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Volume 8 Chapter 25 Yukishiro Emily, I’m Delicate, Frail, and Naive (Self-proclaimed

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 I was summoned to a building in the heart of Tokyo by Aqua-sama, or more precisely, Nee-san.

 ”Welcome, Emily-san. I’ve heard about the matter.”


 Nee-san… I appreciate that you’re waiting for me, but let’s not overdo it. If we weren’t acquainted, you would appear as nothing more than a samurai waiting for a duel or someone who has come to eliminate a target.

 ”Kanon-san and Pegonia-san are also aware of the situation. Please enjoy today.”

 ”Yes.” (Kanon)

 ”Kirika-san, I appreciate your assistance today.” (Pegonia)

 Aqua-sama, who kindly thought I shouldn’t be nervous on my first shoot, apparently asked Kanon to accompany me. Pegonia-san is here as Kanon’s companion.

 ”Oh, seriously, I’m so nervous I could puke.”

 ”You really are a hypocrite, Emily-senpai. You act tough, but in crucial moments, you’re quite fragile.”

 ”It can’t be helped. Unlike you, I’m delicate, frail, and naive, despite my thick skin.”

 When I replied like that to Kanon, the three of them tilted their heads and raised question marks over them.

 ”Delicate? Who, exactly? It’s not about you, is it, Emily-senpai?”

 ”Yukishiro-sama, perhaps it would be advisable to look up the meaning of the word ‘frail’ in the dictionary.”

 ”Naive? Emily-san… Please save your usual silly jokes for later.”

 D*mn it, they said that with a straight face! I don’t have the energy to retort right now, but I’ll make sure to remember this!

 ”Yukishiro Emily-san, you may enter.”

 As I entered the prepared waiting room, I slumped into a chair. Oh, it feels like something is rising from my stomach. Today, I understand Claire’s feelings.

 ”I’ll go check on Aqua-san and the others for a bit, so you three can relax here for a while.”


 Damn, who’s this carefree, thick-skinned, air-headed former princess who’s been saying “Yes.” so casually since earlier?

 ”Nee-san, may I have a moment to enjoy some tea and relax with some herbs?”

 ”Think about how you phrase your request, you fool.”

 Nee-san grabbed my head firmly. Feeling my life was in danger, I quickly apologized.

 ”Oh… I’m sorry.”

 ”Emily-san, since you might cause trouble on your own, please wait here quietly.”


 ”But if you really need to use the restroom, you can ask Kanon-san and Pegonia-san to accompany you. So, wait here quietly.”

 With that, Nee-san left the waiting room. I knew it already, but she’s a capable person who lives up to her image. Compared to her, who’s this klutz?


 Damn it! This person is singing a tune next to me so carefreely! Aqua-sama, this one’s a minus. She’s absolutely useless as a companion!

 ”I actually thought it might be a good idea to watch from a fan’s perspective first, but at that moment, I realized I was here with you, Emily-senpai. I didn’t want to leave you alone. Plus, I really wanted to see Aqua at work at least once, and today seemed like a good opportunity.”

 ”Yes, Miss, I’m very much looking forward to today.”

 Lucky them! I wanted to watch from that perspective too! Oh, why did I take this job… But wait a minute. Although I don’t know the details, there might be a chance to get closer to Aqua-sama during the shoot or in between. I might even be able to touch him over his pants! Hehehe, thinking about it like that, my spirits are lifting. I’ll discreetly give him a little touch over his clothes and brag to Hogekawa later!

 ”Your sudden smile is making me uneasy. You seem to be thinking about something weird.”

 ”Your face looks like you’re not thinking about anything good either. But Miss, you sometimes makes such faces too.”

 ”Huh? Seriously? I should be careful…”

 Useless, useless! You’re in the same Verification Team for comedy as me. Give it up! While I was thinking like that, the staff members entered the waiting room. I changed into the prepared outfit, and they styled my hair and did my makeup.

 ”Emily-san, it’s time.”


 Ouch! I stood up too quickly and bumped my pinky finger on the corner of the desk. Phew, phew, I blow on the injured area. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like I’m injured.

 ”What are you doing? Come on, get it together.”

 ”Yukishiro-sama, fight on.”

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 Oh, I’m starting to get nervous again… But I must endure it. If I vomit, I’ll have to compensate for this outfit. I absolutely must avoid that!

 ”Yukishiro Emily-san, you may enter.”

 Oh, wow… So this is what a studio looks like. I looked at the shooting location with sparkling eyes.

 ”It’s been a while, Emily-san.”

 ”Ah… Aqua-sama, um, nice to meet you today.”

 Wow, today’s Aqua-sama is even more charming than usual. When he played Yuujin-sama before, he was quite alluring, but this time, there’s a different kind of atmosphere around him, an aura of sensuality. It’s hard to believe he’s really a teenager. I feel a bit dizzy from the mature sensuality he exudes.

 ”Haha, are you nervous by any chance?”

 ”Y-yes, hahaha…”

 ”Don’t worry; I’ll be by your side during the shoot, so relax.”

 Phew… During the shoot! I’ll be by his side! The reassurance from Aqua-sama is truly comforting. It’s different from that carefree former princess who seems to be nothing more than a distracting companion.

 ”We’ll begin the shoot shortly, so all the actors, please take your designated positions.”


 Carpe diem, the song we’re about to shoot has a slightly melancholic tone. Although I haven’t heard the actual song yet, just by looking at the lyrics, I can sense a hint of sorrow. I wondered if it’s a suitable MV for someone like me, who is just as carefree as Shumi. But what’s most important is that Aqua-sama himself invited me to be part of this MV.

 Do your best!

 Kanon, who is watching from a distance, mouthing the words. At first, I thought she was saying it to Aqua-sama, but it seems Kanon is addressing me. Hehe, even though she’s an unreliable companion, should I show off a little bit of seniority here? I gather my determination and direct my gaze towards the camera in front of me.

 In that moment, a switch was flipped in my life, a switch I had never used before.

* * *

 The melancholic acoustic guitar intro sets a mournful atmosphere.

 ’Watashi wa kono kanjō to, kondokoso mukiawanaito ikenaikara (I have to face this emotion, once and for all.)’

 The residents of the noisy house. Living in the attic, I open the closet and contemplate a dress that I had found there.

 ’Dakara ippo o fumidasu. Kono kurushimi o norikoete saki ni iku (So, I take a step forward. I need to overcome this pain and move on.)’

 I neatly fold the dress and place it in a box, hidden away so no one will see it. The acoustic guitar continues to strum, and the sounds of drums, violin, and bass blend together. The Latin melody gradually speeds up, still carrying a touch of melancholy.

 ’Sugiyuku hibi ni, sakihokoru hanabana o kasanete itte (Layering blooming flowers over the passing days.)’

 I walk through the thriving garden of roses, clad in a pitch-black dress that resembles a funeral. In my hands, I hold a bouquet adorned with the same variety of roses.

 ’Sugisarishi kisetsu o mederu yō ni, ichirin no hana o itsushin de itte (Loving a single flower as if admiring seasons gone by.)’

 Among them, I touch a beautifully blooming rose. I avert my gaze from the pale pink color that remains unchanged even within my pitch-black gloves.

 ’Teoreta hana o mite, ano koro ni omoi o haseru (Watching a plucked flower, memories of that time resurface)’

 In my peripheral vision, a single rose falls gently to the ground. My heart aches as I stare at it.

 ’Watashi no naka ni tashika ni atta koigokoro (The love that once resided within me)’

 The images switch to a past me.

 ’Michi de mukuwareta watashi no kokoro ga, izanai to iu na no mahō ni amaku sasayakareru (My ignorant and innocent heart, sweetly tempted by the magic named temptation)’

 A mysterious Grandma wearing a pitch-black robe. Her sweet and enticing words disrupt my feelings of ignorance.

 ’Hanayaka na budōkai, kikazatta doresu de wa hyōmen o toritsukurutta dake (An extravagant ball, where I only concealed the surface with a dressed-up dress)’

 The beautiful castle I used to view from the window. It was so glamorous and fun… but I thought it wasn’t a place for me.

 ’Anata no me no mae de waza to rashiku, garasu no kutsu o otosetara yokatta noni (I wish I could have deliberately dropped the glass slipper in front of you)’

 And there, I found a prince. He was popular, surrounded by many people, but from his back, I sensed a loneliness similar to mine. Despite how radiant he appeared, he carried an equal shadow.

 ’Demo watashi wa tōku kara mitsumete itadake (But I could only watch from afar)’

 I retract my outstretched hand. The excuses I lined up were for my own sake.

 ’Kokoro no oku ni shimai konda mezameta bakari no kanjō wa watashi o kurushimeru dake (The newly awakened emotions buried deep within my heart only torment me)’

 As the first verse ends, we swiftly transition into the chorus.

 ’Tsutaetakatta kono kimochi… koishiteru… setsunai… aishiteru (The feelings I wanted to convey… I love you… it’s painful… I cherish you)’

 Emotions with no place to go become thorns in my heart and return to haunt me.

 ’Kōkaishika nai hibi ni, kareyuku hanabana o kasanete itte (In the days filled with nothing but regret, I layer withering flowers)’

 As the interlude concludes, Aqua-sama’s singing style changes as we enter the second verse. It’s incredible… he went from suppressing cries and passion to a nostalgic voice filled with both gentleness and sorrow.

 ’Kasaneru kisetsu o kanashimu yō ni, saigo no hana o awarende itte (Like grieving over the seasons that pile up, I lament the final flower)’

 Aqua-sama walks through the rose garden after I’ve left. The once blooming roses of Ronsard have already withered.

 ’Atarashī tsubomi o mitsukete, toge no sasatta kokoro ga itamu (If these feelings, piled up one after another, bear poison…)’

 Aqua-sama kneels on the ground and delicately traces the outline of a small bud with his fingertips. Realizing something, he slowly turns his gaze in that direction.

 ’Watashi no naka ni tashika ni atta koigokoro (The love that once resided within me)’

 Aqua-sama picks up a bouquet of withered roses. I’m no longer there.

 ’Tsumikasane ta kono kanjō ni, doku o haramu no de areba (If these emotions, accumulated over time, bear poison…)’

 A single rose, plucked and offered, floats down the river.

 ’Toki o modoshite, susuketa doresu no mama de itai (Before the clock chimes, I wish I could return, remaining in my soot-covered dress)’

 I gaze at my soot-covered reflection in the mirror. There’s no longer that dress in the closet.

 ’Kane no oto ga naru yori mae ni, kabocha no basha de kaeretara ii noni (I wish I could have ridden back in a pumpkin carriage before the clock strikes)’

 As I retract my outstretched hand and turn away, Aqua-sama grabs my wrist. The moment our eyes meet, I knew I would fall in love, so I forcefully shake off his grip.

 ’Tōku kara mitsumete iru dake de yokatta (It was enough to watch from afar)’

 Aqua-sama embraces my body from behind and tries to pull me back. Please, he whispers, look at me.

 ’Dare ni mo ienakatta awai omoi wa watashi o kurushimeru dake (The faint feelings I couldn’t tell anyone only torment me)’

 If I turn around, I won’t be able to turn back from this love. I knew that, but I turned around.

 ’Shirasareru koto no nakatta kono kimochi… kurushii… daisuki… taerarenai (These feelings I was never informed of… it’s painful… I love you… I can’t endure it)’

 If I could turn back time, I’d want to return to the days when I knew nothing of this love. After all, this love can never be realized.

 ’Osanai toki ni kikasareta warabe-banashi (The fairy tale I heard in my childhood)’

 I walk alone through a town brimming with festive atmosphere. Consumed by a one-night crush, I distanced myself.

 ’Shinderera ni narenakatta watashi wa shujinkō ni naru (Since I couldn’t become Cinderella, I’ll become the heroine)’

 With an interlude in between, the song now heads toward its climax.

 ’Gomen ne. Okubyou datta watashi wa ippo o fumidasenakatta (I’m sorry. I was too timid to take a step forward.)’

 As I take off the splendid dress and wear the soot-covered one, standing next to him seems too dazzling. I think I lacked the courage to take a step forward and stand beside him.

 ’Dakara kanjō ga yureugoita sono toki wa, kondo koso mukaou kono kimochi ni (So when these emotions wavered, let’s finally face this feeling)’

 Even if I regret it now, it’s already too late. The woman smiling beside him is not me.

 ’Dareka o aishita hibi wa, ima mo watashi no kokoro no naka. Sā ippo o fumidasou. Kondo koso kōkai shinai tame ni (The days when I loved someone are still in my heart. Now, let’s take that step forward, this time without regrets)’

 Aqua-sama’s voice, a blend of gentle and bewitching tones, interweaving complex emotions, captivates us all in the end.

 Carpe diem

 Sung by Shirogane Aqua

 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:

 Tenga Akira / Mayuzumi Shintaro

 I’m surprised when I see the credits. According to what I heard later, the original lyrics for this song were written by Tenga-senpai as a poem. Mayuzumi-kun turned it into proper lyrics, and this time, they even created the basic melody line. Tenga-senpai further refined it, and the two of them ended up composing a full song together.


 The women watching the finished video were all in tears, except for Pegonia-san, who was holding back but still had tears in her eyes. Kanon was sobbing, and even Nee-san was shedding tears. Honestly, I felt a bit embarrassed watching the video with myself in it, so I couldn’t get too immersed. But somehow… I don’t really understand why, but I felt a sense of achievement I had never felt before.

 ”Hey, don’t you have any interest in acting?”


 As we leave, those were the words spoken to me by the president of Beryl Entertainment, Atori.

 ”Oh, it’s not like I need an immediate answer. Take some time to think it over, okay? If you’re interested, I can introduce you to someone I know. You’ll probably make more money than with part-time jobs. Oh, and this is for today. Thanks. We can’t pay as much as others since you’re a beginner, but I understand your circumstances.”

 President Atori handed me a slightly thick envelope and a business card with a phone number on it before leaving. Acting, huh? I’m not uninterested, but if I were to pursue that path, I’d need to consult with my parents first. Well, I’ll put that aside for now. More importantly… I rushed to the restroom and quickly opened the envelope to check its contents.


 Amazing. There’s a sum in there that’s roughly equivalent to the average starting salary for a college graduate.

 ”With this, I can afford to eat. I’ll say goodbye to Weed for a while!”

 As I celebrated in the restroom, I received a message from Shumi asking, “Are you okay? Using the restroom?” How rude! Like I’d be doing that!! And you shouldn’t be talking about that either if you used to be a princess!! I left the restroom and headed back to the two who were waiting for me.

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