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Volume 7 Chapter 7 Shirogane Aqua, Assisting with the Pop-up Sho

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On the morning of September 25th,

 Today is the day the pop-up store in Shibuya opens.

 While BARCO’s usual opening time is 11 AM, the pop-up shop is distributing tickets from 7 AM to avoid confusion and will open at 9 AM.

 The goods on sale are diverse, and it’s quite impressive how they’ve managed to gather such a variety.

 Now, I examine the list of goods handed to me by Ako-san.


 Goods List

 Long T-shirt (Beryl Entertainment Logo) ※ 13.200 yen

 Short-sleeved T-shirt (Beryl Entertainment Logo) ※ 12.800 yen

 Shopping Bag (Beryl Entertainment Logo) ※ 11.800 yen

 ※ 1 Comes with personally signed autographs from all affiliated talents.

 6 Types of Towels, each 1.500 yen

 One each for Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama

 6 Types of Keychains, each 1.200 yen

 One each for Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama

 6 Types of Acrylic Stands, each 1.000 yen

 One each for Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama

 1 Type of Box Memo (featuring all affiliated talents) 1.000 yen

 1 Type of Seal Set (Medium, 6 pieces) 1.000 yen

 One each for Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama (1 piece each)

 1 Type of Sticker Set (Small, 6 pieces) 500 yen

 One each for Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama (1 piece each)

 6 Types of Jumbo Uchiwa Fans, each 500 yen

 One each for Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama

 6 Types of Pen Lights, each 1.200 yen

 White: Shirogane Aqua

 Purple: Nekoyama Toa

 Green: Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Red: Tenga Akira

 Blue: Hoshimiya Shiro

 Yellow: Oumi Tama

 16 Types of B2 Posters ※2, each 800 yen

 16 Types of A4 Clear Files ※2, each 500 yen

 Five types for Shirogane Aqua ※3

 Two types each for Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira ※2

 Two types for 4-person group ※2

 One type each for Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama

 One type for Shirogane Aqua and Shiratama Combo

 ※2 One type each for regular and Heaven’s Sword collaboration.

 ※3 Shirogane Aqua only, additional versions for Fuji Collaboration, Morinaga Collaboration, Yuujin Collaboration.

 Off Shot Photos, each 300 pieces for 180


 The sale of Off Shot Photos is handled separately at a designated venue.

 Please fill in the desired photo number, name, address, postal code, and phone number on your application.

 Please note that we will not conduct sales on the day, so please be aware. Online registration is also available.


 From what I’ve heard, Goods will be further added as the shop officially opens or towards the end of the year.

 By the way, the more we sell, the more incentives we receive. As for me and the others, we’ve each set up companies and left the details to Beryl’s tax professionals.

 Shitori-onee-chan told me to be prepared since I’ll be receiving enormous amounts, but honestly, there’s not much to spend it on. I get clothes from Corolle, transportation is taken care of, even meals… there are limited options for high schoolers, but I thought about computer parts or something, but apparently, sponsors are taking care of that, so I won’t need to buy them.

 By the way, Tenga-senpai mentioned moving to a bigger place and setting up a full-fledged music studio. Also, he wants to make it a hangout spot for everyone, and he’s emitting a strong “come visit” aura after moving. No need to worry that we won’t go, we’ll definitely be there. Have more faith in your juniors. Oh, but about that thing where I hung up on the call yesterday, please let it slide. It was just too bothersome, you know.

 And speaking of Mayuzumi, he got his bike license, so he was talking about wanting to buy bikes. During the Masked Driver shoot, everyone was already riding bikes, and I’m curious about what kind of bikes he will get. When I hear about such things, I also feel like buying something, but I already have a bike.

 While pondering such matters, Shitori-onee-chan suggested creating a non-profit organization.

 ”If you don’t plan to use it, why not give it to those who need it? After all, Aa-chan wants to bring smiles to everyone, right? I’m sure there are children who could be saved by that.”

 I did think that was a good idea. Giving it to someone who will use it properly is certainly better than someone like me who wouldn’t use it much. It reminds me of what my senior Kohobara-san said when I worked at the ramen shop.

 ’Listen, Shirogane? Money is just passing through. I spend my entire paycheck that very day, you know? How about it, Shirogane? There’s no one else contributing to society more than me, right?’

 As Kohobara-san said that, he tightly held his paycheck envelope and headed out early in the morning somewhere. His figure leaving while clutching the paycheck envelope is still vivid in my memory. And the way he came back, saying something like, “I hope money falls from the sky, I only have 139 yen left, and there are 30 more days left,” I remember that too… Kohobara-san, I wonder how he’s doing. He was a bit eccentric, but he was a kind person.

 As I change clothes, I think about the past.

 ”Aqua-chan, are you ready?”

 When I descend to the entrance, for some reason, my mother is dressed up and waiting. She’s always in a neat kimono, and my mother is so beautiful…

 ”Oh? Mother, are you going somewhere?”

 ”Hehehe, today, you know, Shitori-chan, Ako-san, and Kirika-san will be busy with the Shibuya pop-up shop, right? So, I’ll accompany Aqua-chan for the morning Morinaga CM shoot!”

 Huh? Is that okay?

 As I was taken aback, my mother puffed up her cheeks.

 ”Aqua-chan, haven’t you forgotten that Mom is a shareholder? I’m even a director, you know? So, it’s perfectly fine for Mom to go with you!”

 ”Oh… but it might be a little embarrassing. Maybe I could go alone on my bike…”

 As I was about to gently decline, my mother started to pout like a small child.

 ”No way! Mom wants to see Aqua-chan working too!”


 Not sure what to do, my mother’s eyes began to well up with tears. Alongside the guilt of making her cry, there was a pang of discomfort at the thought that even though my parents couldn’t smile, they wanted everyone else to. It felt like my inner self was whispering that it’s impossible. Oh well. It might be a bit embarrassing to have Mom along, but it’s a way of showing filial piety, so I’ll endure it.

 ”Sob, sob… Does Aqua-chan dislike Mom? Even though Mom likes Aqua-chan so much, sob…”

 ”Oh, no, I do like you, Mom…”

 Honestly, I feel like I’m weakest when my mother cries. If she were to cry in front of me, I think I’d do anything she asked.

 ”Then, mother, shall we go?”


 In an instant, my mother’s mood improves… Wait, wasn’t she crying just now? Is it all in my head… or what? Pushed into my mother’s car, we set off for the shooting location.

 ”Marin, set sail!”

 Set sail!? Isn’t it “set off”? Well, never mind, I’ll lose if I nitpick about these things with my mother. During the car ride, my mother, who loves karaoke, and I somehow pass the time by singing duet songs. It was like this during the hot spring trip too. There are times when I’m comforted by the warmth of the lively family. I’ve heard that December to January will be busy, but I hope we can go somewhere with the family before or after that.


 Arriving at the same shooting location as last time, my mother and I take the elevator to the studio.

 ”Good morning!”

 ”Oh… Shirogane-san, good morning!”

 The same staff members as last time are there, and it feels quite nostalgic. Looking back, I think everything started with meeting Morinaga-san, so I want to cherish this connection. That said… I steal a glance at my mother who came with me.

 ”My Aqua-chan is in your care.”

 ”Aqua-chan is always in your care.”

 ”Please take care of Aqua-chan.”

 Ugh… Embarrassing… Rather than a manager, she seems more like an overprotective mom. But for some reason, a crowd has formed around my mother.

 ”Your esteemed Mother, thank you for giving us Aqua-sama!”

 ”Aqua-kun is the pride of this country, no… the world.”

 ”Your esteemed Mother, Aqua-kun is a treasure of humanity. How can one obtain such a wonderful treasure?”

 ”Thank you for letting us meet Aqua-sama.”

 ”We offer our gratitude to the holy mother, Marin-sama, who bestowed Aqua God upon us, humanity.”

 ”Thank you so much… Thank you so much! We can’t thank you enough!!”

 I can’t really make out what they’re saying, but it seems like the staff members are happy too. Was it a good idea to bring her along? And are there people praying or something? I thought I heard something about a holy mother, but I’m sure it’s just my imagination, right?

 ”Well then, Mother, I’ll go change real quick.”

 ”Are you okay by yourself? Should Mom help you change?”

 ”Nah, I’m good. Don’t worry.”

 Taking advantage of the fact that my mother is surrounded by people, I call out from a distance and make my way to the changing room. I change into the pure white sweater that’s been prepared and put on the red tartan check pants. The main focus of the CM is in December, so the outfit has a Christmas theme. After changing, I have my hair styled and a light layer of makeup applied.

 ”Awawawawa, Aqua-chan so cute… I love it.”

 Seeing me in the changed outfit, my mother’s face softens and she makes an adorably messy expression. I gently pat my mother’s head in response.

 ”I’m off, Mother.”

 ”Yeah… Have a good time, Aqua-chan.”

 Being seen by my mother is embarrassing, but I’m surprised to find myself filled with a happiness that surpasses that. It’s something I couldn’t do in my past life, but I never thought that showing my mother the work I’m doing would make me so happy.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, you may enter.”

 As I enter the shooting location, I gently place my hand on the back of Merry-san, who will be in the CM with me.

 ”Merry-san, let’s do our best today too.”


 Oh, I’m surprised by the high-quality sheep noises Merry-san makes in response. Wow, the person inside is really committing… They’re completely becoming Merry-san.

 ”Wow, Chacha-san, you’ve completely become Merry-san. The quality of the sheep noise from earlier was amazing.”

 ”Maru-chan… you trained like hell to become Merry-san.”

 ”You did your best, Maru-chan… There was a time when I seriously thought about taking you to the hospital, but you’ve become such an impressive Merry-san… Ugh.”

 ”Huh? But while saying you were going to do muscle training, you were sneaking donuts on the side, weren’t you? And they were chocolate-covered ones, and before that, you were eating ice cream.”

 The staff members were buzzing around Merry-san’s sheep noises. The director quiets down the staff who are in that state by tapping the megaphone.

 ”Well then, everyone, please do your best today.”

 ”We will!”

 I recall the script that Morinaga-san gave me and slowly build up the image within myself.

 ”Now, we’d like to start the shooting. 3…2…1…”

 Upbeat Christmas music. The city is enveloped in warm light, and people with gentle expressions are shown. At the same time, Merry-san walks in the opposite direction of the crowd, alone. As she enters the residential area, the streetlights become fewer, and a feeling of loneliness spreads within her heart. There’s no one waiting for Merry-san at her house’s entrance, and inside the room, it’s as dark as if the previous commotion never happened.

 While it may be a special day in the world, for Merry-san, it’s just another ordinary day. Merry-san turns on the lights in the room and sits alone in the kotatsu. However, in the next moment, someone rings the doorbell of Merry-san’s home. Even though she had just gotten into the kotatsu, Merry-san hurriedly gets up and heads towards the entrance. Who could it be, visiting at a time like this? Merry-san slowly opens the front door.

 ”Merry Christmas!”

 It’s me standing there. I stroke Merry-san’s surprised head and enter her home.

 ”Sorry, the cake’s sold out. All I have are biscuits, is that okay?”

 With a red box of Merry Biscuits in hand, I turn around and give a sheepish smile to Merry-san. Looking at me like that, Merry-san exudes an atmosphere that asks why I’ve come here. Seriously… even though it’s a mascot suit, it really looks like it’s speaking, which is amazing. On instinct, I’m convinced that this person is genuine, a true professional.

 ”Huh? Why did I come? Well, isn’t that obvious?”

 I purposely don’t give a reason. It seems like they want to leave room for viewers to imagine. Opening the biscuit box, I take out a bag containing two biscuits.

 ”Here, more importantly, since I bought them, let’s eat together, okay?”

 Tearing open the bag and taking out the biscuits, I offer one to Merry-san. Merry-san firmly grabs the biscuit with her large hooves and brings it towards her mouth. Amazing, normally it wouldn’t be strange if she dropped it, and the director even told me that they might have to reshoot this part, but Merry-san has nailed it perfectly from the first try.

 ”For you, a happy treat, Morinaga Merry Biscuits.”

 Merry-san and I, sitting inside the kotatsu, are enveloped in the warm and gentle light of the room. The main part of the CM is finished, but there’s still more to come for this CM.

 ”On Christmas Eve, won’t you spend it with us?”

 On December 24th, we at Beryl Entertainment will hold a Christmas live event for all the fans in collaboration with Morinaga-san. When I mentioned wanting to do a live performance on Christmas to Ako-san, she said she’d make it happen even if she had to give up her life.

 Kirika-san and the other staff members were incredibly motivated, and we actually finalized everything in about a week. Tenga-senpai, Toa, and Shintaro were also excited about it, and I’m really looking forward to it too. And this CM isn’t over here. There’s more to come.

 ”On Christmas, we’ll come visit everyone with presents.”

 On the day after Christmas Eve, on Christmas Day itself, we’re planning for individuals and groups who participated in the campaign, as well as companies, schools, hospitals, and public facilities, to come visit us with excitement on Flutter. This is something I proposed, thinking if we could do something with Morinaga-san’s cooperation. I never expected to get approval from the president the moment I suggested it, but this is also one thing I’m looking forward to.

 ”Thank you for today. Thank you. Good job!”

 ”Thank you too.”

 ”Shirogane-kun, see you later!”

 ”Please take care of the next CM too.”

 I thought it might go past noon, but unexpectedly, we finished shooting everything in one take in the morning. I greet the staff members and Morinaga-san’s employees.

 ”See you later, Merry-san.”


 I feel like I’ve been surprised by Merry-san all day. Despite wearing the mascot suit, Merry-san’s acting feels like I can see her expressions, and I felt like my acting still has a long way to go. I can’t lose to Merry-san either, I think.

 ”Well then, Mother, how about we have lunch somewhere?”

 ”Yeah! Aqua-chan, what do you want to eat?”

 Since I was planning to go to the pop-up shop from noon, Mother took me to a familiar eel restaurant to boost my energy. The place we ate was in a private room, and it was nice to have a leisurely meal with just the two of us. Maybe next time, I’ll come with everyone. By the way, the eel was fluffy, and the seasoning was elegant overall, even though the sauce was lighter than a regular eel bowl.

 ”Alright, so we just need to head to Shibuya’s BARCO!”

 ”Yeah, thank you for everything today, Mother.”

 Mother drives from Kagurazaka, where the eel restaurant is, to Shibuya again. Looking at the streets outside, everything seemed normal at first, but as we got closer to Shibuya, I started feeling a sense of oddity. Wait… isn’t this line just going on forever? Looking ahead, I realized that the line we’re in is connected to the BARCO in Shibuya that we’re heading to. Huh? Wait a second, where does this line even start? I turn my gaze to the other side, but I can’t tell where it ends.

 ”Ha… hahaha…”

 I let out a dry laugh. It seems like today, everyone, including the president, is mobilized, but I wonder if everyone’s okay. As I’m thinking about that, I notice a temporary checkpoint ahead. As we approach in the car, a police officer starts running toward us.

 ”Excuse me, from here on, only authorized personnel… Oh! Aqua-sama…”

 The police officer, a big sister, freezes for a moment when she sees me but quickly returns to her duties.

 ”Please, go ahead!”

 ”Thank you! We’ll proceed!”

 As we pass through the checkpoint, we’re saluted by the police officers. I feel a little embarrassed, but Mother is driving with a proud expression. We follow the guidance of the patrol cars and head to Shibuya BARCO.

 ”Mother, thank you for giving me a ride. I’ll have someone take me home later.”

 ”Yeah, Aqua-chan, I had a great time today. I’d love to stay by your side, but Mom has a few things to take care of, so do your best with the rest of your work.”

 I say goodbye to Mother in the underground parking lot and take the service elevator to the floor where the pop-up shop is located. I was a bit concerned about whether it’s okay to have a pop-up shop at BARCO, given our contract with Fuji Department Store, but it seems that everything has been properly approved.

 ”Oh… Aa-chan!”

 As I arrive on the floor with the pop-up shop, I immediately see Shitori-onee-chan.

 Probably Mother had contacted her. Thank you, Mother.

 ”So, how’s it going?”

 ”The sales are going well, but… well, be prepared, it’s really crowded.”

 Huh? Be prepared? Following Shitori-onee-chan, I step out from the loading area into the public passage. At that moment, I’m overwhelmed by what seems like screams of joy.



 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 ”I love you so muuuuch!”

 ”I like you! Like you! Like you! I really like youuu!”

 ”We’ve come to see youuu!”

 ”You really cameeee!”

 ”I want to marry youuuu!”

 Honestly, the volume of their voices is so loud that I can’t make out what they’re saying. Nonetheless, I respond with a smile and wave to everyone. I’m so happy that so many people came.


 ”That smile is priceless.”

 ”For now, let’s bow down, thank you, thank you.”

 ”No regrets in my life!”

 ”I feel like I might get pregnant from that smile.”

 ”Real life is a million times better than the screen.”

 ”Wow… even from this distance, his scent is intoxicating.”

 ”I’m glad I wore a diaper just in case. I almost c*me from eye contact.”

 ”Excuse me, staff! There’s a person who has collapsed.”

 Huh? Did someone collapse just now? Is she okay? Staff members quickly rush to the collapsed person and carry her to the first aid room prepared on another floor. Hopefully, everything will be fine, but everyone should prioritize their well-being. As I say this, another person collapses. Hey, seriously, everyone, prioritize your health first.

 Finally arriving at the pop-up shop, three people are already there.

 ”Oh, Aqua’s here!”

 The first one to notice was Toa.

 ”Come over here quickly and help us.”

 ”Sure, sure.”

 While Toa says that,she stands next to me and whispers in a small voice, “Good job with the work this morning.” This mixture of praise and criticism… If Toa were a girl, I’d probably be teased by her. I feel like he’s putting up a strong front. By the way, Toa is standing at the counter, chatting with everyone.

 ”Hey, big sister over there, where did you come from today?”

 ”I came from Hokkaido to see Toa-chan!”

 ”Wow, thank you for coming all the way from there!”

 As soon as I thought he was talking to one customer, he immediately starts talking to the next one.

 ”Hey, you there. Whose goods did you buy?”

 ”Um… I bought Aqua-sama’s penlight.”

 ”Huh… only Aqua’s? You’re not buying mine?”

 ”I’ll buy yours too, I’ll buy it right away.”

 Hey! Are you discreetly taking my fans? He smoothly cut into the conversation and thank them for buying his penlight. Seriously, there’s no room for complacency or openings. Even a cute smile won’t let you off the hook! Looking deeper into the shop, I see Shintaro, who was initially overwhelmed by all the girls, handing over bags to customers.

 ”Thank you for purchasing the items. Please come back again.”

 Shintaro has really grown since he collapsed just from being surrounded by girls. He looks each customer in the eye, thanks them, and hands over the items. But after that, when he gives a little wave with a slightly broken expression, even the big sister from earlier naturally smiles. And at one of the cash registers, Tenga-senpai stands. The way he operates the register is unique, and for some reason, it’s kind of cool and makes a part of my heart as a second-year middle school student flutter. Customers were also excited about Akira-kun’s cool cash register skills.


 Well, Senpai, I don’t think we need sound effects for ringing up sales… but if customers are happy, then it’s okay, right? I thought I might help somewhere, but someone taps my shoulder from behind.

 ”Aqua-kun, over here.”

 The person who tapped my shoulder is Ako-san. Ako-san guides me to a temporary booth set up nearby.

 ”Everyone else has done their part, now it’s Aqua-kun’s turn. Go ahead!”

 With that, Ako-san handed me a marker. I see, I kind of understand the intention.

 ”For those who have finished their purchases, please also line up here! We will now begin the Shirogane Aqua autograph session, which is limited to a certain number of people.”

 Unexpectedly, it’s my first time doing an autograph session in my life. As Ako-san calls out, a line forms in front of me. I start by greeting the first person in line.

 ”Thank you for today. May I know your name?”

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 ”It’s okay, take your time.”

 ”Ah… It’s Shi-ori Sato…”

 ”Shiori-chan, got it.”

 ”Shi, Shiori-chan…”

 To Shiori-chan, from Shirogane Aqua, thank you for coming today.

 ”Yes, thank you so much for coming today.”

 ”Yhea… yhess…”

 I hand the signed clear file to Shiori-chan. At that moment, there’s a commotion behind her.

 ”No way… seriously…”

 ”Wait, this isn’t the autograph session I know…”

 ”What? He write our names too?”

 ”And call us by our first names? This is way too fast!”

 ”Is… this free?”

 ”Not a paid option!?”

 ”And we can have a conversation… seriously?”

 ”Wait, didn’t he also do handshakes?”

 ”I’m glad I’m alive!”

 ”I’ve been through so much, but he saved me.”

 ”Truly Aqua-sama, breaking our common sense as we know it.”

 ”Oh my… God!”

 After finishing Shiori-chan’s autograph, I have similar conversations with the next person, write a message, and sign. Then, after a handshake, I repeat the process with the next person over and over. Just as I start feeling a bit tired, the line naturally comes to a halt.

 ”Everyone, we’ll be closing soon, so can we do one last thing?”

 We exchange glances and nod. Originally, I was planning to start packing up for the CR Cup after this, but that’s been canceled, so we have time. Might as well carry this through to the very end. Guided by Ako-san, we head from the back loading area to the first floor. For this pop-up shop, they’ve fixed the entrance and exit so that visitors don’t get confused. As we head to the exit, we split into two groups on the outside, separated by partitions. Customers are supposed to pass through the inside.

 ”Thank you, everyone!”

 Toa waves at everyone. There’s no trace of the Hikikomori he used to be.

 ”Take care on your way home.”

 Shintaro can now interact normally with girls compared to before. It seems like his words have become gentler as well.

 ”Hahaha! Let’s meet again, all of you!!”

 Tenga-senpai is the same as ever, but somehow that’s comforting.

 ”Thank you for coming today, everyone, and for buying our goods. Let’s meet again!”

 We kept waving. That’s right, we stood and kept waving for a long, long time. Finally, it seemed like the three of us were getting tired, so after everything was over, we collapsed onto the floor.

 ”Good job, all three of you.”

 ”Why is Aqua so energetic?”

 I pull Toa up as he collapses.

 ”I’m still training and used to it, after all.”

 ”Hmm, well, I guess that’s true.”

 I pull up Tenga-senpai and Shintaro too.

 ”I’m kind of hungry now.”

 ”Shintaro, I was just thinking the same thing.”

 ”If that’s the case, should we all go eat together? I’ll treat you all today!!”

 ”Oh yeah, applause!”

 As the four of us get excited, Ako-san comes over to us.

 ”Since that’s the case, why don’t we all eat together? My treat.”

 According to Ako-san, she’s arranged for us to have a meal with the people who helped out. It’s not often we get a chance to thank our company colleagues, so we gladly accept Ako-san’s offer. By the way, at the dinner, I was sitting next to Kirika-san, and I got a bit carried away when I gave her an “aaah” gesture, which made her freeze. Maybe I got a little too familiar? But Kirika-san still ate properly, so that’s good.



 Shumi: “Hmm. So you’ve been doing that kind of thing while I wasn’t around. Hmmm.”

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