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Volume 8 Chapter 32 Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Kingdom

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 October 29th, Saturday. Today is the first day of the Otomezaki cultural festival, which spans two days. My plans for today can be broadly divided into three parts.

 In the morning, I’ll be participating as a cast member in the class cosplay cafe. Then, around lunchtime, I’ll be going on a date with Kanon. In the afternoon, I plan to attend the tea ceremony club’s tea party with Shintaro.

 ”Aqua-kun, you have a customer request!”


 I wonder who my very first customer of the day will be? I put on the white outer suit hanging on the chair. After a quick check of my appearance in the mirror, I head out from the backstage area toward the table with the assigned number.

 ”Aqua-chan! Over here!”

 I almost tripped as I tried to greet them.


 Wait a minute, of all people, my mother is the very first customer?! I’m bewildered, and Pegonia-san, who appeared next to me, whispers softly in my ear.

 ”It seems like that was the least troublesome option.”

 ”Troublesome? What are you talking about?”

 I couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of Pegonia-san’s words, but even someone as clueless as me could easily understand that Pegonia-san, dressed as a maid, looked just as stunning as always.

 However, why is she wearing such a mini skirt today? If she bends over even a little, her panties will definitely be visible, and her cleavage is quite revealing too. Is this appropriate for the cultural festival? I’m just a healthy high school boy, after all. Could she be intentionally showing off the lace part of her bra? What is she up to?



 As my gaze was naturally drawn to Pegonia-san’s cleavage, I suddenly noticed three pairs of piercing eyes staring at me. Wait a minute! I wasn’t thinking anything weird about her black… I mean, come on!!

 ”Aqua-chan… Mom’s are quite big too.”

 No, no, no! While it’s true that mom’s are big, but we’re family, you know? Please don’t stimulate me too much… you already look like a normal pretty big sister when you’re silent

 Today, I’m saved because mom wearing a kimono, but I still remember the shock when I saw that both Shitori-onee-chan and mom were about the same size when they wore light clothing after taking a bath.

 I think both of them are G-cups… I really didn’t want to know the size of family bras, but everyone’s bras got mixed in with my laundry, and I inadvertently stared at the numbers written on the tags.

 ”Oh, well… it’s okay.”

 I turn my attention to the other pair of eyes. There, Kanon, dressed in a maid outfit, was puffing up her cheeks while looking at me.

 Eek! Kanon-san, Kanon-sama, I’m sorry! I didn’t look! I swear! I’m so sorry!”

 I hurriedly take out my phone and open the messaging app.

 [Because Kanon’s breasts are the best, and Kanon looks the cutest in her maid outfit. I’d like you to wear it when we’re alone together at home if possible.]

 I type the message quickly, mixing in my desires, and send it.


 Kanon notices the message and her face turns bright red. Alright! That should improve her mood! Phew, that was close!

 ”But, Aqua, do you really like big ones?”

 No, no, no! Why is Toa touching his own chest like that!? Also, I’ve been wondering since yesterday, but why a cat-eared maid outfit!? Isn’t it the same as mine?

 ”Doesn’t my maid outfit suit me?”

 ”No, I don’t mean th—Well, It suits you perfectly.”

 I replied instantly.

 ”Hehe, why are you using polite language, Aqua? You’re funny.”

 Toa puts his hand over his mouth and smiles. Seeing this, two other customers at nearby tables scream and faint.

 ”Dear customerrr!?”


 ”Quick, call the first aid team!”

 ”This seems to be another case of palpitations.”

 ”Stretchers have arrived!”

 ”Yes, please bring them here.”

 ”Make sure to secure them to avoid head injuries.”

 ”Take it slow~”

 ”Thank you, everyone. Now please take your time…”

 Are they okay? I thought about getting up from the sofa to see if there was anything I could do, but they responded so quickly that there was nothing for me to do.

 ”Master, the support system is in place. There’s a first aid room next door, so please focus on your work.”

 Come to think of it, the neighboring class’s attraction is a first aid room. On the opposite side, there’s a rest area.

 In my world, I’ve never heard of this at a cultural festival, but maybe it’s common in this world? And those people from earlier, why do they seem so experienced?

 ”They’ve received professional training for this special day.”

 Huh…? Pegonia-san’s words leave me puzzled. Isn’t this just a cultural festival? As I’m thinking about it, I hear a laughter similar to that of Toa’s from the back of my mother.

 ”Hehe, I’m glad Aqua-kun and Toa getting along so well even at school.”

 ”Oh… It’s been a while. I see that you came here today, Ma’am.”

 Her name is Nekoyama Kanata. She’s, no doubt, young. My mother is young too, but Kanata-san is also quite young! In fact, if I lined up Toa, Subaru-chan, and Kanata-san, I’d think they were three sisters.

 However, there’s one decisive difference between Kanata-san and Toa and Subaru-chan. It’s HUGE, yes, SUPER HUGE.

 Despite her small stature, she has a truly impressive breast. The first time I saw it, I thought, “Is this the crystallization of motherhood, having given birth to two children?”

 ”I’m intruding. Thank you for always looking after Toa.”

 ”No, it’s the other way around. Toa has been taking care of me.”

 My mother considers her comfort and switches seats with Kanata-san. While talking to Kanata-san, my messaging app received a message. I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate to check it while I was serving, but Toa sent me an icy glare that said, “Check it,” so I reluctantly opened the app.

 [Even if my mom resemble me, please refrain from getting involved with her. But it’s okay if you can take responsibility…]

 No, no, no, no, no! Even if polygamy is accepted here, I would never get involved with my best friend’s mother!

 ”It’s true that if I’m talking about whether I could do ero thing or not, there’s no doubt that I could, and I did sneak a peek at her breasts earlier, which I apologize for. Yeah, I won’t deny that, and I’ll readily admit it. But I do have some principles! Trust your best friend!

 ”Hehe, you two seem really close.”

 ”Well, um… Yes, we get along really well.”

 Alright… Let’s calm down for a moment. I take a sip from the tea cup in front of me.

 ”Oh… but when you want to marry Toa or Subaru, be sure to let me know.”


 With Kanata-san’s words, I nearly spit out the tea I was sipping. Cough, cough… What is she saying all of a sudden?! Subaru-chan is one thing, but Toa is a guy, right!?

 ”Hehe, just kidding.”

 ”Haha, haha… That’s quite a joke.”

 Huff, huff… this is still on the first pair of customer, right?! I feel like half my energy has already been drained! I compose myself, take another sip from the tea cup.

 ”Also, not just the two of them, I’d be happy if you included me in the package.”


 Cough, cough… I did spit out a bit, but it’s okay since it’s in the cup! But, Kanata-san! Your remarks are far from okay! Everything you’ve said so far is just… Out of bounds!

 ”Hehe. Aqua-kun, you’re really funny.”

 Ugh… I’m supposed to be the host, but I’m getting played with so easily…

 Kanata-san wiped around my mouth with the handkerchief she had and gently placed her other hand over mine, whispering softly in my ear.

 ”If you ever have any trouble with the two of them, don’t hesitate to consult with me.”

 I see… So, this is what they call a married woman… Man, someone like me can be easily handled in an instant.


 In comparison, look at my mother. Physically, she’s an adult woman, but mentally, she’s completely on the same level as an elementary schooler.

 Even now, she’s looking at me with a bright red face, and that sight makes me appreciate once again that she’s my mother. If Kanata-san were my mother, I might have crossed that line on that day…

 ”Aqua-chan, you shouldn’t cheat on mom with other moms. Muuu!”

 What does “cheat on mom with other moms” even mean…? Ignoring my mother, who is saying incomprehensible things again, I decide to calm down for a moment. Phew… Let’s reset and start over. While I’m getting my thoughts together, I hear footsteps approaching our table.

 ”Excuse me. I couldn’t find the restroom…”

 A delicate voice, a voice that makes me want to protect her. Without thinking, I turn to look at the woman.


 Maybe because I turned around so suddenly, the woman slips and falls.


 I get up from the sofa and grab the woman’s hand, pulling her close.

 ”Are you okay?”


 The woman I helped, while it might be impolite to say so, seems like a slightly unfortunate beauty. Not just her voice, but her appearance also makes me want to protect her, evoking a strong sense of a man’s desire to shield her. Hmm, but there’s something vaguely familiar about her…


 ”Oh, Shin-chan.”

 Shin-chan? Wait, the voice from earlier…

 ”Aqua… that person is my mother.”

 ”Huh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?”

 You, are you serious!? I reset my mind for a moment and then reintroduce myself properly.

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Shirogane Aqua. I’ve always been friends with Shintaro-kun.”

 I take Mayuzumi’s mom’s hand and smile at her while making eye contact. First impressions are important, and I want to do this right.

 ”Oh, um… I’m Mayuzumi Kiyoko. Nice to meet you, Aqua-san. Thank you for always looking after Shintaro.”

 Kiyoko-san is different from my mother and Kanata-san. She has an indescribable seductive charm about her. To put it in one word, she’s a widow, yes, the word “unfortunate widow” seems to fit her perfectly.

 ”I’m really grateful to Aqua-san. Shin-chan lost his father early on, and since his mom is woman, he didn’t really understand how to deal with women… I didn’t know how to approach him too, and we’ve both been a bit formal with each other since Shin-chan became a high school student. But when Shin-chan became a high school student and became friends with Aqua-san, he approached me, his mom, himself…”

 Kiyoko-san bites her thin lips and her eyes fill with tears. I see, she really is a widow… Although Shintaro might not be the type to raise a hand against his mother, I wonder if he had any rebellious or difficult phases during adolescence.

 Plus, Shintaro studied abroad at Star, so I imagine she went through various hardships as a single woman in a foreign country.

 ”Shin-chan, thank you too.”


 In response to Kiyoko-san’s words, Shintaro blushes unusually and looks embarrassed. I snuggle up to Kiyoko-san again and gently stroke her trembling back.

 ”Kiyoko-san, it must be tough for a single woman. If anything happens, please don’t hesitate to consult with me.”

 ”Really? Would it be okay to exchange contact information?”

 Kiyoko-san gently places her hand on my chest and looks up at me with moist eyes. My male instincts whisper to me that I must protect this woman.

 ”Yes, of course.”

 As we exchanged contact information while leaning closer to each other, for some reason, my mother forcibly inserted herself between us. She squeezed herself between me and Kiyoko-san and firmly separated our bodies to the left and right.

 ”Yes, yes, yes, yes! Lewd alert! Lewd alert! Honestly, there’s absolutely no room for carelessness or openings. You too, Kiyoko-san!! Just remember, Mom will be the one to connect with Aqua-chan first!!”

 Honestly… What on earth is my mother saying? I just exchanged contact information with Kiyoko-san because I thought it might be tough for her as a single woman.

 But then, it’s true that Kiyoko-san is beautiful and attractive, and I feel like I want to protect her, but there’s no way I’d get involved with my best friend’s mother. I want everyone to trust me more!!

 ”Miss, please hold yourselves together.”

 ”Awawawawa, I-it’s the aura of a married woman, a widow… Aqua is going to be stolen…”

 ”Miss, at this rate, you might as well attack him again tonight. It’s okay, Pegonia will accompany you, so if the two of us cover Master from above while he’s like this, he’ll be easy prey. And if we keep it up until he can’t create white substance anymore, he won’t be able to cheat.”

 What on earth are they saying over there… By the way, Pegonia-san, men are usually reset overnight even if they release at night. Don’t underestimate the formidable sexual desire of a high school boy!!

 ”No way…”

 ”Aqua-sama can still go for someone in that age group.”

 ”Even though he’s acting fine, his gaze didn’t deceive me.”

 ”For now, it’s confirmed that he likes big breasts.”

 ”There’s even a possibility he’s weak for older women.”

 ”This is going to cause chaos on the bulletin boards…”

 ”Aqua-sama is not only saving young girls but older women too.”

 ”Hmm, I see, this is how I should approach him. Good reference!”

 ”He’s weak for girls who make the first move too…”

 ”Aqua-kun has a strong offensive, but his defense is weak.”

 ”Weak defense is a good thing.”

 The customers who were looking at us started to get restless. Even the classmates on staff were getting noisy. Everyone, let’s get back to work!!

 Look, there are customers waiting behind us, and it’s not good to be stuck from the beginning like this.

 I should also start taking this more seriously… To tighten up the class that has relaxed a bit, I’ll put in a little more effort! Now, it’s the beginning of Shirogane Aqua’s showtime!!

 ”Thank you all for coming for my sake today.”




 I whisper softly in the ears of the three mothers sitting nearby. I’m the king of this kingdom from now on.

 ”Come on, sit down quickly.”

 I sit on the sofa and spread my arms on the backrest. Kanata-san and Kiyoko-san sit on both sides of me, but they are a little distant from me.

 ”It’s a little chilly…”

 I say that and put my arms around the shoulders of the two women, gently pulling them closer.



 Kanata-san and Kiyoko-san look at me with bright red faces. I’m sorry, Kiyoko-san, but now I’ve given Kanata-san a bit of payback for what happened earlier.

 ”If you don’t like it, just say so?”

 ”I don’t mind…”

 ”I-I don’t mind either…”

 ”Awawawawa, Aqua-chan, Aqua-chan… And there’s no place left for Mom…”

 I turn my gaze to my mother in front of me.

 ”Come on, the place for you to sit is right here, isn’t it?”

 I look down at my own lap. When I was at home, while drying Lapis’s hair, my mother and Shitori-onee-chan used to climb onto my lap without asking, so it’s the usual thing.


 My mother sits on my lap like a borrowed cat. When I look around, the customers at the other tables are staring at us in amazement. Sorry, everyone… Well, this classroom has already been completely dominated by me.

 ”Everyone, today’s treat is on me! And please take the thing over here!”

 When I called out like that, Pegonia-san quickly got everything ready. As expected of Pegonia-san. She remains calm and composed even in this situation. Kanon, who was standing next to her, had a bewildered look on her face, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see that for her honor.

 ”By the way, do you three often meet up like this?”

 ”Yes, because we are mothers…”

 ”Yes, Marin-san approached us first, and the three of us often have tea together.”

 ”And just the other day, the three of us went to eat crepes that Aqua-kun ate.”

 Wow, it seems even my mother have been interacting with them without me knowing. But they share the same precious sons, so I guess it helps with conversation? It’s intriguing, but I’m afraid to ask, so I’ll let it slide.

 ”By the way, what do you all think about the activities we’re doing like this?”

 I decided to ask the three of them what they think since I was already at it.

 ”As long as Aqua-chan is having fun, I’m fine with it. But… even though Ako-san sets aside days off, I’m a little worried that Aqua-chan can’t rest because you’re constantly training and doing individual practice. It’s great if you enjoy your job, but don’t make mom and Kanon-chan worry too much.”

 ”Mother… thank you. I’ll be more careful.”

 I see… That’s right. Even though Ako-san has been considerate and set aside days off for me, and she even wants to save me from work, I can’t seem to relax, and I end up doing various things and scheduling work so that I don’t have any free time.

 ”I’ve said it before, but I’m grateful to Aqua-kun. Toa seems to be having fun every day, and I never thought the day would come when he could go back to school… So, thank you very much. I want to support you because Toa seems to be enjoying his work. Besides, Toa’s manager, Kirika-san, is a very reliable person.”

 Kanata-san said this with slightly teary eyes.

 ”Kanata-san… I only misunderstood Toa and Subaru-chan at first, and it was thanks to them taking the first step that Toa came out. So, instead of me, please praise Toa more for that.”

 I think Toa himself also felt that it wasn’t good to continue as he was. Otherwise, at that time, at that moment, when I pressed the doorbell, maybe Toa wouldn’t have come outside. Or he wouldn’t have responded to the doorbell either. So what I did was just pressing the doorbell.

 ”I see… I get it now. No wonder my children are in love with you. Alright, their mommy will do her best too.”

 Huh? Did she just say something?

 ”I never thought Shin-chan would do something like this, so I was surprised when I first heard about it. But because of that, we started talking a lot more, and Shin-chan looked so happy when he talked about Aqua-san. So, if it’s about working together with Aqua-kun, I think it’s okay.”

 At first, when I talked about wanting to do this kind of job, it was actually Shintaro. I thought I would be stopped or laughed at, but Shintaro listened to me seriously and encouraged me.

 ”I see… Shintaro has always helped me too. When I see him working hard, it motivates me to work hard, and I’d like you to come visit us at work sometime. Please!”

 ”Thank you, Aqua-san…”

 Kiyoko-san’s eyes were moist again. Looking at her thin white hands, I felt like supporting her.

 ”Shin-chan… if mommy gets remarried, would you be angry?”

 Huh? Did she say something just now? I couldn’t quite catch it. By the way, mother, you’ve had a pretty bewildered look on your face for a while now. Is everything okay? You look just like my wife, who’s been making that same expression…

 ”Aqua-sama, is it all right if we proceed now? Everything is prepared on our end.”

 Oh! It seems everything is ready. I pat Mother’s head gently and place her back in her seat where I was sitting.

 ”Can all three of you stay here quietly?”




 I gently pat each of their heads in turn once again. Although all three of them have somewhat softened expressions, is it just my imagination? Let’s just go with that!

 ”This is my farewell gift to all of you. Don’t blink, or you might miss it!”

 Taking the lightly blushing carbonated water from Pegonia-san, I gaze at the pyramid-shaped champagne glasses placed in front of me. Of course, what I have is just carbonated water, not expensive champagne with alcohol in it.

 ”Be intoxicated by my splendid performance!”

 I say something like that while striking a pose, but in reality, I’m just pouring the carbonated water from the top glass in the stack. Nevertheless, the audience in the stands gets incredibly excited.

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 Wait, didn’t we do this yesterday, class? Why is the enthusiasm even higher than yesterday? And what’s with this strange chant? Wasn’t it the Otomezaki chant until just yesterday…?

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 ”Aqua will win! We will lose!”

 Wait a second! When did the audience join in… even Mother and the others!? Pegonia-san and Toa are smirking, right? I need to stop this! I point my index finger toward the sky and then swiftly lower it to the ground to silence everyone’s chant.

 ”T-the winner is… me!”


 I’m not quite sure what just happened, but this should calm them down a bit… I thought. But the surroundings are still incredibly excited.

 ”Kyaaaaa, Aqua-chan, you’re so cool!”

 ”Aqua-kun, pour some for me too~!”

 ”Aqua-san, you’re amazing…”

 ”The winner is Master! The loser is the clumsy Miss!”

 ”Ahhhh, the married woman is dangerous… I can’t, no way…”

 ”Aqua… taking responsibility for Subaru and my mom as well… right!?”

 ”No way, is Aqua going to be my father!?”

 ”As expected of Shirogane-sama, desu~wa…”

 ”Oh my, Shirogane-kun, Kokona-chan can’t be so lax!”

 ”Ugh… my stomach hurts from this since the morning on the first day… I’ll go to the restroom for a bit.”

 ”What is even happening?”

 I recognized Ayana’s voice at the end. I agree with her, but I won’t delve into it too much because it’s embarrassing! Also, is Claire-san okay? I might have overdone it a bit, so afterward, I went around to other tables, thanking them for coming today and wishing them a good time as usual.

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