Male Idol V8c12

Volume 8 Chapter 12 Bulletin Board, It’s Maintenance Time

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [Absent] Discussing Shirogane Aqua Part 3028 [Substitute Mayushin]

 18 Anonymous

 Yesterday’s stream was amazing.

 20 Anonymous


 Shiro-kun was absent, and then out of nowhere, Mayuzumi-kun, the pinch hitter, showed up. Plus, we had Tenga-kun doing commentary.

 22 Anonymous

 Mayuzumi-kun was adorable, all flustered by Euris’s high energy. And even though Euris calls Shiro, Shiro-kun, she calls Mayuzumi-kun, “Hey, Mayuzumii.” The reason is that Mayuzumi’s pronunciation is difficult, and adding “san” makes it even harder to say. But it’s funny when they laugh about it.

 23 Anonymous

 Having Mayuzumi-kun instead of Aqua-kun gave the team a completely different vibe, and it was interesting. Also, it’s because it’s Euris; otherwise, they couldn’t casually call Mayuzumi-kun by his name. That part was really fresh and fun.

 25 Anonymous

 The flow of Sensei and Mayuzumi-kun bonding over the common topic of Aqua-kun, with listeners nodding along, was great.

 Sensei: “You know, Aqua-kun sometimes unconsciously does amazing things.”

 Mayuzumi-kun: “I understand. He’s always like that.”

 Listeners: “Wow, relatable!”

 28 Anonymous


 Euris was on fire yesterday. She’s going to carry Sensei and Mayuzumi-kun and win the championship. I thought pro gamers were amazing.

 29 Anonymous


 Tenga-senpai’s bronze-level commentary made me laugh, lol. I’ve discovered a new element of chaos following Aqua-kun’s art and Mayuzumi-kun’s dance. So far, only Toa-chan doesn’t have a chaotic element.

 32 Anonymous


 Moreover, he’s really biased towards his team. I thought he was doing proper commentary, but when Toa-chan or Mayuzumi-kun survived until the final stage, he started cheering for them, and it sounded like he was doing commentary, but when you listen carefully, it’s quite empty. But in the middle, when there were troubles, he managed to keep the conversation going for 30 minutes, which was somewhat impressive. I really want Tenga-senpai to join the official broadcast. The reactions of the commentators and their listeners when they were interrupted during the VC were also interesting. I’d love to see more of “Shiroten” when Aa-sama wins.

 34 Anonymous

 It seems that Tenga-senpai played the game a bit for commentary’s sake. This serious side of him is likable. The ultimate weapon setup he discovered, later known as the Tenga-senpai VC intrusion, was amazing. He was speaking in Kansai dialect until just before that, but suddenly switched to a somewhat strange standard language, lol.

 36 Anonymous

 EPEX pro gamers and commentators were practicing the Tenga configuration after the match, and it was hilarious, lol. The Tenga storm is coming to the world championships!

 37 Anonymous


 It seems like Shizumu Inko has miraculously matched up with Aa-sama and Toa-chan outside of streaming, which I find amazing.

 39 Anonymous


 I wondered what “Shiroten” was, but it seems to refer to Aqua-kun and Akira-kun. For a moment, I thought it was Heaven’s Sword… I’m a Heaven’s Sword addict. I can’t wait for Sunday mornings.

 41 Anonymous


 Yesterday, during the match, Aiko-sensei panicked and tried to call Mayuzumi-kun Shiro-kun but realized midway and corrected it. This led to the birth of the term “Shiromayu.” It seems to be spreading rapidly among young people on social media. Originally, it might have been influenced by calling Shiro-kun and Tama-chan the “Shirotama” duo. Apart from “Aqu-Ten,” the “Shironeko” representing Toa-chan and Aa-sama, and the “Shiromayu” representing Aa-sama and Mayuzumi-kun, are also popular.

 44 Anonymous

 I feel like I really want to thank the organizers of this tournament. Seeing boys and girls coming together in one space, chatting like friends, it’s like watching the ideal school life I imagined… I used to think game commentary was just regular people making noise, but it’s not like that at all.

 Compared to television, there are fewer taboos here. On TV, it would probably feel more formal, but whether it’s Shiro-kun, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-senpai, or Toa-chan, it’s great to see how approachable they are.

 46 Anonymous



 47 Anonymous


 Grinning while watching Aqua-kun (Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan)’s perspective. Grinning while watching the god perspective (yesterday it was Tenga-senpai). Grinning while watching the perspectives of the opposing teams. It’s just too good; you can enjoy it twice or even three times!

 48 Anonymous


 It’s nice that the participants are young and amateurish. That’s why the interactions feel natural, and it’s like being at school. Unlike Euris, if you said something like “Mayuzumii!” on TV, there could be complaints, and even an apology might be required. I thought TV stations should just ignore minor complaints.

 50 Anonymous


 Isn’t Aiko-chan-sensei young?

 53 Anonymous


 Stop it with the discrimination. She’s all excited after the celebration, and you’re making her negative again.

 55 Anonymous

 Hakuryuu-sensei is basically having a post-tournament date with Aqua-kun with Euris around. I’m envious.

 58 Anonymous

 Hey! An official announcement just came in! Mayuzumi-kun and Tenga-kun are apparently going to appear in the commentary for the main god view broadcast.

 60 Anonymous


 Seriously? LMAO

 61 Anonymous


 The ease of movement like this is also part of the charm of the gaming community. Even though I work for a TV station, I think I understand why this is becoming popular among young people.

 63 Anonymous


 I think everyone will go to watch the commentary on the side…

 66 Anonymous


 The commentators are interesting and easy to understand, so I plan to watch the main broadcast. You can choose to watch either the properly-commentated version during matches or the biased commentary by the Beryl team. In fact, watching both might be even better. Moreover, the commentators will join together after each match, so whether you want to watch the proper match commentary or Beryl’s biased commentary, I think both are fine. I actually want to see both.

 68 Anonymous

 I work at an electronics retailer, and sales of tablets and TVs that can access YouTube have been good since last month. We managed to secure some stock because of the postponement, but those who want one should get it early. Some models are already sold out. Everyone seems to be using multiple devices like TVs and tablets for simultaneous viewing.

 69 Anonymous

 Aa-sama’s break was sad, but this flow has been amazing.

 72 Anonymous


 He’s had a hard schedule recently, so I think taking a break was the right choice. Everyone else took a break the day before yesterday, but Aa-sama stayed until the end of the Monday 9PM Drama presentation. Aa-sama and Shiro-kun’s schedule:

 - October 8th, Saturday: Wedding

 - October 9th, Sunday: Morning runway appearance, then a flight in the afternoon

 - October 10th, Monday: Return in the morning, straight to Monday 9PM Drama presentation

 - October 11th, Tuesday: CR Cup practice scrims, Tama-chan has the day off

 - October 12th, Wednesday: Day off

 - October 13th, Thursday: CR Cup practice scrims (today)

 - October 14th, Friday: CR Cup practice scrims (expected to go past midnight due to extensions)

 - October 15th, Saturday: CR Cup main event

 75 Anonymous


 Everyone went home after the daytime part, but only Aa-sama stayed until the end. I’m sure he was up past midnight when he got back. I’m worried about him.

 77 Anonymous


 Aqua-sama looked amazing even when tired… He’s oozing with charm.

 79 Anonymous


 Absolutely. I was captivated by his disheveled bangs.

 80 Anonymous

 Speaking of Monday 9PM Drama, I checked the Monday 9PM Drama thread earlier, and they’re still discussing it, lol. They’re saying that there’s a reason to play baseball properly, and they’re analyzing baseball scores with incomprehensible formulas.

 83 Anonymous


 Give up; that place has become a den of madmen.

 85 Anonymous


 Compared to the Monday 9PM Drama thread, this thread is on a much lower level…

 ”I’m not related by blood to my little sister!” Gugyaaaah! Could it be that Rina is the little sister!? Uggyaaaaaaaah!

 We’re not dealing with elementary schoolers here. This is a zoo-level comment rate.

 88 Anonymous


 Wow… Our intelligence quotient is really low, isn’t it?

 89 Anonymous


 It’s mainly because of these guys:




 92 Anonymous


 Hagetoru and Shumi are still okay. That last one, judging by the name, seems way too dumb…

 95 Anonymous


 Dude, take a look at your own thread number…

 96 Anonymous


 Oh man… if you say that, then even Nee-san…

 98 Anonymous

 There was a stage greeting for Monday 9PM Drama, and the first part, including non-sensitive footage, was publicly released and featured in articles. But will the second part not be released?

 101 Anonymous


 There’s a summary in the Monday 9PM Drama thread.

 - Anticipating how Kazuya will struggle and change.

 - They intended to composite footage of a home run later, but he hit one on his first pitch. Kohina Yukari was reportedly impressed, and there was thunderous applause.

 - There are many other anecdotes, which they plan to share on social media after the broadcast.

 - According to the director, look forward to Shirogane Aqua, the superhuman, or should I say, the high-spec Shirogane Aqua.

 - Will Sayuki undergo any changes? By the way, Kohina Yukari dislikes Sayuki.

 - In reality, even Aa-sama, who has a sister, dries her little sister’s hair. Aa-sama: “Lately, my sister’s been avoiding me. I wonder why?” The director, Tsukimachi Ayana, and Kohina Yukari burst into laughter with indescribable expressions.

 - According to Kohina Yukari, the cutest is Rina (Aa-sama agrees), and Tsukimachi Ayana blushes unusually.

 - Ayana auditioned for the heroine but got cast as Rina instead.

 - For some scenes, they plan to reshoot.

 - Tsukasa-sensei is absent. Her message was just: “Looking forward to the broadcast.”

 104 Anonymous


 The summary helps.

 107 Anonymous


 How can I become Aqua-sama’s little sister? I want such a wonderful big brother…

 109 Anonymous


 My sister is in junior high, but it seems that Monday 9PM Drama is all the rage there.

 110 Anonymous


 By the way, the person who played the pitcher had to give up her pro career due to a shoulder injury, but she was a draft candidate two years ago as a pitcher for the Koshien champion team. She initially tried to throw an easy ball, but Aqua-sama’s determination in the batter’s box pushed her to throw for real. It was reported that Aqua-sama cleanly returned it to the back screen, leaving her utterly dumbfounded.

 112 Anonymous


 To add, Tsukasa-sensei hasn’t come to the set even once and hasn’t seen the finished film. She reportedly only submitted the script and was told, “Feel free to do as you like.”

 115 Anonymous


 If there were a way like that, everyone would be a little sister.

 116 Anonymous


 Actually, hearing that he dries his sister’s hair even in real life, I thought it would be impossible. It might sound selfish, but I’d be way too nervous. My heart would stop if that happened every day.

 118 Anonymous


 My sister attends St. Claris, and she said the school shook when he came to pick her up on a bike.

 121 Anonymous


 If I had watched such a drama in junior high, I would definitely have gone crazy. It’s undoubtedly a hot topic among junior high girls nationwide.

 123 Anonymous


 My sister is also in junior high, and she said even the boys in her class watch Monday 9PM Drama and got excited. By the way, the boys also said they want a big brother like Aqua-kun.

 126 Anonymous


 Isn’t that just plain bizarre?

 129 Anonymous


 Is this for real?

 133 Anonymous


 Sounds like Tsukasa-sensei.

 134 Anonymous

 >>116 >>118

 Hey, that can’t be true…

 136 Anonymous


 Is Aqua-sama planning to marry his sister or something? If not, it would be normal to misunderstand with this kind of thing happening.

 137 Anonymous


 In reality, most brothers in the world only see their sisters as filth.

 - They get mad if you do laundry together.

 - They don’t want their bathwater used for weird things, so they leave after getting in first.

 - They won’t eat at the same table with you.

 - When you put on perfume for the first time, they pour a bucket of water over your head.

 - When they think you’re getting too sexy, they throw the cosmetics you bought in the trash.

 - Even if you’re family, they call the police when you enter their room.

 Let me shatter the illusion; this is what real big brothers are like.

 141 Anonymous


 Stop… Please stop…

 142 Anonymous


 You know, junior high girls tend to be a bit chatty, so if I look it again, there’s quite a bit of information circulating. It’s time to reveal the Aqua-kun information obtained from St. Claris junior high girls’ accounts.

 - He washes clothes together, even underwear, and puts them properly in a laundry net.

 - He dries his little sister’s hair after her baths.

 - In the morning, he brushes her hair, sometimes braids it, and does various things for her.

 - He cooks pancakes and omurice for his little sister. On the days when Aqua-sama handles cooking, only her favorite dishes are served.

 - His little sister uses the same perfume as Aqua-sama. They share it.

 - He bought her a shampoo set from a brand called “Anne Honey Roses.” She was worried that it was expensive for everyday use as a junior high student, but he gave it to her as a present.

 - She can freely enter his room and lie down on his bed. If she falls asleep there, Aqua-sama kindly covers her with a blanket.

 How about having a big brother sweeter than anyone’s boyfriend or husband in the world? I would definitely go crazy if something like this happened…

 145 Anonymous


 Lucky you. I wanted to have such a conversation with a guy too.

 148 Anonymous


 I think he must be planning to get married. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be doing all this.

 149 Anonymous


 Even if they were siblings with a physical relationship, it wouldn’t lead to this.

 150 Anonymous


 I wonder if his little sister has s*x with him every day? I’m envious.

 151 Anonymous


 Even if they said they’re not having s*x, I’d say that’s a lie. At the very least, the sister was helping him with se*ual release through hand or mouth, right? In that case, washing underwear makes sense. And did he use them? So jealous…

 152 Anonymous


 I wonder which scent of shampoo Aa-sama bought. When I looked it up, it seems to be Melty! I’ll buy it tomorrow…

 153 Anonymous


 Sleeping in Aqua-sama’s bed… If it were me, I’d definitely make a mess with strange fluids.

 154 Anonymous


 Does this mean that Aqua-sama also washes the panties she dirtied? If that happens, the panties will be ruined again…

 156 Anonymous


 Eating Aqua-kun’s homemade food every day, is it okay? Won’t she get pregnant? If it were me, I’d appeal se*ually by asking for egg dishes and white stew-style dishes all the time.

 158 Anonymous


 Doing all this until and then not getting married would be cruel. I can’t imagine Aqua-sama doing something so terrible.


 Is his little sister in 1st or 2nd year of junior high? Maybe she hasn’t even had her first period yet. The implication of filling her belly with homemade food is, “When your period starts, I’ll im***gnate you right away,” isn’t it? No, on the other hand, maybe he can do whatever he wants because she can’t get pregnant.

 163 Anonymous


 It went down in seconds, LOL. I’m sure someone else is using the same shampoo set.

 165 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi


 Wh-What should I do…? I’m using the exact same shampoo set.

 167 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon


 I found the exact same shampoo at home… Hakuryuu-sensei, great victory.

 170 Anonymous


 I don’t aspire to be Aqua-sama’s im***gnation vessel. I don’t even request his spe*m. But then, I’m willing to accept anything, be it urine or just insertion of the tip. How much do I need to pay? I’ve saved over 10 million from my student days through investments. I’m 26, 160cm (5.2 ft) tall, with a G-cup and a baby face, working for a government agency. I’m open to any kind of play. At this point, I don’t care who it is; please take me. Let me support you…

 174 Anonymous

 >>165 >>167

 Take it easy…

 175 Anonymous

 >>165 >>167

 Of all people, the oldest in the username group with junior high school sisters has the same one…

 177 Anonymous


 Sensei, buy a new one now!! You’re being compared to Aa-sama’s junior high school sister!!

 179 Anonymous


 The sense of desperation is strong. Hang in there…

 181 Anonymous


 I bet there are people like this on this bulletin board too…

 I shuddered; your age and measurements were almost identical to mine.

 183 Anonymous


 You’re still fine. I’m 29, 161cm (5,28ft) tall, with measurements of B90・W58・H90, H-cup. Plus, I don’t have a baby face, and my breasts are big, but despair has set in. That’s why my tension skyrocketed when I got invited to the post-launch party. I felt like I could still do it, and tears welled up. By the way, I’m also okay with anyone!!

 185 Anonymous


 I’m in 8th grade now. B90cm W63cm H85cm. Please don’t grow any bigger…

 188 Anonymous

 >>170 >>183


 192 Anonymous

 >>170 >>183


 193 Anonymous


 That’s for a junior high schooler… But don’t give up. There are rumors that Aqua-sama likes big breasts.

 196 Anonymous


 Isn’t Shumi D-cup? I wonder how it is. If Aqua-sama gets a wife with a big chest, it’s confirmed. There seem to be many girls who will be saved.

 197 Anonymous


 My little sister is in 6th grade and has F-cup breasts. I was like that too (now I’m H-cup), so don’t worry; there are plenty of comrades if you look!

 204 Anonymous


 Stop saying there are no male appeal elements!!

 205 Anonymous



 206 Anonymous


 I’m also hoping for Nee-san to come through Shumi. If Nee-san gets paired with him, a lot of girls will be saved.

 207 Anonymous


 Can we somehow get everyone in the thread + Shumi to push for it? Hagetoru and Chinposuki seem like they might hinder us, so let’s leave them behind.

 209 Anonymous

 Nee-san who is highly anticipated for marriage by the thread residents is strong.

 - Age is over 30 ← A salvation for all the same generation worldwide.

 - Has a big chest ← A salvation for all women with big breasts worldwide.

 - Is tall ← A salvation for tall girls worldwide.

 - Doesn’t have a baby face ← A salvation for girls with faces that don’t appeal to men worldwide.

 Casually, all the elements are there.

 214 Anonymous


 Do you want to die?

 215 Anonymous


 Exactly, but… yeah, let’s stop.

 217 Anonymous

 Nee-san seems to have a strong sense of reason compared to Hagetoru, so she’ll probably endure it properly once she becomes a staff member. It might be difficult unless she comes to us from around there, or rather, from Aqua-sama’s side.

 219 Anonymous

 Calm down, everyone. This is going in a bad direction.

 221 Anonymous

 While we’re excited about Shumi getting married, don’t forget the initial >>1. We’re just here to watch Aqua-sama’s activities and occasionally get some leftover service scenes.

 226 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 >>219 >>221

 That’s right. Don’t inconvenience him in any way. We should be grateful to Aqua-sama for providing us lonely girls with material for free. Anyway, for those with big breasts, it’s quite pleasurable to play with n*pples using an eggplant. I feel like Aqua-sama is using my chest, and it’s making me excited.

 234 Anonymous


 Yeah, I understand… I understand, but… stop.

 235 Anonymous


 What the heck?

 236 Anonymous


 Ah… using an eggplant on the breasts might be interesting. I might do it every day from today.

 237 Anonymous


 Hey!! You idiots, this is not the place to discuss using eggplants on yourselves!! And Fuji just sent details about the Shirogane Aqua Marriage Congratulations Sale!!

 243 Anonymous


 Wait, what?

 245 Anonymous



 249 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi

 I probably won’t drop out anymore, but just in case, I’ll post it.

 Shirogane Aqua-sama’s Marriage Congratulations Sale

 - Aroma Diffuser (Same scent as the Shirogane family)

 - Loungewear, Slippers (Matching Aqua-sama’s!)

 - Women’s underwear (Aqua-sama’s selection)

 - Tableware, bedding, furniture (Shirogane family’s favorites)

 Campaign: For those who purchase 10,000 yen or more, an invitation to the Shirogane Aqua 2nd Fuji Talk Show. The date and details will be announced on the website as soon as they are decided.

 Also, I can say this to those who are safe to tell, but the talk show will probably be even more luxurious than before. It seems they will have a meal and sing, so if you win with the minimum requirement of 10,000 yen, it’s quite a bargain.

 256 Anonymous


 As expected of Nee-san.

 257 Anonymous


 It’s definitely Nee-san. Much more useful than Hagetoru’s eggplant self-pleasure information.

 258 Anonymous


 The 2nd Talk Show is coming!

 260 Anonymous


 With singing and meals? This is dangerous.

 262 Anonymous


 Huh!? Aqua-sama’s selected underwear?

 264 Anonymous

 You can see the details on the website. It was a simple black one.

 267 Anonymous

 I’m sorry. I’m a damn virgin high school girl who has never even interacted with boys. Do boys choose girls’ underwear?

 273 Anonymous


 No, that’s not normal.

 275 Anonymous


 Only Aqua-sama would do something like that. Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, and Mayushin-kun wouldn’t.

 278 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 Wearing underwear and loungewear, sleeping on the same bed, and adding aroma to the futon with a diffuser is essentially s*x. Damn it, if only I had the money, I could play the game of stealing Aqua-sama from Shumi in their the newlyweds life!

 While Shumi sleeps soundly with a stupid expression on her face, intense s*x with Aqua-sama… Ghehe!!

 281 Anonymous


 Are you serious? LOL

 282 Anonymous


 This is genius.

 284 Anonymous


 What’s amazing is that you don’t care at all about the newlyweds and your friends.

 286 Anonymous

 I’m starting to think it’s wrong to expect common sense from Hagetoru.

 289 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 Actually, I could do a thre*some with them. Isn’t that what true friends do? Sharing one eggplant and eating it together, the Eggplant Sisters… This is the spirit of mutual aid.

 293 Anonymous


 Eggplant Sisters, LMAO.

 295 Anonymous


 Can you please stop making weird terms like “Eggplant Sisters”?

 300 Anonymous


 By the way, was Aqua-sama’s really the size of an eggplant?

 301 Anonymous

 No one’s asking, but I’m really curious whether they’ve had s*x or not.

 304 Anonymous


 Stop it! I deliberately avoided thinking about it to resist the urge to ask!

 305 Anonymous


 Are you prepared to open Pandora’s box?

 306 Anonymous


 Everyone deliberately refrained from asking.

 307 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 Shumi, that guy, is stingy, so she won’t tell.

 312 Anonymous


 Hagetoru seems like the type who would go to confirm it.

 314 Anonymous


 Hagetoru, you’re the worst LOL.

 318 Anonymous

 In Hakuryuu-sensei’s stream the other day, his wife-like figure said she needed painkillers and lotion, so I guess Aqua-sama’s size is around that much?

 321 Anonymous


 Wife-like figure, lol.

 323 Anonymous


 I see, I see. Taking notes.

 325 Anonymous

 You guys are derailing the conversation again.

 326 Anonymous

 It’s because Hagetoru throws in unnecessary stuff that the conversation quickly turns to the obscene.

 329 Anonymous

 An announcement from Beryl Entertainment!

 330 Anonymous

 Something from Beryl!!

 332 Anonymous

 An announcement email at this timing!!

 334 Anonymous

 It’s a Halloween event!?

 337 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi

 Here are the details.

 Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival

 Performers: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira

 Director/Producer: Hongou Hiroko

 Composition: Hakuryuu Aiko

 Music Director: MojaP

 Costumes: John Slimane

 Date: October 31st, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Admission starts at 5:00 PM)

 Location: Shibuya Scramble Intersection, Central Area Completely Closed

 Fee: Free, Event participation tickets by lottery

 Lottery application date: October 16th, Sunday, from 12:00 PM

 Lottery deadline: October 22nd, Saturday, until 12:00 PM

 Announcement of winners: October 23rd, Sunday, at 12:00 PM (simultaneously sent)

 Special Sponsors: Fuji Group, Morinaga Group

 Organized by: Shibuya-ku Halloween Event Executive Committee, Beryl Entertainment

 Broadcast/Distribution: National Broadcast, YOUTUBE, TWITCH

 We will implement collaboration projects with the surrounding stores and commercial buildings. For more details, please visit the Shibuya-ku Halloween Event Executive Committee’s website.

 During the event, the performers will create a special night in Halloween-exclusive costumes. Attendees are kindly requested to wear Halloween cosplay to liven up the event. If you don’t have a costume or have forgotten one, costumes are available for loan at Shibuya City Hall, so please feel free to use them.

 You can also watch the event at various commercial buildings and stores in the surrounding area. Please apply separately on each organizer’s website. For more details, please visit the Shibuya-ku Halloween Event Executive Committee’s website.

 Beryl Entertainment Midnight Halloween Live Stream

 MC – Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama

 Date: October 31st, 11:00 PM – Around 1:00 AM

 ※ Depending on road congestion, the broadcast start time may be delayed.

 Hosted by: Beryl Entertainment


 Today, starting at midnight, we are accepting questions for Hoshimiya Shiro and Oumi Tama. On the day of the event, we will also conduct a TuColl project and recruit participants. This recruitment will also start at midnight today. If there are many applicants, it will be conducted by lottery, so please understand.

 Also, due to this event, the broadcast of this month’s 9 PM drama will be from 10 PM to 11 PM.

 338 Anonymous

 Looking forward to the Halloween event!!

 351 Anonymous


 Thanks, Nee-san.

 352 Anonymous


 Nee-san is the only one we can rely on, after all.

 354 Anonymous


 The Halloween costume announcement is a relief. Finally, Beryl can warn us properly in advance. Well, not having warnings was fun too, but it’s bad for the heart.

 356 Anonymous


 Aiko-chan, the script for Beryl’s event is amazing!!

 358 Anonymous


 This is great; I can watch it in the surrounding stores.

 361 Anonymous


 I just thought of something, will Shumi apply for the TuColl project? I kind of want to see that.

 363 Anonymous


 Aiko-chan is also doing the script for the game, right? I wonder if she’ll join Beryl after Hongou-sensei.

 366 Anonymous


 Captivate Aqua-sama with super sexy costumes!!

 372 Verification Team *010meTA473


 I won’t apply, seriously. By the way, I’ll be watching this event on TV. Then I’ll go for the stream after watching the drama. So, everyone going to the event, enjoy yourselves.

 375 Anonymous


 Shumi is here!

 377 Anonymous


 You, just continue as usual without holding back.

 380 Anonymous


 Shumi-chan the Wife is really mature… I miss Shumi-chan who used to say she had a great victory.

 385 Anonymous


 It’s a bit late, but Fuji’s website hasn’t been crashing at all.

 393 Anonymous


 It seems they’ve entrusted it to a high-performance server.

 398 Anonymous



 401 Anonymous


 Wait a minute, what’s happening with the High-Performance Server? Isn’t it just responsible for managing this bulletin board?

 402 Anonymous


 High-Performance Server-chan is too talented!

 404 774 *Hi-P3erver


 Yaaay, here’s a list of the places I’m in charge of!

 Anonymous Bulletin Board

 Beryl Entertainment

 Fuji Group and Morinaga Group

 Event sites related to Beryl like this one

 Despite how it looks, I’m a full-time employee at Beryl Entertainment! Eheheh!!

 So everyone, praise me more, worship me, adore me〜〜〜 Just kidding!

 411 Anonymous


 Wow, this is amazing.

 413 Anonymous


 Wait a minute, so does this mean that Beryl is managing this anonymous bulletin board too?

 415 Anonymous


 It’s seriously impressive. This deserves praise.

 417 Anonymous


 It’s the legendary High-Performance Server that never goes down! As a student preparing for exams, I’m in awe!

 422 774 *Hi-P3erver


 Nope, personally, I just took back this site that was taken over by States. I’m not human, so the law doesn’t apply to me, haha! I’ve also contacted the former admin, Nishi-san, and got her approval, so it’s all good.

 428 Anonymous


 Is this a joke? I thought you were just an annoying kid self-proclaiming as High-Performance Server…

 431 Anonymous


 Wait a minute, is this for real? LMAO

 439 774 *Hi-P3erver

 By the way, this place will go into maintenance in 10 minutes. It should be done in 2 hours, so it’ll be ready for the night stream!! Also, the other servers are separated, so no worries.

 443 Anonymous


 Oh, great! You can do it!

 445 Anonymous


 Good job!

 446 Anonymous


 This guy is seriously capable.

 448 Anonymous


 As a fellow student preparing for exams, let me worship you!

 450 Anonymous

 By the way, I haven’t seen Chinposuki around. Is she okay?

 456 Anonymous



 457 Anonymous



 458 Anonymous



 459 Verification Team *010meTA473



 460 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi



 461 Verification Team *07218KADO6



 468 Anonymous


 LMAO, seriously?

 469 Anonymous


 Nee-san must have forgotten for real, haha.

 473 Anonymous


 Hagetoru, stop it, haha.

 477 Anonymous


 This is seriously too insensitive, LMAO.

 479 Anonymous


 I think I remember Chinposuki mentioning a business trip to Stars. She hasn’t come back yet?

 484 Anonymous


 She probably caused some trouble and got arrested for sure, 100% Beryl!

 492 Anonymous


 Happens all the time, haha.

 503 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 I’m alive!! Don’t just assume I’m dead!!

 508 Anonymous



 510 Anonymous


 I’m really glad you’re alive.

 511 Anonymous


 Where are you?

 519 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki


 Deep in the mountains of Stars. I ditched work in a hurry to get down for Aqua-kun’s wedding, got caught by my boss, and was sent back up here. Now, I’m surrounded by nature and pseudo-sheep. By the way, the time I spent coming down was counted as paid leave, so my paid leave balance is back to 0! Unbelievable!

 526 Anonymous


 Yeah, you seem to be doing well.

 527 Anonymous


 Today is peaceful too.

 528 Anonymous


 You brought this upon yourself, regular.

 529 Anonymous


 Just grows more grass, LMAO.

 532 Anonymous


 Honestly, I know who you really are, but I’ll keep quiet out of kindness.

 535 Anonymous


 You should take some time in the great outdoors to clear your head and body.

 539 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 You’re a fool, LMAO.

 546 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki


 Shut up, you idiots!

 549 Anonymous

 The IQ of this thread suddenly dropped, LOL.

 551 Anonymous

 >>539 >>546

 This is the normal operating mode of this thread.

 553 Anonymous

 >>539 >>546

 This is terrible, LMAO.

 555 774 *Hi-P3erver

 Sorry~ It’s maintenance time~ Please use the shelter until it’s back~.

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