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Volume 8 Chapter 31 Men-Only Bulletin Board, Let’s Go Out Together, Everyone!

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Shirogane Aqua Support Thread Part 82
801 Anonymous Boy
I’ve been listening to “Shikiori (Season by Season)” non-stop. Watching Aqua-kun and others always getting along makes me regret not going to school. If you can go to school, you should
802 Anonymous Boy
I thought the same thing. There’s never been a day I regretted not going to school more than today
803 Anonymous Boy
Aqua-kun, Toa-kun, and Shintaro-kun are living the youth I wanted. It might sound strange, but I’m watching them do the things I couldn’t
804 Anonymous Boy
To be honest, I wanted to be friends with girls too. But the groups I hung out with weren’t that kind of atmosphere, and in the end, I think I let the girls down
805 Anonymous Boy
That’s a common guy thing, LOL. The leaders of these groups are always so loud. There are guys besides me who got tired of that and stopped going to school
806 Anonymous Boy
Hey there, just woke up. That video was so shocking I couldn’t sleep. I have male friends, and the girls in my class seem so nice; I wish I had gone to this kind of school
807 Anonymous Boy
Good morning, let’s calm down first
808 Anonymous Boy
Good morning! Let’s boost our spirits by listening to Toa-chan’s songs for now
809 Anonymous Boy
Good morning. I can relate so much it hurts
810 Anonymous Boy
Man, if only I had been a bit kinder to girls back then, even just a little
811 Anonymous Boy
Me too, me too
812 Anonymous Boy
I guess it was impossible for me. The leader of our group was really intimidating
813 Anonymous Boy
I guess it’s not just me. Those of us who couldn’t get along with girls because of a few jerks. The government turns a blind eye, but they should seriously kick out the loudmouth jerks. I felt sick when I saw Aa-kun’s anti-thread. Whether it’s girls or boys, anyone who hits an unarmed person is bad
814 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
It’s never too late, everyone. Even if you become an adult, if you’re kind to women, your life will surely become more enjoyable
815 Anonymous Boy
Uncle, did you see the video?!
816 Anonymous Boy
Chief, Aqua-kun was so cool today too!
817 Anonymous Boy
Seriously, Uncle. Just as you said, I gave my thanks to a girl who gave me some snacks as you suggested, and she smiled so happily. It warmed my heart
818 Anonymous Boy
Uncle, I’m the one who consulted with you the other day. After that, I talked to the school, and I ended up transferring to a school where there are no boys. Today was my first day, and everyone was really kind. I was worried about there being no boys, but it seems this suits me better. Thank you very much
819 Anonymous Boy
I’m jealous of Uncle’s popularity, LMAO
820 Anonymous Boy
As expected of our forum’s Shirogane Aqua, also known as Uncle!
821 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Yes, of course. I watched it together with everyone at the office
I also love it when the girls at work bring snacks
I’m glad to hear that. Enjoy your student life to the fullest
822 Anonymous Boy
Maybe I should go to school after all
823 Anonymous Boy
It’s never too late
824 Anonymous Boy
Go for it! Do it for those of us who couldn’t
825 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
You called?
826 Anonymous Boy
Nice impersonation
827 Anonymous Boy
Aqua Aqua! No matter how many times I see it, it’s hilarious that it’s the same as the water purifier company that got crushed, LOL
828 Anonymous Boy
Beryl might sue you someday
829 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
No problem. All I have to do is pass the next idol recruitment audition!!
830 Anonymous Boy
Are you serious, LOL?
831 Anonymous Boy
There’s an unbelievable idiot here!
832 Anonymous Boy
This can’t be real..
833 Anonymous Boy
Yamada, you’re going too far..
834 Anonymous Boy
Yamada, can you even make it to the venue by yourself? You have to go to the mailbox just for the document screening!
835 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
836 Anonymous Boy
837 Anonymous Boy
Yamada-kun, LOL
838 Anonymous Boy
Yamada has exposed his real name, address, and age, all of it. Hilarious!
839 Anonymous Boy
Wasn’t Yamada like 17 years old or something? Hang in there, we’re cheering for you
840 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Yamada-kun, do your best! I’ll go see your live if you become an idol
841 Anonymous Boy
842 Anonymous Boy
Actually, Uncle, I’d rather see you become an idol..
843 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
I’m not interested in auditions, but if I can talk to Shirogane Aqua, it might be worth auditioning
844 Anonymous Boy
You’re a pervert!
845 Anonymous Boy
Pervert alert!
846 Anonymous Boy
Hello there, Kokucho-san
847 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Call me Batafly-san!! (T/N: 黒蝶 => his username has same meaning as butterfly)
848 Anonymous Boy
Both of them have exposed all their personal information, but they’re a bit different
Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa→ Yamada Maruo, 17 years old
An unfortunate kid whose personal information got exposed due to a simple mistake
Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N→ Kokuchō Kujaku, 18 years old
Just a plain pervert who voluntarily shares all of his personal information
849 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Call me Batafly-san!!
850 Anonymous Boy
It’s so unreasonable that he correct us immediately when we call them by his real names even though he has exposed them themselves, LOL
851 Anonymous Boy
He deson’t get mad when we call him pervert but get angry when we use his real names, LOL
852 Anonymous Boy
By the way, it’s not “batafly” but “butterfly”
853 Anonymous Boy
Haha, that’s funny, LMAO
855 Anonymous Boy
Is Butterfly-sama auditioning to meet Aqua-kun?
856 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Once I forsook the secular world, but if I can touch the abnormality of Shirogane Aqua, I won’t hold back. When I unleash the true madness hidden within, I shiver with excitement, wondering what will emerge. It’s worth trying when the time comes. A snake in its hole, if you don’t enter, you won’t catch the tiger’s cub
857 Anonymous Boy
I don’t really get it, but don’t get caught, okay?
858 Anonymous Boy
Please, don’t do anything that’ll get you arrested
859 Anonymous Boy
We may dislike the Kokucho family, but we like Butterfly-san, so please don’t do anything weird!!
860 Anonymous Boy
Just remember, he’s one of the top six nobles in this country; we shouldn’t say too much
861 Anonymous Boy
The Kokucho family has a bad reputation, after all. They’re the ones who destroyed the good-natured Yukishiro family; they’re real scumbags
862 Anonymous Boy
For those of you who can’t keep up with the conversation because you haven’t been to school, I, who am studying hard in high school, will teach you!
Top Six Nobles in this Country
Sumeragi House – Current Head: Sumeragi Kukuri-sama (Female, 15 years old, 3rd year of middle school)
She rarely appears in public
Kokucho House – Current Head: Kokucho Agewa (Female, 32 years old, a member of the Reform Party in the National Diet)
If someone has “Kuro (黒)” in their surname, they’re usually part of this family. They have strong ties to the branch families. Ageha Kurotou is the de facto leader of the Male Protection Law Reform Advocates (advocating the enslavement of all males)
Yukishiro House – Current Head: Yukishiro Danjou-san (Male, 45 years old, whereabouts unknown)
The most unassuming noble among the nobles. Consequently, their ties to the branch families are weak. Actress Yukishiro Mikuni has already relinquished her inheritance rights, so the only candidate for the next head is Danjou’s child
Fuji Family – Current Head: Fuji Shion-san (Female, 74 years old, Secretary-General of the Imperial Party)
Fuji Ranko, the chairwoman of the Fuji Zaibatsu, is a former member of the Fuji family, and the current head is Ranko’s real older sister. She was the former president of the Association to Protect the Male Protection Act and the initiator of the Specific Protection Act for Shirogane Aqua
Amakusa Family – Current Head: Amakusa Shikimi-san (Female, 30 years old, Director-General of the National Confidentiality Bureau)
She is the current president of the Association to Protect the Male Protection Act. She temporarily froze Aqua-kun’s sperm usage using special executive powers. She has a terrible relationship with her childhood friend, Kokucho Agewa. It’s worth noting that she is also childhood friends with the Kuga family’s twins, but they get along well with her
Kuga Family – Current Head: Kuga Rihito-san (Male, 27 years old, Secretary to the Prime Minister)
Actress Kuga Reira used to be the young lady of this family but followed Yukishiro Mikuni’s example and relinquished her rights. The current head, Rihito, is Kuga Reira’s twin brother. According to Kuga Reira, she’s the older sibling
863 Anonymous Boy
This is a real lifesaver..
864 Anonymous Boy
I haven’t been to school either, but I sort of understood
865 Anonymous Boy
It’s funny that we call Kokucho by his first name. That’s why I deliberately call him Kokucho-sama
866 Anonymous Boy
Mikuni-sama and Aqua-kun are quite similar, but I wonder. If Mikuni-san’s child, then the child should have rights
867 Anonymous Boy
Aqua-kun, please join the Yukishiro family and restore their honor. Even if it’s not blood-related, Danjo’s child is his daughter, so he can make it. The Yukishiro family is actually poorer than the lower-ranking nobles because they threw away their personal wealth to help many people
868 Anonymous Boy
By the way, Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun’s family is also a part of the Kokucho house, but they’re lower-ranked
869 Anonymous Boy
Are you serious?
870 Anonymous Boy
I’m dead serious. I know because I’m also distantly related to the Kokucho house. Shintaro-kun studied abroad during middle school thanks to Rihito-san’s intervention to protect him from the Kokucho family’s clutches
871 Anonymous Boy
Rihito-san doesn’t show his face in public, but if the girls saw him, they’d be shocked. In terms of looks alone, he could easily be in Beryl. He’s a handsome guy who can work and is an heir. In terms of specs, he might not lose to Aqua-kun
872 Anonymous Boy
If that’s true, then Rihito-san is so cool, desu~wa. He’s the one who worked on Aqua-kun’s special measures with the Fuji family and the Amakusa family. Please protect Shin-kun too!
873 Anonymous Boy
Isn’t Butter-kun actually Agewa’s biological son?
874 Anonymous Boy
That’s right. He’s the child Agewa gave birth to when she was in middle school. At the time, there were rumors that she was r*ped and became pregnant, but the truth remains in the dark
875 Anonymous Boy
Stop, stop! I don’t want to hear or see anything about Agewa! It makes my stomach turn, and I don’t want to discuss it in this thread!
876 Anonymous Boy
Understood, we should have been more considerate of the victims
877 Anonymous Boy
878 Anonymous Boy
Let’s just listen to Toa-chan’s songs and calm our minds
879 Anonymous Boy
I agree
880 Anonymous Boy
I calm myself by listening to Aqua-kun’s songs… Ah, if only I had applied to Otomezaki
881 Anonymous Boy
I understand. Toa-chan and Shintaro-kun seem to have so much fun in school
882 Anonymous Boy
I’m in middle school, so I’m thinking of entering Otomezaki next year, but I heard there might be restrictions because there are so many applicants, including boys
883 Anonymous Boy
Seriously, LOL. You guys really want to become Aqua-kun’s juniors, huh?
884 Anonymous Boy
I’d rather be his little brother. Aqua Onii-chan..
885 Anonymous Boy
This seems to have been influenced a lot by a popular drama that airs at Monday 9 PM
886 Anonymous Boy
Same here. I want Aqua-onii-chan..
887 Anonymous Boy
I’m fine with being Tenga-onii-chan
888 Anonymous Boy
Then I’ll be Toa-onee-chan!!
889 Anonymous Boy
890 Anonymous Boy
Isn’t it Toa-onii-chan?
891 Anonymous Boy
Stop it, the debate about Aqua-kun’s concept is causing trouble!
Aqua-kun is fine just being Aqua-kun
892 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Could you please stop talking about Toa-sama when I’m not around?
893 Anonymous Boy
Here comes another pervert!
894 Anonymous Boy
Another pervert showed up again
895 Anonymous Boy
There are way too many weirdos here..
896 Anonymous Boy
Why is Nyanco Gentleman in an Aqua-kun thread? He’s here more often than in the Toa-chan thread
897 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Because the supreme experience is being with Mister Aqua. Aqua-sama’s thread is full of perverts who look at Aqua-sama with impure eyes
898 Anonymous Boy
899 Anonymous Boy
I apologize..
900 Anonymous Boy
My interpretation matches Nyankosuki’s. Only Aqua-san can bring out Toa-kun’s smile
901 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
902 Anonymous Boy
Today’s Nyankosuki
– Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Wohoo! Cat ears, woohoo! Cat ears, woohoo!
– Passing Gentleman * NYaNKOsuki
Ah~ I want Toa-sama to scold me while slapping my cheeks with that tail!
– Passing Gentleman * NYaNKOsuki
How much for one pair of cat ears? Let’s negotiate the price
– Passing Gentleman * NYaNKOsuki
I’d die on the spot when Toa-sama’s head on my thighs, even if it’s just a dream. If that dream can come true, I’m willing to give up my life for it. I’m sorry, but if you’re not ready for that, could you please leave?
– Passing Gentleman * NYaNKOsuki
Ah! Toa-sama is so cute when looking at Mister Aqua that my brain is overflowing with dopamine
903 Anonymous Boy
He still has some shame left, it seems
904 Anonymous Boy
So this is what a digital tattoo is. I’ve learned something
905 Anonymous Boy
Wait a minute, doesn’t this guy have a wife…?
906 Anonymous Boy
No way…?
907 Anonymous Boy
Hold on, this is news to me
908 Anonymous Boy
Nyankosuki, you used to be different. You were just a gentleman who loved cats
909 Anonymous Boy
I’m one of the oldest here. Thanks to Toa-kun, I’ve become a bit strange, but I’ve seen Aqua-kun’s live performance, got most of my information from either you or Nyankosuki, once sang karaoke together, and I’m a true Shirogane Aqua fan
910 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
I just realized… I need to go outside to buy a resume
911 Anonymous Boy
912 Anonymous Boy
Good luck!!
913 Anonymous Boy
By the way, it’s a good idea to have a professional take your photo
914 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
915 Anonymous Boy
916 Anonymous Boy
Looks like you’re doomed even before applying for the audition, LOL
917 Anonymous Boy
By the way, won’t there be any footage from the cultural festival? Probably not many people attended it, right?
918 Anonymous Boy
There are plenty of girls here, and from a security perspective, it seems like boys couldn’t participate
919 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
I wanted to go, but it’s probably impossible, so I gave up
920 Anonymous Boy
Can we have a boys-only live performance at least once?
921 Anonymous Boy
922 Anonymous Boy
That would be great!
923 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
I emailed Beryl’s customer service, and they said they would consider it
924 Anonymous Boy
Butter-san, you’re really capable
925 Anonymous Boy
Are you serious?
926 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Wow, thank you so much
927 Anonymous Boy
Hey, you guys. With this, couldn’t we have an offline meeting after the live performance?
928 Anonymous Boy
Are you serious? That’s amazing!
929 Anonymous Boy
A combination of the first live and the first offline meeting, it’s unbelievable!
930 Anonymous Boy
I’m getting excited!
931 Anonymous Boy
Oh, I’ve never been to an offline meeting before. Is this okay…?
932 Anonymous Boy
Our imagined meetup:
A: “Hey there! Nice to meet you!”
B: “Yo, I’m an Aqua-kun fan!”
C: “Yay!”
A: “Uh, hi…”
B: “…Yo.”
C: “…(Nods in silence)”
Probably something like that
933 Anonymous Boy
Stop it, seriously..
934 Anonymous Boy
935 Anonymous Boy
Ah, ah, ah…!!
936 Anonymous Boy
I’m going to practice speaking in front of the mirror now
937 Anonymous Boy
You guys are seriously creepy
938 Anonymous Boy
939 Anonymous Boy
What’s wrong? You want to talk?
940 Anonymous Boy
Annoying. Going to a live show like this, are you guys out of your minds?
941 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Let’s read Rule #1. Please take such discussions to the anti-thread
942 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Sorry. I didn’t consider the monkeys who can’t read kanji. Let’s use hiragana for instructions starting from the next thread
943 Anonymous Boy
944 Anonymous Boy
Ah, I see now. Got it
945 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
If you like Toa-chan, then she’s probably nyanning alongside Mister Aqua right now. My face is already grinning just imagining it, so I’ll take my leave. Adieu, everyone!
946 Anonymous Boy
That’s the most effective one, LMAO
947 Anonymous Boy
Even though you like Toa-chan, you’re the ultimate pervert, getting excited imagining Aqua-kun NTRed by Toa-kun
948 Anonymous Boy
Hey, shouldn’t we seriously consider moving to the main thread soon?
949 Anonymous Boy
You mean go to the bulletin board used by girls?
950 Anonymous Boy
I think that’s challenging. You can’t tell if it’s a girl or a boy, and it’s uncomfortable to interact there with skepticism
951 Anonymous Boy
Hmm, it would be nice if there was a boys-only tag
952 Anonymous Boy
That might be the solution if all else fails
953 Anonymous Boy
If we can’t reach a conclusion after 980, I’ll start the next thread. Be prepared
954 Anonymous Boy
955 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
Instead of moving, why not make it a place where both can interact? Leave this one as it is and use it as a refuge initially. Also, after posting on the other side, post that ID here so we can identify fake girls
956 Anonymous Boy
You’re a genius, man
957 Anonymous Boy
Wait, doesn’t that mean that essentially, the group with codes will have to interact with girls? Have you thought that far?
958 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
I’ll do my best… It’s difficult in real life, but maybe online..
959 Anonymous Boy
Whoa! Are you for real?
960 Anonymous Boy
Even though you’re fake, just using the name Shirogane Aqua is enough
961 Anonymous Boy
Yamada’s suggestion doesn’t sound bad. Maybe online interaction is better than real-life interactions
962 Anonymous Boy
That makes sense
963 Anonymous Boy
Perhaps, some of us are thinking the same thing? We can’t continue like this
964 Anonymous Boy
I’ve been thinking the same thing
965 Anonymous Boy
I think I can have a normal conversation online. I don’t have the courage to audition, though
966 Anonymous Boy
After it seemed like >>937 was gone, he actually got BANned. Thanks to the administrator
967 Anonymous Boy
Honestly, I’m fine here. I can’t forget what happened when I was attacked by a girl..
968 Anonymous Boy
I see… that must have been tough
969 Anonymous Boy
I’ve also been forcibly attacked before, but it’s not like all girls are like that. If you read the anti-thread, you’ll see there are plenty of terrible guys too
970 Anonymous Boy
That’s precisely why this interaction might be meaningful, right? We should know that not everyone is like those few
971 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
I completely agree. All the women I work with are very kind people. I don’t think we should waste the opportunity Mister Aqua has created
972 Anonymous Boy
973 Anonymous Boy
It’s almost like a single guy is attempting to solve the problems the government is facing
974 Anonymous Boy
That’s Shirogane Aqua for you
975 950
What’s up? So, should we go ahead and create a new thread here?
976 Anonymous Boy
Please do
977 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
For now, that’s the plan. When we create the shared message board, I’ll do it
978 950
OK! I’ll be back in a bit
979 950
I’ve created it! Here’s the address
[Link redacted]
980 Anonymous Boy
Well done!
981 Anonymous Boy
982 Anonymous Boy
Here’s something I’ve never told anyone: I bullied a girl in my class in middle school. I didn’t physically hurt her, but just ignoring her was bad enough. I felt guilty even though I didn’t directly harm her. I know an apology can’t make up for it, but recently, with the help of our middle school teacher, I went to her house to apologize
983 Anonymous Boy
I think apologizing was a big step
984 Anonymous Boy
It’s better to have done it than not
985 Anonymous Boy
Honestly, after apologizing, I thought I would feel relieved, but when I saw her face, it made me feel even worse. So, I won’t do that again, and if I see such a situation, I’ll try to stop it from happening
986 Anonymous Boy
In fact, like >>982, I have an experience of bullying someone during middle school. In my case, they didn’t want to meet, but that’s when I realized the gravity of what I had done
987 Anonymous Boy
When I was sexually assaulted by girls, the girl who was supposed to keep watch apologized. At that time, I couldn’t forgive her, but now I understand that she was in a vulnerable position just like me
988 Anonymous Boy
You guys..
989 Anonymous Boy
Uh-oh, the thread is ending on a pretty heavy note
990 Anonymous Boy
The last thread ended like this too
991 Anonymous Boy
Maybe we can say these things because it looks like the thread is ending
992 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
Anyway, because I’ve been hiding away all this time, I apologized to my mother
993 Anonymous Boy
994 Anonymous Boy
You’re really something, man!
995 Anonymous Boy
Yamada, if you’re scared to go outside, I’ll go with you
996 Anonymous Boy
That’s a good idea
997 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Yamada-kun, if it’s okay with me, would you like to go there together?
998 Anonymous Boy
Sir! Please!
999 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Heh, wouldn’t it be alright if I went to pick you up?
1000 Shirogane Aqua (Fake) *aquaaquaaa
T-thank you… I’ll, I’ll try my best..

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