Male Idol V8c34.5

Volume 8 Chapter 34.5 Natsuki Sana, the Otomezaki Defense Front

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 ”Let’s see…”

 In that classroom with “Otomezaki School Peacekeeping Committee Headquarters” written on it, I was leaning on the table, observing the situation.

 ”It’s the first squad. We’ve apprehended a suspicious person attempting to enter the school building, requesting immediate backup!”

 ”Roger that. We’ll send someone right away!”

 Suzu, who serves as the secretary and accountant of the Student Disciplinary Committee, instructed Reona from the first squad to head to their location.

 ”Here’s the third squad, we’ve spotted someone acting suspicious near the school gate, and we’re about to approach them.”

 ”Yes, please proceed with caution.”

 ”This is the seventh squad. We’ve safely collected the takoyaki pack and toothpick discarded by Aqua-kun.”

 ”Then return to headquarters immediately with those items. We’ll dispose of them before any trouble arises.”

 ”The fifth squad is moving towards the haunted house area.”

 ”Understood, we’ll continue to monitor the situation.”

 Natalie, also a member of the Student Disciplinary Committee, was handling multiple communications all by herself. Truly fitting for a vice president. Impressive!

 ”President, we received a message from the volunteers in the shopping district, saying they’ve captured a suspicious person in front of the station and put them on a train back.”

 ”Good! Tell them we appreciate their cooperation.”

 The folks from the shopping district have always been watching over our Otomezaki students as they go to and from school, even before Aqua-kun and the others arrived.

 For this cultural festival, we’ve sourced costumes and props through them. Otomezaki School is a relatively new institution, but its style is deeply rooted in the local community.

 ”Botan, how’s the situation on your end?”

 ”President, everything here is fine!”

 Botan from the Student Disciplinary Committee is responsible for checking the surveillance cameras installed in the school.

 She detects any anomalies, reports them to me, and then I mobilize security. Natalie and Suzu handle communications, while Ruuna and Reona head to the scene.

 By the way, Claire, who handles general affairs for the student council, has the most critical duty of maintaining order within the classrooms.

 ”By the way, what was that incident this morning all about?”

 ”I’m not sure. I made some adjustments to the security system for the cultural festival, so there might have been a glitch.”

 In the morning, there was a brief moment when all the PCs, including the surveillance cameras, froze.

 We still don’t know the cause, but for now, the system seems to be working fine. It could have been a malfunction or a bug, as Suzu suggested. After all, it started working again after a reboot.

 ”President, here’s the report on the suspicious individuals we apprehended this morning.”

 ”All right, let me take a look.”

 I skimmed through the report handed to me. Let’s see… In her early twenties, an office lady working in a Tokyo company, already handed over to the police. The offense involved trying to expose herself to Aqua-kun, who was on his way to school.

 Looking at the photo of the culprit again, it seemed she was at least an H-cup. Well… even though Aqua-kun is kind-hearted, handling an H-cup might be a bit too much… it’s just too big. I moved on to the next page with a wry expression.

 Sixteen years old, a high school girl from another school, self-proclaimed idol. After confirming with her agency, it turned out she was a genuine idol, so her manager was called in to handle the situation. The offense involved trying to stuff her used panties into Aqua-kun’s shoe locker.

 Seriously, why would a boy be interested in girls’ underwear? Even if girls occasionally use boys’ underwear, the reverse is definitely not happening. When I was in elementary school, I used to hang my striped panties in a reachable place every day, but they were never stolen.

 In fact, I got reported to the men in the neighborhood because it was an eyesore. The next case was an eight-year-old girl… eight years old!? Isn’t that way too early to be doing something like this!? I sighed heavily.

 The offense involved pretending to be lost and trying to lead Aqua-kun to the restroom. Oh dear… children can be frightening.

 As I flipped through the handed papers, I found similar incidents and even worse ones.

 ”Thanks. Please continue to handle this.”

 ”Yes, President.”

 I refocused and turned my gaze back to the monitor. Aqua-kun was just about to enter the haunted house.

 ”Ugh, I can’t see what’s happening inside like this. I need to rush to the scene!”

 Fortunately, the class running the haunted house is on the lower floor. I dashed outside and, placing my butt on the railing, slid down to the lower level.

 This is an exact copy of the scene that Kanzaki showed in Episode 5 of Heaven’s Sword.

 ”This is the student council. Sorry, but I need to enter for security reasons.”


 After putting on black clothes to dress up as ghosts, I stepped inside the classroom.

 ”Ar-Are you okay, Kanon?”

 ”Y-Yeah, I’m okay.”

 Was there some kind of trouble? Without delay, I moved closer to where the two voices came from.



 Breasts? Could someone be sexually harassing someone here? Despite my eyes not being accustomed to the darkness yet, I carelessly approached Aqua-kun and the others. And then it happened. It happened.


 Large hands grabbed my breasts. In that moment, something like an electric shock I had never felt before sent a tingling sensation throughout my entire body.


 I unintentionally let out a cry in response to Aqua-kun’s surprised voice.

 ”S-Shirogane-kun is quite aggresive, huh?”

 W-Well, I’m a high school student too. It’s not like I’ve never comforted myself like other classmates. I’ve touched myself while doing that, but Aqua-kun’s touch was completely different from what I usually do.


 Dangerous, Kanon-san is so close… I pressed my cr*tch from above the black clothes. Sticky liquid dripped from my girl’s h*le, passing through the cr*tch of my fresh panties and trickling down my inner thighs.

 What should I do… I might have ruined my panties with just one touch of my breasts. Even though I had only been touched once, my ut*rus was throbbing so much that it was signaling a desire for a baby.

 ”W-Well, it’s more like an involuntary reaction…”

 The pressure on my breasts eased slightly. Normally, I should have moved my body away at this point, but in my haste to remove my breasts quickly, I slipped and pressed my breasts against Aqua-kun even more.


 Aqua-kun’s palm, which gently received that, started to squeeze my breasts even more forcefully. It was clear that my n**ples, which had been grazed slightly, were er*ct and hurting.

 I wanted Aqua-kun to make a mess of this body… You might think I’m saying something strange, but my rationality was gradually being overridden by my se*ual desire to the point where I longed for something as intense as the animal mating I saw as part of s*x education.

 Even though my ut*rus was already descending in pleasure from just having my breasts touched, I wondered how good it would feel if Aqua-kun and I were to passionately intertwine our bodies in the confined space, sweating and touching each other.

 ”N-No, no, no! I just tried to let go, and my fingertips accidentally dug in a bit.”

 Wait, my other self in my heart raised her voice. The young me, wearing a white dress and a straw hat, continued to shout at me. Hang in there, Summer King! If you give in to your se*ual desire here, you’ll become Chijou too!

 Chijou…? That’s right, why do I think that Kanzaki and the others, the Drivers, are fighting if I get overwhelmed by se*ual desire here?

 Remember… I’m the student council president, and it’s the student council president’s duty to protect Aqua-kun and the others’ peace, and the smiles of Otomezaki’s students!! Uoooooooh!

 I forcibly moved my body away from Aqua-kun’s hand and put some distance between us. Haa, haa, haa… I was moments away from completely losing control.

 If it weren’t for the voice of the young me inside me, I might have been overwhelmed by lust and attacked him right then and there.

 ”Really? This one time, you were staring at Pegonia’s bra, right? You seemed to forget mine too, and you were staring at Emily-senpai’s bra that she left behind in the changing room.”

 ”Ah… yes. I’m sorry…”

 For now, I’ll just keep my distance and watch. As long as I’m not touched, I’ll be fine. I wanted to slap myself from a few minutes ago.

 ”Oh, oopsie-daisy!”

 Aqua-kun stumbled while making a sound like the long-selling sweets from the Morinaga company. In a panic, I threw myself forward and used my breasts to cushion Aqua-kun’s face.


 Seeing Aqua-kun kneeling in my cleavage so defenselessly, my maternal instincts surged from within me.

 I want to hug him… I want to hug Aqua-kun like this and comfort him, saying, “There, there, it’s okay.” No, if I do that, there’s no turning back. I withdrew my trembling hands, biting my lip.

 ”Aqua, are you okay?”

 ”Yeah, thanks to the soft and nice-smelling cushion around me, I’m fine.”

 Aqua-kun said it smells nice! I was worried because I smelled sweaty, but it seems like I also emit a girl’s scent, which reassures me.

 But… while it’s nice that he accepts girls like me, he has to be careful not to make other girls misunderstand and treat them as girls like me.

 ”Whoa, there are so many soft things around me…”

 See, I told you so. He’s surrounded by girls who misunderstood. I brushed away the demons and monsters flocking around Aqua-kun.


 I couldn’t see well in the darkness, but I felt like Kanon-san’s eyes lost their spark. This is bad, so I became even more vigilant of my surroundings.

 However, Aqua-kun seemed to intentionally slide his hands and touch my breasts over and over again. So many times! It was almost too much… I feel like I’ve had a lifetime’s worth of breast-touching today.

 But maybe, thanks to this, I can endure a little breast-touching. And considering that there are women out there who may never be touched by a man in their entire lives, I find myself thinking that maybe he should touch other girls’ bodies a bit more and not focus on me so much.

 It may sound strange for me to say this, but I don’t have much allure like other girls. I still sometimes wear bear panties…

 ”A-Anyway, that haunted house was amazing…”


 Kanon-san is amazing. She’s jealous of Aqua-kun… Most girls wouldn’t be able to do that.

 Watching Aqua-kun try to improve Kanon-san’s mood in his current state made me feel very heartwarming.

 If the original form of male and female were like Aqua-kun and Kanon-san, the world would probably be happier. It’s not something that can be considered normal, but when I watch these two, those words come to mind.

 I see… maybe Kanon-san was able to capture Aqua-kun’s heart precisely because they have a naturally equal relationship, something that other girls can’t achieve.

 ”President Natsuki, thank you for your cooperation.”


 Suddenly, a maid appeared with a sign and whispered in my ear. I’m pretty sure her name is Pegonia-san. She’s allowed to accompany Kanon-san to school as her maid, due to special circumstances.

 According to what I heard, Pegonia-san has never attended school once because of family reasons. When my classmates heard about it, they presented her with a school uniform, and with Sugita-sensei’s consideration, she now sits next to Kanon-san in class.

 By chance, while I was on patrol, I saw her talking and laughing with my female classmates from the hallway. Pegonia-san may not officially be a student at our school, but she’s undoubtedly a part of us, Otomezaki. As the student council president, I say so.

 ”I’m sorry for surprising you.”

 ”No, don’t worry about it. Rather than that, Pegonia-san, thank you for your hard work. Let’s do our best to protect everyone’s peace!”

 I said that and extended my fist toward her. Pegonia-san blinked her eyes for a moment and then pressed her fist against mine.

 ”Yes, let’s do our best together.”

 I thought, just for a moment, as I saw Pegonia-san’s natural and age-appropriate smile. I see… this is probably why all my classmates are so kind to her.

 ”President, it seems that the target is heading to the gymnasium.”


 As I wondered why Aqua-kun had gone to the gym, an announcement echoed through the school. It seems that Aqua-kun is participating in a performance by the basketball club. This is bad…!

 Aqua-kun’s sweat on the floor might be licked up, mops used to wipe away the sweat, or buckets used to collect it might be stolen. I dashed off to protect Otomezaki’s, and Aqua-kun’s, peace.

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