Male Idol V8c4

Volume 8 Chapter 4 Natsuki Sana, Whoaaaaaa

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 ”Heheheh! Sorry to keep you waiting, Shinjuku Baker! I’ve arrived!”

 My name is Natsuki Sana, the Student Council President of the private Otomezaki Academy. Today, an event for Masked Driver, starring our school’s Shirogane Aqua-kun, Nekoyama Toa-kun, and Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun, is scheduled at Shinjuku Baker! Luckily, I won tickets for the morning session, so I took the train early in the morning to get here. And I’m not alone today!

 ”Feeling sleepy…”

 Resting on my back and rubbing her eyes is none other than Asumi Runa, also known as Ruuna, the Student Disciplinary Committee Chair at Otomezaki.

 ”Ruuna, we’ve reached our destination!”

 ”Mmm… Sana-chan, please carry me the rest of the way… Zzz”

 Hahaha, she’s quite something! Surely, Ruuna must have been too excited to sleep. Truth be told, I haven’t slept for four days in anticipation of this event either! Probably why my eyes are bloodshot right now. I was approached by the police three times before arriving here because of it.

 ”Those with tickets, please form a queue here! Platinum ticket holders, come to me!”

 Oh, it looks like the entrance is over there. I retrieve my ticket from my pocket and show it to the staff.

 ”Ah! You’re a Platinum Room guest! Congratulations!”

 ”Thank you!”

 The staff member who looked at my ticket was clearly surprised. You see, not only did I win the ticket by luck, but I also secured a Platinum Room!

 ”Well, this way, please.”

 Guided by another staff member nearby, we enter the building, which is already bustling with activity. Amidst it all, I’m captivated by the life-sized Chijou characters from Masked Driver.

 ”Shall we take a photo?”


 I set Ruuna down and ask a staff member to take a three-shot photo with Chijou. By the way, my favorite is Ro-Schutz-Marr, while Ruuna’s favorite is Kunka Kunker.

 ”How does this look?”

 ”Thank you!”

 I grin as I check the image on the camera handed to us by the staff. Hmm! Just this alone brings me immense satisfaction! Ruuna and I proceed to the private area via the elevator.


 As soon as we step onto the exclusive floor, my eyes sparkle! Heaven’s Sword! Poison Chalice! Lightning Hopper!! There are so many Heaven’s Sword Goods here that I’m overwhelmed!

 ”Sorry, please go to the counter first.”

 ”Oh, sure!”

 Oops, I was about to inconvenience the staff. Ruuna and I head to the counter and present our Platinum Room tickets. By the way, the Platinum Room allows for one additional guest, so I invited Ruuna, who didn’t win a ticket this time.

 ”Yes, you’re in the Platinum Room. Congratulations.”

 The receptionist hands us a menu along with the returned tickets.

 ”Platinum Room guests get one free drink. You can place your order now, or we can take it during the event. We’re happy to accommodate you at any time.”

 ”Um… then, I’ll have a hot caramel latte, please!”

 ”I’ll take a hot milk cocoa.”

 Ruuna’s order of hot milk cocoa comes in a container featuring Toa-kun and Aqua-kun, while my caramel latte is in a collaboration container with Aqua-kun and Merry-san.

 ”Would you like to pick them up now, or should we bring them to your room before the broadcast?”

 ”Well, please bring them to our room before the broadcast!”

 ”Understood. Here’s the room’s exclusive key card. You can take it home as a souvenir; there’s no need to return it when you leave.”

 Ruuna and I each receive our key cards. Oh, wow!! Looking at the card, there’s the Heaven’s Sword title logo in the upper right corner, and a large image of Kenzaki and Heaven’s Sword back to back is printed prominently. Can I really take this home? Yay!

 ”Since there’s still some time before the screening, please feel free to explore the Waiting Room exhibits.”

 ”Yes! Thank you very much!”

 ”Thank you.”

 The first place Ruuna and I headed to was the section with the bikes.

 ”So cool!”


 Perhaps due to space limitations, there was only one bike on display, but it happened to be Kenzaki’s bike, so no one had any complaints. While Ruuna and I took pictures of the bike, a staff member approached us.

 ”Would you like to ride it?”


 Ride it? What does that mean? Can I ride Kenzaki’s bike? Does that mean I can carry the bike?

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, Director Hongou, and the head of the broadcasting station… They’ve all given their permission for you to ride the bike if you’d like. Just be sure to wear gloves. Please follow me if you’re interested.”

 ”Huh, really?”

 The staff member removed the partition chain and gestured for us to come over. With a feeling of excitement, I followed the instructions and went to the other side of the partition. It’s so close! While wearing the gloves handed to me, I couldn’t help but steal glances at the bike.

 ”Sana-chan, do your best!”

 ”Uh, yeah!”

 With trembling hands, I placed them on the tank of the bike. Wow, even though the engine is off, it feels like I can hear the heartbeat of the bike coming from the tank! I’m about to ride that Heaven’s Sword bike. My heart is trembling with excitement. I wish I could savor this moment longer, but Ruuna is here, and there are other customers, so there’s no time to dawdle. I steeled myself, flipped up the hem of my dress, and straddled the seat with determination.

 Ah! Ah! Ah!

 From a slightly higher perspective than usual, I am now on the same level as Kenzaki, riding the same bike! I slowly extended my hands forward and gently gripped the handlebars.

 Wow! Whoaaaaaa!

 This is definitely Heaven’s Sword. There’s no mistaking it! In terms of time, it was probably just a few seconds, but it felt like a dream. After taking a commemorative photo, I took a picture of Ruuna on the bike. Even after getting off the bike, I could still feel the sensation of the handlebars, and I was deeply moved when I imagined Aqua-kun riding that bike and filming the drama.

 ”Thank you.”

 ”Thank you!”

 Amazing, amazing, amazing! Aqua-kun is really Kenzaki. After thanking the staff member, Ruuna and I looked at the cutouts of various scenes and copies of the scripts on the wall.

 ”I-Is this… an actual script?”

 ”I think so. There are scripts in the cases below…”

 As Ruuna said that, I looked down and saw five scripts. Each script had its own unique features. For example, Director Hongou’s script had a distinct curl, as if it had been rolled up countless times. Tenga Akira-san’s screenplay, placed next to Hongou’s, was incredibly neat and surprising. It was almost like new, and it was clear that this person values their belongings a lot. There were also marks of careful corrections made with a ruler for script changes. Mayuzumi-kun, placed next to them, also handled his script neatly, but what was impressive about his script was the amount of annotations. He had written a lot, including suggestions on how to improve certain parts, and seeing that, I felt a warm feeling inside.

 Next to that was Toa-kun’s script. This script also had annotations, but what set it apart from Mayuzumi-kun’s was the detailed notes about the other cast members. For example, how Aqua-kun would likely act in a certain scene, how to support Mayuzumi-kun in another, and even notes on what to cut if Tenga-san’s lines ran long, all showed a meticulous approach to adaptability on set.

 And then, in the back, the script belonged to Aqua-kun.


 Aqua-kun’s script was in worse shape than any of the others. This wasn’t because it had been handled carelessly; anyone who saw it could tell. There were signs of rewrites, sweat stains, folded corners, and worn-out pages.

 ”Amazing, right, Sana-chan?”


 People around us were also looking at each script and the copies on the wall in awe. Some were even dabbing their eyes with handkerchiefs. I handed a tissue to the lady next to me.

 ”Sana-chan, over here.”

 Wait, there’s more!? This alone is already so satisfying; this is incredible! On the opposite wall, there were exhibition photos from the filming location. Wow, these are amazing too! There were pictures of everyone eating ice cream, staff members having a BBQ, and lots of good photos. However, for some reason, people were pointing at a picture where the four of them weren’t present. When I looked there, in the corner of the photo, a woman with a gentle expression was standing with crutches, watching over the set. People around were talking in hushed voices.

 ”Isn’t that Crutch Department’s Head?”

 ”Oh wow, it really is. We should thank her…”

 ”Thank you, Crutch Department’s Head!”

 ”Mom, who’s that?”

 ”Well, because she was there, everyone from Heaven’s Sword could smile.”

 ”Wow, really? Then, I’ll pray to her too.”

 Oh, that’s the legendary Crutch Department’s Head. Thank you. Thanks to you, Heaven’s Sword was protected! For Heaven’s Sword, Crutch Department’s Head is like a mother goddess. Because she was there, Director Hongou could create the work she wanted, and everyone in Beryl was protected.

 ”Thank you, Crutch Department’s Head! Please, please continue to watch over everyone from now on! The seeds you sowed have now grown into a big sunflower field!!”

 ”Sana-chan…just so you know, Crutch Department’s Head is not dead.”

 Uh… I know that. Ruuna and I, after looking at the exhibition photos, headed to the final corner.

 ”Wow, Ruuna, it’s Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword is here!”

 There were mannequins wearing Heaven’s Sword suits, standing just like in the first episode. Moreover, next to them were Lightning Hopper and Poison Chalice, along with Toa-chan’s slightly larger-sized SYUKUJYO team uniform.

 ”Huh? Hey, Sana-chan, why is Poison Chalice here?”

 ”Oh, right… hmm? There’s something written here.”

 I turned my gaze to a nearby standing sign. It clearly stated that multiple suits had been made, and the suits on display today were the original ones used in each character’s first appearance. The people around started buzzing with excitement.

 ”Wow, these are the originals!”

 ”So does that mean they’re soaked with everyone’s sweat!?”

 ”Lightning Hopper’s stance with the gun raised is amazing!”

 ”Poison Chalice takes up too much space with that unnecessarily cool pose. It’s so like Tenga-senpai.”

 ”Wow, Toa-chan’s mannequin is a bit smaller too. It’s so convenient.”

 ”Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

 ”By the way, guys, they’re really tall, right? Tenga-senpai is 190cm (6,1ft), amazing…”

 ”Heaven’s Sword’s chest is so muscular. It’s making my heart race.”

 ”If Chijous were embraced by someone like this, they would surely attain Nirvana.”

 As we carefully examined everyone’s costumes, we noticed small scratches and traces of actual action scenes. The things used in the show were placed just a short distance away. I was deeply moved, and my body trembled. I could see repairs on the base suits, repainting on areas where the paint had worn off due to friction, and these details that weren’t visible on TV conveyed the dedication of the crew on set.

 ”Incredible… Everyone is fighting for real.”

 Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword might be a creation, but many people are giving it their all to make this work. When I realized this, a warmth welled up from my chest, and my fist clenched involuntarily.

 ”Sana-chan, that’s amazing.”


 After Ruuna and I took photos of the suits, we headed to the waiting room prepared only for the Platinum Room attendees. This exclusive waiting room was essentially a lounge and was located at the back of the Platinum Floor’s dedicated waiting area. I swiped the special card key and entered the room.


 The first thing I noticed upon entering the room was the two T-shirts placed on the table.

 ”Ru-Ru-Ru-Ruuna, looook!”

 ”Yeah, Sana-chan, calm down.”

 When we spread out the T-shirts, we saw that they had everyone’s signatures. Upon closer inspection, the Heaven’s Sword logo was also on the chest pocket and the tag on the back of the neck. My hands were trembling as I held the T-shirt. When I turned it over, there was a handwritten message beneath “STAFF ONLY.”

 ”Here, Sana-chan.”


 I looked where Ruuna was pointing, and under “STAFF ONLY,” there was a handwritten message.

 [My mom said, “Always cherish your fans above all else.” So thank you for coming today! Please enjoy yourselves to the fullest!! Kenzaki Souji/Heaven’s Sword, Shirogane Aqua.]

 Wow, wow, wowww! Aqua-kun is way too considerate! If he does things like this, everyone will fall in love with him!!

 ”S-Sana-chan… mine…”

 Even Ruuna’s hand holding the T-shirt was trembling. Um, Ruuna, who doesn’t get flustered easily, had an expression of bewilderment.

 [My mom said, “Liking something is a good thing.’ So thank you for liking this work! Let’s have fun together today!! Kenzaki Souji/Heaven’s Sword, Shirogane Aqua.]

 Aqua-kun… really thinks carefully about each person receiving these messages, and of course, these are all handwritten. I love it, I really do. I love not only Kenzaki himself, but I also feel grateful to Aqua-kun for portraying him.

 ”Moreover, this… Wait, there’s a bit of Aqua-kun’s scent on it.”


 Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff… Oh, it’s true. It’s faint, really faint, but I can sense Aqua-kun’s lingering fragrance. We both sniffed the T-shirt with wide-open nostrils, and someone knocked on our door.

 ”Oh, yes?”

 We hastily put the T-shirts into the bag in our room. By the way, this bag also had the Heaven’s Sword logo printed on it. Is it really okay for everything to be so perfect like this…

 ”I’ve brought your drinks.”

 The lady placed the drinks we ordered at the counter on the table and smiled at us.

 ”If you’d like, each of the winners of the Platinum Room will receive the actual transformation kits used by each Driver. Which transformation kit would you prefer?”

 Ruuna and I exchanged glances.

 ”Um, then I’d like Kenzaki’s Beetle.”

 ”I’ll take the same.”

 The receptionist smiled in response to our choices.

 ”Alright, understood. Please wait a moment.”

 ”Oh, sure! Thank you!”

 ”Thank you.”

 She bowed and left the room.

 When we returned to being just the two of us, our gazes fell upon the drinks placed on the table.

 ”Wow, it’s Merry! Aqua-kun hugging from behind looks adorable!!”

 ”On this one, it’s Aqua-kun on a date with Toa-kun.”

 Ruuna and I showed each other the drink bottles. By the way, the drink and the bottle were separate, so there was no need to worry about getting them dirty.

 ”Plus, there’s a coaster with it.”

 ”Oh, really!”

 The coaster had photos printed on it too. And apparently, we could take these home as well. There were special paper bags with stands provided, allowing us to take everything back neatly. They really thought of every detail, and I was impressed.

 ”The biscuits are cute too.”


 The two included biscuits had imprints of the Vtuber stars, Hoshimizu Shiro-kun and Oumi Tama-chan, in a chibi style. Isn’t it a waste to eat these? But I can’t just waste food… Ugh, I’m torn!

 While I was contemplating, the room’s door was knocked again. It was probably the same lady as before.

 ”Um, come in.”

 ”Excuse me.”

 The receptionist entered the room, pushing in a serving cart like the ones people see on trains or airplanes. Wow! It’s the beetle! I couldn’t help but hold hands with Ruuna, excitedly.

 We put on the gloves handed to us by the lady. Perhaps due to nervousness or sweaty palms, we were struggling to put them on neatly. The lady told us it was okay to take our time.

 ”Here you go.”

 The lady carefully lifted the beetle with her gloved hand and extended it toward me. I timidly reached out and touched it.


 It was heavy… It could be due to the fact that it was heavier than it looked, but there was an indescribable weight beyond just its physical mass. It was as if the weight of the emotions invested by all the previous Drivers, the feelings of Heaven’s Sword, and the weight of the history they carried were pressing down on me.

 I see… Kenzaki, Aqua-kun was really chosen as a Driver… When I realized that, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was even okay for me, someone without qualifications, to hold something so amazing. I handed the beetle to Ruuna, who was next to me. She, too, was gazing at it with a solemn expression, her forehead slightly sweaty.

 ”Here’s the belt.”

 The belt handed to us by the lady was even heavier. It was entirely different from a toy belt. I felt a weight that went beyond simple mass, as if it carried a sense of responsibility and duty that I couldn’t take lightly. Aqua-kun had been wearing this and fighting every time… I might have been crushed by this pressure if it were me. What did he feel the first time he transformed? Was he nervous like me? Or was he excited? Probably… no, I’m sure Aqua-kun understood this weight and chose to bear it when he transformed.

 Tears welled up in my eyes naturally. The lady promptly offered me a handkerchief.

 ”I-I’m sorry. It’s just… I couldn’t help but cry.”

 ”I understand. I felt the same way when I was entrusted with this great responsibility.”

 Ah… I see, this lady understood too. She must have realized, just like me, the history and emotions tied to this transformation belt and the beetle that Aqua-kun and Kensaki had carried, and how heavy they were.

 ”That’s why, please go ahead and try putting on the belt. It’s your right as the winners of this room. Besides, opportunities like this might never come again.”

 The lady helped me put on the belt as she said this. The transformation belt, which I wrapped around my waist over my soft white dress, was heavy and rugged. Somehow, it made me feel embarrassed, as if Aqua-kun were hugging me from behind.

 ”There you go, Sana-chan.”


 When I received the beetle from Ruuna, my hands were even more sweaty from nervousness.

 ”Do your best, Sana-chan.”

 ”I’ve taken everything perfectly, so don’t worry.”

 I wiped away my tears with the handkerchief and recalled the scene from Episode 1. Aqua-kun had changed everything, breaking through the stagnation in this country. That transformation scene was etched into my memory.

 ”My mom said, ‘Even women have times when they must fight!’”

 I mimicked Aqua-kun’s pose from back then and inserted the beetle into the belt with the same motion.


 Even though I had imitated transformation poses many times before, today’s transformation pose felt different. I thought I had executed it perfectly. I felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

 ”Yes, the footage has been saved.”

 The lady transferred the recorded data to my smartphone. Wow, I was so happy! I was jumping around like a child. After me, Ruuna also wrapped the belt around her waist and held the beetle in her hand.

 ”My mom said… No matter what the reason, it’s not a reason to hurt someone!”

 Oh, oh, ohhhhh! It’s the transformation scene from Episode 2! Ruuna may be petite, but in this role as the Student Disciplinary Committee chairman, she had caught several people trying to infiltrate Otomezaki. Infiltrators were not uncommon in Otomezaki, where there were male students, but their numbers had increased since Aqua-kun was known to be attending Otomezaki. Still, thanks to Ruuna’s non-violent approach and her ability to swiftly apprehend intruders without causing accidents or incidents, things were resolved peacefully. It was because of Ruuna’s character that this line, which reflected Kensaki’s kind nature, resonated so well.

 ”Thank you for everything.”

 ”Thank you.”

 We bid farewell to the lady and basked in the afterglow of the emotional experience. Ah… but it was almost time. We had to go outside and take our seats in the audience before Episode 1 began. As I was thinking this, the TV screen in the Platinum Room’s waiting area suddenly switched.

 ”Congratulations to everyone who won in the Platinum Room!”


 Aqua-kun, Toa-kun, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-san, lined up side by side, applauded to celebrate our win.

 ”Thank you so much for coming so early.”

 Mayuzumi-kun smiled kindly. It was a bit awkward, but that made it even better!

 ”Now, this is where it gets fun, so don’t fall asleep!”

 Toa-kun’s admonishing gesture made us both put on unserious expressions. If we were going to be scolded anyway, I’d rather be scolded by a boy like Toa-kun!

 ”With your sleepy eyes, you might miss our performance!!”

 Wow! It’s Tenga-san! He had that divine aura, and as a fan of the show, it was really captivating.

 ”Well then, let’s meet on the other side of the screen, everyone. Goodbye!”

 Aaaaaaahhh, Aqua-kun!! It’s cheating to switch back to your normal self after sounding like Kenzaki! Ruuna and I waved to the four of them who were waving back at us from the screen.

 ”Sana-chan, it’s about to start. Shall we?”

 ”Yeah! Let’s go!”

 To sum it up in one word: it was incredible. I know it’s a comment with very limited vocabulary, but I couldn’t find any other words to describe what had just happened. The high-impact visuals, sound effects, and the new scenes added in between kept the audience excited. Even in the smallest details, it was evident that everyone, just like me, had watched Heaven’s Sword repeatedly.

 ”Sana-chan, it was so different from watching it on TV.”

 ”Yeah! And it was a special edited version, with the opening and ending in full, too. They didn’t cut corners just because it’s an event; they wanted to show the fans something satisfying. Everyone will definitely love Heaven’s Sword even more.”

 After chatting briefly with Ruuna after it ended, the audience burst into applause. When I looked at the stage, Director Hongou appeared from the wings. She slowly walked onto the stage, bowed her head a few times, and stood in the center.

 ”Thank you, everyone, for coming today.”

 Director Hongou’s words were met with loud cheers and applause.

 ”Did you all enjoy it?”

 ”””””It was fun!”””””

 Director Hongou smiled somewhat bashfully.

 ”Hey, the stage is amazing, isn’t it? I never expected to be this nervous… Originally, Morikawa-san from the national broadcast was supposed to be the host today, but she had to cancel at the last moment, so it’s just me. Would it be okay to call someone experienced on stage to assist?”

 A scream-like cheer resounded throughout the venue. Huh… huh? No way, no way, no way!

 ”Come on, everyone, this way!!”

 Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!

 ”I’m here!”

 Applause grew louder as Tenga-kun struck a cool pose.

 ”I’m here too! Just kidding.”

 Wait, wait, Toa-kun imitating Tenga-san is so cute!!

 ”Then, uh, I’m here!”

 Mayuzumi-kun, looking a bit bewildered, received cheers and encouragement from everyone.

 ”Finally, I’m here!”

 Aqua-kun’s entrance received the loudest cheers and applause of the day. Even if he gets married, it seems that rather than waning, the never-ending cheers and applause will continue to support him, sending a strong message from his fans. Ruuna and I also cheered until our voices grew hoarse and clapped until our hands hurt.

 ”Oh, it’s still incredibly popular, huh? Would you like to say something to the fans?”

 ”Thank you so much! I’m glad I could stand in front of all of you like this today!”

 Wow, everyone almost stood up from their seats to give a standing ovation. Aqua-kun made a gesture as if waving his hand, signaling for everyone to sit down.

 ”Thank you, everyone. By the way, Director Hongou, what was planned for the Heaven’s Sword talk show?”

 ”W-Well, who knows?”

 Well?! Laughter filled the audience.

 ”Anyway, Morikawa-san, who was supposed to host, had all these ideas, but… I don’t know why, but she’s the only one who got stopped at customs. She brought eggplants when she entered Stars, and I wanted to hear that story!”

 The audience burst into laughter. Morikawa-san had such a good reputation up to this point, so what on earth had she done!

 ”Well, in that case, shall we ask the audience?”

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun, as expected, you’re so experienced!”

 Aqua-kun looked toward the audience. Huh, huh, huh, is he going to be picked from among us?

 ”Uh, well, then, the fourth person from the left in the fifth row from the front, the one wearing the yellow dress. Morikawa-san often wears yellow clothes, so let’s connect through that!”

 Wow, lucky her! The lady in the yellow clothes received the microphone with trembling hands.

 ”Um, well… Shirogane Aqua-san, why did you decide to take on this job?”

 I wanted to hear that one!

 ”Actually, I’m also a fan of Drivers, and when I was offered the role, I read the script and thought I’d like to be involved in this work. I fell for Kenzaki, who doesn’t hurt others but also touches the hearts of those who are considered evil… Yeah, to be honest, I didn’t want to let anyone else play Kenzaki. I decided to accept the role right away, thinking, ‘If I’m playing Kenzaki, I won’t let anyone else play Kenzaki,’ you know.”

 Phewwwwwww! That’s enough! Just hearing those words, I’m completely satisfied!

 ”Now, next up, how about the second person from the right in the seventh row from the front? Let’s connect through Morikawa-san!”

 ”Haha, sounds good, Director Hongou. Since Morikawa-san couldn’t make it, let’s tease her a lot.”

 Grr! If only I had worn a yellow clothes instead of white and put my hair in a ponytail! By the way, don’t even think about it, Ruuna. It’s too late for you to switch to a ponytail now.

 ”Uh, um, why did the other three, aside from Aqua-san, decide to take on the role of Drivers?”

 Oh, wow! This is a good question too. While Aqua-san’s reasoning may make sense in a way, I’m curious about why the other three decided to become Drivers.

 ”Um… I wanted to become like Aqua, so I accepted the job as a Driver. But now… I respect Aqua as an actor, but more than that, I want to become someone’s hero. So, I’m doing my best with the hope that playing Tachibana Zanki through Lightning Hopper can give everyone even a little bit of courage. Please support me if you’d like.”

 Mayuzumi-kun!! That’s so passionate! What a fiery heart!

 ”I… I just wanted to do it because it looked cool. But more than that, when I saw my junior actors playing Kenzaki in Heaven’s Sword, it made me realize I couldn’t stay the same. Now, I’m really glad to be playing Kamishiro Hajime and Poison Chalice. Please continue to support us until the end! The story has only just begun!”

 As expected of Tenga-san!! He responds to Mayuzumi-san’s passionate words with his own.

 ”I was, as everyone knows, a shut-in. It was Aqua who got me out of that, so I wanted to change too. That’s why I decided to take on this job. I can’t say much because it would be a spoiler for the show, but please support Kagami Natsuki, the SYUKUJYO team member I play. I would be happy if you could feel something when watching that.”

 Toa-kun’s words were met with applause from everyone. People in the audience didn’t say anything. This is their answer.

 Afterwards, several more people were selected for the Q&A session. Finally, the moment had arrived.

 ”Well then, let’s select someone from the Platinum Room for the last question. The person on the far left, please.”

 W-Wow, me!? Out of all people, Director Hongou chose me last.

 ”Sana-chan, do your best.”


 A staff member approached me and handed me a microphone. W-What should I do!? I shouldn’t ask the same question as before, and everyone else has already asked what I wanted to know… I remember what my mom used to say. “Women have to fight sometimes!” That’s right! Natsuki Sana!! Remember the words you just said! I’m going to convey what I want to say to everyone!

 ”Um, I apologize for not asking a question, but I really want to say this. I want to say it not just for the people here today but also for all the fans of Drivers who couldn’t make it here, for everyone in the other theater rooms, for Director Hongou! Shirogane Aqua-san! Tenga Akira-san! Nekoyama Toa-san! Mayuzumi Shintaro-san! And to all the staff of Heaven’s Sword, everyone who participated in today’s event, and to everyone who has been involved in making Drivers. Thank you so much!! Please let me say it!”

 I took a deep breath.

 ”Director Hongou! Shirogane Aqua-san! Tenga Akira-san! Nekoyama Toa-san! Mayuzumi Shintaro-san! And all the staff of Heaven’s Sword, everyone who participated in today’s event, and everyone who has been involved in making Drivers… Thank you!!!”

 When I said that, all the audience members responded with gratitude and said thank you. The four of them looked surprised, and the other staff members were also taken aback. Director Hongou seemed to be deeply moved, shedding tears. Aqua-kun patted Director Hongou’s back and then took the microphone, scanning the audience.

 ”Thank you, everyone!! And… Platinum Room, thank you for your wonderful support as well. Heaven’s Sword has only just begun, but let’s run through it together until the end!!”

 With those words, the audience erupted into the loudest cheers of the day. After the talk show ended, Ruuna and I headed to the station, discussing Heaven’s Sword happily along the way.

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