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Volume 8 Chapter 18 Shirogane Aqua, UNDERSTANDIN

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 ”No, no, wait a minute.”

 For just a moment, I managed to regain my composure.

 ”Kanon is my wife, and Miyuki-san is working, so I can understand it to some extent, but it feels different with Pegonia-san…”

 ”What are you saying, Master! Supporting the daily lives of Master and Madam is precisely the role given to me, a maid. In other words, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is also one of the duties of a maid! Or does Master intend to take away one of the jobs that should be done by a maid?”

 Breasts were presented in front of me like ripe, bountiful fruits, and I couldn’t help but fixate my gaze on the two nipples bouncing up and down naturally. Oh… yes. I involuntarily nodded in response to Pegonia-san’s strong presence. Right, I didn’t shake my head up and down because I was drawn to the movement of the nipples! Or so I hope.

 ”Come on, both of you.”

 ”W-We got it, Pegonia.”

 ”Yes, very well then…”

 Kanon, prompted by Pegonia-san, untied the ribbon at her neckline and gracefully discarded the blouse she had been wearing over it. Wrapped in pastel blue underwear adorned with frills and ribbons, Kanon looked delicate, cute, and beautiful, like an elf or fairy by the lakeside. She exuded such divine beauty in her underwear that I felt like falling to my knees in reverence, thinking it was worth enduring until now.

 ”W-Wait… Aqua, you’re crying!?”

 Huh? Oh, I see. It seemed I had unconsciously shed tears.

 ”D-Did you dislike it that much…?”

 ”No, I didn’t dislike it. I cried because I was so happy to see Kanon in her underwear.”

 Upon hearing my words, Kanon’s face turned as red as a tomato.

 ”Since that day, I’ve been wanting to be with Kanon, so I held back…”

 ”I see… I’m sorry for making you wait. Today, we’ll all do our best to make up for it.”

 Kanon shifted her gaze toward Miyuki-san, who was beside her. Following her gaze, I noticed that the item I had used extensively in my fantasies was already exposed. HUGE, EXTREMELY HUGE, MONSTROUSLY HUGE… It’s important to emphasize it once again.

 ”Now, I will explain the practical use of the tool, including the demonstration. Um… may I use the sofa for this?”

 Upon agreement, Miyuki-san sat on the sofa and patted her lap. Huh? Wait a minute. Does that mean…

 ”Do you remember what happened at the shopping mall?”


 At the shopping mall, I had received a h*ndjob from Miyuki-san while she provided me with a lap pillow. I felt embarrassed remembering that I couldn’t hold back and ended up sucking them over her underwear.

 ”At that time, it was over the underwear, but today, I’d like to do it properly.”

 W-What? Properly!? So, you mean I can suck on the enormous natural wonders right in front of me!? I immediately slid over and placed my head on Miyuki-san’s lap. The start dash at that moment was faster than a lightning-fast Olympic gold medalist sprinter, a World Cup-winning French soccer player, a legendary base-stealer who refused Citizen Honor Award because he couldn’t urinate on an electric pole, or a comet that was famously speedy.

 ”This is a sp*rm extraction method that was popular known as ‘Mama’s boys’ in the past, and it’s called ‘Breastfeeding H*ndjob.’ Although I say ‘breastfeeding,’ I’m not pregnant, so there won’t be any milk coming from my breasts…”

 Miyuki-san explained how to use the equipment without hesitation.

 ”Now, let’s change the vag*na data to mine and move on to the practical demonstration. Aqua-sama, judging from your current state… it seems you’re quite satisfied with these monstrous breasts of mine. While I manually stimulate you, please feel free to fondle or suck on them as you like.”


 In response, I grabbed Miyuki-san’s breasts with enthusiasm.


 As if drawn irresistibly to the skin-like texture of Miyuki-san’s breasts, my fingers sank into her chest. The unbelievable weight of these enormous meteorites, if two of them were to fall onto my head, Planet Aqua, there would be no escape. I pressed Miyuki-san’s breasts from the side, slid my hand into her cleavage, lifted them from underneath, and occasionally played with her nipples. Amazing… Akio-san had warned me to be careful with breasts, but I think breasts have the power to make most things irrelevant. That’s how captivating breasts are, to the point where they can solve trivial problems.

 ”Amazing. Aqua, you really love breasts, don’t you?”

 ”I see. Since I also belong to the well-endowed category, I’ve never received anything but disgusted looks from boys. However, Master, from the very beginning, has been looking at my breasts with a passionate gaze, as if wanting to imp***nate them.”

 Huh? Seriously!? Did I really look at them that way!? I thought I had managed to hide it properly…

 ”Aqua-sama is too defenseless.”

 Miyuki-san’s voice could be heard from beyond the breasts, making it seem like the breasts were speaking.

 ”Women with large breasts like us, as Pegonia-san mentioned, are often met with looks filled with disgust towards our chests. That’s why women with big breasts like us tend to be sensitive to the way people look at our breasts. However, Aqua-sama, unlike other boys, has always looked at my breasts with a lingering, passionate gaze, as if wanting something… se*ual. So women with big breasts like me quickly realized that Aqua-sama has an affinity for female bosoms.”

 W-What did you say!? Now that I think about it, I feel like I’ve been told something like that before, but I thought it was a lie somewhere in my heart. However, looking at Kanon and Pegonia-san nodding in agreement with Miyuki-san’s words, it seems that this is indeed the truth.

 ”Just to clarify, I don’t think there is any woman who would dislike being looked at by Aqua-sama in that way. So please continue to look at me properly in the future. W-Well, in my case, it’s not just about looking, but you can also touch, fondle, and suck… because my breasts are free breasts exclusively for Aqua-sama.”

 It’s not just free hugs. Free breasts… Such wonderful things exist in this world! Long live the isekai!! I wanted to stand up and cheer three times, but in front of me were breasts, so I lifted the breasts three times and cheered for breasts.

 ”But the fact that the tool doesn’t fit is amazing as always, Aqua-sama. Even though I prepared the largest size, I’ve never heard of a size like this.”

 Miyuki-san gently moved the tool up and down to match the arch of my throbbing member. A healthy high school boy had been holding back for a week. To be frank, I was at my limit. I attached my mouth to Miyuki-san’s nipple.

 ”Aqua-sama, how are you feeling with Miyuki’s breasts? Ah… you’re sucking so vigorously, is your mouth all covered in saliva? You don’t need to be that desperate; my breasts won’t run away.”

 Ahh! Miyuki-san, Miyuki-san… My mind was filled with Miyuki-san’s breasts. It felt like I was traveling through an endless universe. When I touched the truth of the world beyond the infinite space of breasts, everything that had shaped me up until now was peeled away. Things like pride, shame, and societal expectations no longer mattered. I was returning to the state of a newborn baby.

 ”Mommy Miyuki…”

 ”M-Mommy Miyuki!?”



 Mommy Miyuki’s breasts… If possible, I wanted to keep sucking like this forever.

 ”U-Um… I’ve read in some places that excessive stress can lead to such situations in men. Maybe… Aqua-sama, you were holding something in?”

 ”W-Well, it might be because I didn’t…”

 ”No, it’s just because Master has been holding back so that his love for breasts wouldn’t be discovered, or because he doesn’t need to restrain his love for breasts anymore. It’s such a silly reason.”

 The one who answered was Mommy Pegonia… no, the correct answer was from Pegonia-san.

 ”Ah… Aqua-sama’s hips are lifting. You see, when men start feeling good and want to ej***late, they raise their hips like this to appeal for an external release of sp*rm. This situation is very frustrating for a p*nis, and it causes excessive stress for men. So, ladies, please move the device up and down more strongly and quickly than before to encourage a smooth release.”

 Miyuki-san applied more pressure to the tool in her hand. I noticed this the first time I used it myself, but this device is highly efficient. The pressure applied when holding it affects the tightness inside, accelerating the pleasure even further.

 ”It’s done… Aqua-sama you produced a lot today as well. To think that I could make Aqua-sama release this much with my breast and v*gina data, thank you very much.”

 Miyuki-san, who had always worked mechanically with no expression, had a gentle smile on her face. To be frank, it came out like crazy. As evidence, at the moment of release, Miyuki-san’s hand, which was pressing down on the tool, trembled.

 ”So, that concludes the extraction process by breastfeeding h*ndjob. Please, Madam, Aqua-sama is still very lively, so please try using the new device.”


 W-What? Kanon’s breastfeeding h*ndjob!? Is it really okay to do this kind of play!?


 ”Incredible… it’s even harder than before, even though it released so much earlier…”

 ”Master truly loves Miss. But look at the blood vessels popping out all over this manhood; just by looking at them, a sticky, dirty liquid naturally overflows from the groin.”

 The three of them observed my member at a close distance, their heated breaths mingling and touching my member, causing it to grow even larger.

 ”I-I’m sorry… for making you wait until it got like this.”

 Kanon’s hand touched my member. Her pale pink, well-kept fingernails and slender white fingers enveloped my member.

 ”Kanon… please. Continue with your hand.”

 For some reason, I asked Kanon to continue using her hand. I thought she might refuse because she seemed unfamiliar with anything other than regular intercourse, but I was different now. I had decided to have a proper discussion with Kanon, so I wanted to speak up about what I wanted.

 ”U-Um, is this okay… like this?”

 Ah… Kanon’s unsteady touch and inexperience felt amazing. Maybe it might feel more pleasurable if I did it myself or had Miyuki-san do it, but that wasn’t it. That wasn’t it at all!! Probably, at this moment, this fleeting moment until Kanon got used to using her hand, I could experience a pleasure that I couldn’t get anywhere else. Ah, it was so incredible.

 ”I-It’s amazing…”

 ”Aqua-sama, you look like you’re in a lot of pain. Please let me know if it gets too hard. Miyuki will support you anytime.”

 ”Of course, since Pegonia is an accessory, it’s fine for Pegonia to assist as well.”

 Uh-oh… With two beautiful women sandwiching me like this, both of them gazing at my member intently and giving off a heat-filled, lustful look directed towards me, just as a regular man, there’s no way I could dislike it.

 ”I wonder if Aqua finds this pleasurable, even with something like this?”

 ”Ah, he just reacted with a twitch! Madam, it seems Aqua-sama is quite delighted!”

 ”That’s great, Miss. It appears that Master gets excited even with Miss’ touch.”

 Even though I released so recently, uncontrollable desire welled up from the depths of my heart. It seemed that I was particularly excited by the idea of releasing with Kanon. Every time Kanon gave my member a stroke, I couldn’t help but think of Kanon.

 I want to c*m… I want to release it to Kanon. How incredibly satisfying it would be to soil that innocent face with my essence. No, that’s not right. I can’t do something as terrible as ej***lating on a girl’s face.

 ”Kanon, it’s about to come out, so please wrap your palm around the tip like this; otherwise, it might end up on your face.”

 ”On my face!? Um, okay. It’s not like it would bother me, but it would be a waste, right?”

 Kanon mumbled something in a small voice, but I couldn’t quite make it out.

 ”Madam, with more strength, like that, yes, just like that… Excellent, you’re doing very well.”

 ”Please do your best, Miss. Look, the p*nis is pointing upwards again. It’s almost time for the ej***lation.”

 As Pegonia-san mentioned, I couldn’t hold back any longer. It was beyond my control.

 ”Aqua, does it hurt? You don’t have to endure it. So… please release a lot. I want more than what you gave to Miyuki-san.”

 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Kanon’s competitiveness was too cute, and it was driving me crazy. I’m going to release… for the sake of my lovely wife, I’m going to release even more than before! My brain simply ordered my member to do so.

 ”I’m going to c*m, Kanon!”

 ”Ah… ah!”

 Accidents, yes, accidents can happen suddenly. That’s why people often say you should get insurance, but even with insurance, there are many cases where it doesn’t apply or covers exceptions. This was one of those cases. Kanon had her palm open in front, just as I had said, but the force of my release was too strong, causing it to jump upwards and splatter s*men across Kanon’s and the others’ faces. It was an unruly beast, this rascal of a general!

 ”I’m sorry, Kanon.”

 Kanon’s beautiful golden hair was tainted with the lust-filled, milky liquid, and it stained her long eyelashes, the tip of her nose, and her lightly pigmented pink lips with a sticky, gooey substance.

 ”Ah, ah, no, it’s leaking.”

 Kanon managed to press my member down with her hand, but her small palm couldn’t contain it, and it quickly overflowed. How much was I releasing…

 ”Umm, umm… ah, that’s right.”

 Sisters and gentlemen, an incident has occurred. Kanon, for some reason, opened her mouth wide and swallowed the tip of my member, seemingly to prevent any further leakage. But Kanon, that was a bad move.


 Yeah, if she does that, it might come out even more. Kanon’s small mouth quickly filled up with what I had released.

 ”Cough, cough…”

 Kanon released my member from her mouth and coughed lightly.

 ”Huff, huff, it’s amazing… so much from Aqua… hehe, I like it.”

 Hey! Kanon-san, you shouldn’t drink that puddle-like semen in your palm, or observe semen stuck to your fingertips, or look at your semen-splattered face in the mirror and be happy about it. And especially, what’s with that last “hehe, I like it”? If you say that, the member I had just managed to control will start throbbing again!

 ”Oh, it seems it’s still not settling down. This won’t do.”


 As I sat tiredly on the sofa, Pegonia-san knelt between my legs with three fingers touching the ground.

 ”It’s the maid’s duty to cover up for Miss’ mistake. Please let me handle Master’s overeager er*ction.”

 Leaning forward, Pegonia-san, like a humble servant, used her ample bosom to sandwich my member between her breasts.

 ”Master, how are you feeling now? Please use Pegonia’s… breasts to feel good, release inside them, and dirty them as much as you like.”

 Ah, I can’t resist!! Could there be a man who can defy the pressure, no, the breast pressure? Even if there were, it wasn’t me. I was already at a point where all I could do was wholeheartedly enjoy this pleasure.

 ”Hehe, it’s alright. Pegonia’s breasts have no demand for anyone other than Master), so whether they are Miyuki-san’s larger ones, or Miss’ beautiful breasts, all of them are exclusively for Master.”

 Ah, my member is in heaven. Having ej***lated twice and becoming highly sensitive, my member was being pampered by Pegonia-san’s soft and squishy breasts, like a baby.

 ”Ah… Aqua-sama.”


 I reached out to touch the breasts of Kanon and Miyuki-san, massaging them. That’s right, I needed to make sure to suck on Kanon’s breasts properly. I remembered that I hadn’t done that yet and attached my lips to her cute nipples, the same color as her lips.

 ”Nn… Aqua, you’re like a baby. Does sucking on Mommy’s breasts feel good? Just kidding…”

 Mommmmmmmmmy, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She was not only going to be my wife here, but she was also willing to be my mother. My wife was the best…

 ”Oh, Pegonia’s breasts have wrapped around Master’s big one and made it bounce. Hehe, Master, are you perhaps feeling lonely because you’re away from your family, or maybe… could it be that you wanted a mama more than a maid? Hehe, it’s alright. Even if Master is a mommy’s boy, Pegonia will be happy to be a mommy substitute with these breasts anytime.”

 I see… In my previous life, I didn’t have parents, so I might have been a mommy’s boy. Avoiding the truth and distancing myself from my mother might have been my way of coping. Well, that doesn’t matter now. What mattered was that I wanted to pour out everything and feel refreshed within these breasts.

 ”Mmm! Hey, Master, you can’t bounce around like that. Already, causing such a commotion… I’ll have to properly discipline your lower half together with other.”

 Thump, thump, thump… My member repeatedly expanded and contracted within Pegonia-san’s cleavage, like the beating of a heart or the motion of a pump. Thanks to Pegonia-san’s unexpectedly skilled technique, every last drop was squeezed out until it was painful.

 ”Kanon, Miyuki-san, Pegonia-san, thank you. And I’m sorry. If possible, please forget what happened earlier…”

 After everything was over and I had composed myself, I curled up on the sofa and covered my face with my hands. What’s with this mommy thing… And to think, even though it was work, I had given in to my desires and released in front of everyone.

 ”Aqua-sama… indeed, as the extraction officer, it might be necessary to advise against recklessly expending your precious essence like this. But, as long as the man completes the monthly ej***lation duty, what they do with the rest of their essence is entirely up to them, so please don’t worry.”

 No, it’s not about that… Well, it’s fine, I don’t need to point it out if there’s a misunderstanding. So, it would be much appreciated if they could just forget about it.

 ”Miyuki-sama, I don’t think Master meant it that way from what I could gather. Mng.”

 I quickly covered Pegonia-san’s mouth with my hand. Kanon had a puzzled look on her face, but it was fine; she didn’t need to know…

 ”By the way, we were in the middle of a conversation earlier…”

 Kanon spoke up, looking at everyone’s faces.

 ”Based on what I saw earlier, it seems that Aqua can do this with girls other than me without any problem. So, I hope everyone won’t take it too seriously if he does this with others.”


 In terms of my previous life’s common sense, it might be considered cheating, but I had no right to say that after releasing in front of Kanon and the others, so I kept quiet.

 ”Of course, I’m not saying you should rush into marriage, but Aqua, maybe you should consider it more casually, at your own pace?”

 Casually… I see, casually, huh? Now that I think about it, ever since coming to this world, I’ve felt like I’ve been on edge. I asked Ako-san for a lot of work, and maybe it’s because of my previous life’s premature death that I’ve been in a hurry to live.

 ”But… if you find a girl you really like, I hope you’ll consult with me first. After all, I’m your first wife. So, I might not like it if you develop a relationship with a girl I don’t know about…”

 ”I understand. Thank you, Kanon.”

 I hugged Kanon tightly. I realized once again that marrying Kanon was a great decision. I wanted to make Kanon even happier. To do that, I decided I would consult with her about everything from now on.

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