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Volume 8 Chapter 34 Shirogane Aqua, Don’t Muddy the Tea

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 After my date with Kanon, I changed into traditional Japanese clothing in the dressing room prepared by the tea ceremony club, where Shintaro had joined me.

 ”Well, well, both of you look great.”

 Kurogami-san greeted us with a smile as she adjusted my collar gracefully. Kurogami-san had an allure like Kiyoko-san, or I should say, she had a mature charm beyond her high school years.

 Moreover, it’s not obvious because she’s wearing a kimono, but she had a significant breast underneath it. The contrast between her neatly dressed kimono and school uniform stirred my hidden desires.

 Ah… I haven’t had s*x since Grandmother-in-law came to visit. For someone like me, Kurogami-san’s sweet, mature charm was quite effective.

 ”Shirogane-kun, are you okay? Are you tired, perhaps?”

 Kurogami-san asked, concerned.

 ”Oh, no, I’m fine…”

 I got carried away with inappropriate thoughts, and I felt embarrassed about it. Sorry, Kurogami-san.

 ”Really? If you get tired, let’s take a break in the nearby room.”

 Huh? A break? Hold on, Kurogami-san, I have a cute wife named Kanon, you see. It’s not right for me to be alone with another girl in a closed room, especially when my mother said, “I’m going to call naughty Police!”


 Kurogami-san chuckled at my reaction. Wait, was I being teased? It felt like I was being played with.

 ”Now, let’s go. I’m sure the guests are waiting for us.”


 Oh, right… I had forgotten that Shintaro was right beside me. Please, Shintaro! I’m begging you… please keep this a secret from Kanon and Pegonia-san! I clasped my hands together as a silent plea to Shintaro.

 ”Aqua, what are you doing? Come on, let’s go.”


 Although Shintaro pretended not to notice, he must have understood what my prayer meant. Please, Shintaro! I trust you, my best friend!

 ”Well then, Shintaro, see you later.”

 ”Yeah, let’s both do our best.”

 Once I entered one of the two tatami rooms, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the faces of the guests who had arrived earlier.

 ”I’m worried that you two might not make it, but you came.”

 ”I’m sorry, Aqua-kun. My work took longer than I expected, and I inconvenienced Shitori-san.”

 ”President, please don’t worry about it. I’m sure my mom and the others had a great time in the morning.”

 My first customers were Ako-san and Shitori-onee-chan. I bowed my head in gratitude for their hard work even on a holiday.

 ”Ako-san and Shitori-onee-chan, thank you so much for everything.

 After the cultural festival, we were getting ready for the Halloween Event. Despite that, in the end, the two of them, well, everyone in Beryl, provided support from behind the scenes for Kurumi-san’s situation. So, for that reason, I was determined to give my best performance at the Halloween Event.

 ”Aqua-kun, don’t worry. Everyone is doing what they love.”

 ”That’s right. Toa-chan and the others have said the same thing, but it’s okay for you to focus on what’s ahead. We’ll support you from behind. But… every now and then, it would be nice if you turned around and looked our way.”

 Turn around and look their way… Shitori-onee-chan’s words made me pause for a moment. Everything I’ve been able to achieve in this world is thanks to everyone’s support. Shintaro and Tenga-senpai followed me into this world (entertainment) despite being dragged into it, and juniors like Charlie and Akami, who were inspired by me, took that step forward.

 First, Ako-san approached me, and then Shitori-onee-chan, Mother, Lapis, and my family all cooperated. MojaP, Nobu-san, John, Trashpunks’ two members, Director Hongou, Hakuryuu-sensei, Kohina-senpai, Ayana, Kirika-san, and Morikawa-san… I’ve been helped by countless people.

 Even my fans have stuck with me through everything I do, supporting me even after I got married. It’s been exactly half a year since that fateful photoshoot, and I’ve been running forward ever since.

 But stopping… huh.

 After returning home, I felt like I inconvenienced everyone because of Kanon, so I took on even more work. Perhaps Shitori-onee-chan saw through that.

 ”And… when Aa-chan turn around, Aa-chan might get a glimpse of your favorite breasts!”

 I almost tripped over my Kimono’s hem in grand fashion. I was just complimenting her, and then Shitori-onee-chan… she really knows how to tease me! How did she even know that I like breasts? Did she see me sneakily checking out a bra tag before?


 Ako-san, please don’t check your size right now! You’re already quite big, even when compared to Shitori-onee-chan! I knew this was a bad idea, so I changed the subject.

 ”Oh? By the way, where are mother and the others?”

 ”Mom and the others went to Mayuzumi-kun’s area this time.”

 Uh… I became really worried that mother might have caused some trouble. I hope she didn’t inconvenience Shintaro.

 ”Aa-chan, don’t worry about our mom. Mayuzumi-kun is a serious person, so mom said she trusts him.”

 Really…? If he’s reliable, then I hope he’ll be responsible even when I’m around. Well, in that case, Shintaro should be okay. I regained my composure and sat seiza style on the tatami.

 ”Thank you all for coming amidst your busy schedules today. We appreciate it. It’s just a short moment, but please relax and enjoy yourselves.”

 ”Thank you.”

 After exchanging greetings with Shitori-onee-chan, who was the main guest, and Ako-san, I planned to skip the discussion about tools and hanging scrolls that would typically follow. Instead, we had a freewheeling talk session with the guests.

 ”I thought of this while looking at Aqua-kun in a Kimono, but after the Halloween event, you’ll be doing a photoshoot for the Onmyoji, right?”

 ”I’m really looking forward to it. I’m excited to play as enemies with Tenga-senpai, but I’m also thrilled to work with the heroine, Marika-san, whom I co-starred with in Hana-ata.”

 I heard this from Morikawa-san when she visited our house recently, but she’s also going to appear in the Onmyoji photoshoot as a surprise guest. Morikawa-san seemed nervous about it, but somehow, I feel like she’s good at handling live situations. Besides, Morikawa-san doesn’t seem to get nervous before performances, so I think she’ll be fine.

 ”But for now, I’ll focus on finishing the cultural festival successfully and then concentrate on the Halloween event.”

 ”I think that’s a good idea. It’s important to think ahead, but also focus on the task at hand. Taking one step at a time and finishing things properly will contribute to Aqua-kun’s growth.”

 I nodded in agreement with Ako-san’s words. I want to give my all to every job I’ve taken on because they’re all things I wanted to do.

 Some of them were proposed by Ako-san’s side, but even those projects are full of enthusiasm and fun, and it’s clear that Ako-san and the others have thought carefully about me.

 The location for the Monday 9 PM drama was a job Ako-san brought to me, and meeting Kohina-senpai, who I co-starred with, was truly a blessing. I won’t tell Kohina-senpai personally, but she tends to get competitive, so it’s better not to. Plus, I enjoyed the chance to compete and grow alongside Ayana, who’s from the same generation.

 The director wasn’t reserved with me just because I’m male, which I think was also a good thing. All the shooting, including retakes, is already done, but this job was different from Heaven’s Sword.

 ”Hehe, Aa-chan, looks like you’re having fun.”


 Shitori-onee-chan gazed at me with a gentle smile. Maybe it’s just my imagination, or rather, I hope it is, but doesn’t Shitori-onee-chan have a more maternal aura than mother?

 ”Aa-chan, are you having fun with work and school?”

 ”Yeah, I’m having a great time. Everyone at school is nice, and I can’t help but enjoy my work. Thanks to Shitori-onee-chan, Ako-san, and everyone’s support, I have really fulfilling days. So, I want to say thank you again. Both of you… thank you so much.”

 As I said that, Shitori-onee-chan and Ako-san had slightly teary eyes. There’s a bit of embarrassment, but I decided to continue looking at Shitori-onee-chan and speak my mind.

 ”And speaking of Kanon and our marriage, I’ve been reflecting on something. Back when I was living at my parents’ house, I should have cherished my time with my family more.”

 With Kanon, we’ve talked a lot about our future, our thoughts about having children, and various other topics. Because of those discussions, I started wondering if I had truly been facing my family properly all this time.

 Maybe it’s because in my previous life, I didn’t have a family, so I didn’t know how to interact with them.

 I had naturally distanced myself from my family. I had vaguely noticed this even before getting married, but I couldn’t do anything about it alone. Maybe it would have been better to consult someone.

 ”So, from now on, I’ll make sure to come home and spend time with everyone, so let’s all relax together when that time comes.”


 But… just one, I’ll make one excuse. Shitori-onee-chan, Mother, and even Lapis, they’re all too attractive…! And they do things like casually showing their panties and bare breasts, leaving their underwear lying around the laundry room in a way that makes it obvious, and smelling good every day. Shitori-onee-chan even tries to crawl into my bed half-asleep!

 Aaaahhh! Looking back now, I endured so much! It was like a daily battle of “Lose if you do it with your family.” I want someone to praise me for enduring so well. But, according to what Kanon told me, in this world, there are boys who ask their mother for h*ndjobs, marry their older sisters, and even help their young sisters who haven’t started menstruating yet.

 When I think about that, am I the one who’s weird…? N-No, that can’t be it. Yeah, it must be like that, right? S-Someone, please tell me it’s like that!!

 ”Well then, please wait for a moment, both of you.”

 Afterward, I served matcha to the two of them, and we continued chatting lightly. This tea gathering wasn’t meant to be a formal event but rather focused on having enjoyable conversations with the guests. Originally, I thought that, as mother’s son and a member of the Tea Ceremony Club, it would be better to have a proper ceremony.

 However, mother said that what’s most important is for the guests to have fun, so that was the deciding factor. Yes, when I think about it, there are parts of mother I can truly respect.

 In fact, she’s a proper adult who would gain respect even if she were acting normally. And yet, she has moments of childishness and eccentric behavior that seem to cancel it all out. She even threw a tantrum over a single pudding the other day…

 ”Thank you, Aa-chan, for today. The matcha was delicious.”

 ”Aqua-kun, I know tomorrow’s cultural festival will be tough, but do your best. Don’t overexert yourself. If you’re tired, remember that we have an alternative plan for the Halloween event, so feel free to consult with us.”

 ”Thank you both for taking the time out of your busy day today. See you later.”

 After bidding farewell to the two of them, I returned to the Japanese-style room to prepare for welcoming the next guests. Fortunately, Kurogami-san and other club members helped, so we were able to quickly prepare for the next guests.

 And so, for a few hours, I served tea to several guests. By the time we finished with the planned number of guests, the time for the cultural festival to end was approaching.

 ”Thank you both. Sorry for asking you in the midst of your busy day.”

 ”Don’t worry about it, Kurogami-san. We’re technically club members too. And we’re really grateful for the opportunity.”

 ”Yeah, this was my first time doing something like this… but it was a lot of fun. Thank you, Kurogami-san.”

 Shintaro and I exchanged light high-fives with Kurogami-san and the other club members. The tea ceremony club’s tea gatherings would continue tomorrow, but today was the only day I would participate. Shintaro originally planned to participate today only, but it seems he intends to join during the available time tomorrow as well.

 Yeah, I think it’s a good trend. After all, Tenga-senpai originally took on the job as an onmyoji himself, and recently, Tenga-senpai, Nobu-san, and Kirika-san have been trying out something new. I felt like Shintaro was gradually becoming more proactive too.

 Although I feel a bit sad thinking that we might have fewer jobs to do together in the future, like with Heaven’s Sword or the upcoming shows, maybe it’s necessary for our growth.

 Well, we’ll probably still be able to work together on jobs organized by Beryl&Beryl, or events and projects initiated by Beryl. Yeah, that’s right. I should think that way.

 ”Well then, Kurogami-san, we’re going back to the classroom.”

 ”Understood. Thank you both very much. Mayuzumi-kun, please take care tomorrow as well.”

 ”Yes, see you later.”

 There’s still some time left until the cultural festival ends. Shintaro and I decided to help with the class’s cosplay host cafe until the last minute. We didn’t want to waste time changing, so we returned to the classroom in our Japanese attire. Everyone was surprised to see us like this, but we were actually the ones taken aback by their attire.

 ”Hehehe, I thought something like this might happen, so I prepared properly for it.”

 Toa had prepared private costumes for this day, anticipating that Shintaro and I would return in our Japanese attire. However, it was surprising to see Toa, who usually wore the male uniform, now in a female’s outfit. When I looked at him in confusion, he whispered softly in my ears, “It’s a special service.” Special service… for what?

 ”Toa-chan? Toa-kun?”

 ”Ahhhh, Toa-chan is teasing us!”

 ”I don’t care anymore… I’m sure Toa-chan can pull off being a girl.”

 ”Three guys in kimono… amazing…”

 ”Ahh, Toa-chan whispering to Aqua-kun… the most heart-pounding moment of the day!”

 ”Can’t Toa-chan do takeout?”

 ”I want to be scolded by Mayuzumi-kun in a kimono. How much do I need to pay?”

 ”I’m having fantasies of Aqua-kun undressing in a kimono right now just like Hagetoru.”

 ”Hagetoru? Didn’t someone say ‘Hagetoru’ earlier?”

 Well, it seems like the guests are enjoying themselves, so it’s fine. And speaking of which, I thought about it during the stream the other day, but is “Hagetoru” actually a thing? I might use it a bit in my next stream; it’s such a trivial thing to think about.

 And with that, I successfully concluded the first day of the cultural festival. However, the following day, as I arrived at school with a carefree expression, an unimaginable event awaited me.

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