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Volume 8 Chapter 40 Mayuzumi Shintaro, I’m a Guy Who doesn’t Quite Understand Girl

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 ”Isshiki-san, could you bring a Honey Lemon Soda to table 3?”

 ”Roger that.”

 ”Nodoka-chan, are the pancakes ready at table 7?”

 ”Tsu-chan, just a little longer.”

 When Aqua disappeared to participate in the theater club’s play, the café buzzed with people who couldn’t get tickets to the show. Kanon-san, Claire-san, and Pegonia-san, who had been helping with customer service while cross-dressing, had also gone to watch the play. During this time, it was mainly me and Ayana-san, who was cross-dressing, managing the service.

 ”Mayuzumi-kun, table 4, please! The request is character number 2.”

 ”Got it.”

 I received instructions from my classmate Yoshino-san and headed to table 4.

 ”Summoning me like this, you’ve got some nerve, don’t you?”

 ”Uh, um… I’m sorry.”

 ”I-i-i-it’s him… Kurozumi-san…”

 Honestly, I wondered if it was okay to speak this way to the customers who had come, but seeing how happy they were, it seemed like the right approach.

 Aqua had always said that making customers happy was the most important thing, and I realized I still had a lot to learn.

 For example, unlike me, Aqua could intuitively understand what the customers wanted without them having to make requests. He could even exceed their expectations.

 When I consulted with my classmates about how I could provide the kind of service the customers wanted, we came up with this method.

 Before customers called for me, they could specify the character they wanted using a number. For example, character number 2 requested this time was a rich boy type.

 ”I’m Mayuzumi Shintaro. What are your names? Where are you from?”

 ”Eh, uh, umm… I’m Yamano Kayo, a first-year college student. This is my sister.”

 ”I’m, um, Yamano Chiyu. I’m in the second year of middle school. Nice to meet you!”

 Oh, they came together as siblings. They seem close.

 I almost let out a smile but quickly restrained myself.

 I couldn’t deviate from the character that everyone had helped create. I observed the Yamano sisters closely. Were they nervous? They didn’t touch anything on the table and generally avoided making eye contact.

 Occasionally, they would glance in my direction but quickly avert their gaze, seemingly embarrassed.

 Ugh… If this were Aqua, he would probably put the younger sister on his lap or hug the big sister to ease their nervousness. But I couldn’t perform such advanced techniques. What should I do? Think, Shintaro, find a way that works for you.

 ”Come on, instead of spacing out, just start eating already. I might look free, but I’m actually pretty busy. Or do you think I’m worth wasting your time on?”

 ”I-I’m sorry.”


 I’m sorry! I apologized silently to the customer in front of me.

 This character, who behaved so rudely, definitely wasn’t cut out for customer service.

 But this was necessary as part of the setup. I reached out to the table and picked up the glass of iced café au lait that the big sister had ordered.

 ”Huh, is that… mine…? What!?”

 I hold the glass of iced café au lait she ordered and point the straw toward her mouth.

 ”It can’t be helped. I’ll hold the straw for you, so just go ahead and drink.”


 Blushing, the big sister gently put the straw in her mouth, her lips looking fresh and inviting.

 By the way, some might wonder about the hygiene of holding the part of the straw near her mouth rather than the bent part. But that’s perfectly fine.

 I had anticipated moments like these and made sure to wear gloves. So, it was perfectly fine that my fingers were so close to the big sister’s lips that they might accidentally touch.

 ”Whoa… come to think of it, Mayuzumi-kun is also Beryl.”

 ”Yeah, Beryl folks are all nuts.”

 ”It wasn’t just Aqua-sama.”

 ”That lady’s fallen.”

 ”Well, anyone would fall if subjected to that.”

 ”Gah, I let my guard down. Mayuzumi-kun is Beryl too.”

 ”Don’t treat Beryl like a weird cult!”

 ”In that sense, Holy Aqua Religion and Beryl are in the same league, I guess.”

 ”Which means Aqua-kun, who’s at the center of it all, is the craziest and most dangerous. Got it.”

 I checked the surrounding tables, and everyone was engaged in conversations with each other.

 I couldn’t hear the content of their conversations, but judging by their expressions, everyone seemed delighted.

 I had felt guilty about Aqua not being here, but as long as the customers were having a good time, it was fine.

 ”Hey, there’s café au lait on your lips.”


 I gently wiped away the coffee on the big sister’s lips with a handkerchief I had taken from my pocket.

 Ugh… Aqua would probably handle this more gracefully, but I wasn’t that skilled.

 So, I used my other hand to support the big sister’s chin and tilted her face upward before using the handkerchief.

 ”He’s doing something more intimate than a kiss…”

 ”Mayushin-kun has grown up without me noticing, and it’s really confusing for the big sister.”

 ”This might turn into something epic, like the climax of Heaven’s Sword.”

 ”Oh, this is bad. Mayuzumi-kun.”

 ”It’s getting ‘berylicious.’”

 ”If this were an erotic manga, they’d say, ‘Take responsibility, you’re the one who messed with the boy…’ “

 ”I get it. Don’t toy with virgins; they’ll make you sow your seed as punishment.”

 After placing the big sister’s iced café au lait on the table, I turned my gaze toward the little sister.

 Hm… she had ordered ice cream, but it seemed to have partially melted, probably because she had been observing us for so long. This was problematic. I picked up the ice cream glass and used a provided spoon to scoop some, then directed it toward the little sister.

 ”Come on, you better hurry. The ice cream you ordered is melting.”


 While staring at me intently, the little sister quickly put the spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

 Oops… I had probably scooped too much, causing some of the ice cream to drip onto her thick black tights. I should apologize, right? No, that wasn’t the right approach. I had to continue playing the character that had been requested.

 ”You’re a slow one. You keep looking at me, so this is what happens.”

 With another handkerchief in hand, I wiped away the dripped ice cream from the little sister’s thigh.

 ”Good grief, you can’t even eat ice cream properly. Come on… get closer. Be honored that I’m feeding you.”


 Well, I thought this was probably not going to taste good, but the little sister’s face had been relaxed since earlier.

 No way… is this for real? Did girls actually like this sort of thing? If so, what Aqua and we were trying to do… No, something was off. The smiles they were showing were clearly different from the slightly forced ones they would give to overbearing men. Both the big and little sisters genuinely looked happy.

 ”This is definitely feeding…”

 ”Shin-kun, didn’t big sis say that if you feed a stray cat, you have to take responsibility and keep it?”

 ”Oh, little sister, this guarantees a lifetime of material for her.”

 ”She won’t be able to wash those tights ever again. Or maybe she must want to take them off before she gets her own smell on them.”

 ”The big sis looks like she wants to take the straw home…”

 ”Oh, Mayuzumi-kun, while you weren’t looking, the big sis deftly wrapped the straw in a tissue and put it in her bag!”

 ”I understand how she feel.”

 ”I see. So, that’s why the first-day group recommended ordering iced tea or iced coffee, to heat things up. It makes sense; things are heating up indeed.”

 ”By the climax of Heaven’s Sword, it’ll be something unbelievable.”

 ”I’m going to the ATM to withdraw my entire life savings.”

 ”Don’t worry, Aqua-kun is covering everything, so you’re good.”

 ”By the way, there was a sign in front of the classroom that said that, right? It’s written as follows: ‘I’m sorry, I’m not there. But instead, for today, everything is on me. Eat as much as you want…’”

 ”It was also a topic on the bulletin board, but it seems like everything has been on Aqua-kun since yesterday.”

 ”This isn’t something for a school festival. It’s clearly a service level beyond a fan appreciation festival.”

 ”When I tried to give money to a guy, he treated me. I don’t know what’s going on, but this is a fact.”

 ”If I told my past self this a year ago, I would have never believed it.”

 After feeding the remaining ice cream to the little sister, I placed the bowl on the table. Now, it was time to move on to the next table.

 ”Hmph, these sisters are really troublesome. Be careful on your way home. To…today, thanks for coming.”

 I took off my gloves and left them on the spot, along with the handkerchief.

 I didn’t know why, but this handkerchief and gloves seemed to be part of a system where they could be taken home.

 My classmate, Niino-san, explained that it was because of SDGs, and that we should recycle like this.

 Now, onto the next table… There were quite a few. It seemed like I might run out of time soon.

 As I psych myself up to work harder, cheers from women at the entrance reached my ears.

 ”I made you wait!”

 When I turned around, it was Tenga-senpai.

 He was dressed entirely in black, from his black shirt and tie to his suit, leather shoes, and even his socks.

 However, the fabric was unusually shiny, or to put it simply, it had a very flashy appearance.

 ”Behold the Emperor of the Night, Tenga Akira!”

 Senpai, what’s with “the Emperor of the Night”? Normally, I would have asked something like that, but according to Toa, I shouldn’t ask, so I decided not to touch that topic.

 ”Leave it to me to deal with the butterflies that flock to you to light up the jet-black night!”

 Ugh, I mustn’t make comments like, “Senpai, it’s still bright outside,” or “Actually, Senpai’s outfit is more suitable for nighttime.” Senpai dramatically spread both arms unnecessarily, placed one hand behind his back, and the other hand on his chest for a slight bow.

 ”Now, it’s time for the opening of Akira in Wonderland!”






 I didn’t really understand what was going on, but the customers were getting incredibly excited. So, I guess this was the right way to go.

 Wait, hold on a second… Isn’t Tenga-senpai one of the customers? Isn’t it a bit problematic to have a customer perform for other customers? I had this thought, but then a member of the cultural festival organizing committee quickly came and said it was okay.

 ”Well, I thought something like this might happen. While we wait for service, I brought something for everyone to enjoy!”

 Saying this, Tenga-senpai placed a set of wooden blocks called “Jenga” on the table. It’s a game where you stack small wooden blocks alternately and then take them out one by one.

 ”Raise your hand if you want to play!”

 More than half of the people raised their hands. Actually, some of my classmates raised their hands too, but come on, guys, we need you to work…

 ”Well, that group of three over there is perfect. Please come over here!”

 The three people selected were a group of three women who looked like office Ladies.

 ”May I ask for your names?”

 ”Uh, sure. I’m Matsushita Yoko, working at Fuji Trust Holdings. I’m 25 years old.”

 ”I’m Kurokawa Nene, 24 years old. I work at Kokucho Financial Group in Marunouchi.”

 ”I’m Fujima Haru, working at Fujima Industrial Chemistry. I’m 25 years old. Nice to meet you.”

 Kokucho affiliates, huh… All three of them worked in Marunouchi, which was all about company. And as for Fujima Industrial Chemistry, could it be related to my classmate Fujima Urara-san’s big sister or relative?

 My classmate Fujima-san was described by Aqua as a beautiful introvert, and she belonged to the track and field club. She was probably invited with a guest ticket.

 ”All right, since we’ve been taken care of by the Fuji Group, Yoko is on my team from now on.”


 Listening to Senpai’s explanation, it seemed like they were going to play in teams of two, just like the usual 2v2 style.

 Dividing into teams for who goes first and who goes second, they would take turns pulling sticks, and the team that caused the tower to collapse lost.

 It was a simple and easy-to-understand rule.

 ”All right, I’ll be the first one to pull. Well, it’s the first turn, so it should be fine to do it casually… whoa!?”

 Careful, Senpai! The tower wobbled dangerously on your first turn. Isn’t that one of the sticks you’re not supposed to pull out?

 Nevertheless, in the early stages, they continued to pull out the small sticks alternately without any issues.

 ”Nice job, Yoko.”


 Senpai’s team high-fived each other every time they successfully pulled out a stick.

 Matsushita-san, who was initially nervous, seemed to be looking at Senpai with a dreamy expression by the middle of the game. It almost looked like they were on a date.

 ”Haru-senpai, the opponent is Akira-kun, but let’s definitely win against Yoko-senpai.”

 ”Of course. Sorry, Yoko, but I won’t lose in this. I’ll give it my all, Nene.”

 Meanwhile, the two members of the opposing team were displaying an incredible fighting spirit… There was no way they would lose.


 The moment Matsushita-san pulled out a stick, the tower easily collapsed and crumbled.


 ”We did it!”

 Kurokawa-san and Fujima Haru-san high-fived each other. Matsushita-san stared at Senpai with a somewhat pale face, clearly at a loss for words. However, Senpai bent down, showing both palms in front of him to Matsushita-san.

 ”Nice challenge!”

 ”T-Thank you.”

 Senpai and Matsushita-san exchanged one last high-five.

 ”Both of you were amazing.”

 ”T-Thank you!”

 ”Akira-kun, you were amazing too!”

 Senpai continued by high-fiving both of the victorious players. He then casually reached into his pocket and handed something to both of them.

 ”It’s a reward for defeating me! Accept it!”

 What Senpai handed to the two players were sparkling deformed stickers of the two-headed Poison Chalice that he had produced at his own expense.

 Oh… now that I think about it, I vaguely remember getting such sparkling stickers in a wafer chocolate snack when I was a child.

 Looking at the two happily examining the stickers, Matsushita-san’s face now appeared somewhat sad.

 ”Come on, Yoko. It’s a reward for your hard work too.”

 Saying this, Senpai gave Matsushita-san the same sticker. I could see that he had actually signed each one individually, which was impressive.

 ”Is this for real…?”

 ”It’s something that makes you happy whether you win or lose.”

 ”Playing on the same team is nice, but it’s hard to resist when the opposing team is staring at you so intently.”

 ”I understand. And they get praised too.”

 ”Ugh… When I think about Toa-chan and A-kun playing jenga, my heart…”

 ”I really want that sticker. I was too embarrassed to raise my hand earlier, but maybe I should give it a try.”

 ”I used to collect these when I was a kid… Is it possible that Senpai is the purest of us all?”

 ”Akira-kun is unfair. Even though he’s the oldest of them, he’s like a little kid.”

 ”In the end, it seems like Akira-kun’s team, whether they win or lose, will give them stickers saying they did their best.”

 ”Beryl syndrome…”

 ”Yeah, Beryl is definitely something else. In a good way.”

 ”Even without Aqua-kun, they really get into it.”

 ”Night Emperor?”

 ”I think he meant ‘Jenga Emperor.’”

 ”He’s gone beyond chuuni and straight into elementary school!”

 Judging by the expressions of the customers, everyone seemed to be having a great time.

 All right, while Senpai was keeping everyone entertained with the game, I should continue working and serve as many people as possible.

 ”Who’s the next challenger? Anyone brave enough to challenge Tenga Akira, the Emperor of Jenga, raise your hand!”


 Anyway, I didn’t comment on it. Even if Senpai had somehow transitioned from the Night Emperor to the Emperor of jenga without me noticing.

 By the way, after everything was over, Senpai went around distributing stickers to the entire class. While my classmates who received the stickers seemed happy, I wondered why I got 100 of them. Aqua, who was sitting next to me, muttered that he didn’t need 100 stickers too.

Simplified version of the missing class roster file:

 1st-Year Class A Homeroom Teacher: Mari Sugita

 01. Akutagawa Sorane: Parent works at an advertising agency, plump, astronomy club.

 02. Asahina Natsuko: Family runs a flower shop, lively with wheat-colored skin, gardening club.

 03. Ajimu Kiyoka: Heiress of Ajimu Foods CEO, self-proclaimed prim and busty, literature club.

 04. Isshiki Nagisa: A lawyer’s child, a sharp ponytailed glasses girl, photography club.

 05. Inoue Ikumi: Family runs a sushi restaurant, quiet member of the online bulletin board, badminton club.

 06. Ootori Yuuko: Parent works at a trading company, tall and cool, basketball club.

 07. Oshitari Misaki: Parent works at an automobile company, cool and stylish, baseball club.

 08. Onodera Satoko: Heiress of Onodera Pharmaceuticals, a homely older sister type, archery club.

 09. Ryoko Kabaji: Family runs a bicycle shop, quiet and gentle, track and field club.

 10. Kurumi Kokona: Parent works at a department store, cute and cunning, home economics club.

 11. Kurogami Uruha: Heiress of Kokucho Financial Group, seductive with a big bust, tea ceremony club president.

 12. Koujimachi Rina: Heiress of Koujimachi Products, composed with beautiful skin, art club.

 13. Saionji Tsubaki: Heiress of Teiseitou Party member, busty and curvy, quiz research club.

 14. Satou Nanami: Parent is a firefighter, a mood-maker, baseball club.

 15. Shiino Ruka: Parent works at the city hall, braided glasses girl, handball club.

 16. Shishido Maho: Parent is a police officer, competitive and hardworking, kendo club.

 17. Shirogane Aqua: The root of all evil, drama club, tea ceremony club, home economics club.

 18. Shirogane Kanon: Former princess of the Stars, clumsy, commuting home club.

 19. Suou Keiko: Heiress of Suou Trading, possesses a well-toned beautiful body, tennis club.

 20. Takamiya Ritsu: Parent works at a general trading company, the smallest and most reserved in class, judo club.

 21. Chisaki Claire: Parent is a Stars Orthodox priest, Holy Aqua Religion bishop, student council affairs.

 22. Tsukimachi Ayana: Parent is a manager, an idol, commuting home club.

 23. Tsushima Tsukino: Heiress of Tsushima Electric, owner of beautiful breasts, cheerleading club.

 24. Natori Nonoka: Parent works at a TV station, short, loli, busty and energetic, swimming club.

 25. Niino Akari: Parent works as a management consultant, at the age where she’s concerned about Toa and Aqua, soccer club.

 26. Nikaido Kyoko: Family runs a liquor store, straightforward older sister type, volleyball club.

 27. Nekoyama Toa: Gender and A, drama club.

 28. Hatayama Sayaka: Parent is a tax accountant, known for her tight buttocks, soccer club.

 29. Himekawa Momiji: Parent is a hairdresser, proud of her beautiful legs, gymnastics club.

 30. Hiyoshi Miku: Parent is an architect, a girl with graceful posture and movements, naginata club.

 31. Fujima Urara: Heiress of Fujima Industrial Chemicals, a beautiful downer type, track and field club.

 32. Hokujo Minori: Heiress of Minori Polaris Network, slit-eyed rich girl, broadcasting club.

 33. Horimiya Moeka: Parent runs a small shop, a clumsy and ignorant girl, manga club.

 34. Mayuzumi Shintaro: Eldest son of the Mayuzumi family, tea ceremony club.

 35. Mizuse Kaho: Parent is a university professor, curious about Mayuzumi sitting next to her, table tennis club.

 36. Minami Doka: Family runs a Japanese confectionery shop, plump and calm with a big bust, concert band club.

 37. Mukahi Ichika: Parent is a sports instructor, a lively one, a member of the volleyball club.

 38. Yurizono Mio: Family runs a sundry shop, a slender and tall lesbian, library committee.

 39. Yoshino Tokiko: Heiress of Yoshino Engineering, a serious girl, class representative.

 40. Washimiya Lisa: Heiress of Washimiya Holdings, the ultimate villainess, drama club.


 Pegonia: Kanon’s maid and the resident straight man of comedy. Former member of the Stars special forces.

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