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Volume 7 Chapter 8 Bulletin Board, From Dreams to Realit

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 [Shumi, come back soon] Thread discussing Shirogane Aqua Part 2938 [Hagetoru, come back soon]
 15 Anonymous
 Today’s driver was great too
 19 Anonymous
 Went from being a tofu vendor to a ramen shop, and now unexpectedly working as a home tutor here… Didn’t expect it to be all about teaching, thought it would be about food… Curveball for sure
 22 Anonymous
 If Aqua-kun is the home tutor, grades will definitely improve. I would score full marks in all subjects. And then receive a naughty reward!
 24 Anonymous
 Chijou, Shi-Shunky, must have been satisfied with this too. I wish I had met Aqua-sama during my puberty
 25 Anonymous
 I want Aqua-sama to be my health and physical education tutor. Mainly practical lessons
 27 Anonymous
 Sensei, please teach me how to make babies!
 29 Anonymous
 All the tutors in the tutoring competition looked awesome in glasses. Mayuzumi-kun was as usual, but glasses suit him so well. Toa-chan’s face is too small, and his glasses are deliberately cute even though they’re off-center. And Aqua-sama’s glasses look kind of mature and S-like, making everyone’s heart race. But personally, Tenga-senpai’s glasses were the best… They were calm and made him look more adult
 34 Anonymous
 I get it… By the way, Toa-chan wears glasses when using the PC
 38 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai wears glasses at university. From the Tenga thread
 40 Anonymous
 In that sense, Aqua-sama’s glasses appearance is precious
 41 Anonymous
 Ugh, I’m so jealous of those university guys. But Tenga-senpai’s university is super prestigious, so it’s impossible with my academic ability
 43 Anonymous
 My sister is Aqua-sama’s sister’s classmate, and she said he wears glasses when teaching his sister
 46 Anonymous
 47 Anonymous
 48 Anonymous
 51 Anonymous
 I’m really envious. I wish I were Aqua-sama’s sister
 52 Anonymous
 Sister’s lucky… Also, Aqua-kun being kind while teaching is just too sweet. It makes my heart race..
 53 Anonymous
 Urgent: How to reincarnate as Aqua-sama’s little sister
 55 Anonymous
 I don’t aim for a lover, so I wanted to be Aqua-kun’s sister or mom
 59 Anonymous
 Everyone’s thinking the same thing
 63Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 You guys are so lucky… I haven’t seen it yet
 66 Anonymous
 Chinposuki LOL
 Speaking of which, you had a business trip to Stars, right? Nice one
 68 Anonymous
 Your daily behavior. You probably got what you deserve
 69 Anonymous
 Haha, funny
 71 Anonymous
 Chinposuki-san went on a business trip even before the pre-sale date of the pop-up shop. Can’t come back for over two weeks, good luck LOL
 72 Anonymous
 Where in Stars are you now?
 77Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 Mountains, seriously, just mountains, with fake-looking sheep around. Nothing here. By the way, it’s cold, and dark, I’m hungry… The only good thing is the beautiful starry sky and fresh air. Also, the fake sheep are warm..
 80 Anonymous
 Where the hell are you on a business trip, LMAO?
 83 Anonymous
 LOL, that’s hilarious
 84 Anonymous
 Stay there for a while and come back with your stagnant mind cleansed
 86 Anonymous
 It’s a good thing that Chinposuki was dispatched to a remote mountainous area with no people. Please don’t accidentally urinate on important ruins and cause an international incident
 92 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 You guys are too cruel!!
 I’m also working seriously!
 It’s okay, I dug a hole and peed there
 95 Anonymous
 Dug a hole and peed, LMAO
 97 Anonymous
 The Verification Team is amazing, LOL
 98 Anonymous
 Wait a second, seriously in the deep mountains, LOL. What kind of company sends you on a trip there? LOL
 100 Anonymous
 Fake sheep: “This girl smells like pee.”
 101 Anonymous
 It’s only natural to work seriously as a professional. Well, I wanted to say that, but working seriously is tough, right? Hang in there
 107 Anonymous
 Chinposuki is getting all the excitement by themselves..
 Hey, Shumi, isn’t it time to come out?
 110 Anonymous
 Shumi’s still missing, huh..
 114 Anonymous
 Oddly enough, Hagetoru is also missing
 117 Anonymous
 There’s a chance that both of them (excluding Nee-san) got caught due to their indecent behavior
 As for Chinposuki, she didn’t go on a business trip, she actually escaped abroad before getting caught
 119 Anonymous
 Definitely, LOL
 120 Anonymous
 Honestly, it’s lonely without Hagetoru and Shumi. Chinposuki is on a business trip, and Nee-san has been busy lately too, so she’s not around much. Unthinkable, but… could it end like this?
 123 Anonymous
 Stop… Even I get lonely deep down, so I try not to think about that
 125 Anonymous
 Even those embarrassing guys (except Nee-san) are missed when they’re gone
 127 Anonymous
 Truly, even though they’re like blemishes on the bulletin board (except Nee-san), it’s lonely without them
 129 Anonymous
 Shumi’s probably a good kid, so maybe her parents took away her phone because she was posting on this (bulletin board). Hagetoru probably had their electricity cut off because they were broke
 131 Anonymous
 Shumi’s story sounds plausible. Hagetoru is probably confirmed to be in that situation, LOL, causing a fuss
 132 Anonymous
 They got stopped during a consecutive red spam, maybe? Sounds possible
 133 Anonymous
 If that’s the reason for Hagetoru, it’s so sad, LOL
 136 Anonymous
 If that was the reason, they should be able to post while charging at work
 142 Anonymous
 Maybe they joined a tuna fishing ship due to extreme lack of money?
 145 Anonymous
 Sounds plausible, LOL
 147 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, consider crowdfunding. I’d contribute 100 yen
 149 Anonymous
 That’s a good idea. Maybe we could all pitch in as thread residents and hire Hagetoru as the bulletin board mascot. I’d be willing to throw in big bills too. It’s lonely without them
 150 Anonymous
 Up to 1000 yen
 152 Anonymous
 Hagetoru’s popular, huh. I might throw in some red spa too
 153 Anonymous
 Let’s start a crowdfunding project for unfortunate Hagetoru
 155 Anonymous
 In Hagetoru’s case, she’d probably spend the received money on erotic goods or offer it as a tribute to Aa-sama’s goods
 157 Anonymous
 Hagetoru and Shumi, come back soon
 160 Anonymous
 161 Anonymous
 163 Anonymous
 By the way, what happened with the Shibuya pop-up shop?
 There should be people who’ve finished their morning shopping by now
 166 Anonymous
 So far, Aa-sama hasn’t been seen
 167 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai was there from early morning
 Toa-kun and Mayuzumi-kun joined around noon
 169 Anonymous
 Reportedly, there’s an spontaneous signing and handshake event on site
 172 Anonymous
 174 Anonymous
 No way, right? LOL
 175 Anonymous
 How much did it cost?
 180 Anonymous
 It was free
 181 Anonymous
 Completely free
 186 Anonymous
 That’s insane, LOL
 188 Anonymous
 Beryl is really something (compliment)
 190 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai’s signature is seriously cool
 192 Anonymous
 I had my guitar with me, hoping I might get to meet him. He complimented the good guitar I was using and actually signed my guitar. I was seriously close to tears. Well, I cried. It’s a treasure for life. From a resident of the Tenga thread
 195 Anonymous
 Wowww, I’m a fan of Aqua-sama, but that’s just too envy-inducing
 196 Anonymous
 Toa-chan’s signature is too cute
 197 Anonymous
 Toa-chan’s signatures are up on Social Media, and each one is slightly different, which is hilarious, LOL
 200 Anonymous
 In contrast, Mayuzumi-kun keeps drawing the exact same signature down to the millimeter. Mayuzumi Robot
 203 Anonymous
 Robo-zumi, LOL
 205 Anonymous
 Because of a part of Heaven’s Sword’s performance, Mayuzumi-kun is being called Robo-zumi, and it’s funny
 207 Anonymous
 By the way, in person, Toa-chan has a smaller face than I do, smells better than I do, and is cuter than I am… So, it’s not really a guy, right? Please tell me it’s not a guy!
 211 Anonymous
 Give it up. Even I saw him in person and he’s way cuter than just any girl around. Seriously shocked
 214 Anonymous
 Aaaah! I wanted to gooo! For those of you who can’t go, enjoy it for me too!!
 216 Anonymous
 I’m in the same group of people who couldn’t go, but they’ll have a resale later, so I’ll wait for the shop to open normally
 217 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama hasn’t shown up, was there something wrong?
 220 Anonymous
 Considering Aa-sama’s personality, I don’t think he wouldn’t come, but maybe he was just busy with work?
 Lately, he’s been working a bit too much, I’m worried about him
 223 Anonymous
 I want to comfort a tired Aqu-tan
 226 Anonymous
 Huh? You want to do something nasty to a tired Aqu-tan?
 229 Anonymous
 It seems like this place is tainted after all, LOL. We need purification, LOL
 232 Anonymous
 The clear file of Yuujin Aa-sama is seriously the best
 And this one, it’s not a behind-the-scenes shot from the photo session, it’s probably a newly taken one, right?
 235 Anonymous
 Absolutely. Moreover, the costume is “Color Om” (Coral Arm), so there’s an elegance, making him even more like Yuujin-sama
 238 Anonymous
 Yakumo-sensei, you wrote the script for that certain CM, so how about doing a spin-off featuring Yuujin-sama?
 240 Anonymous
 That scene from episode 1. The scene where Yuujin-sama arrives in a car in front of the school gate is just awesome
 If such a cool person came to pick someone up, the whole school would be in an uproar
 243 Anonymous
 You could call it a staple of shoujo manga, but it’s a scene that could never happen in reality
 246 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama holding hands with Merry from Morinaga Collab, that’s great too
 Aqua-sama going on a zoo date or visiting a petting zoo sounds fun
 247 Anonymous
 Rejoice, everyone, the image from the Fuji Collab is Monocle Aa-sama
 252 Anonymous
 Wha-what the heck!? I know it’s because the image has been released, but that’s amazing
 254 Anonymous
 The clear files and posters from the Heaven’s Sword Collab are selling like crazy
 Pretty much everyone is buying them
 258 Anonymous
 For those who are home, I noticed something late, but… is it already known that a stag beetle keychain is peeking out of Toa-chan’s pocket? Has this already been mentioned?
 261 Anonymous
 262 Anonymous
 263 Anonymous
 Didn’t hear about it
 264 Anonymous
 Oh, it’s true!!
 267 Anonymous
 Incredible, LOL
 269 Anonymous
 So, what does that mean?
 270 Anonymous
 Can we expect something from this?
 271 Anonymous
 Toa-chan still hasn’t clearly shown his gender, huh
 273 Anonymous
 Stop it, Beryl, don’t toy with us any further!!
 275 Anonymous
 For now, let’s just pretend we didn’t notice this, and wait with peaceful hearts for the main story’s broadcast
 278 Anonymous
 That’s a good idea
 279 Anonymous
 Let’s do that
 282 Anonymous
 Sommelier! Come back soon!!
 284 Anonymous
 Damn it, the crucial moment and the pro-sommelier isn’t here!!
 285 Anonymous
 Chinposuki-san is missing from the spotlight of their performance
 287 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, Nee-san is on the staff
 I was genuinely surprised that she found a job
 291 Anonymous
 Which person is Nee-san?
 293 Anonymous
 Even though I knew, I was still surprised
 She seemed busy, but it’s great that she’s working at a place she likes
 296 Anonymous
 The tallest and most sharp-tongued person
 300 Anonymous
 Understood in an instant, thx
 304 Anonymous
 Nee-san makes you understand in an instant, LOL
 305 Anonymous
 Once you’ve seen Nee-san you won’t forget
 307 Anonymous
 I don’t mean to say bad things about Nee-san, but with that height, she would definitely hurt a guy’s self-esteem, and if he’s a scaredy-cat, he might wet himself out of fear. So, I’m glad she got a job at Beryl
 I’m tall and have a mean look too. I’m definitely not in demand among guys. So, I can understand Nee-san’s struggles
 Even boys who are mother’s boys like tall and gentle or fluffy types. It’s unrelated to us who lack softness in our expressions
 312 Anonymous
 I cried my eyes out
 313 Anonymous
 I see..
 316 Anonymous
 But earlier, Toa-chan mistakenly called her “Onee-chan,” and Nee-san’s expression relaxed
 321 Anonymous
 No way, right?
 324 Anonymous
 Huh? Does Beryl offer such welfare services when you join?
 325 Anonymous
 Toa-chan, LOL
 327 Anonymous
 Ohh, so envious!
 328 Anonymous
 Huh, what if Aqua-kun also calls her “Onee-chan”?
 329 Anonymous
 If Aqua-kun calls me “Onee-chan,” I’ll do my best
 330 Anonymous
 Phew… I failed once with Beryl, but this time I’ll give it my all
 332 Anonymous
 Beryl, another time, someone absurd is likely to apply
 333 Anonymous
 However, the last time Beryl’s employment notification was less likely than winning the first prize in the lottery, LOL
 337 Anonymous
 No way, LOL
 338 Anonymous
 Could you please stop causing such outrageous things with a sense of normalcy in the air?
 340 Anonymous
 Was the true dreamland in Beryl?
 344 Anonymous
 Tokyo Beryl Land?
 347 Anonymous
 Stop, you’ll get sued!!
 351 Anonymous
 Aaah, I also want to become a resident of the dreamland!
 353 Anonymous
 355 Anonymous
 I screamed something a while ago, was there something? @Waiting line
 356 Anonymous
 The arrival of Aqua-sama!
 357 Anonymous
 Rejoice, everyone, Aa-sama is here!
 358 Anonymous
 Aa-kun! Aa-kun! Aa-kun!
 363 Anonymous
 Pheww… I was almost in heaven with a smile..
 365 Anonymous
 Ah, he’s cool today too
 367 Anonymous
 Aqu-tan’s outfit today, isn’t the oversized parka too cute?
 368 Anonymous
 Is it a “moe-sleeve” for boys?
 370 Anonymous
 Because the top is oversized, his legs look even longer
 372 Anonymous
 Ohh… Damn, the moment he passed by, an amazing scent hit me, and my panties are ruined
 374 Anonymous
 Hey! You, the girl next to me, were definitely tweaking your nipple over your clothes while looking at Aqua-sama’s face!!
 375 Anonymous
 Someone collapsed, but the medical team rushed over immediately and took care of her. Good response
 377 Anonymous
 LOL, that’s hilarious
 379 Anonymous
 Can’t help it. It seems like our bodies are longing to bear Aqua-tan’s baby, and our breasts are swelling
 Speaking of which, my nipples are erect right now. Might end up with a mother’s milk
 380 Anonymous
 The exchange between Toa-kun and Aqua-kun is way too adorable
 382 Anonymous
 Ugh… my heart
 384 Anonymous
 Because of that, a few more people collapsed, LOL
 385 Anonymous
 Hold on! Goods and our favorites are right in front of us!!
 388 Anonymous
 They’re starting the autograph session!
 390 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Aqua-sama autograph session
 391 Anonymous
 Finally, the autograph session for my favorite has arrived!!
 393 Anonymous
 Ah… no, I don’t want a magic trick, but I want him to pinch this big sister n*pple with his fingers
 394 Anonymous
 With that magic wand in him hand, I want him to poke my n*pple
 397 Anonymous
 That’s just too much, LOL
 398 Anonymous
 You guys will be sent to the same remote mountains as Chinposuki
 400 Anonymous
 Ah… someone got kicked out, LOL
 402 Anonymous
 What happened, LOL
 406 Anonymous
 There seems to be a girl who tried to unbutton her shirt and get Aqua’s signature in her cleavage
 501 Anonymous
 Yep, kicked out
 502 Anonymous
 This is definitely not okay, LOL
 504 Anonymous
 By the way, Aqua-kun looked away, but he turned red, so the theory that he likes girls’ breasts seriously came up
 507 Anonymous
 Hey, you’re kidding, right!?
 508 Anonymous
 There’s no way guys like breasts, right!!
 Oh, but maybe endangered species of mama’s boys might like them
 509 Anonymous
 So, Aqua-kun does like breasts after all
 510 Anonymous
 I’m also from the event location, and I’m convinced he likes breasts
 512 Anonymous
 People wearing shirts started unbuttoning one button at the same time @event location
 513 Anonymous
 Hey, girl next to me! Don’t secretly adjust the position of your breasts!
 515 Anonymous
 Does that mean Aqua-tan also likes older girls? Is there a chance for me, a woman in her forties?
 By the way, I have a big chest
 517 Anonymous
 Nee-san, LOL
 518 Anonymous
 Nee-san’s glare made the girls who were unbuttoning their shirts stop all at once, LOL
 521 Anonymous
 Nee-san, LOL
 522 Anonymous
 Nee-san is definitely different from those relegated to the remote mountains for wild urination
 524 Anonymous
 How scary is Nee-san, LOL
 525 Anonymous
 It’s good that Nee-san got a job at Beryl
 Please continue to protect Aqu-tan
 527 Anonymous
 Nee-san is standing behind Aqu-tan and is literally like a guardian spirit, LOL
 If she does anything to my kids, I feel like she’s emitting an aura that says “you know what’s going to happen”..
 529 Anonymous
 Nee-san has a big chest too
 536 Anonymous
 Good for Nee-san. Aqua-kun gets to see breasts every day
 538 Anonymous
 By the way, President Atori has come to the event location. It’s good that she seems kind
 Is everyone gathering because of this kind of person?
 542 Anonymous
 That might be the case. The president doesn’t give off that vibe of being a muncher
 Considering she’s the president of a company that brings together so many boys, I was expecting someone more sharp and aggressive, so I was surprised
 544 Anonymous
 Wait a moment, something’s odd about the autograph session..
 547 Anonymous
 Is there something odd about the autograph session being odd or not odd?
 548 Anonymous
 I have a bad feeling about this at this point
 549 Anonymous
 Just to make sure, what happened?
 561 Anonymous
 An autograph session by a man as part of a TV program’s project
 He signs with a super unpleasant expression and in a sloppy manner
 Beryl’s autograph session
 He signs properly and says “thank you.”
 If you talk to him, he responds in a conversation
 Toa-chan has more conversations
 Tenga-senpai’s conversation increases if it’s about something he’s interested in
 Mayuzumi-kun doesn’t respond unless you talk to him, but when you do, he answers seriously
 Aqua-kun’s autograph session
 He signs with a smile
 He writes “To XX-chan” (inserts the name)
 He calls your name
 Even while signing, he engages in a conversation
 He might initiate the conversation
 He looks at you and says “thank you” at the end
 At that time, he shakes hands with both hands and squeezes
 He even holds the hand of a nervous girl and says, “It’s okay to take it slow,” initiating contact from his side
 He treats you as an individual fan or as a girl, recognizing that
 His autograph is like a masterpiece
 564 Anonymous
 Wow~ (loss of vocabulary)
 565 Anonymous
 Huh? Is that a paid option?
 567 Anonymous
 Aaahhh, I really wanted to goooo!!
 568 Anonymous
 Can’t be true..
 570 Anonymous
 Even Beryl’s members are amazing, but Aqu-tan is just insane!
 571 Anonymous
 Aa-sama is subtly showing the difference in class even to the members of Beryl
 572 Anonymous
 > Holding hands and saying, “It’s okay to take it slow,” to a nervous girl
 Is there anyone who won’t fall in love after that?
 573 Anonymous
 > His autograph is like a masterpiece
 Hey, LOL
 575 Anonymous
 This is seriously amazing
 576 Anonymous
 Are there really guys this nice to girls?
 577 Anonymous
 Aqua-tan, please take all the girls you want
 578 Anonymous
 Got it, Aqua-sama, let’s marry this planet. That way everyone will be happy!!
 579 Anonymous
 LOL, hilarious
 580 Anonymous
 Just this text alone makes me like him too much and it hurts
 582 Anonymous
 You’re a genius
 583 Anonymous
 So, we’re living surrounded by Mother Earth and Father Aqua-sama, I understand
 584 Anonymous
 If the information that Aqua-sama likes breasts is true, that means he has s*xual desires, right?
 If that’s the case, if he’s almost certainly going to get married, then the first wife becomes crucial
 Well, I don’t think I’ll ever get married? But hey, it’s better if there are more girls who can be happy
 586 Anonymous
 Good news, Aqua-sama looked at my K-cup breasts
 There’s something I’ve wanted to say
 To all those guys who looked at my breasts with eyes as if they were looking at filth, take that!
 You useless guys didn’t have any demand, but there was demand from Aqua-sama!
 590 Anonymous
 I think the ideal is someone like President Atori
 If it’s on the forum, Shumi probably has the best chance? But now Nee-san also has a good chance
 591 Anonymous
 Well said. I’m genuinely moved
 592 Anonymous
 You said that with the resolve to be banned, I think
 593 Anonymous
 I’m genuinely moved
 594 Anonymous
 I think everyone here has started to realize it. Not just Aqua-sama, but even the members of Beryl who treat us normally, it’s becoming foolish to fawn over guys who are like trash. Instead of supporting such people, I’d rather buy Goods from the shop or donate money!
 Of course, the boys who treated us normally until now are different. Apart from such boys, I absolutely can’t stand guys with bad attitudes
 597 Anonymous
 Shumi, come back!
 Marry Aqua-sama and bless us commoners (forum members)!
 600 Anonymous
 Nee-san has big breasts, so she might have a chance
 602 Anonymous
 603 Anonymous
 I feel like you said what everyone was thinking but couldn’t say
 605 Anonymous
 Actually, I thought the same
 606 Anonymous
 Last night, during Shiro-kun’s stream, I was one of the lucky ones who got to talk
 I’m being bullied by boys in my class, and neither the teacher nor my classmates will help me. What should I do? I asked a difficult question, but he answered seriously and it really helped
 Also… I was debating whether to say this, but after the stream ended, he called me back and asked if I was really okay. He asked if I had someone else to talk to and said that if it was hard, I could call him again. I really cried
 I was starting to dislike boys, but it turned out that he was the only one who was terrible. There are kind boys among boys too, and thanks to Shiro-kun, I can think that way now
 By the way, I spoke to my mom this morning, and I’m transferring schools. Thank you, everyone, for worrying about me at that time
 610 Anonymous
 I’m in tears
 612 Anonymous
 It was the right choice to leave such a crappy school. Enjoy your student life!
 613 Anonymous
 If a transfer student comes to my school, I’ll definitely be really kind to them
 614 Anonymous
 You said that he called you back outside of the stream, that’s so incredibly kind..
 I hope the next school is a good place
 615 Anonymous
 It’s a good thing Aqua-sama was my first love
 I’m deleting that trash-like guy from my memories, delete!
 616 Anonymous
 I’ve fallen in love with Aa-sama over a hundred times already
 617 Anonymous
 Actually, I’ve been employed as one of Beryl’s stream staff. So, I was relieved to hear that you are going to change schools
 By the way, personal communication with fans is usually prohibited, but Aqua-sama’ll apologize to Ako-san later. And he’ll call you back by DM because he’s worried about you
 By the way, he had actually prepared his resignation letter with the intention of taking responsibility and quitting, but the president said that if he could just leave a girl suffering in front of him, then he’s not the kind of person she wants to support throughout her life. So, she said, “Go ahead and do as you wish. Me, the other employees, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-kun, we’re all looking in the same direction because of you. If something happens, I’ll take all the responsibility, so go ahead and do what you want. Be Shirogane Aqua.” This company is the best
 Actually, I shouldn’t reveal this, but I want to say it anyway
 623 Anonymous
 I’m in tears. I’ve run out of tissues, can someone lend me some?
 623 Anonymous
 This company is too awesome, LOL
 625 Anonymous
 They’re seriously running a daytime and morning show!!
 627 Anonymous
 When will the next job opening be?
 628 Anonymous
 Director Hongo should join Beryl too. Isn’t she a freelancer?
 630 Anonymous
 It’s been decided! It’s getting turned into a movie!
 631 Anonymous
 The guy who makes all the guys you’ve met so far seem like the past, Shirogane Aqua has arrived
 633 Anonymous
 But the signature I got just now is like a masterpiece
 However, the handwriting is beautifully normal
 638 Anonymous
 LOL, hilarious
 639 Anonymous
 I actually like this aspect. It looks perfect, but you can still see that he’s human
 644 Anonymous
 Like the part where he sneaks peeks at breasts
 647 Anonymous
 Stop talking about breasts already and change the topic
 What are you going to do if he stops looking!!
 652 Anonymous
 Exactly, pretending like you don’t notice he’s looking is a no-go
 Act like you’re leaving an opening, or look somewhere else, and create time for Aqua-kun to stare at his favorite breasts
 653 Anonymous
 Damn it, LOL
 We were having such a nice conversation, but you guys keep talking about breasts
 660 Anonymous
 Can’t be helped. If he’s looking at breasts, it means he’s conscious of you as a woman and as the opposite s*x
 661 Anonymous
 By the way, my breast size isn’t that big, but Aqua-kun still looked at me properly
 I wondered why, but I was sweating a little, and my bra was showing through, so that’s probably the only reason..
 666 Anonymous
 Seriously… so even flat-chested girls have a chance
 667 Anonymous
 Right now, everyone is checking to see if their bras are showing through, LOL
 Are all of you residents here or what? LMAO
 671 Anonymous
 People who intentionally make their bras show through with things like lotion are out of their minds!!
 I thought that, but one of the staff members said, “You understand, right?” and took me away
 678 Anonymous
 Stinks, LMAO
 679 Anonymous
 Wasn’t that Hagetoru?
 It’s a crafty move if it’s him
 684 Anonymous
 That guy doesn’t even have money to buy lotion!!
 690 Anonymous
 Pathetic, LOL
 693 Anonymous
 Nothing but laughter, LMAO
 695 Anonymous
 So sad..
 698 Anonymous
 The Verification Team is making jokes even when they’re not around
 699 Anonymous
 No talk about Aiko-chan so far
 Someone should show some concern
 702 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei has brought this upon herself
 704 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei has only herself to blame
 706 Anonymous
 Sensei, is the continuation of Nourin out yet?
 710 Anonymous
 Come on, at least show some appreciation for Aiko-chan-sensei!!
 Sensei, waiting for the sequel to Nourin
 713 Anonymous
 The guy saying that didn’t show any appreciation, LOL
 715 Anonymous
 Sensei, were you able to go buy Goods?
 721 Anonymous
 From Hakuryuu-sensei’s official SNS
 I tried to secretly go buy Goods, but the editor was waiting at the entrance, damn it!!
 724 Anonymous
 726 Anonymous
 I want to cry, but I’m out of tissues
 730 Anonymous
 Finally managed to order some off-shot photos. Have you all already bought yours?
 733 Anonymous
 Bought them all. Glad I went for the set order
 734 Anonymous
 Even if you buy all 300 photos, it’s still cheap for 54,000 yen + shipping + handling fees
 735 Anonymous
 Photo stands and photo albums are selling like crazy
 For those who want cute or special ones, make sure to buy them early
 736 Anonymous
 I love the off-shot photos from Heaven’s Sword
 Especially the one where all four of them are eating together
 I’m so envious of the staff having BBQ with Aqua-tan
 737 Anonymous
 I love the photo where Aqua-tan is using tongs to serve meat onto everyone’s plates
 I hope this scene will be included in the bonus for the Heaven’s Sword DVD releasing in October
 740 Anonymous
 Seriously? I ordered the whole set without really looking at them
 I’ll save the excitement for when they arrive
 741 Anonymous
 The behind-the-scenes photos and the ones where you can’t see are the best
 The circle formation photo is absolutely amazing
 742 Anonymous
 The photo of Mayuzumi-kun where his left hand and left leg are moving together, this is definitely a Robozumi acceleration case
 745 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun’s unexpected robot theory, LOL
 748 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai’s face being completely covered by hair due to strong wind is a complete accident, LOL
 Staff, stop mixing in funny photos occasionally, LOL
 753 Anonymous
 It’s all on the staff, LOL
 757 Anonymous
 Isn’t the photo of Toa-chan raising both hands insane?
 He probably closed his eyes when the shutter went off, but it looks like a kissing scene..
 781 Anonymous
 782 Anonymous
 I immediately placed an additional order. Shipping and handling fees are higher, but no regrets
 786 Anonymous
 For those who don’t have much money
 Make sure to get these, Aqua-sama’s personal recommended photos
 Photo 22, Aqua-sama in a pure white suit
 Recommended reason: Is this a wedding?
 Photo 57, standing on the sandy beach with his left hand extended towards the camera and looking back
 Recommended reason: It feels like we’re on a hand-holding date
 Photo 86, the side view of Aqua-sama listening earnestly to Director Hongo’s (I think) story
 Recommended reason: It’s sleeveless, so you can see the arm muscles well, and the side face is adorable
 Photo 134, Aqua-sama lying face down on the office sofa, exhausted
 Recommended reason: It triggers your delusions
 Photo 163, Aqua-sama with a Vanilla Monaka in his mouth from Morinaga
 Recommended reason: The cream on his mouth resembles breastfeeding
 Photo 201, Aqua-sama on a bike, pointing towards the backseat with his thumb
 Recommended reason: “Hurry up and get on the back, I’m leaving you behind” seems to be what he’s saying
 Photo 248, Aqua-sama during dance practice
 Recommended reason: Armpit sweat and shorts, what do you think they’re used for? It’s obvious!
 Photo 295, a rare close-up of Aqua-sama’s rear from Heaven’s Sword
 Recommended reason: You guys get it, right?
 792 Anonymous
 This helps
 793 Anonymous
 A lot of recommendation
 795 Anonymous
 This compilation is just too nice
 799 Anonymous
 Once I receive the full photo set, I’ll savor each one slowly
 800 Anonymous
 It seems like my desires leaked out midway, LOL
 803 Anonymous
 804 Anonymous
 808 Anonymous
 What the heck happened, LOL
 811 Anonymous
 Probably someone who was told the signing was over and barely missed it
 815 Anonymous
 That’s really unfortunate..
 817 Anonymous
 When passing by, I was told “Sorry” and we shook hands
 Just that alone makes me satisfied
 820 Anonymous
 Is everyone heading home? They’re starting to move somewhere
 822 Anonymous
 Even for those who couldn’t make it to the signing, they’re so kind, giving us a high-five and talking to us
 Everyone is too kind
 828 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama, thank you for your hard work. Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-kun, take a good rest
 830 Anonymous
 Wow, it was like a dream
 831 Anonymous
 I couldn’t go, but looking at the images circulating on the bulletin board and social media made me feel like I was there
 Thanks, guys
 833 Anonymous
 Seems like the stickers sold pretty well
 There were quite a few people buying an extra set just for the penlight handle
 836 Anonymous
 It’s great that you can stick them on your phone cover or your favorite items
 839 Anonymous
 The teenagers were already sticking them on right then and there
 People over 30 like me feel like we can’t use them… I saw a generation gap
 842 Anonymous
 Stop, it’s making me sad!!
 847 Anonymous
 848 Anonymous
 This is so like Beryl!!
 853 Anonymous
 What happened? Try telling this big sister
 854 Anonymous
 I won’t be surprised unless it’s something really extreme
 861 Anonymous
 The four of them bidding us farewell
 They’re all waving their hands
 862 Anonymous
 I thought I was at BALCO, but it was like a dreamland
 866 Anonymous
 Beryl is overdoing the service!!
 867 Anonymous
 It truly was like a dream
 868 Anonymous
 Outside of BALCO, complete strangers are hugging and crying
 869 Anonymous
 We waited quite a while to get in, but the feeling of satisfaction is overwhelming
 873 Anonymous
 The price range for the goods was reasonable too. Really glad about it
 I completed the whole set
 875 Anonymous
 Beryl’s official Social Media
 876 Anonymous
 New info on Beryl’s official Social Media!
 Aqua-kun, confirmed to appear on the Monday 9pm drama!!
 880 Anonymous
 881 Anonymous
 Congratulations on your appearance in the Monday 9pm drama, Aqua-sama!
 882 Anonymous
 Of all things, it’s a drama with Kohina
 885 Anonymous
 My Honor Student Big Brother
 Kohina Yukari, Tsukimachi Ayana, Shirogane Aqua, and others
 887 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun, playing the big brother role?
 888 Anonymous
 It’s fine if he’s playing the big brother role, just glad it’s not Kohina as the heroine
 889 Anonymous
 Looking at the cast, it seems to be of a high standard. Is Aa-kun okay?
 903 Anonymous
 I’m already happy just knowing I can see Aqua-sama in a school uniform
 904 Anonymous
 Can they reclaim the declining viewership for the Monday 9pm drama?
 906 Anonymous
 After Heaven’s Sword was so good, it will surely be compared
 907 Anonymous
 The preview will be released tonight, looking forward to it
 910 Anonymous
 Thought it was going to be more updates on the official SNS, but it was different
 912 Anonymous
 On the official SNS, the three of them are collapsed in exhaustion after the farewell
 Aqua-sama looks perfectly calm
 915 Anonymous
 Ah, it was the best. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing
 918 Anonymous
 Oh yeah, it was truly a great day
 920 Anonymous
 The on-site crew might have good dreams tonight
 923 Anonymous
 Even though today was frustrating, I’ll go to BAlCO tomorrow
 It’s probably only the first day that everyone came, but the shop itself is open for a week
 924 Anonymous
 I can’t go to the pop-up shop, but I’ll definitely go when the actual shop is open
 926 Anonymous
 Thanks to Beryl’s, no, Aqua-sama’s, every day is enjoyable
 929 Anonymous
 931 Anonymous
 And yet there’s no Verification Team
 Nobody has posted anything today? Can you believe it..
 937 Anonymous
 Seriously, I’m genuinely worried, so I hope Shumi and Hagetoru are okay
 939 Anonymous
 I hope Shumi and Hagetoru can join. They were really looking forward to it
 942 Anonymous
 All in all, everyone is so kind
 I’m also worried about Shumi and Hagetoru
 944 Anonymous
 There was someone peeing in the mountains, LOL
 948 Anonymous
 Chinposuki, LOL
 949 Anonymous
 That guy is definitely Chijou, LOL
 952 Anonymous
 She’s been completely forgotten, LOL
 955 Anonymous
 Huh? TV, breaking news?
 957 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Chinposuki arrested for urinating on a national treasure
 961 Anonymous
 Stop it, LOL
 963 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon Stars Goshenight, who was studying abroad in our country, secretly returns
 Will she announce her engagement in her home country soon?
 966 Anonymous
 Is Princess Kanon getting engaged? She can choose anyone she wants
 967 Anonymous
 Honestly, I think only someone of this caliber can become Aqua-sama’s legal wife
 Announcing engagement upon returning to the home country, does that mean she’s marrying someone from over there?
 She seemed to like the culture of this country and attended events like that, so I thought she might marry someone from this country
 972 Anonymous
 I remember from some video, the pouch she held was from an anime, and it became popular when it spread on SNS
 She’s the top candidate for the heir over there and has popularity even among citizens, so I thought it’s probably impossible. I hope she finds happiness
 974 Anonymous
 Her Highness Kanon, when she came to the rural hometown for cultural exchange, she was incredibly kind
 And she was incredibly beautiful too
 975 Anonymous
 Even when she briefly appeared on TV, the actress who was interviewing her next to her looked like an ordinary person and I felt sorry for her
 978 Anonymous
 Breaking news again
 979 Anonymous
 Not engagement, but marriage?
 980 Anonymous
 Huh? Skipping engagement and going straight to marriage? Isn’t that skipping too many steps?
 982 Anonymous
 I have a bad feeling about this. Is this what she truly desires?
 983 Anonymous
 According to local reports, the partner’s identity will be kept confidential until the day
 985 Anonymous
 Even though this is Aqua-sama’s thread, it’s all about Her Highness Kanon now
 Well, it was quite surprising
 987 Anonymous
 We were classmates in Mary, but I wonder if Her Highness Kanon won’t come back? Since we didn’t get to say goodbye, it’s really lonely
 989 Anonymous
 I just thought of something, but Her Highness with Shumi… Impossible, right?
 995 Anonymous
 996 Anonymous
 That’s disrespectful
 997 Anonymous
 Jokes aside, SAY it in moderation!
 998 Anonymous
 If that were true, I’d strangely feel closer to her, LOL
 999 Anonymous
 No way, no way. If Her Highness Kanon were really Shumi, I’d boil water with my belly button!!
 1000 Anonymous
 Let everyone be well and healthy again for post number 1000!
 ※ Excluding the woman who peed in the wild

 There’s a 100% guarantee of no NTR, so rest assured. That plot is beyond the author’s capability
 Well, to put it plainly, a grand farce is about to begin

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