Male Idol V8c33

Volume 8 Chapter 33 Shirogane Kanon, What is Culture Festival Date?

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 Out of all the women in the world, what percentage do you think have gone on a date with a man? Normally, men don’t take women out on dates. And even if they do, it’s like a date where the woman walks several meters behind the man, like a bodyguard and an SP.

 However, the person beside me right now is taking me on a date that’s sweeter and more thrilling than the men in Hakuryuu-sensei’s and Yakumo-sensei’s works.

 ”Hm? Is something wrong?”

 ”N-no, it’s nothing.”

 Ah… Aqua looks so cool that I might have been staring too much. I avert my gaze from Aqua and try to act as if nothing happened, facing forward. I hope he didn’t notice that I’ve been looking at him for so long. I sneak another quick glance towards Aqua. Ugh, why is he so cool just in a school uniform!?

 A little late for lunch break, but it’s nice that everyone in the class made sure Aqua and I have the same break time.

 ”So, we get to have a cultural festival date, right?”

 ”C-Cultural festival date…”

 To be honest, I’ve never heard of a cultural festival date before. Even if it’s dating, it’s not uncommon to pretend to be strangers at school because people want to keep it a secret, but Aqua, what on earth are you saying…?

 And on top of that, Aqua doesn’t seem to have any intention of hiding the fact that we’re on a date. He’s been holding my hand since we left the classroom, and I hope no one notices that my hand is getting sweaty!!

 ”Hey… that…”

 ”Are they really holding hands?”

 ”Huh? I’d understand if it were like a man tying a woman’s wrists with a rope and leading her with it, but holding hands? What does that mean?”

 ”She’s not even wearing gloves… isn’t she treated like a germ?”

 ”I’m pretty sure I’d be disliked just because of sweaty hands. If someone did something like that to me, I’d definitely get all wet and slippery…”

 ”Shum—Kanon-sama is amazing. I think it would be tough for me to walk with my legs crossed.”

 ”Is Hagetoru here too?”

 Wait a second! Didn’t someone almost say “Shumi” clearly and then corrected themselves!? And that person who mentioned “Hagetoru”! Yes, you, you must be a regular on the bulletin board!

 Ugh… being seen like this up close by so many people makes me nervous. But even if I were in the opposite position, I’d probably do the same, so I understand and won’t stop it.

 ”Oh! Kanon, since we’re here, want to have some takoyaki?”


 Just as I was about to take my wallet out of my pocket, Aqua had already taken out the cash. The way he did it was so natural that I couldn’t help but admire it.

 ”W-what? A man taking out money himself?”

 ”This is the first time I’ve ever seen a man pay with his own money…”

 ”So, men do carry wallets, huh? Or is it just Aa-sama?”

 ”Shum—Princess Kanon is amazing! By the way, is Hagetoru here?”

 Seriously! Please don’t mention that name outside of the bulletin board!! What if Aqua finds out about the embarrassing things I’ve said about him in the past? If he says, “Hmm, Kanon seems pretty lewd, huh?” I’ll hide away for at least three days, you know!!

 ”Thanks. The griddle is hot, so be careful and enjoy.”


 Aqua receives the takoyaki pack from the female clerk. The clerk mentioned that they added a little extra as a service, but I’ve never seen a takoyaki pack with the lid floating like that…

 We sit on a nearby bench to eat the takoyaki. There are still a lot of people looking at us, and it’s a bit unsettling. Even though I’m used to being observed, Aqua doesn’t seem to notice those gazes at all. Not even a hint of awareness.

 Hey, is Aqua really an idol? I may be quite clumsy, but if that’s the case, then Aqua is a super-clumsy idol!

 ”Wow, it looks delicious.”

 Aqua opens the takoyaki pack’s lid with a carefree expression and skewers one of the takoyaki with a toothpick. He’s saying it’s lucky that there are so many inside, but the quantity is clearly abnormal! Aqua lifts one takoyaki and offers it to me.

 ”Here, Kanon.”



 W-w-wait, wait, wait is he telling me to eat that? Gazes from everyone go back and forth between me and the takoyaki.


 As I hesitate, Aqua suddenly looks like he’s noticed something.

 ”Sorry, Kanon. I’m a bit slow, didn’t realize.”

 Phew… As expected, even the slow Aqua noticed, right? So that’s why…

 ”Kanon, you’re sensitive to hot food, huh? You should have told me from the start.”


 For some reason, Aqua starts blowing on the takoyaki.


 Was that a cry from deep within my heart, or was it the collective scream of the girls watching this situation unfold? Several girls nearby sway, and one is being supported by her friend. Even those who manage to stand are trembling. Everyone is in a sorry state.

 ”Here, aaah.”

 Wha… I-i-is it really okay to eat that? I mean, Aqua’s breath is on it, right? Maybe I’ll get pregnant from this… Wait, Kanon! Remember what Grandmother said!! This is a golden opportunity! Pegonia is even putting up a sign from far away saying, “Go for it!” Agh, let’s do this!


 Woahhhh, Aqua’s… Aqua’s going inside me! I feel a warm sensation deep within. You know, being in a girl’s room was making me feel all warm and fuzzy. This must be what they mean by Aqua’s breath being a godsend… God bless you! Wait, no! Danger!! I was about to join Hagetoru’s weird cult for sure. There’s even a group of people on their knees worshiping over there! You guys are definitely part of the same weird group as Hagetoru!

 ”How is it? Delicious?”


 Haaah, phewwww! Alright, let’s calm down for a moment. As I regulate my breathing, Aqua occasionally glances at me. I wonder what’s going on? Something seems off.

 ”Kanon, won’t you do it?”


 Do it? Like, what? Are you telling me to pray like those people? Th-th-th-th-th-that, or, could it be… he wants to “do” it here?

 Get ready, Kanon! It might be a little embarrassing to undress in front of everyone, but if I do it, I might be able to help all these people! Many girls go through life without knowing what s*x is.

 Even more go through life without witnessing the act itself. I want everyone to experience this wonderful, affirming act where they can say, “I’m glad to be born a girl.”

 And perhaps, if Aqua gets excited, some of them might receive his benevolence. Pegonia has already checked the identities of all the women participating in the cultural festival, and there are no issues.

 So, all that’s left is for me to summon my courage! Come on, Kanon! While it might be a bit embarrassing to undress from the top down, if it’s just from the waist down… I slowly extend my hand under my skirt.

 ”Aaah, do it for me, please?”


 Th-this? Pegonia, who was far away, points at the sign.

 [Puukusukusu, Miss, what did you misunderstand?]

 Geez, Pegonia, you could’ve told me if you knew! And that sign, it’s a class sign for guiding customers. You shouldn’t play around with it!

 ”Yes, sure. Aaah.”

 ”Aaah. Mmm, it’s hot and gooey, and delicious!”

 Huh? Wait a minute, I just said ‘aaah’ like it was nothing, but isn’t this a bit embarrassing? W-w-w-well, it’s probably less embarrassing than having outdoor s*x in front of everyone, right?

 ”Huh? What are they doing over there?”

 ”Well, I don’t really get it, but one thing’s for sure: something outrageous is happening right in front of us.”

 ”I’ve seen a boy drop the contents of his bento on the floor and tell someone to eat it, but what’s that?”

 ”How much would it cost to feed Aqua-kun? I want to feed him until he’s full…”

 ”Rather, I want him to feed me roughly and say ‘eat up’… Of course, I’ll give him all my money.”

 ”Wait a moment, is that what people call s*x!?”

 ”Isn’t that indirect kissing?”

 ”Hagetoru!! Hurry and come here!!”

 Don’t call Hagetoru!! Aqua alone is already pushing the limits; it’ll get out of hand! Do you know how much I struggled during that sleepover? Besides, this isn’t s*x! We’re not doing anything outdoors!!

 ”Phew, that was delicious. Alright, let’s go check out some interesting displays from other classes!”

 ”Uh, sure…”

 After finishing the takoyaki and taking a short break, we headed back towards the school building. Since Aqua held my hand normally earlier, I wonder if he’ll keep holding it throughout the date? Ugh, I hope I don’t mess up somehow, even though Pegonia is watching over us. I’m worried…

 ”Oh! It’s a haunted house!”

 ”A haunted house…”

 Actually, I’m not good with scary things. Come to think of it, before, Nee-san also said she’s not good with scary stuff, which was unexpected.

 When I asked her why, she gave a strange answer that it’s because physical attacks don’t work on ghosts.

 Chinposuki and I burst into laughter upon hearing that. Nee-san, please don’t try to resolve everything with physical force… Also, I’m sure ghosts are more scared of Nee-san and won’t show up. After all, ghosts don’t want to die twice.

 ”Could it be that you’re scared?”

 ”W-Well, just a little.”

 I was lost in thought, and Aqua got worried about me. He squeezed my hand a little tighter.

 ”Don’t worry, I’m here with you. Let’s go.”

 Aqua’s smile from close distance suddenly attacked me without warning. Come on, Aqua, that was a foul move! Look, even the receptionist girl who got caught up in our accident at the haunted house is blushing a bit!

 ”Oh! It seems quite authentic.”

 Wa-wait, you can’t go in so quickly! I walked while leaning slightly on Aqua’s shoulder. Th-this should be fine! I thought that and then…


 Wh-what? Something slippery just hit my face! What is this? It’s all slimy and sticky… It’s a konjac jelly! Who hung a konjac like this? And why did it hit my face so conveniently!

 ”Ar-Are you okay, Kanon?”

 ”Y-Yeah, I’m okay.”

 What’s going on? Aqua’s voice seems a bit higher pitched…

 ”K-Kanon’s breasts…”


 Startled, I accidentally pushed my chest against Aqua’s. That was a bit inappropriate, wasn’t it?



 Wait, wait, that voice just now wasn’t mine! What on earth is happening?

 ”S-Shirogane-kun is quite aggresive, huh?”

 What are you doing, Aqua?!

 I stared intently into the darkness, trying to figure out what was happening. To my surprise, I saw Aqua grabbing the breasts of a girl dressed as a ghost.


 ”W-Well, it’s more like an involuntary reaction…”


 Oh no! He definitely gave them a good squeeze just now, didn’t he? And that girl’s breasts are way bigger than mine! See, I knew big ones are better! Even my mother-in-law and big sister-in-law have bigger breasts than me, and he like it when the buttons on shirts pop open because of their size. During our last sleepover, I’m sure he looked at Nee-san’s and Hagetoru’s breasts more than mine… I’m keeping count, you know!

 ”N-No, no, no! I just tried to let go, and my fingertips accidentally dug in a bit.”

 ”Really? This one time, you were staring at Pegonia’s bra, right? You seemed to forget mine too, and you were staring at Emily-senpai’s bra that she left behind in the changing room.”

 ”Ah… yes. I’m sorry…”

 Wait, you peeked at those? Seriously, Aqua, you’re the worst!! If you were going to do that, you should’ve at least checked mine out! And if you’re so into breasts, you could’ve just squeezed mine! I have 24/7 access to your private breast area, so you could’ve used mine. I mean, I’ve even trained with eggplants so that I can do it with my breasts like Pegonia!

 ”A-Anyway, that haunted house was amazing…”


 Afterward, the other girls playing ghosts all rushed to push their breasts against Aqua. Aqua seemed to resist, but his face had a mischievous grin, even in the darkness.

 ”Alright, let’s go to the next attraction. I heard they’re doing something in the gym.”

 Aqua quickly diverted the situation, pulling me along into the gym.

 ”It’s the basketball club! Any challengers? Take on our member one-on-one ten times, and if you can score three points or more, there’s a fabulous prize!”

 Wow, they even have this kind of thing going on. The gym had quite a crowd, but no one seemed to want to challenge. Well, that was understandable, considering Otomezaki was already known as a strong basketball player, and scoring three points against them was no easy feat.

 ”Alright! Kanon, hold onto this. I’m going to show off and make up for what happened earlier!”


 Aqua handed me his jacket and confidently walked toward the basketball club members. They were clearly shocked and had no idea Aqua was going to challenge them.

 [Ding-dong-ding-dong! We are pleased to announce that a one-on-one match between Shirogane Aqua-kun from Class 1-A and the basketball club is now about to begin. Spectators, please gather in the gym. I’m going too!]

 Wait, the broadcasting club?! Thanks to their announcement, the gym was soon filled with people. Well, it made sense; seeing boys do physical activities on 9PM Drama was already a hot topic, and Aqua’s exceptional physical abilities had been proven in various roles, including Heaven’s Sword and Nii-sama. So, everyone gathered to see him in action.

 ”It’s like a drama now, even though it hasn’t started yet…”

 ”Wow, the ideal Nii-sama is right in front of me!”

 ”Let’s calm down a bit; I’m about to get into character.”

 ”I’m going to become Kohina Yukari now. I’ll empathize with Sayuki’s feelings and watch.”

 ”Nii-sama, you look so cool…”

 ”Okay, I’m taking on the role of Rina!”

 ”Where’s Hagetoru? Isn’t she coming today?”

 ”Shumi, get it together! Your face looks just like Morikawa’s!”

 Hey, you surely said “Shumi” just now, right!? These bulletin board folks need to have some self-restraint!

 And why are so many people looking for Hagetoru? Is he that popular? Is it just my imagination? Also, is it just me, or are there a lot of people looking for Hagetoru? Is she really that popular? Or is it just my imagination?

 ”Aqua, do your best! Go, Aqua-chan! Go, Aqua-chan!”

 And even my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are here, dressed like that! Wait, everyone, what’s with the outfits?

 ”Marin-san, this might be a bit… If Toa were to wear it, it would look good on him, but…”

 ”D-d-dressing up like this at our age… What if Shin-chan sees me?”

 They’re saying all this, but they’re all dressed up in cheerleader outfits! They’re super short, showing their belly buttons, and it feels kind of naughty! This is definitely a job for the Naughty Police!

 And Aqua, he’s totally glancing over at Mayuzumi-kun’s mom and Toa-chan’s mom! And he’s even checking Marin-san’s breasts, too! He’s not hiding it well at all, is he? Geez!

 [Yes, now, we’d like to begin the 1-on-1 match between Shirogane Aqua-kun and the basketball club!]

 Before I knew it, they had set up an announcer’s seat. What’s going on here?

 Anyway, Aqua was the player for the first pass exchange. He jumped straight from there and made a clean shot with beautiful form. The cheers from earlier suddenly quieted down, and the only sound in the gymnasium was the pleasant sound of Aqua’s shot going through the hoop.


 ”Was that a three-pointer just now!?”

 ”No, in this rule, three-pointers don’t matter, right?”

 ”Huh? What’s going on? This can’t be real…”

 ”Amazing, he’s so cool!”

 ”Yes, I’m already feeling like Sayuki.”

 ”Oh no, I was making the same face as Hogekawa…”

 The girls from the basketball team were also wearing surprised expressions. Well, of course, normally, boys can’t make shots from that far away, right?

 And he did it so easily, even more than a meter away from the three-point line. It just doesn’t make sense…

 While I was thinking about this, Aqua managed to dodge his opponent again and made a beautiful shot for his second one. Wait a minute, isn’t that opponent one of the representatives from the different age group? Isn’t that strange?




 The third shot was even more impressive. Aqua used a feint to avoid his opponent and directly slammed the ball into the hoop. Unbelievable…

 I’ve never seen a live dunk before, and I certainly didn’t hear that he could do something like this.

 ”Kyaaa! Look, that’s my boy! Isn’t he cool?”

 Mother-in-law… you don’t need to say that; everyone in this country and Stars knows it. So, please calm down. Mayuzumi-kun’s mom too, you are shaking your head so much you’re rolling your eyes!

 ”Hey, why not increase the number of players?”


 Aqua seems to be saying something again… From what I can gather, it looks like two more players are joining the opposing team. Well, it can’t be helped since they weren’t opponents before. Nevertheless, Aqua scored one point with a double clutch and another point with a fadeaway three-pointer.

 Yeah… I see, maybe Aqua doesn’t want to be an idol but dreams of becoming a professional basketball player in the States? With Aqua, this country could win a gold medal in basketball for the first time in history. That’s how it feels.

 ”I’m trembling at the awesomeness of Kohina Yukari when seeing this direcly.”

 ”I know. I can’t even stand up anymore.”

 ”I can’t afford to perform in any way.”

 ”I can’t get up in a different sense. Probably my seat is all sticky.”

 ”Wait, is this what Shumi has to watch every day?”

 ”I can’t make fun of Shumi anymore…”

 ”Hagetoru… Take care of the rest!”

 That’s right! Have you all understood a bit now? Just so you know, I can’t stand up either. Why I can’t stand up is a maiden’s secret, so I can’t say it under any circumstances!!

 ”Miss, miss, look over here.”

 Even so, Pegonia forcibly dragged me into the equipment room, and right there, I was made to change into a familiar outfit.

 ”Wait a minute, isn’t this a cheerleading outfit, just like mother-in-law and the others!”

 ”Yes, I borrowed it just now. Now, let’s support Master together!! And let’s make Master’s lower body h*rny!”

 Wait, Pegonia is wearing a cheerleading outfit too now!! When we emerged from the equipment room, the final 10 shots were about to begin any moment now.

 Looking at the score appointment, Aqua had successfully made all nine shots so far, and now, there were five players on the opposing team. It’s 1 on 5, not 1 on 1. Isn’t that strange? Wasn’t basketball a team sport?

 ”Everyone, let’s show our determination!”

 ”Sorry, Shirogane-kun, but I’m going to seriously stop this last shot!”

 ”Be careful with the defense; he’s stronger physically than us, so he might come at us aggressively!”

 ”He jump higher than us! When one jumps, two of us should be ready to cover!”

 ”Now, whether we cry or laugh, this is the last one. Leave the goal area to me!”

 This is practically a match. A real match… I thought there would be some body contact, or their breasts would be pressed, or something like that would definitely happen, but there’s not even a hint of such an atmosphere. The girls from the basketball team are also showing their seriousness, looking cool.

 ”Aqua-kun, do your best!”

 ”The basketball team too, give it your all in the final moments!”

 ”I want Aa-sama to make all ten shots, but I also want the basketball team to stop the last one.”

 ”I’ll root for both! Both Aqua-sama and the basketball team, do your best!”

 Voices cheering for both sides could be heard from all over the gymnasium. Seeing this, Aqua smiled faintly. Oh no, I saw it… That feeling, I actually quite like it. He must know that by now…

 I’ve always wondered why it’s so much fun to be by Aqua’s side, but maybe it’s because he gets everyone to take things seriously. He plays with genuine enthusiasm, and he’s always so focused that it makes everyone enjoy watching.

 ”Now, Miss, even though the atmosphere in the venue has become somewhat neutral, you’ll support him, won’t you?”

 ”Of course. I’ve decided to support one person from start to finish.”

 I was instigated by Pegonia. No, I stepped forward with my own will and took a deep breath!

 ”Aqua! Show us your most amazing moment!”

 Aqua noticed my voice and looked in my direction. Um, um, I should say something else, right?

 ”W-when we get back… I-I’ll put on something… not just the maid outfit… for you!!”

 I leaned forward just a little bit and tried to appeal. In response, Aqua briefly glanced at my cleavage and then nodded emphatically. Is it just my imagination, or does he seem to be wearing the best smile of the day?


 ”Well said, Shumi!”

 ”Shumi! Shumi! Shumi! Shumi! Shumi!”

 ”Shumi is the strongest! Shumi is the strongest! Shumi is the strongest!”

 ”Uh… I mean, we should call her Kanon-sama properly.”

 ”Everyone, stop the Shumi chant. Call her Kanon-sama!”

 ”Tonight’s going to be fun!!”

 ”Damn it, I’m jealous of Shumi…”

 ”Shumi, go die!”

 ”Hagetoru, crash the party!”

 Hey, don’t go telling me to “go die” out here! Save that for the message boards. Well, if I were in your shoes, I’d probably say the same thing, and if Hagetoru were here, I’m sure she’d be saying it 100%. So, who am I to judge?

 [Now, whether we cry or laugh, this is the last one!]

 For the last 10 shots, Aqua dodged the first opponent with a feint. He then pretended to carry the second opponent on his back, who had come to cover him, and quickly turned inside. From there, Aqua physically evaded another opponent and leaped into the air.

 ”I won’t let you!”

 A perfectly timed block shot. But Aqua, in mid-air, pulled back the hand holding the ball, reversed, and switched the ball to his other hand. A double clutch! It went in!! Just when everyone thought so, the last opponent swatted Aqua’s shot away.

 She knew the double clutch was coming and deliberately delayed her timing. Perhaps, because she had been playing one-on-one with Aqua from the start, she could read his attacks.



 ”Wow, basketball is so cool!”

 ”The determination of the basketball team in the end was amazing!!”

 ”They both looked really cool!!”

 ”Well done, it was so moving!!”


 ”Thank you, everyone from the basketball team!”

 A storm of applause erupted in the gymnasium, and the girls from the basketball team were celebrating as if they had won the game. Aqua wiped his sweat and slowly approached me.

 ”I’m sorry. I couldn’t show you something cool at the end.”

 ”No, you looked very cool. It was so much fun, not about winning or losing!”

 I turned my gaze towards the audience. Aqua, following my lead, also turned his gaze towards everyone.

 ”Look, everyone seems to be having a great time. Aqua, you’re amazing!”

 Aqua, looking at everyone’s smiles, smiled faintly.

 ”So… did you think marrying me was a good choice?”

 ”Uh, um…”

 Sweat dripped down Aqua’s neck as he pulled me closer. Oh… this is bad. Aqua’s sweat is activating my girl cells in an instant…

 ”Be prepared, because I’ll make you fall for me again and again.”

 Huh, huh? Is there more to this?

 Isn’t it a bit much already? Honestly, I think today alone has given any girl more happiness than she could experience in a lifetime. Is there anything more to it than this?

 ”So, Kanon, just stay by my side forever. I won’t let you look anywhere else in the first place, so just keep your eyes on me.”


 Uh, Aqua-san? Everyone around is watching, you know? The girls from the basketball team are already blushing like crazy, the girls in the audience all have faces like Morikawa-san, and even the moms are… well, are you sure you can handle this responsibly?

 [Miss, I’ll just go to the restroom for a moment.]

 And then, before I knew it, Pegonia had disappeared, leaving only a signboard behind! She’s definitely up to something naughty, right? I wanted to use the restroom too, you know!

 After parting ways with Aqua, I rushed to the restroom, but there was a one-hour wait… As I stood in line for the restroom, Pegonia passed by me with a satisfied look on her face.

 ”Oh, Miss, I’ll go back ahead!”

 I almost blurted out “Pegonia, go die,” but I held back. If I said it, it wouldn’t be taken as a joke anymore, but Hagetoru would have definitely said it.

 ”Hmm… Where’s Hagetoru?”

 Oh, right, Hagetoru isn’t coming today! She’ll be here… tomorrow!

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