclockwise direction. Fortunately, the team that had shot at Hakuryuu-sensei before seemed occupied with another team, so there’s no immediate chase. After recovering some health for the controlled character, Hakuryuu-sensei sneaks towards the tunnel.

 ”Aiko, sprint through there!”

 ”Uh, okay!”

 Following Euris’s orders, Hakuryuu-sensei dashes through the tunnel from behind the cliff towards the intended destination. Upon closer inspection, Hakuryuu-sensei has collected Euris’s banner properly. In this game, when you carry a collected banner to a location called a Beacon, you can revive fallen teammate characters. In other words, if Hakuryuu-sensei carries Euris’s banner to the Beacon and activates the device, Euris can rejoin the match. If that happens, there might still be a chance.

 ”There’s a Beacon!”

 ”Aiko-chan, just a little more!”

 As instructed by Euris, the Beacon comes into view. Hakuryuu-sensei arrives at the destination with the character and immediately activates the Beacon. The few seconds until the Beacon activates feel long. During this time, the character is defenseless, and if attacked, it would be the end.




 Our voices overlap. Right before the revival, the enemy team nearby notices the movements of the character Hakuryuu-sensei is controlling.

 ”Forgive me, Yurushite…!”

 Hakuryuu-sensei’s controlled character takes concentrated attacks, and eventually, due to the pressure, they move away from the Beacon.

 ”Aiko, run!”

 ”Aiko-chan, are you okay? Don’t rush… ah”

 Once again, our voices overlap. Surprisingly, Hakuryuu-sensei’s controlled character slips and falls, a result of panic.

 ”Heh, both of you, sorryyy!”

 ”Ahahaha, don’t worry about it, don’t worry. But seriously, what is this? Why is there a ledge here? Never mind, Aiko! There’s the next chance, the next one!”

 ”Aiko-chan, nice try. This was pretty much unavoidable. Probably would have been tough even if you hadn’t disconnected, considering the three opponents. Looking ahead to the main event, it might be a good thing that you didn’t give the enemy points, even if it didn’t work out. Let’s switch gears and keep going!”

 Euris and I console Hakuryuu-sensei. I switch the secondary monitor’s display and take a look at the comment section. Many people are cheering Hakuryuu-sensei up, and it warms my heart.

 ’That couldn’t be helped.’

 ’Besides, there were only two from the start.’

 ’Aiko-chan did her best.’

 ’Nice fight.’

 ’Good game.’

 ’That moment just now is going to be a great clip.’

 ’Sorry, but I burst out laughing when Hakuryuu-sensei fell while disconnecting.’

 ’Aiko-sensei-chan is here to liven things up, huh?’

 ’Sensei isn’t in the scholarly category but in the comedian category.’

 Huh? Some of these are a bit different… well, whatever. I turn off the chat and address the comment section.

 ”I’m back, everyone.”

 For the time being, until the match is over, I respond to the people who’ve given me donation with words of gratitude. Thankfully, many people have been contributing bits, and I’ve heard that quite a bit has been collected over the past few days.

 However, there have been so many people sending donations that I couldn’t respond to everyone, which was totally unexpected. That’s something that personally bothers me a lot. When I discussed this with Ako-san, Kirika-san, and Shitori-onee-chan, they told me they’d figure out a different way to handle this. I’m grateful that they actually considered my opinion despite being busy, but at the same time, I feel sorry for adding more work to their plates. Someday, I want to repay everyone.

 ’Welcome back, Shiro-kun.’

 ’Did you manage to use the restroom alone?’

 ’Let’s go to the restroom together with big sis next time!’

 ’Did you pee a lot?’

 ’Feeling refreshed?’

 ’Isn’t it nice not to have to worry about the sounds?’

 ’Big sis is always ready to become your toilet.’

 ’Are your pee is white?’

 ’Can you really pee white? Should Big Sister teach you?’

 ’Should Mommy gently wipe from behind with her hand? ♡♡’

 ’I’ll throw a red super chat, so let us record the sound of the toilet next time!’

 ’Why don’t you change the toilet in Aqua-kun’s house to Big Sister’s? It’s free for the main unit right now, and installation is free as well. We’ll even give you a cashback, and you can use it on the back too!’

 ’Ladies, should you be silent?’ 10,000 yen from User92

 Huh? Did something just briefly appear and then disappear in the comments? Maybe it’s just my imagination. Thanks to multiple company employees monitoring Shiro and Tama-chan’s stream, an inappropriate word will immediately result in a BAN and the comment being hidden.

 Of course, there’s also a list of prohibited words, and anyone caught using them will get banned. They’ve built a two-tier defense system, so they want me to stream without worry. I wonder if someone wrote something childish like “poop” or something.

 In any case, after 92’s comment, the comment section suddenly calmed down. They’re kind to point that out; I should thank them. While pondering that, there seems to be an announcement from the management, and the comment section becomes lively.


 ’Is the delay real?’

 ’Aw, no way!’

 ’It’s disappointing, but I’d rather put up with it than not see Shiro-kun.’

 ’Well, I guess there’s no helping it.’

 ’The management made a tough decision, I think.’

 ’I was looking forward to it, but I’m happy if we can see it again.’

 ’I think it’s better to keep going like this than be left unsatisfied after it’s done.’

 ’Shiro-kun, can you still participate even with the delay?’

 ’If it’s delayed, will it change these three? Is that okay?’

 Looking at the comments, many people are expressing their disappointment. Just as much, there are also people concerned about whether Shiro can participate, and if these three will still be together.

 ”I’m sorry, everyone. So, as the announcement says, there will be a delay. Yeah, it’s disappointing. I was looking forward to it too, and I’m just as sad as all of you. But please be reassured, it’s not canceled. By the way, even with the delay, both Shiro and Aiko-chan and Euris will still be participating. I’d be happy if you continue to support the three of us.”

 Fortunately, including our team, no one is dropping out at this stage, I’ve heard. That’s a relief. There are many people I’ve bonded with through the private chat for participants and the general chat on the main screen. That’s why I didn’t want anyone to be absent.

 ’Shiro-kun, you don’t need to apologize!’

 ’I’m thankful that you’ll still be participating even with the delay!’

 ’We’ll see you again as a trio! Can’t wait!!’

 ’I’ll definitely watch!’

 ’We understand, and we’re on board with the extension.’

 ’Good for you, Hakuryuu-sensei.’

 ’What about the date?’

 ’When’s the new date?’

 Ah, right, the date hasn’t been announced yet. For now, I’ll announce what’s known based on the information already released.

 ”Well, the exact date isn’t decided yet… but maybe, they’ll announce it on CreamRAW’s official social media sometime later. I’ll probably share it from Shiro’s account once it’s announced as well, so maybe you can check that. I’m sorry for getting so many super chats from everyone, but I hope you can wait a little longer.”

 Looking at the comments, it seems like everyone understands and accepts the extension for the most part, which is good. Normally, it wouldn’t be strange for someone to complain, but it makes me happy to be supported by such kind fans. After expressing my gratitude again to everyone, I return to the group chat with Euris and Hakuryuu-sensei.

 ”I’m back.”

 ”Oh, welcome back!”

 ”Welcome back.”

 I manipulate the game screen and confirm that I still can’t log in to the custom match. As indicated by the earlier notification, it seems that the practice matches scheduled for after this have indeed been canceled.

 ”What should we do, everyone?”

 Since we finished early, I ask the two about their plans. By the way, I still have plenty of time left, and I was planning to continue streaming after this.

 ”Euris, you said you were tired earlier. Are you okay? Also, isn’t it early morning where you are right now?”

 ”Yeah, so I’m really, really sleepy… I’m going to bed now.”

 There’s a 13-hour time difference between where Euris lives and here. It’s 9:00 PM here, but it’s still 8:00 AM on my place. The custom match started at 8:00 PM; Euris is not a morning person, and since she had professional team activities late into the night yesterday, she came to practice without sleeping.

 Both Sensei and I told Euris she could rest, but she insisted on coming, so we respected her choice. Because of that, it’s disappointing that it got canceled, but Euris is incredible for being so positive and not complaining at all. Sometimes she plays pranks like a kid and gets called a little brat by Hakuryuu-sensei.

 ”Ah… Actually, I still have some work left, so I’ll stop here today. I really wanted to play a lot of games with you, Shiro-kun… Aah, I know, I know, I’ll start writing!”

 ”Ahaha! Good luck, Editor! Aiko will handle work, and Euris will nap in your place!”

 ”Grrr, Euris, you dummy!”

 Really, these two have become so close. It’s a bit enviable, but I have school and can’t do it during the day. I wish I could interact more, even outside of streaming.

 ”Alright then, Shiro, Aiko. See you both!”

 ”Shiro-kun, Euris, see you! I’ll make sure to improve before the main event!”

 ”Yeah, see you, Euris, Hakuryuu-sensei!”

 The two leave the group chat, leaving me alone. Why does it feel a little lonely at times like these?

 ’See you later, Euris!’

 ’Hakuryuu-sensei, good luck with work!’

 ’Sensei, I want more of No-rin!’

 ’Euris’s energy kept the team bright from start to finish, that’s really great.’

 ’Sensei, cast Aqua-kun as the neighbor in a live-action No-rin!’

 ’Thanks, Euris.’

 ’Euris, who’s appreciated, and Sensei, who’s turned into a toy – how did the gap become so big… Arrogance, difference in environment.’

 ’Is Shiro-kun going to sleep too?’

 ’Nooo, it’s ending like this?’

 ’Shiro-kun, are you going to bed with Mommy?’

 ’Shall we make creaking noises together on the bed?’

 ’Waiting for the pre-sleep shower sounds.’


 I close the game screen and place an enlarged Shiro over a suitable background, and then I set up the comment section to flow on the left side. Simultaneously, I use my secondary PC to contact Ako-san about what I’m about to do. I did mention I was planning to do something like this in advance, and I got permission, so I think it should be fine, but I want to double-check.

 ”Um, since there’s still time, I’m thinking of continuing the stream. Is everyone okay? If anyone’s sleepy, you can go ahead and rest.”

 I prepare while glancing at the comment section.


 ’I’m awake.’

 ’No way I’ll sleep!’

 ’I can’t sleep.’

 ’I’ll sleep if Shiro-kun cuddles with me.’

 ’Is this going to be a talk?’

 ’Chit-chat time!’

 ’I have a feeling something funny is going to happen again.’

 It’s still not too late at night, so nobody seems to be logging off. With everything set up, I check the secondary PC monitor and confirm that I’ve received the green light from Ako-san. It seems to be all good. Alright… I’m a little nervous, but I’ll do my best!

 ”So, I’m about to do something now. I want to do a To Call event.”

 To Call is a function that allows me to directly talk to fans through social media. Previously, as idol Shirogane Aqua, I did a talk show at Fuji Department Store, but with Hoshimiya Shiro, who’s aiming for a closer relationship with fans, I’ve discussed with Ako-san and plan to increase these kinds of interactive events with fans. This was one of those planned events.



 ’Talking with Shiro-kun…?’



 ’Oh nooooo!’

 ’How about 10 seconds for 10,000 yen?’

 ’Huh, impossible, I’d definitely lose my voice.’

 ’Breaking news, Shiro-kun’s up to his antics again.’

 ’See, this is why Beryl is like this!’

 ’Whoa, getting nervous.’

 ’Don’t you dare propose on the live stream, fool!’

 ’The time has come to finally show off the 16-shot I practiced in elementary school.’

 I open up the social media and hover the cursor over the To Call button.

 ”Alright, everyone, I’m going to press the button now.”

 I press the To Call button.

 ’Please… please…’

 ’Please do it!’

 ’Connect with meeeee!’

 ’Come on! Come on!’


 A call comes in, so I press the button and allow the call.


 ”Yay, I got through first!”

 Huh? Wait a minute, that voice sounds familiar!

 ”Hehehe, guess who I am?”

 ”What the heck are you doing, Tama-chan…”

 The call was from Toa or Oumi Tama-chan.

 ’Whoa, seriously, LOL!’

 ’Oh man, seriously…’

 ’Oh! Toa-kun likes Aqua-kun too much, huh?’

 ’The Shirogane Toa duo strikes again!’

 ’Shirogane duo, yay yay!’

 ’Ugh, my heart…’

 ’Classic Tama-chan, she gets it!’

 ’Fast reaction there!’

 I thought I might get scolded for interacting with someone from the same company, but the comments were unexpectedly enthusiastic about it. Wait, is this really okay?

 ”So, what’s up?”

 ”Wow, you’re so salty. Is this really alright?”

 ”Okay, I get it. Alright! So, our first call is with Oumi Tama-san! *clap clap clap*”

 ”So, what should we talk about?”

 ”Hmm… questions or advice?”

 ”Oh, I know! Tama-chan’s birthday is set for October, so give us something!”

 ”Don’t spill the settings! And wait, not a question or advice, seriously!?”


 ”Fine, fine, October. What would you like?”

 ”Huh, I want you to think of something for that…”

 ”Sure, sure, got it.”

 ”Yay! Well then, see you!”

 With a “pirorirorin” sound, the call with Tama-chan ends. Wait, did I just get tricked into it by Toa-chan?



 ’Everything from start to finish was just precious…’

 ’Heartbeat from Shiro-kun’s salty attitude.’

 ’Why is Tama-chan the only one with a salty attitude when she’s kind to fans?’

 ’Tama-chan’s birthday is in October, got it, taking notes!’

 ’Shiro-kun’s birthday is April 6th, isn’t it, the same as his character?’

 ’Tama-chan came to extort birthday presents, LOL.’

 ’This is terrible, LMAO.’

 ’Despite everything, Shiro-kun is kind to buy presents.’

 ’Thank you… Thank you…’

 ’Huh? I tried to send money for the present, but I can’t…’

 Sending money is limited to the CR Cup only, so it’s disabled for the To Call event.

 ”Oh, sorry about that. Please use the sending money feature during the CR Cup. Anyway, let’s get back on track and move to the next one!”

 Alright, a click. After a while, another call comes in, and I accept it. Please don’t let it be someone I know again.


 ”Ahahahaha! I’ve arrived!”

 I gently press the end call button and immediately call again, as if nothing happened.



 I press the end call button again and call once more.

 ”Hey, hello…”

 Hey, aren’t your connection too strong, Tenga-senpai!! You got twice.

 ”Um… Friends and family, please understand the atmosphere. Only viewers, please.”

 This project is meant for fans after all. Seriously, everyone’s going way too far with this.

 ’Tenga-senpai LMAO’

 ’Hey, Akira-kun, isn’t it nice that you’re watching your junior’s stream?’

 ’Everyone recognizes you just by your voice.’

 ’Your energy is too high for past 9 PM.’

 ’Akira-sama descends while maintaining his character.’

 ’Trying to call Mayuzumi-kun ←’

 ’Mayuzumi-kun got skipped!?’

 ’Mayuzumi-kun, tough luck!’

 Since Shintaro is a pretty sensible guy, I doubt he’ll call. I refocus and press the call start button again. Soon, I receive a call, and this time, I hope it’s not a member of Beryl this time!


 ”Hello, desu~wa〜”

 Phew… Finally, someone other than Beryl. But this voice…

 ”Huh? Sayaka-senpai?”

 ”Thump, desu~wa”

 Without a doubt, it’s Hizume Sayaka-san. Sayaka-senpai belongs to the Vtuber group Kigyou, which goes by the name “Catastrophe.”

 She gained popularity by portraying the character of a wealthy young lady, showing both elegance and occasional liveliness, as well as a refined side. She also speaks candidly and directly, which endears her to fans.

 ”Oh, thank you for the tips last time.”

 ”Ohoho, don’t worry about something like that.”

 I chuckle at Sayaka-senpai’s voice.

 ”Hmm, what should I ask?”

 ”Ah… I’m sorry. Talking to you, Sayaka-senpai, reminds me of a girl from my class… Oh, speaking of which, your voices are somewhat similar.”

 Washimiya Lisa-san, a fellow classmate. She’s known for her refined manner of speaking and is apparently the heiress of a major company. Come to think of it, I saw her cosplaying as Sayaka-senpai at the previous cosplay event. I wonder if there’s some kind of connection she feels with Sayaka-senpai.

 ”Oh… I see. Well, I suppose things like that can happen sometimes, ohohohoho!”

 It seems like her voice is slightly shaken, but maybe that’s just my imagination. Their voices are just similar, and Sayaka-senpai’s voice is slightly more mature. There’s no way there’s any meaningful coincidence.

 ”Well then, desu~wa. Actually, I have a favor to ask of you, Shiro-san. Would that be alright?”

 ”Oh, yeah, sure!”

 ”Well, this is about my friend… She seems to have a crush on a boy, you see. But she’s really shy and doesn’t know how to approach him. So, I was wondering if you could give her some advice.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 I see. But if the boy also has feelings for her, isn’t it likely that they like each other? If that’s the case, I think it’s okay for her to take the initiative.


 ”Y-Yes, desu~wa!”

 ”How about making a move?”


 ”When situations like this arise, I think it’s better to be proactive rather than playing it safe! After all, if that boy also likes you, then it’s definitely mutual! Go for it, go for it. He’s probably interested in your friend too!”

 ”Being proactive…”

 ”Right. So go for it and win him over. Go on the offensive! Instead of regretting not doing anything later, take action and face any regrets. Taking that first step requires a lot of courage, but tell your friend that Shiro said she should do her best!”

 ”I-I understand… I will definitely pass on those words to her!! Thank you for helping with the advice today, desu~wa!”

 ”No problem, and thank you too! By the way, Sayaka-senpai, let’s play games together sometime!”

 ”Y-Yes, of course, desu~wa〜!”

 After making arrangements to play games with Sayaka-senpai, I end the call. Look, Toa, are you watching? This is Beryl’s expert in love advice, Shiro-kun’s skill. I wonder if my answer was absolutely perfect. This should definitely solve Sayaka-senpai’s friend’s problem in one shot.


 ’This is really informative.’

 ’Go on the offensive, got it.’

 ’It’s fine to be proactive, Aqua-sama.’

 ’Shiro-kun is good at giving advice to guys. I’ll remember this.’

 ’Sayaka-chan probably came for her own advice, LOL.’

 ’It’s amazing to hear a guy giving love advice.’

 ’Talking about a friend but it’s clearly about herself, LOL.’

 ’This is the first time I’ve heard a guy talk about this stuff.’

 ’Aqua-kun can make a move if needed. Taking notes.’

 ’This episode is going to be legendary.’

 ’Hey, you guys, even if you’re going on the offensive, have some restraint!’

 Some comments catch my attention, but I’ll just pretend it’s my imagination.

 ”Yes, that settles it. The problem should be solved now. Well then, let’s move on to the next call!”

 The next call was from a regular viewer. It’s a good thing it’s not someone I know or someone from inside the company. Connecting with a viewer here is a relief. After that, there were more consultations, questions about favorite foods, thoughts on other Beryl members, and lots of fun conversations with fans.

 ”Now then, with that, the Call project comes to a temporary end, but we’ll do it again, so look forward to it. Oh, and can I make a final announcement?”

 I double-check the monitor on my secondary PC to ensure it’s the right time for the announcement.

 ”Announcements are helpful.”

 ”Announcement’s hereeeee!”

 ”Announcement, yayyyyy!”

 ”What kind of mischief will Beryl get into next?”

 ”Breaking news, Beryl is up to something again.”

 ”Feeling a mix of excitement and fear.”

 ”This ‘tremble-like” feeling is strangely addicting.”

 It has been around since the beginning, but is this ‘tremble’ thing really trending? Maybe I should use it next time

 ”Well, tomorrow there’s a pop-up shop opening in Shibuya. I’m not sure who will go, but probably someone will.”

 As I say this, the comment section floods with enthusiastic responses.

 ’Oh nooo!’

 ’Oh wowwwwwwwwwww!’



 ’Huh? Who’s the someone?’


 ’Somebody’s going lol. Just that part is so casual, lol.’

 ’The announcement sounds a bit nonchalant.’

 ’Unlike Aqua-kun, I like this slightly careless side of Shiro-kun.’

 ’I’m curious about that ‘someone.”

 ’Any of Beryl’s guys are fine if they go.’

 ’What about Aqua-sama?’

 ’What about Shiro-kun?… Probably impossible.’

 Actually, I can’t reveal the specifics yet. Ako-san said I could come if I’m available, but it’s not necessary. After all, Toa and I have plans for the CR Cup tonight. But if we have free time, I definitely want to go. I had always planned to show up, even if it’s just for a little while. After the stream, I should contact everyone too.

 ”So, that’s the plan. That’s it for today’s stream. Goodnight, everyone. Oh, and I think Aqua will probably go!”

 With those words, I end the stream.

 Now then, I need to wake up early tomorrow, so I better take a quick bath and head to bed.

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