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Volume 8 Chapter 11 Shirogane Aqua, Department Store Date!

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 The day after we decided on our new home, Kanon and I decided to visit Fuji Department Store to shop for everything we needed for our new life together in our new place. Since Fuji Department Store is part of the Fuji Zaibatsu where I’ve worked before, they graciously offered to close the store for us after hours to get everything we needed. It was nice of them, but was it really necessary? Ako-san mentioned that this was related to Fuji’s ongoing event contract, so I shouldn’t worry about it.

 Due to time constraints, I had to take a break from today’s CR Cup custom match. However, I arranged for Shintaro to step in as a pinch hitter so that Euris and Sensei wouldn’t miss their practice. Tenga-senpai seemed determined to support in some way, too, but I wonder what he’s planning… Well, I’m sure he’ll manage! I asked him for the favor, after all. However, while I was lost in thought, Toa completely delegated everything to me and later sent a message saying I should take responsibility. Oh well, it can’t be helped. I replied to him suggesting we go out for parfait next time to make amends…

 ”Oh? Pegonia-san, why are you here?”

 When we arrived at Fuji Department Store, for some reason, Pegonia-san was accompanying Kanon. It turns out that due to our marriage, she officially changed her employer from the royal family to Kanon. She seems to be moving to the new home we plan to live in and will continue to take care of Kanon, just like before. Honestly, that house is so spacious that even cleaning it is a chore, so having someone like Pegonia-san around is a big help.

 ”After hearing about the real estate discussion the other day, I decided it would be dangerous to leave everything to you two.”

 Ah… yeah. I can’t really argue with that. Come to think of it, that company had a lot going on, like labor law violations, shady deals, and building code violations, as mentioned in the news at lunch. I wonder if Emily-san is okay.

 ”Don’t worry. I’m just like a piece of furniture. So, the two of you, please enjoy your date.”

 Pegonia-san pulled back with a smile. No, when she looks at us like that, it’s hard not to be self-conscious.

 ”So, our date…”

 Kanon’s face turned red. Hey, Kanon-san!? We’re already married, you know? Moreover, it’s not our first date. Nevertheless, when I see her reacting so innocently, I can’t help but blush too.

 ”For now, shall we start from the first floor?”


 The first floor is the usual cosmetics section, but there’s not just the ladies’ section; there’s also a men’s section. While Pegonia-san arranged for the cosmetics Kanon usually uses, I bought skincare products that I use for our new home. I plan to leave the products I have at home as they are, so I need to buy everything new. Oh, right, I need to get that too. Lately, I’ve been learning guitar from Tenga-senpai, so I should also buy nail care products, like nail repair coat. We’ve been discussing increasing the number of live performances since we’re all learning instruments, and I need to practice to contribute. By the way, it seems that Shintaro is also receiving drum lessons from Toa. As we wandered around the floor together, Kanon picked up a sample of a diffuser placed on the shelf and smelled it.

 ”Oh, this diffuser might smell nice.”

 I leaned in closer to the diffuser that Kanon was holding to get a whiff. It had a faint, pleasant scent. It wasn’t too strong, and I thought it was nice. When I smelled the other scents from the same brand there, like Savon, rose, and citrus, they all smelled good. The Savon scent that Kanon was holding seemed relaxing, so I thought it would be good for the bedroom. I could also place it in the room where I stream as Shiros, and maybe even in the entrance and the bathroom. I should buy them all.

 ”Yeah, I think it’s good. Should we use this scent for the bedroom (寝室/Shinshitsu)?”

 ”P-Penetration (浸透/Shinshitsu)…”

 Expansion (進出/Shinshitsu)? Ah, the store clerk mentioned that it’s a new brand making its debut in this country. By the way, Kanon, why do you look so flustered? Heeey, Pegonia-san, help me out here!

 [Good, keep going!]

 Pegonia-san, can you stop sending comments with your cue cards? No, she’s hopeless. Actually, isn’t Pegonia-san supposed to be a decoration? It feels like she’s had a personality from the beginning, or is it just my imagination?

 Also, while turning around to look at Pegonia-san, I noticed that there were about a dozen people from Fuji Department Store following us… Clearly, important people are following us. Their faces seemed to convey, “Don’t mind us, we’re here to support you both in case you need help,” like an invisible presence. But it’s hard not to be conscious of it… Well, there are camera crews here, so let’s just consider this as part of my work. No, for Kanon’s sake, let’s enjoy our date without worrying about the people behind us! Yes, I had a time in my life when I thought about such carefree things.


 As we reached the third floor, Kanon and I froze as we looked at the shop located at the top of the escalator. It was an unexpected underwear section.

 [Go inside that shop!]

 Pegonia-san… you don’t have to tap your cue cards with your pen so vigorously. I glanced at Kanon, who had turned her cheeks pink and was occasionally looking at me.

 ”U-uh, should we go in?”

 Yeah, there’s no way I can refuse when she looks so eager. So, we entered the underwear section. Wow… what is this? I feel like there’s a faint, feminine scent coming from the entire section, but maybe it’s just my imagination. I restrained my desire to take a closer look and followed Kanon without glancing around too much. I apologize to Fuji Department Store, but the underwear section in department stores tends to cater to older customers, so it’s not particularly erotic or anything. Yes, I had a time in my life when I thought about such things. But…

 The first thing Kanon picked up was a cute, white-themed underwear set. When I imagined Kanon wearing it… Whoops, this was dangerous. My lower half was about to react. Clear your mind, Shirogane Aqua! Count the number of Tenga-senpais in your head to calm down. One TENGA-senpai, two TENGA-senpai, three TENGA-senpai… Yeah, that’s perfect. My lower half is settling down!

 ”D-does it look good?”

 Gwaaaaaah! H-hey! You can’t just casually try on underwear in front of a guy! Thanks to Kanon, the Tenga-senpais in my head vanished in an instant.

 ”Ah… um, I think it looks good.”

 Wait, why are you blushing now?! Oops, I couldn’t help but make a remark like Inko-senpai. Kanon becomes incredibly defenseless at times like this but quickly returns to her usual self after her response, and that makes me want to tease her even more. Seriously, she should consider my feelings too, with that level of cuteness! But because she’s cute, I’ll forgive her!

 ”Also, how about this?”

 I can’t just let things go as they are. I’ll suggest something back to Kanon here. I chose a simple black underwear set. Kanon proposed breaking the conventional notion that she would prefer white or pink over black. Because of Kanon’s perfect body, I thought this sporty yet not vulgar underwear would stand out.


 Huh? What, what!? I turned toward the voices and saw Pegonia-san and the people from Fuji Department Store who had been following us, their mouths slightly agape in admiration. They were making quite an impression as decorations and air.

 While I was distracted by them, a shop assistant who had been waiting inside the shop approached Kanon.

 ”You can try it on if you’d like.”


 ”If you’d like, please come this way.”


 The shop assistant pushed the embarrassed Kanon towards the fitting rooms and led her away.


 I turned around to see Pegonia-san with a beaming smile, holding up cue cards. Yeah, yeah, nice, nice.

 ”I’ve been working in the underwear department for 20 years, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a man choose women’s underwear.”

 ”The underwear Aqua-sama chose was one of my selections. I’m so glad I took this job…!”

 ”Wait, let’s contact that manufacturer immediately… Oh, the company’s probably closed by now. Let’s call the CEO and secure all the stock.”

 ”W-what should we do? I-I’m actually wearing the same underwear that Aqua-san picked out right now…”

 ”W-what did you say!?”

 The Fuji Department Store staff seemed to be huddled together and talking softly. Did something go wrong? Also, Pegonia-san, you don’t need to ask if I want her to wear the same thing via cue cards. You almost made me imagine it. I glared at Pegonia-san with a sharp eye, and someone approached from behind. Did Kanon finish trying on the underwear and return? Thinking that, I turned around without thinking.

 ”S-so, how does it look?”

 Huh? When I turned around, there was Kanon, wearing the underwear I had chosen. I held my breath at the sight of Kanon enveloped in the simple black underwear. Not only was it all in the right places, but it showcased her ideal body shape and flawless skin, making it an art form. Above all, the small black panties with minimal fabric coverage, the white thighs extending from there, the seductiveness of her navel and the area around her belly… Ah, her hips were also irresistibly good!! And her chest! Yes, her chest!! Thanks to the black bra, it emphasized her cleavage, expertly encapsulating her in D-cup splendor! Ah, it’s splendid… If this were our new home, I would have pounced in seconds.

 ”Thank you, thank you!”

 I reverently clasped my hands together and bowed to Kanon with a pure heart. Of course, because it’s important, I repeated my thanks twice.

 ”As expected of Kanon-sama, her proportions are amazing…”

 ”Aqua-sama is crying.”

 ”I’m the one who sourced the underwear, and I’m crying too… Sniff.”

 ”Look, Aqua-sama is staring at Kanon-sama’s whole body with such hot eyes.”

 ”””””I’m jealous that a guy is looking at her like that…”””””

 The Fuji Department Store staff continued to huddle together and speak in whispers. Oh? By the way, where did Pegonia-san go? Well, if she’s not here, it’s fine, but I have a bad feeling about this.

 ”Umm, should I buy this?”

 ”Y-yeah, it’s probably a good idea. I think it looks really nice.”

 I did it! Kanon had a happy expression and headed back to the fitting room to change. Ah, she’s so cute… As I was absentmindedly looking happy, someone poked my arm.

 ”Huh? W-what is…!?”

 In my field of vision, I saw Pegonia-san wearing the same underwear that Kanon had just been wearing. If I had to express my feelings at that moment in one word:


 That’s right.


 Of course, I won’t say which part. Because, well, isn’t it… really tight? It’s completely outrageous… Pegonia-san pointed at her cue card, and I widened my eyes.

 [I deliberately chose the same size as the young lady.]

 Oh… I see. That’s why the bra size is too small, and her breasts are about to spill out, and the panties that are too small are digging into her stomach. Yeah, this is too erotic… Wait! She can’t go outside the fitting room like this!! Pegonia-san, please take better care of yourself!!

 ”Oh… it responds so well. I’m delighted.”

 Ughhhhhhhhh! One TENGA-senpai, two TENGA-senpai, three TENGA-senpai… Go away my impure thoughts!

 Uh-oh, Pegonia-san’s gaze was definitely fixed on my lower half. She was smiling, but that’s just a bluff, right? It’s not… bulging, right!? Maybe I had a slight reaction because I’m a guy, but it’s not an erection, so it’s not cheating. Safe!

 ”I’ll get these too.”

 Hey, seriously? By the way, I paid for both of their underwear. You might think I should cover Pegonia-san’s portion too, but as a man, it’s only natural. Paying for what you’ve seen is a gentleman’s code of conduct.


 I know, I know, you don’t need cue cards for that. It’s okay to lose…

 For some reason, afterward, we ended up buying matching animal-themed roomwear and slippers for all three of us. Kanon chose black cat-themed, Pegonia-san went for the half-closed bear, and I opted for sheep-themed roomwear and slippers to avoid matching with them. Oh wait, do I wear something this cute at home?

 ”Thank you. Thank you so much!”

 ”I’ll give these to you for free. Please take them!”

 ”Sorry, could you wear these for a moment while I take some photos? Oh, this is also part of my job, so I’m really sorry. There are absolutely no ulterior motives, I promise. Sorry to trouble you. Ah, thank you very much. I’ll just take about a hundred photos. It’s just in case. Oh, I’m really sorry, thank you!”

 ”Huh? The manufacturer’s representative is at a drinking party? Drag them back by the scruff of their necks right now! Secure everything that’s in the warehouse too! This is no time for drinking!”

 I was surrounded by the Fuji Department Store ladies and couldn’t refuse. After finishing our shopping on the third floor, we headed to the fifth floor. The fifth floor had a wide range of interior and lifestyle products, making it the main shopping area for today.

 ”This sofa looks nice, don’t you think?”

 ”Yeah, it does.”

 We found a perfect two-seater sofa and decided to try sitting on it. The seat was electrically reclining, and it had tables on both sides, making it very comfortable. It might be good for watching movies or TV together. Next, we eyed a larger sofa where many people could sit. I thought it was necessary for guests. When I looked at the price, it was almost as much as a new car, but I pretended I didn’t see it. In any case, I rarely have the opportunity to spend money like this, so I’ll make full use of Fuji Department Store today, as a thank you to Fuji Ranko, the chairman who provided us with the property and support. We also selected a dining table and chairs, an ottoman for the entrance, and various carpets to place around the house. Finally, we arrived at the bedding section, where beds were on display.

 ”This bed looks really comfortable.”


 I lay down on the bed, facing Kanon.

 ”Amaz… amazing…”

 ”Th-this is the real Bed-In.”

 ”Huh? Could it be that this is starting?”

 ”Just in case, let’s roll the camera…”


 Plap, plap, plap. Alright, you don’t have to tap the cue cards so enthusiastically, Pegonia-san.

 [Go on, embrace her! #AQUA WIN!!”]

 Are you kidding me?! I can’t do this here!! Seriously, what is this person thinking…

 [Shoul I help you? #Actually, both of us are already wearing underwear.]

 Huh? What’s this person thinking… Wait, Kanon too? Hold on! If she’s so red-faced like that and nod, Kanon, why are you wearing it too!? This is bad. I immediately sat up and exited the bed. After choosing various bedding items like pillows, duvets, and blankets, we moved on to the kitchenware section. There, I found a mug with just the right design. The black and white mug had a picture of a cat and a sheep, the same as the roomwear I had just bought. When I put them together, it looked like the sheep and cat were kissing each other. It probably wasn’t originally designed as a pair, but I liked it.

 ”Kanon, how about this? A pair of mugs.”

 ”Eh… a pair?”

 It seemed like Kanon didn’t quite understand, so I explained what it meant to look like a pair of items.

 ”A pair of… mugs?”

 ”Wait a second. Are mugs meant to be used in pairs!?”

 ”I, I didn’t know. I’ve never heard of such a thing…!”

 ”Well, now that you mention it, I remember in that manga Hakuryuu-sensei was working on, there was a scene where a boy and a girl coincidentally used matching handkerchiefs, but that’s…”

 ”””””That’s it…!”””””

 ”Hakyuryuu-sensei is truly a genius.”

 ”Who would have thought that knowledge from Sensei’s work would come in handy?”

 ”Sensei’s work is like a holy book for us women.”

 Huh? I just overheard a little conversation, but isn’t there such a thing as a pair of mugs? Do they recognize things like matching outfits as well? I asked Kanon again, and she seemed unaware, so I explained it again, and she froze.


 Alright, I get it; you don’t need to tell me. I waved my hands in front of Kanon, ignoring Pegonia-san.

 Hey, Kanon, come back here already!

 Well, there’s no helping it. It seems like it’ll take some time for her to return, so I’ll go ahead and pay.

 After paying, Kanon returned, and together we purchased various household items before heading up to the sixth floor. First, we went to the art gallery and bought paintings and artworks that Kanon selected to hang on the walls. Since I had a feeling I might choose something weird, I left it to Kanon.

 ”Oh… but this one’s nice.”

 Among them, I focused on one painting in the corner. Inside a geometric frame, a woman dressed in a pure white dress was depicted. Her graceful and beautiful figure was portrayed with elegant and bold lines. The roses blooming in the background exuded dignity, while the lilies hinted at purity. Somehow, it reminded me a little of a more masculine version of Kanon.

 I was captivated by this painting at first sight.

 ”I’ll take this.”

 The artist, MARIA, who painted this, was an up-and-coming artist, and this painting was surprisingly inexpensive compared to the others on display. It wasn’t just because it was cheap, but I liked MARIA’s style, so I asked the store clerk if there were any other paintings by this artist. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any other works, but they could contact the artist, MARIA, for me. I felt that her style would suit the image of the cover for the song I planned to release on Christmas, so I wrote down my contact information, including my phone number and email address, and handed it to the store clerk.

 ”That piece of paper is probably worth more than any of the artworks here.”

 ”If they auctioned it, I’m sure it would fetch over a billion in seconds.”

 ”The nobility of Stars probably wouldn’t mind an empty check.”

 ”That young oil queen would probably just write a blank check.”

 ”Earlier, Tanaka-san, the shop assistant, was trembling when she held that piece of paper.”

 ”””””I know…”””””

 When Kanon and Pegonia-san finished selecting their paintings, I think I saw the total amount for today displayed, but I pretended not to look. Kanon, who was beside me, said something outrageous like, “I’m sure all of these will be worth ten times more in five years,” but I chose not to hear it.

 After finishing our shopping at the art gallery, Kanon and I went to the gift counter. There, we arranged for the most expensive gift catalog as a token of our appreciation for the people who attended the wedding. I felt like the plates with our faces on them would be of little interest to anyone, so I thought this was the safest choice.

 ”Is this everything?”

 ”Yeah, I think it’s okay.”

 Kanon had probably decided what to buy in advance and checked her list on the paper. Unlike me, who was a bit careless, she seemed very organized.

 We were about to head to the elevator when I noticed a shop nearby selling baby items. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw a rabbit stuffed animal there, with a face like Lapis.

 ”A-Aqua, A-Aquaaaa, th-that, um…”


 Wait, something’s off with Kanon’s behavior. She’s acting like a malfunctioning robot.

 ”Aqua, um… d-do you, um, like… kids?”

 ”Oh, yeah. I like them. Why?”

 ”I-I see…”

 Huh? She’s got a gloomy look on her face. What’s going on?

 ”Could it be that Kanon doesn’t like kids?”

 ”N-no! It’s not like that!! I like kids!!”

 Oh, oh, for some reason, Kanon suddenly became very animated.

 ”Aqua… do you… not want to make… babies… with me?”

 Wait, Kanon-san!? What on earth is this girl saying? Could it be another one of Pegonia-san’s instructions… Wait, she’s not here!?

 Suddenly, I noticed that the employees of Fuji Department Store were watching us from a distant corner, along with some other people. I’m not sure if they’re concerned or not, but that’s not important right now.


 I cleared my throat lightly and gently placed my hands on Kanon’s arms while looking into her eyes.

 ”I don’t know why you’d think that, but I also want to have children with you someday.”

 With my words, Kanon’s face brightened up.

 ”But not now. You and I are still students. I want you to graduate from school properly, and I want to walk together with you, who are the same age, at a leisurely pace. Besides, I think it’s better to have a more stable job first. I want to be a good parent and not rely on others like Pegonia-san does. I’m sorry. It might be selfish of me, but I want to cherish our child properly because it’s ours.”

 ”I see… Aqua, I’m sorry too. It’s just… on our wedding night, you used protection, so I thought… maybe you don’t want to make babies with me…”

 Wait a minute, Kanon-san!? In the distance, I heard someone fall. When I looked over, one of the Fuji Department Store employees had collapsed, and others were helping them. Pegonia-san was frozen with her NICE cue card, and at the very least, she could pretend not to hear us!!

 ”Th-that’s sorry. But you see, um, c*ndoms are used for when, uh, men need them for certain reasons, like if a woman doesn’t want to have a child, say, due to, um, unfortunate circumstances.”

 In response to my words, for some reason, Kanon tilted her head.

 ”Aqua… c*ndoms are usually used by men when they engage in sexual intercourse with women who don’t want to have children for some reason. Contraception within a married couple is generally done through taking oral contraceptives.”

 ”Huh? But aren’t birth control pills not very good for your body…?”

 ”Huh? Could it be that boys don’t learn this in school? The issue with birth control pills being bad for the body was decades ago. Nowadays, there aren’t any such side effects, so, um, you can rest assured. I’d like to do it without protection from now on…”

 ”W-without… protection…”

 Kanon-san, this is bad! Even though it’s a private venue, we’re still outside!! Oh, look, I can hear someone falling in the distance again. Just to be sure, I checked over there, and Pegonia-san was displaying her cue card.

 [You can use the bedroom area on the lower floor!!]

 Wait, Pegonia-san! Don’t look that way!

 [We have obtained the necessary permissions!!]

 Don’t nod your head, Fuji Department Store employee!! We’re not going to do it! Kanon-san, aren’t you going to say something like, “We won’t do it”? Kanon-san, this is a department store! It’s not our home!! Geez.

 You see, Kanon noticed it because of the noise there…

 ”That’s why I’m thinking about you properly, and, um, about the future of both of us, our family, and what’s to come. Let’s have a proper talk once we move into our new place, okay? I’m sure you have things on your mind too, Kanon.”


 Seeing Kanon’s relieved face, I let out a sigh of relief. I’ve been told that sometimes I don’t explain things enough or that I’m a bit vague, so I need to be careful. I didn’t anticipate something like this happening, but I’m glad I didn’t cross paths with Kanon.

 ”So, should we head back today? I’m busy with the CR Cup until it’s over, after all.”

 ”Y-yeah, there are still lots of things I want to talk to Aqua about, but I think we should wait until we move into our new place to do that. Oh, and once we move, let’s do it every day. This time, without…”

 Oh, my goodness! Kanon-san, this is outside! I’m a man! Men are beasts! Even if we’re a married couple, you can’t casually say things like that!! Should I really just take her to a hotel now…? No, I can’t. I wouldn’t last. Yes, calm down, Shirogane Aqua. When we move into our new place, we can do it every day! I’ll endure… yes, I’ll endure…

 [Endurance isn’t good for your body, you know? Let’s release some tension with a quick one! I’ll help too!!]

 Why is she writing such a long message at the very end? And “I”? Come on… This is all Pegonia-san’s fault. I pretended not to see it and, along with Kanon, we headed down to the first floor.

 *Sigh*… I feel even more exhausted for some reason. In the taxi on the way back, I couldn’t help but regret not just going to a nearby hotel with Kanon.

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