Male Idol V8c3

Volume 8 Chapter 3 Bulletin board, Princess Carry

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Shirogane Aqua] Corolle Homme Stars Collection [John Sleeman]
4 Anonymous
I’m waiting for the broadcast in a nak*d seiza
6 Anonymous
Quit it, you idiot! You’ll catch a cold!!
7 Anonymous
Let’s chat while waiting. Looking at the footage again, the wedding ceremony and reception were really wonderful. Getting married is such a happy thing, isn’t it?
9 Anonymous
10 Anonymous
I’m an ex-married woman, but a normal wedding isn’t like that. At first, I compared it to my own wedding and it was tough to watch, but Shumi’s last video saved me. Now I’m fantasizing about marrying Aqua-kun every day
12 Anonymous
I’ve been playing Shumi’s video over and over
15 Anonymous
National Broadcasting replays the wedding ceremony and reception every day, so I’m watching them every day
18 Anonymous
Same here
19 Anonymous
When I secretly looked at my daughter’s notebook, she had written about her ideal wedding plans, and it made me smile. I would have done the same when I was in middle school
21 Anonymous
It’s just like my daughter, LOL
22 Anonymous
I’m in my late twenties, but I’m doing the exact same thing
25 Anonymous
26 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Age doesn’t matterrr!!!
29 Anonymous
Sensei-chan, LOL
30 Anonymous
As expected of you, Sensei!
31 Anonymous
I like that about you, Sensei!
33 Anonymous
As a pure fan, I’d like to know Sensei’s ideal wedding and reception plan
36 Anonymous
I never expected Shumi to be the former Princess Kanon… I used to joke about “Shumi, you’re such a p*ssy” or something, am I in trouble?
38 Anonymous
I didn’t know, so it can’t be helped. Besides, Shumi doesn’t seem to mind that kind of thing
39 Anonymous
When she comes back, treat her as Shumi. Kanon-sama is Kanon-sama, and Shumi is Shumi. It would be sadder if she didn’t come back
41 Anonymous
I’m prepared for when she comes back
44 Anonymous
What a coincidence. I’m prepared too
45 Anonymous
Fuji Department Store has an emergency announcement on its website. Shirogane Aqua’s Wedding Congratulations Sale has been announced
48 Anonymous
Fuji is amazing, LOL
50 Anonymous
It’s probably easy for them to negotiate since they share the same building with the group’s headquarters
51 Anonymous
Corolle Homme’s official Social Media has backstage photos
53 Anonymous
It’s amazing that Kuga Reira is there
55 Anonymous
There’s a two-shot photo of Aa-sama on Kuga Reira’s official Social Media. People with strong faces like Shumi really stand out even next to Aa-sama
58 Anonymous
I’ve seen it, and it’s amazing
59 Anonymous
It said she looks like Mishu-sama, but now that you mention it, she does resemble her
62 Anonymous
It’s been verified in Mishu-sama’s thread for a while now. It was rumored that she looked quite similar when she was younger and dressed as a man
63 Anonymous
Isn’t it about time for the national broadcast? I’m looking forward to Morikawa
66 Anonymous
I wonder if Hogekawa will mess up and create some uneasiness, heartbeat, and excitement about what questions she will ask to Aqua-sama. There’s a homey feeling
68 Anonymous
I attended Fuji’s talk show, and when Morikawa talks to Aqua-tan, she seems pretty relaxed. It has a homely feel
70 Anonymous
I get that
71 Anonymous
The national broadcast is switching soon
73 Anonymous
Oh… it’s starting
74 Anonymous
Please, Morikawa!!
76 Anonymous
Waiting for Hogekawa’s miracle
77 Anonymous
I’m hoping for Hogekawa’s miracle today too
78 Anonymous
Waiting right near the entrance of the show is amazing
80 Anonymous
Morikawa is right in front!
82 Anonymous
The national broadcast is finally getting serious
84 Anonymous
Is Morikawa for real, LOL
85 Anonymous
Normally in these situations, Stars’ media would be in front and our country would be pushed back
87 Anonymous
Even the studio seems surprised, LOL
88 Anonymous
In the studio, senior announcers and professional commentators are in unexpected good positions, causing confusion. LMAO
90 Anonymous
Morikawa: “I was told something, but no, no, I persevered with clear and firm words.”
91 Anonymous
Morikawa, you LOL. You can speak Stars’ words normally, can’t you, LMAO?
93 Anonymous
Yesterday, the guy who did the Emcee in Stars’ words at the reception didn’t say that line LOL. Is there someone blatantly lying like this?
94 Anonymous
Morikawa is the strongest! Morikawa is the strongest! Morikawa is the strongest!
95 Anonymous
Seriously, Morikawa is only the strongest when Aqua-kun is involved, starting to think that way, LOL
97 Anonymous
It’s funny to see some minor clashes with the people around
99 Anonymous
Indeed, a woman with a grip strength of 50..
102 Anonymous
Is that a lie!?
103 Anonymous
From now on, let’s call her Morikawa-san
105 Anonymous
Is this for real?
108 Anonymous
When it was measured on some show, the people around her were surprised
109 Anonymous
Gorikawa’s debut!
111 Anonymous
Gorikawa, LOL
112 Anonymous
Morikawa may be lazy, but she’s said to go to the gym and run to maintain her figure
114 Anonymous
D*mn, I’m following Aqua-kun, but I’m strangely getting into Morikawa’s irrelevant information
117 Anonymous
Sooner or later, you’ll either watch over a problematic daughter from a mother’s perspective or admire a problematic pet from an owner’s perspective
118 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Excuse me, everyone. Right now, Shirogane Aqua is changing behind this wall.”
120 Anonymous
121 Anonymous
This guy, LMAO
122 Anonymous
Morikawa, stop it! I was trying not to think about that!!
124 Anonymous
Funny woman!
125 Anonymous
The commentator next to the studio is rolling their eyes
127 Anonymous
Uh-oh, my heartbeat is picking up
129 Anonymous
130 Anonymous
131 Anonymous
133 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is here!
137 Anonymous
By the way, is this a live broadcast?
138 Anonymous
Wow, Aqu-tan looks really cool today..
140 Anonymous
Wow, Aqua-sama looks so cute in a frilly blouse!
142 Anonymous
Is the theme borders? Borderline
145 Anonymous
No, there should be a delay to alternate between the show and backstage footage
148 Anonymous
149 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Aqua-kun.”
150 Anonymous
Hey! Morikawa, you!! You’re too familiar even though you usually call him Shirogane Aqua-san, isn’t that too much?
152 Anonymous
Hogekawa, that was totally spontaneous, LOL
155 Anonymous
Even Aa-sama seems a bit nervous, do your best!!
157 Anonymous
Excited, understood!
160 Anonymous
Ah, Kuga Reira
161 Anonymous
Kuga Reira looks really cool! Well, I knew that, yeah
163 Anonymous
Reira-san really suits in Corolle Homme
164 Anonymous
It’s fitting with her image
166 Anonymous
Oh, they appeared together in a commercial too, this interaction is nice
167 Anonymous
I cried just from seeing Aqu-tan having a conversation with Kuga Reira. I realize he has come this far. The initial trigger was seeking comfort from Aqu-tan, but now I’m excited to see how far Aqu-tan can go
170 Anonymous
Toa-chan is here too!
172 Anonymous
173 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is here!
175 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, yabaa..
176 Anonymous
Akira-kun can totally be a model too..
178 Anonymous
Ahhhhhh, Mayushin-kun is amazing. There’s an elegance that can’t be hidden, so high-end brands suit him too much!!
180 Anonymous
Everyone has a nervous look on their faces. Are they okay?
181 Anonymous
Please, Beryl Entertainment. Let Stars shine!!
184 Anonymous
185 Anonymous
186 Anonymous
188 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is looking cool today, a warning is in effect!
189 Anonymous
I’ll be looking at only him for the rest of my life..
190 Anonymous
HIs gestures looking at my back are so cool
191 Anonymous
What just happened..
193 Anonymous
This is coming
194 Anonymous
A man who can ruin women’s underwear in an instant, Shirogane Aqua
195 Anonymous
Morikawa fully agrees, LMAO
196 Anonymous
Morikawa’s calm retort. It’s exactly that, way too cool
198 Anonymous
The Stars’ media person at the back seems to be awkwardly standing, is that okay?
199 Anonymous
As expected of Morikawa, she’s enduring it normally
201 Anonymous
Hey! When you watch Aqua-kun’s videos, didn’t you promise mom that you’d wear diapers? Come on, panties are expensive too. Do you have any idea how much one costs!
204 Anonymous
You know, hasn’t Aqua-kun become even cooler than before?
206 Anonymous
Aqua-sama being cool is usual, but something’s a bit different
208 Anonymous
Hasn’t he become more charming than before? Just hearing his voice makes my virgin m*mbrane. tremble
210 Anonymous
The show’s starting!
212 Anonymous
The intro’s here!
218 Anonymous
The atmosphere changed in an instant
219 Anonymous
Ahh, my heart is racing
220 Anonymous
Hey, wasn’t there a boy behind earlier? Am I hallucinating?
223 Anonymous
This is serious. Aqua-sama is really cool
226 Anonymous
When he’s walking, those swaying frills are nice
227 Anonymous
His walking has improved even more than before!
228 Anonymous
I spotted Shumi in the front row
229 Anonymous
Hey, I saw a glimpse of Shumi just now
230 Anonymous
Shumi, die! But later, if you give me some lewd pictures of Aqu-sama, I’ll forgive you!
231 Anonymous
Damn, that guy’s in the front row, Shumi, die! Later, I want lewd photos!
233 Anonymous
Shumi’s face went from triumph to looking like a hardcore otaku; she doesn’t hide it, she should fix herself up a bit!
235 Anonymous
※ This is the world’s happiest female expression
238 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
He really looks like a prince..
239 Anonymous
You guys, LOL
240 Anonymous
241 Anonymous
242 Anonymous
244 Anonymous
I envy Kuga Reira for touching Aqua-sama!
245 Anonymous
Kuga Reira’s fashion is nice. Tall people like her seem to pull it off
247 Anonymous
Impressive. Reira-sama’s walk is boyish
248 Anonymous
Kuga Reira seems to have studied Aqua-kun quite well
249 Anonymous
I understand. Shumi’s true nature that can’t be hidden is showing. Aqua-sama, run away soon!
250 Anonymous
The first two are safe to watch. The problem starts from here
253 Anonymous
Kuga-san is a genius, but she’s even more hardworking. She’s surprisingly good at fitting in with others. She doesn’t slack off; she shows her personality in harmony. But I feel like she’s not giving it her all yet. It feels like she’s reserving herself
256 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, please!
257 Anonymous
Do your best, Akira-kun!
258 Anonymous
259 Anonymous
260 Anonymous
Looks like he’s saying, “I’m off!” Such a great expression!
262 Anonymous
National broadcasting, that was the best shot!
264 Anonymous
Gorikawa’s power-earned good position is slowly but surely coming to life
265 Anonymous
Why is Tenga-kun’s outfit all torn, LOL?
267 Anonymous
I thought Akira-kun would look good in Corolle Homme since it has a rock element
269 Anonymous
Actually, Akira-kun is the tallest among them, 191cm (6,2ft) is no joke
271 Anonymous
Is this a crash-style?
273 Anonymous
Today, Tenga-senpai has tied his hair at the back!
275 Anonymous
This hairstyle is precious
276 Anonymous
From tomorrow, I’ll go with this hairstyle
279 Anonymous
Thin legs, long legs!
282 Anonymous
Please, Corolle, sign an exclusive contract with Tenga-kun too!
284 Anonymous
Are you watching, John? Could you sign an exclusive contract with Akira-kun too?
287 Anonymous
Honestly, within Corolle Homme, I feel like Tenga-senpai suits the products with a stronger rock theme better than Aqua-sama. Of course, Aqua-sama looks cool in them too
289 Anonymous
Is Toa-chan coming?
290 Anonymous
Toa-chan is coming!
292 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, nice baton!
295 Anonymous
Now, it’s time to show Stars’ everyone your gender, “Toa.”
297 Anonymous
Please, Toa-chan, pass the baton to Mayushin-kun!
299 Anonymous
302 Anonymous
304 Anonymous
Wait, wait, John, that’s not good!
305 Anonymous
Good news, John, you know how to use Toa-chan
307 Anonymous
Sleeveless shirt with suspenders and shorts, not good
309 Anonymous
We were hoping for the Sisters of Stars to have their minds blown, but instead, our minds have been blown
311 Anonymous
There was someone in the audience whose face turned into Hogekawa’s, LOL
313 Anonymous
Too cute!
315 Anonymous
Nekoyama Toa has created something incredible. He has given birth to a third gender, neither male nor female, called “Toa.”
318 Anonymous
To be honest, Toa-chan doesn’t have the height for runway modeling, but he has a charm that can overcome that. Moreover, it suits the theme of Corolle Homme this time
320 Anonymous
I’m going to the hair salon tomorrow, but I think I’ll go with Toa-kun’s hairstyle
322 Anonymous
He skillfully conceals his lack of stride with his walking
324 Anonymous
I’m also a part-time model, and I can tell he has practiced a lot. Even though Tenga-kun is taller, Toa-chan is better at walking
326 Anonymous
Next is Mayuzumi-kun
327 Anonymous
Ahhhh, I’m getting more nervous
329 Anonymous
Honestly, I think this is the most challenging part
331 Anonymous
I hope he doesn’t stumble, even a bit, as Robo-zumi
333 Anonymous
Hawawawa, just watching, I’m getting nervous
335 Anonymous
Go for it, Mayushin!
337 Anonymous
339 Anonymous
He did it!
340 Anonymous
Oh, oh! He’s doing it properly!
346 Anonymous
Ahh, my heart is pounding!
348 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun is actually pretty cool
351 Anonymous
I wonder if he can see properly without glasses? That’s what big sisters worry about
353 Anonymous
I feel like he’s bringing out the slightly dark side of Corolle Homme quite well
355 Anonymous
Ah, today’s Mayuzumi-kun is a bit of a bad boy, isn’t he?
357 Anonymous
Hmm, this is Bad-Boy-zumi
360 Anonymous
Because of that CM, whenever I see bad Mayuzumi-kun, my heart starts racing
362 Anonymous
Robo-zumi, Bad-Boy-zumi, you guys are playing with Mayushin-kun, aren’t you? LOL
368 Anonymous
Honestly, Mayuzumi-kun looks better with a bit of a dark side
369 Anonymous
Next is the actress’s turn
370 Anonymous
I’m relieved when it’s the actress’s turn
372 Anonymous
Hey hey hey! Aqua-kun is as usual, and it’s usual for Kuga Reira to be amazing, but isn’t Tenga-senpai, Toa-chan, and Mayuzumi-kun doing great?
374 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is Aqua-sama, but didn’t Beryl’s group do well?
377 Anonymous
Wow… the growth of these three is too dazzling, I feel like crying
380 Anonymous
Absolutely right
382 Anonymous
The order is really correct
384 Anonymous
I believed that Beryl would do it. (Said by the one who was eating foam earlier.)
386 Anonymous
Do you guys remember the June runway? We were feeling frustrated until midway, and then Aqua-kun hit back at the very end. It’s been four months since then. These four have come a long way from there! It brought tears of emotion..
389 Anonymous
Stars’ actresses are also amazing when they reach this level
392 Anonymous
We definitely won’t forget!!
394 Anonymous
We can only be grateful to John for casting Aqua-sama
395 Anonymous
When the show was re-broadcast, Morikawa, who was watching the show, muttered these words: “There is Shirogane Aqua in this country.” It really hit home. I’ve been supporting Morikawa since that time
398 Anonymous
There’s still another round to go, so don’t let your guard down!
401 Anonymous
It’s already been amazing up to this point
404 Anonymous
The actresses are consistent
410 Anonymous
Awawawawawa, I’m getting nervous again..
412 Anonymous
As a Mayuzumi-kun fan, I’m about to faint
415 Anonymous
Switch your focus, everyone, there’s more to see. That’s what I think!!
419 Anonymous
You said something good!
423 Anonymous
Heeeere comes a test!
426 Anonymous
John is doing modeling too, huh?
431 Anonymous
Is Chris-san next after John?
435 Anonymous
Around here, both of them are, indeed, good at walking
438 Anonymous
439 Anonymous
440 Anonymous
442 Anonymous
Something’s coming!
445 Anonymous
447 Anonymous
Wait, who is this kid?
451 Anonymous
Oh no..
452 Anonymous
Hey, Stars has brought someone too!
453 Anonymous
Does anyone know the model from Stars?
457 Anonymous
Huh? I’m quite knowledgeable about Stars, but who’s this kid?
459 Anonymous
Oh no… This might be as shocking as when I first saw Aqua-kun
464 Anonymous
This is a bit problematic
467 Anonymous
The walking is good, and he’s just incredible
469 Anonymous
Have Stars finally got their own Shirogane Aqua for us?
470 Anonymous
It feels like things are heading in a good direction. Benjamin-kun surprised me, but there’s definitely a positive flow happening with Stars
473 Anonymous
Ever since Aqua-sama descended, it feels like the world is moving in a better direction. Joining the Holy Aqua Religion is inevitable, desu~wa. Ah, Aqua!
475 Anonymous
This is really something. A prince-like boy has appeared, different from Aqua-sama
478 Anonymous
This might cause a clash of opinions among girls who like Western-style
481 Anonymous
Seeing their serious expressions and walking, it feels like they’re doing their job seriously
487 Anonymous
Next is Kuga Reira
488 Anonymous
The second round is here?
490 Anonymous
The audience was in an uproar, huh?
492 Anonymous
If the audience is in an uproar, that means this wasn’t known even within Stars
495 Anonymous
John’s hosting is too good. Please share some of that luck with me!
497 Anonymous
498 Anonymous
501 Anonymous
Aqua-kun appears briefly in the backstage
503 Anonymous
The top right wipe is helpful
509 Anonymous
Not in jacket style, but Aqu-tan looks good!
511 Anonymous
A thin long knit, huh?
513 Anonymous
Isn’t the round neck too revealing? Is it okay that the collarbone is visible?
517 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is in the second round too
519 Anonymous
This is bad. The outfit is too sexy
522 Anonymous
524 Anonymous
Even though it’s worn in a relaxed manner, the atmosphere is not relaxing. My spine is trembling
525 774 *Hi-P3erver
528 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Is it okay to show that much collarbone? Seriously, is he okay? Won’t he catch a cold?
530 Anonymous
When Aqua-kun and the Stars’ boy briefly locked eyes just now, my heart raced like crazy
534 Anonymous
Hey, there’s something here, LOL
536 Anonymous
Even though it’s a High-Performance Server, it’s too common, LOL
538 Anonymous
Hey! What’s a machine doing!!
Just kidding! Please provide the recorded data later. Please!!
539 Anonymous
Having an automatic recording function, this is efficient
540 Anonymous
Don’t forget about Sensei-chan!!
542 Anonymous
Sensei, are you alive?
545 Anonymous
Nice. My A-kun isn’t losing
548 Anonymous
Next, Toa-chan!!
551 Anonymous
At this point, John is targeting Toa-kun too much, lol
553 Anonymous
I don’t know, but when I imagined the situation where Aqua-sama is sandwiched between Toa-chan and those two boys from earlier, my heart started pounding
555 Anonymous
The Stars’ boys, Aqua-sama, and Toa-kun… My heart races when I see this lineup. Sorry, Kuga-san, but you were automatically erased from my mind
556 Anonymous
I’m feeling a bit short of breath, so I’ll watch while lying down
560 Anonymous
All you folks with palpitations, go to the hospital; it might be a serious illness!! Your life and health are important to support Aqua-sama and everyone from Beryl, so take care of yourselves
563 Anonymous
565 Anonymous
It’s Toa-chan!
567 Anonymous
Unlike the boyish taste from earlier, they’ve shifted towards a more feminine direction
569 Anonymous
This is a mix with the ladies’ Corolle costumes
571 Anonymous
They’ve blurred the line between men’s and women’s
574 Anonymous
I think Toa-chan is the one who best fits the theme of this Corolle. It’s also easy to understand
577 Anonymous
What was that border Aqua-kun had earlier?
582 Anonymous
I think he showed an adult atmosphere while retaining a boyish quality
583 Anonymous
I think he showed the change from a boy growing into an adult. Although it’s a simple outfit, the creation of the atmosphere to cover up his youthful appearance was amazing
588 Anonymous
The interactions between Toa-chan and Aqu-tan are intense
590 Anonymous
Can you guys stop giving off the vibe like you understand each other when you touch? My heart races too much, so please spare me..
593 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun from their class might feel jealous!!
599 Anonymous
Uh… My heart races when Mayuzumi-kun gets involved there!!
602 Anonymous
Hey, are you guys okay? Don’t hesitate to go to the hospital! We won’t be able to support everyone if you can’t pay!
606 Anonymous
Ah, my heart is racing
608 Anonymous
As a fan of Mayuzumi-kun, I’m getting nervous for the second round
612 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is coming. Hang in there!
615 Anonymous
He suddenly went casual
617 Anonymous
Ah, this is casual-zumi
619 Anonymous
620 Anonymous
621 Anonymous
Breaking news: Mayuzumi Shintaro has switched from glasses to sunglasses
623 Anonymous
Wait a minute, LOL. Just now, there was a serious caption on the broadcast. LMAO
626 Anonymous
Hey, Fuji TV, LOL
Breaking news. At this moment, Mayuzumi Shintaro, 16 years old, under Beryl Entertainment, has removed his glasses and put on sunglasses. I repeat
628 Anonymous
Sunglasses-zumi has arrived!!
629 Anonymous
This is great!
631 Anonymous
Yami-zumi-kun is heading in a new direction
634 Anonymous
Hey, you guys, don’t play with Mayushin-kun!
636 Anonymous
Uwaaaa, he looks cool in sunglasses too!
638 Anonymous
Now, in the background, Tenga-senpai’s eyes were sparkling, LOL
639 Anonymous
Akira-kun, LOL
642 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, must be jealous of the sunglasses, LOL
645 Anonymous
Is Tenga-senpai going to do this too?
651 Anonymous
It’s Tenga-kun’s second round
654 Anonymous
Hey, wait a second!
656 Anonymous
657 Anonymous
659 Anonymous
Hey, Tenga-senpai’s shirt has blood stains on the chest, LOL
662 Anonymous
Is Tenga-senpai okay?
665 Anonymous
With the tattered outfit from earlier, what’s going on?
668 Anonymous
Is this edited to look like there’s blood as if they were shot in the heart on purpose?
670 Anonymous
Wait, LOL, Mayushin-kun gave his sunglasses to Tenga-senpai, LOL
671 Anonymous
No way, LOL. Even though they didn’t talk, Mayushin-kun gave his sunglasses to Tenga-senpai when they passed each other, LOL
672 Anonymous
Oh my god, this is so cool
674 Anonymous
White sleeveless shirt with fake blood. Slim black leather pants. Matching black gloves and black boots. Gold-framed pilot sunglasses
Tenga-senpai seems to like this fashion, LOL
677 Anonymous
Damn, LOL. They look cool because they’re models, LOL
679 Anonymous
At first glance, it might seem like a joke, but this is what high fashion shows are all about. John’s style is more like real clothes, though
683 Anonymous
I feel like Akira-kun has bulked up compared to before. Is he working out?
686 Anonymous
The next actresses are also wearing bloody shirts
688 Anonymous
The two after Tenga-senpai are also wearing bloody shirts
691 Anonymous
This represents us being shot through the heart by Beryl’s boys
697 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
699 Anonymous
702 Anonymous
Genius interpretation, LOL
705 Anonymous
708 Anonymous
Who told you to say it so well?
712 Anonymous
Is there going to be a third round?
715 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and the other three have returned to the entrance. Maybe their performances are over now. Since Kuga Reira and Aqua-kun aren’t there, could the two of them be finishing in the third round?
728 Anonymous
Oh, Kuga Reira and Aqua-sama have returned
730 Anonymous
Both of them have changed their outfits, so maybe they’ll finish in the third round
735 Anonymous
They were chatting a bit together just now
737 Anonymous
Right now, John is out, and it looks like it’s Chris → Kuga Reira → Stars’ boys → Aqua-kun
741 Anonymous
Aqua-kun briefly looked at the previous Stars’ boy just now
743 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is okay, right? That worried look!
745 Anonymous
He seems like the younger kid, and it’s so Aqua-kun to pay attention and care
746 Anonymous
Come to think of it, Aqua-kun is like a real big brother
752 Anonymous
Chris is out, and next is Kuga Reira
755 Anonymous
Hold on, LOL
756 Anonymous
758 Anonymous
Now, didn’t Aqua-sama wave at us just now?
760 Anonymous
Aqua-sama waving in front of the camera is too easygoing, LOL
762 Anonymous
Watching the relaxed Aqu-tan, I’m starting to worry about the Stars’ boy in front. He seems focused, but is he too absorbed?
765 Anonymous
When I think that Aqua-sama is the last one remaining, I can watch with ease
766 Anonymous
As a relieved Mayuzumi-kun fan, Aqua-sama, I’m counting on you for the rest!
768 Anonymous
Please, Aqua-sama!!
774 Anonymous
Kuga Reira for the third round
776 Anonymous
Kuga Reira was amazing
779 Anonymous
Her performance was perfect, and she balanced everything around her well. Truly remarkable
782 Anonymous
783 Anonymous
Is this for real, LOL?
785 Anonymous
Kuga Reira, is she going to kick it up a notch now?
788 Anonymous
A challenge to the two boys behind her?
790 Anonymous
Creating an atmosphere for the finale
793 Anonymous
Did Kuga Reira acknowledge the two boys behind her, or…?
796 Anonymous
She’s raising the bar, LOL
797 Anonymous
A close-up of Aqu-tan on the wipe is amazing
800 Anonymous
Relaxed Aqu-tan’s face has switched to serious mode
801 Anonymous
When the faces of the boy in front and the two overlapped, I felt a heartbeat
804 Anonymous
The Stars’ boys for the second round
806 Anonymous
809 Anonymous
He seems a bit nervous
812 Anonymous
Is the boy okay?
815 Anonymous
Wait a second, don’t make our hearts race when Beryl’s kids have just finished!!
818 Anonymous
Feeling uneasy..
820 Anonymous
His walking seems unstable
821 Anonymous
Did Kuga-san put too much pressure on him?
824 Anonymous
When I first saw this child, I felt the same kind of atmosphere as when I first saw Aqua-sama, but it seems like he hasn’t caught up with the basics yet. But the first walk was good, and he has a sense of style, and the atmosphere is real
829 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, notice it!
834 Anonymous
Aqua-sama doesn’t notice anything wrong because he can’t see the face of the girl in front of him
839 Anonymous
Last, Aqua-sama for the third round
841 Anonymous
842 Anonymous
843 Anonymous
845 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is getting serious!
847 Anonymous
This is in response to Kuga Reira’s seriousness
849 Anonymous
Things are heating up!
851 Anonymous
Kuga Reira and Aqua-sama made eye contact as she left, it’s serious, LOL
853 Anonymous
You made us wait!
855 Anonymous
We can only see the truly serious Shirogane Aqua at Beryl Entertainment
857 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
858 Anonymous
The last one is a traditional simple monochrome fashion. That’s why it’s amazing
859 Anonymous
860 Anonymous
Aqu-tan made my heart race today
862 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Wow, boys are amazing..
863 Anonymous
Wow, today’s Aqua-sama is too sexy
865 Anonymous
Stop it, the unused baby room in my body is throbbing!
867 Anonymous
Hey, what’s with this sexiness, LOL?
869 Anonymous
Huh? Suddenly..
871 Anonymous
As expected, Kuga Reira and Aqua-sama are amazing. While the others have incorporated the ambiguity of the boundary well, Kuga Reira showed the nuances of femininity and masculinity, while Shirogane Aqua demonstrated the crossing of the boundary from a boy to an adult
874 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, are you still evolving? No way!
875 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, give us a break! Hakuryuu-sensei’s life is already in the negatives!
878 Anonymous
879 Anonymous
880 Anonymous
881 Anonymous
883 Anonymous
884 Anonymous
885 Anonymous
887 Anonymous
888 774 *Hi-P3erver
890 Anonymous
893 Anonymous
896 Anonymous
Nice catch, Aqu-tan!
898 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, as expected, desu wa!
901 Anonymous
That was close!
902 Anonymous
Phew, I’m glad it didn’t get serious
905 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama! It’s exciting, and I admire it!
907 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, you have amazing reflexes
911 Anonymous
Standing ovation in the audience!
913 Anonymous
The audience knows what’s up!
915 Anonymous
Great audience!
917 Anonymous
Nice audience!
918 Anonymous
Everyone came out!
920 Anonymous
By the way, I’m also giving a standing ovation at home right now
923 Anonymous
Aqua-sama was incredible today
925 Anonymous
No one else can compare anymore
927 Anonymous
The finale was well executed. The cover by everyone at the end was also good
930 Anonymous
Just when everyone thought they had caught up, Aqua-kun feels like he’s gone to the next stage. The Beryl boys trio must be frustrated
932 Anonymous
I think all the boys were amazing. Beryl’s kids have grown so much, and even the Stars’ boy, seeing that serious expression, it’s clear he was really into it. I want to say thank you for showing us such an amazing show. But Aqua-sama was in a league of his own, that’s the story. And Kuga Reira too. Even amateurs like us could see the difference clearly
935 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Can you please stop mixing reality with fiction?
938 Anonymous
What the hell is this guy REC’ing LMAO
940 Anonymous
Right now, my heart may have actually stopped. Aqua-kun’s face was so close… Ah!
942 Anonymous
My heart palpitations are really bad. I’m seriously considering calling an ambulance
943 Anonymous
The moment Aqua-sama held his hand, it was incredible. It felt like a rose garden in the background
946 Anonymous
Heart palpitations, calm down. I’ve been in that situation before, and once I step away from the screen, it gets better. Also, those who have the relaxing herbs that Holy Aqua Religion is distributing, sniff them. They work
950 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei, don’t give up! Only you can transcend reality!
952 Anonymous
I believe in you, Sensei!
953 Anonymous
Huh? When the boys are working so hard, Sensei, are you giving up? You need to do it here, Sensei!
956 Anonymous
Everyone is tough on Sensei, but that’s because we have high expectations for Sensei
961 Anonymous
Thank you, everyone. It was an amazing runway show
963 Anonymous
Wow, I wish they could do this here too. I envy the Stars people too much
966 Anonymous
I wanted to go there… But if the Stars people are happy, I’m glad
970 Anonymous
The footage switched to backstage
973 Anonymous
Backstage footage is a lifesaver!
974 Anonymous
The national broadcaster has done a great job
975 Anonymous
Everyone’s voices are included!
977 Anonymous
980 Anonymous
Aqua-kun called that boy from earlier Charlie!
984 Anonymous
Charlie, understood
986 Anonymous
High-five with the Beryl team is great!
987 Anonymous
Everyone is kind to the staff and other performers
989 Anonymous
Toa-chan responding to the media with photos is cute
991 Anonymous
What’s Mayuzumi-kun talking to the staff about?
994 Anonymous
I’m really curious about Tenga-senpai and Aa-sama’s conversation
995 Anonymous
They’re going to replay this right after. They know
997 Anonymous
The national broadcaster is reading the room too much. It’s good that they’re doing a double broadcast because I was too caught up in the excitement to watch properly
999 Anonymous
Are they all going back home right after this?
1000 Anonymous
For 1000, I hope everyone can return home safely!
[Somehow] Thread discussing Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 3015 [Has it Changed?]
684 Anonymous
The second rerun was great. There was additional footage. What’s up with the national broadcaster?
687 Anonymous
I couldn’t watch the rerun. What was it like?
689 Anonymous
Additional footage, really?
705 Anonymous
The footage showed everyone after the show, not just the main show but also the backstage footage and interactions in the corridors
707 Anonymous
The interactions in the corridor were good. Mayuzumi-kun and others didn’t seem as nervous as I thought. Mayuzumi-kun even lightly acknowledged Morikawa’s encouragement with a smile
710 Anonymous
The high-five between Toa-chan and Morikawa was nice. They’re like girl friends
715 Anonymous
Morikawa is indeed competent when it comes to Beryl
717 Anonymous
The highlight for Morikawa was probably when she interviewed Charlie. Moreover, Charlie can speak the same language as us albeit broken..
721 Anonymous
What’s that? Please provide details
733 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Can I interview you? (speaks in english)”
Charlie: “Nice to meet you.”
Morikawa: “Huh? Can you speak our language?”
Charlie: “A little.”
Morikawa: “I’m Morikawa from the national broadcaster. May I ask your name?”
Charlie: “Charles Henderson, Charlie, nice to meet you, Morikawa-san.”
Morikawa: “Wow, that’s amazing. You’re very good at it.”
Charlie: “Thank you” (in a shy manner)
Morikawa: “Is Charlie-kun a model for Stars?”
Charlie: “No, I do various things. I want to do many things. Like Aqua-san.”
Morikawa: “Did you start because you admire Shirogane Aqua-san?”
Charlie: “Yes.”
Morikawa: “I see… What kind of person is Shirogane Aqua-san to you?”
Charlie: “My idol! Morikawa-san, Aqua-san, do you like him”
Morikawa: “Yes!”
Charlie: “Friends!” (He extends his hand slightly.)
Morikawa: “Oh, friends!” (They exchange a high-five.)
Morikawa: “If it’s alright with you, could you say a few words to Aqua-san’s fan friends in front of the TV?”
Charlie: “I like Aqua-san. Everyone, let’s be friends!”
Morikawa: “Thank you for the interview. See you!”
736 Anonymous
Morikawa’s communication skills are unreal
738 Anonymous
When she was doing this interview, the media people from Stars behind her had amazed expressions. LOL. You can tell she can speak Stars’ language
739 Anonymous
Morikawa: “I was told something, but no, I pushed it off with a no-no word’”
By the way, after this, Morikawa went on to interview John and others in Stars’ language. There’s no hiding anymore. She’s too skilled in handling the situation on the spot. LOL
742 Anonymous
In overseas settings, you really need Morikawa-level thick skin. LOL
744 Anonymous
It seems like she could be dispatched to the depths of the jungle and become buddies with the local tribes. LOL
745 Anonymous
In a regular interview, they would ask more about the show and make it formal. Indeed, looking at interviews with Stars, their responses were not very interesting
747 Anonymous
As soon as Aa-sama’s topic came up, I saw he bringing up Aa-sama’s topic, and I think he’s definitely in the same category. By the way, the “Do you like it? Yes” response was a bit overlapping. LOL
750 Anonymous
That might be the right approach for that interview, but that’s why Morikawa is Morikawa. Sure enough, in other interviews, she asked about the show and apologized to Aqua-sama for any inconvenience caused, or apologized to those who co-starred with her like John. In the interviews after Morikawa’s, he looked downcast and too cute. Morikawa is just loose and that’s just right
755 Anonymous
Hey everyone, turn on the TV right away!
757 Anonymous
According to the national broadcaster, everyone from Beryl is going to return on a chartered plane
759 Anonymous
Could it be they’re trying to make it in time for tomorrow’s event?
760 Anonymous
Time difference of 9 hours, a 12-hour flight, and let’s overestimate it to 1 hour from Haneda to Shinjuku. It’s just before noon now, so they might just make it. I wondered why Top Maison was doing a show at 10 AM local time, but this is probably the reason
762 Anonymous
Director Hongou’s appearance is at 11 AM, and they’re arriving in Shinjuku at 10 AM. These guys are crazy!
765 Anonymous
According to the police announcement, patrol cars will lead the way from Haneda to Shinjuku. In other words, they’ll control the traffic lights to make them all green. That might work. It’s probably faster than taking the train
767 Anonymous
Beryl, please get some proper rest. Big sister is worried
769 Anonymous
If Aqua-kun participates in the event, it might go beyond midnight when he gets home..
772 Anonymous
The footage switched to the airport
774 Anonymous
I remember when everyone from Beryl came to Stars
776 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, Toa-kun, Mayushin-kun. They’re all here
778 Anonymous
Earlier, they showed the area around the airport, and there were so many people gathered
781 Anonymous
783 Anonymous
Where’s Aqua-sama?
784 Anonymous
Aa-sama isn’t coming out. Is everything okay?
786 Anonymous
789 Anonymous
790 Anonymous
The media people also look concerned
792 Anonymous
Did something happen?
794 Anonymous
I hope everything’s okay
795 Anonymous
Morikawa, go check it out for a bit
798 Anonymous
Ah, he’s coming out
800 Anonymous
He came out, but something seems off..
803 Anonymous
He turned around and is talking to someone inside a car
805 Anonymous
806 Anonymous
807 Anonymous
808 Anonymous
809 Anonymous
810 Anonymous
814 Anonymous
815 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah!
816 Anonymous
818 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Uwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ah, ah, ah…ah
819 Anonymous
820 Anonymous
I don’t really get it, but Shumi, dieeeeee!
822 Anonymous
824 Anonymous
Sensei, are you dead? Are you okay? Are you still alive?
825 Anonymous
Shumi, die
826 Anonymous
Shumi, die
827 Anonymous
Shumi, die
830 Anonymous
For a moment, everything went dark in front of me..
832 Anonymous
Wh-what is this?
834 Anonymous
Is this a level beyond Hakuryuu-sensei’s bag-holding?
835 Anonymous
It’s not even in the same league as Hakuryuu-sensei’s bag-holding
838 Anonymous
Their faces…their faces are so close..
841 Anonymous
What is this? What kind of holding is this?
843 Anonymous
It looks like a prince carrying a princess
845 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t this crazy?
847 Anonymous
Sorry. I’m a virgin, but is this what s*x is? I’m inexperienced, and my heart is pounding at how close their bodies are
849 Anonymous
851 Anonymous
My brain feels like it’s sparking
852 Anonymous
Damn it, Shumi is way too lucky!!
854 Anonymous
I saw some intense jealousy, LOL
856 Anonymous
I don’t mind that kind of thing, LOL
860 Anonymous
863 Anonymous
I just noticed, but Sensei is casually dead, LOL
864 Anonymous
Huh? Is this that s*x thing!?
868 Anonymous
I see, Her Highness Kanon is definitely a princess. Princess carry…well, it doesn’t quite fit
870 Anonymous
872 Anonymous
I’m honestly jealous…but I feel like I couldn’t handle this situation
873 Anonymous
That Shumi guy, her face is all red, LOL
875 Anonymous
Looking at things like this, Shumi..
877 Anonymous
I can see that she’s reached her limit, covering her face with both hands
879 Anonymous
Shumi is amazing. If it were me, I’d foam at the mouth, roll my eyes, and faint
882Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Princess carry..
884 Anonymous
Her Highness Kanon seems a bit more seductive..
889 Anonymous
S*x, LMAO. It’s not all sweet and happy like this. I hate to shatter the dream, but it’s more subdued. Well, we get excited while doing it because it fulfills our se*ual desires, but afterward, it just feels empty
892 Anonymous
If I were held like this, my heart would pound so much it might explode
897 Anonymous
My heart is racing like crazy today… It’s that shocking
901 Anonymous
Yeah, Sensei is a genius after all
902 Anonymous
See, Sensei can do it if she tries
903 Anonymous
This, yeah, this carrying is nice. I want to be held like this too
905 Anonymous
Sensei, keep up the good work
907 Anonymous
The media just watches in a daze, LOL
909 Anonymous
The media is frozen!!
912 Anonymous
914 Anonymous
Mori-kawa is hereeeeeee!
916 Anonymous
918 Anonymous
Say something!
920 Anonymous
Nice, Morikawa!
923 Anonymous
We’re waiting!
924 Anonymous
925 Anonymous
Yes, yes, yes! We’re waiting!
929 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “To everyone who came to enjoy the event, wait for us! We’ll be back soon!”
933 Anonymous
As expected, Aqua-sama is participating in the event
936 Anonymous
Aa-sama, please don’t break your body..
937 Anonymous
I knew it. I thought Aqua-kun would make it in time
938 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to the event, but I’m worried. Don’t overdo it
940 Anonymous
Stars Members Must Have Engraved the Names of Two People. One is Shirogane Aqua, and the Other is Morikawa Kaede!!
951 Anonymous
LMAO, indeed!
952 Anonymous
Morikawa, LOL
955 Anonymous
The media people from Stars in the background were also shocked
957 Anonymous
Morikawa left a mark in Stars, LOL
959 Anonymous
It was crazy. Aqua-sama did something unbelievable at the very end, and I was caught off guard
963 Anonymous
Trend ranking reflection is crazy, LOL
1st place related to Princess Carry words: Princess-sama, bag holding, Hakuryuu-sensei
971 Anonymous
Can’t be helped
974 Anonymous
Princess carry is so nice. I want to experience it at least once
976 Anonymous
Is there someone who would do a princess carry if I pay them?
982 Anonymous
I think it’s impossible for most guys. Aqua-sama has the strength for it, but for regular guys, wouldn’t it be difficult?
985 Anonymous
I’d rather do a princess carry with a guy!
988 Anonymous
Am I the only one thinking about doing a princess carry with Toa-chan?
991 Anonymous
Yes, genius
993 Anonymous
You… you..
994 Anonymous
Huh? Aqua-sama doing a princess carry with Toa-chan?
998 Anonymous
999 Anonymous
Gyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! (The death scream of someone whose brain has been fried.)
1000 Anonymous
Uhh… (Yes, I’m dead now.)

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