Male Idol V8c24

Volume 8 Chapter 24 Bulletin board, Alright!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Shirogane Aqua] It’s Okay to Laught Special Edition Part 5 [Main Venue]
8 Anonymous
The Telephone Shock corner has begun!
10 Verification Team *010meTA473
Standing by
12 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Standing by
15 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Today, standing by
22 Anonymous
Part 5 before the corner even starts, what a joke, LOL
25 Anonymous
Hey, you guys..
27 Anonymous
Morita-san, LOL
28 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Standing by
29 Anonymous
Morita-san is showing up her bad side, LOL
34 Anonymous
Who cares about the air conditioning, LOL
37 Anonymous
It’s about to start!!
41 Anonymous
Here it comessssss!!!
43 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, congratulations on your first appearance in It’s Okay to Laught!!
46 Verification Team *010meTA473
Congratulations on your first appearance in “It’s Okay to Laught,” Aqua-sama!
47 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Aqua-sama, congratulations! I was working at a ramen shop during the day, but today, I can watch leisurely
49 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Aqua-san, congratulations. And it’s great here. I can watch as a fan without it being work
52 Anonymous
Is everyone gathering together?
58 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, everyone is gathering
62 Anonymous
Wait a minute, someone is quietly there
66 Anonymous
Oh, it’s the person who peed in the mountains!!
71 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh? What, what? Already out? Aqua-kun, congratulations!!!
73 Anonymous
Nee-san, you’re not on today’s set
74 Anonymous
75 Anonymous
77 Anonymous
79 Anonymous
Suddenly interacting with the audience, high-fiving and all!!
82 Anonymous
Oh, the girl in the middle didn’t reach for the high-five due to her height
83 Anonymous
The girl in the middle looks so… I’d understand her feelings if I were in the same position
88 Anonymous
90 Anonymous
After high-fiving all the way to the edge, he comes back to shake hands with the girl who couldn’t high-five!
92 Anonymous
The girl who won the front-row seat lottery must be so happy
93 Anonymous
I like this kind of thing. Aqua-sama pays attention to these details. I also like it when he nods and waves to the girls in the second row or beyond, as if to say sorry for not being able to reach them
95 Verification Team *010meTA473
I like that even though he appears on variety shows, he’s still an idol..
98 Anonymous
Aren’t you the only one lagging behind?
100 Anonymous
Is there only one guy with a slow reaction, LOL?
106 Anonymous
School must be fun
107 Anonymous
Agreed, school is fun
111 Anonymous
I think the ones who enjoy school the most are the classmates who have Aqua-kun, Mayuzumi-kun, and Toa-chan in their class
113 Anonymous
If I were in the same class as Aa-sama, I’d be in a good mood every day
115 Anonymous
Hey, put this!
116 Anonymous
Hey, put this up
122 Anonymous
123 Anonymous
124 Anonymous
128 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s cosplay cafe, what a power word
129 Anonymous
A cosplay cafe, you say!?
133 Verification Team *07218KADO6
At the cosplay cafe, does Aqua-sama provide service in swimsuits or loincloths? If so, maybe I should wear a daring swimsuit. By the way, my breasts are bigger than Shumi’s!
135 Anonymous
Hey! We want details, Shumi-san!!
137 Anonymous
Shumi~! Please, tell us in detail
140 Anonymous
For the general invitation slots at Otomezaki’s cultural festival, I heard the competition rate was unusually high. It’s like winning the first prize in the lottery or something
145 Verification Team *010meTA473
You can’t do such obscene things at a high school cultural festival, you idiot! Just so you know, it’s a regular cosplay cafe. Well, maybe the customer service part is quite unique..
148 Anonymous
I don’t care about winning the lottery. I want the right to go to the cultural festival
150 Anonymous
Just so you know, those who won have already received emails as of yesterday, so if you haven’t received one by now, you didn’t win
152 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’m still in Stars. I can finally go home tomorrow on a flight. I’m watching TV at the hotel where I’m staying. Stars people can’t stay here, but they have some sort of arrangement with an intermediary, so I can watch TV like normal. It’s laggy, though
156 Anonymous
The drama club and the tea ceremony club are here!
158 Anonymous
The drama club!?
159 Anonymous
It’s the cultural festival’s drama club, where the star (not really) of the Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) is performing
162 Anonymous
Aa-sama participating in a cultural festival-level drama club is beyond unfair
164 Anonymous
The drama club members must be nervous, on the contrary. I’d be nervous if I were them
165 Anonymous
If it’s the tea ceremony club, can we see Aqu-tan in a traditional Japanese outfit? Oh, I envy those who can go
167 Anonymous
Shumi~!! Please explain the drama club and the tea ceremony club!!
169 Anonymous
Come on, Shumi!! Details, please
173 Anonymous
Hey, don’t keep asking Shumi about everything. I get it, but still
178 Verification Team *010meTA473
It will be announced on the school’s website on Friday. Just so you know, I’m excited too, but I haven’t asked the person anything, so I’m holding back!
182 Anonymous
Halloween Event poster!!
184 Anonymous
Whoa! I want this poster!
186 Anonymous
I feel relieved that Shumi is still Shumi even after getting married
190 Anonymous
The arrangement of the four characters drawn in a diamond shape on the poster, Mayuzumi-kun at the top gives off a final boss vibe
191 Anonymous
Not in a weird way, but I want to tease Toa-chan
193 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai on the Halloween poster is way too sexy..
194 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s smile looks like he’s plotting something, and it’s giving me a bad feeling, LOL
197 Anonymous
These guys are going to make trouble again
198 Anonymous
By the way, the announcement for the Halloween ticket winners is also on Friday… I didn’t win either
201 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
This is an important announcement
To those who have won tickets for the Halloween Event:
If you are planning to stay overnight, please visit the official websites or physical locations of major travel agencies. We have secured all nearby accommodation options for ticket winners in Shibuya area. Those who live in remote areas have priority, so please make your arrangements before Wednesday when Tokyo residents can book. After Saturday, any remaining rooms we reserved will be released to the general public
Furthermore, on the day of the event, there will be activities until 3 AM, including public viewings of Hoshimiya Shiro and Oumi Tama’s broadcasts, as well as a Halloween Night Parade in collaboration with Beryl. So, please join the Halloween Day Event starting from 10 AM. After the live event, the area will reopen, allowing re-entry. Please be aware that traffic restrictions in the scramble area will be lifted after 5 AM
Note that each hotel and package offers different services and rates. Among them, this one stands out, despite the high price
Saruuryan Tower East Garden Hotel
– Early check-in/early check-out
– 8 types of special suite rooms with limited-time collaboration specifications: ‘Beryl,’ ‘Aqua,’ ‘Platinum,’ ‘Ten (Heaven),’ ‘Mayuzumi,’ ‘Cat,’ ‘Star,’ and ‘Sea.’”
– Welcome drinks tailored to each room’s theme
– Personalized welcome message cards
– Special package of Morinaga biscuits to match each room
– Handpicked souvenirs by Beryl members for each room
– Amenities like those used in daily life, available for takeout
– Dinner with Beryl collaboration course
– Breakfast buffet with Shirogane Aqua’s selection
– Afternoon tea party in collaboration with Beryl, once on the day of stay or the following day
By the way, there are different ranks for suites, and the highest room is amazing. Aqua room, which is the only room available, is expensive, but I think it’s worth it. I don’t know what’s inside because it hasn’t been disclosed yet, but if it gets revealed, it might be amazing, so those who are lucky enough to stay there, please enjoy it. Also, since Aqua, Beryl, and Platinum are one room charge, it’s more cost-effective to go with a group of up to 4 people
204 Anonymous
I work at a real estate company, and after the Event announcement, the vacancy rate in Shibuya Area has practically reached 0%. I’m really feeling how when Aqua-sama moves, the country’s economy moves
206 Anonymous
I work at a convenience store on the Shibuya Scramble side, and I’m seriously trembling. I heard temporary help is coming from the headquarters and neighboring prefectures, but the stock is definitely going to run out on the day. Since nearby trucks can’t enter, they plan to push carts and transport goods with a superhuman strategy. I hope it’s okay
208 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s signature!? (T/N: When signing the poster)
211 Anonymous
I envy Mori-san, who has Aqua-sama’s signature!!
215 Anonymous
This is an abuse of authority, LOL
220 Anonymous
I like how he tries to add a star mark at the end but it ends up being all squiggly, LOL
221 Anonymous
I can’t see the star mark. What’s this?
223 Anonymous
Ah, so this is how mysterious marks are born. I see
225 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, who has beautiful handwriting, suddenly becomes a Picasso when trying to draw symbols or pictures. His handwriting is beautiful, but when he tries to write lyrics, he starts explaining with onomatopoeia like “BOOM” or “BANG,” reaching the intelligence equivalent of Hagetoru
226 Anonymous
Wasn’t the highest room like over 2 million yen? This place was already expensive, so it can’t be helped, but they also have places where two people can stay for 10,000 yen, so personally, I’m satisfied. It’s really nice that they provide a range of options from higher to lower grades
227 Anonymous
Thanks, Nee-san, you’re the best. Totally different from that laggy guy, LOL
228 Anonymous
The contrast between the neat handwriting and the rest is incredible
229 Anonymous
It might be better if he just writes his name normally like Robomizu-kun, without doing any signing, but no one will tell him, LOL
232 Anonymous
I want that poster!
233 Anonymous
I want it even though I’m not there!
234 Verification Team *010meTA473
I want it too! Well, even if I got it, I couldn’t display it at home..
236 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I want it too..
241 Anonymous
242 Anonymous
244 Anonymous
What did you just say?
247 Anonymous
Mini posters, seriously!!
249 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama!
250 Anonymous
And they’re all signed!?
253 Anonymous
I’m so envious
255 Anonymous
The people in the audience have used up a lifetime’s worth of luck on this, LOL
258 Anonymous
Flower introduction!!
260 Anonymous
It’s great that there are so many flowers!
262 Anonymous
Fuji Ranko, the president, LMAO
266 Anonymous
The pressure from the top of the broadcasting group with flowers is too strong, LOL
268 Anonymous
Being covered entirely in red Beryl flowers, President Ranko is amazing, LOL
271 Anonymous
Even the formidable Morita-san would be shocked by this
274 Anonymous
Purin à La Mode is here!
276 Anonymous
Prepare extra Purin à La Mode for tomorrow!
279 Anonymous
People working at cafes and patisseries are trembling! As someone who works at a supermarket, I’m going to sit back and watch tomorrow, desu~wa
283 Anonymous
In addition to Corolle, John and Chris have also come together
285 Anonymous
A new commercial with Merry-san!?
288 Anonymous
Is Morinaga doing something again!?
291 Anonymous
The beginning of the biscuit hell!
292 Anonymous
Breaking news, our biscuit hell is coming back
295 Anonymous
Hooray!! The days of biscuit soaking are starting again, heyo!
300 Anonymous
A few words from me, who works at a cafe: Good for you!
303 Anonymous
Flag recovery was way too fast, LOL
304 Anonymous
No response. They’re just like a corpse
308 Anonymous
When I’m eating biscuits, Merry-san’s simple face starts looking like horror to me
312 Anonymous
They got flowers from his mom!
315 Anonymous
Aqua-sama looks embarrassed, LOL
317 Anonymous
Thank you, Aqua-sama, for looking embarrassed
319 Anonymous
His mother is famous in some circles, you know
321 Anonymous
Oh, there are so many flowers
324 Anonymous
It’s rare for flowers to come from Kuga-san
327 Anonymous
Wait a minute! Flowers are also coming from the Shirogane Aqua Official Fan Club!!
328 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua Official Fan Club
Representative No. 1
Who is this!? Is it Nee-san!?
334 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I wonder who sent the flowers from the Official Fan Club… Just to clarify, it’s not me or Shumi-san. I’m not even Member No. 1
337 Anonymous
Wait, this is Mishu-sama’s moment, but the impact of the Official Fan Club is too strong!!
340 Anonymous
Mention it, Morita-san!!
341 Anonymous
I don’t think Morita-san has noticed this, LOL
344 Anonymous
The Fan Club member, whoever they are, is seriously dedicated, LOL. More so than his mother
Carnation “Aqua Blue”
Spray Carnation “Aqua Marine”
Dahlia “Red Beryl”
Delphinium “Super Platinum Blue”
Delphinium “Aqua Marine”
Osteospermum “Akira”
Haemanthus “Mayu Hakemoto”
Cat’s Whiskers “Neko Nohige”
It’s impressive they managed to get all these flowers in October. And some of these varieties aren’t even suitable for arrangements, so they did quite a job, LOL
345 Anonymous
If the Fan Club No. 1 isn’t the Verification Team, it would be nice if it’s someone from the beginning like 616. Or maybe a family member, or even President Atori through an abuse of authority. Even Toa-chan would be okay
347 Anonymous
Even from the perspective of Morita-san, who likes Mishu-sama, they probably look alike
352 Anonymous
I don’t know who they are, but they’re so serious about it that I’ll forgive them, LOL
356 Anonymous
This is the utmost seriousness of Member No. 1
359 Anonymous
A message from Kohina Yukari
364 Anonymous
Hey, LOL. This woman is shamelessly trying to beg for tickets, LOL. She’s trying to establish her superiority with the viewers by revealing that she got tickets from Rina, LOL
365 Anonymous
Casually exposing that she got tickets from Rina in a message card, it’s hilarious how you can understand why Kohina Yukari is disliked just from reading one message card
367 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, for some reason, doesn’t catch fire even though she could easily become a target
372 Anonymous
The seats for the people involved are nice
376 Anonymous
The first male guest, Morita-san, seems a little emotional
377 Anonymous
Wow, they actually considered having male guests
379 Anonymous
I’ve heard this story before. They considered it and even chose a male guest after negotiating for years, but he canceled the day before, so they had to find a replacement. Aqua-kun might get the wrong idea with his quick footwork, but incredible things have happened
380 Anonymous
It took about three years of preparation, and I remembered the incident where it was canceled. I recall that they even closed roads during the move and didn’t allow people into the audience area. They involved the police and government in the planning. Compared to that, this nonchalant Aqua-san appearing the day before is something else
385 Anonymous
I can’t sleep with my feet pointed towards Kohina Yukari
388 Anonymous
If Morita-san is saying this, it means Kohina Yukari was just requested by the station, right?
390 Anonymous
I’m not very familiar since I’m from another station, but I knew she was planning to do a special edition in line with the Monday 9 PM drama. But I remember it was supposed to be a show starring Tsukimachi Ayana and Kohina Yukari for the special edition, so I was surprised when Kohina Yukari appeared the day before
393 Anonymous
I’m just a staff member from another program who happened to be there, but Kohina Yukari directly called President Atori for permission. Initially, she refused, saying she wouldn’t appear on variety shows, but for some reason, she suddenly changed her mind and called the president directly without consulting anyone around her. When she got permission, everyone around her panicked. I realized again how incredible Kohina Yukari is
396 Anonymous
I work at Fuji, but the reason Aqua-kun was cast for the Monday 9 PM drama was also because of Kohina Yukari’s recommendation. President Atori, who serves as Beryl’s president, and Kohina Yukari are childhood friends, and there’s no doubt that their connections here had a significant influence
399 Anonymous
Onee-chan, instead, Onee-san, huh?
401 Anonymous
Onee-chan? Okay
403 Anonymous
Huh, Aqu-tan calls her real big sister ‘Onee-chan,’ huh?
407 Anonymous
Shitori-onee-chan, Aqua-kun says her sister on national TV, LOL
409 Anonymous
This big sister is really worried that Aqua-kun will bring some trouble as a souvenir
412 Anonymous
He didn’t bring anything dangerous, right?
414 Anonymous
That’s the one they were selling at the souvenir pop-up shop, right?
415 Anonymous
It’s good that it’s something normal
418 Anonymous
Hey, there was a mini mascot plushie of Hoshimiya Shiro in the official goods!!
419 Anonymous
Huh? Was there something like this?
420 Anonymous
Is it a new product?
421 Verification Team *010meTA473
This plushie is so cute… wait, was this product already available!?
423 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Aqua-san, that’s not released yet… it’s a sample, so inquiring won’t help
428 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Who’s the representative of the Fan Club? Aren’t they one of the residents here?
432 Anonymous
You messed up!
434 Anonymous
Aa-kun, LMAO
435 Anonymous
Nee-san, at this point, she’s probably rewatching the slow-motion footage multiple times and checking to make sure he didn’t bring anything extra, LOL
436 Anonymous
437 Anonymous
439 Anonymous
What’s up, Morita-san?
441 Anonymous
442 Anonymous
445 Anonymous
Something’s coming out
448 Anonymous
A record?
449 Anonymous
It says “Maiden’s Heart.”
450 Anonymous
A record of “Maiden’s Heart” has arrived!
453 Anonymous
What’s this? I don’t remember this being released
456 Anonymous
It’s the one that was at Aqua-sama’s house
457 Anonymous
The one that was at Aqua-sama’s house – that’s a powerful statement
459 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is it Aqua-sama’s used one!?
461 Anonymous
Hey, why are you one step behind, LOL
462 Anonymous
Only one person is out of sync, and it’s hilarious, LOL
465 Anonymous
Morita-san, LMAO
466 Anonymous
When she said she might sell it, she was a little serious, LOL
468 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I didn’t know there was something like this… I’ll check the warehouse during break time
470 Anonymous
“Don’t sell it for about a year,” LOL
471 Anonymous
You mean it can be sold after a year, LOL
473 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’ll buy it if it’s auctioned
476 Anonymous
It’s only been half a year since his debut, LOL
477 Anonymous
Oh, really? It felt like Aqua-kun had been in the industry for about five years already
479 Anonymous
Ah, you, the list of Aqua’s half-year blunders
– Created a ridiculous company called Beryl Entertainment
– Every family has his holy book
– Influenced logistics, manufacturing, and retail with Morinaga biscuits and udon
– Turned eggplants into a national dish, eliminating eggplant haters
– Created a foolish group called the Holy Aqua Religion
– The first male Driver in history. Recently, the competing show just gave up and started broadcasting campfire footage
– First-ever appearance in the CR Cup for men, winning the championship in the first appearance
– The highest global super chat amount in a single day, breaking the record for the highest donation amount
– AnnAnn publishing a legal adult book
– The company gets into Stars and married Princess Kanon
– Destroyed existing concepts of weddings and receptions
– Created the concept of “princess carry.”
– Produced a large number of little sisters across the country during the Monday 9 PM broadcast
– Saved big-busted girls across the country with an unmistakable gaze
– Unintentionally provided material to girls across the country
481 Anonymous
Unstoppable, Shirogane Aqua
483 Anonymous
Toa-chan, LOL
484 Anonymous
Yeah, Toa-chan, say more!!
486 Anonymous
Toa-chan, please
487 Anonymous
488 Anonymous
Unexpected Shumi conversation, LOL
489 Anonymous
490 Anonymous
It’s Shumi too!?
491 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
492 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
493 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi, die!
494 Anonymous
Just the mention of Shumi’s real name from Aqua-sama’s mouth floods the bulleting board, LOL
495 Anonymous
Actually, you guys probably like Shumi more than Aqua-kun, LOL
496 Anonymous
Jealous of Shumi’s popularity, LOL
497 Anonymous
Shumi is loved by the residents
498 Anonymous
Even if her identity is revealed, there are people here still saying “die,” and that’s reassuring
500 Anonymous
This guy, LOL
502 Anonymous
I won’t say anything bad. It’s better to stop being friends with this person
505 Anonymous
506 Anonymous
508 Anonymous
510 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
511 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
512 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
513 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
514 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
515 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
516 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
517 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
518 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
519 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi, die!
520 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
528 Anonymous
Synchronized, LOL
529 Anonymous
Your jealousy is embarrassing, especially >>519
531 Anonymous
This is terrible, LOL
534 Anonymous
Aqua-sama trying to put the “confirm kill” on her wife from the morning, it’s insane, LOL
535 Anonymous
Think about it, you guys. If I were in the same situation and he did those to me, my heart might stop and I’d just ascend to the afterlife
536 Anonymous
At first, I was jealous, but if he did those to me in the morning, my breathing might stop at any moment
538 Anonymous
Breaking news: To marry Aqua-kun, you must not have a heart
539 Anonymous
Shumi needs to be disciplined about this
540 Anonymous
Hearing stories like this makes me think I’m okay with just being a fan. “Good morning” with a surprise hug from behind? Aqua-sama is too much for me, a non-popular, trashy virgin
542 Anonymous
Just imagining it makes my heart want to stop. Shumi endured it well..
544 Anonymous
Half of me feels envy, but the other half thinks I couldn’t handle it, LOL
546 Anonymous
Here comes his little sister’s story!
548 Anonymous
Little sister in her rebellious phase? I have a bad feeling about this
551 Anonymous
No, no, no, LOL
552 Anonymous
It’s Aqua-kun’s fault
553 Anonymous
This big sister thinks is Aqua-kun’s fault
554 Anonymous
Breaking news: Most things are Aqua-sama’s fault
557 Anonymous
Is the guy who said she wants to be a sister casually still alive?
559 Anonymous
Being a wife is hell, being a little sister is hell. Could it be that having a classmate-like distance is the best?
561 Anonymous
Even his little sisters have rebellious phases, LOL
562 Anonymous
Not the rebellious phase I know
565 Anonymous
No good. There’s too much information, and my head can’t process it all. The only thing I’m sure of is that my heart would stop during ear cleaning, and I’m confident that I’ll squ*rt and c*m the moment he rubs my feet.. yeah, too much information
568 Anonymous
Cleaning her little sister’s ears with her head on his lap..
569 Anonymous
Cleaning her little sister’s ears with her head on his lap, that’s a powerful word
570 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, are you trying to give your little sister a “confirm kill”?
572 Anonymous
Her little sister managed to survive until now
573 Anonymous
X – Rebellious Phase
O – Survival Instinct
576 Anonymous
Foot massage and such run afoul of broadcast ethics, LOL
577 Anonymous
What on earth can make a foot massage violate broadcast ethics? LOL
579 Verification Team *07218KADO6
How much for 30 minutes? I’ll work hard to save up
581 Anonymous
Oh no, it’s too shocking; some people are frozen in place, LOL
585 Anonymous
586 Anonymous
Is Tenga-senpai’s topic coming up?
588 Anonymous
Talk about Beryl?
592 Anonymous
What’s going on?
593 Anonymous
An unexpectedly cool guitar sound!!
594 Anonymous
What’s this sound!!
596 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is hereeeee!
597 Anonymous
Wait a momentttt!!!
598 Anonymous
Is that really Tenga-senpai here!?
600 Anonymous
A surprise guest appearance!
601 Anonymous
In Tenga-senpai’s voice, I suddenly came back to my senses. I was about to lose consciousness, imagining what happened earlier
602 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is really hereeeee!
603 Anonymous
604 Verification Team *010meTA473
Tenga-senpai is here too
605 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
It seems Tenga-kun arrived safely, which is good
606 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Shumi, die!
610 Anonymous
One word: Burninggg!!
613 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, LOL
616 Anonymous
I’m the only one who couldn’t make it, I’m sad, LOL
617 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is cute, huh, LOL
618 Anonymous
This is where Tenga-senpai is cute
621 Anonymous
Once a year is enough, LOL
622 Anonymous
The one who just said “once a year” must be a resident here, LOL
624 Anonymous
Permission to appear, LOL. It’s bad to just show up on your own
625 Anonymous
Sorry, but that topic is already over
627 Anonymous
Chinposuki’s comedy is evident in being a step behind
629 Anonymous
It’s the last thing you’d expect Aqua-sama to say, LOL
630 Anonymous
A senior being advised by a junior
631 Anonymous
Kirika-san, the supervising manager
633 Anonymous
Nee-san’s name is broadcast nationwide!
635 Anonymous
Nee-san’s national debut, congrats!
637 Anonymous
The prank worked, LOL
638 Anonymous
Saw the prank sign again after a long time, LOL
639 Anonymous
Senpai looks happy, LOL
640 Anonymous
Received a wry smile from Aqua-kun
642 Anonymous
Morita-san, LOL
643 Anonymous
While checking the time, “It’s already time, but…” – a finely detailed performance, LOL
645 Anonymous
Cue card, LOL
646 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai peeking at the cue card, cute, LOL
649 Anonymous
Morita-san and Aqua-sama trying to send Tenga-senpai home, LOL
650 Anonymous
Applause after the “thank you,” brutal, LOL
652 Anonymous
Here comes a dejected Akira-kun!
654 Anonymous
Poor Tenga-senpai, let him do something
657 Anonymous
Five minutes of charity time!
658 Anonymous
Five minutes of charity
661 Anonymous
Some song is coming!
663 Anonymous
Received a song from Aqua-sama!
664 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you, thank you
666 Verification Team *07218KADO6
The one in that erotic costume from the idol festival, please!
667 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I wonder what they’ll do. “Maiden’s Hear”?
668 Anonymous
Stay here or beautiful right? I hope..
669 Anonymous
Since it’s a different station, Driver-related songs might not work, huh?
672 Anonymous
Everyone’s saying whatever they want, LOL
675 Anonymous
This should be a song from the Monday 9 PM drama, right?
678 Anonymous
Since they’re already here, let’s go with a Monday 9 PM drama song
681 Anonymous
Huh? Something other than a guitar is being brought in
683 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun are here!
685 Anonymous
Is everyone going to appear in sequence!?
688 Anonymous
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
690 Anonymous
Even I can understand this flow, and I’m slow!
692 Anonymous
As expected, Beryl is here to pump up the mood!
696 Anonymous
Here it comesssss!
697 Anonymous
It’s Toa-chan!
698 Anonymous
699 Anonymous
Everyone is hereeeee!
700 Anonymous
Beryl, known for never disappointing
703 Anonymous
The way these four come together and balance out when they’re all here is just perfect
705 Anonymous
I’m a bit worried when it’s just Senpai and Aqua-kun
706 Anonymous
Toa-chan understands things well
708 Anonymous
When they appeared, Toa-chan went to the audience before going to the host Morita-san, it’s like Toa-chan likes Aqua-kun too much
709 Anonymous
Because Aqua-kun, Tenga-senpai, and Toa-chan go to places other than where Morita-san is, I feel like Mayuzumi-kun, who deliberately goes to greet Morita-san first, is attentive to what’s happening around him
710 Anonymous
If these four formed an idol group, I can’t help but think that Mayuzumi-kun might be the leader. Aqua-kun has the leadership to lead boldly, and Tenga-senpai has more adult composure, but they both like to troll. In that sense, Mayuzumi-kun is stable because he’s always sensible
712 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh? Tenga-senpai is here?
714 Anonymous
Looking at the lineup of the Halloween posters, Toa-chan and senpai on the left and right, Aqua-kun in front, and Mayuzumi-kun at the very back, it surprisingly seems fitting, so I guess having Mayuzumi-kun as the leader doesn’t feel awkward
717 Anonymous
I think Tenga-kun should be the leader. That time when he smiled gently from a slight distance in front of the three of them was just too good
718 Anonymous
Who’s the leader of the four-person unit? It’s still Tenga-senpai, who’s a bit more mature than everyone else
720 Anonymous
I still want Aqua-sama to be the leader. Despite his mistakes, it’s nice to have someone who can pull things together like that
723 Verification Team *010meTA473
As Shumi, I want Aqua-sama to be the leader… but
725 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Back then, I would have unconditionally said Aqua-san… now, I wonder who it is. It’s not Toa-chan for sure
728 Anonymous
Here comes the Monday 9 PM drama!
729 Anonymous
Phantom Requiem!
730 Anonymous
Aqua-sama always delivers as expected
734 Anonymous
If something happens, Aqua-kun will take responsibility. LOL
735 Anonymous
The power word of Aqua-sama’s “I will take responsibility.” LOL
738 Anonymous
I wonder how many girls in this world need Aqua-sama to take responsibility for them
739 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Taking responsibility and receiving all of them? I’m washing my p**sy and waiting
742 Anonymous
An erotic song is here!
743 Anonymous
The sexy song has started!
744 Anonymous
This song has been officially certified as s*x by the members of the Real S*x Committee
751 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun are here!
763 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s voice is sexy..
764 Anonymous
Breaking news, Toa-chan’s sexy voice is sexier than my voice when I’m mas***bating
765 Anonymous
I’m relieved that it’s not Toa-chan singing this song. If I had let my guard down, my bottom might leaked
766 Anonymous
My heart raced when their two voices sweetly overlapped just now..
782 Anonymous
Yeah, that was really something
783 Anonymous
Everyone is listening closely during the song, and the thread has stopped flowing. They’re only reacting at the parts with those voices
784 Anonymous
Today’s Chinposuki is ending on a simple note. You don’t have to push too hard, you know
785 Anonymous
There’s someone here who’s way behind the world!!
788 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh? Is Toa-chan’s voice okay? Won’t it violate the ethics code?
790 Anonymous
How many minutes in 108 minutes have passed!
792 Anonymous
I’m hoping for the Perfect Award!
793 Anonymous
Everyone in the audience, please. The Perfect Award for everyone in Beryl!
794 Verification Team *010meTA473
People who has fallen in love with Aqua-sama like me, isn’t it perfectly 108?
795 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
People who had a moment when Aqua-san saved them like me, isn’t that perfectly 108?
796 Verification Team *07218KADO6
People who has mas***bated to Aqua-sama like me, well, it would be bad, so it should be people who has been helped out by him, 108 is easy
797 Anonymous
Ah, a big brother like him
798 Anonymous
A big brother like Aqu-tan, understood
800 Anonymous
I’m not even at the venue, I don’t have the button, but I mashed the like button
802 Anonymous
No way, LOL
803 Anonymous
No way!
805 Anonymous
No way!!
806 Anonymous
The audience understands. The atmosphere is here
807 Anonymous
Give us the Perfect Award!
809 Anonymous
Please, let everyone win it!
812 Anonymous
The contrast is too extreme, LOL
813 Anonymous
Shumi is so cute. Nee-san agrees. Hagetoru, you easily crossed the line, LMAO
815 Anonymous
Damn, I want to be in Shumi’s position, but my heart completely agrees with Hagetoru, LMAO
816 Anonymous
I understand, I’m in the same rank as Hagetoru
817 Anonymous
They got it right!
818 Anonymous
Congratulations on getting it right!
820 Anonymous
Whoa! Their answer is perfect!
823 Anonymous
The audience understood
824 Anonymous
The people in the audience are wearing triumphant expressions. You guys did well. I’m moved!!
825 Anonymous
Everyone looks happy
829 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Yes, yes! People who have tried it with an eggplant like, isn’t perfectly 108?
831 Anonymous
Guest introduction is here!
833 Anonymous
Isn’t this just Tsukimachi Ayana?
834 Verification Team *010meTA473
Isn’t it Tsukimachi-san? But Tsukimachi-san doesn’t seem like she’d skip school. It’s Monday, right?
836 Anonymous
Let’s change this back to Kohina Yukari once more, shall we? LOL
837 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, please return Kohina Yukari, who has no friends, due to her cruel deeds. LOL
840 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I know it’s difficult, but I hope it’s Director Hongou
841 Anonymous
Is Director Hongou too difficult?
842 Anonymous
What about Aiko-chan-sensei? By the way, where did sensei go?
843 Anonymous
Let’s call Hakuryuu-sensei and dig into the topic of No-Rin
845 Anonymous
I was going to say Hakuryuu-sensei, but she hasn’t been around lately. Did she mess up on a date?
847 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Let’s go with Shumi here!
848 Anonymous
Don’t worry; we have a friend called >>829
849 Anonymous
Hagetoru is saying the exact same thing, LOL
852 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t this Shumi, aka Princess Kanon? Let’s hear about how the s*x was on national TV!
854 Anonymous
855 Anonymous
It connected!
856 Anonymous
Who is it, who is it!
858 Anonymous
The Stars’ catchphrase?
860 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about this
862 Anonymous
Hold on! Behind Aqua-kun, Toa-chan has a face like an actress appearing in Kayo Suspense Gekijyo, LOL
863 Anonymous
864 Verification Team *010meTA473
No way
866 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’ve heard this female voice somewhere
869 Anonymous
My granddaughter!?
870 Anonymous
872 Anonymous
I have a feeling Aqua-sama has done something again
874 Anonymous
No, no, no, there’s no way… Huh!? Is there?
875 Anonymous
As expected of Shirogane Aqua, doing something unexpected
877 Anonymous
I apologize to everyone in Stars. This is Shirogane Aqua for you
879 Anonymous
It’s not someone you can just casually call, LOL
881 Anonymous
883 Anonymous
Wait, Aqua-kun, did you just call Queen Mary?
885 Anonymous
Even someone as clueless as me noticed, LOL
888 Anonymous
Immediate response, LMAO
890 Anonymous
Shumi’s grandmother answered immediately, LOL
891 Anonymous
When you say “Her Majesty the Former Queen Mary,” it’s one thing, but when you think of Shumi’s grandmother, it feels strangely familiar, like a neighborhood acquaintance’s grandmother
893 Anonymous
He casually appeal as her knight, LOL
895 Anonymous
Hey, Shumi! You’re being overshadowed by your grandmother, LOL
897 Anonymous
Casually demanded a precious record as compensation, LOL
899 Anonymous
Mary-sama knows about the maiden’s heart
902 Anonymous
Huh? Why does Mary-sama know about that scene where Aqua-kun handed the record to Morita-san?
903 Anonymous
Wait a minute, Her Majesty the Former Queen Mary, is she watching this program in real-time?
905 Anonymous
Mary-sama had plans to come here
908 Anonymous
She even appeared in the breaking news, LOL. That’s right, that’s right. Instead of Mayuzumi-kun’s glasses, that’s the correct use of breaking news, LOL
911 Anonymous
Wait, Yakumo Itsuki-sensei, LOL
912 Anonymous
I never thought I’d hear Yakumo-sensei’s name from Her Majesty the Former Queen Mary’s mouth..
914 Anonymous
Considering she requested the Maiden’s Heart, does she know about Aqua-kun’s Yuujin-sama?
915 Anonymous
Shumi’s grandmother, could she possibly be a fan of Yuujin-sama?
916 Anonymous
Shumi is a big otaku, so it’s possible. Maybe it’s Mary-sama’s influence, LOL
917 Anonymous
Shumi isn’t frozen, right, LOL?
919 Anonymous
Nee-san isn’t reacting, but she’s probably frantically contacting various parties right now, LOL
920 Anonymous
Huh? It’s being completely ignored, but isn’t Morita-san panicking and unaware that Her Majesty the Former Queen Mary is watching this program in real-time?
922 Anonymous
Mary Grandmother is sounding a bit cheerful right now. She seems happy as if her prank had succeeded
923 Anonymous
Morita-san is panicking and hasn’t realized, LOL. Aqua-kun is just that natural, so he probably doesn’t realize either, LOL
926 Anonymous
Of course!
927 Anonymous
Of course!!
928 Anonymous
Of course!
935 Anonymous
Mary-sama’s “Of course” is precious
936 Anonymous
Creating various legends with just one appearance, it’s incredible
938 Anonymous
I got a chill down my spine, understood, LOL
940 Anonymous
As expected, even Morita-san is overwhelmed, LOL
941 Anonymous
Commercial break
943 Anonymous
A commercial break here, too bad
946 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I don’t know why, but… someone came to the room earlier, and I’m going back to Japan with Mary-sama on the same chartered plane in the evening. Then, a guy in a suit named MI-something came, is this some kind of prank?
948 Anonymous
Alright, I’m going to take a bath!!
950 Anonymous
That was amazing… Wait, this commercial… Merry-san!?
952 Anonymous
Merry-san’s commercial is here now!!
954 Anonymous
Morinaga-san CM has started!!
957 Anonymous
It’s the beginning of the new Biscuit Party!!
958 Anonymous
Hold on, LMAO
959 Anonymous
960 Anonymous
Are you kidding me?
961 Anonymous
Stars, stop it right now!! You can’t go back with a guy who’s considered one of the top three dangerous individuals even in our country!!
963 Anonymous
What is Her Majesty the Former Queen Mary going to talk about on Chinposuki?
Make sure not to talk about things like Ochinchin sommelier in front of her!!
964 Anonymous
Come back!!
965 Anonymous
Come back!
966 Anonymous
Merry-san’s commercial… it hits me too hard..
968 Anonymous
Wait a minute, this commercial is cutting deep
969 Anonymous
Christmas can be lonely without family
971 Anonymous
If my sister sees this, she’ll cry
973 Anonymous
975 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s welcome, LOL
978 Anonymous
Let’s eat biscuits together!
979 Anonymous
Yes, we’ll eat them!
980 Anonymous
I’d definitely buy a house if it came with Aqua-kun inside
982 Anonymous
Hey, I tried entering and leaving my house, but Aqua-kun didn’t welcome me!?
983 Anonymous
To you, Happy!!
985 Anonymous
Aaaahhh, I have to buy this now..
987 Anonymous
“On Christmas Eve, would you spend it with me?”
989 Anonymous
Wait a minute, he’s doing something on Christmas Eve too!?
991 Anonymous
“Should I visit you on Christmas with a present?”
993 Anonymous
Hey, Morinaga, hey… they’ve started an unbelievable campaign
995 Anonymous
This is way beyond the frest shirt from last time!!
997 Anonymous
Seriously, this is crazy..
998 Anonymous
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999 Anonymous
Morinaga’s Christmas campaign is insane… Not only live tickets, but also, like last time, you can win Aqua-sama’s used sweater!! Plus, the fact that he will bring presents is seriously incredible
1000 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? Winning the right to steal Aqua-sama from Shumi!? If I win the live ticket, I’m going to send Shumi a message saying, “Sorry, Shumi, Aqua-sama will be performing next to me!” LOL

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