Male Idol V8c41

Volume 8 Chapter 41 Bulletin Board, After the Culture Festival

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

It’s very long chapter..

[Dreamland] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 3140 [Otomezaki High School Culture Festival]
1 Anonymous
This is a thread to discuss Shirogane Aqua-sama, the idol under Beryl Entertainment. Please abide by the following rules and feel free to discuss to your heart’s content
– Absolutely no harassing Aqua-sama or secretly taking pictures. Please do not cause any trouble. These are the three principles that must be strictly followed
– If you happen to come across him by chance, please warmly observe him. And be vigilant for any improper individuals. Aqua is a treasure to humanity. Let’s protect him with the kindness of all the volunteers
– Slightly explicit conversations are allowed here, but anything excessive should be discussed in the 18+ version of the thread. However, please be aware that Aqua is a minor under 18 years old
– Similarly, any actions that may inconvenience organizations or individuals related to Aqua-sama or the company are strictly prohibited
– Any acts of harassment towards Aqua-sama himself or those related to him will be immediately reported to the police by the Aqua-sama Protection Squad, exercising the temporary proxy claim rights under Article 9, Section 3 of the Male Protection Law, to protect Aqua-sama’s smile
– Discussions related to the Holy Aqua Religion should be conducted in the Holy Aqua Religion thread
Previous Thread:
[What I Know] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 3139 [Not at the Culture Festival!]
2 Anonymous
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4 Anonymous
Nice job!
5 Anonymous
I said this in the previous thread, but great job on starting the thread!
6 Anonymous
Great job, Beryl!
7 Anonymous
Nice work on creating the thread and tempura!
8 Anonymous
Nice, it’s much clearer now
9 Anonymous
The previous one was too long. This is just right. Good job!
10 Anonymous
Seriously, this culture festival was amazing
11 Anonymous
Absolutely, it was
12 Anonymous
I’m still basking in the afterglow
13 Anonymous
I envy those who could go
14 Anonymous
Lucky you
15 Anonymous
I couldn’t attend, but I had a blast following everything on social media and here for the past two days
16 Anonymous
It really was the best culture festival
17 Anonymous
I came for Aqua-kun, but the Otomezaki culture festival itself was a blast. It made me reminisce about my school days, and I got super excited
18 Anonymous
Otomezaki’s culture festival had a lot of spirit. They even had public viewings at the sports field for those who couldn’t get tickets to the performances. Each classroom and even the cafes had TVs properly set up. That was a nice touch
19 Anonymous
Great job!
Ah, I wish I could’ve gone! But if the people who did attend are happy, then I’m happy too
20 Anonymous
The shopping district around the station also participated in the event, and it was fun. Finding Aqua-kun’s traces appearing everywhere, like at the tempura shop or the cafes, was quite entertaining. You can easily spot them because there are always photos and autographs with the shop owners
21 Anonymous
What I realized this time is that even the shopping district around the station might become a sacred place. Aqua-kun indulging in croquettes and crepes, which she ate with Toa-chan and all. The pinnacle was the purikura booth they used, which had a 6-hour wait. Where is this wonderland?
22 Anonymous
Same here
23 Anonymous
Morikawa’s social media was incredible. Taking a photo of the wrinkles on the sofa where Aqua-kun sat – only she would do that, LOL. Her sense is off the charts
24 Anonymous
It was great that Otomezaki allowed not only image posts but also video recording. Thanks to that, even though I didn’t win tickets to the play or the cafe, I managed to get a photo of Aqua-kun by chance. He even waved, it was amazing
25 Anonymous
If you have a favorite streamer, it’s never too late to check out their past archives on YouTube or Twitch. I highly recommend the official Otomezaki Academy stream, especially. It’s just a video of walking around the school during the festival, but it’s endlessly watchable. Whoever filmed it did an excellent job
26 Anonymous
27 Anonymous
28 Anonymous
I couldn’t go either, but if others are happy, that’s what matters
29 Anonymous
30 Anonymous
I understand. I was surprised by this too
31 Anonymous
Tell us more about the crepe shop!
32 Anonymous
I’ve never heard of a 6-hour wait for purikura (photobooth), LOL
33 Anonymous
A-kun and Toa-chan at the crepe shop… uh, my heart palpitations, my condition..
34 Anonymous
Photos and autographs were left
Tempura shop – all three of them
Crepe shop – Toa-chan and Aqua-kun
Japanese sweets shop – Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan and Aqua-kun
Western sweets shop – the trio
Bakery – Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan and Aqua-kun
Okonomiyaki shop – all three of them
General goods store – all three of them
Stationery store – Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan and Aqua-kun, Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun
35 Anonymous
At the tempura shop, they sell super-sized curry croquettes and vegetable croquettes made just for Aqua-kun. It’s highly recommended because you can feel like you’re going to school with Aqua-kun
At the crepe shop, you can order the same Choco Banana Special that Aqua-kun and Toa-chan ate. And if you go to the Western and Japanese sweets shops, you can try a rich cappuccino blend created by Mayuzumi-kun
By the way, the stationery store has a massive stock of the pencils all three of them use, and this story about classmates buying spares in case they forget their pencil lead is just the best, LOL
36 Anonymous
Morikawa, LMAO
37 Anonymous
Hogekawa’s got this kind of sense, LOL
38 Anonymous
The replies are filled with perverts speculating on Aqua-kun’s butt size, it’s hilarious, LOL
39 Anonymous
The reply section is hell, and I laughed so hard, LOL. I noticed that all of Morikawa’s reply sections are just too crazy, LOL. In the first place, Hogekawa’s followers have an abnormally high rate of perversion, LMAO
40 Anonymous
As expected of a Mary graduate, it’s definitely a den of perverts
41 Anonymous
It’s… it’s so different from Princess Kanon’s proper SNS… I’m starting to wonder if this one is genuinely Shumi
I still think there’s a possibility we’re being fooled by some elaborate prank
But when I saw her collapsing and frothing at the mouth during the play, I was relieved it was Shumi
42 Anonymous
Isn’t this a violation? You shouldn’t approach the boys during their break..
43 Anonymous
Actually, this is probably better than being secretly photographed or having parts of the photo misinterpreted. It’s an interesting approach. It fits well with Beryl’s open attitude, and it aligns perfectly with Otomezaki’s free-spirited school culture
44 Anonymous
This was seriously the best
45 Anonymous
I’ve been playing that video on repeat forever. Around 1 hour and 38 minutes, Toa-chan noticed it in front of the cafe and waved
Furthermore, at around 3 hours and 34 minutes, Mayuzumi-kun, taking a lunch break, appeared, and the scene where his glasses fogged up from the udon steam was super cute
But above all, the interaction between Aqua-kun and the cameraperson at around 2 hours and 12 minutes was amazing
Aqua-kun: “Huh? Botan-senpai, are you filming?”
Botan-san: “Uhm… Aqua-kun, this is a live broadcast…”
Aqua-kun: “Oh…”
Botan-san: “Since we’re at it, can you say something to the people who couldn’t make it to the cultural festival?”
Aqua-kun: “Then… um, to those who wanted to come but couldn’t make it, I’m sorry. I’d be happy if you could enjoy the atmosphere from the footage. See you!”
This girl has a talent for shooting. She should consider apprenticing under Director Hongou. Also, she has got the guts to go up and say a few words, just like Hogekawa
46 Anonymous
It seems like these two are dating quite often once they catch each other’s attention. They don’t waste any time. If they keep this up, they might as well be together more than now
47 Anonymous
48 Anonymous
This is impressive
49 Anonymous
I just got back. It was such an amazing day; I still feel like I’m in a dream
>>1, thanks for starting the thread
50 Anonymous
The croquettes had an insanely long line too. The shop staff caught on to the vibe, and for these two days, they only sold those two types of croquettes, which made me burst out laughing
51 Anonymous
Aqua Special okonomiyaki was amazing. It’s okonomiyaki and yakisoba rolled like an omelet. It was delicious but quite a portion for girls
52 Anonymous
Regarding the shopping district discussion, after everything was done, Aqua-kun and the student council members, along with Aqua-kun’s gang, came to clean the road from the station to the school
It was hilarious for some reason that Tenga-senpai was also there
Those who remained ended up helping with the cleaning, so the ones who are about to return home seem like they’re about to start causing a commotion
Anyway, all four of them have the Halloween festival tomorrow, but do they have enough energy left?
53 Anonymous
I’ve noticed Shumi’s social media has been gradually changing lately. It feels much more natural than before, and it warms my heart. Perhaps it’s thanks to Aqua-sama
54 Anonymous
It seems like it’s okay when they’re holding a sign that says they’re promoting the cafe. There was also a maid who was strangely good at sign tricks. Shumi called her by her first name, so maybe she’s a maid from the cafe
55 Anonymous
This is efficient, desu~wa
56 Anonymous
Thank you. I’m going to check it out
57 Anonymous
Actually, I believe in Toa-chan being the official wife
58 Anonymous
Verification Team members other than Nee-san are just for show, it seems
59 Anonymous
Does anyone know about the Poison Chalice with sparkling chocolate sticker specifications?
60 Anonymous
Is this for real!?
61 Anonymous
Actually, there were some older ladies cleaning before Aqua-kun and the student council members arrived, and when we asked if we could help, they said, “Of course!” and lent us trash bags and stuff. So while we were cleaning, Aqua-kun and the others showed up, and it was a pleasant surprise
62 Anonymous
I’m just a humble follower of the Holy Aqua Religion, but I was shocked to receive an email suddenly, with an urgent message from the Saint instructing us to clean
Predicting Aqua-kun’s actions and taking action is, in itself, a Holy Pantheon-worthy event, and everyone was quite excited about it
63 Anonymous
When I handed a pet bottle to Ak-kun, who was spreading out a trash bag, he said, “Thank you.” Also, everyone who stayed until the end took a commemorative photo in front of the station and there were people crying
64 Anonymous
Apparently, people who went to the cafe on the second day received it. Tenga-kun, who was helping out, distributed it to everyone. Win or lose, he’d give it to you, and you could play games together. It was really awesome
65 Anonymous
That one seems to be self-produced. They’ve got proper signatures on all of them, which is pretty cool
66 Anonymous
Honestly, I thought it would be messier. When we put trash in the plastic bags, Aa-sama and the others thanked us, so that made everyone really happy, and we were all frantically searching for trash. That scene was, in a way, abnormal, LOL
67 Anonymous
Beryl-ing at school is just too unfair. Seriously, everyone is so straightforward
68 Anonymous
The dots and lines are connecting too much, LOL
69 Anonymous
This has to be one of the Holy Aqua Religion’s Sister, without a doubt
70 Anonymous
Saint Emily is amazing!
I saw her in person, and unlike Hagetoru, who seems to have low intelligence, she seemed intellectual
Her body had a very feminine vibe, which might not appeal to guys, but Aqua-kun was clearly checking her out for everyone to see. Maybe it’s because her Sister outfit fits her perfectly, so you can clearly see her curves like her buttocks, waist, and bust line
Normally, guys would look away, but with such intense gazes, it’s admirable how she remains composed as a woman
If it were Hagetoru, she’d definitely make a move. Also, when Shumi saw this from a distance, she was like, “Grr,” which was hilarious, LOL
Clearly, he was more focused on the Saint than on her own wife. Looks like the day of being stolen away is approaching..
71 Anonymous
I’m a student at Otomezaki. The student council president, who is also the cultural festival executive committee chair, only found out a few hours before she left as volunteers for cleaning on the day
Even so, she received instructions just a few hours before that from the Saint… She’s really something
I saw her in person, and she seemed really intellectual and composed. I’d love to become a calm older sister like her
72 Anonymous
The other day, there was a construction sign at the site of Edo Castle, and I was surprised to see that the Holy Aqua Religion was the construction sponsor. The owners of that land are the Fuji family, right? This is incredible..
73 Anonymous
Thanks to the Holy Aqua Religion, it feels like weird religions have decreased. But then, a god you can see, move, and talk to in person is way better than an invisible and unreachable one. Ahh, Aqua!
74 Anonymous
The success of the Holy Aqua Religion is 100% thanks to the Saint. I met her at the station in the early days, and she doesn’t even ask for donations. Even now, she’s just like a regular fan
Moreover, the religion are extremely open like Beryl, to the point where they proudly wear the religion on their sleeves. It’s like they’re all proud of being part of this religion, and the followers even wear matching sister outfits, and they don’t try to hide anything
The branches in Shibuya and Shinjuku have full glass exteriors; they’re not hiding anything at all
75 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
For the Holy Aqua Religion discussion, please use the appropriate thread. It also violates the thread rules, so please be cautious
76 774 *Hi-P3erver
Let’s all follow the rules! Otherwise, Saba-chan will regulate you!
77 Anonymous
Today’s game was seriously amazing. Even without Aqua-kun, we were creating legends and Beryl-ing like crazy
78 Anonymous
Nee-san, understood
79 Anonymous
Roger that!
80 Anonymous
Who exactly is Saba-chan? I checked this person’s history, and they’re always active… Is it a bot or something?
81 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how everything stops dead in its tracks the moment Nee-san arrives. You all have been trained too well..
82 Anonymous
Because, she’s actually really scary
83 Anonymous
You’ll understand when you meet her. Just locking eyes with her is enough to take your breath away
84 Anonymous
Humans are like animals in a way. Survival of the fittest, you know? Meeting her, you instantly realize you can’t win with instinct alone. By the way, Aqua-kun can make it clear within a second that you can’t win against him
85 Anonymous
Aqua wins! We lose!
86 Anonymous
Aqua wins! We lose!
87 Anonymous
Aqua wins! We lose!
88 Anonymous
Aqua wins! We lose!
89 Anonymous
Aqua wins! We lose!
90 Anonymous
Aqua wins! We lose!
91 Anonymous
Cut it out, LOL. You’re planning to fill the thread with this again, huh?
92 Anonymous
There was a round yesterday where the whole thread got filled up with just this. The dark side of the bulletin dwellers is showing, LOL
93 Anonymous
This is going to be a strong contender for Word of the Year. It was even trending #1 worldwide yesterday, LOL
94 Anonymous
Aqua (or a member of Beryl) wins! We (or your name) lose!
This format is really convenient
95 Anonymous
In the end, Aqua-kun treated us two days in a row. I never thought I’d experience being treated by a boy at this age
96 Anonymous
When we lined up to pay the bill yesterday, Shirogane Aqua-sama said, “The bill had already been paid,” and that really surprised me
97 Anonymous
Aa-sama looked amazing in that white suit. The wedding was great, but I think it’s because he has a fantastic body that they look so sharp in white. *Gulp*..
98 Anonymous
It was nice to stand next to Shumi at the wedding, where Aqua-sama was wearing that white suit. But after experiencing it myself, even in that situation, Shumi was still the Princess Kanon. I still can’t believe how poised she was, LOL
99 Anonymous
As nice as the white suit was, the best was Aqua-sama’s crossdressing as a maid on the second day. I almost lost it there
100 Anonymous
I couldn’t help but want to call him “Big Sister.”
101 Anonymous
The big sisters from 2nd Street were making a huge fuss about it
102 Anonymous
Beryl’s girls need to stop messing with the big sisters’ fetishes. Thanks to them, my nights have been quite… enjoyable
103 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun in a cat-ear butler outfit was amazing. Is it even allowed to look that good?
104 Anonymous
By the way, that was one of the options on the second day
1. Serious literary guy
2. Rich young man
3. Black butler
4. Regular Mayuzumi-kun
I chose option 4 because I wanted some healing, but from what I saw, they were all amazing. Options 2 and 3 caused quite a commotion, but honestly, option 1 was the most shocking. I thought that feeling would resonate with certain people
105 Anonymous
Here it is for free
106 Anonymous
Yeah, when you think about it again, it’s quite strange… in many ways
107 Anonymous
Toa-chan in a maid outfit was incredible. At this point, I don’t care if Toa-chan is a guy or a girl; I just want to take them home
108 Anonymous
Regarding the excessive attempts to take Toa-chan out of the venue
109 Anonymous
When I said Toa-chan’s cat ears were cute, he lets me touch them
110 Anonymous
111 Anonymous
Wow, I should have said that too
112 Anonymous
Actually, Shumi’s crossdressing got to me
113 Anonymous
I understand
114 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi’s crossdressing will be tonight’s dish
115 Anonymous
Are you kidding me? LOL
116 Anonymous
That’s just too much, LMAO
117 Anonymous
So you really are the real deal, huh?
118 Anonymous
And you’ve already finished, LOL
119 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hey! Quit using me for weird things!
120 Anonymous
Shumi, you might want to reconsider your choice of friends
121 Anonymous
The real deal is here, LOL
122 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hehe, just kidding. I’ve been indulged in Aqua-sama the whole time, so rest assured
123 Anonymous
What’s there to be reassured about?
124 Anonymous
I can’t be reassured about anything, LOL
125 Verification Team *010meTA473
The worst!
126 Anonymous
Hagetoru needs a proper scolding, even purification, from Aqua-sama. Please
127 Anonymous
I’d find it reassuring if she genuinely called her the worst
128 Anonymous
So, what’s reassuring then?
129 Verification Team *010meTA473
Shut up! You’re talking about a Saint, but in reality, they might be a sinner!!
130 Anonymous
That’s not possible
131 Anonymous
You can’t be serious
132 Anonymous
Uh-oh, you’ve made an enemy out of the Holy Aqua Religion
133 Anonymous
Don’t you dare compare a Saint to yourself!
134 Anonymous
If you’re going to apologize to the Saint, now’s the time
135 Anonymous
As expected of Hagetoru. You’ll pick a fight with anyone, whether it’s the Saint or the Holy Aqua Religion
136 Anonymous
Hagetoru has been officially recognized as a Saint in the Holy Aqua Religion, so it’s impossible
137 Anonymous
Seriously? LOL
138 Anonymous
LOL, Holy Aqua Religion is a no-go. Recognizing Hagetoru as a Saint is just not normal
139 Anonymous
A sex(ual) person, maybe? (T/N: In this context, the word ‘Saint,’ or pronounced with ‘Sei’ in romaji, uses 性 (s*x) instead of 聖 (holy).)
140 Anonymous
141 Anonymous
That would make sense
142 Anonymous
Come to think of it, Hagetoru was here, right? People were looking for her this time, but I guess it’s okay now
143 Anonymous
Even if it’s Hagetoru, this is a breach of etiquette
144 Anonymous
Probably, but I think they’re from a group that knows the bulletin board. At least, I don’t think they’re the regulars who’ve been here for a long time
145 Anonymous
Lately, it seems like even the mainstream crowd is getting to know the bulletin board
146 Anonymous
It’s fine if the mainstream crowd grows, but it might be a good idea to promote proper etiquette
147 Anonymous
Exactly, seeing Hagetoru being sought after like this, I felt sorry for them. I worried for nothing, LOL
148 Anonymous
Since Shumi was revealed to be Princess Kanon, and it came out that Nee-san is Toa-chan’s manager, there’s talk that the Verification Team might be close to Beryl, searching for the other members. But then, even though the media knows that Kanon is Shumi, they haven’t touched on it..
149 Anonymous
It’s been puzzling me for a while, but no wide shows or weekly magazines have mentioned it
150 Verification Team *010meTA473
Sorry about that
151 Anonymous
I get why Fuji and the national broadcaster wouldn’t, but it’s really strange that nobody else did
152 Anonymous
Don’t worry about it. You just kept your promise
153 Anonymous
I doubt other networks would dare when Nee-san is so intimidating. She heard about it right away, and as soon as she returned to the country, she went on a tour of the TV stations to nail down anyone thinking of covering it. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone so intimidating receive a gift basket
154 Anonymous
Our station airs “Heaven’s Sword” and it’s definitely not happening here
But there was a fool who secretly tried to do it on a different channel, and when the department’s Head Crutch Matsumoto heard about it, they got into a brawl. Apparently, she has just recovered and ended up back in the hospital. The doctor asked if she planned on healing this time. Well, she’s gone from a relaxed desk jockey to our station’s Gorikawa, “Runaway Express.” Maybe she’s more feared than Nee-san now. By the way, that idiot got fired, so don’t worry. And the injury? Well, this time it’s the other leg, so it’s all good!
155 Anonymous
I was deeply moved by that
156 Anonymous
Oh no, this is too much, LOL. I’m in tears, but not from sadness, LMAO. I’ve laughed so much that my stomach hurts, haha
157 Anonymous
I think the department’s Head is permanently on crutches now, LOL
158 Anonymous
You know, she really isn’t okay at all, LMAO
159 Anonymous
I can picture it now. She’ll end up wrapped in bandages from head to toe, hanging from the bedposts, LOL
160 Anonymous
I burst out laughing when I imagined that, LOL
161 Anonymous
You guys are making fun of such a nice story, LOL
162 Anonymous
The doctor must be really mad, LOL
163 Anonymous
I’d like to give the department’s Head Crutch an honorary position in the Fan Club or something, LOL
164 Anonymous
But looking at this, Nee-san is really dependable. I’m glad Beryl has her. If Aqua-sama finds out that her “wife” is Shumi, he might cry
165 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m really sorry..
166 Anonymous
Don’t worry about it
167 Anonymous
You’re fine just the way you are
168 Verification Team *07218KADO6
That’s right. Make sure to reflect on this!
169 Anonymous
This guy, seriously, LMAO
170 Anonymous
You, LOL
171 Anonymous
Today’s bad luck, LOL
172 Anonymous
Seeing this conversation, it feels like the Verification Team has returned
173 Anonymous
Meanwhile, Hakuryuu-sensei..
174 Anonymous
I wonder what’s up with Ai-chan sensei. Her social media has been silent..
175 Anonymous
According to the editor, she’s okay. But I have a feeling something happened at the wrap-up party
176 Anonymous
I hope she doesn’t end up with a dark past..
177 Anonymous
I’d like to think she’ll come back eventually
178 Anonymous
Speaking of sensei, Murai Kumano-sensei reacted to it
179 Anonymous
Stop it… If we get into that topic again, it’ll get crazy
180 Anonymous
The pink rose was amazing… It was faithful to the original and provided answers to the regrets and unfinished parts of the sensei’s work. Who on earth wrote that? The scriptwriter?
181 Anonymous
The scene where the pendant is returned was apparently an ad-lib by Aqua-kun. The ending scene’s authenticity is unclear, but it’s said that Aqua-kun suggested they could do something more, and Toa-chan came up with an idea, with the drama club member rewriting the script
182 Anonymous
Is that for real?
183 Anonymous
Regardless, with this interpretation, I want to see a professional stage performance. Aqua-kun as Astel, and Elise would probably be better portrayed by Tsukimachi Ayana
184 Anonymous
For the stage, Kuga-san would be perfect. There’s no one better for musicals and stage performances. Or maybe a foreign actress
185 Anonymous
Kuga Reira is overpowered
186 Anonymous
Then again, Shirogane Aqua is already overpowered
187 Anonymous
Charlie-kun might also fit the role of Astel. It’s just that it might be challenging if Charlie-kun is cast, considering Kuga Reira..
188 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua X Kuga Reira
Charlie X Tsukimachi Ayana
This double cast seems flawless. They even match in terms of height
189 Anonymous
You’re a genius
190 Anonymous
This is amazing. Tickets would sell out instantly
191 Anonymous
Tickets selling out would be an understatement. It might lead to casualties. It’s like we’d need a Stars-level production
192 Anonymous
Taking a closer look at the play, it’s really at the level of a cultural festival. But Aqua-sama took it to a level where you wouldn’t even notice. He’s incredible. Even the girl playing Elise, who isn’t a professional, looked the part
193 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is really something special. I’ve been watching since Heaven’s Sword, the 9 PM drama, and even since the days of Yuujin-sama, and he just keeps getting better
194 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s thread has been buzzing about it too. Something amazing must have happened toward the end of Heaven’s Sword
195 Anonymous
What he’s doing is closer to Kohina Yukari, but there’s also a hint of Mishu-sama’s style. Somehow, I feel like he’s about to take another incredible leap in his growth
196 Anonymous
I’m convinced that Kohina Yukari is guiding him
197 Anonymous
Even though she’s the stage director, what I noticed while watching is that he no longer has those vague aspects
Aqua-kun has always been high-spec, but there were some suspicious parts initially
However, seeing those disappear, I get the feeling that he’s been guided to rebuild his foundations properly
It’s just a hunch, but I think Kohina-san might not be the type to teach those things meticulously, so she might have encouraged him to think for himself about what would make him better, smashing down everything and learning from scratch
198 Anonymous
Exactly, I work in a similar field, and we usually wipe the slate clean and start from scratch
We might provide some guidance on the direction of the reconstruction, but that’s about it
At least, that’s not the kind of coaching we give to guys
What surprised me the most is that Kohina Yukari is so suited to be a mentor. Maybe it’s just for Aqua-kun, though
199 Anonymous
Is it safe to say that Kohina Yukari, despite disliking her, is the right mentor for Aqua-kun?
200 Anonymous
At least, based on today’s performance, it seems so
201 Anonymous
I believe he’s definitely benefiting from her influence
Despite the many anti-fans of Kohina-san, her focus on preserving the original source shows that she’s solid when it comes to fundamentals. It’s more challenging to keep a perfect 100 than to turn a 100 into 120, like Mishu-sama does. Mishu-sama can take a 100-point performance and add a 25-point “self” to it, making it a 125-point performance out of 100
But Kohina-san is the type who just scores a perfect 100 out of 100 and can even raise the class average by 10 points
Aqua-kun, with all his bonuses, still had to make sure he could score a perfect 100 from the ground up. It’s like he treats every drama as part of the process. He’ll probably give an excellent performance at the end of the 9 PM drama, but this training seems to be about preparing for the next project
202 Anonymous
I don’t quite understand, but it sounds impressive
203 Anonymous
I wonder what Kohina Yukari intends to do next. I hate to say it, but I think this is just a stepping stone. She’s looking beyond this
204 Anonymous
By the way, Kohina Yukari has been making rare appearances on variety shows lately. Maybe there’s been a change in her mindset?
205 Anonymous
She was on Fuji recently. She said, “I haven’t received my tickets for the school festival yet! I wonder how Ayana-chan is doing!!” She’s really putting the pressure on her, LOL. Is this workplace harassment?
206 Anonymous
Doing it openly is still better, or so I thought. It’s incredible that Yukari-san is taking care of both of them enough to talk about them on TV like that. I wonder what’s going on
Afterward, when Aqua-kun, who hadn’t sent the tickets yet, was called a heartless person, even though I knew it was partly a joke, it still felt serious, LMAO
207 Anonymous
Apparently, she’s appearing on variety shows to promote the 9 PM drama on behalf of the two students. When I heard that, I thought, “Really?” It seems she even has a heart after all..
208 Anonymous
That’s brutal, LMAO
209 Anonymous
Regardless, I doubt Fuji will tell Aqua-kun to do promotion directly, but what’s the reality?
210 Anonymous
Even if they do, it indirectly puts a burden on the network, directors, and producers
Aqua-kun received consideration during his student days
That’s probably why they discussed participating in this show. When these two become adults, they probably didn’t want to force them into such situations… it’s a significant commitment
211 Anonymous
Concerning the people involved… although I’m only tangentially connected, there was a time during the filming of the 9 PM drama when Aqua-kun had a fever
The shooting schedule was disrupted, but Kohina Yukari went around bowing to the director, producer, and even each staff member, begging them to wait. When they were late for the Stars gathering, she was still bowing, requesting reshoots in some scenes, saying it would improve the quality of the work
The producer was reportedly shocked and asked Kohina Yukari why she would go to such lengths. She responded that it was only natural for a parent to do their best for their child and the one they love
Although they’re not her biological children due to their age… what did that mean?
212 Anonymous
Wow, seriously?
213 Anonymous
Come on, the culture festival is already over! How many bombshells are going to drop today!!
214 Anonymous
Ah, I see, so that’s it. There were rumors about this before, but for Kohina-san, Aqua-kun is like her child with Ako-san. It was mentioned in the thread before that the two of them are friends, so I pieced it together
215 Anonymous
Can someone explain this to me, even someone as clueless as me?
216 Anonymous
I see now. So, that’s why Kohina Yukari dislikes men
217 Anonymous
I see, that’s another way to look at it. Good for Kohina-san
218 Anonymous
Let’s not forget about Tenga-senpai, her eldest son, Toa-chan, and her fourth son, Mayuzumi-kun, while we’re at it, Kohina-san
219 Anonymous
While it’s true that she likely recognizes them as actors, it finally makes sense why she’d go to such lengths
220 Anonymous
Hey, don’t tell me I can’t criticize Kohina-san anymore… Please, she’s getting old now. I’m getting emotional again!
221 Anonymous
Our interpretations are totally in sync, LOL. Mayuzumi-kun is indeed the youngest. The youngest always seems to be the most responsible
222 Anonymous
No, no, Toa-chan, the little devil, is the youngest here. Let’s keep it simple
223 Anonymous
Let’s strike a compromise here. We’ll make Aqua-kun the youngest and spoil him together
224 Anonymous
Huh? Tenga-senpai isn’t the youngest?
225 Anonymous
I don’t think Weekly Magazines or TV stations would willingly pick a fight with the current Beryl. If the concept is interesting or if they show interest, she’ll probably appear in Magazines and other things that I can’t reveal yet
226 Anonymous
More scripture to come?
227 Verification Team *07218KADO6
More erotic literature incoming! Legal adult content, hurray!!
228 Anonymous
You’re something else, LOL
229 Anonymous
Someone should scold you guys, LOL
230 Anonymous
Hagetoru probably writes exactly what she’s thinking
231 Anonymous
Even elementary school kids think before they post
232 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh? Seriously, more erotic literature is coming?
233 Anonymous
The Verification Team is on another level, LOL
234 Anonymous
Shumi should consider making better friends
235 Anonymous
Whenever a risqué topic comes up, it always shows up
236 Anonymous
Can’t help it; even today’s Mayuzumi thread is stuck. Everyone seems to be discussing things normally like this, but the truth is, 80% of what’s in our heads is dirty stuff
237 Anonymous
True, LOL
238 Anonymous
Because looking at Beryl’s boys makes my you-know-what irritable
239 Anonymous
I get it. For me, it’s deeper inside the uterus that gets irritated. Even though I do it every night, I wake up in the morning already feeling pent up. It’s frustratingly insatiable
240 Anonymous
Lucky you. I’m still living at home, so I can’t do it casually
The other day, I was getting really into it, and I didn’t have time to clean up, so I just left it there and went to school
When I got home, I found familiar magazines and a v*brator on my desk. There was a note from my mom saying, “To make sure you don’t get too carried away, I cleaned the vibrator for you.” I almost died
241 Anonymous
242 Anonymous
Oh wow, your mom is so LOL
243 Anonymous
This is quite the story, LOL
244 Anonymous
Your mom is so considerate for cleaning the vibrator, LOL
245 Anonymous
Stop… I’ve had a similar experience..
246 Anonymous
Why did your mom leave a note, LOL? She could have at least done it silently..
247 Anonymous
Rather, silent would be scarier..
248 Anonymous
Why doesn’t your mom just pretend not to see? Why leave evidence that she saw it, LOL?
249 Anonymous
If you do it often, your mom might get worried. The room starts to smell feminine, and sometimes, with the sounds and all, you can tell, “Oh, she’s at it again.”
250 Anonymous
You guys are too spoiled. My real mom came to visit once and while I was hiding my erotic books, she was playing with my v*brator. Then after she finished, she said, “Your hobbies aren’t too bad, and it felt good.” Try to understand how I felt when she said that
251 Anonymous
That’s heavy, LOL
252 Anonymous
This is intense, LMAO
253 Anonymous
Why are these kinds of stories so abundant in this thread, LOL?
254 Anonymous
I’m thinking once again how great it is to live alone
255 Anonymous
Speaking of moms, Aqua-kun’s real mom was here on the first day
256 Anonymous
I seriously worshipped her. Toa-chan looks so much like her
257 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s mom was going around to other tables, saying, “Please take care of my son.” It was hilarious to see Aqua-kun, who seemed embarrassed, trying to stop her. We got a glimpse of that side of her that seemed motherly
258 Anonymous
I wanted to see that, LOL
259 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s mom was something else. She naturally inserted herself into Aqua-kun’s life, and Aqua-kun seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. It’s confirmed, he likes older women… And the fact that moms can do it means women in their 40s are fair game. It’s dangerous… The generation that gave up will rise up
260 Anonymous
But he got married to a same-age classmate in the end
261 Anonymous
Seeing his dote on his younger sister and her friends, it seemed like he could handle younger ones just fine
262 Anonymous
Good news: Aqua-kun’s strike zone has possibilities as wide as the Pacific Ocean
263 Anonymous
It was crazy when he had her on his lap. It felt like he had a closer bond than his wife. It goes beyond just fooling around when they’re intimate. If they’re not married after that, it’s a lie
And the little sister must have feelings for him beyond just being a sister. People who were crying out for a brother like him in a 9 PM drama will be frozen in place for a second. It’s like, real big brothers are even crazier than in the drama
264 Anonymous
Holding his little sister’s shoulder like that, my girl radar was off the charts. Even Shumi was wide-eyed in surprise
265 Anonymous
But they’re not married yet, right? Well, I don’t think Aqua-kun would do something as heartless as not taking responsibility. Pregnancy in middle school is risky. Maybe they’ll get married as soon as she’s in high school to make a baby?
266 Anonymous
No way, not marrying after this, LOL
267 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is such a nice guy; he wouldn’t do something like that
268 Anonymous
I’m pretty sure they’ll get married before her little sister graduates. Ah, I envy her
269 Anonymous
I wonder if her little sister is being made to practice baby-making every day. If she’s told something like, “When you get to high school, I can take the rubber off,” I’d go crazy with excitement
270 Anonymous
You guys read too many erotic books, LOL
271 Anonymous
I’m so jealous of being taught by Aqua-sama. Boys are usually passive, but Aqua-sama seems to have an atmosphere where he can take the lead even in that department
272 Anonymous
Let’s stop with the explicit conversations!
273 Anonymous
Anything beyond this should go to the 18+ thread. During this time, Hagetoru and Chinposuki are usually there
274 Anonymous
Those guys show up in other threads too much. Hagetoru was in the thread about how to eat wild plants the other day, LOL
275 Anonymous
That’s really funny, LMAO
276 Anonymous
It’s so pitiful that all I can do is laugh, LMAO
277 Anonymous
It’s easy to run out of money at the end of the month, LOL
278 Anonymous
For Hagetoru’s sake, let’s keep the laughs coming, LMAO
279 Anonymous
It feels like I’m still in a dream. I went to the tea ceremony club’s event on the first day, and I had so many great conversations
280 Anonymous
I understand. I looked up tea ceremony etiquette on the internet before going, but when I saw the real person in front of me, I got nervous… That’s when Aqua-kun said, “You don’t need to worry about the details. Let’s just relax your legs.” I thought, “Wow, he’s really kind.” He’s different from the boys I know
281 Anonymous
When I almost had a panic attack, Mayuzumi-kun said, “It’s okay, take your time. We have plenty of time.” I was about to lose it
282 Anonymous
After the tea ceremony club’s performance, when he came out in a kimono and went straight to the classroom, everyone in the hallway was in an uproar. Looking back, this had the highest winning difficulty level, even higher than winning the lottery. You had to win entrance tickets to the cultural festival before this
283 Anonymous
I wonder what kind of conversations everyone had..
284 Anonymous
Looking at past threads, it seems Aqua-kun answered some pretty probing questions. He’s got an atmosphere that makes you think he’d answer anything
285 Anonymous
My friend has J-cup breasts, and she asked if having such big breasts ever felt uncomfortable. He said, “No, not at all. In fact, thanks for asking!” At this point, he doesn’t even bother hiding them, LOL
286 Anonymous
287 Anonymous
He must have been happy
288 Anonymous
He really loves breasts, huh?
289 Anonymous
By the way, I only have B-cup breasts, so I asked, “Is it bad to have small breasts?” I was told, “Not at all. The slight outline of breasts under your clothes is the best.”
290 Anonymous
Aqua-kun knows, LOL
291 Anonymous
You guys, it’s amazing you didn’t make a move… impressive
292 Anonymous
There’s no way we could make a move. I’d get nervous if I thought someone saw me as a girl. Especially someone as wonderful as Aqua-kun!? This is for real. In fact, I’m embarrassed that I even asked such a question. I totally understand Shumi’s feelings. Girls would definitely become a wreck in situations like this
293 Anonymous
I thought talking about breasts would be crossing the line, but if Aqua-kun is happy with it, well, I guess it’s okay. But let’s keep it within limits
294 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Everyone, Aqua-san is very kind, but it’s important to remember that he’s still a minor. We adults need to protect him
295 Anonymous
Sorry, I’ll be more mindful. I’ll remind my friends too
296 Anonymous
Totally agree
297 Anonymous
That’s right
298 Anonymous
She’s different from other random commenters
299 Anonymous
I get the excitement, but let’s all calm down after reading these words
300 Anonymous
Let’s go for a peaceful topic, then
Me: “Is it true that Aqua-kun cooks at home?”
Aqua: “Yes, but I’ve been a bit busy this week, so I haven’t had the chance. I’d like to cook something next week. Any suggestions?”
Me: “Uh… well, something simple like simmered vegetables… Oh, wait! That sounds too old-fashioned, doesn’t it?”
Aqua: “Huh? Why? At this time of year, simmered dishes with carrots, pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms, and taro are delicious, right?”
Me: “Uh, yeah, um, that’s right… Well, you see, my family is from a farming background, so I’m good at making simmered dishes.”
Aqua: “Oh, that’s nice. At this time of year, pickled turnips and leaf radishes are also delicious, you know.”
Me: “Huh? Do you make pickles yourself?”
Aqua: “Um… yes. I was talking with Shintaro about making pickles together sometime.”
Me: “Oh, I see… So, do you all cook?”
Aqua: “Yes. The two of us also make sweets together, and Tenga-senpai lives alone, so he can cook quite well.”
Me: “Hmm, that’s interesting. Well, I also like pickled turnips and leaf radishes. Maybe I should make some next week.”
Aqua: “Then, next week’s meal at the Shirogane house will be matching, right?”
At that moment, my brain went from a wedding to pregnancy, family gatherings, and retirement in a single fantasy
301 Anonymous
Are you serious, LOL?
302 Anonymous
Can’t blame you for that, LOL
303 Anonymous
I thought it was impressive how you could have such a proper conversation with Aqua-sama, but Aqua-kun is really good at conversing
304 Anonymous
Beryl’s kids are not just good at conversation; they pay attention to us and engage in discussions. So, even if you’re nervous at first, you can have a normal conversation by the end
305 Anonymous
I hope they stream Mayuzumi-kun and Aqua-kun making pickles together during that episode
306 Anonymous
Like Toa-chan and Aqua-kun making a cake together
307 Anonymous
Akira-kun lives alone, huh? Well then, I hope Tenga Akira does a solo meal streaming. This big sister can join him for a meal
308 Anonymous
Wait a minute. Do they have daily conversations like >>300!? This guy is too lucky! Seriously, die, lucky wife-like!
309 Anonymous
Inevitably, the “Die, lucky wife-like!” situation, LOL
310 Anonymous
I understand that feeling. Die, lucky wife-like!
311 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Die, lucky wife-like!!
312 Anonymous
It’s amazing that even though they’re friends, it sounds like she’s saying it from the bottom of her hearts
313 Anonymous
Stop hiding your true feelings!!
314 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Putting that guy’s cell phone wallpaper as a picture of me doing mas***bation was the right call
315 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hey! Was that your doing!? You’re the worst!!
316 Anonymous
The level of their argument is so low that it’s hilarious, LOL
317 Anonymous
It’s reassuring that Hagetoru is the real deal
318 Anonymous
Arguments between equals, in short
319 Verification Team *010meTA473
Wait, so was it Hagetoru’s fault that Aqua’s ringtone changed to that weird song about counting p*nises?
320 Verification Team *07218KADO6
No, I swear to God, that wasn’t me. If it were me, I’d make it a mas***bation anthem
321 Anonymous
322 Anonymous
Either way, it’s terrible, LOL
323 Anonymous
Even if Hagetoru swears to God, it seems pretty shallow, LOL
324 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Sorry, that was me
325 Anonymous
Hey, the culprit just turned herself in, LOL
326 Anonymous
You too, LOL
327 Anonymous
Everyone, meet the Verification Team
328 Anonymous
This is way too silly, LOL
329 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Shumi-san, let’s make sure to lock your phones for security
330 Anonymous
Nee-san, since Shumi is worried, you should move in with her
331 Anonymous
Hagetoru and Chinposuki tease Shumi a lot just because she’s their underclassmen. Remember, she was princess once!
332 Anonymous
“Once princess” sounds like you’re saying she has rotted away! It’s quite disrespectful, LOL
333 Anonymous
334 Anonymous
Shumi gets teased by the bulletin’s residents quite a bit, doesn’t she?
335 Anonymous
Well, it can’t be helped. I’ve known Shumi since she was 12 or 13. She’s more like a little sister to me
336 Anonymous
In my case, it’s closer to having a daughter than a little sister
337 Anonymous
We used to chant “Shumi” in the gym, too
338 Anonymous
The “Shumi” chants were a bit much. I was there, so I immediately stopped it
339 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s basketball videos are flooding social media, and he looks super cool
340 Anonymous
It was a hot topic on States, too. People were saying, “He should sign up for 7S (Seven Stars) right away,” and I laughed
341 Anonymous
Well, his height is similar to Iverson’s, so it can’t be helped
342 Anonymous
As a basketball fan, I’m secretly hoping. It would be legendary if he could play in the SBA
343 Anonymous
I was reminded once again that his physical abilities are on a different level. His jumping power, speed, and physical strength are different from those of girls. If you look closely, even the way his muscles are toned is different
344 Anonymous
Aqua-kun danced in “stay here” song, but his agility was different
345 Anonymous
Being an Otomezaki student, I feel compelled to say this: cleaning the gym was seriously tough
346 Anonymous
Otomezaki’s students are here! Seriously, thank you..
347 Anonymous
I sort of understand why. It’s Otome Curry
348 Anonymous
I’m sorry… It’s not something I should say as the one who let it happen, but thank you
349 Anonymous
It’s impossible not to let that slip
350 Anonymous
By the way, was Aqua-kun really a judge in a beauty contest (MissCon)?
351 Anonymous
Yes, he was
352 Anonymous
Things got crazy after the finals
353 Anonymous
It was crazy how people joined the beauty contest on a whim
353 Anonymous
The lineup for the true finals of the beauty contest was chaotic
1. Shumi
2. The Holy Aqua Religion’s Saint
3. A mysterious cute girl
4. Toa-chan
5. Subaru-chan
6. Little sister
7. Tsukimachi Ayana
8. Kohina Yukari
9. The student council president
10. Aqua-chan
354 Anonymous
Wait a minute, the last one is weird, LOL
355 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari came to see the show. It was thanks to Ayana-chan who sent the tickets
356 Anonymous
By the way, Aqua-kun was the special head judge
357 Anonymous
I’ve been curious about this. Who was the winner?
358 Anonymous
Aqua-chan won unanimously
359 Anonymous
There was no way anyone else could win besides Aqua-chan
360 Anonymous
Well, he has the highest girl power. He even has shyness..
361 Anonymous
There’s no way a girl could win. By the way, Toa-chan got second place!
362 Anonymous
You guys, seriously, LOL
363 Anonymous
This wasn’t streamed, so I was really curious
364 Anonymous
Aqua-chan: “Girl power…only 5? Trash!”
That wasn’t a joke; he seriously said that
365 Anonymous
366 Anonymous
Aqua-chan, don’t give up, LOL
367 Anonymous
The audience actually booed when Kohina Yukari was on stage. LOL. Also, when Ayana-san came out, everyone was cheering for Rina-chan, saying, “Don’t lose to Kohina Yukari!” LMAO
368 Anonymous
Hold on! Why wasn’t such an interesting event streamed?!
369 Anonymous
It seems Aqua-kun being a judge was just a coincidence. The real finals weren’t supposed to happen in the first place. Still, the Saint wouldn’t allow only that victory, so she joined on the spot. Mayuzumi-kun and Tenga-kun, who joined as judges midway, were amazing
370 Anonymous
The Saint was furious, LOL
371 Anonymous
Could it be that the Saint dislikes the newlyweds, LOL?
372 Anonymous
Actually, they seemed to get along quite well, LOL
373 Anonymous
So, in the regular contest, did Shumi win, LOL?
374 Anonymous
Of course, with Aqua-kun as the head judge. During the swimsuit round, he was so affectionate with the other girls that the newlyweds practically turned into popsicles from the cold. He had to flatter her to get back on her good side
375 Anonymous
Damn, that’s hilarious, LOL
376 Anonymous
It’s something that probably can’t be done on national television, and streaming it might be difficult
377 Anonymous
Please… management, even if it leaks somehow, do it somewhere..
378 Anonymous
Being a judge means he commented, right? So, we might know Aqua-kun’s preferences, too?
379 Anonymous
That’s a possibility, so it might not be easy to stream..
380 Anonymous
I saw it live, and I was amazed by how wide Aqua-sama’s strike zone was. He was just praising them the whole time, and all the girls’ faces turned bright red
381 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s strike zone is wide open
382 Anonymous
He kept complimenting them so much. That kind of thing really boosts my confidence
383 Anonymous
In this way, Aqua-sama ends up mass-producing girls with misunderstandings. Bad girl!!
384 Anonymous
Ahhhh, I can’t believe they were doing something so interesting. I was just casually eating yakisoba!!
385 Anonymous
By the way, Nee-san was almost made to participate, but in the end, she didn’t. I can’t forget Aqua-kun’s disappointed face at that time
386 Anonymous
387 Anonymous
Hey, hey, hey! The biggest bombshell of the day just dropped!!
388 Anonymous
You can do it, Nee-san!!
389 Anonymous
Please, Nee-san, be our hope!!
390 Anonymous
Follow in Shumi’s footsteps!!
391 Anonymous
Nee-san has big breasts, so Aqua-kun probably likes her
392 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is probably the only one who has a need for Nee-san!! Do your best!!
393 Anonymous
That might be a bit too much to say
394 Anonymous
Saying “not needed” is harsh
395 Anonymous
396 Anonymous
Damn, there are way too many amazing events at the cultural festival to keep up with, LOL
397 Anonymous
The photo club’s exhibit was insane. The part on display outside was ordinary, but the hidden Beryl corner was incredible
398 Anonymous
Wait, seriously!?
399 Anonymous
Thanks to that information coming out on the first day, those of us in the second-day group got to see it. Thanks to the people who spread the information
400 Anonymous
The annual Beryl news from the newspaper club was also amazing
401 Anonymous
Damn, there are too many talented students
402 Anonymous
As expected of the new Big Three: Claris, Mary, and Otomezaki
403 Anonymous
Until recently, when it came to rich girls, most of them were Mary and the former Gosanke’s Hinomoto, with Clarice coming in third. As a result, Claris had many kids who excelled in academics and sports
404 Anonymous
Among the old families, Otomezaki is definitely rising. During the play, Washimiya-san’s company, which played the opposite role, is a newly rich company that’s also growing rapidly
405 Anonymous
This year, Otomezaki’s popularity is incredible. However, due to the influence of Aa-sama and Shumi getting married, Mary is also very popular. Furthermore, Claris, with her little sister attending, and the exchange program with Otomezaki, is rumored to be quite popular among boys
406 Anonymous
Unlike Mary, who’s like a bundle of self-assertion, Claris has many genuinely refined girls, which I think appeals to today’s boys
407 Anonymous
But didn’t Mary win over Aqua-sama?
408 Anonymous
409 Anonymous
410 Anonymous
Hey, cut it out. Mary and Claris alumni shouldn’t be fighting like this!
411 Anonymous
That’s what Mary and Claris are like!
412 Anonymous
While Hinomoto has a lot of pride, Otomezaki is kind of laid-back in that regard. When you think about it, Aqua-kun and the others might have really chosen a good high school
413 Anonymous
I think Hinomoto will be tough since Sumeragi Kukuri-sama isn’t going to attend internally and is going to Otomezaki
414 Anonymous
It can’t be helped; Sumeragi Kukuri-sama is Otomezaki’s chairman
415 Anonymous
416 Anonymous
When I checked their website, it was true
417 Anonymous
A middle schooler is the chairman!?
418 Anonymous
Originally, the Sumeragi family founded Otomezaki following the example of Mary-sama
419 Anonymous
By the way, that mysterious beauty in >>353 is also Kukuri-sama
420 Anonymous
No way, LOL!
421 Anonymous
Could it be that Kukuri-sama is seriously targeting Aqua-sama?
422 Anonymous
Expanding on the story from >>418, Mary, in the first place, was founded by the original Mary-sama, also known as Baba nami-sama’s great-great-grandmother. The current chairman, known as the second-generation Mary-sama or Baba nami-sama, inherited it. You did know this much, right? That’s why Shumi also attended Mary
423 Anonymous
Sorry, I genuinely didn’t know..
424 Anonymous
I see. Without such connections, Shumi wouldn’t have been able to study abroad in this country
425 Anonymous
It’s no good; there’s too much information. I feel like I’ll crash and forget everything by tomorrow morning
426 Anonymous
Are you me?
427 Anonymous
Been there, done that. You go to sleep, and it’s all gone in the morning!
428 Anonymous
Bad news, the residents of this thread have the same comedy and rating brackets as the Verification Team
429 Anonymous
430 Anonymous
Because it’s already bedtime..
431 Anonymous
Ah, tomorrow is Halloween, finally!
432 Anonymous
I’ve already caused enough trouble during the cultural festival, but who knows what else I’ll mess up?
433 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about this
434 Anonymous
Anyway, I took a bath today in preparation for tomorrow
435 Anonymous
Shibuya-ku has already set up a roadblock
436 Anonymous
You’re a lifesaver
437 Anonymous
Huge thanks to the police, firefighters, emergency services, district staff, and volunteer staff. They’ve been working tirelessly
438 Anonymous
There are an incredible number of trucks and craftsmen in Shibuya-ku. They’re really doing a great job
439 Anonymous
It looks like things are about to get intense again
440 Anonymous
Oh, man, the cultural festival alone was overwhelming, and now there’s a Halloween event too. Everyone, make sure to get a good night’s sleep
441 Verification Team *010meTA473
Sorry, everyone, I’m going to sleep. I just realized I was face-planted on my keyboard
442 Anonymous
No wonder your responses were weak. You’ve had a tiring day!
443 Anonymous
It’s getting cold, so make sure you sleep warmly! Don’t sleep with your belly out like Hagetoru!
444 Anonymous
If you’re cold, have Aqua-sama warm you up!
445 Anonymous
446 Anonymous
Yeah, Shumi should just die!
447 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
448 Anonymous
You guys, LOL, you’re not very popular
449 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’m starting work early tomorrow, so I’m going to sleep now. See you all tomorrow at the event
450 Anonymous
Great job, Nee-san! Do your best tomorrow!
451 Anonymous
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Nee-san!
452 Anonymous
Rest well for everyone’s sake!
453 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hehehe, looks like kid >>441 has gone to bed. Now it’s time for us mature ladies to have some fun!
454 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Yes, yes, we’re entering the late-night hours now. It’s time for us mature ladies
455 Anonymous
The moment the watchful eye (Nee-san) is gone, they come running, LOL
456 Anonymous
Those perverts who were lurking around the 18+ thread just a while ago are here!
457 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’ll be checking in the morning, so don’t go too overboard, okay?
458 Anonymous
You can’t win, LMAO
459 Anonymous
This is wild, LOL
460 Anonymous
Only Nee-san can manage this zoo
461 Verification Team *07218KADO6
R-Right, understood
462 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
463 Anonymous
Too timid, LOL
464 Anonymous
Hey, where did that energy from earlier go?
465 Anonymous
Let’s clarify the power dynamics here once again
466 Anonymous
Agreed, we’re talking physics here
467 Anonymous
With Gorikawa, there might be a chance..
468 Anonymous
Nope, it’s impossible. She’s already lost based on her mental state from the beginning
470 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It can’t be helped; I’m going to sleep normally. I’ll infiltrate Shumi’s dreams and have some fun with Aqua-sama in a frilly outfit right in front of her. Goodnight!
471 Anonymous
Hey, you should probably get yelled at normally, LOL
472 Anonymous
This girl
473 Anonymous
Well done. Truly unwavering, LOL
474 Anonymous
By the way, this guy was j*rking off earlier
475 Anonymous
This guy is going for a third round today
476 Anonymous
Don’t keep count, LMAO
477 Anonymous
I see, maybe Hagetoru is the only one who can rival Saint Emily in terms of… dedication
478 Anonymous
Hey, stop that! Don’t compare Saint Emily to that guy, LOL
479 Anonymous
If Hagetoru were a Saint, I’d convert to the Holy Aqua Religion!
480 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh, huh? Is it just me, or has everyone else gone to sleep?
481 Anonymous
You should go to sleep already!
482 Anonymous
You’ve got work tomorrow. Go to bed!
483 Anonymous
I have this vague feeling, but maybe Chinposuki should get some sleep too. Nee-san must thinks so
484 Anonymous
You guys are seriously too kind
485 Anonymous
If you stay up all night mas***bating and end up late for work tomorrow, you won’t be forgiven. Go to bed already!
486 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
O-Okay, I don’t know why, but I’m going to bed now. By the way, my boss sent me like ten messages just now telling me to go to bed early
487 Anonymous
Boss knows best, LOL
488 Anonymous
The boss understands, LOL
489 Anonymous
490 Anonymous
Don’t sleep with your belly exposed either!
491 Anonymous
Nobody told Hagetoru to go to bed, and I burst out laughing. Goodnight, LOL
492 Anonymous
Oh, I think I’ll go to bed now too
493 Anonymous
The number of people suddenly dropped
494 Anonymous
Everyone’s excited about the Halloween event tomorrow
495 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh no, I’m too excited to sleep, like before a school trip!
496 Anonymous
If you don’t want to be killed by Nee-san, you better sleep
497 Anonymous
If you’re okay with dying physically, go ahead
498 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Eek, I’m going to sleep, I’m going to sleep! Merry-san one, Merry-san two, Merry-san three… Aqua-kun four, Aqua-kun five… hehe, it’s a harem, zzz..
499 Anonymous
Is this guy really okay, LMAO?
500 Anonymous
100 Beryl says he’s not
501 Anonymous
Well then, I’m off to bed too. See you all tomorrow!
502 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh no, I’ve mas***bated so much my eyes are wide open, and I can’t sleep!

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